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How to restore Windows on an asus laptop

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I’ll start my story with my story

I have upgraded my UX32A ultrabook to Windows 8.1 and returned it to the factory state several times and always without problems. But this time the stars plotted against me and showed me a huge fig. And even though it was not Monday, but after the update I got: a working Windows 8.1, a bunch of unnecessary installation files and a folder with old Windows 8. “What to do with all this extra” junk “?”. I thought. But why grieve? I decided to roll back Windu again under the hidden Recovery partition tool to its original state.

Yes, it was not there! “The required disk partition is missing”. that’s what I read with eyes rounded in surprise. How so? Where did he go, dog! Who stole him? Show that brazen cow that tongue licked my hidden section!?

There was nothing to do, I rushed to look for a solution to my dilemma on the Asus forums. Of course, in general, everyone advises to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows from scratch. I also found links to recovery partition images for ASUS laptops. But on my ASUS UX32A I did not find the partition image. But I stumbled upon a solution to my problem. Yes Yes! The sky, seeing all my efforts, took pity on me and poked my long nose in the right line.

By the way, using ASUS Backtracker, you can get to the Windows recovery control section if the F9 button does not work

“And what is the moral of this whole story?”. you ask. And I will proudly answer you: “Anything can happen in life and you cannot insure yourself from everything in it, but if you regularly read my blog, then the troubles will obviously diminish. So that’s it ” Joke.

P / S: If the problem persists, please contact an ASUS Authorized Service Center. The list of SCs can be seen on the website

Amendment to the article 24-01-2016 (The reason. the utility was removed from the official site. I reloaded the file to YAD).

Recovery partition recovery ASUS

restore, windows, asus, laptop

How to resume System Restore

To resume the system recovery function, please install the ASUS Recovery utility

Important! (amendment from 24-1-16). I have not tested the utility on Win 10, it works on Win 8 and 8.1

  • Run “ASUS Recovery.exe
  • Click ‘Yes’ to start the recovery process. Wait for the end of the operation. The system will reboot automatically within 1 minute.
  • Run “ASUS Recovery.exe
  • Click ‘Yes’ to start the recovery process. Wait for the end of the operation. The system will reboot automatically within 1 minute.

Installed, rebooted. Began to restore the system and a miracle! The hidden Recovery section was also found and it worked.!

As a result, I rolled back the system to the factory state, and then successfully updated to Windows 8.1 without any hassle and unnecessary folders and files on my head.

But this time I was smarter and after the update I installed the ASUS Backtracker utility, with which I easily created an image of a freshly installed and updated system on a portable hard drive.

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How to roll back Windows 10?

  • Click on “Options”.
  • Select the “Update and Security” section.
  • Open the “Recovery” section and select “Roll back to an earlier build.”
  • Recovery process:
  • Select one of the reasons from the list and click “Next”.

What happens if you return the laptop to its original state?

PC Restore retains all files and personal settings, but resets system settings and uninstalls applications. “Reset the computer to its original state” removes everything from the computer, as in a clean installation of the operating system.

How to return a laptop to its original state?

Resetting your computer to its original state

  • Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then select Change PC settings.
  • Select Update & Recovery and then Recovery.
  • Under Remove All Data and Reinstall Windows, click the Get Started button.

What happens if you reset Windows 10 settings?

If you installed Windows 10 yourself, after the reset, it will be a clean Windows 10 system without additional software. During the reset, you can choose to keep your personal files or not, but still all installed programs and settings will be removed.

How to factory reset Windows 10?

Reset Windows 10 in settings from the installed system

  • Go to Settings (via start and gear icon or WinI keys). Update and Security. Recovery.
  • In the Reset this computer section, click Get Started.
  • You will be prompted to either keep your personal files or delete them.

How to recover the system on a laptop using BIOS?

