How to set up a weak laptop for gaming

How to set up your laptop for gaming?

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So, you bought a laptop, or you already had one, and decided to play, but instead of normal operation, you found various sags in FPS, freezes and other troubles at startup. you definitely cannot enjoy the gameplay. This is where you need to turn to tips on how to set up your laptop for gaming, since some of the default settings can lead to not the best performance.

Yes, be that as it may, but the game should at least be as close as possible to the requirements for your hardware, otherwise even at the minimum settings there will be lags. nothing can be done about it.

Before you sit down to play, check what is happening in the system tray. if there are several programs open in addition to systemically important ones, then they will additionally “eat” resources important for the correct operation of the game. We check if you have anything extra open, turn it off, rejoice.

If the driver for your video card is outdated or does not work correctly, then most games will slow down mercilessly. You can solve the problem by downloading the driver from the official website or using DriverPack Solution. this driver pack is absolutely free.

By tweaking the necessary parameters and checking or unchecking the checkboxes, you can add a little fps. To do this, on the desktop, press the second mouse button and select Control Center for ATI or a similar parameter for Nvidia. usually there is a company icon opposite.

We find the game tab, then global settings, then in the window that opens, we configure everything in accordance with the screenshot.

  • Anisotropic Filtering: Off;
  • V-Sync: Off;
  • Vertical sync pulse: Use 3D application setting;
  • Background Light Shading: Off;
  • The maximum number of pre-prepared frames: select the item marked with the NVIDIA icon;
  • CUDA: Everything;
  • Streaming optimization: Automatic;
  • Power management mode: Adaptive;
  • Anisotropic filtering. Directly affects the quality of textures in games. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off;
  • Anti-Aliasing. Gamma Correction: Off;
  • Anti-aliasing. options: Off;
  • Anti-Aliasing. Transparency: Off;
  • Anti-aliasing. Mode: Off;
  • Triple Buffering: Off;
  • Texture filtering. anisotropic optimization by sampling: Off;
  • Texture filtering. quality “: Highest performance;
  • Texture filtering. negative deviation UD: On;
  • Texture filtering. trilinear optimization “: On;
  • Acceleration of multiple displays / mixed GPUs: Multi-display performance mode;
  • Enable scalable textures: Off;
  • Expansion limitation: Off;

For the game to use all the resources of the laptop, you need to do something else. On the desktop, press the second button and find “Switchable Graphics Settings”. In the window that opens, select “Add application”, find the exe file of the game and add it to the list, select “High performance” next to it.

The laptop itself can be configured to save energy by default. Find the battery icon on the panel, press the second button and select “Power”. In the window that appears, check the box next to “High performance”.

Delays due to hard drive

Often on laptops, hard drives go into economy mode and respond to requests longer. the solution can be quietHDD through which you need to raise the value to APM 255.

Due to dust and dirt, the laptop heats up, and this can cause brakes. There is only one piece of advice. to clean and change the thermal paste at the same time.

To speed up games, there are special utilities that improve performance:

  • Game Booster. performance enhancement;
  • System Care. perfectly helps to fix errors with the Internet when playing online.

How to tune your laptop for maximum performance (10 tips to help)

My laptop is about 4-5 years old, and some games started to slow down on it (WOW, WOT, for example). Interestingly, they seemed to work better before (or so it seemed to me.). Can’t you tweak it somehow to get the maximum performance out of it??

The rest of the question is cut out as not informative.

It depends on which laptop and which games (it is possible that in principle it will not be possible to get rid of the brakes without changing the hardware). The same Warcraft, depending on the location, can go with a different number of FPS: on one it will be 30, on the other 55 (depending on the graphics of the area).

Be that as it may, in this article I will give 10-current small notes that will make your laptop faster (I will immediately note that overclocking and methods that can disable your hardware are not considered.).

Preview for the recording. making the laptop faster!

10 Tips for Improving Laptop Performance

Connect your laptop to mains power

The first recommendation is fairly simple and straightforward. The fact is that in most laptops, when running on battery power, the economy mode is activated (in some cases it cannot even be changed / disabled).

