How to remove the cover from an HP laptop

Blog: A Comprehensive Guide to Disassembling and Cleaning Your HP Pavilion 15N Laptop

Sometimes it happens that a laptop that has worked without failures for several years begins to slow down, freeze, turn off spontaneously, or the devices connected to the connectors stop working, the keys do not function. In some cases, it is enough to clean the HP Pavilion 15N laptop, in others it is necessary to repair the device. Both the one and the other procedure involves the disassembly of the gadget.

Failure of connectors

The connectors, as a rule, “fly out” due to the careless use of the equipment that is connected to these sockets. This is mainly the case for USB ports, since most removable devices are inserted into them. If the user exerts significant force when inserting or removing devices, the connectors may fail and require repair or replacement.

HP Pavilion 15N disassembly step by step

Most breakdowns require disassembly of the HP Pavilion 15N laptop. Disassembly instructions are as follows. First you need to turn the device over and turn off the power supply. Remove the battery and unscrew the screws holding the RAM cover.

Then you need to remove the optical drive and keyboard. In order to detach the keyboard, put the device on its side and use a thin screwdriver to press on its back into the screw hole. During the pushing movements, the keyboard will gradually “retreat”. After the input system is removed, you can access its loop. Disconnect it from the motherboard. Removing the keyboard.

Further, according to the disassembly diagram for the HP Pavilion 15N laptop, you will need to remove the top cover. First you need to disconnect the power cable and touchpad cable, then unlock the connector and pull out the cable.

Gradually remove the top cover using a sharp tool. The board can be accessed from the back of the cover. This requires removing the hard drive, disconnecting and removing the USB and audio boards. To remove the motherboard, you need to disconnect the cables of all devices and remove the components that are difficult to access.

Hewlett-Packard Laptop Repair and Service

Disassembling and repairing Hewlett-Packard laptops requires high qualifications, so it is highly discouraged to do this yourself. Experienced specialists of our service center will perform all the work quickly and efficiently. The affordable cost of repairing HP laptops attracts more and more new customers from Kiev and the region to us. If you want your mini-computer to serve for a long time, please contact us, we will diagnose it and carry out preventive maintenance.

Replacing the keyboard and matrix

The main signs of a breakdown of the matrix of the HP Pavilion 15N laptop are: cracks, “broken” pixels, vertical or horizontal stripes, a dim image or lack of backlight.

The most common causes of breakage in HP Pavilion 15N laptops

The most frequent breakdowns of the device include: failure of connectors, overheating of the laptop, breakdown of the keyboard and matrix.

Overheating laptop

Overheating a laptop does not always require disassembly or repair. Sometimes the temperature rise in the device is caused by improper operation. If the user places his mini-computer on a soft surface, thereby blocking the air flow through the ventilation holes in the bottom panel or closes the lid, when the device is turned on, it will warm up.

Another cause of HP Pavilion 15N laptop overheating is a malfunctioning or dirty cooling system. Poor design of this unit is the main reason for the rise in temperature and breakdown of older devices. It often happens that a thick layer of dust covers the fan and radiator, preventing them from performing their functions normally. Loss of contact, which is located between the chip and the heat sink plate, leads to a deterioration in the properties of the thermal paste, which causes an air gap. The latter two are also causing the HP Pavilion 15N laptop to overheat.

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This article provides you with some brief information

Consider the main stages of disassembly of the HP Pavilion g6 laptop

  • We start disassembling the laptop from the bottom of the case. Remove the protective cover, which is fastened with two screws. Please note that the screws cannot be completely unscrewed and remain in the lid.
  • We take out the laptop battery and then remove the protective cover.
  • Turn off the power of the hard drive and take it out.
  • Using a thin screwdriver in five places, open the clamps that hold the keyboard and take it out.
  • Turn off the keyboard power and two touchpad power cables.
  • Unscrew the screws that secure the top cover of the laptop case.
  • Disconnect the USB power cable.
  • Next, to disassemble the HP Pavilion g6 laptop, unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the lower cover of the laptop case.
  • Unscrew the screw that secures the WI-FI module and take it out.
  • Now we can remove the top cover of the laptop case.
  • We take out the optical drive.
  • We unscrew the screws that secure the motherboard and disconnect all connectors and contacts from it. After that, the motherboard is easily removed from the laptop case.
  • Unscrew the screws that secure the cooling system to the motherboard.
  • Turn off the power to the cooling fan.
  • Using a napkin, remove the old thermal grease from the processor and the heatsink of the laptop cooling system.
  • Using a brush and a vacuum cleaner, we remove dust, fine lint and dirt from the laptop motherboard. Thoroughly clean the fan, laptop heatsink, and the inside of the laptop case.
  • Apply a thin, even layer of new thermal grease to the processor cover
remove, cover, laptop

