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How to remove iPhone DO factory settings

How to clean iPhone

You can clean up your iPhone drastically, i.e. completely, or partially, by removing individual applications and their files. It is quite simple to do this in several ways at once.

Ways to Clean iPhone

  • Recovering your device in iTunes.
  • Erase Content and Settings on iPhone.
  • Erase iPhone to iCloud.
  • Removing an application from the desktop.
  • Removing an application in iPhone settings in the “Storage” menu.
  • Removing App from iPhone via iTunes.

The first 3 methods allow you to completely “zero” the device’s memory, as a result of which you will have an iPhone with “clean” iOS at your disposal. After cleaning, you will need to re-configure it and restore the necessary data from a backup to iTunes or iCloud.

How to erase your iPhone — Apple Support

The last 3 are classic, allow you to manually delete individual applications and all their data.

How to Reset iPhone To Factory Default

We have already written about restoring the iPhone and in sufficient detail, I see no reason to repeat myself. Let’s try to erase content and settings on the iPhone and see what it threatens.

How to erase iPhone to iCloud

Another way to completely clean the iPhone “in one fell swoop”, you can do it remotely from any computer, tablet or smartphone (the operating system does not matter). The only thing is that the device must be connected to the Internet.

    Go to, log in with your Apple ID and launch the Find My iPhone web application. You can just follow this link and log in.

    remove, iphone, factory, settings

In the “All devices” menu, find the required (if there is more than one) and click on it.

In the window that appears on the right, click on “Erase iPhone“.

Confirm the request by clicking on “Erase”.

Activation Lock will prevent you from erasing data from your device until you enter your Apple ID password.

There is no need to enter a phone number and a text message, just click on “Next” and then on “Finish”.

  • Immediately after you click on “Done”, the procedure for erasing iPhone will begin.
  • You can also erase an iPhone that is not (currently) connected to the Internet in iCloud. The request will be queued and executed as soon as the device appears on the network.

    My iPhone 5s had Find My iPhone turned on and, as a result, after erasing the Activation Lock, it locked it. To activate it, you had to enter your Apple ID and password, if you don’t, you will have a “brick” at your disposal.

    The radical methods of cleaning the contents of the iPhone are over, now we will focus on more liberal ones, or rather, on deleting applications and their files.

    How to Clean iPhone: Erase in iCloud, Delete Content & Factory Reset

    Oftentimes, the reason why iPhones and iPads start to perform significantly worse than usual lies in the lack of free space in the device’s memory. If you notice that your device has become “brooding”, often freezes, involuntarily reboots without a command, then it’s time for a “general cleaning”. It’s time to clear the device memory from extra megabytes, or even GB of software junk. Agree, it is not professional to delete each application and its files by “handles”.

    Today I will tell you how to quickly clear the device memory in whole or in part, as well as how to reset the iPhone to factory settings.

    In the settings of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the menu “General. Statistics ”there is an interesting section.“ Storage ”. This menu contains information about how much and what the device’s memory is busy with. Take a look, you may be very surprised that even the most harmless, at first glance, applications, such as social network managers, can store gigabytes of useless data.

    Recently we were contacted by the owner of an iPhone who faced the problem of insufficient memory. When updating iOS over Wi-Fi, this caused the device to get caught in a recovery loop. Restoring iPhone was not considered a solution to the problem. the user did not want to lose data from the device. Fortunately, everything ended well, the person still had to restore the iPhone via iTunes, and the information was restored from an iCloud backup, which he did not even know existed.

    This precedent pushes to always keep the device memory “clean”, or at least periodically clean it of information “trash”.

    How to remove an app and all its files from an iPhone

    Above, I have already noted that there are several ways to delete an application from the memory of an iOS device: from the desktop, through iTunes, from the settings.

    There is nothing easier than removing an installed application (programs or games) from your desktop. To do this, just hold your finger on the iPhone screen anywhere for at least 2 seconds.

