How to Share Internet From Phone to Tablet

Share internet from your iOS phone

The iPhone has very detailed instructions on how to distribute Wi-Fi from your phone. Distribution can be done from a phone to a laptop, PC, tablet or other device:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Click “Modem Mode”.
  • The menus make it possible to determine through what the distribution will be. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. We need “To connect via Wi-Fi”.
  • Turn on “Modem Mode”. Next, the code is entered in the device to be connected.

Required actions on a PC or laptop

In order to distribute the Internet from the phone to the computer, a USB cable or Bluetooth connected to the computer is enough. To install an access point on a PC, you must:

  • Set up for cellular transmission via USB or Bluetooth (more on that below). The PC will find a new network and offer a choice of location.
  • After selecting the PC will apply the parameters.
  • Will show the password for use.
  • In the network settings it looks like this.

Instructions for Windows Phone

How to distribute Internet from a Windows Phone? The general principle is similar to Android:

  • In the menu, select “Settings”.
  • Click “Shared Internet”.
  • The menus make it possible to determine through what the distribution will be. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. Choosing shared access via Wi-Fi “.
  • In the parameters you can change the name and password.
  • We include.
  • We open the device that needs to be connected, in our case with Android OS, select the settings.
  • We are looking for a Wi-Fi Windows Phone device and click “Connect”.
  • Enter your password. Android connects to Windows Phone. Windows Phone Settings displays information about connected devices.

Create an Android hotspot

In order to understand how to distribute the Internet from an android, it is worth understanding the menu and performing the following actions:

  • Open the cell phone menu, find the gears. the settings sign.
  • Press the settings, select “.”.
  • In the menu of wireless networks, select “Modem mode”.
  • The settings make it possible to determine through what the distribution will be. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. We need a Wi-Fi point, and to change them, we need to select “Access Point Settings”.
  • Configuring the access point
  • Be sure to go to the management of permitted devices and put a tick in “connect all devices” without this, it will NOT work to distribute Wi-Fi from Android.
  • We look at the name, if necessary. change, Set the password.
  • We put an icon in the Wi-Fi point.
  • A message about point activity should appear.
  • We open the device that needs to be connected, in our case with Windows Phone OS, select settings.
  • We open the “Shared Internet”.
  • Finding an Android connection.
  • Enter password.
  • Connection is established, Windows Phone is connected to Android.
  • In the parameters of the access point, you can see the connected devices.
  • Available details of each device connected.

We use a Wi-Fi connection

Sharing Wi-Fi from your phone is quick and easy. Distribution is made to any device that supports work with networks. The distributing device must have a mobile Internet and set up access to the network. Network operators restrict the free use of this method of distributing the Internet and, with a large transmission volume, warn about the daily payment for the service.

How can I distribute the Internet from my phone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB

Mobile phone. multifunctional, including it can play the role of a modem Provide Internet access for a second phone, tablet, laptop, PC. This function does NOT depend on the cellular model or its system. any device with access to 2G, 3G, 4G can transmit the Internet. There are several ways to distribute mobile internet.

You may also be interested in:

Connect your phone as a USB modem

Sharing the Internet is simple: you need to connect it via a cord, select a USB modem from the menu. Internet distribution from phone to PC will start after settings on the computer.

Connect your phone as a bluetooth modem

You can share Wi-Fi over the phone on a PC, smartphone, or other device. You can transfer the Internet phone by making notes.

We use various programs and applications (FoxFi, PdaNet, etc.)

You can distribute the Internet using programs, using their functionality and capabilities. It is possible to distribute Wi-Fi from a phone to a computer or a second device through:

  • Foxfi is a simple, intuitive English-language program that supports open access to the dispenser or password entry is possible.
  • Osmino. positioned as an opportunity for free distribution of the Internet, the interface is Russian and very simple.

There are a lot of similar programs, they allow you to work with one click of a shortcut on the phone, but you can do without them using the phone settings.

How to share the Internet over a long distance?

