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How to reduce screen size on iPhone

Change icons via iTunes

  • You need to connect the smartphone to the computer with a cable, or if wireless synchronization of devices is enabled, connect via Bluetooth, then launch iTunes;
  • You need to wait for the iPhone to appear in the left menu, then click on it, go to the “Overview” tab and click on the “Configure Universal Access” button there;
  • A new menu “Universal access” will open, in it, in the “Vision” section, you need to select the “Magnification” parameter, then confirm the selection with the “OK”.

Resizing icons using iPhone

To change the parameters of the icons on the “Home” screen, you need to make special settings in the system menu.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” and “General”;
  • Then select the section “Universal Access”, and in it. the subsection “Increase”.

Using this mode will make it easier to reach with your thumb to the far edge and corners of the smartphone screen.

It may happen that because of too large icons it will be impossible to go to the settings menu, then you need to change the scale of the entire screen. To reduce the display image, you need to press 2 times on an arbitrary place on it with three fingers at the same time.

reduce, screen, size, iphone

Resize icons on iPhone X

When using an iPhone, it is possible to set personal settings so that the smartphone is as convenient as possible to use. Changes to basic settings can be made for screen display, applications, functions and reminders.

For convenient use of the phone display and the Home screen, it is also important to learn how to enlarge the icons on the iPhone X. This is done in various ways: in the device menu, in the iTunes settings on the computer (when synchronizing the smartphone) or using special programs if the phone works in Jailbreak mode.

How to resize icons on iPhone X

Starting with the sixth model, the iPhone has the ability to increase the size of the icons displayed on all Home screens. By default, the application icons are arranged in 4 columns of 7 lines on the screen, if the icons are enlarged, then less of them will fit on the screen.

Through Jailbreak

If Jailbreak is installed on your device, you should use special tweak applications downloaded from Cydia (analogous to AppStore) or other sources. These applications allow you not only to increase, but also to reduce the size of the icons (in contrast to standard smartphone options). You can change the settings of application icons using Icon Resizer. a jailbreak application for iPhone smartphones with open access to the file system.

To use this tweak, after downloading and installing it, you need to open the “Settings” program and click on the line with the Icon Resizer options. The program will offer several options for sizes, as well as a list of applications for which these changes are available.

This tweak offers to change the size of icons in the range from 20 to 120 points, the base size of application icons is set to 62 points, but you can set any value. Keep in mind, however, that using app icons will be inconvenient if you set them to a value greater than 70, as they will be too large for the standard iPhone display. In the specified range, the program does not make restrictions, so in the iPhone you can either reduce or enlarge the icons.

If after using Icon Resizer you don’t like the appearance of the icons, you can easily return to the original image; for this, there is a special switch button in the tweak settings. After clicking on it, all changes made by the program will be disabled.

How to customize the dock bar on iPhone?

Go to Settings → Home Screen & Dock and deactivate the “Show recommended and recent apps in dock” switch. After you do this, only the applications you manually placed for quick launch will remain in the Dock.

How to remove the bottom bezel on iPhone?

In order to hide the bottom panel on the iPhone (Dock), you first need to turn off the Reduce Transparency option. See below how to do this: 1. Go to the application “Settings” “General” “Accessibility” “Increase contrast” and disable “Reduce transparency”.

How to make a second screen on an iPhone?

Set up split screen mode on iPhone or iPad

  • Open the second app. To split your screen on iOS, you just need to open the second app and minimize it.
  • Open the main application. Now open the main application with which you want to split screens.
  • Drag second app.

How to use two screens on iPad?

Opening two items in Split View on iPad

  • While in the main app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and stop your finger to display the Dock.
  • Tap and hold an app in the Dock, drag to the right or left edge of the screen, and then lift your finger.

How to reduce screen size on iPhone?

Tap 2 times simultaneously with three fingers on the iPhone display and the image is immediately zoomed out. And if instead of two touches you make three, then the zoom menu will appear on the iPhone screen, pressing the Reduce the image on the display button will become normal.

