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How to reset iPhone 8

Disable in settings

In case of malfunction of physical keys or lack of reaction to pressing, a software option for a “soft” reboot is provided.

  • Open the settings and go to the “Basic” section.
  • Scroll the screen all the way down. The last item, marked with a frame in the screenshot, allows you to turn off the device. When you click it, a familiar slider with a toggle will appear.

You can turn the device back on with a disabled button only by connecting it to an external power supply. If there is no power supply nearby, an external battery or laptop will do, even without iTunes installed.

Typical factory reset problems

There are some reasons you can run into. When a person does not succeed in something, he immediately begins to panic, so read the possible reasons.

  • Insufficient memory while performing update. It is very easy to avoid it: you will need to delete music, games, applications that you do not need.
  • Outdated version of iTunes. As mentioned earlier, you need the latest version of the program before resetting the settings, otherwise there may be problems with the procedure.
  • Problems with USB cables. To do this, leave only the USB plugs from the keyboard, mouse in the computer. The problem must be resolved.
  • Some kind of breakdown in the phone’s microcircuit that needs to be replaced only at the repair center.

Step-by-step instruction

  • For Windows;
  • For Mac OS X.

Install the downloaded software on your computer.
3. Launch the program and connect your iPhone 6 (6 Plus, 7, 8, X) to your computer. Preferably through the original cord. Do not use cords that are kinked or with exposed metal parts of the wire, as this may cause a problem.
4. In the upper right corner, select the menu icon and the drop-down item “iPhone Factory Settings”. Advanced reset mode will start.
5. Select the “Fix Now” item. The firmware download will start. If you have your own firmware, you can select it manually.
6. After the firmware is loaded, select “Start Recovery”. This process will take about 10 minutes. Your iPhone 5 will reboot before all data is erased and restored to factory settings. You should understand that this will completely delete all data on the phone. Although, if you do not remember your Apple ID password, then you do not have much choice.

reset, iphone

Reset settings on iPhone and can’t activate

Many users face this problem, but it is also a fairly simple operation. Use a few tips.

  • Turn on the new WiFi network. Sometimes, but very rarely, this is the problem.
  • Click the “Home” button, then click “Start over”, try several times (from 5 to 10), since the servers are loaded.
  • Replace the SIM card with a working one, then press the “Home” button again and try the activation process from the very beginning.
  • Connect iPhone to PC, then hold down the Home button. In the iTunes application, click “Restore iPhone” as described in the above paragraphs.

How to hard reset iPhone 7 and older models

In order to perform a hard reset of the iPhone, you must simultaneously hold down the Home and Power buttons and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen. You only have to hold the buttons for about 10 seconds. After restarting, the iPhone will turn on and you can check if the hard reset helped with the solution of the problem.

Resetting the settings to Recovery Mode

You can try the method where your phone doesn’t respond to anything or doesn’t start at all. To reset the settings, you need:

  • Disconnect iPhone in any available way.
  • Hold the Home button.
  • Connect via USB cable, while holding the “Home” button.
  • You will have a blue circle labeled iTunes. If you do not have it, repeat the procedure.
  • Launch iTunes and make sure the iPhone is now in recovery mode, then confirm the action.

You can exit the program as follows:

  • Disconnect from the computer by removing the plug from the connector.
  • Turn off the power of the phone using the “Power” button.
  • Use the same button to turn it on.

The phone should work like new.

hard reset iPhone directly

If your iPhone is available, you can reset your iPhone without assistance. This is possible even if you do not have an internet connection.

Unlock your iPhone and go to Settings General. Scroll down and find the option labeled “Reset”.

Tap Erase All Content and Settings on the reset screen, and then tap Erase iPhone to immediately proceed to hard reset your iPhone.

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When the process is complete, your iPhone will reboot and present as a new phone with a Slide to Set Up screen.

Force reboot

If your iPhone is frozen and doesn‘t want to shut down, you can try another method.

The sound with the “” symbol is clamped alternately, then with the “-” symbol. After the “Power” key is clamped. The device will shut down forcibly. The settings will be reset, the reboot will begin.

With 2 buttons

“Power” is still on the right side panel. To turn off the device using the keys, you now need to clamp the volume down. It’s on the left side panel. After pressing simultaneously for 5-6 seconds, a black screen will appear, followed by the brand logo. The smartphone will restart.

How to turn off iPhone 7

You can turn off the iPhone 7 differently from the 5 and 6 models. Now the “Home” button has become touch-sensitive, now an emergency shutdown is impossible. Let’s consider how else to reboot or turn off the device.

How to turn off iPhone without a button

The keys can fail at the right time. They can hover, sink, or simply stop responding to pressure. In such a situation, you can turn off the iPhone without a button, but with a working sensor.

Two buttons

To turn off a new smartphone model without using a sensor, hold down the volume up or down button together with the off key. A slider will appear, after swiping to the right, the screen will turn off.

