How to see how many cores are on a laptop

How to see how many cores are on a laptop

Tell me how to find out exactly how many cores are in the processor on my laptop. It’s just that when I bought it, they said that it was a dual-core processor, and when I opened the device manager, I saw that I had four cores. How so?

Indeed, there is often confusion with these kernels. But most of all “kills” that sellers who are not honest in their hands often play on this, selling a dual-core processor as a quad-core (the thing is that Intel processors (including Intel Core i3, i5, i7) use special. Hyper Threading Technology (HT)).

Further in the article I will show several ways how you can find out exactly the number of cores (and not get confused in this ), and what is the difference between “real” cores and these “virtual” ones.

specialist. utilities

One of the most accurate and reliable ways to find out information about your processor (without disassembling the computer) is to use the help of specials. utilities: A (for a tangible amount for myself). I highly recommend looking at the characteristics of the device just in such programs (Windows properties can be relatively easily faked / edited).

By the way, I have a separate article on my blog dedicated to such utilities (see the link below).

For example, I am impressed by the CPU-Z program (since you just need to run it, you don’t even need to install ). Pay attention to the screenshot below: in the main window of CPU-Z you can immediately find out all the main characteristics of the processor (Cores are the cores, there are 2 of them behind my working laptop).

Identical information can be found in another fairly convenient utility. Speccy. In it you need to open the “CPU” tab (see screenshot below).

So how many cores does the processor have

through Windows properties and official. products webpage

  • open the Windows Control Panel (how to open it) the “System and Security / System” tab (see the screen below). You can use the “hot” combination WinPause.

System and security. system (see properties)

then find out the model of your processor (down to the letter. In my case, it is Intel Core i5-7200U). See example below.

  • go to the official website of your CPU manufacturer; Just in case, I will give a couple of links: Intel.; AMD.
  • in the search line of the official. site, enter your model;
  • and, in fact, there should be a specification: in it you can find out not only about cores and threads, but also other useful information (for example, critical temperature, processor frequency, etc.).

    Specification from Intel website (Intel Core i5-7200U)

    Third party software

    There is also another way to get detailed information on the device of a personal computer or laptop. How to find out how many cores on a laptop using third-party programs?

    You can use Everest Ultimate or CPU-Z utility. Just install them on your computer and run. They will collect all the information you need about the laptop and present it in an accessible and understandable form better than the “Device Manager”.

    How To Enable All CPU Cores Windows 10. Boost PC PERFORMANCE 1000%

    Without software

    Many modern laptops are sold without an operating system preinstalled. So it will not be possible to programmatically check the required information. How to find out how many cores are on a laptop in this situation?

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    What does it mean: cores. 2, logical processors. 4

    The number of cores and logical processors is taken as an example. In your case, it may be slightly different, for example, cores. 4, logical processors. 8.

    This means that the processor is dual-core (and not quad-core, as many believe). It’s just that each core is “divided” into two virtual ones (they are called threads). This is a special technology from Intel. Hyper-Threading (by the way, not all Intel processor lines support it).

    AMD processors have the same number of physical and logical cores. Therefore, such confusion does not arise with them.

    By default, usually, Hyper Threading technology is enabled (the parameter is set in BIOS / UEFI, often abbreviated as “HT”, see the screenshot below).

    Thanks to this technology, the processor should work a little faster in streaming applications, for example, this is noticeable when encoding video (how can you increase the encoding speed up to 15 ÷ 30% !?).

    In general, the unit of growth from this technology depends on the application and its optimization. Some games do not get any gain from it at all, while others. very significantly! Many users simply arrange a test. turning this technology on / off and comparing the performance, what was with it and without it.

    How to find out how many cores are in a computer, see how many cores are on a laptop

    Users often ask how to find out how many cores are in a computer or laptop. Usually asking this question means the number of cores in the processor.

    Fortunately, getting information about the number of cores is easy enough. In this article, we will demonstrate two universal methods that will work anyway.

    Method number 1. Viewing information about the processor through the properties of the system.

    The easiest and most reliable way to find out how many cores are in a computer is to open system properties and see the name of the processor. You can open system properties in different ways. For example, you can simply press the WindowsPause / Break key combination or right-click on the computer icon on the desktop and select Properties. These methods will work in any version of Windows.

