How To Reduce Laptop Screen Size

Resize icons on the Windows 10 desktop

The most common question from users concerns changing the size of icons on the Windows 10 desktop. There are several ways to do this.

The first and fairly obvious consists of the following steps

  • Right click anywhere on the desktop.
  • Select Large, Regular, or Small Icons from the View menu.

This will set the Appropriate Icon Size. However, there are only three options available, and adjustment to a different size is not available in this way.

If you need to increase or decrease icons by an arbitrary value (including making them smaller than “small” or larger than “large”), this is also very SIMple:

  • From the desktop, press and hold the Ctrl keys on your keyboard.
  • Rotate the mouse wheel up or down to increase or decrease the size of the icons, respectively. Without a mouse (on a laptop) Use the touchpad swipe gesture (usually up and down on the far right of the touchpad, or up and down with two fingers SIMultaneously anywhere on the touchpad). The screenshot below shows both very large and very small icons at once.

How to resize icons on the taskbar

Unfortunately, there are not many options to resize icons on the Windows 10 taskbar, but it is still possible.

If you need to make the icons smaller, all you need to do is right-click anywhere on the empty taskbar and open the Taskbar Options context menu item. In the opened taskbar options window, enable the item “Use small taskbar buttons”.

Increasing the icons in this case is more difficult: the only way to do this using Windows 10 system tools is to use the scaling options (this will also change the scale of the second interface elements):

  • Right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Display Settings.
  • In the “Scale and Layout” section, specify a larger scale, or Use “Custom Scaling” to specify a scale that is not listed.

After changing the scale, you will need to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect, the result may look something like the screenshot below.

How to resize icons in Windows 10

Icons on the Windows 10 desktop, as well as in File Explorer and on the taskbar have a “standard” size, which may NOT fit all users. Of course, you can use the scaling options, but this is not always the best way to resize labels and other icons.

This tutorial details how to change the size of Windows 10 desktop icons in File Explorer and the taskbar, as well as additional information that you might find useful, such as how to change the Style and font size of icons. May also be helpful: How to change font size in Windows 10.

In the explorer

In order to resize icons in Windows 10 Explorer, all the same methods are available as described for desktop icons. Additionally, in the “View” menu of the explorer there is an item “Huge icons” and display options in the form of a list, table or tile (there are no such items on the desktop).

When you increase or decrease the size of icons in Explorer, there is one peculiarity: only the sizes in the current folder are changed. If you want to apply the same dimensions to all other folders, use the following method:

  • After adjusting the size that suits you in the Explorer window, click on the “View” menu, open “Options” and click “Change folder and search options”.
  • In Folder Options, open the View tab and click the Apply to Folders button in the Folder View section and agree to apply the current display options to all folders in File Explorer.

After that, in all folders, the icons will be displayed in the same form as in the folder you configured (Note: works for SIMple folders on the disk, to system folders, such as Downloads, Documents, Pictures and other parameters will have to be applied separately).

Additional Information

When you resize icons on the desktop and in Windows 10 Explorer using the described methods, their captions remain the same size, and the horizontal and vertical spacing is set by the system. But this can be changed if desired.

The easiest way to do this is to use the free Winaero Tweaker utility, in which in the Advanced Appearance Setup section there is the Icons item, which allows you to configure:

  • Horizontal spacing and Vertical Spacing. horizontal and vertical spacing between icons, respectively.
  • Font Used for icon captions, where it is possible to select the font itself, different from the system one, its size and Style (bold, italic, etc.).

After applying the settings (the Apply Changes button), you will need to log out and log back in for the changes to be displayed. Learn more about Winaero Tweaker and where to download it in the review: Customizing Windows 10 Behavior and Appearance in Winaero Tweaker.

How to enlarge Windows desktop icons (1 way)

By using a keyboard shortcut, you can increase the size of the desktop icons. On the open Desktop, press the “Ctrl” key, and then scroll the mouse wheel up (away from you). After that, the icons will increase in size depending on the degree of scrolling of the mouse wheel.

How to enlarge Windows 10 desktop icons (3 way)

In Windows 10 Right-click on the desktop, and in the context menu, select “Display Settings”.

In the “Screen” section, under the inscription “Change text, applications and other elements: 100% (recommended)” move the slider along the scale to the desired position.

The size of the Desktop elements will change depending on the position of the slider on the scale.

In addition, you can enlarge a specific part of the monitor screen using the Magnifier.