Enter the command “fixboot”, press Enter, and then the Y key (in the Russian layout H). Wait while the Windows boot sectors are restored. After a while, the computer will restart. Go to BIOS again and specify the name of your system hard drive in the “First Boot Device” parameter.

How to enter BIOS on ASUS laptop?

Press and hold the F2 key. then press the power button. DO NOT RELEASE the F2 key until the BIOS screen appears. Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10: If your laptop is running Windows 8 or higher and you don’t know how to enter BIOS. May 18, 2020.

How to restore Windows on an asus laptop? Step-by-step instruction

It is not uncommon for laptop users to encounter a problem when the operating system fails. And if earlier it was possible to “return to life” the device only by reinstalling Windows, now there are several options at once. The first is to use the built-in solution located on the installation disc. The second is the Asus Laptop System Restore. the function will reset the hardware to factory settings. Of course, such methods are not only found on the aforementioned devices. Today I will talk about them and about the standard.

Built-in solution

All Asus laptops have a tool to restore the functionality of the equipment. It is located on the hard disk and takes up about 20-30 GB. In this case, the section is hidden. It cannot be removed just like that, but there are tools that allow you to say goodbye to it. But still, restoring Windows 7 to factory settings is better not to touch.

This application is convenient in that it does not remove the previously installed drivers, and therefore there will be no need to waste time on this procedure again.

Before restoring the system, it is recommended to check your files for viruses using Comodo Internet Security.

It is worth remembering that this solution is perfect if the computer does not see the image on the installation disc.

Be sure to connect the device to a constant power supply before starting.

To start recovering from the recovery partition, you need to perform several steps:

Hold down the “F9” button and hold it for a few seconds.

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The corresponding menu appears on a black background. Press “Enter”.

Choose the appropriate language and “Next”.

There will be a warning about erasing all information from the master disk. Confirming actions.

Select the partition where you want to restore the operating system.

How do I run the solution? Click “Next” and everything will be automatic.

The device will restart several times, the picture will change. You will be prompted to enter data. you do not need to do this. the equipment will do everything for you.

Don’t worry too much. just leave the laptop on for a while. The main thing is to wait for the desktop to appear. The process on various devices is delayed from half an hour to one and a half.

It is only necessary to enter any data when choosing a username.

Windows disk

Another commonly used tool is System Restore, which is available on your Windows 8 installation disc or other recent versions. In this case, it is best to do this from a USB flash drive. The main thing is to prepare the appropriate portable memory in advance. To do this, you need an image of the system that is currently installed on the computer, and a special program. Let’s say WinToFlash is perfect for this. Just insert the device, launch the application and follow the prompts to create the desired element.

To restore, we do several movements:

Now we enter through the BIOS by pressing “F1”, “F2”, “Del” or even a combination. the appropriate buttons are written on the monitor. But usually you still need to use one key. So this will help even if the Fn button is not working.

We expose the launch from a portable device. This is done in the “Boot” menu.

Next, save and exit. How to do it? All tips are written on the display. everyone can figure it out.

A black screen will appear with a message that a key has been pressed to start the procedure.

Next, we will see the installation menu for Windows 10 or the version that we need.

After choosing the language, we go to the next window. In this case, in the lower left corner there is “System Restore”. We go to the last point.

A menu with options will open. Choosing a suitable option. Usually, it will be enough to click “System Restore” and the whole process will take place almost automatically. But it is worth noting that there is also an option to launch it via the command line. this is useful in some serious cases.

After restoring your system, do not forget to check for viruses with AVG AntiVirus Free

Well, as usual, there are several ways to get the system back up and running. However, some of them refer to built-in capabilities.

It is worth noting that the latter can not always be found. So, for example, the manufacturer decided to save free space in this way. In addition, after purchase, the system could be reinstalled, which often leads to the loss of factory tools.

Hope the article helped you solve the problem.

How to Factory Reset an ASUS Laptop

ASUS Notebook allows you to roll back all settings to their original state, but only under certain conditions. In this article, we will talk about restoring factory settings.

