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How to shoot iPhone with screen off

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What to do when there is no battery power

If your device doesn’t charge when you connect your iPhone to a working power supply or USB connector, there could be a variety of reasons.

Try to fix the problem in the following ways:

iphone, screen
  • turn off and reconnect iPhone to power source
  • If iPhone is completely discharged, leave it off and recharge for about half an hour
  • put your smartphone on charge from another outlet or USB port

If the listed actions do not give a positive result, the cable or the original battery may be faulty. Check the integrity of the wire, and if damage is found, purchase a new charger.

The most common problems when connecting charging

Despite the fact that the iPhone is considered a very reliable device, various breakdowns can occur during use. They are most common when charging an iPhone.

The most common battery problems are:

  • iPhone charges only when turned off
  • iPhone charges very slowly when not turned on (off) or on
  • the display shows the status “Not charging”
  • the percentage of charging does not exceed some value, n
  • the error “The cable is not certified” is issued

Problems with iPhone charging poorly can be varied. You can determine the malfunction yourself by following certain steps.

How to remove from the screen the inscription “accessory or cable is not certified”

IPhones of the latest models are able to recognize genuine USB cables, because the manufacturer began to install a special chip in the plug. However, today you can take the risk of buying, so to speak, “propped” charger, made by the Chinese. But a fake will not be able to provide the proper charging speed of the battery and can lead to serious damage.

If the display shows “accessory or cable not certified”:

  • turn the cable off and on again
  • if the problem recurs, use a charging cable that you are sure of originality
  • try updating the software (it may have crashed)
  • reboot your smartphone

When using a non-original cable, do not be surprised if you see the phrase “this cable or accessory is not certified” on the screen of your device. The manufacturer quickly determines what type of cable is used and removes the warranty if a Chinese counterfeit is used.

How to restore the recharge function if components are faulty

Sometimes Apple smartphones won’t charge due to faulty internal components of the device.

The lack of charging may be due to the breakdown of such gadget elements:

  • battery
  • power controller
  • connector for charging the device

If iPhone charges only when it is turned off or does not fully respond to charging, and self-actions did not lead to the restoration of the device, seek help from experienced specialists.

What to do when charging the battery slowly

The new device charges quickly enough at first. However, after a certain period of time, many iPhone owners notice that the battery level increases very slowly.

If your iPhone is charging very slowly, you can use a higher power adapter to get started, or try the following methods:

  • try charging your smartphone using a different USB port
  • check the Lightning port for visible mechanical damage
  • Determine the integrity of the smartphone charging cable

If you carry iPhone without a protective case in your pants or purse, try cleaning the connector to remove dirt and dust. This can be done with an ordinary toothpick. However, be careful when performing mechanical actions, do not damage Lightning.

iPhone charges only when turned off

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

If the iPhone charges only when it is turned off, does not respond to recharging when it is turned on, do not rush to change the smartphone battery or buy a charger. First, try to find out the cause of the breakdown and fix it yourself. When the iPhone won’t charge or the charge level is increasing too slowly, of course, cable breakage can be the cause, but similar malfunctions can occur under other circumstances.

What to do if the status is “No charging”

When smartphones and other Apple equipment are charging, you can see the charging indicator in the upper right corner. If in the process of recharging the gadget you find that power is not being supplied, source of greater power is required.

To avoid such problems, you should adhere to certain rules:

  • charge the gadget only with original power adapters manufactured by Apple and included with the smartphone
  • If the device does not charge when you plug the cable into the computer, use a power source with a higher wattage
  • do not charge your smartphone with external USB adapters from third parties

Only by using original iPhone accessories, you can be sure that the power source is sufficient to recharge the device.

YouTube on iPhone. video quality and speed. Saving traffic

If earlier we received information from the Internet in the form of text, now the popularity of video content is growing. Well, with the spread of the mobile Internet, we began to watch interesting videos from the screens of mobile phones, including the iPhone. YouTube is the most popular video provider. Therefore, using the example of the YouTube service, I will tell you about our mobile experience of watching videos from an iPhone. In order to comfortably watch online video, and not be tied to Wi-Fi hotspots, the iPhone needs:

After the tariff plan is selected, the mobile Internet is connected and configured, we usually watch YouTube videos directly in the standard Safari browser, without installing additional applications.

If you have chosen an unlimited data plan when connecting to the Internet on your iPhone, then watching videos in standard Safari is fine. Using this browser it is not necessary to watch videos, you can listen to them with the locked screen off.

Is iPhone eating traffic? Save on YouTube!

