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How to shoot Instagram Stories from iPhone

From android

  • Tap on your header profile photo. An alternative option is to swipe to the right in the Ribbon;
  • after the done manipulations, proceed to the publication design. One way is to shoot fresh content with a portable camera;
  • real time mode allows you to generate new posts on Android through several schemes of the shooting device:
  • to create a masterpiece of photographic art, select normal mode by clicking on the round white button at the bottom of the frame;
  • to capture the moment of life on the video, make a long tap on the white button. If necessary, adjust the size of the picture by moving your fingers. Release the clamped circle when the shooting of a particular fragment is completed;
  • the blogger’s services are available to change the angle to the camera for selfies and vice versa, to shoot the world around;
  • an additional option, located also to the right of the large button, is the overlay of masks;
  • on the left side of the shooting activation icon there is another pair of buttons:
  • flash control;
  • the ability to connect library materials.
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    How to share Instagram Stories from your phone

    Before posting Stories on Instagram, let’s talk about the recommended frequency of new content creation. It is optimal to load the following number of stories:

    • from 3 to 5 Stories every day, if the follower base has not exceeded 5 thousand people;
    • when there are twice as many followers, then the number of Stories can be increased to 7 pieces per day;
    • from 10 to 15 publications, we advise you to post if there are more than 10 thousand virtual friends.

    Note that the placement of photos or videos from different operating systems does not differ in technology. Similar functions, commands and interface. The difference lies in the use of third-party applications on a specific operating system.

    How to post a story on Instagram from your phone: step-by-step instructions

    How to make a Story on Instagram, we will analyze in the current article. Since this format of materials opens the door to observing the changes in the life of the profile owner. A kind of unofficial part, which has no place in the Feed, but which is capable of stirring up the interest of followers to the profile.

    Stories. short videos (maximum duration. 15 seconds) or photos that are deleted a day after publication. The use of stories is gaining momentum right now.

    When a person prepares content for posting on the Feed, little things are processed. However, the format of interaction with subscribers through Stories is tacitly devoid of scrupulous “polishing”.

    Let’s see how to keep snapshots deleted after 24 hours. It’s about Stories Highlights and archiving. Thanks to such services of the official client, monitoring of Stories is available, which are broadcast under a strict time limit.

    How to add Instagram Stories from Gallery

    If you run the official client of the photo hosting, the Feed is shown first, which is what we need now.

    • tap on the “Your story” button at the top left;
    • tap the “Gallery” icon in the lower left corner of the window (rounded square);
    • when you are at a loss with which Story to post on Instagram from the Gallery, tap on the icon shown in the picture;
    • a drop-down menu will be displayed, where mark the directory for storing images;
    • click on a suitable picture. you will see a frame with an edit;
    • place 2 fingers on the screen and spread them apart if you intend to increase the detail. The reverse action, which is to reduce the viewing area, involves pinching the fingers;
    • adjust the position of the post on the screen. Similarly, touch the photo with your fingers and drag to an arbitrary place;
    • tap on “Your Story” to insert content into your Instagram profile.


    With the technical part sorted out, it’s time to talk about how to upload Instagram Stories. Click on one of the labels at the bottom of the display:

    • touching the words “Your Story” means that everyone has access;
    • “Best friends”. viewing rights are given to privileged members of the media platform;
    • if you tap “Recipients”, it becomes possible to select people that are free to monitor the publication from Direct on iPhone.

    Click on the gear icon to get to the Stories configuration. Activating the window shown in the screenshot allows you to customize the interaction of fans with the “filed” photos:

    • hide content from outsiders;
    • allow to leave comments;
    • regulate word of mouth in relation to stories;
    • autosave frames in the Camera Roll;
    • reposts.

    How to make beautiful Instagram Stories

    It’s time to get creative by adding artwork to your posts. The first tool we’ll look at is called masks. The latter are animal ears, various crowns or virtual glasses.

    Turn on camera mode, rotate the camera, and select the smiley icon. Several photos of masks will appear below, with the help of which a beautiful story is created.

    Markers let you paint freehand motifs J Take a photo, then check the marker icon at the top of the frame.