System Tools

If you did reinstall the OS and clean up the HDD on the laptop, you can resort to using the system recovery tool. This will roll back Windows to a stable state using restore points.

Factory Reset Any Asus Laptop Easy Method. Windows 10. How to Factory reset any Asus Laptop

Read more: System Restore Windows 7

How to reset your ASUS laptop to factory settings

The considered methods of rolling back a laptop to factory settings should be enough to restore the operating system and the device as a whole. You can also contact us in the comments if you encountered any difficulties.

Restoring settings on an ASUS laptop

There are two ways to reset all settings on ASUS laptops depending on the changes you made.

How to Recover the Recovery Partition on an ASUS Laptop?

Laptop. How to Repair Windows 7 on an Asus Laptop?

  • Press during boot (requires recovery partition).
  • Click to select Windows Setup.
  • Select the language used for the recovery and click Next.
  • Read the ASUS Preload Wizard and click Next.
  • Select a section and click Next.

How to run System Restore on an ASUS laptop?

In order to restore your Asus laptop to factory settings, turn it on and press the F9 key, you should see a boot screen. The recovery program will prepare the files necessary for the operation, after which a request will appear whether you really want to perform it.

How to reset Windows 10 to factory settings via ASUS BIOS?

Reset Windows 10 using a flash drive / disk

  • Go to BIOS and select the desired boot option (from a USB flash drive or disk). Select your recovery stick from the BIOS boot menu.
  • After rebooting, the recovery program will open. Enter “Troubleshooting”.
  • Select “Return to original state”.

How to reset ASUS to factory settings?

Press and hold the “Volume” and “Power on” buttons After the Asus logo appears, release the buttons. You got to the “DROIDBOOT PROVISON” menu. Use the “Volume” and “Volume” buttons. select the item “FACTORY RESET” and confirm the selection with the button “Power on”

How to start System Restore when you turn on your computer?

How to start recovery using the command line:

  • When loading the operating system (before the welcome window appears), you need to press F8.
  • At the command prompt, enter
  • rstrui.exe.
  • or
  • X: WINDOWSsystem32Restorerstrui.exe.
  • (where X is the drive where the system itself is installed) and press Enter.

How to reset a laptop to its original state Windows 10?

Reset Windows 10 in settings from the installed system

  • Go to Settings (via start and gear icon or WinI keys). Update and Security. Recovery.
  • In the Reset this computer section, click Get Started.
  • You will be prompted to either keep your personal files or delete them.

How to run system restore on a laptop?

To perform System Restore, do the following:

  • Click Start, then select All Programs. Accessories. System Tools. System Restore.
  • In the System Restore window, click Continue.
  • Select a restore point and click Continue.

How to enable recovery on ASUS?

  • Turn off your smartphone
  • Hold down the “Volume” and “Power” buttons
  • When the ASUS logo appears, release the buttons
  • Pressing the “Volume.” select RECOVERY MODE in the red frame at the top of the screen and press the “Power on” button
  • Android will appear on the screen with an open belly and the inscription “error”

How to format ASUS Zenfone phone?

Press and hold the “Volume” and “Power on” buttons After the Asus logo appears, release the buttons. You got to the “DROIDBOOT PROVISON” menu. Use the “Volume” and “Volume” buttons. select the item “FACTORY RESET” and confirm the selection with the button “Power on”

What to do if it does not enter the recovery?

We are not responsible for your actions. Why Android won’t enter Recovery?If you have a computer at hand:

  • Download and install ADB and phone drivers.
  • Connect Android via USB, enable debugging.
  • Start ADB and run the command “adb reboot recovery”.

How to factory reset the BIOS on an ASUS laptop?

Enter BIOS and press F5 to reset the settings. Select Yes. then the BIOS will reset to defaults.

How to factory reset an ASUS laptop?

