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How to see battery wear on iPhone

How to Extend iPhone and iPad Battery Life

Let’s take a look at how to make sure that your power supply does not wear out so much and will last you longer:

  • Only charge your iPhone or iPad with original and certified cables.
  • Try charging your smartphone to DO 5 percent once a month, and then up to 100 percent. This will calibrate the battery.
  • Do not bring the device to automatic shutdown due to low battery.
  • Do not expose the device to cold temperatures, as in cold weather the battery dries up faster and thus wears out faster. Buy a case in which the body of the smartphone will not cool down so much.
  • Charge your smartphone at room temperature.

What to do next

75-80% of the factory capacity is still not fatal and you can live with it calmly, but if such autonomy is not suitable for your use case, then you will have to replace the battery.

It is better to do this in official or trustworthy services. If you decide to replace yourself, then do not buy suspiciously cheap batteries and keep in mind that, unlike the iPhone 4 / 4s in later devices (and all iPads), the replacement procedure involves a complete disassembly of the device, which requires appropriate skills.

And further. Before going to the service center, try to calibrate the battery. It helps many, but trying is not torture.

Check iPhone iPad battery wear on macOS and Windows

If you have a MacBook or iMac, then you will be able to find out in detail the state of the battery of your iPhone or iPad using the free program coconut Battery.

battery, wear, iphone

After the installation of the program on Mac is complete, you will see a new icon on the panel, clicking on which will show you the battery status of your iOS device.

To view the full details in more detail, click on the Device detalis button.

  • Current charge. current charge
  • Maximum charge. maximum charge
  • Design capacity. initial battery capacity
  • Loadcycles. the number of cycles to recharge the iPhone or iPad battery

The main focus is the Design capacity and Maximum charge values, which help to see the loss of battery capacity over the period of use of the iPhone or iPad (Design capacity. Maximum charge = how much the charge capacity has decreased).

Checking battery wear on iphone using iBackupbot app. Run the program and go to the Information section:

  • CycleCount. number of recharges
  • DesignCapacity. initial capacity
  • FullChargeCapacity. the current state of the iBackupbot battery

Diagnostics of the battery status of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by means of the system

Apple developers have implemented a tool for diagnosing the battery health of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This feature is available on iPhone 6 and later models running iOS 11.3 or later. To assess the wear and tear of the battery and find out if it needs to be replaced, go to “Settings”, go to the “Battery” section and select “Battery status”.

The “Maximum capacity” column will show the value in percent. This indicator is the ratio of the current capacity to the capacity of the new battery.

Also, all Apple smartphones are equipped with a performance management system. It dynamically adjusts the maximum power of the device to avoid unplanned shutdowns. The function is automatically activated after the first unexpected shutdown of iPhone, the battery capacity of which is no longer sufficient for maximum device performance.

If necessary, the function can be disabled by clicking on the “Disable” button and selecting the “Disable” option.

Checking on Windows

Download and install iBackup Bot for free.
2. Connect iPhone to computer via proprietary cable.
3. Select a device from the list on the left and wait while its data is read.
4. Press “Information”, where a window with battery statistics will be shown.
5. We are interested in the CycleCount parameter, which should not exceed 500.

A cycle rate of 800 (average 2 years of service) and above means it’s time to consider replacing the battery. The higher the value, the more likely the phone will depend on the socket. On the latest versions of iOS, you will also experience a slowdown in the smartphone. this is how Apple is trying to extend the battery life by lowering the processor frequency and reducing the load on the battery.

How to Check Battery Wear Percentage on iPhone

With each new day you use your iPhone, the level of battery wear and tear increases, affecting battery retention time. How to find out when to change your battery and which apps to use to find out the amount of wear and tear?

Of course, every technique from Apple is equipped with high-quality parts, especially for rechargeable batteries. All these devices, no matter MacBook, iPhone or iPad, have a significant number of recharge cycles, as a result, they do not lose their capacity very much.

Checking on iPhone (in the app)

Install the verified Battery Life app from the App Store.
2. There are alternative options for the instrument, but no one can vouch for their accuracy.
3. After starting Battery Life, the phone displays the percentage of battery wear.
4. In the additional menu you will find also the number of charging cycles and the current capacity.
5. The indicator may be wrong if you have previously repaired a smartphone.

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How to check battery wear level on iPhone

IPhone settings can be used to find out the battery life and which apps are draining the device’s battery the most. But, in the settings there is no information about the state of the iPhone battery and what level of wear it has.

