How to record a telephone conversation on a Samsung smartphone

Method three

Next in line is the Call Recorder program from the C Mobile developer.

1) Immediately after launch, the program will hint you that call recording is on.

How To Record Phone Calls On ANY Android Phone! (2020)

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2) After that, we dial the number we need and talk. And the program will automatically write everything down.

3) Returning to the main menu of the application, you will see a fresh record of the conversation. You can listen to it right there or click the button in the upper left corner to go to the “memory” tab.

How To Record Calls On Samsung Mobile(Enable Auto Recording) & Works For All Samsung Phone

The storage location and the number of recorded records will be indicated in the “memory” tab. Here you can also set up automatic cleaning of old conversations. The program has a user-friendly intuitive interface and is extremely easy to use.

Method two

The most popular program for recording telephone conversations is the Call Recorder from Appliqato.

1) Download, install and run the application.

2) Choose any design theme. In the next window, put a checkmark “Add call volume” and set up cloud storage for your records (if necessary). Now any telephone conversation will be recorded automatically when a call comes in.

Let’s go back to the main menu of the program and there, in the incoming tab, we will see our record, you can select several actions: save, delete, make another call and play.

In the settings of the “Call Recorder” program, you can select the format in which the recording will be made and select the storage location for the recorded calls.

Ways to record a conversation on a smartphone

Usually, we all do not often use the function of recording a conversation, but sometimes there are situations when it is extremely important to do this. For example, sometimes we need to record some important telephone conversation, as evidence of something, or voice the phone number when there is no pen at hand, and after the recording, listen to it at any time.

In this article, we will analyze several ways how you can record a conversation on your phone.

Method four

Another application with the repeated name “Call Recording”, but from the “lovekara” company.

1) When you download the program, run and press the “Agree” button.

2) Then a message like this will appear. Press the button “Select”.

3) Again we call someone to check. During a conversation (like the previous program), the conversation will be automatically recorded.

4) After recording, a new recording will appear in the main menu. To listen to, delete or share it, you need to click the checkmark in front of the entry and select the item you are interested in.

The program works great and has a nice interface. There were no cons

Method one

The easiest and most affordable way to record a conversation is to use standard phone tools.

1) We dial and call the subscriber whose conversation we want to record. 2) Press the “menu” button, which is located on the right side of the screen. Three-dot buttons.

3) In the list that opens, click the “Record” button.

4) That’s all. To stop recording, you need to press the “menu” again and select “Stop recording”.

To listen to the received recording, go to the internal memory of the smartphone, to the “PhoneRecord” folder, which will store all our recordings.

Method five

1) Everything is as usual. download, install and run. Click on the circle icon in the upper right corner.

2) Here you need to make sure that automatic recording is enabled. You can also select the format and quality of the recording.

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3) After that, we dial the number we need. The program itself will record everything, no other actions need to be taken.

4) Upon completion of the conversation, you can find the entry in the phone’s memory in the folder “CallRecords”

“CallX”. Has shown itself as a convenient application with a lot of different settings, the ability to save records to the cloud storage and many other settings.

All of the above methods and applications have been tested for operability. Special thanks to all those who read our article.

How to quickly record a telephone conversation on an Android smartphone

There can be many reasons for recording a telephone conversation. Perhaps you need a conversation recording for a new podcast show? Or maybe you’ve got the only chance to talk to a celebrity, and you want to capture this conversation for years to come. Regardless of the reasons, you should know how to easily and quickly record a telephone conversation on an Android smartphone.

Warning: Before we begin, please be aware that it may be illegal to record a telephone conversation without the knowledge of the other person. We advise you to make sure that you do not have problems with the law in your country, so as not to get into trouble.

How to quickly record a phone conversation on Android

The easiest and fastest way to record a phone conversation on Android is to use additional apps. There are many programs for this purpose, however we recommend using Smart Voice Recorder. The app is quite simple and free. You can download Smart Voice Recorder from this link.

The images below show the process of recording a phone call on a Sony Xperia smartphone. You can have absolutely any smartphone, the process will be similar.

  • Make a call or answer an incoming phone call.
  • Switch your smartphone to hands-free mode (speaker icon on display).
  • Press the home button to minimize the call window without ending the call.
  • Open Smart Voice Recorder App.
  • Click on the big red button to start recording your phone call. If you did everything correctly, the green waves on the display will move.
  • Make sure the other person’s voice is heard clearly. The louder he speaks, the better he will sound on the record. You can increase the volume using the volume key on the side of your mobile device.
  • When the phone call ends, click the Finish square button and specify the name of the file under which you want to save the conversation.
  • The recorded conversation will be available in the Recordings section of the application itself.

That’s all! An easy way to record a phone conversation on Android, isn’t it? Do you know other ways to record a conversation on Android? Share your opinion and experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Which smartphones can record calls

On stock Android (below version 6), an API is implemented (ready-made code that makes it easier for programmers to develop software), with which special applications can access the recording of telephone conversations. Google did not integrate call recording functionality into Android, but provided device manufacturers and third-party developers with a tool that they could use to do it themselves.

In Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the company has removed the official API, but some manufacturers have introduced their own solutions. This has been done by at least Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus. On Xiaomi smartphones, call recording is available “out of the box”, on Huawei. after installing a special application, on OnePlus. after executing one ADB command, and on Samsung (not all). after changing the user’s region.

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Why is everything so difficult? The fact is that the recording of telephone conversations is prohibited by the laws of many countries. Therefore, most manufacturers either do not implement this function at all, or make it inaccessible by default, which is why users have to perform difficult actions to activate it (especially on Samsung and OnePlus smartphones).

Fortunately, the official Google API can be dispensed with, so not only mobile device manufacturers have submitted their solutions, but also independent developers. Thanks to the latest, Google Play has expanded with dozens of call recording software, including the notorious Cube ACR, Call Recorder from Appliqato and BoldBeast Call Recorder. With the help of these applications, it will be possible to record a telephone conversation on most modern devices without getting root rights and without performing complex actions. You will find instructions for using the first two applications further in the material.

With the release of Android 9.0 Pie, the situation has changed for the worse: in this version of the operating system, Google has blocked the work of third-party call recording applications. The company’s policy in this matter is clear: Google cares about the privacy of its users, respects the laws of all states and does not want to have problems with their authorities. As for the operation of applications: many of them can be used on Android 9, but you will need root rights for this.

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that recording telephone conversations is easiest on Xiaomi smartphones. Owners of devices that work on Android below the ninth version will also have no difficulty in doing this. just install one of our proposed applications. Users with phones running Android 9.0 or higher, however, are least fortunate. They will have to get root rights or perform rather difficult manipulations to activate the built-in function (applies to owners of Samsung, OnePlus and to a lesser extent Huawei and Honor mobile devices).

How to Record Phone Conversation on Android Smartphone: Record Calls on Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Honor

A saved recording of a telephone conversation can be useful in different situations: for example, when you need to provide confirmation of what the interlocutor said, or when it is not possible to record the information heard, but you cannot remember it. In both cases, you will need an application to record phone conversations. Most smartphones do not have such an application preinstalled, but some manufacturers have developed their own solutions and added them to their firmware (for example, Xiaomi in MIUI). In this manual, we will tell you on which devices call recording is available by default, how it is done and what to do for users whose phones do not have this function.

How to record a phone conversation on a Huawei (Honor) smartphone

Unlike MIUI, the official EMUI firmware does not come with a system application for recording calls. Nevertheless, users can install it on their own, after which the function will become available (including on Android 9). A button will appear in the dialer with which you can start and stop recording.

First of all, allow the installation of applications from unknown sources, then download the.apk file from the link and install it. After that, restart your smartphone.

Now go to the Phone application, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and open “Settings”. You will see that a new item has appeared in the “General” section. “Automatic call recording”. Click on it.

The function will be inactive by default. To turn it on, activate the top toggle switch. After that, all telephone conversations will start to be automatically recorded. If you want to record calls only from certain subscribers, in the line “Autorecord settings” select the second option. “Numbers in the list”. Now click on the item of the same name that appears and mark the necessary numbers, contacts or groups. To confirm your choice, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner.

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If you want to decide for yourself which calls to record and which not, do not activate the “Automatic Call Recording” function. Just during a conversation with the desired subscriber, click on the first button. To stop recording, press the same button again or end the conversation.

A notification will appear in the “blind” that the call has been saved. To go to the archive of recordings, click on this notification or open the Dictaphone application and go to the “Calls” section. Click on the “Play” button located to the right of the recording to listen to it.

Recorded calls are saved under the “Sounds / CallRecord” path in the internal memory of the smartphone. The name of each file contains the subscriber’s number, as well as the date and time of the call.

Call Recorder

If you enter the query “call recording” in the Google Play search, Call Recorder from Appliqato will be in the first place. This is the most popular app of its kind with over 100 million installs.

When you launch Call Recorder for the first time, accept the terms of use and privacy policy, give the app access to the microphone, contacts and files on the device, and allow the program to make and manage calls.

After completing the above steps, all telephone conversations will start to be automatically recorded. To listen to any of them, open Call Recorder on the “Inbox” tab, select the desired call and click on the “Play” button.

If you want to annotate a post, click on the pencil icon and enter your text in the Subject field.

Also records can be added to favorites. To do this, select “Save” in the list of options, after which the entry will disappear from the “Inbox” tab and appear in the “Saved” section.

If you want to independently choose which conversations to record and which not, switch the recording mode from manual to automatic. To do this, go to the Call Recorder settings, open the “Recording Mode” item and deactivate the first toggle switch. You will also have to grant permission to display program interface elements on top of other windows.

Now, during a conversation, a button will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on it to start recording, and when you need to end it, open the “shutter”, click on the Call Recorder notification and select “Stop recording”.

There are other options in the app. Can:

  • Select a storage location for recordings on the device;
  • Customize the display of notifications and import of files to the cloud storage;
  • Customize the interface;
  • Allow the application to run in the background;
  • Set recording delay;
  • Increase volume, select audio source and format;
  • Add users whose calls should and vice versa should not be automatically recorded;
  • And much more.

By default, conversations are recorded in AMR format and saved in internal memory in the CallRecordings folder. You can listen to them in the app and through the audio player.