Other ways to distribute the Internet

Internet can be shared via USB. To connect two smartphones, you need a double microUSB cable. Connect both smartphones to it.

In the settings of the device from which you want to distribute the Internet, go to Wireless networks. We activate the USB modem. All modern smartphones support this function. Older Android devices (2.3 and below) may require additional drivers to be installed. Internet sharing via USB is only possible with a device using a Same OS. It will not work to connect Iphone with Android smartphone. As a rule, most mobile operators DO NOT put any restrictions on this method of Internet sharing.

Some smartphones can transmit traffic via Bluetooth. This is done in the same way as distributing Wi-Fi in the “Wireless networks” settings section. Sharing via Bluetooth is much inferior to Wi-Fi in terms of range, but in some cases it can be useful.

How to share internet from phone to phone

If a friend suddenly runs out of traffic, real friends will immediately rush to help. In this article, we will give all the ways how to share the Internet from one smartphone to another at different distances.

Let’s start with the condition that the devices are physically nearby.

Share Wi-Fi

To start sharing Wi-Fi from your Android smartphone, go to device settings. Make sure you don’t have offline mode enabled, which turns off mobile networks. In the settings, go to the wireless networks section and select “Modem mode” (in older versions of Android it may be called differently). Now go to “Portable Hotspot Settings” and then “Configure Portable Hotspot”. Enter the name of your access point, and select the type of encryption. If choose the type “WPA 2 PSK”. You can set a password. To make a free access point, select “Open”. After entering all the data, click save and activate the Wi-Fi distribution. Clicked on “Portable Access Point”. Now smartphones are in range of Wi-Fi. Can connect to you using the previously set password.

To share the Internet on an iOS device, go to the network access settings. Drag the slider next to “Modem Mode”.

Please note that some mobile operators cut traffic when this distribution is enabled.

Operators MTS and Beeline do not put any restrictions on the traffic they send. The MegaFon operator allows you to distribute unlimited Internet in the “Turn on” tariff line.

The Tele2 operator does NOT allow the use of a smartphone as a Wi-Fi access point. There is also a limitation on downloading files from some networks. There are two legal ways to get around these restrictions:

  • Change TTL. Download TTL Master Apps. Select the required TLL in it. You can now share Wi-Fi, but this feature is NOT free. The Tele2 operator charges an additional fee for the distribution.
  • Change the device identification number. The method is suitable only for smartphones on the Windows operating system. Download any free IMEI generator. Enter the generated code in the Terminal Emulator application and follow the further instructions on the screen.

Operator services

If you are an MTS subscriber, then you can share the Internet by activating the “Shared Package” service. The service is available only in Some “Smart” tariffs. This tariff and service must be active in the user distributing the Internet. There are no requirements for the invitees, except for one. to use the MTS. After connecting the service, the organizer can invite other people to his group. This can be done in three ways:

  • Through the Personal Account on the official website.
  • Using the combination 43417 XXXXXXXXXX # and press the call. Where X is the number of the invited subscriber.
  • Install the official application “My MTS” and execute it there.

The invited subscriber must agree to participate in the group. To do this, you need to send the message “yes” in response to the received SMS from the operator. Some tariffs are connected automatically. After joining the group, each of its members can use all the capabilities of the distributor. In addition to Internet traffic, the initiator of the distribution shares his minutes and SMS. By default, there are no restrictions on the traffic used. However, the distributor can manually set the limit for any of the participants. The number of invited subscribers is limited to five participants.

There are two ways to remove a member from a group:

  • Through the Personal Account on the official website.
  • Dial the combination 43437XXXXXXXXXX # and press the call. Where X is the number of the subscriber to be excluded.

Beeline users can share traffic with five other subscribers. This can be done only on large tariff plans from the “EVERYTHING IS MY” series. Connection of the service is available at tariffs starting from “All my-3”, in all other regions. from “All my-2” Tariffs differ in the volume of traffic provided. After the traffic is exhausted, access to the network will be limited for all members of the group. The distribution organizer pays for the traffic, but other subscribers must pay 5 rubles per day for access to the service.