Standard way

Despite the fact that the Iphone 7 does not have a Home key, it can be turned off by pressing the Power key. It’s on the right side of the sidebar. Then a slider will appear on the screen, after activating it, the screen will be turned off.

Standard way

The shutdown key is also located on the right side panel. By holding it for 5-6 seconds, you can quickly de-energize the phone. A window with a slide will pop up. After swiping to the right, the smartphone will fall asleep. You can turn off iPhone 8 using the same key on the side.

Settings menu

You can turn off the IPhone 6 through the settings menu. In the “Main” window there will be an inscription: “Turn off”. By clicking on it, the user will see a slider, after activating which, the phone will turn off and fall asleep.

Solving Potential Problems

In some cases, trying to reset iPhone through iTunes may fail. There are many reasons for such a problem, and it can manifest itself both in the form of a banal interruption or failure, and more specifically, expressed in a number error. In the latter case, the solution is much easier to find, in the rest you will have to try different methods. Fortunately, there are separate articles on our site dedicated to this topic, and if you were unable to erase data from your phone, we recommend that you read them.

How to reset iPhone


Connect iPhone to your computer using the supplied USB cable and follow these steps:

    Launch iTunes and wait for the mobile device to be detected. Click on the thumbnail icon.

  • Then you just have to wait for the completion of the process, during which in no case should you close iTunes and disconnect the iPhone from the computer. this can seriously disrupt the operation of the phone.
  • reset, iphone

    Preparatory Measures

    Before proceeding to erase data from your device, you must turn off Find My iPhone, as otherwise it won’t work. We wrote about how this is done on the iPhone with iOS 12 and earlier versions in a separate article, the link to which is given below. Next, we will tell you what actions should be performed in iOS 13.

    Confirm your intentions by entering the password in the pop-up window and then clicking on the words “Off.”

    Reset iPhone

    The solution to the problem posed to us can be implemented in two ways. through the iTunes program for PC or in the “Settings” of the mobile device itself. Below we will consider each of them, but first, let’s prepare for this procedure.


    As we said above, you can also perform a reset on a mobile device, and this approach is faster and just convenient.

      Open the “Settings” iPhone and go there to the section “General”.

    How to reset iPhone 8 / 8 plus to factory settings

    Scroll down the page that opens and click on the “Reset”.

    Next, select “Reset content and settings”, then confirm your intentions.

    This action will start the required procedure, which can take 10-20 minutes. Wait until the screen displays a welcome message to signal its successful completion.

    We’ve looked at two possible ways to reset iPhone, and each one is equally effective at solving this problem. Potential problems that you may encounter during this procedure are often easily remedied.

    Resetting all data and settings

    Now that you have moved everything to a safe place, we can reset the iPhone.

    • Open “Settings”, find “General” and go down, there we will see “Reset”.
    • Go to the reset menu. 6 options open before us, and we are only interested in two. “Reset all settings” or “Erase content and settings”.
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    If you choose the first option, then you will not lose your data. photos, music, contacts, etc., but only return your phone to the initial settings. This function is needed for those who experience malfunctions of the device, for example, problems with cellular communication, Internet settings, etc. So you will return the phone to the initial settings, without losing data.

    And in order to completely reset the iPhone, you need the second option. Click on it and wait for the process to complete, which will last from two minutes or more, depending on the memory load. Thus, you will be able to erase everything that was on your iPhone, from settings to private photos. Now iPhone 5 is as clean as a baby’s tear. And you can safely transfer it to other hands.


    Before you reset iPhone 5 and erase its settings, you need to transfer everything to your computer. you can do this using iTunes or iTools. There is also the option of creating a backup copy in the cloud, it will suit you if you have a configured iCloud account and the phone can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

    All these simple manipulations are described in the article on creating backups, therefore, if this information is new for you, with the material, before going further.

    Reset iPhone Settings and Delete Data

    I don’t want to start this article with guessing why you needed to reset the iPhone, you just have to focus on the fact that the reset menu and the general reset menu are in the same place, so in the article we will combine the solution of both issues into a single whole.

    Those of you who are looking for information about a regular factory reset. you can safely go down one step below and contemplate detailed instructions. For the rest of those who want to erase data from their phone, for example, for sale, we want to offer a certain sequence of actions so that they do not bite their elbows later.

    If you decide, for example, to change your iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, then before that you need to complete three simple procedures: backup, reset all data and settings from iPhone 5, transfer information to a new i-gadget.

    Reset iPhone via iTunes

    You can also return your phone to its original settings using iTunes. To do this, connect the gadget to your computer, open iTunes and wait until the program detects your device.

    After that, you just need to go to the tab of your phone and click the “Restore iPhone” button. If you had Find My iPhone turned on, iTunes will ask you to turn it off. You just have to follow the request and disable “Find My iPhone” in the iCloud settings, and finally also refuse to select the previously saved backups. Thus, the recovery process will begin, which will completely clear your device and return the settings to standard.