If you decide to save limited traffic on the iPhone, then you probably tried to install the YouTube application from the App Store (How to install applications on an iPhone. instructions). In the hope that it will be possible to change the quality and set a lower-quality resolution (in order to save mobile traffic), we also installed the YouTube app for iPhone.

In the playing video application, the Menu button was pressed (three dots in the upper right corner).

We pressed the button. Quality and broke off. The official YouTube app (version 12.06.11) issued the following:

Manual quality setting is not supported when using a cellular network.

It turned out that the “Quality” button allows you to select the video resolution only when the iPhone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. This is tough, why, if this opportunity is more needed by iPhone users with limited mobile Internet. Apparently the marketing ploy is such, so let’s do it normally in subsequent updates, otherwise it’s beautiful, but not useful. With a good speed of the mobile Internet, the application sets the maximum video quality, and the traffic flies away like a pipe.

How to listen to YouTube on iPhone with screen off

In the hope of saving battery power and avoiding traffic overruns, you can not watch YouTube, but listen, for example, if the video is of a conversational genre, then in the subway, bus, wearing headphones, we calmly listen to the YouTube channel. At the same time, the iPhone with the screen off is in your. your eyes are resting, the gopnik too! The problem is that if you lock the screen while watching a video, you will not hear the sound. But there is a way.

Tested on iPhone 5S (iOS 10.2.1). To listen to the video in the background, with the iPhone locked, do the following:

  • Find YouTube video in Safari browser and press play button
  • As soon as the video starts playing, lock the screen with the Power button (on / off)
  • We wake up the screen with the Home button and press the play button on the locked screen. If this button is not on the locked screen, then pull out the Control Center from the bottom of the screen. Swipe this widget to the left, click Play, lock the screen again and listen to the video.

We figured out the unlimited traffic, now about the limited tariffs.

Tubie. setting YouTube quality on iPhone

Until the normal official YouTube application comes out, you can use the free Tubex application, there are more possibilities here and the interface is not bad.

In the settings of the Tubie application, you can select the default video broadcast resolution, both for Wi-Fi and for mobile Internet. When watching a video, the quality can be changed with the click of a button.

There is also, sometimes, a useful function. The speed of the player, which adjusts the speed of video playback, helps a lot when there is little time to watch a video, a slow speech of a YouTube blogger or a lot of water.

Running out of battery quickly after installing iOS 14? How to fix

IOS 14 brings a lot of new features and changes. However, all major system updates contain bugs and problems. One of the most common is the problem with fast battery drain. In this article, we will tell you about ways to solve it.

iOS 14 brings new features such as an app library, home screen widgets, a new calling interface, the Translator app, and more. You can read about all the changes here.

Here’s how you can fix battery drain issues after upgrading to iOS 14.

How to find out how long an iPhone should work

Before proceeding to the instructions for solving iOS 14 charging consumption problems, you should know exactly how long your iPhone should last. Perhaps everything is in order with the charge consumption, and it’s just time to buy a newer model. For example, below is the operating time of the iPhone SE (2020) from the page with its official characteristics.

It is also important to understand that the duration of your device depends on how you use it. For example, if you are listening to saved music, and not streaming it via LTE / 3G / Wi-Fi, then charging will be consumed more slowly.

You can find out the time of using the device with the screen turned on and off in Settings in the Battery section.

This is the amount of time your iPhone has been actively used since the last full charge. Active use can be considered calls, correspondence, listening to music, using the Internet, applications, and even some background tasks.

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The tips below are only for those functions that you are not using. If you just need to optimize your battery usage, it’s best not to use them.

The widgets in iOS 14 have been heavily updated and can finally be added to the home screen. However, do not overdo it with them. Do not use widgets that you do not need, so as not to waste power on them. In addition, some widgets may use Location Services.

ii. Disable Dynamic Wallpaper

Dynamic wallpapers add animation to your home screen and lock screen. Unfortunately, this kind of animation uses more energy. To change the wallpaper to a regular image, go to Settings Wallpaper Choose new wallpaper. You can choose a standard wallpaper or your own image from Photos. On iPhone 6s and later, Live Photos can be set as wallpaper, but they only affect battery consumption when you activate the animation by pressing 3D Touch.

iii. Disable Motion Effects

The iOS system is filled with various animations and effects for a better interface experience. Some of the effects use gyroscope data, which consumes energy. You can turn off these effects in Settings General Accessibility Reduce Motion.

Solution of problems

i. Force restart iPhone

Like most other issues, a forced restart can fix battery drain issues in iOS 14.

