How to remove the keyboard from an ASUS laptop

How to disassemble Asus K series laptop

This article will walk you through the procedure for disassembling an Asus K-series laptop to gain access to the main interior.
An Asus K50IJ laptop was taken as an example. The disassembly procedure will be the same or very similar for all Asus K-series models.
Please include your model number in the comment below if this guide helped you.

Accessing the main modules under the bottom cover.
Remove the battery.
Remove one screw securing the bottom cover.

Remove the four screws holding the bottom cover on the back of the laptop.

Slide the bottom cover in the direction as shown in the figure below.
Remove the bottom cover.

Then you will have easy access to the memory module, hard disk, CMOS battery, fan, DVD drive, wireless card and heatsink with processor

Remove one screw securing the DVD drive and pull it out of the laptop.

Remove the four screws securing the hard drive.
Before removing the hard drive, disconnect it from the connector on the motherboard.

Take out the hard drive.
Now you can replace the hard drive with a new one if necessary. As you can see, this is a SATA hard drive.

Unlatch the latches on both sides of the memory module, then the module will rise 30 degrees, gently pull it out of the slot while holding the edges.
This notebook has only one memory slot installed. It looks like some memory has been integrated into the motherboard.
Not sure if all Asus K series laptops only have one memory slot.

Remove the three screws securing the fan.
Disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard.
You can now remove the fan.

To open the latch, simply press on it with a sharp object.
Pull the keyboard up at the same time

After all latches are unlocked, you can lift the keyboard as shown in the figure below.

Gently flip the keyboard over in the palm of your hand.
Before you can disconnect the keyboard cable, you must open the connector.

Keyboard cable clamped between white connector base and brown retainer.
The following figure shows the connector in the closed position.

Slide the latch 2 millimeters to the left (do not move further).
The retainer must remain attached to the white base.
The following illustration shows the connector in the unlocked position. You can now unplug the keyboard cable from the connector.

You can now remove the keyboard and replace it with a new one if needed.

In order to remove the keyboards, you do not need to complete all the previous disassembly steps.
There are five small spring latches to secure the keyboard.
They are shown with yellow arrows.

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thank you very much, everything is the same on k50in. one addition: to remove the cooler, except for the 3 screws that are indicated, you need to unscrew five more to the left of it

I can not move the cover, I unscrewed 5 bolts, but it is not in any. Already scratched with a screwdriver, does not move! ASUS K40F

Model K70A. Thanks for the info. The only caveat. to remove the bottom cover. another bolt under another lid, but there everything will be clear to people with a head.

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Disassembled ASUS K61IC, the system is similar, in order to clean it, I ran into a problem! Collected strictly along the parsing chain! Attention: 1st turn on, indicators are blinking, only the cooler of the processor is spinning, there is no image 2nd turn on there is no action What is wrong, what to do?

Disassembled ASUS K61IC, everything is fine, assembled in the reverse order, as disassembled! I turn on: 1. Turn on with blinking indicators, and a working cooler on the process, there is no image. 2. Turning on does not start the PC at all. What is wrong, what to do?