The only way to provide the second Tele2 subscriber with the Internet is to transfer the required amount to his account so that he connects the Internet package. There are 4 types of packages with different traffic sizes. 7 GB, 20 GB and 50 GB.

Other distribution methods over long distances

You can share the Internet from a smartphone for a short distance, maximum. within two rooms. You can distribute the Internet over a long distance, up to several kilometers, using a Wi-Fi USB antenna or a router. Connect the device to your smartphone and turn on the normal distribution of traffic over Wi-Fi, as described above.

From phone to computer

It is quite possible to build a distribution of the Internet from a phone to a computer or laptop. The way, to be honest, is so-so, it is better to take a router, but it will go without fish.

There is nothing to describe here either, any of the options above will do:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot. if your computer has a Wi-Fi adapter. Launches the network, connect, work. Especially relevant for all laptops, netbooks and tablets on which Wi-Fi is present from birth.
  • Bluetooth is a very perverse method these days, but it also happens. First pairing both devices with each other, and then activate the distribution via Bluetooth in modem mode.
  • USB. if nothing else works. You connect the phone via a wire to a computer or laptop, including distribution in modem mode, it is still configured, and you can easily use.
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How to distribute internet from Android to computer or tablet

Difficulty level: for beginners. The need to distribute the Internet from a smartphone to other devices occurs quite often, especially in those regions where there is 3G, 4G (LTE) coverage, but there is no wired connection. For example, you went to a dacha, where providers will not be able to lay cables very soon, and you need to connect to the network today. In this case, you can connect your laptop to the Internet via a smartphone, especially if your tariff plan allows you not to worry too much about the volume of traffic.

There are several ways to connect a smartphone and laptop to access the latter to the network: using a USB cable, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The last method is suitable for any combination of devices to be connected, and we will analyze the first two using the example of connecting to a computer running Windows.

How to Share Wi-Fi from Samsung Phone

Samsung phones are feature rich, but not designed for creating and editing documents and files. over, they are ideal for communication in instant messengers and social networks. Owners of gadgets actively use the services of mobile operators, choosing a tariff with unlimited mobile traffic. But often there are situations when you need to share your megabytes with other users. You can solve a similar problem by turning a Korean manufacturer’s smartphone into a modem or router.

How to Share Wi-Fi from Samsung Phone

Despite the fact that many well-known companies are engaged in the production of mobile equipment, most users prefer smartphones from the Korean manufacturer Samsung. This is due to convenience, reliability, affordable price, but most importantly, the presence of a wide range of functionality. To use all the capabilities of a mobile gadget, you should learn how to configure and connect an access point.

The easiest way to distribute internet traffic from your phone is using a Wi-Fi connection. The advantage of this method is the ability to connect several devices at once: a laptop, tablet, another smartphone, and even a PC and the absence of wires. The process of connecting and distributing is as follows.

  • If a Wi-Fi connection is activated on the smartphone, it must first be turned off.
  • Open “Settings”.
  • Enter the “Connections” section.
  • Select the category “Modem and access point”.
  • In the list of available connection options, find and run the “Mobile access point” command by moving the slider.

If everything is done correctly, an icon will appear at the top of the screen, indicating that the smartphone is ready to distribute the Internet to other users. Next, go to the device that you plan to connect.

  • Here you will need to start scanning and select the Samsung network. If necessary, the name of the network can be changed.
  • Specify the password that is set for connecting to a wireless Wi-Fi network, and then make sure that the connection is complete.

From this moment you can start a data transfer session to any device without limitation on their number.


Another analogue. only with a simpler interface and in Russian. But no program will do more than its own. So choose any, download, use. But it is better to learn how to do it without third-party software. there is less risk of bringing yourself some kind of infection to your phone.

Via bluetooth

How to connect to this Bluetooth is another matter. But for distribution, just select the Bluetooth item:

Before distributing the Internet, do not forget to make Pairing PC and Smartphone by standard means. And then some at first distribute it is not clear what and it is not clear where, and then they DO NOT understand where the legs of the problem grow from.

