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How to Start a New Lenovo Laptop

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I didn’t know how to enter the BIOS, and I’m grateful for the advice on how to do this. I decided that I would solve all my questions regarding the laptop myself, a robbery in the service center and it’s very good that you have everything painted here. You can cope with tasks like a pro and at the same time everything is extremely simple.

Everything can, do NOT decide for yourself, but the nth part can be easily solved. After all, it really is when the user somehow understands and not only for the sake of saving on repairs. If you know how to use the device correctly, then it breaks less and less.

Nikolay, you may NOT be able to repair, but it is imperative to understand what and how. If you don’t understand anything at all about your device, and it’s stupid enough to admit this when contacting the service, then you will be deceived 100%.

Konstantin, it’s better to be an advanced user than not to be one at all. Only an advanced user can independently operate the device and DO NOT resort to the service every time something happened. Minor matters need to be solved by yourself and only in case of something serious go to the service already.

MSI is ready to release a new gaming laptop

According to reports, MSI has prepared a new gaming model of the GT83VR Titan laptop. The device will be one of the first devices of this class, assembled on the Coffee Lake-H platform.

How to use a laptop correctly.

Part one Safety and care

Part two: software

  • Make sure you are using software available to power your laptop hardware. Some programs may interfere with normal laptop operation.
  • Some screensavers and screensavers can cause conflicts in software and use unnecessary RAM, which in turn leads to incorrect operation (freezing, braking, etc.).
  • Always back up critical data in at least two locations.
  • Remember, virus protection is very important.
  • Beware of spyware. This is a critical issue in computer security. Spyware is designed to collect personal data from users’ computers without their knowledge. The programs are secretly installed along with downloadable programs from the Internet and transmit information about computer use and generate pop-up ads. Microsoft believes spyware is responsible for half of all PC crashes.

Part Three: Regular Laptop Maintenance

  • Run Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation programs at least monthly. You can find them in the Start menu Programs Accessories Accessories.
  • Check the disk for errors at least monthly. Open My Computer. Right-click on the C drive, and then select Properties. Go to the “Service” tab, there you will see the item “Check disk” and the button “Check”. After clicking the button, select the Automatically fix system errors check box and click the Start button. You may be prompted to restart your computer.
  • Install antivirus software, configure updates to download and install automatically, and install real-time antivirus protection.
  • Perform a weekly laptop virus scan.
  • Adjust the power settings. It will help your laptop save energy and work efficiently.

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Correct BIOS setup for lenovo laptop

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New laptop from Aquarius presented

Aquarius presented a new model of a powerful laptop Cmp NS575, assembled on an Intel Core processor (6/7 generation chips). The declared possibility of installing a discrete graphics card GeForce MX150 from NVIDIA for 2 GB, supporting proprietary technologies Optimus and CUDA.

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How to enter BIOS on a Lenovo laptop: what you need to know and what not to do?

Most of us, using computers or laptops, do not think about how these electronic devices work. The developers of modern software have created operating systems with an interface that is understandable for everyone. But sometimes there come times when the most incompetent user has to deal with such concepts as reinstalling the “operating system” or setting up the system. The basis that connects all elements of a computer and controls its operation is the BIOS. He is responsible for everything from the temperature of the processor and the correct loading of the OS and ending the maintenance of programs when accessing the hard disk and random access memory. At the slightest failure, the BIOS will detect the problem and provide an opportunity to fix it. Therefore, without his “consent” to make any changes in the computer will NOT work.

10 Windows 10 settings for a new laptop. How to set up a Lenovo laptop for the first time

Primary bootloader

Translated from English, the abbreviation BIOS stands for “basic input-output system”. This is a complex of firmware that controls the operation of the processor, video adapter, RAM, hard disk and connected devices.

It was first used by specialists from IBM and called the primary bootloader. Its main functions are testing and tuning equipment, as well as loading the operating system. Considering that the BIOS is responsible for bootstrapping, all of its software elements must be available immediately after turning on the power, so they are not stored in Winchester, but written to the memory of one of the microchips located on the motherboard. This microcircuit even has its own constant power supply from the 5V element, also located on the “motherboard”.