how to remove the fan from the radiator asus k40

ASUS K42JC laptop disassembly. instruction Today I faced this problem myself. it was necessary to clean the cooling system (cooler) and change the thermal paste. I had to tinker with this model. I had to unscrew almost all the bolts So: 1. We take out the dvd-rom (after unscrewing the two bolts from the bottom of the case near which the disk is drawn, we pull it towards ourselves by the cover and that’s it) are available only after removing the DVD-ROM. they are under it 3. Open the compartment for the HDD (hard drive) there also unscrew all the bolts, remove the hard drive 4. From the end (back) unscrew 2 bolts on the hinges 5. Turn the laptop over, remove the keyboard (on the top row of the keyboard, between it and there are 4 latches in the case, they need to be pushed aside the screen with a thin screwdriver and pulled slightly towards the keyboard). Be careful with the cable, do not pull the keyboard when you remove it. 6. Unscrew all the bolts that we see after removing the keyboard. 7. Disconnect the touchpad cable (small thin, below the keyboard cable) 8. Open the case (in the slots between the upper and lower parts we put either a special plastic tool for opening or a bank card is unnecessary or any other plastic one, as we put it along the entire case, after all the latches are detached, remove the top cover). To open the case, I do not advise you to pry it with screwdrivers and other metal objects, the plastic is very easily deformed. I opened it with a special plastic instrument and then left small traces of the opening. 9. Unscrew 2 bolts from the cooler. 1 bolt in the center of the board (marked with a triangle) and at the top right of the main board is also 1 (also marked with a triangle, in the place where the additional one is aimed at the main board, on which the power button is). We disconnect the boards from each other by pulling the main board up and holding the additional one. 10. Detach the speaker connector (bottom left) 11. Detach the display cable (just to the right of the cooler) 12. Take out the main board and turn it over. 13. unscrew 4 bolts from the processor clamp and 2 bolts from the video chip clamp, disconnect the cooler power supply. We detach the cooling system. pulling up (cooler and copper pipes). In my case, it took some effort, stronger than the 30 previous “autopsies” because the thermal paste was very dry. 14. Remove the remnants of the old thermal paste. We apply a new one (little is not needed, a lot is also bad). 15. In order to clean the cooler, I do not advise you to tear off the tape that is glued between the heatsink and the cooler, if you remove it. then it will not stick back normally and as a result there will be a gap between them, which will negatively affect the cooling. There are 3 latches, unfasten them and lift the top cover of the cooler (metal, gray) while it will “hang” on a copper tape glued to the heatsink. Remove dust (5 seconds with a vacuum cleaner). 16. We return everything to their places in reverse order P.S. I recommend to lay out the bolts “on the shelves” so as not to be confused later. I take a couple of A4 sheets and, after removing the bolts, lay them out on the sheet as they were located in the laptop. Approximately, but enough for me. Bottom. one leaf, under the keyboard. second 🙂

I do not know how to disassemble ASUS k42j. heats up hard and turns off. you need to clean the cooling system. disassembly is completely different. I will be very grateful if anyone can help.

Thank you so much! ASUS k61IC keyboard changed in five seconds!

Thank! disassembled N61Da, of course the pictures are not similar, but the essence of the matter is revealed. It’s a pity of course \ “secret \” could not unscrew.

How to use the Fn button on an ASUS laptop?

Often, to turn on the Fn button on a laptop, you have to dig into the BIOS.Disable / Enable Fn

  • Go to BIOS (you need to press Esc, F2 or Del at the moment the device starts up).
  • Go to Setup Utility.
  • Find the System Configuration menu.
  • Turn on the Fn option (Action Keys Mode tab).

How to unlock the keyboard on a computer?

A radical way to lock your keyboard

  • Go to Control Panel. Device Manager. Select the “Keyboards” item in it.
  • A menu with installed keyboards will open. Right click on the keyboard and then “delete”.

What to do if the keyboard does not work?

What to do if the wired keyboard does not work

  • If your keyboard has a power button, make sure it’s turned on.
  • Disconnect all other USB devices from the computer and try connecting the keyboard through different ports.
  • If you have Windows, reinstall the keyboard driver in the “Device Manager”.

How to make the f1 f12 keys work on a laptop?

  • We go to the BIOS.
  • Go to the System Configuration section.
  • Here we are looking for the Action Keys Mode parameter, press Enter, the value from “Enabled” must be changed to “Disabled”.
  • On different device models, the parameter may be called differently (Hotkey Mode, Function Keys Mode, etc.)

What to do if the keyboard does not work on an Asus laptop?

Open “Device Manager” on your computer. Click on the “Keyboards” sub-item and check if the keyboard is activated. Another possible cause of the problem is the driver, which you may need to update. To do this, download the appropriate software from the manufacturer’s website and install it.

How to enable the Fn button on an ASUS laptop?

Most often, the Fn key on a laptop does not need to be turned on, as it works by default. However, on some laptop models, to activate the Function button, you must press the FnNumLock combination, after which other hotkey combinations will become available.

How do I remove buttons from a computer keyboard? Cleaning from dust and debris

If crumbs become the cause of the clogging, then it will be necessary to remove the buttons and clean them of debris. First you need to make sure the keyboard is disconnected from the computer. You should also take a few photos of your keyboard, so that later there will be no problems with the location of the keys, so as not to confuse them.