    At the top left of the icons (icons) of applications that can be deleted (downloaded from the App Store), a cross icon will appear, the icons themselves will begin to “dance”.

    Tap on the cross and confirm the deletion.

    The same can be done from the iPhone settings in the “Storage” menu.

      Go to Settings. Basic. Statistics. Storage “.

    Tap on the desired application. A window will open with information about its aggregate (including data) size.

    Tap on “Remove program” and confirm. Done, the application and all its files will be deleted.

    The third and final method to uninstall via iTunes is to de-sync it between the PC and the iOS device. I talked about this in the article “3 ways to install applications from the App Store on an iPhone or iPad” (link).

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      Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable or Wi-Fi and launch iTunes.

    Select the device in the menu located next to the “iTunes Store” button (top right).

    Go to the “Programs” tab.

    Opposite the application to be removed in the list of downloaded programs, click on the “Remove” button. If the application is not installed in the device memory, instead of the “Remove” button, “Install” will be displayed. Then click “Sync”.

    The app you marked demolished will be removed from the iPhone. Similarly, it can be reinstalled.

    In addition to applications, free space in an iOS device is consumed by photos, videos, music, contacts, notes and other important information. But there is another secret (for many) memory eater. Safari.

    The mobile web browser from Apple works like any other: when the site is loaded, it loads its content into temporary storage (cache). This is done in order to speed up the loading of pages when re-accessing them.

    When re-accessing the web pages loaded into the cache, the cached data is not downloaded from the servers again, but is retrieved from the cache. On the one hand, this allows you to save on traffic and get fast loading of web pages, on the other hand, you have to put up with the fact that the cache “eats” memory.

    So, if you actively use your iPhone or iPad for “surfing the Internet”, be prepared for the fact that the Safari cache can take up a lot of memory space. This amount depends on how much data the server hosting the site has allowed to be cached. The iPhone owner cannot limit this size, all that remains is to periodically clean.

    How to erase content and settings on iPhone

    This procedure is carried out very simply, in just 5 “taps”.

    Select “Erase content and settings” and if you set a lock password, you must enter it.

    Confirm the request by double-tapping on “Erase iPhone”. Do not be surprised that you need to confirm the erasure 2 times, the action is not reversible and can lead to the loss of important data, you must be sure of what you are doing.

    If Find My iPhone is enabled in iCloud settings on iPhone, you need to enter your Apple ID password. You cannot erase content and reset settings without this (this is how activation lock works).

  • After you turn off Find My iPhone, the iPhone screen will go blank, then the Apple logo and progress bar will appear. Depending on the device model and the amount of space occupied in its memory, the reset can take from 2 to 15 minutes.
  • To erase content and settings on an iPhone, it does not need to be connected to a power source, but make sure that the battery level is at least 25%. Otherwise, if the battery is completely discharged during the wiping process, you may need to restore iPhone using iTunes.

    This is what happened with my iPhone 5s jailbreak with Pangu. It’s good that the backup in iTunes and iCloud remained. I had to restore the device from Recovery Mode, or from DFU mode, there is no difference.

    How to clear the Safari cache on iPhone

    To delete all temporary files, tap on “Delete cookies and data”.

    If you want to delete cached data for a specific site, go to the Add-ons menu. Site data “.

    This menu provides information about all sites using the Safari cache: the total space they occupy and the size of the data for each site. To delete data for one site, tap on “Change”, and then on the red icon in front of its name.

    Confirm the deletion by tapping on “Delete”. All data for the selected site will be deleted and the next time you visit it, they will be downloaded from the server again, and not unloaded from the cache.

    Here you can also delete the cached data of all sites. To do this, tap on “Delete all data”.

    So, in fact, everything is simple. Now you know how to remove the “problem” application from the iPhone or completely clear its memory.

    If you have any difficulties or questions about the article, welcome to the comments.

