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How To Take A Screenshot Of Your Laptop Screen

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A fascinating blog of enthusiastic IT specialists. How to find a screenshot on a computer?

A screenshot is a screenshot, that is, the very image that the user sees at the moment. Screenshot is an irreplaceable thing, for example, when it is necessary to save an error code, which is displayed on the screen. Ok, you tell me, the screenshot has been taken. Only here’s how to find it now?

As you know, to take a screenshot on a computer or laptop screen, you must click on the Print Screen or PrtScn button.

All? Oh, if only it were that SIMple. You really saved the screenshot, only at the current moment it is in the clipboard, and in order to display the image on the screen, you need to use a graphical editor. I recommend Paint, a SIMple editor found in any version of Windows, including XP, Vista, 7,8, 10, etc.

To launch Paint, click on the “Start” button, then “All Programs”. “Standard”. Paint.

After Paint has opened, press the CTRLV key combination, after which Saved Screenshots will appear in front of you.

How To Take A Screenshot Of Your Laptop Screen

What is required of you? You either cut out the desired fragment from the screen you made, or keep it in its original form. To do this, select “Save As.” from the menu.

Saving the file in the most convenient format for you and in the required place.

As for those cases when it comes to screenshots in programs or games, they are usually saved in the folder with the program itself. For example, in Perfect World, screenshots are stored in the Perfect World \ Element \ Screenshots folder. Of course, they are saved automatically, so you only need to use a graphics editor to view the screenshot itself.

Screenshot software

If you often use screenshots, then you can use special programs to create a screenshot of the screen.

You can install an add-on in the browser and when you click on the icon of this add-on in the browser menu, you will be prompted to select an area in the window to save. Further, the add-on will offer you options for saving the window screen. But their action is limited to the browser.

But if you need a screenshot of the entire screen, then you can use the programs that are installed on the computer and work like any installed utility. With their help, you will save both the browser window and the entire screen at will.

Such programs provide much more functionality for working with screens than the tools built into the system. For example, you can take several pictures in a row, upload a screenshot to the program server and get a link to it for use on the Internet, etc.

Programs for creating screenshots that are popular today can be downloaded from the following resources:

Screenshot on Windows laptop

This button is still labeled “Sys Rq”, but this function is not currently used. So the “Print Screen / Sys Rq” button will only take screenshots.

So, let’s take a look at the points of what to do to Get a screenshot of the laptop or computer screen:

1) Press the “Print Screen” button (may have an inscription PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr or PrtSc). It is located at the top right, in the same row with the keys “F1-F12”.

When pressed, a screenshot is taken and placed in the “clipboard” memory area. In this case, you will not notice anything, there will be no messages about this on the screen.

If you want to keep only the image of the active working window. And not the entire desktop, then press the “AltPrint Screen” combination (means SIMultaneous pressing, pressed Alt and Do not release, press Print Screen).

2) Now that the screenshot is in the clipboard, you need to send it to the image processing program.

Windows always has the popular paint editor. It can be found under this path Start ⇒ All programs ⇒ Accessories ⇒ Paint.

Opening Paint, click the “Paste” button in the menu, or the CtrlV key combination, or click “Paste” in the context menu. A screenshot of the laptop screen should be displayed in the editor window.

When the screenshot image has already been inserted into Paint, you can edit the image using the program itself. That is, cut out the desired area, write text, change color settings, etc. Also, instead of Paint, you can use any other Installed graphics editor, such as Photoshop or another.

After processing, you can save the screen capture to your computer. To do this, click the “File” menu item and select “Save As” there, in Paint you can click the icon, as shown in the figure.

And then select “save as” and select the desired format for the saved image. Usually choose the format png or jpeg. Picture in jpeg format less space on your computer Takes up less KB (kilobyte). This is not critical for a computer, but if you send a picture via the Internet, then the size is very important, the smaller the better.

If you have Windows 8, then you can find Paint to save the screenshot through the search. Move your mouse to the upper right corner and open “Search”, enter the name of the desired program in the search bar and everything is found. You can also right-click on an empty screen and all applications will open, here we are looking for.

How to take a screenshot of a laptop screen if you have Windows 10? As above, it is written for the seven, and Paint is located here, as in species 7. You can find the start buttons in applications through the menu, or you can call the “search” and find by the name of the program.

3) Another method to take a screenshot of the Windows 7 laptop screen.