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How do I remove buttons from the keyboard? We take a knife and carefully pick out the keys on the keyboard. You need to act slowly so as not to break the mount. It is better to hold the button with your hand so that it does not fly far away. After removing one button, you will understand how best to proceed. This process requires the person to be careful not to harm the keyboard. You also need to have at least an hour of free time.

After removing all the buttons, you can clean everything with a vacuum cleaner. Next, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. This will still get rid of the dust. After completing all the steps, you can start assembling. To do this, you need to put the button in its place so that it falls into the groove, and press it. As soon as you hear a click, you can release the button. In order not to confuse the location, use the photo that was taken before disassembling the keyboard. As soon as you collect it, you can start using it.

remove, keyboard, asus, laptop

How to remove a button from a laptop keyboard? Cleaning from dust and debris

The keyboard in a laptop can also become dirty and sticky. How to clean it from debris? It is also necessary to remove the buttons and use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the debris. In a laptop, removing the buttons will be a little more difficult. How is it shown? Let’s take a look at how to remove buttons from the keyboard.

We also take a knife and carefully pry the button. It should rise at the very tip of the knife. After clicking, you can be sure that it popped out of the latch. Unfortunately, it all just seems simple. In fact, you need to study very carefully how to remove buttons from the keyboard. After removal, we clean it of debris and dust.

After cleaning, you need to put the keys in place. There are 2 latches that you need to carefully hit. We put the button and press, release after clicking. Let’s do this with all the buttons.

How to remove buttons from computer and laptop keyboards?

Every person who uses a computer will sooner or later face a problem when his keyboard gets clogged and because of this it will not work well. Of course, this is inevitable, since everyone likes to drink tea near the computer or eat while watching their favorite TV series. Crumbs, spilled liquid have a very detrimental effect on keyboard performance.

If you use your keyboard for a long time, and it starts to junk, then most likely it is clogged and it is time to clean it. A professional will take about 300 rubles for his work, but you don’t have to fork out, but clean it yourself. Many people, when they start cleaning the keyboard, ask themselves the question: “How to remove buttons from the keyboard?” Let’s take a look at this.

Cleaning up liquid spills

If you spill tea or coffee on the keyboard, then you should approach cleaning more thoroughly. In this case, you must immediately disconnect the keyboard from the computer and drain all the liquid. Next, you need to disassemble the keyboard. So, remove the buttons and soak them in plain water to remove the remaining sticky liquid. And the place where the buttons stood must be thoroughly wiped with a damp cloth. If you are sure that the liquid did not get inside the keyboard, then you can start assembling.

Perhaps, after assembling the keyboard, some keys began to stick, then it is necessary to continue cleaning. To do this, turn the keyboard over and unscrew the screws. Separate the top and bottom carefully. Of course, there is no 100% certainty that you will be able to fix the keyboard, but it is worth giving it a try. It is not necessary to disassemble everything completely. You need to gently wipe with a damp cloth the places where the liquid might have been. After that, it is better to assemble the keyboard and test its performance.

Cleaning up liquid spills

On a laptop, the keyboard is quite difficult to recover from spilled liquid. As soon as such an incident occurs, you need to turn off the laptop and drain all the liquid. Further, it is better to take the computer to a professional, since an inexperienced person can only harm the laptop.

The first way

If any attachment is broken, you can try to restore it with a needle from an insulin syringe:

  • the needle is applied to the damaged part. It is better if it goes two or three millimeters over the edge of the breakage;
  • warm up the needle with a soldering iron and carefully melt it into the plastic;
  • carefully bite off excess plastic with side cutters.

2 How to clean your Acer laptop keyboard?

You can clean the keyboard from dust, dirt from your fingers and just crumbs and drops of liquid both at home and in a specialized service.

As a rule, several types of materials are used:

  • soft brushes and cloths for the ASUS G55VW laptop;
  • a non-aggressive cleaning liquid without acetone or alcohol (you can damage not only the paint of the symbols, but also the contacts under the panel);
  • a special small vacuum cleaner that is powered by USB. It does not have a lot of power, it works for blowing. You just need to be careful with the force of the air flow, otherwise you can knock out the key;
  • compressed air cans for ASUS K55VM laptop.