How to resize Windows desktop icons

When working on a computer, many users need to enlarge or reduce the desktop icons. The level of vision is different for all people, so it will be more comfortable for the user to adjust the display of the size of the desktop icons to suit his needs.

By default, the size of the desktop icons is adjusted depending on the screen resolution of the monitor on a particular computer. The sizes of all elements of the desktop, if necessary, can be changed.

In the Windows operating system, you can change the size of the icons on the Desktop using standard system tools. These methods work in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 operating systems.

Let’s take a look at two options separately: how to make the icons on the desktop smaller, and how to make the icons on the Windows desktop larger. We will consider changing the size of the desktop icons using the example of the Windows 10 operating system.

The easiest way to make your desktop icons smaller is to use the keyboard keys. This is the easiest and easiest way to resize icons on your computer desktop.

How to make desktop icons smaller (2 way)

After right-clicking on the desktop, in the context menu, click on “View”, and then select the item “Small icons”.

All desktop icons have become small, reduced in size.

How to make icons smaller on Windows 10 (1 way)

Open the Desktop, press the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard, and then scroll the mouse wheel down (towards you). You will see that the Windows 10 desktop icons shrink in size. Thus, you can choose a more acceptable option for the size of the icons.

Increasing the size of desktop icons (method 2)

On the Desktop, click on the right mouse button. In the context menu that opens, select “View” and then “Large icons”.

This is not a Customizable way to enlarge icons.

The user can easily and easily resize the icons on the desktop of his computer. Windows desktop icons can be shrunk or enlarged using keyboard hotkeys, or by adjusting display options.


Now things are a little more complicated. Here you have to work with tabs, but not for long:

  • Launch a browser window;
  • In the top bar, find the “view” tab;
  • Open it and hover your cursor over the line named “scale”;
  • Next, select one of the “increase”, “decrease” or “reset” keys.

Now let’s figure out how to change the screen size in the game.

Resizing the screen in the browser window

This section will cover several options for how to resize the screen. This is due to several options of Internet browsers. Further, each of them will be placed in a separate category, so that it is more convenient for you to choose your option. Let’s get started.

Using special software

The next option is how to change the screen size on Windows 10. Now you will need to use a special map utility. In a specific situation, it will be “Nvidia Control Panel”. It is installed along with the drivers for the adapters. But sometimes, for various reasons, it may be deleted.

Then, before starting the process of changing the permission, you need to check its presence on the computer:

  • Right-click on a random spot on your desktop;
  • Examine the list that opens.

If among all the options there is no line under the name of the required utility, then you need to reinstall the special software. To do this, SIMply download the installer from the manufacturer’s website, pre-specify the parameters of your card, and reinstall it. The panel itself will appear along with it.

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Now you can move on to how to change the screen size on your computer using this utility. To perform the operation, follow the following procedure:

  • In any place of the desktop, call the context menu by right-clicking the computer mouse;
  • Find the term under the name “Nvidia Control Panel” from the list and open it;
  • A special program will start, on the right side of the window, find the “display” section;
  • The very first point is exactly the change in resolution;
  • Now you just need to specify the display to which the changes will be applied, and then set the desired indicators.

Let’s consider a more complex way of how to change the screen size on a computer.

Microsoft Edge

The aLGorithm of work in this browser does not practically differ from what was indicated earlier. Here’s a description:

  • Launch the program window;
  • In the bookmarks bar, find the same key for opening the context menu, and click on it;
  • In the list that appears, find the same term under the name “scale” and click on the same “” or “-” to change the size of the elements displayed on the monitor.

The easiest

First, it is worth presenting a SIMple and fast aLGorithm for changing the screen resolution on a computer or laptop. To do this, you need to use the keyboard and its additional Numpad panel (not all peripheral devices of this type have this element). To change the size of the monitor screen in this way, follow this SIMple instruction:

  • Hold down the Ctrl key.
  • Don’t let go of it, click on the “” button located on the Numpad panel. This combination will allow you to zoom in on the monitor.
  • Using the same option, only with “-” instead of “”, you will get a reduction of all elements that are displayed on the screen.

Working with the control panel

This is a rather complicated method. But at the same time it will be quite understandable even for novice computer users. To execute it, SIMply follow the following aLGorithm:

  • Using the search term, find the default control panel application;
  • After launching it, switch the display of sections to the category format and find the one that will be called “Appearance and Personalization”;
  • After going to it, open the “screen” item;
  • Next, open a subsection called “Screen Resolution”;
  • On the new page, make the settings in accordance with the conditions necessary for you.