The Scissors Tool in Windows 7. Find this program here Start ⇒ All Programs ⇒ Accessories ⇒ Scissors.

Click on the “create” menu and after that a menu with a choice of the shape of the saved image will become available. You choose what you want.

After that you can process the image, the available tools are visible in the menu. Everything is intuitive there, with the help of the “Marker” you make selections of the desired area in the image, and with the help of the “Pen” you make notes on the screenshot.

After that, either save the box or send by mail directly from the program.

Mac OS system

Apple in its Mac OS system, which may be on a computer or laptop, and does not use the “Print Screen” button, so other keyboard shortcuts work there:

  • Cmd (⌘) shift 3. takes a screenshot of the entire computer screen and places it on the desktop;
  • Cmd (⌘) shift 4. takes a screenshot of the selected area of ​​the screen and places it on the desktop;
  • Cmd (⌘) shift 3 space. takes a snapshot of the selected working window and places it on the desktop.

To save the screenshot to the clipboard, you need to use the Ctrl key with the given keys.

How to make a screenshot on a laptop

You can take a screenshot on a laptop or computer both using the operating system installed on the laptop, and third-party programs, which you can install at will.

  • 1) Screenshot on Windows laptop
  • 2) Take a screenshot on Mac OS
  • 3) Programs for taking screenshots
  • 4) What is a screenshot

What is a screenshot

A screenshot is a screenshot of a laptop or computer monitor.

The picture will be the image that was on the screen at the time of pressing the capture button.

This is sometimes necessary when you need to fix some frame on. An error message pops up and you need to fall asleep this error, in the game you need to fix some event, etc.

How to take a screenshot on a computer and laptop? 10 quick ways

In order not to suffer in search of a camera, and not to select lighting and NOT to adjust the sharpness, and not to retouch the resulting photo for 2 hours, you can take a screenshot on a laptop. It will come in handy to create a cheat sheet, send a second correspondence or save a reminder. Read more about why you need a box, how to make and edit it, read the article.

Keyboard shortcuts and Paint

To capture the entire screen image on the computer monitor, press the PrtSc (PrintScreen) button: the image will be transferred to the clipboard. If you need to create a box of the active window on a laptop or computer, Use the AltPrtSc combination. On some laptops, you need to press the combination FnPrtSc. for the whole shot, and FnAltPrtSc. for the window used.

To save the picture, open standard Paint and press CtrlV (paste) on your keyboard. Or right-click the touchpad / mouse and select the “paste” option in the menu that opens (for the English version of the OS. “paste”). For Windows XP or Vista, find in the menu “Edit → Paste”. For Windows 7 and above, click “Paste” at the top, as shown in the picture.

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In the classic Paint application, edit the picture: erase unnecessary parts of the picture with an eraser, insert text into the image. Background fill will help make the text clearer. After editing, save the finished picture in the desired format.

Note: For Windows 8 and 10 operating systems, instead of FnPrtSc Use the combination Win PrtScn to take a picture of the entire screen: the picture will be saved in the image library automatically.

Important! Before the photo is inserted into the editor, and do not copy other elements, otherwise the photo will NOT be saved.

Remember: on a full-size keyboard (with a numeric block) the PrtSc key is taken out separately, on a standard (without a numeric block) the PrtSc button is usually located on the F11, Ins (Insert) keys.

Windows H buttons

This combination is useful to immediately send the box to e-mail or save it to the cloud storage. After pressing the keys, a picture and a panel displaying a list of applications will appear. Choose what you need to do: send a photo by e-mail, save it to the cloud Google Disk, Dropbox, OneNote or another service. In addition to exporting to cloud storage, you can immediately open access to the file.

How to take a screenshot on a Mac OS computer

Making printscreen on MacBook is easy: choose one of the 6 suggested options.

1. Press cmdctrlshift3 at the same time to copy the snapshot. Open the graphics and photo editing app you like (like Apple iLife ’11 Retail) and paste the image using cmdv command. Edit if needed and save in the required format.
2. Press cmdshift3 and the PNG image will appear on the desktop. The name of the picture is the date and time of shooting. This method is faster than the first.

3. Enter the command cmdshift4. the picture of a part of the screen will be immediately saved on the desktop. The advantage of this method is that you will NOT have to crop the image, which means it will NOT lose quality. The disadvantage of this option is that you cannot create a print screen on a laptop or computer of too small a part, for example, a folder icon. In this case, the image will stretch.