Set up your laptop power

Next, click on the battery icon (which is next to the clock). and move the slider to the right to the maximum performance mode (note: in some Windows operating systems there may not be such a slider, in this case go to setting through the control panel, more about this later in the article ).

Then you need open the control panel, section “Hardware and sound / Power supply”.

Several power modes should be presented in this section. Select “High Performance” mode.

If there is no mode selection, then open the additional settings of the current power plan and check that the max. performance for video card and processor (see screenshot below ).

The state of the processor, video card (instead of 90% as I have on the screen, you need to put 100%)

In addition, please note that on laptops, along with drivers, specials can be installed. control centers. For example, Lenovo, Sony, etc. have these. As a rule, there is a Power section in their settings. where similar parameters are set.

Check and update drivers

If we are talking about the performance of a laptop in games, then the video drivers (both the installed version and the specified parameters) have a great importance on it. over, the newest version of the driver does not always show the best results.

I would recommend downloading several versions of the video drivers that are available on your laptop from your laptop manufacturer’s website.

Then, one by one, “test” them and choose the best ones (note: how to update the driver is described in one of my previous instructions, I give a link to it below).

By the way, I can’t help but mention one more thing.!

In addition to drivers, there are specials. libraries required for the games to work correctly. We are talking about Visual C. NET Framework, DirectX. They are also recommended to be updated.

You can solve all these issues in one fell swoop using the utility Driver Booster. One allows you to auto-check and update drivers for all PC / laptop devices, as well as download and install all the necessary components for games into the system. Very convenient!

Refresh everything. game components, sound and game devices, etc. / Driver Booster

Optimize your graphics card driver settings

The performance of a laptop video card depends not only on the driver version, but also on its settings.

over, by changing some graphics parameters, the number of FPS can change significantly (up to 20-30%!). Usually, in many graphics control centers (laptops) there are specials. templates (presets) of settings that allow in 1-2 mouse clicks to optimize the operation of the video card for performance or quality.

To enter the video driver settings, usually, just right-click on any free space on the desktop. in the menu that appears, click on the AMD / nVidia / IntelHD settings line (depending on the model of your adapter, see the screen below).

Also, the link to the video adapter settings should be in the tray, next to the clock.

How to open graphics card settings: AMD, nVidia, Intel (can’t find the graphics control panel)

Two ways how you can open AMD Radeon graphics card settings

Then you can either select a ready-made preset, or set the parameters manually. This topic is quite extensive, so below I will give several links for each adapter (IntelHD, AMD, nVidia). Just go through one of them and set the specified settings:

Radeon Settings. Global Options / Clickable

Customize the game (disable effects, shadows, etc.)

Also, the game settings have a big impact on the number of FPS (i.e. laptop performance) in the game. First of all, this applies to:

  • Resolution: the higher it is, the higher the load on the video card (and the lower the FPS). By lowering the resolution, you can significantly speed up the work of almost any game (however, the image may become lower quality. here you need to find a balance.);
  • Vertical Sync: enable / disable the option (may behave differently on each device).

Game settings. resolution and vertical sync

In addition, pay attention to the image quality (Video Quality). switch to Low mode (reduced graphics quality). Also turn off various effects (shadows, dust, circles on the water, etc. Such detail depends on the specific game).

By the way, if you have a video card from IntelHD, then the task is somewhat simplified for you. The fact is that for these video cards, the developers have created a website (Gameplay), where they publish the optimal settings for modern games. I recommend to read!

Remove trash from the system, defragment the disk

No matter how carefully you use your laptop, over time, a fairly large amount of “garbage” accumulates in the system: temporary files, program cache, broken shortcuts, old registry entries from long-deleted software, etc. All this, of course, affects the performance of the device.

To clean the system from such debris, I would recommend using a special. utilities: System Care, CCleaner, etc. (the built-in Windows cleaner does not stand up to criticism). Even the free version of such programs is enough for a complete system cleaning (see screenshots below ).

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Clear and Optimize System Care 12

7 programs for defragmenting your hard drive in Russian (HDD optimization).

To start it. open “My Computer”, and go to the properties of the disk that you want to defragment (usually, select the system disk).

Next, in the “Service” tab, click on the “Optimize” button. Example below ().