To force restart iPhone 7 and older, simultaneously hold down the power button and the volume down button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

ii. Reset Network Settings

Reset network settings in Settings. Basic. Reset. Reset network settings. This will erase all network information including passwords, VPN and APN.

iii. Optimize your charging process

All iPhone models have lithium-ion batteries that will lose their original capacity over time.

Apple recommends charging your smartphone to 100% once a month and then using up the entire battery to zero. This contributes to the correct operation of the battery. You can also read about how to extend the battery life of your iPhone. IOS 14 can also optimize iPhone charging.

Percentage of charge

On iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and older models, the status bar shows the charging level as a percentage by default. This makes it easier to keep track of battery usage and remember to charge your iPhone on time. To turn on the indicator as a percentage, go to Settings General Statistics, scroll to the Charge in percentage point and click on the switch next to it so that it turns green.

For the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR and iPhone 11, you can always display battery percentage only if you install the BatteryPercentX jailbreak and tweak on it. If you do not want to jailbreak, then to view the charge in percentage, you need to open Control Center from the upper right corner of the screen. So you will see icons in the status bar that did not fit due to the notch. The first of these will be the battery percentage.

Now you know more about your device’s battery and can move on to tips to help you optimize battery usage in iOS 14.

Apple Tips

In iOS 12, Apple introduced a new feature with recommendations for optimizing charging consumption. You can view these recommendations in Settings Battery Battery status.

You can select a recommendation to go directly to the settings you want to change. If there are no recommendations, go to our tips.

Install the latest available version of iOS 14

Problems with battery consumption can occur due to system bugs. Fortunately, Apple is fairly quick to release updates to resolve issues. You can check for updates in Settings General Software Updates.

Find out which apps are using up your battery

How to SECRETLY Record Videos on your iPhone with Screen OFF ? ( iPhone Hacks )

IOS has tools to check battery health. You can find out which apps are using the most energy. In iOS 14, these features are even better. In addition, in iOS 14, background processes of the Music application often consume charging. You can read about how to find the culprit in our detailed instructions.

Once you’ve identified which apps are consuming your battery the most, you can do the following:

  • If you can live without this app, your best bet is to simply uninstall it.
  • The iOS system automatically limits the background use of apps, but some of them still run in the background. From time to time it is worth forcibly closing instant messengers, navigators and applications for listening to music, because they often consume a lot of energy. It is worth closing only those applications that you are not going to use in the near future. There is no need to forcibly close all applications; on the contrary, it can negatively affect battery use. To force close an app on iPhone X / XS / XS Max / 11 / 11Pro, pull the Home indicator up and stop in the middle of the screen to open the app switcher. Then, hold down the card with the application so that the red minus icon appears, and swipe the application up. On other models, double-tap the Home button and simply swipe the app.
  • If you use the app frequently, go to the Privacy Settings of the Location Services and turn them off for a specific app. You can also go to Settings General Content Update and select an alternative option (read more about this below).

Disable Location Services

Once installed, new applications immediately request access to various services like Location Services, and more often than not, we allow it. However, the use of the location by applications can be a significant drain on the battery, and for some it is better to deny access.

It is best to first turn off Location Services for all applications at once. This can be done in the Privacy Settings of the Location Services. After that, just select those applications that need access to your location, and enable it only for them.

Only when using the program

On iOS, you can only allow access to your location when using applications, and not all the time. This can be useful for applications like the App Store that don’t need constant access.

You can find out which apps have recently used geolocation in the Privacy Settings of the Location Services. They will be located at the very top of the list. Select an application and check the box next to When using an application. As you can see in the screenshot below, the App Store uses your location “to suggest the apps that best suit you.”.

This option will not be available in all applications, since it requires support, which is added by the developer.

In iOS 14, you can also give an app one-time access to a location. In order for applications to use your geolocation one-time, in the settings select the option “Ask next time”.

If you’ve accidentally turned off the use of location in an app that needs it, don’t worry. Open this application and you will see a window in which you can allow access.

Disable background app refresh

On iOS, for better multitasking, content in apps is refreshed in the background. This process is optimized as much as possible, but some applications still consume a lot of energy to update content. To disable it, go to Settings General Content Updates and disable it for apps that don’t need constant updates. This is a great feature, but not all applications need it.

We strongly recommend that you disable content updates in the app. as it is famous for its strong battery drain.

You can also turn on Content Refresh only when connected to Wi-Fi, but if nothing changes, turn it off completely. It will also help save mobile internet traffic.