4. To screen the window in use, apply cmdshift4space.

Good to know. To edit the screen drawer, use cmdshift4 “extra key”. So, add an extra shift to stretch the picture along one side. First select the empty part, and only then click the additional button. Stretch the picture with the mouse. Add option to stretch the image around the entire perimeter.

Windows scissors

The “native” Windows tool will help you screen the entire screen or any part of it. Most users prefer this application to the usual combination of buttons on the keyboard, since here you can create an image of any shape, as well as edit the picture.

  • Find the utility through “Start”: in the search term enter “scissors” and click on the name of the application.
  • In the application window that opens, select the “Create” option to display an optional menu.
  • Click on one of the options presented to choose a selection format and create a box. In this case, variations of the screen shape are acceptable: it can be rectangular, arbitrary, for the whole screen. The picture will open in the program window.
  • Using the Pen tool. sign the image, Selecting the “Marker”. select the text, if necessary.
  • Erase unnecessary areas of the drawing with the “eraser”.
  • I pressed the “Save As” button, choose the location and format of the image. In this application, you can create drawings in JPG, GIF and PNG.

Note: to send screenshots without problems, choose the JPG or PNG format. Such pictures are light enough to be sent by e-mail. In addition, these formats are versatile, therefore readable by any photo editor or viewer, such as Adobe Photoshop.

What is a screenshot and why take them?

Screenshot is an instant snapshot of an image on a laptop or computer screen. You can screen the entire screen, one active window or part of it. This will come in handy to solve a system problem with a PC, save and send a reminder. For more information on why screenshots, see the following list.

6 reasons to learn how to take a screenshot on a laptop or PC

1. Bugs. Solving a problem with a PC over the phone is long and difficult, especially if you do not understand the program and try to explain the reason to the sysadmins. It’s even harder to tell your grandmother where to click to type. It is much easier to take and send a photo to assess problems remotely.
2. Save the web page. You will NOT have to re-search for the text with a dynamic site structure, lay a route in online maps.

3. Create an illustration. You can instantly illustrate text in a blog or post to avoid wasting a lot of time choosing lighting and retouching when shooting. This is useful when creating infographics, workshops and recipes.
4. Correspondences and lists. If you made a funny joke in the correspondence, you are tempted to send a second joke or post it on a page: An instant snapshot is useful. Husband forgot the grocery list again? The screenshot will help out.
5. Protected file: correcting the text in such a photo is problematic, so the screenshots are used as evidence, for example, an online money transfer report. If you need a report, but you DO NOT want to publish confidential data, cover it in a photo editor, for example, in Corel Draw.

6. Save program settings. This step is SIMilar to saving web pages. Especially useful for those who have just started learning how to use the program. In order not to make a mistake during use, and then frantically DO NOT remember “how it was before”, And not search the Internet, it is enough to “capture” the default option.

Windows Laptop Screenshot Tutorial: 3 Methods

To make a screen on a laptop, you do not have to download a special program: just use the system utilities. Choose any convenient method from the ones below.

Third-party screenshot software

To create screens even faster and increase your editing options, download the dedicated app. We have selected 3 options for free and convenient screenshots.

  • Gyazo ( is a screenshot shooter that captures selected areas and saves them in the cloud server. The user can access the photo from any device: computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet. You can also go with a friend or colleague. Keep in mind that with a free account in the cloud manager Gyazo, images are stored for a month. Paid version. unlimited access and additional editorial features.
  • Microsoft Snip ( allows you to capture active windows, the entire screen and its fragments. But it’s not that SIMple: the application allows you to create a record of the editing process. In addition, this manager provides sound recording, allows you to add voice comments tos. This is no longer just a screenshot, but a whole multimedia program used to create presentations ands.
  • Faststone Capture (faststone.Org) is a SIMple and convenient utility that allows you to capture the entire screen, part of it, or a single element. At startup, a small window appears where you can select the Required option. After that, the editor for retouching opens with the following functions: resizing, formatting, color correction. The app also allows you to send a photo to email.

A photo of the screen will help out when you need to send correspondence, a report on a financial transaction, remotely fix system errors. Any operating system allows you to make, retouch and send a box using a keyboard shortcut or pre-installed classic utilities. For THESE purposes, there are also third-party applications with a convenient interface and advanced editing functions, in which you learned from our material.
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How to make a screenshot on a laptop

Basically, a laptop or a computer does not matter, as does the model: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, and so on. Everywhere, and in all versions of windows operating systems, you can take a screenshot using the “Print Screen” key. Do not be discouraged if you have a print screen on your laptop, it just has a different name. PrtSc and you can find this button in the upper right corner. For an illustrative example, I give you 2 photos with a keyboard, in which an arrow is for the button you need.