  • Disable Boot Booster in BIOS. this feature speeds up computer boot up and is enabled by default in Asus laptops.
  • In order to restore your Asus laptop to factory settings, turn it on and press the F9 key, you should see a boot screen.

How to do a system restore on a laptop?

To perform System Restore, do the following:

  • Click Start, then select All Programs. Accessories. System Tools. System Restore.
  • In the System Restore window, click Continue.
  • Select a restore point and click Continue.

How to restore your PC to its previous state Windows 10?

How to recover files after factory reset Windows 10

  • Select the hard drive of your computer or laptop where you lost your data after a factory reset.
  • Click the “Scan” button to start the file search process.
  • Click “Filter” or just search for files.

BIOS setup

Now we need to set the boot via BIOS and some other elements. To do this, we perform a number of actions:

First you need to get to the above place. We reboot the device and immediately at startup press “Del”, “F2” or another key indicated on the monitor. it all depends on the model. For example, on k53s, the first option is suitable.

Then we go to the “BOOT” tab and select Hard Drive BBS Priorities. We need to put the USB stick first.

After we find “Launch CSM” and indicate “Enabled”.

Open “Security” and remove “Boot Control”.

At the end, press “F10” and confirm the action. This will save everything that we set, and then reboot the system.

Training ( )

If the installed operating system still allows you to work, there are three fundamentally important steps to take first:

Prepare the necessary drivers (for a video card, network). Having them, it will be possible to find the rest of the elements in the future.

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Check your computer for viruses with Comodo Internet Security or AVG AntiVirus Free

Copy documents from system drive.

If your device no longer allows you to complete the above points, try to find another one with which you can still do this.

Important drivers for the Eee PC model or any others are on the official website.

But copying documents from the system disk in case of laptop inoperability will not be so easy. If the device allows it, we move it to a safe place. If not, open the laptop, take out the hard drive and try to connect it to other equipment. Pulling out the data you need.


Well, now let’s move on to directly hosting Windows 8 or any other OS version on the device:

When the system restarts, the display will show a message telling you to press any button to continue. Do it.

A plate will appear where you need to specify your preferred language. As a result, we select “Install”.

The “License Agreement” appears. We confirm reading.

Then we need a “Full Installation”.

Now we decide whether the process will take place with or without the removal of sections. Personally, I recommend allocating about 50 GB to the system disk. If you already have one, just click on the desired drive and then “Format”. We confirm our actions.

Create bootable portable memory

It should be said right away that you can reinstall the OS in different ways. Previously, it was popular from disk, since there was simply no USB memory. In the early days, many motherboards did not support such devices. But over time, it became possible to carry out the necessary procedure from a flash drive. And even today this option often becomes the only one, since many models simply may not have a suitable drive.

We’ll look at a no-disk option using only compact portable storage:

We find the image of the required OS. Usually Windows 7 is downloaded from different torrent trackers.

Install the UltraISO application. Since the program is paid, in order to use it, we press the “Trial period”. this will be enough for our purposes.

Go to the “File” menu and then “Open”.

Add the previously downloaded system image.

We go to “Bootstrapping”, and then “Burn the image”. A new window will open where we select “USB-HDD”, and then “Format”. We confirm the action.

At the end we are interested in “Record”.

How to reinstall Windows on Asus laptop? Step-by-step instruction

Good day, blog visitors.

Any computer, regardless of the “stuffing” and the software used, sooner or later needs a clean installation of the operating system. This is due to various reasons. a new version has appeared, the old one is out of order, there is a desire to remove errors and others. Of course, reinstalling Windows on a laptop on Asus or any other manufacturer will help in all these issues. But today I’m just going to talk about the process associated specifically with the equipment from this computer giant.

Using the fallback area

Also on some models, such as x54h, it is possible to use the recovery area. This is some space on the hard disk, which makes it possible to restore the system without a removable disk.

Important! If, after purchasing a laptop, the operating system has already changed, most likely it will be impossible to do this.