By the way, this option of how to change the screen size can be done in another, SIMpler way:

  • As before, right-click anywhere on the desktop;
  • Among the list of functions, find a term called “Permission”;
  • After that, go to the subsection of the screen settings and make all the changes you need.

Google chrome

It should be noted that in more modern versions of popular browsers, the method of resizing window elements is described rather shortly. Here’s the aLGorithm:

  • Launch a browser window;
  • On the bookmarks bar, find the key to open the program settings. It is a column of dots, located on the edge of the right side of the timeline;
  • Click it and after that find the term “scale”;
  • Resize elements by pressing “” or “-“, depending on what you need.

Resizing while working in a text editor

Now it is worth considering a way to change the screen size when you are working with documents or doing business on the Internet. The first case describes the procedure for Microsoft Word. To achieve your goal, follow these instructions:

  • Run the program;
  • On the top pane of the window, find a tab called “view” and open it;
  • Here you need to start the function of measuring the scale of screen elements, for this click on the button named “scale”. It is a magnifying glass icon;
  • After these actions, a special window will launch, in which you will be asked to adjust the image size.

How to resize your screen: tips and tricks

The following article will present a variety of options for how to change the screen size on a laptop or desktop computer. These methods can be used both when working in a browser and when setting the resolution in the game.

The first way to reduce the screen on a computer

The first method to reduce the display on a computer is perhaps the most difficult. But even the most non-advanced users can handle it.

Plus, it fits almost all operating systems.

Follow the steps below and you can adjust the monitor image that is comfortable for you.

  • Click the “Start” button in the bottom panel.
  • After, in the “Start” menu, find the term “Control Panel”.
  • Select “Appearance and Personalization”.
  • Use the mouse or keys to find the term “Screen”.

The first way in the detailed image

  • A pop-up “screen readability” context menu will prompt you to select a percentage magnification. Specify 100 percent and click “Apply”.
  • To the left of the context menu, click on the term “Configuring screen parameters”. And then “Screen Resolution”.
  • Confirm your settings by clicking “Ok”.

There is one more advice on how this method can be applied. Using the right mouse button, click anywhere on the display, after which a window will open.

Adjustment mode and percentage scale

Find the term “Permit”. And then on “Screen Settings”.

Use the percentage scale to adjust the size of the icons.

The second way to reduce the screen on a computer

This method is also not particularly difficult and consists in the following:

  • On the desktop of your computer, in the lower right corner, find an icon that looks like a map or folder and with files;

The second way to resize the screen

  • Immediately after this, the Add or Remove Programs line “Change solution” appears. Here you will be able to adjust the display size at your convenience;
  • To adjust the size of the image as accurately as possible, you will need to be called “Add or Remove Programs” “Adjust the size and position of the screen”.

Now you know which keys and fangs you can change the extension of the computer.

Suppose you choose one method or another, and you have all the computer components working.

Now let’s consider a few more options for reducing the display if you only have a keyboard or you are more comfortable interacting with test or graphic editors.

Using only the keyboard

In order to change the screen size on a computer, you can use only the keyboard and a special keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard shortcut to resize screen with keyboard only

Hold down the “Ctrl” key. If you want to increase the size of the display, and “Ctrl.” If you reduce it. With a single click, the image will change in one direction or another by 10 percent.

Keep pressing the key combination until you are satisfied with the result.

How to Zoom Out the Screen on Computer. Best Ways

Working at a computer can bring a lot of inconvenience if you don’t know how to zoom out on a computer screen.

Icons that are too small or too large can get tired eyes in PC users who have vision problems.

  • The first way to reduce the screen on a computer
  • The second way to reduce the screen on a computer
  • Using only the keyboard
  • Option for working with text editor and browser

In order to change the scale of the monitor, you do not need to install special programs or drivers. In addition, there are several options for how this can be done.

Option for working with text editor and browser

Consider the option when you need to change the screen not in the computer as a whole, but in various office suites, text, graphic editors, etc.

In this case, proceed as follows:

Working with text editors Word

How To Reduce Laptop Screen Size
  • In the upper right corner, find the “Main Menu” tab, and then the “View” term;
  • In the pop-up window, select the “Scale” column;
  • The menu will suggest you a zoom mode, adjust the image size.

Consider the browser-based scaling option:

Browser zoom

  • We click the term “View”. And then “Zoom” in the Internet viewer menu.
  • The following lines will be displayed on the screen: “Increase”. “Reduce”. “Reset”. Choose the one you need.