    How to Reset iPhone 8 to Factory Settings without Losing Data if Forgot Password

    Usually, the iPhone owner is faced with the need to reset the iPhone X / 8/8 Plus to factory settings without losing data in several cases: if the phone stops working correctly, starts to glitch and lag, malfunctions appear regularly, or before selling and buying a new device. In some cases, the user forgot the password or entered it incorrectly several times in a row, which caused the device to be locked. Standard reset methods, for example, through iTunes, will not help here. The use of professional software is required. ReIBoot.

    How to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

    If you forgot your password, you may not be able to reset iPhone 7 Plus / 7 / SE / 6 Plus / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 to factory settings using the usual method via iTunes / iCloud or via the Settings application on the device itself. And if Activation Lock is enabled, sooner or later you will need to enter a password or log in using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

    The second problem is deleting all data after restoring iPhone to its original state after purchase. As you know, resetting iPhone 6 to factory settings will entail a complete wipe of all information from the device. Here, the solution may be to back up all data on the iPhone. then all data can be restored from the backup file. But all this is very long and difficult. The easiest way to use the Tenorshare ReiBoot program.

    How to reset iPhone if you forgot your password?

    We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions on how to reset iPhone DO to factory settings without losing data if you forgot your password. Tenorshare ReiBoot utility will restore your phone and reset all settings without requiring you to enter a password, while retaining all data on the device. You don’t even need to back up everything on your phone, download Tenorshare ReiBoot from the official page (Mac and Windows versions available). Install the utility on your computer.

    1.Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod to your work computer with a USB cable. After that, launch the preinstalled Tenorshare ReiBoot program.

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    Next, click on the “Solve all iOS freezes” button at the very bottom. Click Fix Now. The program identifies your device and prompts you to install the current firmware version. Click “Download”.

    When the download of the new firmware version is completed, you need to click on the “Start recovery” button.

    It will take about ten minutes for your iPhone to be restored. After that, it will be ready to go. Now you know how to reset iPhone DO to factory settings without losing data and if you forgot your password.

    You can also use the advanced recovery mode, but this will completely clear all data on the device and reset all passwords.

    Creating a backup copy. is it necessary?

    Before you reset the iPhone DO to factory settings, it is worth making a backup copy of the data stored on the phone using iTunes. then, if necessary, important information can be restored. There are two ways to create a backup:

    In the context menu of the AppStore, go to the path “File”. “Devices”. “Create a backup copy”.

    Click the device icon in the top panel and in the “Overview” section click “Create a copy now”.

    It will not be possible to “resurrect” all data using a backup copy. only the following will be available:

    Games, apps and music will not be restored.

    Completely reset the settings via Hard Reset

    Reset via Hard Reset is needed in such a situation: the user has forgotten the security password and cannot deactivate Find iPhone. the enabled function, in turn, prevents restoring settings via iTunes in a softer way.

    Such an operation is called “Hard” for a reason. a reset can lead to the fact that all personal data will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to contact Hard Reset only after other options have already been tried and have not been crowned with success.

    Recovery via Hard Reset is done as follows:

    Connect the gadget to your PC and launch iTunes as usual.

    Enter your smartphone into DFU mode in the following way: simultaneously hold down the Home button and the power button and count to 10. Then release the Power button and continue to hold Home until the characteristic connection sound in iTunes. After entering the gadget in DFU mode, it makes no sense to look at its screen. it will just be black, without icons and images.

    Turn to iTunes, and you will see that the window has changed and there is only one button available. “Restore iPhone”. And you need to press it.

    It will take a long time to wait until the initial settings are restored. about 10 minutes. When the reset is completed, the user will have to choose one of two options: reactivate the gadget or try to return the deleted data through a backup in iTunes. To implement the second option, go to the “Overview” section of the device and click the “Restore from a copy” button.

    Next, in a special window, you need to select the copy that suits you best and click “Restore”.

    How to Reset iPhone via iTunes?