    Work on the width of the virtual cyst. Play with the dimensions by moving the slider in the vertical plane. To set a color, first hold down the hue display, then select a suitable visual design from Spectra.

    Before uploading Stories to Instagram, it is useful to go through the eraser to make the content expressive. The tool comes in handy when the picture has a solid background. In the Story Editor, tap on the marker image and start creating bright images.

    How to upload Instagram Stories

    Let’s describe the “trick” that allows you to archive the material under discussion. Yes, users are free to do so that the Stories are not erased without a trace, and after a day they fall into the repository.

    To commit automatic archiving:

    • go to the phone configuration;
    • tap “History settings”;
    • in the “Save” group, activate the “Save to archive” slider.

    To send Stories from the archive to selected subscribers, follow the instructions:

    • go to the archive (dial icon with an arrow);
    • tap on the fragment of interest;
    • tap the “Share” label at the bottom of the display;
    • specify followers who have been awarded to view Stories;
    • follow further instructions of the site.

    How to post Stories on Instagram (section “Relevant”)?

    • after posting the material, the “Select” icon will appear at the bottom of the window. tap the button;
    • click the “Add to actual” button;
    • select the folders where the content will fit;
    • give a name;
    • edit the cover.

    How to record Instagram Stories with music

    Have you come across in the “Stories” feed with background sound, for example, with a popular song? Study our material and you can do the same stories on Insta on Apple smartphones and tablets. We will also tell you how to record an Instagram story if this is your first time getting to know a unique tool.

    You take a few pictures, record short videos, add emojis, masks and text, and then post them all together to your account. that is Stories. Your subscribers will be able to watch the pleasant moments in life. When creating a story, the corresponding icon will appear in the top header; we will not publish in the profile or general feed.

    Now you can forget about spamming photos in the followers’ feed, they will see everything in a separate window. The function was introduced by the developers for more comfortable communication, you show interesting moments in real time. Each story “lives” for 24 hours, and then is deleted from the server. First, let’s figure out how to make “Stories”.

    How to record Instagram stories

    The procedure is carried out in several steps:

    • Go to the mobile application Instagram, at the top there is an avatar, next to the button “Stories”.
    • To add new Stories, click the “Your Story” button, which is shown in the screenshot.
    • The standard camera window will appear. One click. take a photo, hold the shutter. record a video.
    • You can view the result, apply filters or add a description. Click on the “Aa” button to tag the user on the photo.
    • Supplement the story with different pictures and videos, after 24 it will be deleted from the moment it started.
    • Pay attention to the “Save” button, the finished history can be sent to the phone’s memory. True, comments and likes will not be visible.

    You can follow the stories from the top panel. Also, the story will appear if you click on the user’s avatar. The social network allows you to make several Stories, users will be able to switch between stories.

    We figured out how to write a Story on Instagram. The new mode delighted the Instagram audience, as can be seen in the number of stories in each feed. It is especially important for business profiles to use this feature in order to appear in the feed of their subscribers as often as possible. Now it’s worth moving on to the musical question.

    How to record Instagram Stories

    Now the owners of iPhones have such an opportunity, the recording should be carried out without headphones, otherwise you will only hear the sounds of the shooting. Follow these simple instructions and in a few minutes you will be able to publish your musical story:

    • On your Apple gadget, you need to open any application that can play audio files in the background. For example, you can take the official VK client or a regular program for the iOS operating system.
    • You can add music only to the video included in the story. Play the desired track.
    • With the music playing, head over to the Instagram app and switch to Stories mode. You can also click on the camera icon. it is located in the upper left corner of the screen.
    • In the window that opens, you should swipe down to get to the “Control Center”. Here we select the tab with the player, which we included in the second step.
    • Unpause the track when you decide to shoot. Done, now you have background music.
    • It remains only to post a new story using the appropriate button.
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    With devices running on the Android operating system, this method does not work, perhaps the readers know the workaround. The variant with the “apple” technique works one hundred percent, which was tested in November 2021.

    You can also watch someone else’s story recorded in the same way. background music will sound. The Instagram developers have not yet decided to add a full-fledged audio accompaniment, as it is done in the standard utility on the iPhone. Perhaps new updates will fix this moment, and we will not have to use third-party programs.