So, now you know all the Possible ways to change the screen size for different computers. You can change the settings even if your computer mouse is not working.

You can also adjust the image size in text editors and browser windows. Below are the thematic ones. Have a nice work!

Differences Windows 7

  • Open the control panel in any way you know. I recommend. Through “Start” and be sure to select the “Categories” view mode (upper right corner):
  • Go to the “Registration.” section:
  • Then select the “Screen” tab:
  • Now you can adjust the readability from the screen, indicated the appropriate value:
  • Also, on the left there are several elements that allow you to optimize the picture. The higher the number, the smaller the icons on the screen. But you can choose only from a limited list, which is supported by your equipment:

The author recommends:

Personalization setting

Quite SIMple manipulations will help to optimally scale the image in any version of Windows. I will show everything using the example of “ten”, but for the previous editions the essence will remain the same.

  • Go to the “desktop” and right-click on the unoccupied area. The menu will have an item “Display Settings”:
  • The settings window will appear, which will allow you to change the screen resolution and specify the percentage:
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How to zoom out the screen on a computer, laptop

Sometimes, in order to increase the comfort of spending time at the PC, it is important to understand how to zoom out on a Windows 10 computer. If the “icons” and inscriptions are too large or small, then the eyes can quickly get tired. And this is not very good for people. Who spend a lot of time in front of a laptop screen.

In this post, we will look at several options for resizing icons and other elements on the monitor, without using third-party applications.

Adapter options

If, in addition to the card driver, you have installed additional software from AMD or nVidia, then in the notification area (bottom right) there may be a special icon, by clicking on which you can open the Nvidia or AMD control panel window:

Expand the “Display” tab on the left to access the required options.

How to zoom out on a computer screen using the keyboard

There is one SIMple keyboard shortcut that works in most applications. Also, it is relevant for the Windows 7 operating system. But at the top ten. Does not work. What needs to be done?

It is enough to press the combination Ctrl or Ctrl to zoom in / out by 10%. The more clicks, the stronger the changes.

You can use this method in any browser. in Opera, Chrome, Yandex, on any site. in Contact, Odnoklassniki. Really change the scale of the browser window Not only using the keyboard, but also through the menu. Here is an example from Google Chrome. go to the settings menu and there we see the Corresponding regulators:

Alas, the specified keyboard shortcuts do not work in Word and other text, spreadsheet editors. A different approach needs to be taken:

  • Go to the “View” tab, which is located at the top. Then we click on the magnifying glass to open a window with the necessary options:
  • Or you can do it easier. there is a “slider” at the bottom, we drag and drop you can change the page size:

Alas, I cannot guarantee that you will find SIMilar controls in other applications. Just take a close look, or ask a question about a specific junk in the comments.


We DO NOT know who “ripped off” the location of the scale settings, but we have to admit that it turned out to be quite convenient. Press three points in the upper left corner of the window and Changing the value behind “- /” in the Scale line.

Google chrome

In addition to the standard hotkeys, you can use the Chrome settings. To do this, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the window. A context menu will open, one of which is called Scale. By pressing “- /”, you can change the percentage.

Via map app

Another method uses the features that come with the GPU driver. This method also uses the screen resolution, so you should only resort to it if the image quality is not critical. You can change the scale of your laptop or computer screen by following the steps below.

First you need to launch the application. You can find it by clicking on the arrow in the status bar. Another option is to right-click on an empty space on the desktop and find the context menu item. After starting, you need to find the settings section. In it, in the display subsection, find the change in resolution. Next, set the appropriate value, save the changes and, if necessary, restart the computer.


Carroll is a program with slightly different functionality that can also help with screen scaling. It is designed to change the screen resolution, which also duplicates the standard Windows functionality. Of the advantages, we can only highlight the ability to set profiles with a custom resolution. Yet this again could not have been the best instrument. As mentioned above, the scale in the program changes due to the screen resolution. Therefore, with decreasing resolution, the quality of the picture will suffer, and significantly.


Zoomit is a small-functionality program that replaces Windows Magnifier. It can enlarge individual fragments of the display, but its capabilities are not only in this. The program allows you to make notes and sketches on the screen. This will help those who are recording tutorials with small interface elements. In addition, the program even has a screensaver function (time saver). When using it, it is important to remember that the program gives only physical magnification. Since it cannot increase the resolution of the selected area, the picture may be slightly blurry and less clear.