Do not use water or solvents to clean the laptop keyboard. Isopropylene alcohol can be used. Also, do not try to pick up dirt with sharp objects. And just wipe it down and use soft brushes regularly.
to the menu


  • A malfunction resulting from the ingress of liquid requires high coordination, accuracy and attentiveness from self-repair. Excessive force or an incorrectly selected cleaning agent can completely destroy the conductive track. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to entrust this work to a specialist.
  • Removing and installing the keys costs a little (within 500 rubles), self-removal requires a lot of skill, care and accuracy. Excessively harsh and careless movements can damage the mountings. The procedures are carried out only if you have the proper skill, and there is no way to take the laptop to a service center
  • The mounts in the small keys are also small. If you are not sure of your eyesight and the availability of proper dexterity, it is better to entrust the work to the service center.
  • Working with a soldering iron requires not only care, but also knowledge, skills and experience. Careless movement can lead to the destruction of the entire device.
  • Superglue can get on the conductive track and render it inoperative. Work very carefully.

Removing regular keys

2.1 Acer laptop key repair

“Flight” of the key, which for some reason leaves its place in the keyboard, quite easily. The reasons may be:

  • deterioration due to constant and strong impacts during typing (wear of the “rocker” under the key);
  • using a vacuum cleaner to clean the keyboard from dust with too strong power (the key is simply knocked out by a stream of air).

Acer laptop key repair is carried out as follows:

  • if the “rocker” (two fastened spring elements, thanks to which the pressure and contact with the electronics occur) is intact, then the released key is cleaned, and two grooves for the latches and two grooves for the ears of the “rocker” are carefully connected with the corresponding elements of the latter. For convenience, you can use a needle;
  • if the key flew out together with the “rocker”, then first carefully separate it from the key and attach it back to the hinge. There are grooves for this. Then we do the work described in the previous paragraph.

Replacing Acer Laptop Keyboard. video

Types of fasteners

  • membrane. the cheapest and most common;
  • switches are more stable, reliable, and at the same time. expensive type of keys. It is much less common than the membrane;
  • capacitive. transmit a signal by closing contacts. The second most common type after membrane. Not the most reliable type of keyboard;
  • touch is the most expensive type. In addition, to repair it, you will need to remove the entire touch panel, and this cannot be done at home.

Acer laptop keyboard repair is, first of all, difficult because the keyboard and the device itself are a single unit. Without removing the keyboard from the laptop, most types of repairs cannot be made, and for example, the Apple MacBook Air MD711 laptop together with the Apple MacBook Pro 15 laptop.

Installing regular keys

Important! Fix the order in which the keys were. Otherwise, they will have to be rearranged.

Find out detailed instructions on how to clean the keyboard on a laptop, as well as familiarize yourself with the best cleaning methods, from our new article.

Removing the keys

Before cleaning the keyboard on a laptop, clean the monitor and the entire computer from dust so that it does not get inside. You do not have to remove the panel completely, just detach some of the keys, which began to work worse. But for high-quality cleaning, it is better to disconnect the cable, then deal with the buttons and the board.

Before removing the keys, be sure to photograph their location or make a freehand diagram.

The procedure is simple. Before cleaning the keyboard, or doing any cleaning, you must disconnect the computer from the power.

Pre-wipe the laptop from dust so that nothing gets into the keyboard

  • swing with a hinge;
  • two tendrils-snaps.

Pressing your finger on the button at the bottom, wind the screwdriver from the side, and groping, press the latch, lifting the button up. If you can’t quickly find the spring from above, wind the screwdriver from the right side. The rocker can separate together with the key, it’s not scary, you still need to remove them. The rocker is easy to put into place in the nest. Consider the fastening mechanism and determine which side is easier for you to wind the screwdriver. Shoot the rest of the small keys.

On ASUS, the buttons can be removed by inserting a screwdriver on the side, on the right along the entire length and lifting the handle up. It is necessary to cover the screen with a napkin, since the keys together with the rockers will fly out and can scratch the monitor.

Disconnect the laptop keys carefully, as the mounts are often quite fragile

To completely disassemble the keyboard on an Asus laptop, you need to remove the large keys at the bottom and sides. They are fixed on metal brackets.