    How to add music to Instagram Stories

    It is convenient to use popular third-party resources for work. Among the most popular:

    • Flipagram;
    • Sound Tracking.

    The first program, Flipagram, is suitable for iOS (App store) and Android (Play Market). You will need to download it to your phone first. No additional installation is required. How to shoot Instagram Stories with music using Flipagram? This requires:

    • Open the program and click on the “”.
    • Add the necessary material for processing and edit it.
    • Go to the section of musical compositions and pick up sounds.
    • Save finished slideshow.

    The principle of using Sound Tracking converges with the process of using Flipgram. With its help, it is also possible to prepare a slideshow from any material with the overlay of musical compositions from the collection of the application or smartphone.

    The selection of suitable applications is constantly being updated, over time, more modern and multifunctional options appear. Therefore, active Instagram users are advised to systematically track new items. The program itself is constantly updated, new stickers and editing tools appear in it.

    How to add music to Instagram Stories: all the ways

    How to add music to Instagram Stories in the absence of photo and video editing skills? This question is of interest to many active users of the social network, seeking to diversify their own content and attract new subscribers with its help. The musical accompaniment of the post is one of the most striking and simple decorations that can retain and retain the viewer’s attention. Indeed, almost any client of the network can use it for their own purposes. It is important that the programs on the smartphone are compatible.

    From android

    The scheme for working with an Android phone has a similar structure. To make high-quality sound, you need:

    • Take a new photo or video of any suitable content in advance.
    • Click on the collection of stickers in the Stories section.
    • Select a sound library and select the required audio track. Today the collection is rather small, but with each new version of Instagram it replenishes.
    • Unwind the selected sound to the desired segment and cut it according to the duration of the content playing.
    • Save and pin. Now, when subscribers view the content, a signature with the name of the composition will appear on it.

    This method is not the only one, but today it is the most convenient and easy to use. It is important that the owner of the smartphone has one of the latest versions of the operating system and the Instagram application itself. The function is not available for outdated versions.

    Is it possible to shoot a story with sound?

    Stories video recording with sound when background music is turned on is available for all devices. Android smartphone owners can only use this method. But it is possible to upload high-quality content from the iPhone. To do this, just select any track in the built-in Music application and turn it on simultaneously with the shooting.

    New feature that lets you add music to Instagram Stories

    With the new update, Instagram allows you to overlay audio tracks using built-in tools. This requires:

    • Open Storey and click on the sticker pack. Select the “Music” sticker.
    • In the opened library of sounds and choose the most suitable one.
    • If necessary, trim the track to the desired size and segment.
    • Add and save. Download.

    The sound library is systematically updated with each new version of the program. So far, the option is available only to iPhone owners, but it is planned to launch it for smartphones on other operating systems.


    How to carry out the procedure from an iOS device is described in the instructions above. IPhone owners are more fortunate as they can use the icon while shooting or attach a track to an already finished video.

    To work on the iOS operating system, you can also use specialized applications that are compatible with Instagram. The features of their use will be described below.

    How to add music to Instagram Stories

    It is possible to add sound for social networks directly during shooting or to a ready-made video file. Different methods are available for smartphones on different platforms.

    Basic ways to add music from Instagram Stories

    To record high-quality video into history, you need to choose the most convenient and suitable method. In practice, three main ones are used:

    The choice of the method depends on the technical features of the device and the preferences of the consumer. But how to add music to Instagram Stories with a minimum of resources? Regardless of the operating system you choose, you must systematically check for updates. The latter allow you to combine the main programs for entertainment.

    How to Shoot Instagram Videos in Stories. What You Should Know

    Instagram Stories (stories) appeared on the social network just two years ago, in August 2016. Someone immediately liked the new feature, and someone still has a negative attitude to this function. On the one hand, it is interesting to take photos and shoot short videos, then overlay text, stickers and other decorations directly on them to express your emotions. On the other hand, you create, invent, and your creation lives only for a day, exactly 24 hours. After this time, the story disappears, if it is not sent to the heading “Actual”.

