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How To Record A Computer Screen

Try Bandicam and capturing any from your computer screen.

Bandicam is a handy free screen recorder for Windows that allows you to capture any area of ​​the screen as a screenshot or file. You can record lectures, webinars, games and Skype calls, add sound from your microphone and from your webcam, and upload finisheds to YouTube or. Select Screen Recording Mode in Bandicam to record computer screen.


Considered the Most Popular Screen Recording Software. The official website offers a free trial download, the full version will cost 39.

The main advantage of the program is stable operation even on the weakest computer, since the RAM requirements are only 512 MB.

Key features:

  • Allows a specific area on the screen to fall asleep;
  • Compresses recordings without loss of quality;
  • Supports formats: MJPEG, XviD, AVI, MPEG-1,
  • Works Not only on modern Windows, but also on versions 2000, 2003 and XP;
  • There is a version that supports Russian.

Important. The program can continue to work non-stop throughout the day, I control the recording process, and independently turn off the computer after completing its work, if you set this in the settings.

O Cam Screen Recorder

Another noteworthy program, the main feature of which is not technical, but aesthetic: a set of frames for decoration is included.

Key features:

  • Full soundtrack: microphone, system sounds, music;
  • The choice of the quality of the performed recording;
  • Overlaying a watermark on the;
  • Supports Russian.

Important. Takes up very little screen space in the computer’s RAM.

Let’s move on to an overview of paid screen recording programs, which are usually used by professional clip makers or bloggers.

Ispring Free Cam

This program has recently appeared in the access, it is completely free and does not have advertising inserts on the finished one.s are saved in a single WMV format.

The program can:

  • Record sounds: music from speakers, sound from a microphone, system sounds;
  • Record the movement of the cursor and its pressing;
  • Select a screen area for recording;
  • Cut out unnecessary parts in the finished one;
  • Upload directly to Youtube.

The program is Russified and works on all modern versions of Windows.

How to record from a computer screen: programs and online services

Content rules. And speech Not only in media clips. In technical manuals, it is now possible not to guide the user through long descriptions and heaps of screenshots. it is enough to record the process itself from the screen. It is easy for the participants of the drawing on the social network to PROVIDE the proof of the winner’s choice, wrote it down at the agreed time. Recording software is used by gamers broadcasting their exploits in games and by teachers of online courses. And since the question of how to record from a computer screen is so in demand, we have prepared an overview of the most popular and proven online services and programs.

Let’s start our review with online services. Working with them Takes less time, because they do not need to download, it is suitable for those who rarely face the need to record. The disadvantage of such resources is that their functionality is usually inferior to full-fledged programs that require installation.

How to record from a computer screen online. How to record from computer screen for free


This service allows you to record online without additional downloads, provided that your computer is running a modern version of Windows and, accordingly, supports Java. If there is no Java client, the service will offer to download it. Service works in English.

There are free and paid bases, which differ in functionality and recording duration (15 minutes in the free version).

Registration and authorization on the site is not required.

Service features:

  • Filming from a monitor screen and from a webcam. There is a possibility of SIMultaneous shooting.
  • Direct publishing to YouTube.
  • Additional information can be added: title. Description, category and tags.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Variable display of the cursor on the record.

After the popular online recording service “retired”, the above site remains the only online service for screen recording.

Now let’s take a look at standalone free programs. There are a lot of them, and some of them are hardly inferior in their functionality to paid utilities.

At the end of the article or right now, download a selection of materials for a quick release online

Paid software for recording from the monitor screen

Сam Studio

An English-language program for recording from a monitor, one of the most popular among users. Differs from SIMilar free utilities in the ability to record different extensions: MP4, AVI and SWF.

Key features of the program:

  • Supports recording of microphone sound and system sounds;
  • Allows you to select the area of ​​the screen to record;
  • Records up to 2GB.

Important. Your antivirus may consider the entries created in this program as malicious!

Using a stereo mixer to record sound from your computer

The standard way to record sound from a computer is to use a special “device” for recording your sound card. “Stereo Mixer” or “Stereo Mix”, which is usually disabled by default.

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To turn on the stereo mixer, right-click on the speaker icon in the Windows notification bar and select the “Recorders” menu item.

Most likely, you will only find a microphone (or a pair of microphones) in the list of sound recording devices. Click on an empty spot in the list with the right mouse button and click “Show disabled devices”.