How to disassemble and dust a laptop HP Pavilion g6

Computer help center presents to your attention a video tutorial on disassembling the HP Pavilion g6 laptop. One of the problems with this laptop was a strong overheating of the central processor and video chip.

To eliminate the malfunction, it took a complete disassembly of the laptop, cleaning the cooling system and the interior of the case from dust and replacing the thermal interface.

For work, we need a regular paint brush, a few napkins, thermal paste, a set of screwdrivers and a vacuum cleaner.

If you do not have the opportunity to watch our video tutorial on how to disassemble the HP Pavilion g6 laptop, then you can familiarize yourself with the detailed text instructions, supplemented with images and photographs of all stages of work.

Now that you know how to disassemble the HP Pavilion g6 laptop, let’s move on to the assembly stage

  • Installing the cooling system on the motherboard. We connect the fan power.
  • We install the motherboard into the laptop case and perform the same actions as when disassembling the laptop, but in reverse order.
  • We connect cables and connectors to the motherboard.
  • We tighten the screws that secure the motherboard.
  • Installing the Wi-Fi module. And we connect his contacts.
  • Installing the optical disc drive.
  • Install the top cover of the laptop case and connect the power cables.
  • We connect the keyboard power and install it in place.
  • Installing the hard drive and connecting it to power.
  • Tighten the screws that secure the keyboard and optical drive, as well as the rest of the screws on the bottom cover of the laptop.

This completes the disassembly of the HP Pavilion g6 laptop. As a result of cleaning from dust and replacing thermal paste, the operating temperature of the laptop dropped from 79 to 46 degrees.

Unable to disassemble the Pavilion g6 on your own? Need urgent computer help? Do you want to reinstall Windows or need to configure a WI-FI router? Please contact us. computer service Kompolife. We are always happy to help you.

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Please tell me what kind of screwdriver set in the photo and video, what is it called ?? I really need it!! please tell me.

This set does not have any special name. This is a regular screwdriver set with removable bits (various shapes). Convenient when there is a magnet in the handle. This allows the screws to “stick”. handy when parsing laptops.

And tell me how long your master has been cleaning the laptop exactly in Pavilion G6, as well as if I can be present during this process?

Cleaning takes about 1-1.5 hours and can be done at your home.

Hello help. Please, my laptop worked, but there was a strong sound from it and it was very hot when they turned on for a long time, so I tried to do everything as in the video, but then the laptop did not turn on and it still does not turn on I did everything nothing helped I live not in Of Russia

Hello. You could make a mistake during assembly and not connect any contact, when you accidentally damage something during disassembly / assembly, etc. In order not to make things worse, contact the service.

Thank you very much, it helped a lot! True, my pavillion r6 turned out to be a little different, but the principle is clear) I wish you success, and great luck!))))

How to disassemble HP Pavilion 15 laptop

Hello. This article will show you how to properly disassemble your HP Pavilion 15/50 EW laptop.

We start by removing the battery. We also unscrew all the screws on the back of the laptop.

We turn the laptop over and open the lid. Now you need to remove the keyboard. To do this, take a small flat spatula and gently snap it off. The latches are located above the top row of keys. This work must be done with care so as not to damage the laptop case or break the latches.

Lift the keyboard and disconnect the cable connecting it to the base of the laptop.

After that, we disconnect all visible cables and unscrew all the screws.