In the window that opens, select the disk and click the “Optimize” button. By the way, before this operation, it is advisable to conduct an analysis (the button for launching next to optimization). perhaps your disk does not need defragmentation yet.

Before starting the game, see what you have running, clear the RAM

Before starting the game, I also recommend that you check if there are any resource-intensive applications that load the CPU, RAM, hard drive, etc. Applications such as video editors, audio editors, torrents, browsers, etc it is better to close so that there are no brakes in the game because of their work.

The easiest way to look at the list of running applications is to open the “Task Manager” (shortcut CtrlShiftEsc). Further, the list can be sorted by any of the columns and find all resource-intensive applications.

By the way, you can clear the RAM faster (with one mouse click!). This can be done using the utility Advanced SystemCare if you activate the performance monitor. It will allow you to always know how much memory is loaded and clear it quickly enough (see screenshot below ).

How to clear RAM (if there is not enough memory). see instructions

Memory cleared in Advanced SystemCare. 1261 MB memory freed

Disable (uninstall) your antivirus

Antivirus is a resource-intensive application that can seriously slow down your laptop (especially if the application is not optimized). Therefore, for the duration of the game, it is highly advisable to disable it (even despite the presence of a game mode).

In general, if you use a laptop only for games, social. networks, and music. in my opinion, you can remove the antivirus altogether and work without it (from time to time, checking the laptop using online antiviruses).

Note: Windows 10 also has a built-in defender that does a pretty good job of dealing with most threats.

Check the temperature of the device (you may need a special stand)

Pay attention to whether the laptop makes a lot of noise (hums) during games, whether hot air comes out of the device (this is felt immediately if you put your hand to the ventilation holes). Also, a common sign of overheating is sudden reboots or shutdowns of the device.

In general, the device can overheat for various reasons:

  • in case of improper use (for example, if the laptop is put on a bed, then some of the ventilation openings will be covered with a soft cloth. As a result, the heated air in the device case will simply have nowhere to go out.);
  • due to dusty cooler. radiator, ventilation openings of the device. It is recommended to clean the laptop from dust about 1-2 times a year ( how to do it at home);
  • due to the high room temperature (most often this occurs in the summer, in the southern regions of the country);
  • with those. malfunctions in the device (for example, the cooler does not work).

Be that as it may, the first thing I recommend is to check the temperature of the device (moreover, you need to measure it directly when the game is running, when the brakes appeared.). There are specials for this. utilities, for example, AIDA64.

AIDA 64. Computer, sensors. see temperatures

If the temperature comes out outside the norm, a number of measures must be taken (clean the device from dust; see what the system is loaded with; purchase a cooling pad, etc.). I recommend that you read one of my past articles on this topic, the link to it is below.

Even if you have a fairly old laptop, I would recommend installing SSD drive and add RAM (if possible).

For those who have not used an SSD, I recommend that you read this note (in short, the speed of working with a drive will increase by

1) How to install an SSD drive in a laptop. simple concise instructions

2) How to increase RAM on a laptop. it’s easier than it sounds

Also on Windows you can disable some services and this will have a positive effect on performance. However, if your laptop is not that old, then you can hardly notice an increase in the performance of the device.

That’s all for now, additions would be very useful.

Special mods for increasing FPS

If all of the above points did not give the desired effect, in addition to them, you can try to install special mods created to increase the FPS. These mods are divided into two types: small mods for removing effects and complex mods. The former include modifications that remove fog, effects, and other graphic details. Complex mods, in turn, are able to compress textures to lower values, completely remove all additional special effects, and also select the lowest possible settings to raise the FPS. These mods include Texture Compression Mods, WoT Tweaker and others.

I hope this article was useful to you and you managed to run World of Tanks on a weak computer. The above methods work best together. If you follow all these steps, you can easily increase the number of frames per second to acceptable values, at which there will be no strong lags, freezes, etc. If, nevertheless, you failed to do this, we recommend that you update your computer using the article “How to choose a PC for World of Tanks”.

You can also get acquainted with the full video guide to the game settings.

Games for weak PCs or laptops, video launches

This page contains a list of games for weak PCs that Alex runs on a weak and super weak computer.

