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How to reduce battery drain on iPhone

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Correct charging

Apple recommends that users charge their smartphone DO 100% at least once a month and then completely discharge it. It might be time to do it. Cycles help you calibrate your battery more accurately.

Place iPhone face down

IOS has a feature that detects the downward position of the screen using a light sensor. It is needed so that the smartphone screen does not light up from notifications when it lies with the screen down. It will reduce battery consumption by a little. It should be noted that this feature is only available on iPhone 5s and newer.

Reset network settings

Go to Settings General Reset Reset Network Settings.

Which apps consume the most power

The same page shows what percentage of the battery was consumed for each application. If an application is consuming a lot of power, this does not necessarily mean that the problem is with it. Perhaps you just use it often and for a long time, or it often downloads and downloads content in the background.

The only thing to worry about is the apps that appear at the top of the list, even though you don’t use them. Apps can also drain your battery by performing background tasks you don’t need.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone X Battery Problems

According to Apple, the iPhone X can last 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. This is one of the best features of the iPhone X. If you are having any battery problems with your new iPhone, you can try one of the tips below.

People are often cynical about such articles, because they mostly advise you to disable various functions. The purpose of this article is not to force you to turn off the functions of your smartphone, but to tell you about how the various options affect the battery consumption, and how to reduce it in order to extend the life of your iPhone. You will definitely learn something new for yourself and be able to extend the life of your iPhone X, even if you think that you already know everything.

Force restart iPhone X

To force restart your iPhone X, quickly press and release the Volume Up button, then the Volume Down button, and then hold down the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Extreme measures

Motion Effects

The iOS interface is based on various animations and motion effects. Some of these effects consume a lot of energy. You can turn them off in Settings General Accessibility Reduce Motion. However, keep in mind that now you will not see very many effects in various applications.

10 ways to cut down on iPhone battery drain

The high level of performance of the latest mobile devices significantly expands the range of possibilities for users of these gadgets. Now a specialized application or module has been invented for almost every everyday situation. That is why the frequency of the use of electronic devices in everyday life has increased so much in recent years. However, the coin also has a downside: in proportion to how the frequency of daily use of gadgets increases, the performance of their batteries decreases. Now the situation has become normal when the device works offline for no more than one day.

Of course, you cannot magically stretch the battery charge for a week with active interaction with the device. But it is quite possible to adjust the standard settings of the i-gadget to increase the operating life without recharging. Next, we will tell you which options of the i-device should be temporarily abandoned in order to save the energy of the gadget.

reduce, battery, drain, iphone

It’s worth starting with adjusting the brightness level of the display backlight, namely, with the inclusion of automatic control mode. Having passed in Settings-Brightness-Auto Brightness, You set up your iPhone so that the amount of light on the screen changes on its own in response to changes in ambient light. That is, on a night street, the backlight will be brighter than in a well-lit room. Accordingly, the i-gadget will, without hesitation, spend less energy on the backlight.

It is recommended to do the same with the brightness of the display itself. Unfortunately, it is impossible to set the auto adjustment of this parameter, but you need to reduce the brightness of the iPhone screen, while maintaining the image visibility acceptable to you. To change these parameters, see Settings-Brightness.

The rest of the steps to increase the battery life of the iPhone battery will focus mainly on turning off power-hungry modules. And the first on this list is the Bluetooth wireless data transmission module. We, of course, do not urge users to completely abandon the use of this service, because it, like no other, allows you to comfortably exchange files with other i-gadgets and work with a stereo headset. We only advise you to turn off Bluetooth when you don’t need it. Trust me, this simple step will have a huge positive impact on battery life. Visit Settings-General-Bluetooth, and the i-device will not need charging soon.

Another module that is rapidly consuming the energy of your iPhone is 3G Internet. Of course, it is difficult to overestimate its help in increasing the speed of loading Internet pages, but if you do not urgently need to find something on the network, it would be wiser to disable it. High-quality surfing on the Internet is also possible with the use of less “gluttonous” technologies, for example, EDGE. Yes, the connection speed will decrease, but the iPhone’s battery life will increase. To disable 3G go to Settings-General-Connections-3G and move the lever to the inactive position.