How to share internet from phone to phone. Operator locks

And now you seem to have done everything right, but there is still no Internet? Sound familiar? The fact is that at some of their unlimited tariffs, cellular operators are introducing blocking for the distribution of the Internet. In fact, there is no need to panic, people have long come up with ways to bypass this lawlessness, and we just gathered everything in one place (while it works):

Wi-Fi hotspot

The first method is the most common. You have a mobile Internet connection and want to create an access point using the Wi-Fi built into your phone. Previously, this had to be done with Shaman dances, but now everything comes out of the box for any device. But mobile cellular operators are also NOT asleep and may impose restrictions on this method of distribution, up to an additional fee. Let’s see how this is done for all modern mobile operating systems.

Your smartphone will not be a full-fledged router, but it is quite capable of providing several devices with the Internet. For permanent work, it is better to get a good router.

How to share Wi-Fi from your phone

A modern telephone can perform a wide variety of functions, thereby replacing a large number of second devices. For example, a phone can replace a Wi-Fi hotspot. To do this, you just need to configure the distribution of Wi-Fi from the phone to other devices.

How to share Wi-Fi from phone to Android

In order to share Wi-Fi from your Android phone, you need to open the Android settings. This can be done by launching the “Settings” application in the list of all installed applications. You can also open the settings using the upper curtain or the icon on the desktop.

After opening the settings, you need to go to the “Other networks” section. It should be noted that in your phone this section may have a slightly different name. If you cannot find this section VIEW all the settings sections that are next to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.

Next, open a subsection with the name “Modem and Access Point”. Again, the title of this section may differ slightly on your device. It can be called “Modem”, “Modem Mode”, “Access Point Connection” or simply “Access Point”.

After that, you must activate the “Portable Access Point” function. To do this, move the switch to the “Enabled” position.

After activating the portable hotspot, you will see a pop-up warning that the Wi-Fi is turned off. In this window, click on the “Yes”.

share, internet, phone, tablet

This completes the setup, now your phone is distributing Wi-Fi. You just have to look at the password for accessing the Wi-Fi network created by the phone. To do this, open the section “Portable access point”.

After that, a window with information about the access point will open in front of you. Here you can view and change the name of the access point and password.

How to share Wi-Fi from an iOS phone

If you have an iPhone, then in order to configure the distribution of Wi-Fi you need to enter the settings and open the “Modem mode” section. If this section is missing, then it may mean that your phone is enabled or not configured mobile Internet.

In this section you need to activate the “Modem Mode” function. To do this, slide the switch to the on position.

In the same section of settings you can see the password you need to use to connect to Wi-Fi.

This completes the IPhone setup. Now you can connect to the created Wi-Fi network.

How to Share Wi-Fi from Phone to Windows Phone 8

If you have a phone based on the Windows Phone operating system, then in order to distribute Wi-Fi you need to open the “Settings” application.

After that, you need to open the “Shared Internet” section.

Next, you need to move the switch to the “On” position. After that, information about the name of the access point and the password for accessing it will appear at the bottom of the screen.

This completes the Windows Phone setup. Wi-Fi network works and you can connect to it.

How to share the internet on a Windows computer

How to distribute internet from a computer through the command term

Another way to share wireless internet without third-party software. Not as simple as the previous one, but it works Not only in Windows 10, but also in previous OS versions.

Run the command term. To do this, enter “Command” in the search system, right-click on the found element and select “Run as administrator”.

To create a new Internet distribution network, enter the command netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = Stacy key = 4419E1z # in the line and press Enter. Instead of Stacy, you can enter any other network name, and instead of 4419E1z #. any other password.

To activate the created access point, enter the command netsh wlan start hostednetwork and press Enter again. If the commands worked, you will see the following text.

Now allow the second users to go online through the created network. First open the Windows “Control Panel” and select “Network and Sharing Center”.