At the Opera, everything works in a SIMilar way. Click on the logo (upper left corner), and in the menu we find the term Scale. In it, the “/.” buttons change the size of the information in the window.


To change the scale of the entire Yandex Browser, you need to open “Settings”. “Sites”. “Page scale”. To change a specific resource, you need to click on three dashes and change the scale. In addition, you can also use the standard keyboard shortcuts, as mentioned above.

With the introduction of the control panel

Another standard method of zooming in is in the control panel. Once you open it, you can enter the word “Scale” in the search bar (top right). A link to the “Accessibility Center” appears. It contains tools designed to help people with special needs. Among them is the “Screen Magnifier”. Created initially for people with low vision, it can help in other situations.

After turning on the magnifier, you can see a small window that appears. It is possible to change the degree of magnification, as well as turn off the magnifier. Move the cursor, you can move the enlarged sector of the screen.

It should be noted that the enlarged fragment retains its original resolution. This means that the picture may become more blurry. As for the text, it retains its clarity when magnified up to 200%.

Screen zoom tools in Windows 7, 10

The first to open the door to scaling is the operating system. If we talk about the most popular. Windows, then this function is built into the basic settings of most versions. Even the outdated, but beloved by many, Windows XP can be customized “for yourself.” As for the latest versions, it is becoming more and more convenient to do this.

If we are talking about Windows 10, then access to tools for working with the display is very convenient. The section of interest to us is located in the “Parameters” window. You can find it through the search functionality, or by right-clicking on the “Start” icon. In the parameters section, select the “System” section, in which the “Display” subsection will open independently. In it, you can select one of the proposed scales in the drop-down menu. If you want to choose your own value, you can click ” scaling options” and enter the best option.

In Windows 7, the functionality is less convenient, but it can also be used successfully. On an empty place of the desktop by pressing the RMB (Right Mouse Button) a context menu opens, in which the item “Screen resolution” is selected. Technically, you can also change the screen scale by adjusting the resolution. However, in this case, the clarity of the image and its quality on the display will suffer. The best option would be the “Resize Text and Other Elements” window. In it, you can change the scale of all elements at once, or only fonts.

How to easily zoom out on a computer

A disproportionate increase in icons on the PC screen often occurs after reinstalling the operating system or updating the software and greatly annoys users, creating additional strain on the eyes. Fortunately, in order to reduce the scale of the screen on a computer, complex programs are not needed. the problem is easily solved by standard methods.

Universal method

Perhaps the easiest way to make your computer screen smaller. This method will work for all operating systems including Windows XP.

To normalize the aspect ratio, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on an arbitrary area of ​​the desktop and select the “Screen resolution” item in the context menu.
  • In the line “Resolution” specify the required parameter by dragging the slider up or down.
  • Click OK.

After THESE manipulations, a pop-up window will appear on the screen with two suggested options for actions: save or discard the changes made. If the user is satisfied with the updated parameters, press the save key, if available, cancel the action and repeat steps 1-3 until the optimal settings are achieved.

How to change the screen size on a computer

The personal computer is equipped with a full-size keyboard, so the required Keyboard shortcuts are easily typed here. Expanding or reducing page elements is used on any site. On and Odnoklassniki, you will need to zoom out to improve the visual perception of the page. Thanks to several blocks of buttons, you can change everything by using keys that are easier to reach. This means that you can enlarge the screen in VK by at least two keyboard shortcuts, and you can reduce the page In contact by themes in the same ways.

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How to zoom out on a page

Working with site page elements and their dimensions often means increasing the size of text and images. The need to reduce text or images arises in several cases:

  • The user owns a small monitor (less than 19 inches) with a limited choice of resolution;
  • The page contains large pictures that interfere with the perception of the text;
  • The page designer on the site has failed to set the initial width or height for icons or letters;
  • Sometimes it is necessary to zoom out the screen to bring all elements into view.

There are several popular browsers, each offering different resizing features for the displayed content. On the basis of THESE programs, dozens of SIMilar applications with SIMilar functionality are created, therefore, only frequently used programs are considered in the article:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera;
  • Internet Explorer;
  • Safari (Apple Mac platform).

To find out how to change the scale of the window inside the browser from Yandex, Use the data on Google Chrome. This program is based on the free Chromium source code, just like Google’s browser. Less popular software products use SIMilar content management schemes. The program sometimes provides the ability to change hotkeys to more convenient for working with the window.