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How to make picture-in-picture on iPhone?

How to enable picture-in-picture on iPhone

In compatible apps, which include Apple apps such as Apple TV, you can tap the picture-in-picture icon at the top of the app to activate this mode, or simply double-tap a video with two fingers.

Is it possible to make two screens on an iPhone?

Here’s how to use Split View.

  • Open the program.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock.
  • In the Dock, press and hold the second app you want to open, then drag it off the dock to the right or left of the screen.

Screenshot on the new iPhone X

And now. information for the owners of new products from Apple. How to take a screenshot on Affion X and the latest brand phablets. XS, XS Max and XR? All data with a step-by-step manual in the table:

The screen is made with two buttons: “Off” and “Volume up”.

Then the resulting screen can be saved, immediately sent to the selected contact or edited at your discretion. All screenshots taken are “accumulated” in the folder of the same name in the “Albums” section.
The procedure is the same regardless of the model. To save an image from the screen, you must:

  • open the desired picture on the display;
  • press the buttons indicated in the table with a second hold;
  • a click will be heard and the already familiar flash will be visible;
  • the thumbnail will move to the corner of the display.

Awesome Screenshot

This free software is a Safari browser extension. The program offers many interesting possibilities:

  • screenshots of the entire display or a separate, selected area;
  • fast processing of the resulting image (drawing arrows, changing colors, “fog” in certain areas of the image, etc.);
  • allows you to go back a few steps if something was done wrong during editing.

All pictures taken through this program are saved in the “Gallery”.

Important! With the help of Awesome Screenshot, only screenshots of the pages opened
via the Safari browser.

Screenshot on iPhone via computer

If you need to make an enlarged image from the iPhone screen, connect a personal computer. But first you need to download a program that would synchronize the device with a PC. It is called Reflector and connects 2 devices to each other using Wi-Fi.

reduce, screen, size, iphone

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone, for example, 6 or 7 models, via a PC? To do this, go to AirPlay and select Replay. Now all the images from the iPhone screen (for example, iPhone 6s) will be broadcast to the large computer monitor. To create a screen successfully, you need to press the PrtScr button on the computer keyboard. The resulting snapshot is inserted into any Word document (or other graphics editor, program, etc.) by pressing the CtrlV buttons.

Screenshot. Frame Maker

Free application that allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen or only the active working window of the smartphone. The finished screenshot is saved in a pre-selected folder for it, and in three formats at once. Such a variety is convenient, because the screen made can be viewed on other devices.

  • it is possible to activate the automatic mode, which makes screenshots every 15 seconds;
  • in the assortment. a large number of frames for the finished picture (they can also be used to design a screen made through other programs).

Read more about iPhone in the article: How to Create an Apple ID: 3 Proven Ways

How to Increase Iphone Display Size

Screen capture

If it is necessary to photograph not the entire display image, but only a separate part, then the ScreenshotPlus utility is often used for this. It works in tandem with the Activator application, which it is advisable to download on the iPhone in advance (for example, on a model of the 8 series).

After turning on the software, a frame will appear on the screen, which will determine the boundaries of the screenshot. Its future size is also indicated under the frame. To change the borders, it is enough to move the frame to the desired area of ​​the screen or expand it by clicking on the side handles. When the image area is selected, all that remains is to click on the camera icon.

For your information: ScreenshotPlus. paid: estimated download cost is 1.

But it happens that you need to capture not a separate section of the screen, but, on the contrary, a long text that does not fit into the working area. How to take a long screenshot on iPhone then?

For these situations, a special branded utility BigShotJb is provided. The software takes pictures with scrolling of the screen and transfers everything photographed to a folder where frames from a regular camera of the gadget are already stored.

The application is launched with a wave of the iPhone and immediately starts making screenshots. There are no special settings here, everything is easy and simple.