Then right-click on the icon for connecting your computer to the Internet, select “Properties” → “Access” and check the boxes next to the permission requests. In the “Home network connection” field, select the wireless connection created in the second step of the instruction.

After that, you can connect other devices to the Wi-Fi network configured in this way using the specified password. To disable the hotspot, type netsh wlan stop hostednetwork at a command prompt. To re-enable it, Use the netsh wlan start hostednetwork command.

If the Internet does NOT work on the connected devices, open the “Device Manager” menu through the “Control Panel”, expand the “Network adapters” item and check that all devices from this list are turned on. If you find inactive among them, enable them using the context menu.

If you have other problems, try reinstalling the network adapter drivers manually by downloading them from the manufacturer’s website, or automatically using Driver Booster or DriverPack service. The latter will do everything for you.

How to distribute the Internet from a computer using the Mobile Hotspot function (Windows 10 only)

The fastest way to share the Internet without wires, and does not require additional programs and complex settings.

Find the “Mobile Hotspot” menu: select “Start” → “Settings” (gears) → “Network and Internet” → “Mobile Hotspot”.

In the Internet Connection Sharing field, select the type of connection that connects the current computer to the Internet. It can be a Wi-Fi (or 3G) or Ethernet wireless connection.

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Click “Change” and in the next window specify the name and password for the new wireless network through which the computer will distribute the Internet.

At the top of the page, enable the option “Allow the use of my Internet connection on second devices”.

After that, you can distribute the Internet through the created Wi-Fi network. It is enough to connect the necessary devices to it using the password created in the third step. And you can turn off the distribution of the Internet in the same place where the wireless connection is turned off. in the “Network” window on the taskbar.

How to distribute the Internet from a computer using third-party software

If you do NOT want to mess with the command line, you can use a special utility to quickly configure a wireless access point. With the free Connectify Hotspot software, you can get it done in minutes.

  • Download and Install Connectify Hotspot.
  • Run the program and follow the prompts on the screen. The Russian interface language can be selected in the settings. The utility will ask you to set the type of computer connection to the Internet and the parameters of the new wireless network. After that, it will be named by the start button to activate the access point.

When done, you can share internet to other devices over Wi-Fi. You can control the wireless network right in the program window.

Connectify Hotspot also has a paid version with additional features. For example, it allows you to distribute Not only landline Internet over Wi-Fi, but also 3G and 4G. Hotspot Pro costs 35.

How to distribute the Internet from a computer using a cable

If you need to share the internet with another computer that has a Wi-Fi adapter, you can do it using a regular internet cable. This method is called network bridging.

  • Connect the Ethernet ports of both devices with a cable.
  • On the computer from which you want to share the Internet, open the “Control Panel” and go to the “Network and Sharing Center” → “Change adapter settings”. Names may differ in different versions of Windows.
  • In the window that opens, select two connections from the Ctrl key. The first should be responsible for connecting your computer to the internet. The second is to connect a second computer to this one. Right click on any of the two connections and select “Bridge Configuration”.

In a few seconds a new connection should appear with the name “Network Bridge”, and next to the used connections the status “Connected, Connected” should be displayed. If everything goes well, the Internet will work on the second computer. But this may NOT happen immediately, but after 10-15 minutes.

How to distribute the Internet from a computer via cable or Wi-Fi

Several easy ways to share the internet with mobile devices and other computers.

If you need to share the Internet with multiple gadgets, but have a router at hand, you can do without one. This instruction will help you convert your computer into a router for distributing the Internet via an access point (Wi-Fi network) or Ethernet wire.

How to share internet on Mac

In macOS, it’s pretty easy to set up Internet sharing both via cable and Wi-Fi. For this you do not need additional programs.

  • Expand the Apple menu and go to System Preferences → Sharing.
  • Check the “Shared Internet” box on the left panel and specify the type of connection of the current computer to the Internet in the “Shared connection” list on the right side of the window. For example, if it is connected to the Network via a cable, choose Ethernet.
  • In the “For computers using” box, select a method for sharing the Internet with other devices. For example, if you want to distribute the Internet without wires, choose Wi-Fi, if by cable, then Ethernet.