How to set up a weak computer for gaming

Ways to set up a weak computer (use everything together if possible)

  • Update drivers. give at least an increase in frames per second, as a maximum they will allow you to start the game if it has not started. Also the corresponding drivers recommended by the developers (usually the newest or, much less often, stable old drivers);
  • Disable all unnecessary programs before starting (fill in the “RAM”);
  • Clean startup. some running programs may not even be visible, but they will work on the sly, take up PC resources;
  • Disable the Aero theme on the desktop (“eats up” the video memory and “RAM”). put the classic theme, it is maximally simplified and requires the least resources from the PC;
  • Clean up the RAM. restart the PC or use a special program, for example, Mem Reduct. It can be configured to clear the “RAM” when it is 70% full and plus every 5 minutes from unnecessary garbage, so the RAM will be used most efficiently for games;
  • We turn off the antivirus while starting the game. antiviruses significantly load the processor and RAM, moreover, during the game, a viral danger is extremely unlikely, although only if you did not download the game from some untrusted site and viruses, the conclusion is that we download games from trusted sites and from trusted persons;
  • Defragmenting a disk with Windows and games (for which it is also better to allocate a separate local disk). files of different programs, and just media files are mixed, regardless of the fact that in our sight everything lies beautifully in folders (the file system inside does not work as we see in the file manager), so access to them slows down, which is why games usually run much slower. To do this, we just do defragmentation. (Do not do it on ordinary HDD disks, on SSDs, they do not need it at all!);
  • Clean the system with Ccleaner or others. removes a lot of unnecessary junk and software garbage accumulated in the OS during months of installing and removing programs and games. But do not forget that by default there is also the deletion of the browser cache, so you must remember all your passwords to sites / social networks, because after cleaning them, you will have to re-enter them (or simply uncheck the checkboxes from the items to clear the cache of the desired browser), after cleaning, the system will work much faster;
  • Power Consumption (Control Panel. System and Security. Power Consumption). set “Performance”, the system will work at full capacity;
  • You can also disable some of the services, Windows. which are not needed at all, but only use resources, being constantly on. I’ll add a little later, which can be safely disabled;
  • Plus, do not forget to clean the computer or laptop from dust with the replacement of thermal paste, due to dust they can overheat and unstable work, moreover, one or more parts often burn out from overheating, especially in a laptop.

Preparing your PC to run WoT

Before starting the tanks, each player who wants to start the game on a weak computer must do several preparatory operations that will help the system work better and thereby give a good increase and stability of the FPS. Get involved in updating video card drivers, install or update all important additional software, and also clean your PC from viruses and various malware. The clogging of the computer with spyware, worms and viruses can eat up more than twenty percent of the power of the entire system! In order to get rid of unnecessary software, scan all disks using reliable antivirus programs. Also, an important factor will be scanning the computer before launching the operating system itself. Fortunately, now all modern antiviruses are capable of performing this operation, and most of them are distributed completely free of charge. Following the checks and updates, you need to clean the system from unnecessary and temporary files stored in the PC’s memory. CCleaner is the best utility for cleaning unnecessary junk. The program has a friendly interface and is easy to work with. The above actions will help to add a few tens of frames per second, which may be quite enough for a comfortable game. If the operations did not affect the work of the game in any way, more drastic measures should be taken. First you need to completely clean the computer from the accumulated dust. In case of overheating, you can also replace the thermal paste and look at the correct operation of the cooling system. An extreme measure would be to reinstall the entire operating system, followed by the installation of fresh programs and utilities. As a rule, after reinstalling Windows, the PC will work much faster, so this procedure should be carried out from time to time to all players.

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Analogs of video cards that I use for testing in games

I usually use 3 video cards to test games:

  • GeForce GT 630 1 GB DDR3 / 128 Bit
  • GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1 GB DDR5 / 192 Bit
  • Radeon HD 7870 2GB DDR5 / 256 Bit

What video cards are equal to them in power, or in general, at what level of performance they are, you can see in the picture below:

PUBG test run on 2-4 cores, 8 RAM, GeForce GT 630 1 GB

How to speed up PC for games? Razer Game Booster and manual tuning, which is better?