So, in order to use the tools from the backup department, we do a number of actions:

We restart the system and immediately hold down “F9”.

A menu will appear where we need to specify “Windows Setup” and confirm the action.

A corresponding message will appear at the end.

Turn on the device and specify the settings, as usually happens when you first start.

Well, as mentioned above, such a solution will help to cope with many problems. Sometimes even it comes up when the FN button does not work. But again, not on all models.

Hope this article helps you. Subscribe and tell your friends about the blog.

Step # 2: Burn the bootable USB stick

Note that you can install, as well as reinstall, on an ASUS laptop with Windows 7 OS not only from a USB flash drive, but also from a disk. There will be practically no difference for installation (reinstallation) from this. However, given the fact that many modern ASUS notebook models do not have drives, even having a licensed disc with Windows 7, it will not be easy to use it directly. At the same time, there is a USB connector on absolutely all PCs. So the option with a flash drive, as you can see, will turn out to be universal.

What are we doing? First, download the original Windows 7 image from the Internet or copy it from the installation disk to your computer. Then install the UltraISO program and run it in test mode (“Trial period”). In it, through the “File”. “Open” menu, add a virtual image of Windows 7 for recording:

Now we insert a USB flash drive into the computer, on which the Windows 7 image will be installed, open the “Bootstrapping” section in the UltraISO program and click the “Burn image” item. Next, select USB-HDD as the recording method in the new window and click “Format”:

The next step is to give the program permission to format the USB flash drive, and then select “Write” in the new window:

Did you have any difficulties with this? Still want to reinstall Windows? Then move on to the next step of installing our beloved Windows 7 on your ASUS laptop.

Step # 3: Perform BIOS settings

In order to install Windows 7 on an ASUS laptop without any problems, you will need to make a number of settings in the BIOS. First, of course, you need to enter it. How to do it? When the computer boots up, press Del / F2 / TabF2 / ShiftF2 on the keyboard.

Next, we find and open the Boot tab in the BIOS, select the Hard Drive BBS Priorities item in it and put the USB flash drive in the first place:

In the same tab, we find the Launch CSM item and select the Enabled parameter instead of Disabled for this option. Next, go to the Security section adjacent to Boot and deactivate the Secure Boot Control option using the Disabled parameter. Press F10, save the settings (YES) and exit the BIOS. Now there is only one little thing left. to directly install (reinstall) the OS on the ASUS laptop.

Step # 1: Preparing the PC for OS Installation

Where does the reinstallation of any operating system on a laptop begin? Correctly! With the appropriate preparation for it. Note that in order to reinstall Windows, you should initially take care of performing two extremely important steps:

  • prepare drivers for ASUS laptop;
  • copy valuable data from hard drive.

In principle, every task is clear as daylight. In particular, in order to prepare drivers for an ASUS laptop, it is enough to download them from the official website ( of the manufacturer and write them to a disk or USB flash drive:

At the same time, as great as Windows 7 is, it would be foolish to sacrifice your graduation work / annual report / family archive and other valuable documents stored on the C drive in your laptop for the sake of it. In this case, when you are going to reinstall the operating system, you should first copy the data from the hard disk to a USB flash drive or DVD. To do this, just use Windows Explorer and the notorious combination of Ctrl C and Ctrl V on the keyboard.

However, if you don’t want to part, for example, with the licensed Windows 8 operating system, you can even install it on an SSD. You can read about this “difficult” process in detail here.

Have you dealt with this? Then let’s move on!

Step-by-step instructions on how to install (reinstall) OS Windows 7 on an ASUS laptop

Despite all the efforts of software developers at Microsoft to come up with something better than simple and functional Windows 7, they have not yet succeeded. Yes, with a clear conscience, we can say that those who have at least once managed to work on a laptop with this operating system are unlikely to want to return to their old Windows XP or even to the brand new Windows 8. But what to do if, as a reward for their laptop ASUS failed to get such an OS? What? Yes, installing it on your PC and forgetting about the problem, installing OS Windows 7 on an ASUS laptop is not difficult!