Next, you need to remove the laptop case. For this we use the same flat spatula (you can use a pick, plastic card, etc.). We draw it along the groove along the entire perimeter of the computer, slightly prying the case up. This will release all the latches that hold it in place. Carefully remove the upper part of the case.

Removing the hard drive and motherboard

Now you need to remove the hard drive. To do this, first unscrew the screws that hold it.

Lift the hard drive slightly and disconnect the ribbon cable that connects it to the laptop. You also need to snap off the antennas on the Wi-Fi module. Then we unscrew the screw holding the module and take it out.

Snap off all other visible trains.

The next thing to do is remove the motherboard from the base of the laptop. First, unscrew all the screws on it.

We also unscrew the screws that hold the cooler. We disconnect the cooler and put it aside so that it does not interfere with our further work.

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After that, carefully lift the motherboard, disconnect the power cable and the hard drive cable. Only after that we completely remove the motherboard from the laptop.

What can you do next

We start working directly with the motherboard. First, remove the cable from it to the hard drive.

Now you can change the memory module, change the hard drive, or another defective part. That is, the process of disassembling a given computer model itself is not difficult. But in order to eliminate even the smallest malfunction, you have to disassemble the laptop completely.

After troubleshooting and replacing faulty parts, we assemble the laptop in strictly reverse order.

A detailed video instruction can be viewed at:

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dm4 laptop

Used tools

First of all, turn off the laptop and remove the battery.

Remove the two screws securing the memory module compartment cover located in the battery compartment.

Remove the memory module compartment cover. Remove the two screws securing the hard drive bay cover. Remove the cover.

Removing all covers gives access to both memory modules, hard drive, CMOS battery, and wireless card.

Disconnect the hard drive cable from the motherboard. Remove the hard drive assembly from the laptop chassis.

Carefully disconnect the two antenna cables from the wireless card. The wireless card is still connected to the motherboard.

Remove the screw securing the DVD drive. Slide the DVD drive to the left and remove it from the laptop case.

Remove the two screws that secure the keyboard.

Removing the keyboard in HP Pavilion dm4 notebooks has its own tricks. It is impossible to remove the keyboard from above without damaging it. There is a hole in the DVD drive compartment, which we will use to remove the keyboard.

Very gently squeeze the keyboard through the hole in the DVD drive bay. You can use a thin plastic stick. After separating the keyboard from the top cover, you can continue the removal process using your own hands. To complicate the already difficult process of removing the keyboard, HP glued it to the top cover using double-sided adhesive tape 🙂

Continue to separate the keyboard from the top cover.

Finally, flip the keyboard over and place it face down on the palm rest.

The keyboard cable is now accessible. Disconnect it from the motherboard.

The procedure for opening the keyboard cable connector is shown in the following figure. Gently open the brown tab at a 90 degree angle. Do not separate the locking tab from the white base of the connector.

The following illustration shows the keyboard cable connector with the latch open.

Now you can disconnect the keyboard cable from the connector and remove the keyboard.

Remove all screws located on the bottom of the laptop. Two screws are under the supports (highlighted in green).

Remove the rubber mounts with a sharp object and unscrew the screws.

Remove the four screws securing the top cover. Disconnect three cables. The latches for these cables are the same as for the keyboard cable connector.

Carefully begin removing the top cover from the laptop case. Continue to remove the cover using only your own hands.

The underside of the top cover. You can now remove (if necessary) the fingerprint scanner and power button board.

Disconnect the video cable from the motherboard. Pull both antenna cables of the wireless card through the hole in the bottom cover.

Remove the four screws that secure the display hinges.

Now you can remove the display from the laptop case. In the photo, the case of the laptop with the screen removed.

On HP Pavilion dm4 notebooks, the DC power connector is not soldered to the motherboard. The connector is secured to the wire harness. If the power connector is damaged, simply disconnect it from the motherboard and replace it with a new one.

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How to disassemble Acer Aspire V5-571 laptop. Dust cleaning.

Today we will review the disassembly of the laptop Acer Aspire V5-571.

First of all, we remove the battery by pushing the latch in the opposite direction.

Unscrew the screws on the bottom cover of the laptop.

Open the door on the back cover of the laptop by prying it with a scalpel from the edge. Disconnect the speaker connector.