After you pressed the PrtSc key, the screenshot was taken, but it is stored in the clipboard for now. If you reboot the laptop, a buffer demand will occur and your snapshot will be lost.

How to save a screenshot on a laptop

In fact, it is very SIMple and you can do it in a million ways, the most basic and at the same time SIMple ones we will now consider.

  • Open the standard windows xp, 7, 8, 10 “paint” application. You can find it in the start menu. all programs are standard. Paint. Then press “CtrlV”. Now save your screenshot with the CtrlS keyboard shortcut.
  • Do everything the same as in the first case, only with any other graphic editor.
  • Open a chat on a social network, for example, a PC and press CtrlV in the input field, i.e. Will insert.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

A screenshot is a snapshot / photo (call it what you want) of your laptop screen. precisely, for dummies. a box is a duplicate of what you see in front of you at the time of its creation. Everything exactly, down to a single pixel.

Why take a screenshot? For example, show the correspondence, and everything else. I will use them for you to illustrate. Where, where to press, what should be displayed, etc. This is a very convenient option that you will definitely need more than once.

How to take a screenshot of an open window

In the case above, you and I have learned how to take screenshots of the entire screen, and now let’s learn in the new, standard OS function “screenshot of an open window”. There is an open window, I will enter your work area. THOSE. It will NOT include the taskbar with the time, the desktop background (if any), etc. To take a screenshot of the window, press the PrtScAlt key combination. For example, see the photo:

THOSE. As you already understood, you need to SIMultaneously press these two buttons. Everything, you can save your box.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

Congratulations, you’re in luck today. And here there are no programs to download, there is a need to install. The thing is that your laptop already has a standard program called “scissors”.

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To open it, go to the start menu. all programs. standard. scissors.

We open them and you don’t need to click anything else. You can already use the cursor to select the area you need for the screen. Just highlight an area of ​​the screen, and release the mouse. After that, click in the top menu “file” and select save.

A very large article turned out for just one, SIMple button, but now you can create 3 types of screenshots using windows and save them. To better asSIMilate the information in the most gifted teapots (no offense), I suggest looking at:

Third party utilities

The advantage of native Windows utilities is that there is no need to download and install anything. But sometimes you have to do a lot of unnecessary actions in order to upload a screenshot from a laptop on some website or somehow edit it. For those who like to SIMplify tasks, we have created special applications. They are also in order to Get a box from a laptop screen.

A handy app is Joxi. It is free and takes up little space on your computer. After installation, the application icon appears in the taskbar. When you need to Get a screenshot, you just need to name the icon, and a window with tools and a place where to save the screen photo will open.

On a note! A nice feature is the ability to immediately publish the snapshot on popular social networks.

The second useful utility is Lightshot. The program is free. Works on Windows and MacOS, has many different modes. from the size of the screen and its shape to the ability to edit the resulting image. A screenshot of the screen is saved either to the cloud, and the user receives a public link to it, or directly to the memory of the gadget.

Windows built-in tools

The Windows operating system is good because the developers try to SIMplify the life of users as much as possible and allow you to perform various actions with built-in tools without downloading SEPARATE programs. It doesn’t matter if it is a laptop or a stationary computer, as well as regardless of the device manufacturer, you can take a screenshot of the page in two ways: through the buttons on the keyboard or with a special application that is already in the system.

Scissors utility

What to do if you need to take a screen on a laptop or computer, but for some reason the buttons do not work, or the image is NOT saved? In this case, the developers of Windows 8 have provided another tool, which allows you to take a snapshot of not only the whole screen, but also the selected area. The tool is called “scissors” and is located in “Start-All Programs-Accessories”.

A small window will appear on the screen with hints. All the user needs to do is select the type of selection. It can be a rectangular or oval area, or arbitrary, then you can SIMply circle the required piece of any size. After selecting the area, the utility will automatically send it to the folder specified earlier by the user, and if the save location has not been configured before, then when the utility is closed, a window will appear with a suggestion in which format to save the file and where to do it.

Where is the screen button on the laptop

Often, users are faced with the fact that they cannot find the Prt Scr button in their laptop. Usually it is combined with another function and is located in the same row with the F keys. Below is the standard placement of the screenshot button in different manufacturers, but depending on the model, the position may vary.