Step # 4: Install the operating system

So, after all the preparatory steps have been completed, it remains only to install the prepared Windows 7 image on the laptop. In principle, this process will begin the very minute the computer exits the BIOS. A window will appear on the screen that will notify you of the need to press any key to load the flash drive. What are we doing? We press, of course, and immediately proceed to setting up Windows. First of all, select the language, click “Next”, and then “Install”:

After that, we read and agree to the license terms, and then select the “Full installation” item in the new window as an option for installing (reinstalling) on ​​a Windows 7 laptop:

Now we are determined with the disk on which we want to reinstall Windows 7, click on it with the mouse, click on the “Disk Setup” item, and then “Format”:

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What’s next? We agree to format the hard drive and after completing this process, click the “Next” button. As a result, the installation wizard will inform you that Windows 7 is being installed on the laptop:

Note that at this stage Windows 7 may ask you to install drivers. No problem? Of course not, we took care of them at the very beginning. Now we just load them ourselves, using the prompts on the screen:

Installation started? Fine! Move on.

Step # 5: Select Custom Settings and Finish Installation

In principle, in order to reinstall Windows 7 on an ASUS laptop, there is only a little work left to do. What is required? Just choose the parameters we need to work on a laptop. You will have to act in this order:

  • we assign a name for the PC and a username, and then enter (if necessary) the password to access the laptop:
  • we register the license key and set the recommended security parameters:
  • we specify the time zone (date and time) and set up the Internet connection:

Basically, with the last step, the process of installing (reinstalling) Windows 7 on a laptop from ASUS will be completed. Just? What do you think? In principle, there is nothing difficult in reinstalling Windows on a computer! Enjoy your Windows 7 experience!

If Windows does not boot

In the event of partial or complete damage to system files or partitions, Windows may not boot and require some action from the user. Unlike laptops of some brands, ASUS rarely has a separate button to launch the operating system recovery utility. However, there is a function key F9 with which you can invoke the standard troubleshooting menu.

Recovering your ASUS laptop with Recovery is pretty easy if you do it right. After entering the reset menu, highlight the recovery line marked EMS Enabled and press the Enter button. If you press the F8 key, you can select additional recovery options, but this is usually not required.

A warning will follow to delete all user files. It is recommended to save them even before starting the operating system recovery procedure. It is imperative to restore the OS to the first partition. exactly the one where Windows was originally installed.

If you choose to restore the entire contents of the HDD, the logical partitions will be deleted and the hard drive will be reformatted. This will completely delete all of its contents.

Therefore, you need to select the “Restore Windows to the first partition” item by checking the appropriate box and click the “Next” button. The system recovery process will begin, which runs automatically. The laptop will need to reboot several times during the recovery process. This is normal and should not be a concern for the laptop owner.

As a result, you will get a “clean” OS. exactly the same as immediately after installation. Then you can configure its operating parameters according to your own preferences, connect to the Internet, install applications: everything is the same as when installing Windows “From scratch”.

Reset on Asus Laptop. How to Restore Factory Settings

System Restore on an ASUS laptop in some cases helps restore Windows to operability in case of accidental damage to system files. This instruction will describe how to do this for a novice user, what it will give, what you should pay attention to during the recovery process.

System Restore on Windows 10

  • Press the “Start” button.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Click “Update and Security”.
  • Select Recovery. “Restore this PC”.
  • Click the “Start” or Get started button.
  • From all options further select “Restore factory settings”. Restore factory settings.
  • Next “Only the disk where Windows is installed”.
  • If you need to restore user data, select “Move files and clean up disk”, otherwise “Just delete files”.

Everything is ready to restore Windows 10. It remains to click the “Restore” button and wait for the procedure to finish.