Remove the keyboard. To remove it, you need to put a screwdriver into the keyboard mounting holes on the bottom cover. Push the keyboards through these holes.

Lift the keyboard, squeezing out all the latches, bend it in our direction. Disconnect the keyboard cable by sliding the white retaining bar. Also disconnect the keyboard backlight.

Disconnect all cables located under the keyboard.

Unscrew the bolt holding the optical drive. There are no screws under the drive. Removing the optical drive.

Disconnect the wires of the Wi-Fi adapter, just pull them up and unscrew all the screws under the keyboard.

Next, we lift the top cover, starting from the drive side, unfasten all the latches. Unscrew one screw holding the extension cord for the drive. Remove the extension cord for the drive in order to remove the motherboard.

Unscrew the screw holding the Wi-Fi adapter and remove the Wi-Fi adapter. Peel off the adhesive tape that holds the board and fan. Removing the Wi-Fi wires.

In the lower right corner of the board, we remove the memory card slot. Unscrew the screw holding the motherboard, it is indicated by the arrow.

At the top of the board, disconnect the power and charge connector. Disconnect and remove the hard drive. Take out the motherboard.

Next, disconnect the cooling system cable and unscrew the three screws holding the cooling system.

Disconnect the cooling system. Unscrew the screws and clean the fan, replace the thermal grease. This completes the disassembly of the laptop, reassemble in the reverse order.

You can watch the video by clicking on the link:

How to remove the back cover from HP notebook computers

  • First of all, we disconnect all connected external devices.
  • Then we turn over your laptop and disconnect the battery. This is done by sliding the clamps that fix the battery.
  • Next, we unscrew all the existing bolts with a suitable screwdriver. After all the bolts are removed, and nothing will interfere with the removal of the cover, gently pull the edge of the cover up.

ATTENTION. Already at this stage, put bolts of different sizes in different boxes, so that later there will be no problems with assembling the laptop.

  • If you need to replace a hard drive, pull the tab up and unclip the connector.
  • After removing the hard drive, unscrew one bolt and detach the drive connector, and carefully detach the speaker cable. To replace the memory card, you must also disconnect the ribbon cable and unscrew the fastening bolts. To get to the motherboard and cooling system, you must unscrew all the bolts around the perimeter. How to disassemble an HP laptop for cleaning the cooler, we told in detail in the last article.
  • But not all HP laptops are created equal. If you own an HP Mini, there are no bolts on the bottom of the laptop case. In order to remove the cover from this model, you must also first remove the battery. And then find the plug securing the back cover and pull it all the way up, as shown in the figure below.

How to disassemble Asus X53S laptop and clean it from dust

Today we will disassemble and clean such a laptop.

I suggest starting by removing the battery from the laptop. Turning the laptop over so that the lower part looks at you, remove the latches and take out the battery, as shown in the picture. The yellow arrows show the direction in which you need to move the clips, and the red arrow shows the direction in which you need to move the battery to remove it from the laptop case.

The process is very simple and not intricate, there should be no problems.

Then, turning the laptop over to its normal working position, we begin to dismantle the keyboard. The keyboard is held in the housing by latches. By bending these latches, we carefully lift the keyboard, since we still have to disconnect the cable that goes from the keyboard directly to the motherboard.

The red arrow marks the loop that we have to disconnect in order to completely remove the keyboard.

In the next photo, the arrows indicate the screws that we will definitely have to unscrew. One screw secures the DVD drive and the rest secure the laptop’s top cover.

Next, fold and turn the laptop upside down again. We take out the optical drive from the laptop case. Then, unscrew all the screws around the perimeter of the bottom cover. In the picture, for example, I marked only one of the screws, in fact there are many more. Finding them will not be difficult.

We proceed to remove the cover from the back of the case. This cover is held on several screws, by unscrewing which, we will remove this cover.

After removing the cover, we proceed to remove the hard drive. To do this, you need to unscrew four screws, and then you can remove the hard drive. Loosen the screws alone is not enough. You need to pull on the hard drive itself so that it disconnects from the connector to which it was connected. In the picture, I marked the connector with a yellow arrow.

