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Top 2: TapeACall Pro

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Record Phone Call on iPhone without Computer.

Enjoy one week free trial and affordable price.

How to Record Phone Call on iPhone with TapeACall Pro

Step 1 Install Voice Recorder from your App Store and then launch it when you need to record a call on iPhone.

Step 2 Make a call and press the record button to start recording immediately.

0% Working Guide to Record Phone Call on iPhone (12 included)

Although our smartphone is so smart that it can perform almost all tasks in daily life, it is still the most important communication tool.

You receive a phone call and answer it. Sometimes you need to save a phone call.

For example, when you contact customer support, the phone record can serve as evidence. It can also be used as a fact checker for any phone calls. The problem is that recording a phone on an iPhone is not as easy as on a computer.

Therefore, in this article, we will list the 10 best ways to record phone calls on iPhone.

Top 4: Call Recorder Lite

Record incoming and outgoing calls simply.

Save your phone records to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Share phone calls via iMessage and email.

Step 1 When you make or receive a phone call to record on iPhone, launch the Call Recorder Lite app.

Step 2 Click on the round button and the application will dial the entry number. As soon as you combine the two calls, recording will begin.

Top 1: Specific iPhone Phone Call Recorder: Screen Recorder

First of all, you must make sure that the activity is legal in your state as it may be illegal without consent depending on where you live. Then we suggest you try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder.Its benefits include:

Record a phone call on iPhone, both video and voice.

Save phone call to MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV and other commonly used media formats.

Store phone records on your computer to free up space on your iPhone.

Share recordings from your phone to YouTube and other social networks.

Work for iPhone XS Max / XS / XR / X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6 / 6s / 5 and older versions.

Compatible with Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 and Mac OS.

In short, Screen Recorder. one of the best options to effectively record your phone call on iPhone.

How to Record Phone Call on iPhone with Screen Recorder

Step 1 Get the Best iPhone Call Recorder on Your Computer

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone!! (FREE & No Jailbreak)

Download Screen Recorder and install it on your computer. Stream your iPhone’s screen to your computer with Reflector.Then start the iPhone call recorder from your desktop. Select Video Recorder in the main interface to move on.

Tip: if you want to record only voice, choose “Audio Recorder”.

Turn on the display and system sound by turning off the microphone. Set the recording area and system audio volume. Then click the Advanced Options option to open the Options dialog box and set the output format and other options.

Step 3 Start Recording Phone Call on iPhone

When you’re ready, make a phone call on your iPhone and press the REC button to start recording. Wait for the phone call, press the stop button. Then you will be presented with a preview window. Finally, export the recording by clicking the Save button.

Top 8: iPadio

Record Phone Call on iPhone.

Keep your recording safe with a unique PIN.

Store phone calls on your online account.

Listen and share recorded calls for free.

How to Record a Phone Call with Ipadio

Step 1 Put the phone call on hold if you want to record it.

Step 2 Call your local ipadio number and enter your unique PIN.

Step 3 After combining the two calls, both sides of the conversation will be recorded.

iPhone 4 Apps to Record Phone Calls on iPhone with Ease

How to record phone call on iPhone without computer? If you don’t have time to get ready for the recording or just need to get the recording for fun. You can choose some iPhone call recorder apps to have recording files. The built-in Screen Recorder on iOS will stop after you start a phone call, so you need a third-party iPhone recorder.

Record a phone call on iPhone. 5 Simple Methods You Should Know

Recording a phone call on iPhone is a must. When you need proof of insanity or a recording of an important meeting, you must record high quality audio files to preserve all the details. How to Reduce Noise and Capture Audio Files with Original Quality?

If you just record the phone call to iPhone directly, you can get the recorded files full of environmental noise. To get the best quality for your audio files, iPhone apps for recording phone calls may not be enough. Just check out other great methods from the article now.

Top 4: record iPhone phone call with IntCall

IntCall is a flexible iPhone call recorder application that allows you to make and record calls domestically or abroad on iPhone. It saves recordings of phone calls to iPhone memory, or even transfers recordings with ease via email or iTunes file sharing.

Step 1 After downloading and installing the app, open the call recorder on your iPhone and use your phone number to register the service.

Step 2: Then you will be presented with a dialing screen. Enter the contact number and tap the Call icon to call. After that, you can record the phone call on iPhone automatically.

Step 3: After the call ends, go to the Recording tab and tap the Play icon to listen to the phone call recording. Then you can change the title or share it by email.