When restoring a pirated copy of Windows, the operating system may display the message “Recovery disc required”. In this case, you need to use the installation disc with the exact assembly that was on your laptop. Please note that an error may occur during the recovery process and it will be impossible to recover data.

A licensed copy of Windows never requires you to install a recovery disc. This is the advantage of using the original software. no additional “Dance with a tambourine” is required to restore the system.

How to ║ Restore Reset a ASUS Transformer Book Flip to Factory Settings ║ Windows 10

In case of physical damage to the hard drive, you need to contact the ASUS service center for data recovery. Data from a non-working hard drive has to be restored in a special laboratory. completely sterile and sealed. This insures against the ingress of microscopic dust particles on the surface of the magnetic disk, its demagnetization and data loss.

It is extremely difficult to correctly recover information in artisanal conditions. it is impossible to achieve sterile conditions and a complete absence of dust at home or in a workshop.

Create a system restore point

ASUS notebook owners can create a Windows restore point. its image, when everything that needs to be configured and working. After writing the rollback point to disk when using Recovery, you will be able to choose what exactly needs to be restored. “Clean” Windows or configured and functional. The latter option is preferable because in case of damage to system files after recovery, you do not need to carry out additional manipulations, as well as install previously used applications.

After starting ASUS Recovery in Windows, select the System Protection option in the graphical interface and click the Create button. Additional settings are set using the Advanced button. The checkpoint creation process will take some time. Upon completion, a corresponding notification will appear. Now, when you restore Windows from this point, you will save user data on the laptop and you will not have to re-configure everything.

System Restore on Windows 7

In this version of the OS, you must first create a disk with an image of the system that you will be recovering. To do this, the optical drive in the laptop must be working. To make such a disc, you need to insert an empty disc into the drive. Click the “Start” button and type “Create” in the search bar, and then the appropriate option in the list of found. The process takes very little time. just as long as the drive needs to write data to the drive.

  • Insert DVD with image into optical drive.
  • Reboot laptop.
  • Press the F12 button to call the Boot menu.
  • Select boot from optical drive.
  • Confirm your readiness to restore the system by clicking the “OK” button.
  • Agree to overwrite the hard drive by clicking “OK”.
  • If there are several disks, insert them one by one into the drive when the corresponding notifications appear.
  • Press the “OK” button after the notification that the system restore was successful.

The process takes an average of 30 minutes. After restarting the laptop, ASUS Preload Wizard will launch. a system recovery wizard. What needs to be done next:

  • Select Russian language and click “Next”.
  • Set the switch to the “Restore the operating system to the first partition” position.
  • Press “Next” a couple of times, then “Finish”.
  • After the restoration is complete, click “OK”.

Then you can restart your laptop. ASUS Recovery prepares your computer for first use. Then everything is configured in the same way as when starting the newly installed OS: the interface language is selected, the username is entered, the password, date and time are set.

What is the Recovery program used for?

ASUS Recovery is a branded utility from a Taiwanese component manufacturer that is software-embedded into the firmware of this brand’s laptops. Backups created with this program help restore system data, including partial damage.

Recovery saves files of the initial configuration of the operating system and is stored in a partition hidden from the user. hidden so that it is difficult to delete them by accident. You can find them only when you roll back Windows to its initial state. In addition, this hidden partition is protected, so it is virtually impossible to delete backups from there.

The utility will help you reset your laptop to ASUS factory settings if important files are damaged due to lags, malware actions, or after incorrect attempts by the user to reconfigure the OS to increase its performance. This is not the only tool of this kind, but it is extremely convenient. Utilities similar in purpose are available in the arsenal of other brands that produce laptops.

The main thing to remember is that such software is “sharpened” for a specific brand, so a program from, for example, HP or Toshiba will not work to reset Windows on an ASUS laptop. Similarly, the advisability of using ASUS Recovery when using a laptop of another brand is questionable: it may be so that you will not be able to reset the OS.