  • In Samsung laptops. Prt Scr is located together with Insert, the second button after F
  • Lenovo devices. second button after F12, and not combined with other functions.
  • ASUS, Acer. second button after F12, combined with SysRq.
  • HP. Prt Scr is combined with Insert, located next to the F12 case or through one with it.
  • Good. the third key is in the top row. Combines with End.
  • Dell. top row, second key case. NOT compatible with other features.

In MacBook, you can take a screenshot with a combination of the following keys.

  • Shift-Command-3. Capture Full Screen.
  • Shift-Command-4, Spacebar. Remove Window.
  • Shift-Command-4 and select area. take a screenshot of a specific area.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

Sometimes there is a situation in which a PC user needs to get a screenshot. There are several ways to complete this procedure, and below is how to take a screenshot using the built-in Windows tools or through third-party utilities.

Screenshot on the keyboard

The first option, which comes to mind to the user when it is necessary to take a screenshot on a laptop or PC, is to use a special key on the keyboard. It is called Prt Scr. If we are talking about a desktop PC, then you can get a print screen SIMply by clicking on the above button. If the user is holding a desktop device, then you will need to press the key combination. Prt Scr and Fn. This option works on all versions of the operating system from Windows 7 and Ending in the top ten.

Important! The image that the user made is saved to the clipboard, that is, it cannot be immediately found in the device’s memory. First, you need to choose the place where to insert the image. There may be several options: World document, Paint bitmap, email.

The latter option assumes that the user needs to open a browser, enter the mail and choose to create a new letter, then press “paste” in the working field or hold down the “CtrlV” key combination. If you add an image to the letter in this way, then it cannot be extracted, since it will NOT come to the addressee in the form of an attachment. He will just see it, but he will not be able to somehow edit or save the original file.

The second option is to save the picture in a word processing document or bitmap. In general, the principle of action is the same. You should open the appropriate application. MS Word or Paint, create a new document and press “CtrlV”, and then save it in any convenient place on the device. The disadvantage of this method is that it requires a lot of actions and takes some time.

To make things easier, Windows 10 and earlier versions of the OS have a keyboard shortcut. “WinPrt Scr”. After clicking it, the picture is automatically saved to the “Screenshots” folder under “This PC. Pictures”. Depending on the operating system, the location of the folder varies slightly, but you can find it in the folder with documents, photos provided by the system, on the same local disk where the OS itself is installed.

Important! If you make a screenshot of the screen on a laptop in this way, it will automatically be saved with PNG resolution. Then you can edit the picture. crop excess, compress or save in a new format through photo editors. Even the SIMplest built-in Paint is suitable for this.

Another way to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop, but at the same time fix only the open application, and not the whole screen, is to use the “FnAltPrt Scr” combination. Next, you need to save the image in the same way as it was described in the first case. in Word, letter or bitmap.

You can make a screen on a laptop without using a keyboard with the introduction of the On-Screen Keyboard, the only caveat is that it will be possible to capture the entire screen, and the area can be selected later in the image editor. The onscreen keyboard is located in the Start menu. All Programs. Accessibility. The disadvantage of this method is that even if the keyboard is reduced to the minimum size, it will still occupy some area on the screen.

Why I can’t take a screenshot

Sometimes it happens that a screenshot of the screen is NOT taken in the usual ways, but it puts separate utilities of desire for comments. There are several things to check that may affect the performance of this function.

  • The screenshot button on a laptop often has two functions, one of which is activated by pressing the Fn key. It is necessary to check if the screenshot works with Fn pressed and without it.
  • The button is physically broken, or after the installation of the operating system the drivers were NOT fully installed, and some of the buttons perform only a direct function. In this case, you can set the “lightshot” described above, which allows you to make any button on the keyboard responsible for screenshots. In fact the user just reassigns the functions.
  • Some utilities are capable of capturing information while taking a screenshot. For example, Yandex.Screenshot possesses such properties. By itself, this utility is effective and has interesting functionality, but it may NOT be too convenient due to the fact that it loads the system and stores data in the cloud. over, if the application is installed on a laptop, then it automatically extracts a screenshot from the clipboard, and users cannot paste it into Paint or save it in other ways.