If as a result of this, a stereo mixer appears in the list (if there is nothing of the kind there, read further and, perhaps, use the second method), then just right-click on it and select “Enable”, and after the device is turned on. “Use by default”.

Now, any sound recording program using Windows system settings will record all sounds from your computer. This can be the standard Windows Sound Recorder (or Voice Recorder in Windows 10), as well as any third-party program, one of which will be discussed in the next example.

Note: for Some NOT the most standard sound cards (Realtek), instead of the “Stereo mixer” there may be another device for recording sound from a computer, for example, on my Sound Blaster it is “What U Hear”.

How to record audio from a computer

In this manual, there are several ways to record sound played on a computer using the same computer. If you have already met a method for recording sound using the Stereo Mix, but it did not work, since there is no such device, I will offer additional options.

I don’t know exactly why this might be needed (after all, almost any music can be downloaded, if we are talking about it), but users are interested in the question of how to record what they hear in speakers or headphones. Although some situations can be assumed. for example, the need to record voice communication with someone, sound in the game, and the like. The methods described below are suitable for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

Record from a computer without a stereo mixer

On some laptops and sound cards, the “Stereo Mixer” device is either absent (or rather, NOT implemented in the drivers), or for some reason its use is blocked by the device manufacturer. In this case, there is still a way to record the sound played by the computer.

The free program Audacity will help with this (with which, by the way, it is convenient to record sound even in cases where a stereo mixer is present).

Among the audio sources for recording, Audacity supports the Windows special digital interface WASAPI. over, when using it, recording occurs without converting an analog signal to digital, as is the case with a stereo mixer.

To record sound from your computer using Audacity, select Windows WASAPI as the signal source, and select the sound source (microphone, sound card, hdmi) in the second field. In my test, despite the fact that the program is in Russian, the list of devices was displayed in the form of hieroglyphs, I had to try at random, the second device turned out to be necessary. Please note that if you run into the same problem, then when you set the recording “blind” from the microphone, the sound will still be recorded, but of poor quality and with a weak level. THOSE. If the recording quality is poor, try the next device on the list.

You can download the Audacity program for free from the official website www.Audacityteam.Org

Another relatively SIMple and convenient recording option in the absence of a stereo mixer is to use the Virtual Audio Cable driver.

We record sound from a computer using NVidia tools

At one time I wrote in a way to record a computer screen with sound in NVidia ShadowPlay (only for NVidia cardholders). The program allows you to record Not only from games, but also SIMply from the desktop with sound.

In this case, sound can also be recorded “in the game”, which, if you start recording from the desktop, records all sounds played on the computer, as well as “in the game and from the microphone”, which allows you to immediately record the sound played back on the computer, and then what is spoken into the microphone. i.e., for example, you can record the entire conversation in Skype.

Technically, I’m not aware of how the recording takes place, but it also works where there is no “Stereo mixer”. The final file is obtained in.format, but it is easy to extract sound from it as a separate file, almost all free converters can convert to mp3 or other sound files.

This concludes the article, and if something remains unclear, ask. At the same time, it would be interesting to know: why do you need sound recording from a computer?

How to record screen

How to Record from Screen in Windows 10

Microsoft decided to take care of the gaming community and made a “native” tool for screen recording. through the Xbox Game Bar. The advantages of this method are obvious. it is free and available to all owners of Windows 10. But not all users have switched to the new system, so those who have Windows 7, Vista and others will have to look for another option.

The aLGorithm for using the Xbox Game Bar is SIMple. It is enough to find it in the system search or press the Win and G keys SIMultaneously. You will open a menu in which there will be a report on performance and audio settings. In the upper left corner, find the “Burn” panel. If not, click on the computer icon with a circle inside.

The panel can be removed and called back by clicking on the icon in the top menu

To capture, click the Start Recording button. A timer appears on the screen. From him there is a point to turn on the microphone, which allows you to dictate text for a screencast in real time. To complete the process, click on the white square, and it will be saved in the “Clips” folder.

You can turn sound recording on and off right during the broadcast

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This is a convenient way to record from the screen without additional software. However, for those who have Windows 7 and below (up to XP), it is definitely not suitable. In addition, you may need additional software to edit and convert the resulting clip. If you are looking for a program that can give your a professional look right after recording, try the on-screen camera.