The next waste of battery power is Wi-Fi. For all its usefulness and cost-effectiveness, this wireless module diverts a significant portion of the iPhone’s overall energy. Activate it only when a free access point in a cafe, hotel or park has already been found, and not while driving on public transport, where there is not even a hint of Wi-Fi. over, turning on / off Wi-Fi is the simplest procedure. It is enough to go to Settings. Wi-Fi and make one click.

Also, the use of a GPS-navigator requires tangible energy costs. This geolocation module allows you to plan routes, taking into account traffic jams, mark the location on the map or “remember” the places where the most beautiful photos were taken. But you don’t do it every minute, do you? Then turn off the GPS service for a while in the name of long battery life of the iPhone battery by opening Settings-General-Location Services.

In addition to the above options, you should pay attention to push notifications. They often require an Internet connection, because it is from there that new information about e-mail, applications or software updates will be downloaded. It is not so important to receive push notifications in 247 mode, it is much more important to extend the battery life on your iPhone. So open up Settings-Mail, contacts, calendar-Receiving new data and turn off the push notification function. In addition, following this path a little further into E-mail, you will be able to deactivate its checking, that is, to further reduce the cost of your battery for performing automatic actions.

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Another feature that requires shutdown for longer battery life on iPhone is Equalizer built into player apps. It serves to improve the sound quality while playing a track, but, believe me, turning it off will not be fatal for your favorite tracks. Even without an equalizer, the sound quality will be above average, but the battery will last much longer without recharging.

And, finally, attention, our last advice, which is sharply different from the previous ones. The difference is that now we will offer you not to disable, but to enable certain parameters to save iPhone energy. You should go to Settings-Auto-lock and set the time to automatically lock the iPhone screen at 2-3 minutes. When, after a couple of minutes of inactivity, the IPhone display turns off, along with it, the running processes “fall asleep”, which means that the load on the battery will decrease.

So, we have told you the 10 most effective methods to increase the battery life of your iPhone. Use our recommendations, and you will need to search for a charger urgently much less often.

Set the minimum display lock time

Simple but extremely useful setup. In the menu “Settings” → “Screen and brightness” → “Auto-lock”, check the box “30 seconds”. This will allow the iPhone display to automatically lock after just 30 seconds of inactivity.

Charge iPhone without a case

Some iPhone cases can cause the battery to overheat, which can negatively affect battery capacity. Determining whether your case has a detrimental effect on your smartphone is very simple. If you notice that your iPhone becomes very hot while charging, remove it from its case first.

Disable AirDrop

AirDrop makes it easy to share files between Apple devices, but not everyone uses it. If you also don’t use AirDrop, feel free to open Control Center, click on AirDrop and select “Receive Off.” for the function to stop wasting battery power.

Discharge iPhone every three months

If you have decided to start firmly following (or are already following) the first tip, there is one more thing you need to know. Fully charging lithium-ion batteries for a long time is just as harmful as continuously discharging to zero. Due to the fact that the charging process for most users is chaotic (we charge our iPhones at the first opportunity), experts strongly recommend that you completely discharge your iPhone every three months. And you need to do this in a special way.

After long-term operation of the iPhone without shutting down, the smartphone must be completely discharged, then charged to 100% and held on charge for an additional 8-12 hours. Such a simple trick will allow you to reset the so-called upper and lower battery charge flags.

Avoid overheating and hypothermia

Heat and cold are the worst enemies of lithium-ion batteries. Overheating and overcooling the iPhone can significantly reduce the battery capacity of the smartphone, so it should never be kept in adverse conditions.

And if everything is clear with the heat. it is enough not to leave the iPhone in the car or on the windowsill on a hot day. then the cold, especially in the CIS countries, is a real problem. Fortunately, there are many ways to use your iPhone in the winter. We have written about them with all the details in this article.