How to zoom in on the screen

You can resize the web content image to a larger side in the same way as above. The same menu is used to decrease or increase as well as to reset a parameter to its original value. The increasing key combination is “Ctrl” and “”. Use “” on the additional keyboard to avoid conflicts with other keyboard shortcuts. The ability to zoom in on the screen is used when working with text written in small letters.

Hot keys

An alternative to a series of Mouse Clicks in the browser window would be to use hotkeys or key combinations to resize icons and symbols. Most browsers use the standard “Ctrl-” combination, which resizes all elements in the window by a fixed percentage of the original value. The Apple Mac platform uses a SIMilar keyboard shortcut, adjusted for different symbolic conventions for the control keys.

How to change the screen extension

Found a mistake in the text? Select it, press Ctrl Enter and we will fix everything!

Browser window scaling

There are times when the dimensions of the desktop elements and its very appearance are normally perceived by the user, but the windows in the browser are unnecessarily enlarged. Large text leads to incorrect display of information on the monitor and to unreadable pages of sites in general. Fix the situation of reducing the scale of the browser window on the computer screen as follows. Method number 1:

1. Open a browser;
2. Find on the keyboard the Ctrl key (the lowest row of the keyboard) and “-” or “”, to increase;

3. Press them at the same time several times until the dimensions of the letters and elements do NOT take a value that is pleasant to read.

Changes made to the scale of the browser window are performed automatically and are saved after the computer is turned off. Reloading the equipment No need.

Method number 2
Regardless of which browser laptop or computer users use, you can change the scale of the page (or window) using its own settings. Since Google is considered the most popular browser today, we will use its example and consider the procedure for scaling a window.
They act as follows:

  • Open a browser;
  • Find in the upper right corner the icon in the form of a vertical ellipsis;
  • Click on the “three dots”;
  • Select the “Settings” item from the menu;
  • Find the “Appearance” menu in the list;
  • Select in the item “Scaling” and “Size” Required values.
  • The user-defined parameters will be displayed immediately on the screen. Google Chrome browser provides automatic saving of changes. It is NOT required to reboot the device. The changes made are saved even after the computer is turned off.

    If nothing happens after specifying the required screen sizes and parameters, restart your laptop or PC. Try it again. Sometimes updates are installed incorrectly, so changes without rebooting are NOT displayed.

    How to reduce window size on computer

    How to shrink the screen using the operating system itself?

    We find in the properties a special item that is responsible for changing the scale of your desktop, we configure all the parameters according to our requirements. After that, keeping the settings set.

    As in the previous version, you can increase the resolution once every 10 days in order to make it more comfortable to completely get used to the full-screen display mode. These are the main answers to the question of how to reduce the screen. And then we will look at special cases.

    How to reduce the screen on a computer and laptop?

    Sometimes PC users experience discomfort from today’s large monitors. People often need time to get used to the size of the display completely. To begin with, to make your life easier, you need to reduce the resolution. And now we will discuss how to reduce the screen, and also tell you what tools are needed for this.

    And if I have a laptop?

    In the process of hard work on a laptop with various graphic editors, users very often need to change the size of the image or the screen itself. For example, this happens when the processed picture SIMply goes beyond the boundaries of the screen. Note that not every editor has the function of resizing the screen.

    Fortunately, you can do this without them. All we need is Windows.

    How to shrink the screen: the main way

    If you have already installed the necessary software and card drivers on your personal computer, we have the opportunity to reduce the resolution as follows: we find the icon in the taskbar, which is responsible for setting various card parameters, click on it and select the “Screen resolution” function.

    Using the slider, we determine the required size that suits us very much. Remember that the part of the screen that the system will not use will turn black. You will gradually get used to the full-blown mode, so we recommend a higher screen resolution every couple of weeks.

    How to solve a big problem with a small screen?

    If you have a separate card in your laptop system, proceed as follows. We bring it to a working state. for this we download the necessary drivers, necessarily from the manufacturer’s official website. An important point: before downloading the driver package, we need to select exactly the operating system that our laptop is running under.

    If you are using Windows XP, which is also sometimes found on laptops, then right-click on an empty space on the desktop to bring up the context menu. Select “Properties”, find in the “Display Properties” window the tab called “Settings” and Change the screen resolution using the slider.

    Select the desired value, set the slider, then Confirm the change by clicking on “Apply”. If the result suits you completely, then feel free to click “OK”. If this is not the case, select the Cancel icon, then Decrease the resolution again. So we figured out how to reduce the screen on a laptop.

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