If you selected Wi-Fi, Uncheck the Shared Internet checkbox, click Wi-Fi Settings and set the hotspot name and password, then check the Shared Internet checkbox again.

After making THESE settings, you can connect other devices to the computer using the selected method.

Through applications

  • Bluetooth;
  • Via Wi-Fi;
  • Limited access (limit data).

The second window offers to set how much traffic you are ready to give for use by the second device. This is convenient, because this way you can avoid overspending. The built-in parameters of this monitoring function include.

What is hotspot in Huawei and Honor phone

Huawei and Honor hotspot is the ability to broadcast Internet access from your phone to other devices. The need for this arises when your friends or colleagues do not have the opportunity to connect to Wi-Fi and access the Internet. Then you can share your mobile network with them. Fee depends on your mobile operator.

  • If you have unlimited Internet use within the tariff, then most likely you will have to pay extra for using the distribution tool. How much it costs you need to check with the operator, are different for everyone.
  • If traffic is limited, then fees for such services are usually NOT charged.

We focus on the fact that distributing the network is possible only if your phone uses mobile traffic. The Wi-Fi action will not work.

Share via USB to computer

This requires a cable that connects the smartphone and PC. After connecting, follow the instructions:

  • Brush the curtain from top to bottom;
  • Select the “File Transfer” connection type;
  • Then go back to the modem control mode on the phone, and select the “USB” option there.

Now you have the opportunity to transfer traffic to your computer or laptop. Just find your phone among the available points there and connect.

Why the smartphone does not distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi?

There are several reasons for this:

If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

  • You have run out of traffic;
  • Network error or virus;
  • Incorrect connection.

Additional Information

If you follow the instructions, there will be no problems. But there are abnormal situations and individual problems that DO NOT allow you to perform an action.

Wi-Fi hotspot

The most popular and frequently used option for sharing traffic is to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone. The algorithm how to distribute the Internet from an Honor and Huawei phone is given below.

  • Including mobile data transfer via shutter shift or settings.
  • Go to the item “Wireless networks”.
  • Click on the term “Modem mode”.
  • Next, we need the Access Point tool.
  • By clicking on it, the settings graph appears.
  • If you are connecting for the first time, you will have to enter several items for security settings.
  • Specify the name of the network that other users will see as the name of the wi-fi.
  • Next, choose whether there will be a cipher. If yes, then set WPA2 PSK mode. This is the default setting for this type of connection.
  • Enter a password if required. It is better not to use classic collections like “12345678” or “00000000” in it. Also, do not use personal information, phone number or name. Come up with a reliable combination that scammers will NOT be able to hack.
  • Exit the settings and use.

How to distribute the Internet from Huawei and Honor phones: setting up an access point

How to distribute the Internet from Huawei and Honor, and is it even possible? Yes, it is possible. But few users know the correct algorithm of actions. There are several options for distribution: built-in functionality, modem and third-party programs. They all have a different algorithm of work, with which we will acquaint you in a detailed Step-by-Step Instructions.

Bluetooth modem

Modem mode on smartphones is also available via Bluetooth. You go to the wireless network settings, and set it in the Bluetooth settings. At this point, the port itself should be enabled. DO NOT turn it off by stretching the entire distribution. Next, you Establish a connection from laptops or PCs precisely through a Bluetooth modem, and give access to the network.

How to share Internet from a tablet?

The algorithm is the same as for the phone. over, the instruction is also suitable for owners of second models of phones with Android OS.

How to share internet on Android?

Setting up the distribution of the Internet from an Android smartphone follows a similar principle. As in the case of IOS, go to “customization”:

  • Choose an item “” and find the sub-item in the list “Modem mode”. We go in;
  • There we see three ways of distributing Wi-Fi: via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB cable. We need Wi-Fi. We activate;
  • The access setting window appears. The SSID (network name), security level (default WPA2) and the password field appear. Come up with a password and press the button “keep”.