For the sake of completeness of this manual, please note that iPhone can be used without endangering battery life in temperatures between 0 and 35 ° C. Store. at temperatures from.20 to 45 ° C.

How to Extend iPhone Battery Life (20 Ways)

Increase iPhone battery life here and now. only proven ways.

IPhone battery capacity is growing, but iOS is not becoming more energy-optimized and therefore one of the hottest topics among Apple smartphone users is still related to the problem of quickly discharging the iPhone. In this article, we have collected all the proven methods that allow you to both increase the battery life of the iPhone here and now, and extend the life of the smartphone’s battery in the future.

About iPhone batteries

All current Apple devices use a lithium-ion battery. Compared to traditional batteries such as nickel metal hydride batteries, they have a number of advantages. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter, have a higher capacity and a short charging time, and most importantly, they are durable. The last statement is true, provided that the batteries are used in the correct way.

Turn on “Reduce Motion”

There is another option in the accessibility settings, the activation of which has a positive effect on the battery life of the iPhone. We are talking about the “Reduce Motion” option, which reduces the movement of the user interface by turning on parallax on the icons. iPhone doesn’t waste its resources on playing unnecessary animations, saving them for more useful tasks. Turns on “Reduced motion” in the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Accessibility”.

How to reduce battery drain on Android?

How to reduce the drain on your Android device’s battery?

  • Decrease the screen brightness The most power hungry in a modern phone is the screen.
  • Disable GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. by disabling these wireless processes, you can save battery power.
  • Why do you need vibration?
  • But you just need a Smart watch
  • Wallpapers are only static
  • And no syncs

How to maintain battery capacity?

6 tips to extend your smartphone’s battery life

  • Observe incomplete recharge cycles
  • Do not charge your smartphone overnight
  • Do not overheat the device
  • Do not use your smartphone in low temperatures
  • Use an original charger
  • Observe battery storage regulations

What to do after replacing the battery?

  • wait until the battery is completely discharged so that the phone turns off;
  • in the off state, put it on charge.
  • after that take out the battery and insert it, turn on the phone.
  • turn off again, remove the battery and insert.

How to Recover iPhone Battery Capacity?

  • First of all, you need to completely drain the battery of your iOS device.
  • After that, we put the device on charge and charge it up to magical 100%.
  • Once your iPhone or iPad is charged to 100%, leave it hanging on the lanyard for another hour (to be sure).

How to calibrate the battery on iPhone?

How to calibrate iPhone and iPad battery

  • Fully discharge your gadget’s battery.
  • Charge your iPhone and iPad battery 100%.
  • When the charge indicator shows 100%, leave the device connected to the network for another hour.
  • Disconnect your iPhone or iPad from the adapter and use it as usual.

How to reduce battery drain on iPhone iOS 13?

The easiest way to save battery and bandwidth on iPhone

  • Go to iPhone System Preferences.
  • Select the section “Cellular data”
  • Activate the toggle switch opposite “Data Saving”

How to find out the number of iPhone battery cycles?

How to find out the number of battery charge cycles on an iPhone

  • Go to Settings → Privacy → Analytics & Improvements.
  • Activate Share for iPhone & Watch if you have it disabled.
  • A page will open where you need to find lines of the typical form log-aggregated-date-xxxxxx.

How to save battery power on iPhone and iPad

Indeed, it would be prudent to provide guidance on how to conserve battery power on iPhone and iPad for users whose devices have become weak holding a charge, since they decided to test the battery. The method of saving battery power on the iPhone described in this article is proven and most importantly without compromising the functionality of the device.

As already described above, this article was written due to the relevance of the topic of batteries in Apple devices, but primarily at your request. After all, the article scored almost 30 thousand views, being published on December 15, 2014, for comparison, the article on SEO optimization was written on February 12, 2015.

To write this manual, a used iPhone 5S with IOS 9.1 was taken on board, so if you are using other versions of IOS, then you may not have some functions, and, accordingly, there may be a different view / order of settings. This device is charged every night (which I recommend you do) and withstands a day of use, or even one and a half or two.