Screen without the Power button

If suddenly the lock key breaks or “freezes”, how can I enable a screenshot on the iPhone (for example, on the iPhone 7 Plus model)? To do this, you must first activate the function of the virtual button on the screen.

To make it appear, it is worth taking 4 steps:

  • Go to the settings of the phablet.
  • In the proposed list, find the line “Basic”.
  • Next, you need “Universal Access”.
  • Enable AssistiveTouch.

The display will show a light gray circle that replaces the button. It can be used to perform lock functions, adjust the volume, take screenshots and much more. The circle will be on the side of the screen and will absolutely not interfere with visibility.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone? 7 ways with step by step instructions

This article will tell you how to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone if you need to save an interesting picture or a funny moment in the game. The resulting picture can then be sent to friends and admired by yourself. The information will be useful to curious owners of Apple smartphones who want to use the capabilities of the iPhone 100%.


Let’s start with a little educational program. Bitrate is the number of bits used to store one second of multimedia content. In our case, the bitrate expresses the degree of compression of the stream. The whole thing is measured in kilobits or megabits (mainly for video) per second. The higher the bitrate, the better the video quality.

Many DSLR cameras and other devices shoot video at a higher bitrate than video hosting can transmit. For example, below are the recommended bitrate requirements depending on the video resolution for YouTube:

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It is not recommended to make the bitrate lower than these values. Otherwise, quality will suffer. But if the bitrate is higher than these values, then you can reduce it.

This can be done in the “Video” tab by ticking the “Average bitrate” box and specifying an acceptable value. Be sure to check the box “2-pass encoding”.

Start with audio

Before working with video, let’s take a look at audio. After the lines Source file, Header and Preset there is a deep settings area with tabs. Now we are interested in Audio. You will be surprised, but high-quality sound takes up a lot of disk space.

  • Make sure the video contains no more than one audio file. A high-quality video (especially if it’s some kind of Blueray license) can have several audio tracks (channels) in different languages. Leave the one with priority, and delete the rest by selecting the “None” option. This is done in the Track column.
  • Select AAC (CoreAudio) or MP3 in the Codec column. These are the so-called lossy encoding formats, in which the audio is of fairly high quality and relatively low weight.
  • In the “Bitrate” column, select “160” for most videos. If audio is very important, then you can set a higher bit rate (256 or 320). But mostly 160 is enough.

P. S.: Please do not confuse the “Bitrate” and “Sample Rate” columns. I recommend always leaving the second in “Auto”.

How to reduce size (compress) video without losing quality on Windows, Mac and Linux computer

In this article, we will talk about how to prepare a high-quality video, shot in high resolution, for sending to the network or to any device (for example, iPhone or iPad) without losing quality, talk about audio and video formats, and also talk about convenient tools who are capable of these tasks.

We live in a high-tech world in which almost any device, be it a DSLR camera, a GoPro or even a smartphone, can shoot high-quality, high-definition video. This is definitely great except for one flaw. the size of these files.

Storing and moving such content is a real pain, because the size of data in everyday life is no longer calculated even in gigabytes, but in terabytes. And when it comes to uploading files to the network or transferring to mobile devices, then get ready to go through a considerable number of converters and spend a good part of the day looking for an acceptable tool and profile. We are happy to help you in this matter.

Choose the best container and codec

If the video will be uploaded to video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo or. select MP4 as container in the Format bar of the Summary tab.

Choose H.264 or H.265 if you are working with high quality, high definition video. MPEG-4 will perform compression and quality will drop slightly.

ATTENTION! Never change the Frame Rate (FPS) value.

FPS (Frames per second). the number of frames per second. It is believed that for a comfortable video viewing, it is enough to have a recording with an FPS that fluctuates around 24-30 frames per second. It is logical to assume that you can reduce the FPS with the 60 recorded by the camera to values ​​acceptable to the eye, thereby, supposedly without losing quality, achieve a smaller size (as if it were a resolution).