Test Mafia 3 v.1.09 (new DLC) on weak and medium PC

Ghost Recon Wildlands on a weak PC (4 cores, 4-8 RAM, GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1 GB)

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  • 12 December 2016
  • Author: Alex

How to set up a weak computer for games video instruction

Computer games are a very common and interesting entertainment, moreover, for many it is work and, accordingly, earnings. But, the gaming industry does not stand still, the computer can become weak for games. In this case, this article will collect tips and tricks for setting up weak PCs in order to prepare them to run demanding games.

Launching and configuring the game

Since many tasks and open applications will heavily load a weak PC, we strongly recommend that you disable everything unnecessary before entering the game. The system can be loaded by everything from the included Skype to antivirus. Disable all programs one by one, it can be torrents, open browsers, antivirus programs, software for communication and online calls, launchers of other games, etc. After all this, you can go to the next item.

Correct world of tanks settings will help you run the game with the best parameters in order to get maximum performance. First, you need to decide on the version of the client of the game itself. At the moment there are two types of client. HD and SD. HD client is a special version of the game designed for powerful computers. All game objects of this type have improved quality of graphics, textures, special effects and other small details. All these improvements do not affect the gameplay in any way, but only additionally burden the PC to create a good look. HD doesn’t suit us, so let’s move on to SD. The SD client has a regular render with standard graphics and regular textures. This type of game is less beautiful in terms of graphics, but it is more suitable for weak PCs, as it has the highest performance. Further customization of wot will be based on the SD client of the game. To see your type of client and select the one you need, just go to the game launcher and select the settings item. It’s in the upper right corner of the installer window. After that, you can go directly to the very graphical settings of the game.

In the settings window, when you select the “graphics” parameter, you can find a large number of items responsible for lowering or, conversely, increasing graphic settings. Of course, many players can argue that with a weak PC, you should choose the minimum graphical settings. This is partly true, but in reality everything turns out to be a little different. Setting some parameters to the minimum value distorts the game and does not fully render the current situation, so some parameters should be set to higher positions in order to exclude unwanted moments from the gameplay.

It’s worth starting with the screen resolution. This is a very important parameter, as it can significantly increase the number of frames in the game. High resolutions put a lot of stress on the graphics card of a PC or laptop. If you have strong FPS drawdowns and lags, try setting a lower resolution. This, of course, will lower the quality of the graphics, but the load will also drop. It is best to choose a lower resolution of the same format, so the smaller image will be stretched to full screen.

Some players believe that windowed mode can increase the number of frames per second. This is a false delusion, in fact, it is more profitable to use full-screen mode, because the game launched in the window will require slightly more resources, but even this small amount can negatively affect the FPS.

Vertical sync, anti-aliasing and triple buffering options should be disabled completely. These graphic settings make the picture softer and more beautiful, but the resource costs are too high to leave these points.

Slider for 3D rendering, allow the player to fine-tune the quality of the image detail. High values ​​will load the system, low ones make the picture sharper and more beautiful. With this slider, you can set the optimal value for the quality of the game and the number of FPS. The 3D rendering settings can be twisted at the last moment, then decreasing, then adding. If you are sure that the computer will be on the verge of coping with the minimum settings, it is better to unscrew the slider to the extreme left position. This may interfere with aiming at first, but with habit you

The other settings in this menu are purely visual and do not affect system performance in any way, so you can set them at your own discretion.

In the next menu, there are even more different settings. With their help, you can fine-tune the optimal parameters of the game.

At the very beginning of the menu, there is a graphics item and two options. standard and improved. As is the case with the SD and HD client of the game, each parameter is responsible for the quality of detail, special effects, etc. To start on a weak machine, you should choose the standard world of tank settings, as they will be able to give the maximum system performance. Improved graphics, although it has a more beautiful appearance, it negatively affects the number of frames per second on a weak PC.

All of the following parameters also affect FPS drawdowns to one degree or another, so most of them will have to be removed to achieve the best effect. Thus, we set the quality of the texture and lighting to a minimum, completely turn off the shadows of the additional. Effects, vegetation and post-processing. These parameters are more responsible for the quality of the picture and therefore we remove them, as shown in the photo.