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Increasing the battery life of the iPhone and iPad

In order to increase the operating time of our device, you must correctly configure it and disable those functions that you do not use, or they are not supported in your country. To do this, go to the Settings section.

We’re going to tweak the system point by point, so we’ll start with the first battery consumption point, Bluetooth. If you do not use it, turn it off, and turn it on in those rare cases when you transfer data via AirDrop. Cellular data is also to be turned off. turn it on only when you actually use the Internet. Please note that if the cellular operator in your region does not provide mobile Internet via 3G, switch the Voice option to 2G.

I also recommend disabling the ability to connect some programs to the Internet that use this connection solely for the purpose of downloading ads, such as games, etc. This will significantly reduce battery consumption.

Next, you need to deal with notifications: the fact is that updating content in the background, a notification, as well as a constantly glowing screen from notifications is not the most economical use of the iPhone or iPad battery. completely disconnect applications from which you do not want to receive notifications. These can be games, browsers, and other applications, notifications from which you are completely indifferent to.

In the Settings section go to General and then to Handoff and suggested software and disable the Handoff and Installed programs options. Please note that Handoff is intended to be used with multiple Apple devices at the same time, and if you are using it, you can leave it enabled.

Go back to the General section and go down to the Content Update item. In this section of the settings, disable those programs that do not need to be updated in the background (browsers, standard applications). Please note that messengers and social networks remain enabled to receive instant notifications. If you do not need them, you can also disable.

Let’s return to the main settings menu and proceed to adjusting the screen brightness in the corresponding section. It is best to adjust the brightness of the screen during the day in bright sun: turn on the option to automatically adjust the brightness and then move the brightness slider to the left until a comfortable backlight level. Next, go to the Privacy section:

In this section of the settings, select the Geolocation services section and disable programs whose work is not affected by your location in any way. Going down to the bottom of the page, you will see the System Services section. go to it and configure it according to the following screenshots:

Let’s go back to the main settings menu and move on to setting up iCloud. iCloud offers data backup, which means that when you are actively connected to Wi-Fi and make changes to your phone’s content, it will sync with Apple’s servers. Personally, of all iCloud services, I only use Find iPhone in case the device is lost / stolen. everything else is unnecessary gadgets.

Next, let’s move on to setting up the iTunes Store and App store. at this point we need to disable background software updates, downloading books, music, etc. If necessary, we can go to the App Store and manually update the programs. Constantly checking for updates is pretty good at eating up the battery.

The last in the instructions for increasing the battery life of an iPhone or iPad is the Mail, Addresses, Calendars section. First of all, this is an important point for those who do not check their email every day. However, this point worked for me too. when I am in a Wi-Fi zone or connect cellular data, I check my email on my own.

Additional useful settings

Go to the Wi-Fi section in the main settings section and enable the Confirm connection option. if this option is enabled, you will automatically connect to familiar Wi-Fi networks.

Disable Siri Suggestions in Spotlight Search under General. Spotlight Search. I doubt Siri will advise you something good

You can also configure the Do not disturb mode. when the device is in this mode, calls, messages, notifications from all offers will be sent to the phone without sound and without screen backlighting. An exception may be in the Allow calls section, calls from favorite contacts. When you enable the Repeat calls option, repeated calls of subscribers who called you several times within three minutes will not be muted.


In such a simple way, by operating the settings and disabling absolutely unused functions, we have achieved an increase in the battery life of the iPhone and iPad. I hope this instruction will help you keep your gadget working for a longer time.

If, after making all the changes to the settings of your apple device, the phone continues to discharge rapidly, you should check the battery status of your iPhone or iPad.

And if you, dear reader, really noticed an increase in the battery life of your device, be kind. share your observations in the comments: write a model, the operating time BEFORE making changes and the operating time AFTER making changes. I will be very grateful.