  • Put a thin screwdriver under the “space” from above, from the side of the monitor, feel and snap off the upper bracket.
  • Repeat the action on the reverse side, detach the lower bracket.
  • Lift the far side of the key. Pull it up and to the left to detach it from the rocker arm.
  • Remove the rocker with the brackets from the rocker.
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Other large keys are removed in the same way. To make it easy to put everything back together, put a large sheet of paper on the table, write the names of the large keys on it, and put the parts on the appropriate records.

How to remove the keyboard from the laptop and clean the keys

Cooling is the weak point of a comfortable and compact laptop. When the keyboard becomes clogged with dust and crumbs, air stops flowing. In the case of the coffee tipping onto the keys, the question arises of how to remove the keyboard from the laptop before the liquid spoils the circuit. Dismantling is easy, you just need to know where to start and what to click on.

Why remove the keyboard

If you use a laptop a little, and keep it constantly closed, then for 5 years or more you will not need to remove and clean the keyboard. The more actively the equipment works, the more dust it collects outside and inside. Small particles can be carried by the air stream. Lint from clothing and pet hair falls into the gaps between the keys. Unreasonable midges crawl under the letters in search of a secluded place. All this leads to the fact that the keys begin to sink or not work.

Removing the keyboard is most often required to clean it from dust.

How To Fix Replace Asus R556LA Individual Key. Small Normal Sized Key Letter, Number, Arrow, Etc.

Dirt in the keyboard obstructs air movement and the laptop starts to heat up and can burn. You don’t want to lose your computer due to dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner and remove some of the dust. But sticky particles will still accumulate inside.

  • Gently turn the computer upside down with the keyboard and shake it gently. Crumbs and small debris will fall out.
  • Install a special nozzle on the vacuum cleaner, adjust the power, set the minimum, walk along the surface of the keys.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the monitor and wipe the entire laptop.
  • The keyboard is well cleaned of dirt with damp wipes.

Make sure to regularly remove dust and dirt from your computer. This will improve its performance and temporarily postpone disassembling and cleaning the keyboard.

But for high-quality cleaning and the case when coffee splashes onto a laptop in the morning, you need to know how to quickly remove and clean the keyboard at home on your own and not take the computer to the workshop, losing the usual communication for several days.

How to clean the board

Having figured out how to remove the keyboard from the laptop, we free the polyethylene printed circuit board for cleaning. Remove all rockers and detach the upper plastic base.

Gently clean all dirt accumulated under the buttons with a brush

You need to clean it yourself if you are confident in your abilities: do everything neatly and put it back in place.

The keys should be washed in a neutral soap solution. Dry while you pay.

  • Dissolve dishwashing liquid in warm water. You should choose natural, mild action.
  • Soak keys for 10 minutes.
  • Clean the back side and all corners of dirt with a toothbrush.
  • Rinse with clean water, colander can be used.
  • Spread the clean keys on a napkin and let them dry.

Before vacuuming the board, make sure that the ASUS keyboard and the other laptop are completely free of small parts.

Use a USB vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the keyboard

On lagging or non-triggering keys, check the rubber buttons underneath. It is possible that the contact is covered with a sweet drink and the film does not transmit the signal. The buttons have a semicircular top and are glued to the poly-Lenovo board. Separate them carefully with a thin blade. Wipe the contact with alcohol and glue the button in place. You can use glue Moment or special for polyethylene. Apply the adhesive carefully so that it does not spread and close the contact. The tip of a toothpick is most convenient. Pre-wipe the place with alcohol to degrease.

Mounting methods on different laptops

In older models, you can find the keyboard fastening with screws. They can just hold the panel up. In this case, you need to:

  • Unscrew the screws holding the panel. there are 1 or 2 of them, they are located with understatement and are visible from above. Remove the panel by pulling it up.
  • Lift the keyboard from the side of the monitor, slide it forward, and out of the guides.
  • Putting it a little to the side, disconnect the train.