In fact, absolutely all video hosting sites, guides and experts do not recommend changing the number of FPS that was recorded by the camera. Reducing the number of frames will make dynamic scenes choppy and unnatural.

Reduce the resolution

It’s cool if your device can shoot 4K video, but not every monitor or TV supports it. The most popular resolution is HD or Full HD TV. Resolution is one of the most important components to reduce video file size without degrading quality.

  • 2160p (3840×2160);
  • 1440p (2560 × 1440);
  • 1080p (1920 × 1080);
  • 720p (1280 × 720);
  • 480p (854 × 480);
  • 360p (640 × 360);
  • 240p (426 × 240).

In Handbrake, the resolution is set in the Dimensions menu.

Conveniently, in the new window there is a button “Preview”, which allows you to look at the final resolution of the file in the window before converting.

For YouTube, or the optimal resolution is 720p, although the same YouTube perfectly supports 4K.

Free video compression software

If the question comes about converting video files, then you definitely need a computer (not a smartphone or tablet). Handbrake is a very powerful, free and, most importantly, cross-platform utility (macOS, Windows, Linux) that will perfectly cope with this task. Of course, if you want something less sophisticated, you can use some Freemake Video Converter or FFmpeg, which also proved to be excellent, but in this material we will perform the conversion via Handbrake.

Launch the application and select a video, and only then we begin to understand the jungle of numerous settings.

To start converting video, click the “Start” button. With this step-by-step guide and clever Handbrake settings, you can reduce the size of the final file without losing quality.

If desired, the encoding process can be stopped with the Stop button. You can watch the progress at the bottom of the program window.

How to Make Your iPhone Zoom Out

The difference in size will greatly depend on the device or service on which the video will be launched.

Having worked in such a program, you can save a lot on the purchase of devices and drives with less memory. You look, for a rich film library, 64 GB of iPad is already enough instead of 256 GB or 512 GB of modification.

How to reduce photo size on iPhone using third-party apps

IPhones have a built-in photo editor. with it, you can, for example, crop a picture and apply a filter to it, however, you will not be able to change the resolution of any photo. Therefore, users have to resort to using additional utilities. One of the most popular programs to reduce photo size is Resizer. You can download the free version of this utility here.

The main advantage of Resizer is simplicity. The developers did not think about how to create another multi-editor, and equipped the application with only the most basic functions. How to change photo resolution on iPhone via Resizer?

Open the app. you will see the simplest interface possible.

Click on the plus button and go to the “Camera Roll” section.

Next, select the photo you want to convert.

On the next screen, you will see tools for working with images. You will need the Resize tool.

Set the required photo resolution. The width and height remain proportional, so it is enough to change just one of these parameters. the second will be adjusted automatically.

Below you will find ready-made templates for common resolutions. you can use them.

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Click on the “Done” button. this is how you complete the work on the image.

Next, you need to save the corrected image to the iPhone memory. Click the down arrow button.

Click on “Save Image”.

The following message will notify that the work has been completed:

Now you can use the Photo Investigator program to make sure that the picture has really changed its parameters.

In addition to Resizer, there are other utilities in the AppStore that can reduce

We learn meta-data through third-party software

Another way to get information about a photo is to use the Photo Investigator app from the AppStore (you can download it here). The program is very simple, but at the same time extremely effective. you need to use it like this:

Click the button indicated by the red arrow with the caption “Choose Photo”.

Find the desired photo in the “Camera Roll” section and click on it.

A list of metadata will open, where you can view such characteristics as file size (“File Size”. in the example 50.5 Kb) and image resolution (“Pixel Height” and “Pixel Width”).

The subsection “Tiff” contains information about when the picture was taken.

Photo Investigator allows you to not only view the metadata of a photo, but also send it by email and even erase it altogether. To perform these actions, the buttons “Share” and “Metadata”.