BIOS in a laptop is no different from a computer BIOS. There are three main types of primary loaders today:

The first two do not differ in anything special, except for the type of menu, they have an exclusively English interface and key control. They are used on almost all brands of computers and laptops. UEFI is a completely new kind of BIOS, with a graphical shell, as well as the ability to control using the “mouse”. Used since 2011 only in the latest models of computers and laptops. experienced users know that it is not difficult to enter the primary bootloader on a personal computer, just after turning on the power, press the F1 or F2 keys, as on a Lenovo laptop. It is also easy to enter the BIOS on laptops of second manufacturers, however, without having the user manual in hand, you will need the name of the model and modification.

Given that the electronics market today is filled with Chinese laptops of various brands, the algorithms for their bootstrapping are different. Entering Lenovo BIOS, for example, is fundamentally different from this procedure on Toshiba or Asus, which uses the F12, Dellete or Esc keys.

Now let’s talk about how to enter BIOS on Lenovo.

You need to press the F2 key while turning on the computer. But not everywhere. In many cases, you must first press the Fn button. After that, a menu with all possible settings is already opened. However, not all models open BIOS by pressing THESE keys. Some may NOT react at all to these buttons, for example, such models as g505 v580c, B 560, g50, b590, g580, g505s and others may NOT work. But there is a way out. Manufacturers have made a special round button on the side panel next to the power cable.

Thus, to enter the BIOS, you need to do the following:

If everything was done, the laptop should start correctly and the service menu with four items will appear on the screen.

“Normal Startup”. Normal download;

“BIOS Setup”. That is, BIOS settings;

“System recovery”. System Restore.

As you already understood, in order to enter the BIOS, the BIOS Setup item (installation and BIOS setup) is NOT selected. After that, the most common BIOS menu appears, after which you can configure the BIOS or install Windows through the BIOS and update the BIOS like all other Lenovo laptop models. Their settings are almost the same.

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Create account

When you turn on the laptop for the first time on the Windows operating system, when entering the settings, the system will ask for a username and password. It is not necessary to create a password, if you DO NOT create it, you can enter the computer without a password. If you did not create a password on first launch, you can create one if needed in the User Accounts section. You should NOT rely on your password to reliably protect against unauthorized access to the laptop; it will NOT be difficult for a specialist to quickly reset the Windows password and gain access to the system. We wrote about this on our website in the article How to reset your password on Windows. The account password will help limit access to the laptop for children and not very advanced computer users. To reliably restrict access to the laptop, you need to use more complex settings and special tools.

Removing unnecessary software

  • Programs are written to the hard drive and take up space in really important things;
  • The registry is being littered, which makes navigation through it more difficult;
  • Some programs run in the background, especially if they are in “Startup”. By doing this, they unnecessarily consume RAM and processor resources.

In such cases, it is better to uninstall unused applications:

    Through the Windows menu, open the “Applications and Features” item.

Through the Windows menu, open the “Applications and Features” item

Selecting an application from the list and removing it

After that, the uninstallation process will begin, depending on the program, the user’s participation may be required to give additional consent to the uninstallation.

Browser installation

Installing a browser other than the standard Windows applications is almost a ritual. Ninety percent of users, instead of providing anti-virus protection, first install a program to browse the Internet, and only then do the really important things.

For the initial installation of a web browser, I recommend Google Chrome. This browser is actively used in 6 out of 10 computers in the world and is NOT in vain. The browser from the Internet giant meets all the parameters of stability, page loading speed, content display quality and opportunities for further improving functions.

    Go to the official page for downloading the browser and click “Download Chrome”.

On the browser download page, click “Download Chrome”

After downloading, run the downloaded file

Installing drivers, operating system updates

All available operating system updates must be installed on the new laptop. Updates must be installed because they fix the found security problems, eliminate operational problems, and increase the stability and performance of the operating system. On the laptop manufacturer’s website in the support section for this model, you can download and install all the latest drivers and the latest BIOS version. Some laptop manufacturers install special programs with which you can download and install new device drivers.