    But I must admit that it is easy to tell your story with the help of video. And the built-in tools allow you to show maximum imagination and imagination. Let’s take a look at how to shoot Instagram video in Stories. Pay attention to the same instructions, you can take photos, as well as add files from the phone’s memory. If you want to record your video story in the Instagram app, follow our instructions:

    Click on the “camera” symbol, which is located on the top and left of the screen, or slide your finger along the ribbon to the right;

    At the bottom of the screen, click on the circle with a stroke to start video recording, hold your finger on it so that the shooting is not interrupted;

    Click on the “pencil” symbol, if you need to draw a picture, on the “letters” to add text, on the smiley, when you need a sticker;

    When the video is decorated as intended, click on the words “Your story”, which are located in the lower left corner of the screen.

    Now you know how to shoot Instagram Story videos the usual way. But the “camera” button has one more, so far rarely used function. With its help, you can conduct a video broadcast for your subscribers. The recording of the live broadcast will not get into the tape, but it can be posted in stories, saved, and then repeated again. We will learn how to shoot a video on Instagram on the air, and then put a replay in the story. Do this:

    Press the “camera” symbol in the upper left corner of the screen, or slide your finger across any place on the ribbon to the right;

    We touch the words “Live broadcast” located at the bottom of the screen, then. on the line “Start live broadcast” to start the broadcast;

    At the top of the screen, you can see the number of viewers, at the bottom, comments should be displayed

    To stop the live broadcast, click on the word “End”, which is located in the upper right corner, and confirm our decision by clicking again;

    In order for the ended live broadcast to appear in history or it could be added to the feed, we touch the “Save” command, it is on the right and at the top of the screen;

    We will repeat the entry in the story by clicking on the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen.

    And you can add the saved live broadcast to the tape using the usual method. But remember that the video should be no longer than 60 seconds, otherwise it will simply not upload to the site. But on IGTV, you can post a clip up to 10 minutes. To learn how to create your own channel on Instagram, as well as about different options for uploading videos to this network, read our article “How to add a video on Instagram to a story, from a computer and phone.” We will also share information on how to repost and how to remove photos and videos from your account.

    How to shoot Instagram Stories from iPhone

    How to choose a video format for Instagram, as well as how to shoot a video with music for stories and just to the feed. in this article you will find a lot of useful tips and tricks.

    How to Shoot Instagram Videos. Format and Main Features

    Recently, Instagram has been redistributing content. Previously, millions of photos were posted on the most beloved social network for photographers every day. Now more and more users prefer to publish not static images, but videos. So far, the movie mania has not completely captured everyone, but many have already taken up the issue seriously. They are, for example, worried about the video format for Instagram and the duration of the videos.

    There is good news on both. As for the video format for Instagram, not so long ago, users were offered a limited set: only mp4 or mov, only a square form, 640: 640 pixels in size. As a rule, there were no problems when downloading or shooting videos on the phone. But when the video was filmed with a digital camera, before publishing it, you had to tinker: change the encoding and size.

    Now Instagram gives its users the ability to choose. The site allows you to upload videos in a variety of formats. There are only two dozen items and more and more are being added to them. Let’s list the most popular ones: avi, mkv, mp4, mod, mov, mpeg4, 3g2, 3gp, 3gpp, asf, dat, m4v. Look for the entire list in the Instagram Help Center.

    The minimum resolution for square video files is 600: 600 pixels, for horizontal videos. 600: 336. Videos with vertical orientation (600: 750) can also be uploaded to the network. But this form is considered unpromising. Since the picture will occupy the entire screen. This is inconvenient for rating and commenting. By the way, the maximum resolution allowed on this social network is 1080: 1080 pixels.

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    Now about the time of the video on Instagram. The further the network develops, the longer the videos last. Recently, the longest video could not exceed half a minute (30 seconds). Now you can add clips from 3 to 60 seconds to the tape. And in history. up to 15 seconds. Although maybe at this very time, the developers of Instagram give the go-ahead to double the duration. By the way, one of the novelties of the social network is the IGTV channel. There, some users were given the right to upload videos lasting an hour. We’ll tell you more about IGTV later.