Fortunately, this information can be obtained using third-party applications and programs. In this post, we are going to show you how to check battery wear on iPhone using iOS apps and programs for Windows and macOS. Information will be relevant for all iPhone models, iPhone including 4, 4s, 5, 5s, se, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and iPhone X.

Battery life

Many users are interested in how to check the battery on an iPhone, if such an option is not provided in the settings. The easiest way is to use the applications available for download in the AppStore. The most popular application among iPhone users is Battery Life. The application is simple and easy to use, equipped with an intuitive interface. The main screen of the application shows the percentage of battery wear. If the app shows 95, it means the battery is 5 percent worn out according to the program. interesting information about the device is found in the application menu. Open the “Raw Data” item. There are two points inside:

The second point is not of interest, since it simply shows the battery charge. Pay attention to Capacity. this menu item shows the remaining and original capacity of the battery.

Does Your iPhone Need a New Battery ? Find out

How to check iPhone battery wear%. How many do you have?

After a wave of controversial opinions from readers about Eduard Sargsyan’s collection of tips on how to extend the battery life of an iPhone, I checked the wear of my.

For 163 days after activation and 140 full charge-discharge cycles, the state of the battery of my 7 is excellent. And the capacity reaches 98% of the declared.

  • I charge my iPhone with iPad charging 95% of the time
  • I keep my smartphone connected to Mac for a couple of hours daily
  • is always I connect it to the charger for the whole night
  • used the dubious Lightning of the Rock company (they just fell apart in a couple of months), and today he preferred Native Union (like MFi, quality at 5)
  • I put my iPhone in Xiaomi power banks and auto-chargers (I think it’s okay here)
  • I do not follow the temperature regime from the word at all (summer and a regular beach are ahead)

How to check battery wear on iPhone

We check with the help of third-party programs (if iOS is lower than iOS 11.3 version)

Not everyone wants to upgrade from iOS 10 to their old iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 for this feature. We all know how it works and it is better to stay on an older version of the operating system.

Sooner or later, you may still need to check the status of the battery, and in this case, we do the following:

  • install ourselves an application like Battery Life (or something similar);
  • we open it and the state of your battery is written to you.

If everything is fine, it will simply say “Excellent” and the button will be green. Yellow, still not so bad and red. when to change.

It weighs a little and is free. If you buy a paid version, it will also show the number of charging cycles. But it’s up to you to decide.


IBackupBot is a special iTunes add-on that allows you to manage iPhone files. Of the additional capabilities of this tool, the section for viewing the status of the iPhone battery should be noted.

Please note that iTunes must be installed on your computer for iBackupBot to work.

  • Download the iBackupBot program from the developer’s official website and install it on your computer.
  • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and then launch iBackupBot. The smartphone menu will be displayed in the left part of the window, in which you should select the “iPhone” item. A window with information about the phone will appear on the right. To get information about the battery status, click on the “Information” button.
  • A new window will appear on the screen, in the upper part of which we are interested in the “Battery” block. It contains the following indicators:
  • CycleCount. This indicator means the number of complete charging cycles of the smartphone;
  • DesignCapacity. Initial battery capacity;
  • FullChargeCapacity. Actual battery capacity based on wear.
  • Thus, if the indicators “DesignCapacity” and “FullChargeCapacity” are close in value, the smartphone’s battery is normal. But if these numbers are very different, you should think about replacing the battery with a new one.

    Any of the two methods given in the article will give you comprehensive information about the condition of your battery.

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    How to check battery wear on iPhone

    The main disadvantage of modern batteries for mobile devices is that the battery loses capacity over time. The first symptom is fast charging and discharging of the device, a change in the percentage of the remainder in different directions after a reboot. If the battery has lost its performance, then you do not need to throw out the phone, the battery can be replaced. The main thing is to find out the degree of wear of the battery. Craftsmen cope with the repair of the device in a matter of hours, replacing a damaged battery will not bring problems even at home. Therefore, it is important for owners of Apple devices to know how to check battery wear on an iPhone.

    How to check battery wear on iPhone through iOS apps and tools

    The battery life of the iPhone is characterized by good indicators, however, it should be understood that any batteries are impermanent. After a certain time, there is a loss of capacity, which means that the question arises of replacing the internal power source. The ability to check the battery wear on the iPhone is provided by the “operating system” iOS, which is able to monitor the state of the battery. The system “knows” when it is necessary to replace it with a new one. And also special programs are used that can assess the degree of battery wear.