Removing trial versions (trial) and unnecessary programs on a laptop

Laptop manufacturers earn extra money by installing trial versions of various programs. Antivirus programs and Microsoft office suite are often installed this way. After a while, the program stops working and starts “asks for money”, By offering to purchase the full version. If you do NOT plan to purchase these programs, it is better to uninstall them immediately. Each user has programs that he is used to using and trusts. It is better to immediately purchase and install the paid and free required software.

We often get a question: what programs need to be removed from a new laptop or computer. Typically, laptop manufacturers install a trial version of the antivirus program that stops updating and sometimes working 30-45 days after the antivirus program is launched. Many users do not know anything about this and after a while are left without anti-virus protection. If you do not plan to purchase Installed antivirus, it is better to uninstall it immediately and install one of the free antiviruses, which provides basic protection against viruses. We have an overview of free antiviruses on our website.

Many programs can be installed on a laptop, the purpose of which is not known to the user. As a rule, most of them are Trial versions and programs with limited functionality. To get information about a program, you can type its name in any search engine. After receiving information about the program, you can make a decision whether it is needed on a laptop. As a rule, the less programs are installed on the computer, the more stable it works. It is better to immediately remove everything you do not need and install the necessary. There is a danger of overdoing it, not worth uninstalling programs from the laptop manufacturer, with which you can update the drivers on the laptop. There is an opinion that it is better to immediately reinstall the operating system, and install the necessary drivers and programs from the laptop manufacturer’s website on a clean system.

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How and what services can be disabled to optimize the system. Setting system parameters

Settings is a new, special Windows management environment. This platform is designed to gradually replace the outdated Control Panel interface and with each new update it takes over more and more functions. Already, you can write a small book on settings that can be changed in the “Settings” Windows. However, the main ones that concern the user in terms of initial configuration are “Personalization”, “Time and Language” and some tabs of the “System” applet.

Some “options” applets require Priority Configuration

“Personalization” is an important element of operating system customization. In this environment, you can customize the appearance of Windows to your liking or use a pre-built display option. If you open the applet, you will notice several tabs, each of which is responsible for configuring a specific element of the system:

    “Background”. allows you to customize the main image of the desktop, as well as the nature of its display. Here you can set a setting that will allow the system to change the picture after a certain period of time;

In the “Background” tab, you can set pictures for the desktop

“Colors” paint windows in the shades of your choice or the system

Setting the correct time is an important step, since the display of most Internet sites depends on this parameter:

  • To set the correct date and time zone, open the Corresponding applet.
  • Turn off the automatic installation toggle switches, then set the correct time zone and press the “Change” button.

To make changes to the date, turn off automatic settings

Insert the date and time and click “Change”

Also in this applet, you can adjust the language settings and add another layout:

    Go to the “Language” tab. To add a layout, press the “plus” button.

Press the button “Add language”

start, lenovo, laptop

Select a layout from the list and click “Next”

After choosing the layout, press the “Install” button

The most important setting in the System applet is the display setting. There are many fundamental parameters in this tab:

  • Desktop extension management;
  • Brightness adjustment;
  • Working with Multiple monitors, if connected;
  • Scaling setting.

All of these parameters greatly affect the eye’s perception of what is happening on the monitor. Then it is better to use the recommended settings.

Laptop setup

Our readers often send us questions: I bought a new laptop and what to do next, where to start, how to set up a new asus laptop, how to set up a new lenovo laptop, how to set up a new acer laptop, how to set up a new HP laptop. The procedure for setting up a new laptop is the same and does NOT depend on the manufacturer. It should be noted that it is more profitable to purchase a new laptop with a preinstalled operating system, rather than separately a laptop and a Windows operating system. In addition to the fact that buying a laptop without an operating system and Windows separately will cost more, you may have to use the services of a specialist in installing the operating system on a laptop.

How to install Windows on a new laptop

We will install the operating system on a laptop. I will tell you what to press and guide you from start to finish