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Geolocation services

Go to Settings → Privacy → Location services and disable unused applications or turn off the location service altogether. While in the same window, go down to System Services, disable in this window:
Geolocation iAd
Diagnostics and use
Popular nearby
Frequently visited places

Closing applications

Close unused applications running in the background from time to time. To do this, press the Home button 2 times by swiping up with one finger, applications will be unloaded from memory, and therefore less power is required to maintain the system.

These simple tips will help you save more battery power for your iPhone and we hope Apple releases an update in the future to address this issue.

Increase contrast

Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Increase Contrast. By enabling this setting, all semi-transparent application windows, window titles and system panels, such as Action Center, will no longer be semi-transparent. This function is one of the most important to reduce the load on the battery.

Reduce movement

Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Reduce Motion → Enable

Disable sending usage information

Apple anonymously and voluntarily collects information about how you use your phone, such as which features you use and which you don’t. This helps the company operate and improve the features that really matter to users. This feature is optional, so you can turn it off too.

Go to Settings → General → About this device → Diagnostics and usage → Do not send.

How to reduce battery drain on iPhone

Decrease screen brightness

The screen is one of the most resource-intensive components; a lot of power is spent on its operation. Go to Settings → Wallpaper and brightness and reduce the brightness to a comfortable one for the eye. Turn on Auto Brightness to let iPhone adjust the screen glow to suit different environments. And in the wallpaper settings, stop using dynamic wallpapers by choosing regular ones.

Disable wireless connections.

You may have noticed that while you are somewhere where there is no good Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, it seems to you that your phone’s battery is draining much faster. This is because the phone uses energy to look for a good signal and to try to establish a good connection if the signal is very weak.

To conserve battery power, turn off your phone’s wireless connections. Airplane mode. an option that will disable all wireless settings. is a quick and easy solution to the problem in places with poor reception.

Push notifications.

Both Apple and Google recommend disabling pop-up push notifications, which are essentially app alerts, to conserve battery power. Notifications require regular communication with notification servers, and each of them makes your phone “wake up” for a few seconds, which, among other things, turns on the screen to show you a message and allow you to respond to it.

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Email can have a significant impact on battery life if you have many accounts and receive a large number of emails. Your smartphone can automatically update your email using a server-to-client push technology that delivers new messages to your phone the moment they are sent. This technology can consume power at a tremendous rate because it requires your phone to constantly “listen” for new messages. So if you receive a lot of emails, chances are your phone is consuming a lot of power.

Auto brightness.

A smartphone screen uses more power than any other component, so the easiest way to slow down battery drain is to dim the screen brightness. During our hour of testing, the iPhone 6s used 54% less battery power with screen brightness set to minimum than it did at maximum brightness. Android test phone used 30% less power in the same experiment.

Battery usage log.

With a little detective play, the user can achieve even better results. Both the iPhone system and the Android platform provide an easy way to understand which application is using a lot of battery power.

In the case of iPhone and Android phones, open the Settings app and the Battery menu. and you will see sorted lists (from largest to smallest) of the apps that consume the most power.

How to Reduce Battery Consumption on Your Smartphone: Tips and Myths

Many users will understand this. Despite the meteoric advancements in mobile phone technology, which have come with the arrival of sharper, cleaner screens and faster chips, batteries have gone a long way. For this reason, the desire for longer battery life has skyrocketed to the top of the list of factors that buyers consider when purchasing smartphones, according to a 2014 survey by research firm IDC.

So why is battery technology still not impressive? Many companies have developed smarter battery technologies over the years, including methods of increasing the capacity of a battery by a factor of ten or charging a device by extracting energy from the air. But the point is, lithium-ion battery packs. the technology on which most modern battery packs are based. are cheap and easy to reproduce while being safe. So, for the foreseeable future, at this stage we will be stuck.

Say No To Online Music.

The next tip may be bad news for you. Today, with services like Apple Music, online streaming is the most popular way to listen to music. But the fact is that this method absorbs a large amount of battery power. During testing, carried out by the team of our site, when playing music online over a Wi-Fi connection for two hours, 10% of the battery reserve was used. When playing the same music that was saved directly to the device, only 5% of the battery was consumed during the same two hours.

