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How to shoot a video on a laptop WEB-camera

How can you easily shoot video on a computer’s WEB camera without installing programs?

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Hello everyone! With you again Dmitry Kostin, the author of this resource. If you remember, in my last article I told you how to take a picture on a webcam using online services. Today I will tell you something similar, but this time how to shoot a video on a computer’s WEB camera. Again, I will give examples of some great services that will help us easily cope with this task. And most importantly, you don’t need to install anything.


I liked this service more. It is also completely free, but unlike the first option, there is no desynchronization and the video is smoother.

  • We go to the site and, according to the classics, set all the permissions that we are asked about.
  • Well, now we press the button “Start recording” and begin to grimace. As soon as you want to stop, click on “End recording”.
  • After that, buffering will occur, after which you can see what you have done, as well as download the resulting video.

Of the minuses, I would note the lack of settings as such, except for setting the number of frames per second (FPS). Also, the main disadvantage is that the video recording time is limited. only 2 minutes. So you won’t go too far.

Video recorder

This free online program specializes in taking photos and videos using your webcam. And it doesn’t matter at all whether it is built into your computer or laptop, or connected from outside.

  • We go to the website and first of all we will need to give permission for the camera to work. We allow it, because without this everything is in vain.
  • Now we make sure that the “Video” mode is on and click on the red button in the middle at the bottom. The recording will go immediately without any delay.
  • Now we are waiting for the video recorded by us to be processed, after which you can either view it or immediately save it to your computer’s hard drive.

There are not so many settings in the service, but at least you can set the quality. And of course, the undoubted advantage is that you can record videos of unlimited length, which most of these online programs cannot boast of.


Well, the last service that I would like to consider today is called clipchamp. It’s also a pretty good thing, but unlike previous online programs, recording here is only available to authorized users. Therefore, you will definitely need to either register via email or log in via your account. I logged in with. It took 5 seconds.

  • Go to the site and log in using any method convenient for you. As I wrote above, I did it through. And of course, then you will need to give permission to use the webcam service. Well, this is already a classic). Naturally we allow.
  • There are not many settings here, so we will not dwell in detail. You can only choose the quality (resolution) of the video. The default is 720p, but you can put more. After that, click on the button in the center of the “Start recording” screen. There will be a countdown timer here, so you will have 3 seconds to tidy yourself up. When you decide to stop, click “Done”.
  • And now the fun begins. After recording, you can slightly change the video and even. Of course, there are no effects here, but you can mirror, crop, change brightness and contrast, etc. I think that there is no need to dwell here in detail, since everything is clear here anyway. When all the settings are done, click the “Finish” button. if you don’t want to change anything, then click on the SKIP button, which will be in the upper right corner.
  • Now it remains to wait until the processing is completed, after which you can download your recorded file.

As in the second option, there is a limited recording time, but at least not 2 minutes, but as many as 5. It is also not a completely free service. You can save no more than 5 videos daily. Do you want to have no limits? Then get a paid subscription for 7.5 per month. Then you will see the new available effects, and the recording time will increase from 5 right up to 30 minutes, and the number of saved clips will also increase. But I wouldn’t bother with the paid version.

Well, that’s basically all that I wanted to say today. Please tell me, which of the above services did you like the most? I would be glad to hear your answer in the comments.

Well, this is where I end my article today. Do not forget to subscribe to updates on my blog, as well as share article materials with the duzi on social networks. Good luck to you. Bye Bye!

Why turn off the camera

Recently, users have been complaining that their webcam turns on spontaneously. So hackers can see where you are and what you are doing. In the future, this information can be used in completely different ways, up to the fact that you become a star on YouTube.

How to solve this problem? It’s pretty simple, you can just turn off the camera until you are using it to chat with friends. How do I turn off the camera on my laptop? To do this, you can use 3 completely different ways. Let’s take a look at them.

Second way

How to turn off the camera on a laptop Windows 7, 8.1, 10? A more reliable way is to turn off your webcam through the device manager. Using it, you can both disconnect the selected device and connect it back. First, let’s take a look at how to disable the camera on a laptop.

  • Go to the “Device Manager” directory. How to do it? In the search, you must write “Device Manager” and press Enter. In Windows 7 and Windows 8, search is found in the Start menu, and in the newest version of Windows, search can be found near the Start menu.
  • Move on to the Imaging Devices tab, where you can see your camera. Typically, it has the name of the computer manufacturer. If you need to turn off the external webcam, then you should go to the “USB Controllers” tab. Of course, it’s a little easier with an external camera. It can be simply disconnected from USB and, if necessary, reconnected.
  • Right-click on your camera and select “Disable”. Next, you need to agree with all the warnings.
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That’s all. The webcam is disabled. Now you need to consider how to turn on the camera.