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    The application designed for working with backups also allows you to find out data about the battery of your smartphone. Launching the program, we connect the iPhone to the computer. Select your device in Devices. On the right we will see the technical information:

    Press Information, where CycleCount will show the number of battery charge cycles.

    DesignCapacity is the initial capacity of the battery. FullChargeCapacity. gives an estimate of the resource, the state of the battery at the moment.

    Third-party applications for analyzing battery wear

    The battery is checked by special free programs downloaded from the AppStore:

    Checking the battery life using standard iOS tools

    On average, after a year or two from the date of purchase of the smartphone, the battery shows signs of “aging”, heats up and quickly depletes its charge. Due to the “sagging” battery, the performance of the smartphone is “slowed down”.

    The Apple website informs about the so-called charging cycles for Apple devices. These are processes from 100% “recharge” to zero. For iPhone, the number of charge cycles is 500.

    iPhone version 11.2 and higher of the operating system is able to “itself” find out the level of battery wear, the percentage of loss of capacity of the device. To do this, the user goes to “Settings”, then. “Battery” and “Battery status”. The line “Maximum capacity” shows the possible filling volume of the battery, in contrast to the initial state.

    With an indicator that evaluates the state of the battery below 80%, you should already think about purchasing a new battery.

    In iPhones with iOS 10.2.1, Apple developers have implemented battery information in a special section of the system. The user in a critical state of the battery receives a message from iOS: “Your iPhone battery needs service.” The Settings App starts, where the Battery section is located, signaling the necessary battery replacement.


    This program helps you check the status of the iPhone battery, and also provides information about the device as a whole. To do this, open the Battery section, the Wear Level item:

    Battery life

    The main window of the application informs about the deterioration of the battery, giving the appropriate estimates:

    • “Very low”. No wear or loss in capacity.
    • “Low”. Minor losses.
    • “Tall”. The battery is worn out, losses are significant.
    • “Very tall”. Battery urgently required.

    Battery Life allows you to view the battery charge and wear levels in another window. “Current data”:

    In the “Working time” tab, you can understand what is the approximate battery life until full discharge:

    The article described how to test battery wear on an iPhone using iOS and third-party apps. The higher the charge cycle rate, the more dependent the phone is on the power outlet. The latest versions of iOS also “slow down” the operation of the device. The company “Apple” thus extends the battery life of the iPhone.

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    When do you need a check?

    You will need to find out the deterioration of the battery:

    • If you buy a refurbished or used iPhone;
    • If you want to see how much your battery is dead and whether it is worth buying a new one.

    Battery life

    A simpler app to check the battery status of your iPhone. Everything in it is very simple and clear. Downloaded, launched and you can see at once how much mAh was spent during battery operation. We recommend using this app to check wear and tear and no more.

    On the main screen, we are offered the following information:

    • Battery capacity at the moment and in perfect condition;
    • A colored bar indicating the current status of the battery;
    • Battery charge;
    • The number of volts of the charger;
    • Battery temperature;
    • The amount of battery volume spent.

    The first step is to pay attention to the amount of volume spent. This figure is shown at the very bottom of the table in the appendix. If this parameter shows approximately 200 mAh, then this is an excellent condition. If the figure is more than 500 mAh, then you should think about buying a new battery.

    Battery Pro

    Convenient and pleasant application for checking many parameters related to the smartphone battery.

    After downloading, the application will show the general characteristics of the battery, or rather its state at the moment. It can be perfect. this is for new batteries, normal and bad. In the case of a normal state, you can think about a change, but this is not critical. For poor condition, changing the battery is highly desirable.

    What can this application show in addition to the general characteristics?

    You should not fully trust the information received, since the program calculates everything through algorithms that are not always correct. Better to make sure of everything yourself. To do this, the application provides detailed reports on how much capacity is currently available and how much should ideally be. You can also check the charging speed of the device and the amperage of the charger.

    In individual settings, detailed reports on charge consumption are shown. You can find out what actions drain the battery the most, learn about the most demanding applications, overheating and other CPU information.

    Special programs for determining the state of the battery

    Below we have described 2 good applications that do an excellent job of the task at hand. This is Battery Life and Battery Pro.

    Methods for checking wear

    Both options can be done quickly and without much hassle. And thanks to them, we find out the total percentage of battery wear.