Use Dark Mode

After many years of our hopes, Apple has finally added Dark Mode in iOS 13, which is system-wide. It dims everything from dynamic wallpapers to visuals, from Settings to Dark Mode-enabled apps. It will significantly slow down charging on OLED devices like the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone X.

You can always turn on Dark Mode through the Control Center, namely by holding down the brightness control slider.

For Dark Mode, you can set a schedule through Settings. Screen and brightness. By default, Dark Mode will activate automatically after sunset, but you can choose your own schedule.

Power saving mode

If your device’s battery is almost empty and you won’t be able to charge it for a while, use Power saving mode in Settings Battery. It helps to save battery by disabling background app refresh, automatic loading and some visual effects. According to Apple, with Power Saving Mode, your device can last up to 3 hours longer.

A window prompting you to turn on Power Saving Mode appears every time the battery power drops below 20%. It will automatically turn off when the device is at least 80% charged.

Place iPhone face down

IOS has a feature that can determine where the display is directed when lying down. It uses a light sensor to keep your iPhone screen from turning on when notifications arrive. This function can extend the use of the smartphone by 1 hour. Therefore, we recommend placing the smartphone with the display down. Feature only available on iPhone 5s and newer.

Disable Raise to activate

In iOS 10, Apple introduced the Raise to Activate feature, which automatically turns the screen on when you pick up your iPhone. This is very useful when you need to quickly check notifications and there is no time to press the Home button.

The function is useful, but it can waste extra energy by triggering when you just carry your smartphone in your hand. You can disable it in Settings Display and brightness Raise to activate. After that, the screen of your iPhone will not turn on until you press the button.

Comparison of time-lapse quality on different iPhone models

By default, iOS devices record Full HD video at 120 fps, but the settings can be changed if desired. Note that the ability to shoot Full HD video at 240 fps is present only in the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS, earlier models only support video recording in 720p resolution (1,280 × 720 pixels).

  • iPhone 5s. 720p (1,280 x 720 pixels) @ 120fps
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 720p @ 240fps
  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. 1080p @ 120fps or 720p @ 240fps
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. 1080p @ 120fps or 240fps.

1080p / 240fps video recording requires H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding) codec built into Apple A11 Bionic microprocessor or higher.

Slow motion video on iPhone: how to shoot and adjust quality, which iPhones are supported

All modern iPhones have a colossal number of functions that users sometimes do not even know about, and this is a technological and rather expensive device. Today we will talk about such a wonderful function as the slow motion mode: on which devices it is present, how to use it all and what settings can be tweaked.

Starting with the iPhone 5s, all models of Apple smartphones can record video at 120 frames per second, but only the latest versions equipped with the A11 Bionic and A12 Bionic chips, such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS, can record Slo.Mo video in Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) at 240 fps.

Which devices can view slow-motion video captured on iPhone

Full HD video recorded at 240 fps can be viewed on any device that is compatible with iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later, although modern iPhone or Mac models (iPhone 6 or later) may be required for quality playback. iPad Air 2, Mac models released since Mid 2015).

Slow motion video can be viewed on iPhone just like any other. All iPhone models from the 4s have a 60Hz display, so any high frame rate video plays without any loss of quality. For high-quality playback of the recording on desktop computers (based on macOS or Windows), you will need devices equipped with a 6th generation Intel Core processor or lower.

However, it is best to watch videos on iPad Pro. All 2017 models support Apple ProMotion technology, which provides picture refresh rates up to 120Hz. When playing video at 1080p / 240fps on an iPad Pro that supports this technology, the screen refresh rate will automatically increase to 120Hz for smoother, clearer playback.

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How to Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone (1080p / 240fps)

Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone.

Choose the quality of slow motion.

Advice. To display the hidden option to record 720p video at 240 fps on modern devices, switch from High Efficiency to Most Compatible in Settings. Camera → Format. Camera format menu does not appear on unsupported devices.

Close “Settings” and launch the “Camera” application.

Select the “Slow down” option at the bottom of the interface.

Advice. iOS can remember the last used mode, for example, “Video” or “Photo”. To do this, open “Settings” → “Camera” → “Save settings” and switch the toggle switch of the “Camera mode” option to the “on” position.

Press the “Record” button or the volume rocker to start or stop recording.

The recorded video will be saved in the Photos application as a.MOV file.

How to transfer videos to Mac or PC

In Preferences → Photos → Transfer to Mac or PC, choose your preferred file transfer format. Two options are available. Automatic and Transfer Originals.