Top 2: record phone calls on iPhone with TapeACall

TapeACall is another application for recording phone calls on the iPhone. Unlike your imagination, it is based on a three-way communication that your carrier must support. It records both incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone without limitation of length and phone number.

Step 1: Install the best call recording app on your iPhone and launch it. Subscribe to a plan based on your needs and customize it. Select a local access number, grant permission to the application and click “Continue” to complete the configuration.

Step 2: To record a phone call on iPhone, press the Record button and press the Call button. Once the connection is established, click the Add Call button to make the phone call you want to record.

Step 3: When the recipient’s contact answers your call, you can click “merge calls” to establish a three-way connection between you, TapACall server and the contact to save phone call records to cloud servers or social media.

Top 1: record phone call on iPhone via Google Voice

Google Voice is a voice over Internet protocol that allows you to make and receive phone calls and messages on your iPhone. It provides free voicemail, free phone number, and more. It will notify the caller when recording starts and stops, making it impossible to secretly record iPhone conversation.

Step 1: Open the Google Voice app on your iPhone. Click “Get Started” to go to the “Account Management” screen. Sign in to your Google account and click “Accept” to read the Terms.

Step 2: Follow the onscreen instructions to select a Google Voice number and more. Press the “Menu” button with the three-line icon, select “Settings” “Calls” and enable the options for incoming calls.

Step 3: When you receive a phone call and intend to record it, dial 4 to start recording a phone call on iPhone. After ending the phone call, dial 4 again to save the phone call record.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone with Original Quality

If using a Mac, you can connect iPhone to Mac using the original USB cable and mirror iPhone to Mac using QuickTime. On the PC side, LonelyScreen and AirPlayer. Recommended Methods to Mirror iPhone to PC.

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Launch AnyMP4 screen recorder and select the Audio Recorder option. Connect a microphone to your computer to record your voice in the best possible quality. You can also customize hotkeys for convenient recording control.

Step 3: Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Turn on the “System Sound” and “Microphone” option. Adjust the volume by moving the sliders to get the best sound quality. Click the RECORD button to start recording a phone call on iPhone.

Step 4: Export iPhone phone calls

After you have recorded an important meeting or messages, you can click the “Stop” button. After that, you can preview the recorded files and export them to your computer with high quality.

How to Record phone Calls on iPhone FREE & EASY

How to Record Audio on iPhone with Voice Memos

The Voice Memos app is pre-installed on the iPhone. You can use voice memos to quickly record sound and voice around you through your iPhone. Also, you can trim and edit the audio recording file on iPhone if needed. Here is a guide to using voice memos to record audio on iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Voice Notes app.

Step 2: Click on the red record button to start recording audio on iPhone.

Step 3: The iPhone microphone is located on the top and bottom of the phone. So you can point the top or bottom end to the audio source to record audio from iPhone.

Step 4: You can press pause at the bottom of iPhone to pause iPhone audio recording. Later, you can resume and continue recording audio from iPhone.

Step 5: Click Done to stop recording audio and save it to your iPhone. Set the title of the audio recording in the Save Voice Memos window. Later tap discount move on.

Step 6: Return to the main interface of Voice Memos app. Select this voice recording file. Now you can share, edit or delete the file freely.

How to Record Audio on All iPhone Devices (Internal and External)

In fact, your iPhone will also be your portable digital voice recorder. You can record ambient audio on iPhone with the built-in microphone, including speeches, lectures, voices, and more. But the iPhone microphone shouldn’t be too far away from the audio. Otherwise, the audio recording quality will be unclear. After that, you can easily edit, save and share the recorded audio. over, you can use third party tools to record internal audio on iPhone as well. Just read and get detailed instructions on how to record on iPhone SE, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR and earlier.

How to Record Audio on iPhone

This section will show you 2 ways to record audio on iPhone from external device. IOS Voice Memos and Screen Recorder are the default audio recording tools on iOS devices. So it’s totally safe and free to record audio on iPhone only.

How to Record iPhone Internal and External Sound on PC

To record audio on iPhone with screen off with 100% success, AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is needed. Here are the reasons why you still need professional audio recording software.

Even though the iPhone itself has a default audio recorder, you cannot record all audio on the iPhone.For example, you cannot record audio from Apple Music. Once you start recording songs from Apple Music, it will stop unless you cancel iOS audio recording. Apple also doesn’t allow iPhone call recording. What’s more, streaming audio to YouTube and Netflix is ​​not recorded.

To summarize, if you want to get rid of iPhone audio recording limit, you can turn to AnyMP4 Screen Recorder for help.