Since we have previously unscrewed all the screws from the bottom and top of the case, it remains only to separate the two halves of the case. They are divided into a lower part and an upper part. It will be convenient to separate them with a guitar pick, thrusting it into the gap between the two halves, and walking this pick along the perimeter of the body, unlatching the latches. After all that has been done, remove the upper part of the case.

We find the screws on the motherboard that fix this motherboard. We unscrew them, as well as disconnect all wires and cables, if, in our opinion, they can interfere with removing the motherboard from the case. Then, just take out the motherboard.

We turn over the motherboard we removed, and begin to remove the cooling fan. Several screws hold it in place. Naturally, we disconnect the wire from the fan to the motherboard.

In the picture, the yellow arrow marks the wire that needs to be disconnected.

Removing the cooling heatsink from the motherboard. To do this, we carefully look at the picture and unscrew all the screws, which are highlighted in yellow arrows in this picture.

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After unscrewing the screws, just carefully remove the radiator.

All elements of the cooling system are ready for cleaning. We clean off the remnants of the old thermal paste from the cooling radiator. Naturally, we do the same with the chips to which this radiator was attached. Remains of thermal paste will be there too.

Let’s move on to cleaning the fan. The fan is attached to the radiator with adhesive tape. Peel it off and break these two elements in half. Everything is perfectly visible in the picture. This will allow us to quickly and efficiently clean the fins of the cooling radiator and the cooling fan itself. At the end of cleaning, simply attach the fan to the radiator, and glue it with adhesive tape, as it was before the start of the cleaning process.

The radiator and fan have been cleaned. Now you need to put everything in place and connect. We apply new thermal grease to all elements where necessary. In the photo, I marked these places with yellow arrows.

Then, carefully and slowly, we screw the radiator together with the fan onto the motherboard. At the same time, do not forget to connect the wire from the fan to the motherboard. Well, then, everything is very simple. We are trying to follow the instructions, we assemble the laptop into one piece.

Correctly and accurately assemble a laptop, this video will help you.

How to remove the back cover of an HP laptop

Disassembling an HP laptop is not very different from disassembling any other laptop, however, this also has its own nuances.

Samsung NP305V5A disassembly manual

The purpose of this analysis of the Samsung NP305V5A laptop is the technical cleaning of the cooling system and replacement of the thermal interface. Next, we will consider the stages of disassembling a laptop with a full description and illustrations of the process itself.

Removing the laptop battery by sliding the two latches on the sides.

We unscrew 1 screw on the lid that covers the compartment with the memory module (the plug on the side is a decorative element for symmetry and there is no screw under it) and remove it by prying it off with a tool.

Remove the 3 rubber caps around the edges of the SamsungNP305V5A laptop case and unscrew the 3 screws under them.

In order to remove the back cover of the laptop, move it down.

Unscrew the 4 screws that hold the slide on the sides of the hard drive.

Remove the hard drive by pulling the black tab up.

Unscrew 1 screw of the laptop DVD drive.

Unscrew 13 screws on the laptop case.

We turn the laptop over in a semi-folded state and halve it by snapping off the latches around the perimeter of the case. Note that it is a little more difficult for the latch to snap off near the audio jacks. After splitting the case, the motherboard, together with the audio connectors, should remain on the top of the case, along with the keyboard.

I had to meet customer requests for Samsung NP305V5A with broken audio connectors as a result of incorrect disassembly of the laptop.

Unscrew the 2 screws that hold the cooler of the cooling system.

Turn the cooler over and turn off the loop.

HP Notebook. TPN-i120

Now you can see the accumulated layer and clothes of dust.

We unscrew the 6 screws of the cooling system radiator and remove it from the motherboard. The screws must be unscrewed crosswise to evenly loosen the cooling system and not damage the chips.

We change the thermal grease, clean the cooling system, lubricate the cooler with silicone grease and assemble the laptop in the reverse order.

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How to remove the cover from an HP laptop

SC “ABECOM” is not responsible for damage, loss of warranty and any other damage caused by actions taken after reading this article. The material below is for guidance only.