    For now, a little more about the format. It happens, however, quite rarely that the material you have filmed does not fit into the frames offered by Instagram. In this case, you should use conversion programs. According to users, such resources as Online Video Converter, Online MP4 Converter and Clipchamp have proven themselves well. And it is more convenient to use them on a computer, and not on a phone. If you don’t know how to add a video from a computer to Instagram, read our article. By the way, the administration of the social network assures that it is impossible to upload photos and videos from stationary devices (PC) to the site. But we refute this rule in the article “Add a photo to Instagram from a computer. the simplest ways”.

    In the meantime, let us recall the instructions for the procedure, which has already become familiar to the old-timers of the site, and is new for beginner Instagrammers. We will tell you how to shoot a video on your phone for publication in the feed:

    Open the Instagram app, go to your profile;

    Click on the “” icon located at the bottom of the screen;

    To record, tap the word “Video” at the bottom of the screen;

    Then click on the white circle with a stroke and keep your finger on it while you are shooting, if you need to pause, release the “button”;

    So you can record a number of clips in sequence, if necessary, switch the camera to the front mode, this is done by the button with circular arrows;

    When the video is recorded, prepare it for publication, apply a filter, write a description, set a geotag;

    Complete the procedure for posting the video you just shot by tapping the word “Share”.

    This is What You Need to Make Cinematic Instagram Stories

    Now the details about the innovation, which delighted all lovers of amateur cinema. Authors of short films will find their viewers if they create an IGTV channel on Instagram. There, ordinary users can upload videos from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. And the promoted Instagrammers (if you are not yet in their ranks, read about the best free and paid promotion methods), who have over 10 thousand subscribers, are allowed to upload up to 60 minutes of video. However, this operation is only possible on a computer. By the way, the IGTV channel works for downloading and displaying both in stationary devices (PC, laptops) and in mobile (phones, tablets).

    And all users will be able to see your films. Of course, if your profile is not closed. In a hidden account, only approved subscribers will be able to view the channel. How to make a private Instagram and what it gives, we told separately. And for the most curious, we will show you how to look into the contents of a secret profile.

    Since the IGTV channel is a novelty of the site, strict frames are still applied to the video format for it. Only MP4 format is accepted. Size from 650 MB to 5.4 GB (maximum for videos up to 60 minutes). Orientation must be vertical, 4: 5 or 9:16.

    But creating your own channel is not difficult at all. The Instagram developers have made the procedure very simple and convenient. You can connect IGTV on your phone and on your computer. Pay attention to these letters and the TV symbol on the screen. Click on it and follow the prompts.

    If you are just starting to master this social network, you will definitely need our materials “Registration on Instagram from a computer and phone, a profile without it”, “Instagram people search. effective ways to find a person” and “Nicky on Instagram for girls and guys, with name, in English and Russian “.

    For those who are bored with the site for photo and video amateurs, we will show you how to quickly and permanently delete your account. And to evaluate and choose another social network, visit On this resource you will find information about 9 communities from the Internet.

    How to take a video on Instagram with music so as not to overlay it

    Instagram was originally conceived as a visual network. Therefore, the developers of the site paid the greatest attention to photo and video files. And everything that touched the sound, for the time being, remained forgotten. Fortunately, this one-sided situation is gradually starting to improve. Just the other day, Instagram introduced a new function for voice acting videos. So far, it is only available to owners of iPhones. But soon, the network administration promises, there will be an option for the android. We’ll talk about the new product a little later.

    Now let’s find out how to shoot a video on Instagram with music. Since the web developers did not offer tools for this procedure, third-party applications took care of it. AppStore and Google Play offer many applications for phones with different operating systems and web versions. Among the most popular programs: Replay, Lumify, GoPro Quik, VivaVideo, Pic Music, SoundTracking, KineMaster, Flipagram. They help you add music to your photo slideshow or video. One of the proven programs for android devices. VideoShow.