Note! By default, the system sets the AndroidAP network name and password 00000000. Knowing this, you can easily connect to any network whose distributor has NOT changed anything in the settings at all. If you want to protect your access point from intruders and simple unauthorized access, change the standard name and password.

Transfer the Internet from phone to phone

First, we need a smartphone with internet access. Both smartphones must have working Wi-Fi receivers. Make sure the signal strength is sufficient for a stable network. Internet speed on the phone, which receives the distribution, is always lower.

The startup process differs from different operating systems. To distribute the Internet with ISO OS, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu, and from it. to the cellular connection.
  • Find the sub-item “Modem mode” just below in tabs.
  • We activate the mode using the switch.

With older versions of the operating system, the process may differ, but not radically.

If everything is done correctly, a help message appears that other users can search your shared network using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The name of the public network is also indicated here. Below under the help is the password for connection. User can install any other.

Note! If it is not possible to turn on the modem mode, it is likely that the mobile Internet package does NOT provide a distribution service. To clarify this, Contact your operator.

Now your IPhone has become a complete Wi-Fi hotspot. You can connect to the Internet from any device: phone, laptop or tablet. Just find the desired one among the networks and enter the specified password.

How to distribute the Internet from phone to phone or tablet

A friend asks to share the mobile Internet, but you have no idea how to do it? In this article, you will learn a few simple ways to convert your device to an analog of a Wi-Fi modem.

We set up the distribution of the Internet from phone to tablet

Using the methods described above, you can transfer Wi-Fi to any devices in the vicinity. It can be another smartphone, personal computer, laptop, tablet or any other gadget with a working Wi-Fi receiver. Your phone literally turns into a wireless modem. The receiving party connects to it in the same way as to any other access point.

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If you followed the instructions above exactly, but other devices still DO NOT see your phone’s access point, you need to fix the problem. This does happen. We will analyze the most common problems and ways to solve them.

Antivirus is installed on the phone. Firewall can block Wi-Fi distribution function.You can disable it or delete it altogether. In most cases, after this action, the problem is solved.
A virus has been caught. Malicious applications can be launched that modify the configuration of the wireless network.Check your phone for unknown processes, uninstall questionable apps, clean.
Operating system error. Both Android and IOS are not perfect. they can crash. Especially after updating or flashing.Perform a factory reset and everything should work. On Android, you can do this by going to the “restore and reset” menu in “settings”.

Now you know how to distribute the Internet from your smartphone to other devices, and what is the problem if other gadgets DO NOT see the access point. Stay with us to find out even more interesting things, and share your experience in the comments.

How to share internet from iPhone to Mac?

Do one of the following: Connect a Mac with Wi-Fi and Instant Hotspot access. On a Mac, click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar to select your iPhone from a list of available networks. Mac and iPhone must be signed in with the same Apple ID, and must have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

How to share Internet from phone to tablet via Bluetooth?

Standard method Open system settings, go to the “” section and click on “Modem settings”. Move the “Bluetooth modem” toggle switch to the active position. The device has switched to the Internet distribution mode, now other gadgets will be able to connect to it and consume its traffic. May 10, 2017.

How to distribute from phone to tablet? Is it possible to broadcast an image from a phone to a tablet?

How to set up Android screencast

  • Make sure your tablet or mobile is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast.
  • Launch the Google Home app.
  • Select device.
  • Click Cast Screen Cast Screen.

How to distribute from phone to laptop?

How to share Wi-Fi from phone to PC

  • Connect your smartphone and computer with a USB cable
  • Go to Android Settings
  • Select the section “Wireless networks”
  • Click on “”.
  • Select modem mode.
  • Press the USB tethering button

How to use iPhone as a hotspot?

To operate the modem mode and distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi, you must register the access point of your operator. To do this, open the system settings, the “Cellular” menu and go to the “Cellular data network” section. The tab contains three blocks of filled fields: “Cellular data”, “MMS” and “Modem mode”.

Is it possible to distribute the Internet from the phone to the tablet?