When you select the latter, the file format will be preserved in its original form, and in Automatic mode, when transferring video from a phone to a computer, it will be encoded with an H.265 encoder, which will increase compatibility by changing the file size. Use this setting if your computer does not support the H.265 video codec.

When transferring videos using AirDrop or the Share menu, iOS always transfers the converted H.264 version for better compatibility.

How much space does a slow motion video take?

Due to the efficiency of the H.265 video codec (HEVC), 1 minute of recording in Slo-Mo mode (1080p / 120 frames per second) takes about 170 MB of memory, 240 fps. 480 MB.

Examples of slow motion video captured on iPhone

An example of shooting in Slo-Mo mode on iPhone 5s:

TOP tips on how to shoot beautifully on the iphone

Apple has always focused on good quality footage. Plus, the Appstore has a huge variety of photography apps. Therefore, you just need to get acquainted with several built-in functions and download a couple of programs in order to get a tasty picture instead of an ordinary photo.

Slow shutter speeds are not provided by the factory settings, but this does not mean that you will not succeed. The smartphone camera does not have a function for adjusting the shutter speed. Therefore, you will have to download a special application. We recommend SlowShutterCam. The app is supported by both ios11 and ios 12.

You will also need a tripod, as long exposure photos require the phone to be stationary for a certain amount of time. And holding the iPhone in your hands without minimal movements is unrealistic. The tripod model in this case does not really matter.

  • How to create a light trail effect?

The best outdoor shots are when it gets dark, but the street lights have not yet been turned on. In the application settings, select the sensitivity level ¼ and the exposure time 15 seconds. The darker it is around, the higher the sensitivity and shutter speed values ​​need to be set. The longer the shutter speed you designate, the more light hits the iPhone’s sensor.

Through the same application, you can create a motion effect on a photo. To do this, select the MotionBlur function and take a picture of a moving object.

First, play with the background and lighting. This is the foundation of interesting and high-quality product photos. Choose a location with good natural light, such as a windowsill. Take a solid color photo background (Whatman paper, piece of cloth, baking sheet, etc.) and position the subject. Use a grid and don’t neglect the golden ratio.

Place one or more reflectors opposite the composition. You can use a sheet of white paper or foil. Now we take the gadget and proceed directly to the shooting. Focus on the main element of the composition. To do this, point your finger at it on the screen.

If you own an iphone 7 plus or iphonex, you can play with the exposure and get a photo with a blurred background. For predecessor models, this effect can be achieved using the FabFocus application.

For newer apple models such as the iphone 7 and iphone 8, macro photography will not be a problem thanks to the portrait mode. But with the iphone 5s, iphone 6 or iphone SE, you need to make an effort to get a cool shot.

The main rule when shooting macro is to avoid hitting direct rays into the camera lens. Focus on the subject with touch and hold the exposure. It should be borne in mind that when focusing the phone must be stationary. Otherwise, there is a possibility of getting a blurry frame. To avoid this, use the focus lock function. Press and hold the screen until “AE / AFlock” appears. In some cases, HDR mode may enhance the quality of macro shots. Another effective option, how to shoot macro in good quality on an iphone, is to use additional lenses.

  • How to take photos well on iPhone in the dark?

Usually, when shooting at night, a lot of noise appears in the photo. The flash does not improve the situation in any way, making the frame sharp and unnatural. The CortexCamera application will help us in obtaining a high-quality picture in the dark.

For newer models, it is possible to shoot in raw with manual settings. To do this, you need to install the Lightroom program.

Many Apple phone users are wondering whether it is possible to shoot underwater without harming the gadget. Manufacturers promise a high level of moisture protection, but does this mean that you can dive with the phone??

It has been experimentally proven that models starting from the seventh iPhone can withstand immersion in water. But at the same time, the functionality of the smartphone is reduced to almost zero. Therefore, those who are interested in underwater photography should use a special waterproof case.

  • How to shoot slow motion video on iPhone?

Starting with the iPhone 5s, all models have built-in slowo functionality. To shoot a video of this format, select the “slow motion” mode in the camera. To change the recording resolution, in the settings you need to open the subsection “slow motion video” and select the appropriate parameters.

To make slowmo video with music, you should use one of the special applications. Most Popular. Flipagram, Apple Clips, Coub and Slo Mo Video.

Life hacks for shooting from a smartphone

No one is surprised by people who take out their phone at the most unexpected moment and begin to take pictures of themselves, people or events with enthusiasm. But there are situations in which open photography is not appropriate, and the frame needs to be taken unnoticed. Here secret shooting comes to the rescue of the owners of iPhones. Not every user knows about such a function. We propose to consider in more detail several ways of how to properly take pictures on an iphone with the screen off.