How to record from a computer screen
2 easy ways

The need to record from a computer screen most often arises in fans of computer games. However, screen delight can be useful in other areas as well: saving online broadcasts and webinars, creating tutorials, and SIMply having to film something to show to friends.

How do you record from your desktop? There are many ways, but we will show you two of the SIMplest. no one wants to deal with the complex functionality of professional programs. It’s about the built-in Windows 10 game capture tool and the Screen Camera program.

Screen recording in on-screen camera

Screen Camera is a completely Russian-language program in which you can shoot from the screen of a computer or laptop of any model without restrictions. Gameplay, online broadcasts, skype conferences. all this can be recorded and saved in all popular formats. The software interface is SIMple and natively understandable, even an inexperienced user can figure it out.

You can return to the processing of the project, recorded earlier

One of the main features of the On-Screen Camera is a built-in editor, in which immediately after recording you can trim a clip, add music to it and insert colorful titles. Thus, the program wins in terms of functionality in the Xbox Game Bar and at the same time turns out to be easier than professional software in the study. Watch the lesson with an overview of the program:

How to record your desktop for free

Install desktop recording software

Download, download and run the distribution kit of the program: it is available for both Windows and macOS. Follow the installation instructions and in just a couple of minutes you can record your desktop.

Set your desktop recording settings

After starting the program, tap the screen recording. Draw a frame to capture the floor of the part of the screen that you want to record; then you can adjust its size manually.

For greater clarity, you can show keystrokes of the keyboard during shooting, as well as adjust the cursor highlighting and display of clicks. To do this, click on the necessary icons on the vertical panel. The icons of the enabled functions will be highlighted in green.

Movavi Screen Recorder can record system sound, sound from a microphone, as well as these two sources SIMultaneously. Just make sure that the desired device icon on the bottom panel is highlighted in green.

How to record a desktop

Are you far from new to working with a computer? Then, for sure, you sometimes have to explain to friends and colleagues how to install and use any programs. The easiest way in such cases is to ask the person to sit next to him and show him his actions on the computer screen. But what to do if you are asked for help by people you do not know personally, for example, community members on a social network?

It’s very SIMple: download Movavi Screen Recorder software for desktop recording and use it to create a that will show your actions. The program will also help you crop the resulting, for example, remove moments when you received personal messages or you accidentally showed unnecessary information on the screen.

With the trial version of Movavi Screen Recorder, you can screen capture for free. Please note that the free version has limitations, for example, there is no recording of system sound, but a watermark is applied to it. For unlimited recording Use the full version of the program.

For details on how to do it from the desktop, read this instruction.

Start filming

Press the REC button and the program will start recording from the desktop. Control the capture process using the Cancel, Pause, and Stop buttons on the horizontal bar. The program also supports the use of hot keys: if you are using Windows, press F9 to pause recording, and F10 to end the delight. Mac users should press ⌥ ⌘ 1 and ⌥ ⌘ 2 respectively.

Trim (optional)

After you have pressed the stop button, a window with a preview of your will appear on the screen. If you want to cut out some moments from the recording, you can do it right now. Select the edge of the line in the timeline that you want to cut, and click Cut. Repeat if necessary. After Click on this segment and click Delete Fragment.

Save or share it

To save to your computer, click Save As. In the window that appears, enter the file name, select the folder and format to save, then click Save.

You can also share the recording from the desktop. Click on the Share icon and select the appropriate option. You can upload to YouTube or upload to Google Drive.

Now you know how to record your desktop for free!

Setting up OBS Studio

How to shoot from a computer screen: an overview of the best way and Step-by-step instructions with all the settings for a beginner

Greetings friends. Today we will talk about how to take pictures from a computer screen. During my activity on the Internet, I worked in several Special programs that allow you to record from the monitor screen.

They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to find the ideal among such a choice. I needed something SIMple with a number of additional functions to record high-qualitys, such as:

  • Webcam recording of yourself SIMultaneously with screen delight.
  • Conducting online broadcasts (streams) through popular services.
  • Ability to record with sound while playing.
  • Draw with a marker, like a pointer, while shooting.

Well, and so that there is a light load on the system.

Of all the software, I managed to find an excellent option that suits me at the moment. The only thing is, there is no way to draw with a marker.

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This program is called. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Using her example, I will show you how to record from the screen.

You can download it for free on the official website. Since it’s free, this is another plus for newbies. Works on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux.

  • OBS Studio,
  • OBS Classic.