The main rule when assembling and disassembling a laptop: no action during assembly and disassembly requires physical force! If something does not work out, make sure again that the actions performed are correct.!

Any laptop owner has a desire to disassemble his laptop at least once during its use. Someone is driven by curiosity, others want to upgrade the laptop without paying for the services of service centers.

We have chosen the Asus A7 model. This laptop is of average complexity of the internal device, its nodes are quite versatile and the disassembly algorithm is suitable for many laptops.

We turn the laptop upside down. Here are the covers that cover most of the peripheral modules: hard disk, RAM, wireless modules.

First, remove the battery. Although the laptop is turned off, many components are energized. We unscrew all the screws and remove all the covers. Pay attention to the screws hidden under the covers and under the battery.

Next, we remove all visible devices. Let’s start with the hard drive. As a rule, it is removed by shifting to the side opposite to the connection connector. Many hard drives have a tab for easy grip. From it you can determine the direction of the displacement.

Next, we remove the drive. As a rule, all the screws for fastening the drive are removed from the bottom, but sometimes there is an additional fastening under the keyboard. If the drive cannot be removed, it is better to return to it later.

Replace the Top Cover | HP ENVY 15-u000 x360 Convertible PCs | HP

Disconnect the power cables of the processor cooler and the antennas of the wireless modules. The antennas themselves are located along the laptop matrix, so they need to be turned off to remove the top cover of the laptop.

We remove the cooler of the cooling system. If you’re taking your laptop apart for cleaning, it’s time to do it. Preventive cleaning is necessary for a laptop, even if it is used very carefully and in a clean room. Why. you can read in the article “Why is the laptop heating up?”.

However, just cleaning the cooler is not enough for normal operation of the cooling system. It is necessary to clean the heatsink and replace the thermal grease on the processor die. We unscrew the 4 screws securing the radiator, one of them is always under the warranty sticker and removes the radiator. If the thermal paste is old, the heatsink may dry out to the processor, then a little effort will be required. But be careful not to damage the processor itself.

The laptop can now be flipped to its normal operating position with the keyboard facing up. The rest of the housing fixing screws are located under the keyboard, therefore, we need to remove it. Methods for attaching keyboards are different. Most often, on one side there are projections that are inserted into the grooves of the case, and on the other. latches that finally secure the keyboard. Sometimes, instead of latches, there are screws that are hidden under the case panel. Then you must first remove the panel and unscrew these screws. In our case, latches are used.

Disable the keyboard loop and all other visible loops. The fastening of cables in almost all laptops is the same. it is pressed to the connector by a bar that opens either by shifting or lifting.

Next, you need to remove the top cover of the laptop. To do this, disconnect the laptop matrix connection cables. These connectors are located either under the keyboard, or under the case panel above the keyboard, or under a special cover. In our case, the last option is used.

Remove the covers that cover the hinges and unscrew the remaining screws securing the hinges.

Now you can remove the top cover of the laptop.

Please note that this model has hidden screws under the cover. They also need to be unscrewed.

The laptop case can now be detached. There are latches around the perimeter, you can deal with them with a spatula used by radio amateurs, or a fairly thin flat screwdriver.

In our hands we have the lower part of the case with the motherboard installed. By unscrewing all the screws marked with arrows and disconnecting the built-in speaker cable, it can be removed. When removing, you should pay attention to the connectors, they are often recessed into the case, and to remove the motherboard, you need to move it slightly.

The matrix cover can also be disassembled, for example, to change the matrix or inverter. The frame fastening screws are almost always hidden under the rubber caps. We remove the plugs and unscrew the screws. Apply a slight twisting motion to the frame around the matrix and remove it.

The matrix itself is attached with several screws around the perimeter. The inverter also becomes available.

By disconnecting the cable from the matrix, you can finally remove it from the cover.

Freeing the structure from fixation

The next step in the practical decision on how to disassemble an HP laptop will be the “total” unscrewing of all the fastening screws that are located on the back of the device. When screwing the bolts, do not forget to put them on the diagram of the original location, since their length is regulated by the design features of the case. After completing the “remove all screws” operation, make sure that they are actually removed. As often, some of the bolts remain intact. Exclusively for this reason, the user applies unnecessary force and, as a rule, breaks or deforms the body parts of the laptop.