  • First you need to open the camera. We recommend that you check the status of the flash to avoid accidentally getting into an awkward situation. After turning off the flash, select the appropriate photo or video mode.
  • Double-click the Home button to open the multitasking panel. It is better to have a couple of other applications in it. At the same time, the camera continues to work simultaneously with other open programs. To take a photo, you must press the volume button. Photo size and quality do not change with this method of shooting.

If you are interested in shooting with a completely locked screen, there is such a loophole in iPhones.

  • In the settings we find the parameter “universal access”.
  • We activate the “increase” function.
  • Next, set the minimum value in the “full screen” parameter.
  • We find the item “select a filter” and set the minimum light.
  • In the item “keyboard shortcut”, again, note the “increase”. Now, after triple pressing “Home”, the screen brightness will decrease to a minimum.
  • Next, we lock the phone, and then open the camera and start shooting.
  • We push the camera shutter almost to the end and press “Home” three times. After that, the lock screen freezes, and the shooting continues until the iPhone is unlocked.

These are the ways to shoot events secretly offered to us by Apple manufacturers. In addition, there is another interesting function in the apple arsenal. the user can shoot video and, at the same time, listen to music. Here’s the truth, this applies mainly to screen recording. It can be done as follows:

  • Download and install the AirShou application.
  • Go to the settings in the item “device management” and click on the “trust” button next to the application profile.
  • Next, you will be redirected to download and install the TutuHelper application. After uploading it, the screen recording function will appear in AirShou.
  • In the settings, you should also select the resolution options and click on your iPhone in the proposed list of available devices.

To record with sound, make sure the phone is not in silent mode. You can record paused videos. If you want to finish recording, you need to press the “stop” button. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

How to shoot video on iPhone with screen off. Method 2

If you need to completely block during shooting, then there is a special solution for this. Unfortunately, this method does not work on iPad.

Go to the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Accessibility”.

iphone, screen

Select the item “Increase” and activate the switch of the same name.

Click on the button under the window with a larger image to open the settings window.

Click Full Screen and select the minimum magnification by moving the slider to the leftmost edge.

In the window with the magnification options, click “Select filter” and select “Low light”.

Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Keyboard Shortcut and check the box next to Zoom.

These settings allow you to reduce the minimum screen brightness below the minimum by triple pressing the Home button.

On the locked screen, pull out the camera shutter a little more than half of the screen.

Select shooting mode and video and start shooting.

Slide the camera shutter almost to the very end (but do not fully slide it in) and press the Home button three times.

Done! If everything is done correctly, the lock screen will “hang” in the position with the camera shutter not fully retracted, and the display brightness will decrease. In this case, the iPhone can be locked. the shooting will not stop. Unlocking iPhone will interrupt shooting.

How to shoot video on iPhone with screen off. Method 1

In the case of the first method, you should make a reservation. This method, with support for iOS 10, only allows you to hide the Camera application, and not completely block the device. However, the actual shooting process is not shown on the screen. In addition, this method works on both iPhone and iPad.

Pull down the curtain of the Notification Panel.

Done! Shooting will continue while the notification bar is displayed. At the same time, the iPhone or iPad will not automatically lock after the time specified in the settings, so you don’t have to constantly press the display. Also, from the Notification Panel, you can go to the widget screen (by swiping to the right) and even go to their control menu. Shooting due to these actions will not be interrupted, sound will continue to be recorded.

How to shoot video on iPhone with screen off

There was a bug in iOS 9 that allowed shooting on iPhone and iPad with the screen off. In iOS 10, the flaw was corrected by Apple developers, however, an alternative method of “hidden” shooting was still discovered, even two. How to shoot video on iPhone and iPad with the screen off was described in this instruction.

Important! Covert shooting without notice is prohibited by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The information in this manual is posted solely for informational purposes.

How to shoot video on iPhone with screen off (iOS 9 method)

Raise the shutter of the lock screen halfway using the button responsible for starting the camera. Keep the curtain in this state.

Select a video capture mode and press the record button.

Without releasing the camera shutter three times at intervals of 1-2 seconds, double-click the Home button.

Continue to hold the shutter with your finger until the screen turns off. Then you can remove your finger from the display.

Keep shooting video with the screen off.

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When you want to finish filming, simply unlock your iPhone and stop video recording in the Camera app.

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How to shoot video on iPhone with screen off

Sometimes we cannot afford to shoot, and such interesting events that our hands are eager to shoot. And there are a couple more events when shooting is simply necessary and not an option for someone to see what exactly you were shooting. And especially for all such cases, there are two hidden ways to shoot video with the screen off.