There are laptop models with bottom screws. Then you need to remove the back cover, and unscrew the screws under the battery, release the keyboard. These are old models, it is not advisable to disassemble and clean them yourself. Better to go to the workshop. Otherwise, prepare small containers for the screws so as not to lose them. Place a tissue or soft paper between the monitor and keyboard. Close the laptop and place the back cover up. First, the battery is removed, then the cover and the screws inside that fix the keyboard are unscrewed. After that, it should freely come out of the grooves. Disconnect the ribbon carefully. Turn the computer over, open and remove the keyboard. Leave the laptop aside, take care of the keys.

Follow the directions and recommendations so as not to damage the equipment

In recent years, all models of laptops, netbooks and tablets have a snap-on keyboard mount. They are located along the upper border of the keys, sometimes additional on the side, one per side. Having figured out how to remove the keyboard from an Asus laptop, you can dismantle any model by analogy.

  • Disconnect the laptop from the power supply. Remove the back cover and disconnect or pull out the battery.
  • Find the understatement strip above the keys and the plastic latches in it. Their number is even, from 4 to 8 pieces. In the F1 region there is the left extreme.
  • In order not to break fragile springs, it is better to refuse metal flat screwdrivers, they are for those with experience. You need to take a plastic screwdriver or a strip. It is convenient to use a plastic card. It is thin and stiff enough to press the latch at an angle.
  • With your left hand, using a needle or a second card, you need to raise the released edge of the keyboard, preventing it from snapping back into place.
  • Press the remaining latches one by one, releasing the entire keyboard.
  • Raising the far edge, pull the keyboard up and forward from the guides and gently turn it over.
  • There is a train at the bottom. It needs to be disconnected. The mount can be a bracket, it must be lifted, squeezed out. Or have ears on the sides that are pulled out to the sides. After removing the clips, the cable can be easily removed.

The assembly is carried out in the reverse order. Remember the order of actions.

What do we need?

    How to put the keyboard back in place

    The cleaned board should dry out a little. Then it is connected to the plastic base, and put in place of the rocker arms. If the antennae on the springs are bent, they should be corrected with a thin screwdriver.

    The buttons, detachable during cleaning, are glued to the plastic circuitry prior to reassembly. By their location, you can determine the correspondence of the plates, they go into the holes of the plastic base.

    In the process of work, you constantly need to photograph how the keyboard was removed from the laptop, in order to then do everything in the reverse order and assemble.

    • Place the protective plastic panel on the polyethylene board.
    • Replace the rockers and large key brackets in the slots.
    • Button cases snap into place and press down easily until they click.
    • Large keys slide over metal brackets and snap into place.
    • Replace the train and fix.
    • The keyboard slides into the guide along the bottom edge.
    • The top edge is lowered and pressed along its entire length until the plastic clips snap into place.

    After that, you can put the battery back in place and turn on the laptop. Start the computer and check the operation of all keys.

    Removal by system means

    Uninstalling unnecessary applications is a method that does not require the installation of third-party software to remove unnecessary files from the computer.

    Recommendation: regardless of the removal method or OS version, only those utilities should be removed that the user is sure of, otherwise vital system files may be mistakenly deleted, which will disrupt the operation of the operating system.

    How to clean a laptop in Windows 7, 10:

    • Through “Start” you need to go to the control panel.
    • Select “Remove Programs”.
    • Mark unnecessary applications and erase them in turn by clicking on the line with the left mouse button (LMB) and marking “Delete”.

    In different versions of Windows, the item names may differ slightly, but the scheme is almost identical.

    Why is it needed?

    • Useless software not only takes up space on the drive, but can also negatively affect the operation of the system as a whole, especially when there is too much of it. The consequences of the appearance of such programs on a laptop can be varied:
    • decreased productivity;
    • overheat;
    • the occurrence of system errors;
    • unplanned reboots and other failures.

    Removal using third-party software

    You can remove irrelevant software with the help of various software. It can be Revo Uninstaller or a similar utility at the user’s discretion. The article deals specifically with this.

    How to remove unnecessary apps from laptop. 2 ways

    The article tells what the accumulation of unnecessary programs and files on a laptop can lead to. It also provides detailed and simple instructions on how to remove them.

    Removing temporary files

    They accumulate as you use your laptop and are completely useless. The accumulation of such trifles can significantly affect the speed of a computer system. This task can be dealt with using OS tools.