  • Open the “Device Manager” directory.
  • We pass to the section “Image processing devices”.
  • Select the webcam and right-click on it. In this case, you must select the “Enable” item and click on the “Yes” button, confirming your action.

As you may have noticed, this is a fairly simple way to turn off the camera, but there is another software method for turning off.

How to turn off the camera on a laptop. The first way

The easiest way is to close the webcam lens. There are many different shutters on the Internet that will help you close your camera. In addition, laptops are now available that already include these additional protections. Of course, you will not change your computer because of some kind of curtain, but if you do not even want to buy an additional element that will cover the lens, then you can use the “collective farm” method. We take electrical tape, a piece of paper and glue the webcam.

As we have already found out, this is the easiest way, but there is still one more problem. This way we will not turn off the microphone. This is not a big problem, but if you want to completely protect yourself from intruders, you should use other methods.

How do I turn off the camera on my laptop? 3 easy ways

Today, hacking has begun to develop in the world of information technology. An experienced hacker can penetrate almost any computer and obtain user information, if, of course, the laptop is connected to the network.

Third way

How do I turn off the camera on my laptop? To do this, we need to install the additional WebCam On-Off program. This is a fairly simple program that does not even require installation, it works right from the folder.

So, after installing the program, open it. To do this, go to the directory of the desired utility and click on the shortcut with the extension (exe). Unfortunately, the application is in English, but it’s not hard to guess how to work in it. On the left you can see 3 buttons.

To turn off the webcam and microphone, you must click on the Disable button. And to enable, you need to click on the Enable button. It should be remembered that when the camera is turned off, it should not be used in any applications.

How do I turn off the webcam on my laptop? As you can see, this is quite easy to do. You can choose the method that suits you best and turn off the camera when not in use.

How to check through the program

Today there are many different programs that can be used as a tester. Among them: Skype, Webmax, CyberLink, Viber and many others. If we consider as an example, the most popular tool for voice and video communication Skype, then checking the camera based on this program will look like this.

First you need to download the Skype installation wizard from official sources and install the application on your device. After completing the installation process, go to the “Tools” item and click on the “Settings” tab. On the fourth line from the left, there will be a “video settings” item. If the camera works smoothly, you can see the picture in a small window. When using other software tools, everything is done in a similar way. Sometimes the part turns on only after restarting the computer, so do not panic when the camera image instantly disappears.

How to check the camera on a laptop

You can check your laptop’s webcam in a variety of ways. The main thing is to follow the instructions of the wizards and follow the recommendations that are described in this article.

How to check online

In addition to programs and utilities, you can also check a component for operability in another way. One is to visit dedicated websites where an online test can be performed. There are a lot of relevant services where it is proposed to check the webcam and laptop microphone. Before starting the test, you need to allow the site to use individual components of your laptop.

After you open access, a window with an image will appear on the screen. This method is very simple and convenient, because it does not require installation of additional software or other complex steps. Therefore, if you want to check your laptop’s webcam as quickly as possible, but do not have the time or desire to install specialized utilities and programs, online services will be the best way out of the situation.

What to do if a part stops working?

  • Buy a new laptop and forget about the problem;
  • Bring the device to the service center;
  • Try to troubleshoot yourself by following the instructions;

Oddly enough, but in most cases the laptop camera stops working due to disabling the drivers in the “Device Manager”. If the problem is of a hardware (physical) nature and cannot be solved without contacting a specialist, it is better to take the component to a service center as soon as possible and entrust the repair to experienced professionals. But hardware failures only occur after the laptop is dropped, flooded with liquid, or other aggressive influences. Less commonly, damage is caused by a factory defect.

Therefore, the likelihood that the problem lies precisely in the drivers is very high. But you can solve it by rolling back the drivers to the previous version in the “Device Manager”. After rebooting, the part will work again.

How to check a webcam on a laptop

Today, almost every laptop, whether it is a flagship model or an entry-level representative, has a stationary webcam, and the user does not need to separately purchase such an important and irreplaceable component. It also comes with a full set of drivers and software for its full operation.

For example, if we are talking about an Asus laptop, then the built-in driver package will also be from Asus. The same goes for other manufacturers as well. All system files are immediately installed in Windows and do not need complex additional configuration. If the part is physically sound, the likelihood that it will malfunction or stop working altogether is extremely low.

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Therefore, when buying a new, and even more so a used laptop, it is important to check its performance. Otherwise, you may face various unforeseen problems and difficulties.