The setting of the lower block of the menu should be approached more carefully, since important details are hidden here. Don’t put terrain quality at a minimum, it is best to choose a low or medium value. When choosing the minimum parameter, some details of the shelters will be invisible, but in fact, in the game they act as a real obstacle. Therefore, players at low settings can shoot invisible from obstacles, for example, targeting the enemy through the loophole, embankment and other cover. In addition to this, you should not take away the detail of objects to a minimum. Also, as in the previous paragraph, this parameter is responsible for drawing some obstacles, so it is best to set the detail to a low value. Finally, you need to set the maximum value for the drawing distance. This important parameter is responsible for the visible objects in the field of view of the machine. If you remove this setting to a minimum, the player will not receive complete information about the remote enemy tanks, therefore, because of this, there may be miserable misses and shooting at invisible walls. All other settings can be safely twisted to a minimum, as shown in the screenshot.

How to speed up a laptop on Windows 10: instructions

Many owners of PCs and laptops are accustomed to the seventh version of the Windows operating system and do not want to move to the “ten”. But in vain. It is much more productive. But it requires some customization. Like any system. But with the correct setting of all parameters, the difference will be noticeable. Let’s talk about how to speed up a Windows 10 laptop. This is a perennial problem. Laptops are generally more problematic than PCs. Let’s fine-tune the “dozens” on laptops.

Spy “chips

It has long been no secret to anyone that the “ten” closely monitors all user actions and sends all the information to Microsoft. And here is how this company uses this information. big question. But it’s not that. The fact is that all these options slow down the system and make the laptop run slower. Accordingly, you need to disable all tracking services. This is another answer to the question of how to speed up a laptop on Windows 10. How to disable spy options? Very simple.

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Updating Drivers

“Ten” is able to install drivers for all devices out of the box. But not all of them work adequately. This can also cause brakes and glitches. This is especially true for Wi-Fi drivers. Replacing these drivers. the answer to the question of how to speed up the Internet on a laptop with Windows 10. To check which driver is installed, just open the device manager, right-click on the name of the equipment and select “Properties”. If the inscription Microsoft is visible somewhere, then it is better to replace such a driver.

You can find the drivers you need on the official website of the laptop manufacturer or its individual components. It usually contains the freshest food for all devices. All that remains is to download and install. After installing all the necessary drivers, you must restart your computer for the changes to take effect. After all these manipulations, the performance of the laptop will increase slightly.

Use of specialized programs

This is another answer to the question of how to speed up a laptop on Windows 10. But it is not recommended to use all this software without understanding. The fact is that in the automatic mode these utilities can “screw up” a lot, and the operating system’s performance will only deteriorate. The best programs are CCleaner and AusLogics BoostSpeed. They work most adequately with operating system options. But they do not always cope well with the “top ten”. It’s just that these utilities are not optimized to work in this OS.

It is not recommended to use such programs also because they “settle” in the startup. And instead of an increase in productivity, you get one loss. And this is not needed by anyone. It’s better to do everything manually. Then the system will work as expected.

Disable graphic effects

“Ten”. a very beautiful system. But all the graphical bells and whistles require a fair amount of RAM and graphics card power. For reasons of practicality, it is better to turn off all the “niceties”. By doing this, you can immediately notice how much better the computer will think. Asked about how to speed up a Windows 10 laptop? Disable graphical bells and whistles. and your laptop will be much faster.

To disable it, just right-click on the “This computer” icon, select “Properties”, and in the window that appears. See Advanced System Settings. Here it will be enough to check the box “Provide the best performance”. All graphic effects will be removed instantly. This will allow the computer to channel all its power into running programs, rather than looking good.


The biggest problem with any system in the Windows family. The fact is that some programs are put into startup without the user’s knowledge and mercilessly “eat” system resources. At the same time, the owner of the laptop does not even use these programs. There is only one way out: remove unnecessary applications from startup. The most interesting thing is that even system applications load the computer quite well. For example, One Drive that no one needs hangs in startup all the time and “eats” the device’s RAM. Arrange system startup. here is the first answer to the question on how to speed up the performance of a laptop on Windows 10.