    Instructions for cleaning PC in Windows:

    • “My computer”.
    • In the list of disks, find the one that needs to be cleaned, hover over it, and press the right button of the computer mouse / touchpad.
    • In the menu that opens, select “Properties”.
    • General tab → Disk Cleanup. Wait until the process of estimating the amount of files that can be deleted is completed.
    • Read the list of files provided by the tool, and if none are needed, click “OK”. If you don’t want to delete something, you can just uncheck the box.
    • Confirm actions.

    In addition to classic tools, you can use a third-party utility, for example, the free CCleaner.

    How to clean a laptop from temporary files:

    • Run the software, after which the “Cleaning” tab will open by default.
    • If necessary, adjust the settings by unchecking unnecessary items in the list on the left, for example, if the user does not want to delete the search history.
    • Click “Analysis”, wait until the scan is over and click “Cleanup”.
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    Also in the program you can clean the registry, set up autorun. By removing unnecessary applications from automatic download, you can also speed up the laptop.

    Recommendation: when choosing applications that need to be removed from AUTORUN, you should be more careful and remove only files that are not related to the operating system.

    Erasing unused files, utilities is not difficult, and the performance of the laptop after that can increase. The problem can be solved both with classical, embedded in the operating system, means, and with the help of third-party software.

    Unlocking the keyboard in a standard way

    In most cases, you can both lock and unlock your laptop keyboard by pressing the Fn and Num Lock keys at the same time. Often, owners of devices with a shortened keyboard option, when the numeric keypad is turned on with a combination of these keys, find themselves in a situation that pressing other buttons does not work, and users do not know what to do next. You can return everything back by pressing the above combination again.

    There are other options for unlocking the keypad, suitable for different laptop models. In most cases, all information is available in the specification for the device. But if the manual is not available, you can try the following options:

    • Press the Fn and F1… F12 buttons at the same time. Probably, this combination with one of the function keys of the device will help unlock the keyboard.
    • Sometimes a positive result can be achieved by simultaneously pressing Fn and Pause, the Win keys and one of the function buttons F1 F12.

    On some laptop models, you have to use three buttons at once to unlock. Ctrl, Fn and F1 F12. Often, one of the function keys of a laptop has an image of a lock. This button, together with Fn, must be pressed in order to unlock the keyboard.

    How to unlock the keyboard on a laptop

    Laptops have a keyboard mute function, which is a good way to protect the device from accidental presses, for example, by children or animals. However, sometimes users can accidentally lock the device and experience unlocking problems afterwards. The computer keyboard can also be blocked by a malicious utility, and sometimes it can be quite difficult to eliminate these consequences. Below we will tell you how to unlock the keyboard on a laptop and return the laptop to full functionality in the situations described.

    Eliminating the consequences of viral infection

    If all the described methods of restoring the functionality of the laptop keyboard did not work for you, you are probably experiencing the consequences of a laptop virus infection. This can clearly be evidenced by the presence of a banner describing the methods of transferring money to unblock it to the attacker’s account. You do not need to make any payments, because there are simple ways to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon.

    For example, Kaspersky Lab’s free Windows Unlocker utility, which is available at, can help. Here you can download an image of this utility, which you then need to burn to an optical disk or USB flash drive. Further:

    • Insert the drive with the recorded WindowsUnlocker into the laptop drive and restart the device;
    • Press F8 to enter the boot menu and tell the system to boot from your drive;
    • The utility will be launched after pressing any key, then you must specify the interface language, and also select the graphical mode for further work;
    • The main menu of the program can be opened where the “Start” button is located in the OS;
    • Select “Terminal”;
    • A command window will open, where you need to enter the line WindowsUnlocker, then press Enter;
    • To run a system scan, enter the number “1”.

    This will start the system cleanup process, and upon completion, enter the number “0” to exit the command line. You can reboot the OS with the “reboot” command.


    For work related to cleaning the keyboard and removing it, you may need:

    • thin screwdrivers;
    • crosshead screwdriver;
    • brush;
    • lint-free rag;
    • cotton swab;
    • toothpicks;
    • a vacuum cleaner;
    • a special screwdriver or a nozzle for it for removing the keys (can be replaced with a bent paper clip or awl).