    And we will look at how to take a video on Instagram with music without connecting third-party applications. For example, a completely simple option: shoot a video with your phone, and turn up the music on some other device before recording. Place the sound source nearby for acceptable quality. Then add the video with music to your story or Instagram feed. But keep in mind: the voice acting will still not be very good, because the microphone will pick up all the accompanying intersound.

    There is another option for connecting music and video on Instagram. But for this you need to have a player installed on your phone (no matter what it is: an iPhone or a device with an android), and the music you need has already been saved. The instruction is simple, especially for those who have mastered the swipe movements well:

    Let’s open the audio player on our phone;

    Find a song to attach to the video;

    Stop playback by pressing pause;

    Open the Instagram application, enter your profile;

    Click on the “camera” symbol (top left corner) to record a new video story;

    Before shooting, we move our finger up the screen (swipe) to open the player, start the music again and start recording the video;

    As a result, the video being shot should be synchronized with the sounding melody.

    And it remains to talk about the innovation that allows you to record video in stories with music, using exclusively Instagram tools. This summer, the network carried out a functional update. Among other things, the Music in Stories option has appeared. Initially, owners of iPhones from 51 countries will be able to test its work. And the updated application for android is still in work.

    The newest option is to attach music tracks to photos or videos as effortlessly as stickers. The instructions for it are simple and understandable even for beginners. How to add music to stories:

    Open the Instagram app, tap the “camera” icon on the left and top of the screen;

    Start shooting video by clicking on the white circle with a stroke;

    When you’re done recording, tap the sticker icon;

    In the window with stickers, check the “sticker” under the name “Music”; in some versions of the application, you can select a melody before starting recording;

    From the list that opens, select a music file that will accompany your publication.

    The discoverers who tested this function say that the Instagram audio library is not yet happy with its variety. But as the administration of the social network assures, new tracks will be added frequently. So after a while, any user will be able to find a melody or song to their liking. In addition, the music library will not only be actively expanded, but also systematized. Convenient navigation has been created for it. You can search for songs by genre, as well as by mood. Before publishing, the audio file should be edited, then listen to what happened, and only then combine it with the video.

    According to many Instagram users, the musical direction on the site should be further developed. High-quality and meaningful voice acting for videos will make your Instagram feed and stories even brighter. The new product will help you share with subscribers both visual impressions and your favorite music.

    After reading our article, you learned about the different ways on how to shoot Instagram videos. Among them there are the most simple and more confused ones. There are options for short clips and near-short films. Choose what is right for you.

    And we have prepared a number of other useful materials for beginners and experienced Instagrammers. Read our articles: “How to restore a page on Instagram. a rescue operation”, “How to block a user and remove a block”, as well as “Blocked Instagram: how to unblock, why it happened”.

    Relevant Instagram Stories

    Stories Highlights or Trending Stories. albums or categories with archived stories that users can save in their profile. Thus, all saved stories can be sorted or the main ones can be highlighted. who is more comfortable.


    What else to add to the story?

    A form is attached to the story, in which you can enter your question. Subscribers will be able to ask you any questions.

    To insert a form, when editing stories, select the Questions widget. You can choose the color and size of the published form.

    Enter your request in the form. For example, “I will answer your questions. Ask! ”.

    The responses can be viewed by clicking in the lower left corner of the story. You can share responses with subscribers, to do this, open the desired response and click “Share response”. You can choose the color of the form, add a comment and post to the story.

    The Polls widget allows you to conduct a small survey among subscribers, where only two answer options are available. In the standard form, these are “Yes” and “No”, but you can enter your question and small answers. After posting a survey, you will see responses as a percentage.

    In the statistics of stories, you can see which of the user clicked which answer, and the total number of those who viewed the stories.

    Stories voting is carried out using a scale. By selecting the appropriate widget. you can assign the color of the scale and emoji for the answer. Ask a question, and to answer it, subscribers will move the slider, expressing the degree of their reaction to the question.

    Statistics will show exactly how users voted, as well as the average answer on the scale.

    This widget is also called “Test”, because you ask the correct answer, and users, having selected an option, immediately see whether it is correct or not. To insert a widget, click on the sticker icons and select “Quiz” in the story. In the form that appears, you can enter your question and several answer options.