Method number one

This method is supported by models with operating systems 9.3.3 beta, iOS, iOS 9.x.

Just five steps and the shooting function is activated:

  • Using the camera button on the lock screen, raise the shutter about halfway and hold it with your finger.
  • To start filming, switch to this mode, and click the button to start filming;
  • Three times you should make a double click on the button with the name “Home”. There were six clicks in total;
  • All this time you held the shutter with your finger and hold it without moving it for a few more seconds until the screen goes out;
  • Filming has started and you can continue filming with the screen off. And if there is a need to turn off the video, then just wake up the smartphone and then stop the current shooting with the usual actions.

But if you have an iPad, the method will definitely not work. But do not be upset, another way of shooting with the screen off was invented especially for them.

Method number two

Especially for fans of hidden video filming, a detailed description of the second method of hidden filming:

  • Through the menu we found “settings”, “basic”, “universal access”.
  • Select “increase” and activate the switch of the same name.
  • In order to reopen the window with the settings, press the button under this window.
  • Then click “full screen”. And then we select the minimum increase by moving the slider to the leftmost edge.
  • In the window with the parameters, select the “filter” and set a weak light.
  • Again we turn to the menu “settings”, “basic”, “universal access”. But now we select the item “keyboard shortcut” and put the checkbox on “increase”.
  • These actions will help to reduce the brightness, and set it to minimum, by triple pressing the “home” key
  • We put iPhone on lock.
  • We pull out the curtain a little more than half of the screen.
  • Press the video shooting mode and the shooting started. We push the curtain, but not completely. And now the long-awaited action: we press three times on “home”. Now it turns out that shooting has started and the screen is very dim. And in order to interrupt the shooting, you just need to unlock the iPhone.

Here are two ways to now be able to use the video mode when the screen is off. And you can shoot and no one will notice that the shooting has begun, ended and that in general it was.

Try a bluetooth keyboard for typing

GENIUS LuxePad 9100

If the bottom of the screen does not respond to taps, there is no way to repair the iPhone, and you really need to type text, buy the simplest Bluetooth keyboard.

Some expensive solutions are not needed, something like GENIUS LuxePad 9100 is quite suitable. I use this from time to time myself.

Oh! I have crashed the screen on an iPhone. How to use it now

The iPhone fell out of your and hit the asphalt as you got out of the car. A passer-by bumped into you on the street and knocked the iPhone out of his hands. You held your iPhone to your ear with your shoulder and it turned out to be a bad idea.

There are a lot of reasons, but the bottom line is that you have a device with a broken screen in your hands. What will we do?

  • This could have been avoided with a full-screen protective glass.
  • A broken iPhone needs to be repaired quickly, and the delay will create new problems
  • Such a device will not last long, but you can still fully use it.

Imagine you crashed your iPhone while traveling. It is impossible to remain unconnected in another country, the smartphone replaces your camera and navigator. How to be?

Use Siri and the virtual home button

Most of the iPhone’s features can be controlled without touching the broken screen at all. For this, the voice assistant Siri is used.

For example, he will give the opportunity to open the “Camera” in the desired mode. Here are the required commands:

  • “Open the camera and take a selfie”. will launch the “Camera” in front-facing mode
  • “Capture Video”. will launch “Camera” in video mode
  • “Take a photo”. will launch “Camera” in photo mode

After that, you just need to press the volume control button, and you will be able to control other applications in the same way.

You can set up voice activation for Siri in Settings Siri & Search Listen to Hey Siri.

iphone, screen

As an additional iPhone control with a broken screen, you can also use the virtual Home button.

You can turn it on and configure it in Settings General Accessibility AssistiveTouch.

This feature will be very useful if the “Home” button also does not work together with a part of the screen.

Just slip the waterproof case over it

I’ve seen dozens of iPhones with broken screens, which is interesting:

  • Some turn into a spider web of sharp shards, but react to touch across the entire screen
  • Others have only a couple of cracks, but the sensor does not work in whole or in part

In the first case, I recommend a waterproof case as a temporary solution.

LifeProof FRĒ on iPhone 6s Plus

The cover is needed in order not to cut yourself on the fragments during use.

And it will also help maintain tightness. Dust and moisture can get inside iPhone. This will negatively affect the performance of its components.

Launch the “Camera” with a gesture, shoot with the buttons

If the screen partially does not work, you can still use the “Camera” fully.