How to disassemble a laptop to clean a cooler (step by step)?

To clean the laptop cooler, you must first unplug the power plug, remove the battery, then turn the laptop over and use a screwdriver to unscrew the back cover. Just be extremely careful. there, in addition to the screws, the cover is also held by latches, so do not try to remove it with force, but release it from the latches.

In order not to lose the screws and parts, put them on the table in the order in which you unscrew.

After removing the cover, look where the fan is in your laptop. It is also attached with screws. unscrew them.

Having unscrewed all the bolts, we take out the fan from its seat.

We separate the impeller from the device. if it cannot be removed, then it is necessary to remove the washer that holds it. Pry it gently with a needle and remove.

After removing the impeller, wipe all its blades with special napkins or any soft, clean cloth.

After cleaning the impeller, a special grease is applied to its shaft.

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Now we start cleaning the radiator, which also accumulates a huge amount of dust and other debris over a long time of laptop operation.

Pay attention to how the radiator looks after thorough cleaning. Feel the difference, as they say.)

You can clean the radiator with fine brushes. The main thing is to do it slowly and carefully.

After you have cleaned all the parts, start assembling the laptop in the reverse order. Sequentially laid out parts help you cope with the assembly sequence.

After screwing on the lid, do not forget to replace the battery.

That’s it, the procedure for cleaning the laptop cooler can be considered complete.

How to disassemble an HP laptop? How to disassemble HP Pavilion G6 laptop?

In the process of using portable electronics, a problem often arises. dust accumulates inside the case. Microscopic dirt particles pass through the ventilation ducts of the laptop. The cooling system ceases to function fully, thereby exposing the internal components of the computer to overheating. As a rule, it is at such moments that the user has a question about how to disassemble an HP laptop. After all, time is often not in our favor, and the workshop is not always around the corner. Attention and accuracy are all you need to return to your “electronic friend” the lost purity and ability to cool effectively.

When dismantling such a delicate part, you should be extremely careful to pry (using a flat screwdriver) the upper right corner of the keypad. Then, moving to the left, release the retaining locks of the remaining restraining elements with prying movements. The solution to the question of how to disassemble the HP Compaq Presario CQ57 laptop can be radically different (from other series of the identical model) precisely at the moment of removing the keyboard module. The secret to successfully removing the key block is simple:

  • Make sure the keypad bezel is not split into two independent parts. In the case where the body element is monolithic, the above removal method should be used. Otherwise, you must first remove the top deck of the panel, “undermining” the plastic first from the sides.
  • Newer HP models use an adhesive tape retainer and metal latches around the keyboard.
  • When releasing the keyboard, be extremely careful, as impulsive and careless movements can have disastrous consequences. a damaged cable (often breaks), which is a link between the key module and the device’s motherboard.

Maybe some would like to know how to disassemble HP G62 laptop? It’s simple, apply the material of this article and remember: accuracy in the disassembly process is above all!

How to remove the cover from a laptop ASUS 1215b. step by step photo instructions

How to remove the cover from a laptop? This question usually arises when it is necessary to replace failed hardware modules. If a person encounters such a process for the first time, then, naturally, he has some difficulties. Even a banal fear for the integrity of the device. after all, I would not want to spoil the laptop even more with my repairs.

remove, cover, laptop

When is it necessary to remove the cover

Let’s see how this event is performed using the ASUS 1215b as an example. First, the frame around the screen is removed. It is supported by latches and two screws. The screws are hidden under the caps at the bottom of the frame. We unscrew them. It is better to start removing the frame from the latches from above. Further along the sides and below. It is convenient to pry the lower part with a plastic card. Under the removed frame there are six screws for fastening the screen: two on the top and two on each hinge below. Having unscrewed the screws, we pull the screen towards ourselves. It can be removed easily, but this must be done carefully so as not to damage the train. The WEB-camera loop is visible under the removed screen. By disconnecting the cable, you can remove it. In the upper right corner is the Wi-Fi antenna. On the back of the screen there is a ribbon cable with which it is connected. Here’s how to remove the cover from a laptop with your own hands. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this operation. After replacing the required component, the assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

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Direct cleaning process

Only now you, dear user, can freely penetrate all parts of the device in order to complete the preventive work. The practical solution, how to disassemble an HP Pavilion G6 laptop for cleaning, can be considered fully described. However, a few recommendations will help you to remove dust accumulations in the best way with the help of effectively used tools.