Online services

It is most convenient to make a drawer on a laptop with buttons, but it happens that for some reason there is an image editor installed on the PC. In this case, you can use online services, which allow you to edit the captured image and save it in PNG format. The most convenient services for such tasks are:

  • Ru
  • Pastenow.Ru

To edit a screenshot on such sites, it is enough to make it in any way and save it to the clipboard. After that, you just need to open one of the above sites and press “ctrlV”. An image and tools for working with it will appear.

Another useful English-language resource for taking a screenshot of the entire site is Despite the fact that the site is not translated into Russian, it is very easy to deal with it. You must enter the address of the page you want to screen. After processing the request, the user will see the result and can save it in PDF format.

How to take a screenshot on an Acer laptop

There are at least 2 ways to take a screenshot of a laptop screen on windows.

Using the PrtSc button

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • In the top row of the keyboard, you need to find a special button called Print Screen (abbreviated PrtSc).
  • At the moment when you need to capture a screenshot on a laptop, press the PrtSc button. The box is stored in the clipboard on the laptop and therefore, in order not to accidentally delete the Ego, copy operations should be temporarily avoided.
  • Next, you should open the standard utility for working with images. Paint, you can easily find it among the second programs in the Start menu. Using the CTRLV combination (or pressed the Edit button in the corner of the application, and then Paste), the screenshot will be added to the program window and ready for further processing and saving.
  • If necessary, using standard Paint tools, you can crop the image, add an inscription or notes, change the file size.
  • Next, you should call the File menu and select the Save As. action (you can also use the CTRLS key combination). In the window that appears, you need to select the image format, give the file a name and specify the folder in which you want to save it.
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Using the Scissors program

  • It is necessary to open the standard Windows utility Scissors (you can quickly do this by typing the corresponding query in the search bar of the Start menu).
  • When the utility opens, the user will be prompted to select any part of the screen and take a screenshot of it.
  • The snapshot is ready. The utility will automatically offer to select a location to save the image file.

These methods of creating a screen on an acer laptop are also suitable for computers.

On tablet

To get a screenshot on an acep one or another tablet model from Acer, there are several ways:

Method 1

  • You need to press the button with the Windows icon and at the same time the button that decreases the volume (if the box is created, then there will be a flash on the screen, and a characteristic click of the camera shutter will be heard from the speaker).
  • The mailbox will be automatically saved in the gallery of the mobile device.

Method 2

  • If a keyboard is connected to the device, you need to SIMultaneously press the key with the Windows logo and PrtScn (it looks the same as on a laptop).
  • Screenshot will be placed automatically in the tablet gallery, in the corresponding Screenshots folder.

How to take a screenshot on Acer devices

Often there is a need to take an interesting picture. Games or browser windows to share pictures with a friend, confirm an action, or quickly save information. A snapshot that captures an image on the user’s monitor is called a screenshot, and you can take it using a standard set of functions or Special utilities. The methods of taking screenshots on various devices from different manufacturers are practically NOT different, so let’s look at how to take a screenshot on an acer, which is one of the leaders in the production of computer equipment and gadgets.

On a smartphone

To make a screen on an Acer smartphone (phone) in the standard way, you need to do the following:

  • At the moment when you need to take a screenshot, you need to SIMultaneously press the Power button (which is responsible for activating and deactivating the screen) and the volume down button (just like on a tablet, there will be a characteristic flash and sound).
  • The box will be automatically saved in the device gallery, in the corresponding Screenshots folder.

How to take a screenshot on Windows

  • Press the Print Screen (PrtSc) key.
  • Open the Paint program and press “Paste” (Ctrl V)
  • Click “Save” → select the file name and storage location.

How to take a screenshot: Step-by-step instructions for PC, laptop and Mac. How to take a screenshot on a laptop

Some laptop models differ in keyboard layout. To activate the hotkeys, press the [Fn] button.

  • Screenshot the screen on a laptop: hold down the key combination [Fn] PrtSc.
  • Take a screenshot of the browser window on a laptop: [Fn] Alt PrtSc.

Other combinations are identical to those described above.


  • Log in or register on the site.
  • Take a screenshot of the PrtSc or Alt PrtSc screen (Windows).
  • Return to the service website and press Ctrl V.
  • SNAGGY will process the photo and generate a short link that you can share.

How to take a screenshot on Mac

Likewise with Windows. You can take a screenshot in full screen or part of it.

How to take a screenshot of a selected area of ​​the screen in Windows

This is done using the Snipping Tool.