To view the metadata of photos, the following programs are also suitable:

Finally, the third way to find out about the size of the photo and the date when it was taken is to connect the iPhone to the computer, go to the folder with the pictures and go to the “Properties” menu.

It is very important to determine how much the images weigh before changing their resolution. Photos on the iPhone come out in different sizes. operations with those that take up little space will not allow you to increase the amount of free memory significantly.

How to reduce photo size and resolution on iPhone?

Users of Apple gadgets often suffer from a lack of free memory on their devices. What to do in such a situation? The first thought that comes to mind is to “clean” your media library and photo album and get rid of unnecessary files. However, parting with photos can be difficult. many of them remind of important events.

There is also a less obvious solution: to reduce the size of photographs. anyway, when viewing an album on a small screen of the gadget, the difference will not be noticeable. By reducing the size of the photo, you can not only free up memory on the device, but also reduce traffic costs when publishing images on the Internet.

How to find out the metadata of a photo on iPhone?

The user of the “apple” technology does not have the opportunity to view the metadata of the photos taken on the iPhone. at least with the help of the smartphone’s own means. There is no analogue of the “Properties” menu (Windows) on iOS. To find out what the resolution and weight of the image are, you have to indulge in tricks or download additional software.

reduce, screen, size, iphone

Find out the size of the photo via mail

You can get information about the weight of the image through the built-in tool “Mail”. You need to act like this:

Go to the “Photos” application and select a picture that is of interest to you.

Click the Share button located in the lower left corner.

Click on “Next” and in the menu that appears, select “Mail”.

Fill in the “To” field (you can choose any mailbox. you won’t have to send a letter) and click “Send”.

Then confirm that you want to send an email with an empty subject.

It is necessary to pay attention to the field “Actual”. here is the real size of the photo.

Unfortunately, the iPhone does not have a built-in tool that would allow you to recognize metadata and change the parameters of images. You can view the weight of the image through the “Mail” mail, but this method is rather long and complicated.

Users wishing to reduce the size of a photo in order to increase the amount of free memory should download a special Resizer utility from the AppStore, which makes image adjustments a matter of “five minutes”. For a quick check of meta-data, Photo Investigator is suitable. a program with which no mail is needed!

What to do if your computer screen is enlarged?

To zoom out the screen on a laptop using the keyboard in the browser, hold down Ctrl and press the minus, to zoom in, press the plus. Press Ctrl 0 to return to default zoom. Combinations are supported by Photoshop. Zooming the computer screen with keys and mouse, the most convenient.

How to shrink the screen on iPhone 11?

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch and enable the Easy access option. 2. Pull down (swipe down) the bar (gesture bar) at the bottom of the screen in any open application or under the Dock on the home screen.

How to remove screen magnification on a computer?

  • To make objects on the screen larger, decrease the resolution: press Ctrl Shift Plus
  • To make objects on the screen smaller, increase the resolution: press Ctrl Shift Minus
  • To reset the screen resolution, press Ctrl Shift 0.

How to hide the big screen on iPhone?

Enlarged home screen icons on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • If the enlarged icons on the Home screen make it impossible to access the Settings menu, zoom out.
  • To turn off Zoom, go to Settings Accessibility Zoom and press the switch.

Why is the screen enlarging on the iPhone?

Open Settings. Basic. Accessibility: Zoom in and turn on the slider next to Zoom. Now, to enable the zoom mode, simply tap the screen twice in a row with THREE fingers.

What to do if the screen on iPhone is enlarged?

  • With three fingers, tap three times on the iPhone screen. The screen will shrink to normal size.
  • If after repeated attempts to touch the 3rd, nothing happened (the iPhone screen is still enlarged), then restart the iPhone and perform the 1st step again.

How to lower the screen on the XS?

How to lower the screen on iPhone X without using gestures

  • Open Settings;
  • Go to the “General” section;
  • Open the “Accessibility” tab;
  • Scroll down the menu and open the “Quick Commands” item;
  • Check the box next to “Easy access”.