  • Household vacuum cleaner. irreplaceable assistant in a situation when you need “delicate” and at the same time high-quality cleaning.
  • Hard-to-reach places can be freed from dust with a regular household brush.
  • Do not shake or deform the loose housing.
  • Do not use any liquid.
  • Check the cleaned surface. There may be brush bristles, wiping fluff, or other foreign material in the grooves or crevices.

We take out the hard drive, Wi-Fi, DVD drive and memory card

After removing the hard drive, unscrew the upper right bolt under it and carefully disconnect the speaker cable. Next, unfasten the DVD drive cable. Unscrew the last bolt that attaches the DVD drive to the motherboard and remove the drive from the front.

To remove the Wi-Fi module, you need to unfasten two cables (black and white), remove two screws and take out the module.

If you do not need to replace the memory cards, and the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop is routinely cleaned, then the memory modules can be left on the motherboard. When replacing memory cards, operations are carried out in the same sequence as with Wi-Fi: the cable is disconnected, the fastening screws are unscrewed, the memory card is removed.

How to start disassembling your HP Pavilion dv6 laptop?

So, in front of you on a soft surface (to protect the case from scratches while working) is an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. How to disassemble?

Carry your HP Pavilion dv6 laptop to a workshop or clean it yourself?

There are only three main operations that the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop allows: repair, replacement of components and cleaning. The repair of the car, no doubt, should be done by a specialist. But the two remaining procedures are quite possible at home in your own performance.

You can, of course, use the services of a repair shop and part with your favorite equipment for a week twice a year. But it’s better to master the disassembly of the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop at home. With advanced skill, this will take you about an hour along with cleaning.

Preparing your HP Pavilion dv6 laptop for disassembly

Prepare in advance small containers for the bolts that you will unscrew from the laptop. Each type must be folded in a separate place so as not to be confused.

How to replace the power supply and clean or replace the cooler in your HP Pavilion dv6 laptop?

Here we come to the climax with an article on how to disassemble the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. We just have to remove the last screw that secures the motherboard to the back panel. Then, in two stages, we remove the motherboard: first we lift it on the right, disconnect the power cable, then take it out completely.
We unscrew the two screws holding the fan and unfasten its cable. advanced models of the HP Pavilion dv6 line of notebooks have a special cooling system, it is fastened with eight screws.

When disassembling a laptop, even without apparent need, it is imperative to replace the thermal grease on the cooling system and use silicone lubricant for the fan.

So we looked at how to disassemble an HP Pavilion laptop. To return the laptop to its previous appearance, you need to accurately repeat all the steps taken in the reverse order. It will be nice if, during assembly, you clean every part of the dust with a special soft brush.

Carefully monitor the sequence of actions. Check if you have connected and secured all the cables. Make sure all fasteners are present. If you do everything correctly, the next six months you are guaranteed a stable laptop without noise and overheating.

Disconnecting the cables from the motherboard

Disassembly of the HP Pavilion dv6 laptop at this stage comes down to “manual work”. disconnecting loops and cables from various devices. It is best to disconnect them in the following sequence:
cable from the USB module;
speaker cable (in some models);
cable from the matrix;
webcam cable;
remove the metal panel.

How to remove the display panel of an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop?

When using an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop, it is not necessary to know how to disassemble it to the last screw. But sometimes it is necessary to remove the display panel. This is a very delicate and responsible job, therefore, it is not recommended to do it at home unless absolutely necessary.

First, you need to remove the wireless network card, having previously disconnected two antenna cables from it. Then the antenna cables and video cable are disconnected from the motherboard. The antenna cables are pulled downwards behind the back panel. And the video cable is pulled up by a special black label. It remains to unscrew the monitor mounting bolts and remove it.