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    There can be only four answers in total. Enter the answers in order and press “Next” on the phone keypad so that new options appear next.

    The color changes using the setting at the top of the screen.

    Do not forget to indicate the correct answer. To do this, click on the letter of one of the options, it will be highlighted in green.

    To see user responses, go to Stories statistics or swipe up. You will have access to the number of correct and incorrect answers, as well as the total number of those who viewed the stories.

    The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories

    • How to shoot a story on Instagram?
    • How to repost a story on Instagram?
    • How to edit Instagram Stories?
    • What else to add to the story?
    • How to add music to Instagram Stories?
    • How to post a story on Instagram
    • How to delete a story on Instagram?
  • Relevant Instagram Stories
  • How to add a story to Relevant?
  • How to make icons for relevant Stories?
  • How to view statistics on Instagram Stories?
  • Useful
  • Where to find ready-made templates and layouts for Instagram stories?
  • Answers to questions about Instagram stories
  • Stories on Instagram, they are “stories”, “moments”, “stories” or “stories” appeared in 2016, and since then have gained such popularity that Instagram is constantly updating and improving this format. Instagram Stories appeared thanks to the growing popularity of Snapchat, in which users could send short videos and photos.

    Now stories are viewed by more than 400 million Instagram users per day, and this figure continues to grow.

    Any content on Instagram can be seen by all users. profile posts and stories. this is a very promising media format, besides, stories are integrated with. and users can view them from the feed of this social network.

    Stories can be viewed for only 24 hours, after which they disappear from the feed and are stored in an archive accessible only to the user. The time of one video clip is no more than 15 seconds.

    “Stories” are actively used for advertising, to promote personal brand and business. They help the brand to remind of itself, attract a new audience, talk about promotions and new products. Stories. it’s like your own TV channel.

    How to add music to Instagram Stories?

    The function of adding music to Stories became available back in 2018, but not in all countries. Therefore, if it is not possible to add music directly through Instagram, you need to use third-party applications. But we will tell you about all the ways.

    How to add music through the Instagram app?

    If you can add music through the Instagram application, click on the sticker icon and select “Music” from the menu. The application works by searching by mood, genre and popularity. After selecting a song, you can rewind to the desired moment, and the track will play from the specified point while the story continues.

    You can add a track before selecting a video. Open the camera, scroll down the menu under the record button to the right and select “Music”. Find the song and the moment you want, and record a video while the song is playing.

    instagram, stories, iphone

    How to add music to Instagram?

    If there is no music selection in the Instagram application, you can add it to the story through third-party video editors.

    Storybeat. allows you to add not only music, but also small effects on photos and videos, you can record a voice or slow down a video.

    InShot. can remove unwanted frames, suppress noise, add text and stickers. Music is added only from the device library.

    PicMusic. photo and video editor, you can add music, voice, text.

    instagram, stories, iphone

    How to view a story on Instagram?

    Instagram Stories appear at the top of the app, to view the Stories, just click on your profile photo. Stories are rewound with a single tap on the phone screen: on the right. fast forward, left. back. Stories are paused with a long press on the screen. this is commonly used to read long texts.

    To switch stories, you need to flip by swiping across the screen from right to left or vice versa.

    How to delete a story on Instagram?

    Already published stories can be deleted. To do this, you need to open Stories and at the moment of showing an unnecessary file, click “” in the lower right corner. When the additional Stories menu comes out, click “Delete” and confirm the deletion.

    To delete the entire history, you need to delete every file in it.

    How to post a story on Instagram

    When the story is ready and edited, you can publish it. To do this, just click the “Your Story” button in the lower left corner, and the story will be published in your profile and will be available to everyone. You can limit the viewers by clicking the “Best Friends” button when posting. Then the History will be seen only by those whom you add to your friends list.

    Stories can be sent to selected contacts if you click on the “Publish” button and select the desired profiles.

    Within 24 hours, while the published History is available, it can be deleted, edited and configured. To do this, you need to click on the three dots in the lower right corner and select the desired menu item.

    To customize your story, select “Story Settings”. By moving the sliders and checking the boxes, you can customize the display of stories for yourself. Here you can hide Stories from certain accounts, allow or prohibit commenting on Stories, create a list of best friends.