    Disconnect the loop

    Having disconnected the keyboard, do not forget that it is connected. You cannot pull or pull it. It connects to the motherboard with a ribbon cable, which is very easy to damage. Therefore, this must be done carefully and correctly.

    The ribbon cable is located directly under the keyboard and is attached to it with a special lock. These latches can be of different types and require actions such as pinching the lugs, lifting the mount or lifting the spring latch to disconnect.

    If your goal was to replace the keyboard as a device, then the job is done.

    Withdrawal procedure

    If liquid gets on the keyboard, it is recommended to immediately turn off the power to the device in order to prevent leakage to the motherboard and other live parts.

    After turning off the laptop, do not forget that the basis of its uninterruptible power supply is the battery, so you need to get it out. Only then can you start studying the type of fastening and other operations.

    You will be able to remove the keyboard in a laptop with your own hands. The main thing in this is to be extremely careful. Fasteners are very fragile and break easily. To get started, you need a pair of small, thin socket screwdrivers.

    If you have a common type of mount, you need to follow these steps:

      1.You need to start with the latch located in the upper corner. It is necessary, without making any special effort, to press on it with a screwdriver;

    When opening the first latches, hold them with a second screwdriver or other thin object. Do not use your fingers and rush, as the plastic of the device is not very thick and can easily crack.

    Types of keyboard mounts

    There are two types of fixing the keyboard in the device:

    • modern keyboards of netbooks and laptops are attached to a special panel with plastic latches. Depending on the model and manufacturer of the device, there can be from 4 to 8. In order to see them, you need to look closely, because they are well hidden so as not to disturb the design and appearance of the device, and not to interfere with the user. Fasteners are usually marked with small indentations. And this type of fixing the keyboard in the device is the most common and difficult;
    • less known, but more easily removable, keyboards fixed with screws. This applies mainly to old and rare laptop models.

    As a rule, 1-2 screws are used for fixing. After unscrewing them, just pry off the keyboard panel with a sharp object.

    If cleaning is needed

    If the laptop is open for a long time, it can become dusty. In the process, a lot of hair, household debris and food crumbs get into the keyboard. If you need cleaning of such debris, then it is easy to do it yourself, by carefully vacuuming the device.

    At the same time, the main thing for Honor is that it is best to use a specialized vacuum cleaner with professional nozzles and brushes, if you have to use a regular one, you cannot use high power.

    The laptop does not connect to WI-FI, writes limited access. What to do,

    The keyboard is the main input device. Most users like to drink tea or coffee while sitting at a computer or laptop, without interrupting their work or entertainment. As a result, she suffers from damage from all kinds of fluids.

    In this case, you cannot do without disassembling the device. It is necessary to dry and rinse the keyboard thoroughly, otherwise over time this will lead to “sticky” keys or complete inoperability of the device.

    Why shoot

    Anyone who has ever tried to clean a laptop keyboard on their own is well aware that this is not as easy to do as with a personal computer. Due to the small size of the device and saving space, as well as due to different types of fastening, problems may arise.

    It may be necessary to remove the keyboard in the laptop, disassemble the device completely and disconnect the cable from the screen in cases when it is necessary to perform one of the operations:

    • solving problems with high temperatures, including:
    • disassembling the laptop to blow out the cooling radiator;
    • cleaning the fan from dust, hair and debris;
    • replacement of thermal paste, which contributes to better heat transfer between the processor and heatsink;
    • checking the presence of oil for lubricating the bearings of the fans;
    • repair or replacement of a damaged system configuration item;
    • solving keyboard problems like:
    • cleaning the keyboard from spilled liquids, dust, debris and hair;
    • checking, replacing or repairing a damaged board or button.

    Remove the “gap”

    Wide and large buttons such as “space”, “Shift”, “Enter” are removed a little differently and often cause problems because of this. In order to avoid distortions of large keys, special metal clips and plastic guiding ones are used, which distribute the force when pressed. All large buttons are secured with two latches.

    In order to remove the “space”, you need the length of the button for Honor:

    • slightly lift and bend its upper part with one screwdriver;
    • and the second at this time, snap off the upper bracket that fixes the button;
    • repeat the same steps with the lower bracket.

    After the button is snapped off from the top and bottom, you can slowly begin to lift it, making sure that it snapped off.