  • Go to the menu “Start” → “Standard” → “Scissors”
  • The cursor will become a cross. Give them the desired area of ​​the screen.
  • When you release the mouse button, the Selected part appears in the Scissors window. In it you can emphasize or highlight the necessary elements.
  • Click “Save” (floppy disk icon) → enter the file name → select the save location.

How to take a screenshot of the screen online using services?

You can share a screenshot using Dedicated Services. For myself I use SNAGGY and Clip2net.

How to take screenshots of the entire Mac screen

  • Hold Shift Command (⌘) 3.
  • The finished photo will be on your desktop in PNG format.

How to screenshot a Mac window

  • Press the Shift Command (⌘) 4 keys → the cursor becomes a cross.
  • Press Spacebar → the cursor is converted to a camera icon.
  • Bring the camera icon to the desired window → select it → click with the mouse or trackpad.
  • If you change your mind about screenshots, press Esc (Escape) → then click with mouse or trackpad.
  • The snapshot will appear on the desktop in PNG format.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on an ASUS laptop or computer

A screenshot is a screenshot of a monitor or laptop, which can be saved in png or jpeg format. This can be done using the standard features of the Windows operating system, or by installing additional programs. This article will describe how to take a screenshot on an asus laptop in all possible ways.

Standard options for taking screenshots

It is possible to take a screenshot of a laptop screen without third-party software on any Windows operating system. This action can be done in three ways. Let’s consider each of them.

Using keys “win” “PrtSc”

Inexperienced users of Windows 7 and other modifications should be advised that the “win” key is a button with a drawn flag located in the bottom row of the keyboard. To create a screen, do the following: press both keys SIMultaneously; open “This computer” (the shortcut is located on the desktop), in a new window, go to the “Pictures” folder, and open the “Screenshots” folder. After completing these steps, you will find a print screen in png format.

Using the “PrtSc” key and the “Paint” graphic editor

At the right moment, press the “PrtSc” key, the snapshot is already in the clipboard. To open “Paint” on your computer you need:

  • Click on “Start”;
  • Select the item “All programs”;
  • In the new list, look for and go to the “Standard” section;
  • Click on the “Paint” icon.

In the opened graphic editor, insert a box. pressed the combination “Ctrl” “V”. The image can be edited and then saved in one of the proposed options. To do this, go to the “File” section, select the “Save As” item, specifying the name of the screenshot and the format for saving.

By selecting the “Scissors” function

This feature is not available only on Windows 10, but also on previous Microsoft operating systems. The peculiarity is that by choosing this tool, you can screen NOT the entire laptop screen completely, but only the specified area. The Scissors tool is located in the same section as the Paint editor and is easy to find. Having selected this tool, and pressed “Create” in the menu that appears, the cursor will turn into a cross, with which you need to draw a rectangle around the area you want to screen. Next, the program will prompt you to select the address to save the snapshot.

Most used screenshot programs

All programs described below will be installed without problems on asus laptops with Windows 7 and higher.


It will be convenient if, after installing this program, you leave it in the startup list. by default, it goes there automatically. This will save time: there is no need to look for a shortcut to launch and minimize open windows of second programs. To take a screenshot of the laptop screen, you just need to press “PrtSc”. With the cursor, you can select the desired area or the entire screen. In the same window there will be a menu with which you can save the box to the hard drive of your PC. It is also possible to upload a snapshot to a remote server: the program will provide a link to your screenshot, which can be inserted into the text or sent to the required address. All features of this software are free.

Ashampoo snap

This is a more advanced program compared to competitors. Taking clear screenshots is not the main function of this program. Ashampoo Snap also allows you to recognize the text on the captured screenshot. The photo can be edited with a wide range of functions: color correction, free drawing. Chests can open a web page from the top of it and at the bottom, and not just a fragment that fits on the screen. But the main feature is the recording function. The captured can be edited using the built-in functionality of this program.

Unlike LightShot, this software is paid, but has a trial period with a limited number of functions.

There are a huge number of programs on the net with which you can take a screenshot of your laptop. It makes no sense to describe all of them, because the main functions in them are SIMilar.

Analyzing all the described methods, we can conclude: Windows operating systems Provide convenient functionality for creating screenshots, and with infrequent use of this feature, there is a need to install additional software on a laptop or personal computer. Programs for creating screenshots are suitable for those users who need additional functionality, for example, quickly uploading a picture to social networks, editing a picture to save it, uploading it to a remote server in order to get a link.