    Also, the system properties can be opened through the “Control Panel”. If you have Windows 7 or a newer version of Windows, then in order to open the system properties you need to open the “Control Panel” and go to the “System and Security. System” section. In Windows XP, you just need to open the “Control Panel” and go to the “System” section.

    many, cores, laptop

    If you have Windows XP, then the system properties window will look like in the screenshot below.

    In Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, the system properties window looks a little different (screenshot below).

    But, no matter how the window with the system properties looks, the name of your processor will always be indicated here. Enter the processor model name into any search engine and go to the manufacturer’s official website.

    On the manufacturer’s website, study the technical characteristics of your processor and find there information about the number of cores in the processor.

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    Method number 2. Viewing information about the processor using the CPU-Z program.

    many, cores, laptop

    You can also find out how many cores are on the computer using special programs. For example, you can use the CPU-Z program. This program is designed to view the technical specifications of the processor. With its help, you can find out all the characteristics of the processor without going to the official website of the processor manufacturer.

    First, you need to download the CPU-Z program from the official website. To do this, go to the site, click on the “SETUP ENGLISH”.

    After that, install the CPU-Z program on your computer.

    And launch using a shortcut on your desktop. After starting this program, you will see all possible information about your processor. In order to find out how many cores on the computer (on the processor), pay attention to the Cores parameter, which is located at the very bottom of the window.

    Next to this parameter, the number of cores on your computer will be indicated.

    We look at the documentation

    All the main characteristics of the CPU are also indicated on its packaging and in the complete documentation. mail. login to mail and initial settings

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      When buying a new personal computer, advanced users often pay attention to such technical characteristics as the number of processor cores. Simply put, this indicator can describe the power of a computer.

      As many users believe, the quality of a laptop is proportionally dependent on the number of cores: the more, the better. But for high efficiency, a harmonious interaction of all components of a technical product is required.

      If, for example, the power of the built-in cooler is not enough, then the work of even four processors will not be justified.

      To tune the computer to the highest possible performance, you need to say how many cores are in your processor. There are several ways to do this.

      How to find out how many cores a laptop has

      How to find out how many cores are on a computer

      There are several ways to find out how many cores are in the processor of a laptop or personal computer. However, every single method may not work for all laptops, so try different ones and you will definitely get an answer to your question.

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      Third Party Programs

      There are a lot of utilities that allow you to find out how many cores are running on a laptop, and to determine other characteristics of a laptop. But one of the best is the CPU-Z application, which can be downloaded for free from the network from the official resource. To work with the utility, you have to install it on a laptop. But in the future, CPU-Z will help you get a lot of useful information.

      In order to find out the number of cores, it is enough:

      • Launch the application.
      • Wait while it collects information about the laptop.
      • Go to CPU tab.
      • Find the Cores section showing the currently active processor cores.

      Using built-in system capabilities

      One of the easiest options for how to find out how many cores are on a laptop is to use the built-in capabilities of the Windows OS. To do this, follow these steps:

      • Call the context menu on the “Computer” icon (located on the desktop or in the “Start” menu).
      • Select Computer Properties.
      • In the window that opens, find the device manager line.
      • Expand hardware list and find processor.
      • After clicking on this item, the same number of lines will open as how many processors your laptop has.

      The technique is fast and quite convenient. however, it works only with AMD processors. Intel brand chipsets are likely to display the wrong row count. The multitasking of processors from this manufacturer increases the number of threads, each of which can be mistaken for a separate core. Because of this, you have to use another method, how to find out how many cores are in a laptop processor. special utilities.

      A useful built-in Windows tool such as the “Task Manager” can also help in resolving the issue. It can be opened from the right-click menu on the control panel. Having opened the utility, you should select the “Performance” tab and see how many processes are simultaneously running on your device. The disadvantage of this method is that kernels that are not used in the work may not be displayed by the utility.

      “Device Manager”

      With this tool, you can see not so much the number of cores as their threading. The system often confuses these indicators on modern computer models. Here’s how to see how many cores are on a computer through Device Manager:

      • For Windows 7 and 8, the commands are the same. Click RMB (right mouse button) on the “Start” menu button and select the “Device Manager” line. Or use the combination of buttons “Win X”.
      • In the window that appears, find the line “Processors” below.

      This method should be used by those who need to get the most detailed information.