    In simple words, this percentage shows how much of the battery is no longer working from ideal condition. For example, if the wear is 20%, then this means that with each use you lose 20% of the charge. When buying a new battery, you will have an increase in the battery by these same 20%. This figure is not always accurate, as it is influenced by many factors. But, one way or another, she is able to show whether it is worth thinking about changing the battery.

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    The best programs to check iPhone wear and tear and test battery

    After a lot of wear and tear, the battery of your iPhone will not be able to work at full capacity and, accordingly, the device will drain quickly. Unfortunately, this is typical of any battery. Over time, with constant energy saturation and consumption, it gradually depletes its resource and fails. But ahead of schedule, this is most often observed among the most active users who use their iPhone for heavy games or constant access to the Internet.

    We will tell you about all the existing ways to quickly check the status of the battery and the percentage of wear in order to determine whether it is worth changing it or buying a new smartphone. It should be emphasized that it is normal practice to replace the battery with long-term use. This is done in many service centers, and it is not as expensive as, for example, replacing the display, and so on.

    Checking through the functionality of the iOS system

    Checking wear and tear through the built-in capabilities of the iPhone operating system is easy. This option has appeared since iOS 11.

    It is necessary to find in the main menu “Settings”, then go to the section “Battery”. Here is the basic information on the consumed applications. We are interested in the section “Battery Status”.

    As you can see from the screenshot, in our case the value of the battery capacity relative to the new one is 96%. That is, the wear rate is 4%.

    You can also see which applications load your battery the most. By removing or disabling them, you not only extend the life of the battery, but also save power, which will lead to a longer service life of the device. It is not worth demolishing all applications just so that the smartphone lives longer, since the iPhone is still suitable for such loads. Your task is to identify highly consumed applications and eliminate them. But this does not mean that they need to be deleted. You can, for example, turn off push notifications in the settings, or turn off some functions.

    Built-in tools

    The iOS 12 variant has an option to check the battery status. If your version of the “operating system” is lower than 12, the method is not suitable for you.

    What settings to go to to find out the exact percentage of wear:

    • Open the panel with sections of settings. Click on “Battery“.

    Expand the beta “Battery Status”. You will immediately see the maximum current battery capacity. If you have 100%, then everything is fine with your battery so far. If you have 80%, then the volume has already decreased by 20%. If the indicator reaches 60. 50%, you need to think about changing the battery.

    How to check battery health on iPhone and iPad

    You can find out for sure how much is left in your battery from the factory capacity using standard iOS tools or using a third-party utility that is downloaded to a computer with Windows or Mac OS.

    The immortal iPhone: how to determine the current battery wear on your device

    Regardless of how high-quality your iPhone battery is, this is just a consumable for the device. Over time, the capacity of the battery will inevitably decrease anyway. How to check the current state of your battery?

    Why is it important to check battery health

    The check is needed specifically in order to understand whether a battery replacement is needed in your case or not. If his condition is good, replacement is not necessary. Quick discharge in this case is facilitated by the work of a large number of applications. just use only the most necessary programs, and close the rest in time. Also turn off “Wi-Fi” if you do not need it at the moment.

    It is better, of course, to check the degree of deterioration of the battery regularly. this way you will begin to take care of it more carefully, follow the charging rules in order to delay the need to replace it.

    All about local area networks and network equipment

    Third party resources

    You can download an additional program to determine the current state of the battery, if, for example, you have an iOS version lower than 12. Consider working in the iBackupBot application, which is an addition to the main iTunes utility. For iBackupBot to work, you must have iTunes on your PC. you can install it from this official Apple page.

    Where to download iBackupbot and how to use it:

    • Go to the official website of the iBackupBot program. scroll down the page to the table. click on the link to download the version for “Windows” or Mac OS.
    • Install the application using the downloaded file.

    We connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable and open the utility interface. Your “iPhone” will appear in the bottom left menu. open the section with it. Click on the blue Information link on the right side of the screen.

    In the new window, we are interested in the Battery section. The Cycle Count item shows how many charge cycles you have already done. The Design Capacity parameter will be the factory capacity of the battery, and the Full Charge Capacity will be the current capacity. We are interested in the difference between the last two parameters. To calculate the percentage of wear, you need to select the current Honor from the factory volume. Multiply the difference by 100% and divide by the factory capacity.

    Another useful tool for checking wear is Battery Life. It can already be downloaded to the iPhone itself directly from the App Store. On the main green screen, the utility will immediately show you what state your battery is in: Perfect (excellent), Good (good) or Very Bad (very bad).

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