Checking with standard Windows tools

If your device has a new version of Windows 8 or 10, you can check the functionality of the built-in camera without using separate programs. It is enough to write the word “Camera” in the search line and select the first found object. If, after opening the program, an image appears on the monitor, it means that the test was successful and you do not have to solve the problem in additional ways. The camera control panel can be found in another section. It’s called “scanners and cameras”.

It is important to know that on some laptop models there are special utilities and programs for the functioning of the component. They are easy to find in the Windows Control Panel or in the All Programs section of the Start menu.

Other ways to restore performance

There are a number of other methods that can restore your laptop’s webcam. Among them:

  • removing drivers;
  • replacement of the USB connector;
  • reinstalling Windows;

How to take video from a webcam

For a modern computer, a webcam is one of the main peripherals. It allows you to communicate in video mode, take photos without leaving the monitor, as well as shoot video.

But, most of the users do not use all the features of the webcam. They buy a webcam and only use it for communication. But, when it becomes necessary to shoot a video and save it as a file, this causes great difficulties. In this article we will try to solve this problem and tell you how to shoot video from a webcam.

How to take video from a webcam using VirtualDub

In order to take a video from a webcam and save it as a file, you need to use a program for recording. One of the simplest programs for recording webcam video is VirtualDub. This program is completely free, and at the same time is equipped with all the necessary functions for video editing. It can be used to cut and spit parts of a video, encode and convert video, and work with multiple audio tracks.

So, download VirtualDub from the official site and install it on your computer. After starting the program, open the “File” menu and select “Capture AVI”.

After that, the image from your webcam should appear in the VirtualDub window. If no image appears, then you need to open the “Device” menu and select your webcam from the list of available devices.

After that, the image from the webcam will appear in the VirtualDub window. Next, you specify the file in which the video from the webcam will be saved. To do this, open the “File” menu, select the “Set capture file” item and specify the folder and file name.

That’s it, now we are ready to record a video. In order to start shooting video from your webcam, you need to open the “Capture” menu and select “Capture video”

After that, video recording will start. The video information will be displayed on the right side of the VirtualDub window. Here you can find out the size of the video file, the number of frames taken and other data.

To stop recording video from a webcam, open the “Capture” menu and select “Stop capture”

After that, the video recording will be stopped, and the resulting video will lie in the folder that you selected earlier.

It should be noted that by default VirtualDub does not use video compression, so the resulting video file can be very large. If this size of the video does not suit you, then before starting recording, you need to change the compression settings. To do this, open the “Video” menu and select “Compression”.

After that, a window will open in front of you in which you can select the codec and configure the compression parameters.

How to take video from a webcam using standard software

In most cases, a webcam comes with a disk that stores the drivers. After installing these drivers, a webcam control program should appear on your computer. Usually, this program allows you to quickly and without unnecessary problems shoot video from a webcam. For example, the Logitech Webcam Software is installed along with the drivers for the Logitech webcam. Now we will demonstrate how to take video from a webcam using Logitech Webcam Software.

So, in order to shoot video using Logitech Webcam Software, you need to launch this program and click on the “Capture” button.

After that, the webcam needs to be switched to video recording mode.

Further on the right side of the window, you need to select the video resolution. The following resolutions are available here: 320 by 240, 640 by 480 and 800 by 600.

That’s it, now in order to start shooting video from a webcam, you just need to click on the start button.

After the end of the recording, you can find the captured video in the C: \ Users \ User_name \ Videos \ Logitech Webcam folder.

The creator of the site, the author of more than 2000 articles on computer repair, working with programs, setting up operating systems.

Thanks, the description helped a lot. I did not know how to follow the sequence in VirtualDub. The video was not recorded until you select the download folder.

Why record video from a camera

Today, almost all laptops are equipped with webcams, which is especially convenient for devices with constant access to the Internet.

Thanks to this convenient device, you can share your impressions, learn and give advice and simply communicate with your loved ones, regardless of their location at a given time.

Situations often arise when a person needs to record a video through a WEB-camera. The purposes of this can be very different. the need to create a message or appeal, or simply users want to leave something in memory of themselves or any pleasant events.

Some find more original use for their webcams. broadcasting the process of creating a large-scale art installation or an apartment concert via the Internet.

We should also pay attention to the possibility of creating a full-fledged surveillance system using a camera built into a laptop. Such systems can be used to track everything that happens at home or in the office.

With the help of special programs, the PC camera turns into a convenient means of monitoring the room. Often, the functionality of such utilities includes the ability to respond to movement and capture only those moments when the picture begins to change.