    If you need to reset the settings via iTunes, the first step is to turn off Find My iPhone (if activated). To deactivate on the device, follow the path “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Find iPhone” and turn the toggle switch to the “OFF” state. Then connect the gadget with a USB cable to your PC and follow these simple instructions:

    Click on the “Device” icon and you will find yourself in the “Overview” section.

    Click the “Restore iPhone” button.

    In the window that appears, click “Restore” again. this way you confirm the request.

    After that, iTunes itself will download the software to the gadget and return the original iPhone settings. When you reset the settings in this way, contacts, SMS, calendars, alarms and notes will not be affected, but you will have to say goodbye to multimedia files.

    How to reset iPhone DO to factory settings?

    Unfortunately, novice iPhone users do not always prudently approach downloading applications to their device. many, admiring the abundance of free software in the AppStore, install everything without thinking about the usefulness of the programs. It is the lack of free memory that is usually the reason why the iPhone starts to perform worse: for example, freezes or spontaneously reboots. If such “symptoms” appear, then it’s time to “clean” the device’s memory. you can do this by resetting the iPhone to factory settings.

    Reset iPhone via “Settings

    You can reset the settings on the iPhone without connecting the gadget to the computer at all. you need to proceed as follows:

    Go to “Settings” and select the “General” section.

    Scroll to the end and select the “Reset” subsection.

    You will see that the device offers several reset options, including:

    • Factory reset on iPhone. With such an operation, all personal information that the user stored on the gadget will remain in place. But, for example, alarms and settings of standard applications will be reset. This short-term operation (reset lasts no more than 1 minute) can help with intermittent iPhone freezes.
    • Erase content and settings. This type of reset is useful when an Apple user wants to gift or sell a used iPhone. The buyer receives a completely “clean” gadget without traces of preliminary use. including de-authorization of the Apple ID. Such an operation is longer and takes about a couple of minutes (depending on how cluttered the memory is).
    • Reset network settings. This operation helps if, after replacing the SIM, the gadget cannot find the network of the new service provider and access the Internet via 3G. Personal information will definitely not suffer from such a reset.

    Before you reset your iPhone, pay attention to these “safety rules”:

    • Before resetting (especially the second, longest type), recharge the gadget at least to 25-30%. If the iPhone “crashes” while erasing data, most likely, it will have to be restored via iTunes and a cable.
    • Jailbroken iPhones (eg Pangu) will end up in “eternal apple mode” by erasing content. Again, you will need to restore via iTunes with the preliminary introduction of the gadget into DFU mode or Recovery Mode.

    Alas, the problems of smartphone users are not limited to gadgets freezing. quite often the owners of even such secure devices as the iPhone become victims of fraud: attackers learn the security password, change it remotely and start blackmailing and extortion. your humble servant also found himself in such a situation. Transferring money is out of the question. blackmail will never end. but a simple reset to factory settings via iTunes will help keep cybercriminals off the hook. The main thing is not to neglect such an opportunity as creating backups: then even after a “hard” reset, you will be able to restore important data.

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    Cleaning through iTunes

    There are two types of factory reset via iTunes for iPhone. updating with a clean firmware or downloading a previously saved copy. Any of them requires sufficient charging of the gadget. at least 70%. The first option will help to erase content and settings, you will get a clean device with fresh firmware. The method helps well with major system crashes, freezes and reboots. How to reset iPhone to factory settings via iTunes:

    • Launch iTunes on your computer, connect the gadget with a cable.
    • On the top bar, select the connected device.
    • Open the “Overview” tab, on the right next to the iOS version, click on “Restore”.

    The program will download the latest OS version to iPhone or iPad, restore factory settings.

    If you don’t want to lose all of your personal content, update your iPhone 5, 6, or other model with a pre-made backup. The device will remain in working order, it will be possible to throw off only the changes that were made after the moment of backup. How to restore a gadget from a copy:

    • In the iTunes menu, open the “File” menu, subsection “Devices” and select the function “Recover from a copy”.
    • Specify the save that you want to use for recovery.