To do this, you must first call the task manager with the Ctrl, Alt, Del keyboard shortcut. There you need to go to the “Startup” tab. The manager will give you a list of applications that start automatically at system startup. Many of them are unnecessary. But you need to be careful here, as you can disable hardware applications. And this is undesirable. In order to remove a program from autorun, you need to right-click on the name of the application and select the “Disable” item in the menu that appears. After turning off all programs, restart the laptop. Many have asked about how to speed up the boot Windows 10 on a laptop. This method helps in this case too.

What not to do

You cannot disable services vital to the operating system. Without them, the system may refuse to work altogether. It is also best not to touch the system processes in the task manager. This can lead to the inoperability of the OS. You should not poke around in the system registry. Unknowingly, you can do something there that then programmers will not figure it out. Also, do not disable the swap file. Some programs refuse to start at all without it. This is especially true for laptops, since they do not have a lot of RAM. You should also not defragment your SSD. First, he doesn’t need it. And secondly, it will not live long if it is defragmented.

Reduced load

Reducing the load on the system means temporarily disabling background services and processes that take up RAM and consume processor time. For this, special software is used, for example, Wise Game Booster. It allows you to optimize the operation of the network and the OS shell, automatically terminate unused services and applications.

There are other similar programs with similar functionality. All of them are designed to help allocate more system resources to the game.

Speed ​​up the laptop

There are two ways to increase the speed of a laptop in games. by reducing the overall load on the system and increasing the performance of the processor and video card. In both cases, special programs will come to our aid. In addition, to overclock the CPU, you will have to refer to the BIOS.

Increasing RAM and adding an SSD

The second most important reason for “lags” in games, after the video card and processor, is the insufficient amount of RAM. If memory is low, “extra” data is moved to a slower subsystem. disk. This leads to another problem. at a low speed of writing and reading from the hard disk, so-called freezes can be observed in the game. short-term freezes of the picture. There are two ways to fix the situation. increase the amount of RAM by adding additional memory modules to the system and replace the slow HDD with a solid-state drive.

Improving laptop performance in games

Overclocking components

Overclocking refers to an increase in the base frequency of the central and graphics processor, as well as the RAM and video memory. Special programs and BIOS settings will help to cope with this task.

You can use MSI Afterburner to overclock your GPU and memory. The program allows you to raise the frequency, increase the voltage, adjust the rotation speed of the cooling system fans and monitor various parameters.

Before starting the procedure, you should also arm yourself with additional software for various measurements and stress testing, for example, FurMark.

One of the basic rules for overclocking is a stepwise increase in frequencies with a step of no more than 50 MHz. This should be done for each component. GPU and memory. separately. That is, first we “drive” the GPU, and then the video memory.

Unfortunately, all the recommendations above are only suitable for discrete graphics cards. If the laptop has only integrated graphics, then overclocking it most likely will not work. True, the new generation of built-in Vega accelerators is subject to a little overclocking, and if your machine is equipped with such a graphics subsystem, then all is not lost.

To overclock the processor, you can choose two ways. raising the base frequency of the clock generator (bus) or increasing the multiplier. There is one nuance here. such operations must be supported by the motherboard, and in the case of the multiplier, which must be unlocked, by the processor. You can overclock the CPU both by setting parameters in the BIOS, and using programs such as ClockGen and CPU Control.

The most important thing to remember when overclocking components is a significant increase in heat generation. Excessively high CPU and GPU temperatures can adversely affect system performance. If the critical threshold is exceeded, the frequencies will be reduced, and in some cases an emergency shutdown will occur. To avoid this, you should not “raise” the values ​​too much during overclocking, and you also need to attend to increasing the efficiency of the cooling system.

Driver setup

When you install a driver for a discrete video card, a special software for configuring graphics parameters is also added to the computer. For NVIDIA it is the “Control Panel” with the corresponding name, and for the “red ones” it is the Catalyst Control Center. The point of setting is to lower the display quality of textures and other elements that increase the load on the GPU. This option is suitable for those users who play dynamic shooters and action games, where reaction speed is important, and not the beauty of landscapes.

If you are determined to increase the performance of your laptop for gaming, you can use all of the above methods at once. This will not make the laptop a powerful gaming machine, but it will help you get the most out of its capabilities.