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Recording methods

There are several ways to record videos from webcams, conditionally they can all be divided into two main ones. the first method involves working with standard services of the Windows operating system, the second method involves the use of special programs.

Methods for recording videos through a webcam:

  • perhaps the fastest and easiest way to record is using standard Windows tools. In the XP version, the once widespread Windows Movie Maker tool is available to users; in later versions of the operating system, this program was replaced by the Movie Maker Live service;
  • it will not be difficult to create videos using a standard program that controls a webcam. After launching the application, the camera is activated and a green light comes on next to its lens, after which the user can see himself in real time on the laptop screen. To get started, just click the video camera icon, and in the settings enable or disable the recording sound;

You can save the resulting file in one of more than a dozen available formats. Similar functions are also found in many editors.

Why does iPad mini not see WI-FI? Read here.

Such programs also allow you to broadcast the image on the Internet in real time, as well as automatically upload ready-made images to web pages in real time and apply interesting effects. So, for example, users can communicate via video link, while the interlocutor will see them wearing glasses or with a new hairstyle.

Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is a simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to record videos from a webcam or any other external source. With the help of this program, users can also record everything that happens on the PC or laptop screen.

In general, it can be noted that the program has a simple and intuitive user interface, which hides many useful functions and capabilities, including recording files in.avi or.wmv format, automatic sending of an image by e-mail, as well as recording in advance given period of time.

The developer offers its users several versions of programs at once. paid and free.

In this case, most often during the installation of the program, it is proposed to install several additional utilities:

  • prism Video File Convector. converter;
  • video Pad Video Editor Software. Editor.

Windows standard tools

As mentioned above, depending on the version of the operating system used on the laptop to shoot video from the webcam, you can use Windows Movie Maker (for XP) or Movie Maker Live (for seven or eight).

Both programs have similar functionality, while the latter has a more interesting interface, this is where their differences end.
After the first launch of the movie maker, the user can start recording almost immediately through the laptop’s WEB-camera.

  • select the “file” tab in the Program Menu and go to the “Burn” item. After the end of the recording, the video must be saved by choosing a name, format and storage location for it;
  • the finished file can be edited by adding interesting special effects, frames or decorating transitions between files using animation.

Screen Capture Studio

With the Movavi Screen Capture Studio software, laptop and personal computer users can record everything that happens on the screen. online videos, working with presentations or applications, gameplay in games, and all this at up to 60 frames per second.

By adding to the recorded video, music, titles or voice comments, you can get a full presentation or a detailed lesson. In its arsenal of settings, the program has a convenient tool that allows you to capture an image from a webcam and then edit it.

Thanks to the intuitive interface of the application in Russian, it is easy and simple to work with it.

In order to record videos from a webcam, users need to:

    open the Movavi editor, which is included in the main part of the Screen Capture Studio package;

Screen Capture Studio allows you to save recordings in most of the existing formats today, including 3GP, FLV, WMV, MOV, MKV, MP4 and AVI.

Screen Capture Studio is much more than just a program for recording video from a webcam, it can also record online videos, download your favorite files from YouTube and Vimeo hosting and much more.

Among the undoubted advantages of Screen Capture Studio, this one can be noted:

  • high quality of finished recordings;
  • during recording, the image can be enlarged up to 20 percent, thanks to which even small details are displayed on the screen;
  • simple and convenient saving of finished files;
  • built-in manager of recorded video clips;
  • the program is distributed absolutely free.

Virtual dub

VirtualDub is a completely free and completely Russified application for PC, which, in addition to filming video from a webcam, performs a large number of different tasks. Due to the fact that the utility, in essence, does not need to be installed, it can simply be copied to a convenient place for the laptop owner, from where it will be launched as needed.

In order to start shooting, users need only:

  • go to the File menu and select the Unmount in Avi command, after which the appearance of the working window will change. now everything that falls into the webcam’s viewing angle will be displayed in it;
  • before starting the survey, you must save the future file, giving it a name and indicating its format and storage location;
  • I must say right away that depending on the selected format, the weight of the records will vary greatly. It is optimal to use the popular MP4 format for these purposes, which allows you to reduce file sizes to very modest sizes.

After the video is ready, you can edit it directly in the program using the following tools:

  • the function of trimming and gluing individual files;
  • the ability to encode and convert videos and individual images to most of the formats that exist today;
  • users can work simultaneously with several video tracks;
  • the program is completely Russified and free.

We shoot video from the laptop’s WEB-camera

Every year manufacturers release more and more interesting and powerful laptops equipped with fairly good components, including Web cameras. By purchasing a new device, modern PC users, first of all, become owners of completely new opportunities.