If you need to go online from a laptop or tablet, and you have a 4G modem, you can distribute the Internet from your phone to any device with Wi-Fi. May 9, 2020.

How to use a mobile phone as a tablet modem?

How to connect an Android smartphone as a USB tethering

  • Connect your phone to PC via USB. If it is a new device, please wait until the drivers are installed.
  • Open your smartphone settings. In the section “Wireless networks” (“Network”) find the item “Modem mode” (“Modem and access point”).
  • We activate the USB modem.

How you can share the internet with your iPhone?

How to share internet from iPhone

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings and select Hotspot.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi Password field. The name of the Wi-Fi network that the iPhone will create will also be indicated here.
  • Enter the Desired password in the Password field. It must contain at least 8 characters. When finished, select Done.

In order to consolidate the knowledge gained, we recommend watching a training video, in which the author clearly shows and tells what is what in this matter. We advise you to be sure to familiarize yourself with the content of the video, it will take only a couple of minutes of your time.

How to distribute the Internet from a phone to a tablet

Sometimes it happens that on one mobile phone the Internet is present, for example, connected via 3G, but on the second, unfortunately, not. However, such a problem is very easy to solve and this is what we will be talking about in our today’s article. We bring to your attention detailed step-by-step instructions: how to distribute the Internet from a phone to a tablet.

Accordingly, it will work on both Android phones and iPhones running iOS. We will describe both options below.

How to share internet from Android

First, let’s take a look at how to share your internet with your tablet if you have an Android operating system:

  • First of all, we need to go to the Android smartphone settings. To do this, in most cases, it is enough to lower the notification curtain and select the gear icon. Next, we find the point of the wireless access point.
  • You must first configure the protection of our network, because we do not want to distribute the Internet to everyone, and absolutely free of charge. Therefore, in our case, you need to go to the access settings item.
  • Here you can specify the name of the network itself, select the type of protection and set a password that will be required to connect. When the changes are made, save them and go back.
  • After that, you can turn on the distribution of the Internet by activating the Corresponding trigger. Accordingly, on the tablet, we simply turn on Wi-Fi and find the wireless network we just created. We connect to it and enter the password, which is specified in the settings of the donor phone.

As a result, the connection will be established and if there is an available Internet connection on the first device, it also applies to our tablet connected via Wi-Fi.

Sharing the network on iPhone

All the same can be easily implemented on the iPhone. Let’s see how this is done:

  • Initially, we open the settings of our “apple” device and find the item “Cellular” here. For clarity, we duplicate what was written with screenshots, with which it will be easier for you to understand.
  • After that we activate the “Modem Mode” switch. This is, after all, to launch our wireless network, to which you can connect by entering the following password.
  • As a result, a new window will appear in which we need to click the “Turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth” button. Then on the tablet (this will be the iPad), go to the Wi-Fi settings and start a new search. We find our network and enter the password, which was indicated in the settings. As a result, there will be a connection through which we will gain access to the network.

At the same time, devices running on the iOS operating system can distribute the Internet not only via Wi-Fi, but also via Bluetooth. Let’s take a look at how it’s done just in case:

  • We repeat all the same that we did to configure the wireless network in the case of Wi-F. In the same way, we enter the name of the network and change the password for access to it, if necessary.
  • Now on the iPad, go to the Bluetooth settings and search for new devices. When the iPhone, which distributes the Internet via a wireless network, is detected, we connect to it. As a result, Pairing will occur, and we will gain access to the network.

As a result, a Wi-Fi network is formed, to which any device capable of working with this type of wireless network can connect.

This is how easy it is to implement the distribution of the Internet on a tablet or iPad, in the case of “apple” devices. But remember: since now not only you are spending your mobile traffic, but also the device connected to the network, this leads to an increased consumption of the data limit. I control them if your tariff provides for payment for each megabyte when the main package ends.

Summing up

Well friends, on this we, in principle, can finish our article, since you perfectly understand how to distribute the Internet from a phone to a tablet.

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