    Transferring information to a new device

    After resetting the settings and content on the old smartphone, we need to transfer them to the new one. For this we need the previously created backups. As you remember, there were two options. via PC or the cloud. The transfer process is very similar to restoring an iPhone from a backup, so we will not duplicate the information and just provide you with a link to the very article.

    So we showed how to erase all data from your iPhone and, if necessary, transfer it to a new one. As it turned out, there is nothing complicated in this procedure. We wish you pleasant use!

    Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

    Tutorial to Reset iPhone X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus and Earlier

    Resetting iPhone should be a difficult decision because such activity can erase all things on your iPhone. But in some cases, we have to do it without any hesitation, for example, iPhone freezes, virus 6 has been attacked by a virus, you want to sell iPhone 5 to other users, and in other conditions, you want to erase personal information on your phone. Apple has developed two features: hard reset iPhone and soft reset iPhone. They are used in different situations and give different results. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about how to reset iPhone X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 and earlier.

    How to hard reset iPhone to factory settings

    hard reset iPhone directly

    If your iPhone is available, you can restart your iPhone without assistance. This is possible even if you do not have an Internet connection.

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    Unlock your iPhone and go to Settings General. Scroll down and find the option labeled “Reset“.

    Tap Erase All Content and Settings on the Reset screen, and then tap Erase iPhone to start hard resetting iPhone immediately.

    When the process is complete, your iPhone will reboot and show up as a new phone with a Slide to Settings screen.

    How to Restore iPhone after Factory Reset

    After restoring iPhone to factory condition, it may be necessary to restore some of the lost files on your iPhone. iPhone Data Recovery Tool can help you. Its main features include:

    Recover Deleted Data from iPhone Devices, iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup.

    Recover Lost iPhone Data to Computers in Original Conditions.

    Use a physical connection to restore and restore iPhone faster.

    Get Back Lost Data on iPhone due to Factory Reset, Accidental Deletion, or System Errors.

    Supports all iPhone models, including iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6 Plus / 6, iPhone 5, etc.

    Step 1. Preparing to restore iPhone

    Get the latest version of iPhone Data Recovery installed on your computer. Use the USB cable to link your iPhone and computer, then launch the program and wait until your iPhone is automatically recognized.

    Step 2. Preview the backup file before restoring

    Click the “Start Scan” button on the interface to start searching for the lost data on your phone. When this is done, you will be presented with all recoverable data, sorted by category.

    Step 3. Recover iPhone data to your computer

    Select what you want to get back and click the “Recover” button in the bottom right corner to restore iPhone data to your computer.

    Back up your iPhone first

    Before restarting your iPhone, the most important thing is. create a backup. We recommend Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore because it provides many easy-to-use features.

    • Back up all data and files from your iPhone to computer with one click.
    • Open and view iPhone backup files on your computer anytime.
    • Extract files from iPhone backup file and save them to your computer.
    • Restore iPhone backup to your device after factory reset.

    Download for WinDownload for Mac

    Step 1.Open iPhone Backup Tool

    Launch the iPhone toolbox after you’ve installed it on your computer, click Tools on the left sidebar, and then select iOS Data Backup & Restore. Connect iPhone to Computer with Original USB Cable.

    Step 2. Back up your iPhone in one click

    When your iPhone is recognized, click the iOS Data Backup button. You will then be presented with a date type window. Here you can select the types of data to back up. After clicking the “Next” button, the backup process will start.

    Step 3. View your iPhone backup anytime

    After the backup is complete, you will be taken to a preview window. If you want to view iPhone data on your computer, you can select the backup file and click View Now to open it.

    How to Soft Reset iPhone

    IPhone soft reset is useful when certain functions don’t work as usual.

    IPhone 5 / 5s / 5c Soft Reset: Press and hold the Power button at the top of the phone and the circular Home button at the bottom until Apple Log appears.

    IPhone 6/6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus Soft Reset: Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button on the right side of the screen and the Home button for a few seconds. When the Apple logo appears on the screen, release them.

    IPhone 7/7 Plus Soft Reset: Replaced Home button with 3D Touch Pad on iPhone 7/7 Plus. You need to simultaneously press the “Power” button on the right side and the volume down button on the left side to trigger a soft reset.

    How to restart iPhone without Apple ID

    Third Party Software. this is another option to reset iPhone like Apeaksoft. iPhone Eraser, iPhone Eraser uses advanced technology to permanently erase content and settings on your phone. It is very easy to use, definitely a good choice for protecting your information and getting rid of various functional problems.

    Step 1.Connect your iPhone to the eraser tool

    How To Reset & Restore your Apple iPhone 8. Factory Reset

    Launch iPhone Eraser after installing it on PC and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. If you have another iDevice to do a full reboot, just connect both of them to your computer at the same time.

    After successful connection, you will be offered three options for deleting a level: Low, Medium and High. Read the notes on the screen carefully and choose the correct entry according to your needs.

    When you’re ready, click the Start button to start wiping data from your phone immediately. Wait for the process to complete. You can restart your phone and check the result. You can also rely on him to reset a stolen iPhone.

    You can also check out this video tutorial to reset your iPhone:

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