    You can post multiple stories at the same time. To do this, select the story camera and click on the gallery icon. The most recently taken photos and videos of the device will be shown. Click the page icon located at the top right, and select all the photos and videos you want in the order in which they should be published. Each story can be edited before publishing.

    To publish a story from a computer, you need to use third-party services. For example, the deferred posting service, with which you can select the date and time of publication.

    Onlypult supports uploading videos up to 100Mb for publishing to YouTube. Instagram and other social media.

    Go to the service website, click “Stories”, edit the publication card and set a time. Done!

    Emoji for Instagram and other messengers: what is it

    The correct name for this type of emoji is Memoji. This is a completely new type of emoticons, and their trick is complete personalization. Thus, memoji make it possible to express emotions not only with the help of classic emoji sets, but to create completely individual emoticons that have the same appearance features as their owner in real life.

    Memoji look like cartoons that look a lot like you. You can give them the personality that you have. Such emoji will only characterize you and it will be more convenient for you to express emotions on Instagram.

    The first people who got the opportunity to create personal memos were the owners of the iPhone 12 software version. Today this feature is available for all iPhones of version 13. You can create memoji on Android too. However, in this case, you will have to tinker a little longer, since this function is not officially provided in this operating system. But, as I said above, there is a way out of this situation, and even owners of a smartphone with Android can make personal, personalized memoji.

    Memoji on Android

    Only owners of Android smartphones with version 10 can create personalized emoji on Android, as well as on iPhone. For owners of gadgets with this operating system (but an older version), the instructions for creating and using such personalized emoji differ dramatically. In this case, you will have to resort to installing additional applications.

    Emoji (Memoji) on iOS

    Let’s start by understanding how to make Memoji on iPhone. I will also tell you how to use them on Instagram.

    Emoji for Instagram

    Many social networks and instant messengers, including Instagram, have been swept by a wave of new personalized emoticons. Users liked them very much, however, not everyone was able to make them on their smartphone. Officially, they are available only to owners of iPhones with version 13 and owners of gadgets with Android 10. However, enough time has passed and many alternative possibilities have appeared to help make such emoji for Instagram on different devices. It is to this topic that I want to devote an article and suggest that you familiarize yourself with step-by-step instructions for creating and using personalized emoticons.

    Create memoji on old Android versions

    To make the same custom emoji, but only on Android, you will have to download one of the following applications:

    • ZEPETO;
    • Bitmoji;
    • Face Cam;
    • Dollify;
    • Animoji. Animated AR emoji in 3D.

    In addition, the Play Market has many applications in which you can download ready-made sets of such stickers (without the possibility of editing). If you manage to find a character similar to yourself, it will save you time.

    Many of the listed applications are not Russified. However, their intuitive interface makes it possible to create memoji even without knowing English.

    How to create: step by step instructions

    So, let’s start creating memoji from iPhone:

    • Open any messenger (for example, “Messages” or open Direct on Instagram) and go to the mode of creating a message.
    • Click on the Animoji button and then on the monkey image.
    • Swipe right. You will see the inscription “New Memoji”.
    • To create your own emoji stickers, you will be prompted to adjust parameters such as gender, head shape, skin color, hairstyle and hair color.
    • Customize your character based on your personal appearance and click “Finish”.

    How to use Memoji from Android on Instagram

    Having created your emojis in one of the applications, you can save them to your phone and add them to stories, just as the owners of iPhone or smartphones with Android 10 do. The only difference will be in the way they are inserted.

    To add memoji to Stories on Android, you need:

    • Open Instagram story creation mode, add a photo or video.
    • Go to add texts mode and turn on the keyboard.
    • Click on the word “GIF”, find an icon that looks like a stationery carnation. A collection of images that is stored in your gallery will open.
    • Select the memo you created earlier and add it to the story.

    If you can’t find this “carnation” in any way, then you will have to install one more add-on on your phone. the SWIFTKEY keyboard. You can also download it from the Play Market. Install the keyboard add-ons on your smartphone and repeat the emoji adding sequence again.

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