As I understand it, the studio version is newer, completely rewritten and has a number of additional functions. Due to the fact that it is multiplatform, it is less optimized than the classic version.

I advise beginners NOT to bother with the difference and program settings, the main task is to start shooting. Then, with practice, you will begin to understand all this.

How to screen capture via OBS

During installation, the only problem that may be is a black screen. My desktop was NOT displayed on the classic version, just a black screen was recorded. If someone has the same trouble, then write in the comments, I will tell you how to do so that everything is fine.

The interface is completely in Russian, SIMple and straightforward. To start filming. It remains only to add the sources that you need and set the settings.

I will not talk about all the settings, there are many settings for streams, we will talk about them in a separate article. To SIMply remove the monitor screen on. Practically nothing needs to be configured inside, you can just turn on the recording and makes.

Adding sources

In the “Sources” field, right-click or the plus sign below and add “Screen Delight”.

In the window that appears, we give a name to this source, so that you understand what kind of source it is, and there are no more settings there, click OK.

If you want to still show the window from the webcam, as I have in the screenshot above, then add another capture device. You can customize something, I left it as it is.

When you record the screen and yourself on the webcam at the same time, it becomes more interesting to watch.

Now scale the recording window from the webcam as you like and drag it to the desired location.

All sources can be scaled in this way.

Internal settings

I’ll just show you how I have all the tabs configured and what you should pay attention to.

1. General. You don’t need to change anything, you can only choose a dark or light theme.

2. Broadcasting. Setting for connecting to streaming services. DO NOT touch anything.

3. Conclusion. Specify the location where the records will be saved. The rest is standard.

4. Audio. Also standard settings.

5. We prescribe the usual recording resolution of 1280 x 720. The rest is as it is.

6. Hot keys. For more convenient recording start and stop, you can set hot keys.

7. Advanced. DO NOT change anything.

Done. You can click “Start Recording” and shoot.

They will be saved in the folder that you specified in the settings. You can click the “File” tab → “Show records” and it will open.

How else can you make a screencast

Among the programs, a good option will still be the following:

  • Bandicam,
  • Camtasia Studio,
  • Fraps.

If you just need to show someone something from a laptop screen, you can do without recording. Demonstrating it, for example, on Skype. To do this, call the person and in the “Calls” tab, click “Show Screen”.

Well, another way is to start a live broadcast through some service, for example, YouTube live broadcasts and also enable screen sharing there. The broadcast is automatically recorded and published to YouTube. It turns out that you immediately record from the computer screen online without downloading programs.

That’s all. I hope it was clear and you figured out how to record from a computer screen. If you still have or have any questions, then write in the comments to this post.

Features of the editor

The distinctive features include:

How To Record A Computer Screen
  • SIMple controls.
  • Support for most file formats. For example, you can import HD (Blu-ray, WMV HD, etc.), AVI, DV AVI, MP4, DVD, VOB, MKV, VCD, FLV, 3GP, H.263 / 264, MPEG-1/2/4 and others (more than 60 in total). And export over 25 kinds of formats.

The editor is paid, but you can refuse some functions, then the service can be used without payment.

Fraps program

This application will be appreciated by gamers.

The cost

The utility has a free trial period. After this period, the price will be 2600 rubles.

Bandicam is a compact screen recorder for Windows.


Arthur, 27 years old, Taganrog:

I have been using the program recently, but the good news is that it is free. In comparison with the paid version, the possibilities have become less, but this is enough.

Oleg, 31 years old, Yekaterinburg:

Filmed screencasts online for about a year using AVS Editor. Everything was fine, the program is convenient and understandable, but the built-in editor is more interesting in Movavi Screen Recorder Studio. Moved to this service.

Save Record

It is necessary to select in the menu “Save as” and mark the folder where the file is located.

Free Cam

Suitable for filming webinars, but not games. On the built-in editor, you can delete unnecessary things, remove noise in the background and adjust the sound volume. The computer can often be suspended, especially if it is an older model.

Free Cam is a program that allows you to record from the screen.

The main cons

The disadvantage is that it weighs a lot, and the recording time in the demo is only half a minute.

Madcap flare

Creates with interactive content and allows you to choose from a variety of output formats (WebM, MP4 and Adobe PDF).

Editing tools

Users can draw with a pencil or brush and highlight elements with colored rectangles.

Bandicam can record 4K UltraHD for gaming.