To launch it, swipe from the right edge of the display to the left on the lock screen.

This can be done anywhere, so it is enough to find the part of the sensor that is still working.

The same goes for the Control Center. If you can’t launch the app from the home screen, try it.

By the way, on iPhone X, you can also use the shortcut on the lock screen. Perhaps it will be more convenient to start it this way.

If the bottom of the screen is unresponsive, you can use the volume keys as the shutter button.

You can take a photo, start or stop video recording of any of them.

If you have a standard wired headset handy, you can connect it to your iPhone and use the buttons already on it to release the shutter.

The main thing: do not postpone iPhone repairs for a long time

For a couple of weeks, if the situation is not suitable or there is no time, you can. Then you need to change, and here’s why:

At first, the glass seems to stick to the screen, but after a couple of weeks, even a small hair will begin to turn into a huge something.

This will be affected by touching, rubbing against the inside of the jeans and even voltage fluctuations during charging.

When the glass particles begin to fall out, it will be possible to cut corny.

Damaged glass breaks the tightness of the iPhone case, and this is not only about the waterproofing of the smartphone.

After a while, dirt will appear on the screen, the camera’s peephole will be covered with dust from the inside.

It will not work to remove all this debris on its own, and a minimal chip will be just enough to get it inside the case.

Using an iPhone with all the crutches I’ve described above is not comme il faut. Still, the gadget is cool, you need to take everything from it.

Nevertheless, the tips described above will definitely help you postpone the replacement of the screen for a week or two. This can be very helpful sometimes.

The perfect pipe for those who don’t want to take out a mortgage on their iPhone. Price, quality, camera. everything is fine in this phone!

How difficult it is today to find a decent phone for yourself! 15 years ago everything was much simpler)))) The choice, however, was 100 times less. But I still remember Svyaznoy’s catalogs. how I licked my lips at the push-button NoKIA with a color screen. Yes! Then it was considered a luxury and

And yes. Let me humor a little more. Anecdote on the topic:

The guy put the latest iPhone in the back. I got into the car and heard a crunch. The man covered himself with sweat and said in a trembling voice: if only it were the spine!

So, who does not want to shake over the phone, like over a golden egg, I suggest taking a closer look at the Xiaomi Redmi 6A. The phone is from the budget series. Now it costs around 9 thousand rubles. At the same time, the functionality of the model deserves attention.

I think that Xiaomi is a Chinese company, you don’t need to tell anyone) And a few years ago, I was extremely wary of this brand. In the subcortex, there was a stereotype about the quality of everything that says “Made in Chin”. But gradually my attitude towards this company began to change. in the environment of many, Chinese-made phones began to appear and everyone was happy with everything.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A is new this year. The phone looks very elegant. My phone is made in two colors. the back cover is gold, and the outer side is white.

The phone is quite narrow, thanks to which it grips well. It is convenient to use and looks visually very neat.

The phone has 16 GB of internal memory. That’s a lot for me! And even when I fill it all in, you can always put an additional memory card. The slot for it is located at the end of the phone.

The battery in the phone is 3000 mAh. Without additional recharging, the phone lasts all day long with active use of the Internet. If the phone is used only for calls with the Internet turned off, it will work quietly for 3 days. In the cold, the battery also behaves well. it does not discharge faster. Perhaps because it is relatively new.

I have no complaints about the speed of the phone. Although in the thread on this phone, I read that the model is “brake”. What is the brake, I did not understand. The phone works great, all operations are performed quickly. The internet works without problems. Does not crash from applications, does not freeze.

Sometimes in the description of phones, we forget to talk about the most important function of the phone: how well can you hear the interlocutors and how well can you hear us? With this phone, I began to ask my interlocutor less often) Audibility is wonderful. There are no problems with the speaker volume either. I watch movies calmly. I have enough sound.

The color rendition of the phone is very bright. Does not distort colors and from different angles of view. Watching vidosiki is a pleasure))))

As for the disadvantages, in a few months I found only a few shortcomings.

The cover does not have a fingerprint scanner. That is, in this phone it is not possible to choose the touchscreen option as unblocking. You can block only with a code or symbols. and this, in my opinion, in terms of security, is a colossal drawback.

For me, this is a minus, because I like to watch movies and TV shows on my phone and often just put my phone on the table while watching it. In this case, the sound becomes an order of magnitude quieter. the speaker closes.

Overall, the Xiaomi Redmi 6A is a good phone. The Internet flies, you can hear me well and I can hear perfectly, the camera takes a clear picture, the battery holds. What else do you need from the phone? Especially for such a price!