    We recommend that you regularly create working copies of the device, then in case of problems, we can easily reset the latest changes and return a copy to the gadget, where all contacts, photos, notes, messages and iPhone settings are stored.

    ICloud cleaning

    You can reset iPhone via cloud storage, without using a PC. This method is also useful if you need to restore the device after resetting all settings, but there is no backup copy on your computer. Copies to iCloud are created automatically and regularly during the charging of the gadget, if it is connected to Wi-Fi at that time, and you have not turned off the copy function.

    To reset the settings via iCloud in the device menu, first perform “Erase Content” in the “Reset” subsection, then select “Restore from iCloud Copy”.

    Full hard reset

    Hard reset iPhone is not an easy procedure that completely returns the factory settings to the gadget. It will help in cases where you have forgotten your digital password or pattern, you cannot turn off Find My iPhone. But you still cannot hack the found smartphone. if its owner has activated the search function on the Apple website, then even after a full flashing you will need a password from his Apple ID.

    Return iPhone to factory settings and unlock the password using Recovery mode:

    • Turn off the device. hold the power key until the shutdown slider appears.
    • Press and hold the “Home” button, at this time connect the device with a cable to the PC.
    • The iTunes icon will appear on the display. you have entered Recovery. Release “Home”.
    • Open iTunes and Run iPhone Reset via Recovery Procedure.

    When finished, disconnect the wire and restart the gadget.

    In case of serious problems with the system, another bootloader mode. DFU will help. In it, a complete reinstallation of the system occurs. There are several options on how to reset and how to reset iPhone to factory settings in DFU mode:

    • Press the shutdown and Home buttons at once, hold them for 10 seconds, press the shutdown button, and hold the Home button until the power-on sound appears.
    • Hold the shutdown button for 3 seconds. Without releasing it, press “Home” for 10 seconds, then release the power.
    • For iPhone 7 and 7: actions as in option 2, only instead of “Home”. the volume down key.

    When you enter DFU mode, the device screen will remain blank, as in a disabled state. Launch iTunes and perform a deep restore, all system parameters will be reset. The process will take about 10 minutes, then you can reactivate the device or upload a backup.

    How to reset iPhone DO to factory settings

    It is sometimes useful to clear the inside of your smartphone. especially if it does not work properly at times, you want to sell the gadget or you recently bought it from your hands. For such cases, Apple has provided several types of cleaning. Let’s figure out how to reset iPhone DO to factory settings depending on the situation.

    Cleaning from the device

    The easiest way to clear the settings is on the iPhone. Pre-charge the device to at least 30%, do not erase the content from your jailbroken smartphone in this way. you will get a non-working device. Do not forget to create a backup in iTunes before doing a hard reset. this will help you quickly return all personal data to the device, except for installed applications and music.

    In the menu, open the sub-item “Basic-Reset”.

    You will see several options for the procedure:

    • Reset all settings. all system parameters will return to factory settings, including set alarms and application settings, user content remains. Helps with downed OS parameters.
    • Content and Settings. System settings and all user’s multimedia data are deleted. The device turns out “out of the box”, the method is suitable for pre-sale preparation of the device. just check that the Apple ID profile is logged out.
    • Network. the parameters of connection to cellular networks, Wi-Fi, VPN, their logins and passwords are cleared. Helps with problems with signal reception and data transmission.
    • Keyboard dictionary. clears words entered by the user from the autocorrection list.
    • Home screen. returns the original view of the desktop by arranging the icons of branded applications in their places.
    • Geolocation. removes all software permissions and prohibitions on the use of geolocation information.

    We figured out how to delete all user settings and clean up the system. Resetting an iPhone 5s or other model, iPad is easy, the main thing is to carefully follow the instructions. Do not forget to create backup copies of your smartphone, then in case of any malfunctions you will lose a minimum of important information.

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