Beware of Myths About Conserving Your Phone!

Closing applications that are not in use.

There are many inaccurate, generally accepted “wise thoughts” on how to extend battery life. Let’s start with one of the worst “tips”: close (or “force quit” as it is commonly called) applications that you are not currently using. According to this theory, apps running in the background use your phone’s components, so exiting those apps will save you battery power.

While this theory may be true for a computer, smartphones are constructed differently. As soon as the application stops being in priority (which means that you are not actively using it at the moment on the smartphone screen), all or most of its processes are frozen. In other words, while the app may still be loaded into the phone’s memory, it probably does little to nothing in the background to drain your battery.

Don’t assume that turning off Wi-Fi helps in all cases.

iOS Battery Saving Tips

The usual advice for conserving battery life is to turn off Wi-Fi. However, if you are in an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal, your phone uses less power to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi than using a cellular connection. If you regularly use apps that depend on your location, Wi-Fi on helps your phone locate its location without relying solely on a highly charged GPS connection. So, in fact, it helps you to extend your battery life.

30 Tips to Improve iOS 14 Battery Life!

Let Siri and Google systems listen to your commands.

Both iPhones and Android phones include hands-free options for calling virtual assistants using voice commands. You can just say to the iPhone, “Hey Siri!”. or “Okay, Google!” any Android phone, and then speak your request or command. While this is convenient, this option requires your phone to constantly listen in anticipation of a special phrase, which consumes the charge.

Still, if one of your phones supports this setting, turning it off will only save you a small amount of battery life. When testing the iPhone 6s and Nexus 6P, we noticed only a slight difference in battery usage with the virtual assistant always on and off for two hours.

Non-native chargers.

A common warning that goes around the Internet is that you should only use the chargers that come with your phone, otherwise you could damage the battery. In reality, the phone itself contains all the circuits that are responsible for charging the battery. AC adapters (to be more precise) simply convert the AC power from the wall outlet to low-ampere, low-voltage DC power, which they feed through the USB port.

This is why you can also charge your phone using a USB port on your computer, a portable rechargeable battery with a USB port, or a charger in your car: the phone is designed to allow charging from a variety of power sources that can generate a wide range of current.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Another way to lower your iPhone’s power consumption. However, in this mode, the phone will not respond to any notifications in any way.

If you are waiting for an important call, you can add the subscriber’s number to the “Calls tolerance” list. It is also possible to enable the “Recall” function. In this case, if the subscriber calls you a second time in three minutes, then his call will not be muted.

You can find the “Do not disturb” mode in the settings.

Built-in power saving mode

  • system performance will be reduced;
  • auto-lock will turn on after 30 seconds;
  • iCloud will receive data less often;
  • apps and updates will stop running in the background.

To find this feature, go to “Settings”. “Battery”.

Mute vibration

This item can also help increase the operating time of the device, but many people like to turn off the vibration function just like that. Even in silent mode, vibration of the phone can make quite loud sounds.

You can deactivate vibration like this: in the “Settings” menu, select “Sounds, tactile signals” and in the “Vibration” section, turn off both sliders.

Disabling the Taptic Engine Tactile Cues

The iPhone has a function that responds with a gentle vibration to a long press, such as an app. A small vibration motor Taptic Engine was built in to get the user feedback from the gadget. The function is nice, but you can do without it, especially in moments of energy saving.

You can deactivate it through “Settings”. “Sounds, tactile signals”. slider “Tactile systems”.

Prevent auto-streaming of audio and video

This function provides for automatic broadcasting of advertisements, and the smartphone will run all the time. But you can turn it off in the settings.

To do this, go to “Settings”. “iTunes Store and App Store”. “Autoplay video”. “Off”

True Tone operation increases energy consumption

The system helps to adapt the display backlight to the ambient light. Depending on the environment, it changes the color temperature of the screen to make it easier for the eyes to perceive information. This feature is useful, but you can also disable it at will through “Settings”. “Screen and brightness”. disable “True Tone”.