  • 1. Record audio and system sound from iPhone to the app.
  • 2. Record internal sound on iPhone with your voice.
  • 3. Save high quality audio recording in MP3, M4A, WMA or AAC format.
  • 4. Use hotkeys to start, pause, resume and stop audio recording on iPhone.
  • 5. There is no maximum audio recording time. (You can record audio from iPhone for several hours as your computer has more storage space.)
  • 6. Preview and trim audio recording directly.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to your computer. Use an iOS emulator app to simulate an iPhone on Windows. If you want to record music or other streaming audio from web pages, you can also open it via URL.

Step 2: Free download, install and run AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Select Audio Recorder to Record Audio on iPhone.

Step 3: Turn on Sound System and turn off Microphone to record music on iPhone. To record just your voice, you just need to turn on the Microphone. If you want to record both in-app audio and your voiceover, just enable two options. Adjust the volume slider according to your needs.

Step 4: Press REC to record audio on iPhone from internet, app, microphone or any other audio sources. You can pause, resume and stop iPhone audio recording freely.

Step 5: In the preview window, click Play to preview the audio recording. Set start and end times to trim the length of the sound. If everything is ok, click the Save button and set the output folder to export the iPhone recording audio file. Well, you can play, rename, organize, share or delete it in the Recording History window.

How to Record Audio on iPhone with iOS Screen Recorder

For iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 and iOS 14 users, you can get another audio recording app. It is an iOS screen recorder that allows users to record video and audio on iPhone. You can record not only your voice, but also most of the native sounds on the iPhone. Of course, you can only record audio to iPhone. Simply trigger the Microphone to record internal audio on iPhone without your voice.

Step 1: Open the Settings app. Click Control Center. Select Customize Controls. Scroll down and tap the green icon before screen recording. IOS Screen Recorder is now enabled.

Step 2: For iPhone X and later users, swipe down from the top right corner to access Control Center. For earlier iOS models, you can swipe up from bottom to top directly.

Step 3: Press and hold the Screen Recording button at the bottom. It looks like a white dot inside a circle.

Step 4: In the Screen Recording window, you can turn on or off the Microphone to record on iPhone with or without your voice.

Step 5: Click Start Recording. After a 3 second countdown, you will be able to record audio on iPhone iOS 11/12/13/14.

Step 6: After recording iPhone, you can find it in Photos. Also, you can change the file extension to.mp3 or other audio formats to quickly extract the audio recording file, for example: extract audio from MP4.

Frequently asked questions about recording audio on iPhone

Can I Secretly Record Phone Call on iPhone?

There is no direct way to record phone conversation on iPhone. To record incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone, you can use call recorder app. As for recording voice chats and online calls from Skype and more, you can launch AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. Supports recording of both sides of the conversation without the knowledge of the other person.

How long can you record voice memos on iPhone?

There is no fixed time limit for voice memos. It depends on your available storage space. But you are better off moving voice memos to cloud storage due to large file sizes.

How to Record Mute Video on iPhone?

Sometimes you just want a muted video. During this time, you can mute the Microphone on the iOS screen recording screen. In the meantime, turn off your bell. Make sure your iPhone is turned off. Now you can start recording video on iPhone without sound.

In general, you can record audio on iPhone from all internal and external sources. Regardless of DRM protection, notifications and other restrictions, you can record songs, music, calls, chats, voice messages and more on iPhone with high quality. over, you can set audio recording as iPhone ringtone, background music, notification sound and more for personal use.

Want to record your screen but don’t want to download desktop PC software? You can try the 5 free online screen recorders we have listed. Pick one and record a video for free.

Find out how 2 can save any movies from Netflix for offline watching. You can download Netflix videos on iPhone / Android / PC and record any streams on Mac with a screen recorder.

Can’t record on iMovie? Follow us for answers to your questions about video recording, voiceover, photography, and adding sound effects to iMovie and its alternatives.

Is iSpring screen recorder safe? How to Download iSpring Screen Recorder? Is iSpring Cam Pro free? Here is a detailed guide to using eLearning Video Maker on Windows and Mac.

Key features:

▪️ No additional software is required: you can use the standard “Dictaphone” ▪️ To record a voice call, you will have to talk hands-free ▪️ Recordings can be quickly synchronized with the main device via iCloud

If you have an old iPhone that was left over from buying a brand new iPhone XS Max, then this method is for you.

During a voice call on the main device, you just need to activate the speakerphone (“Speaker”), and then turn on the recording in the “Dictaphone” on the second device (it can even be a Mac).

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The main disadvantage in this case is the speakerphone, which will not allow you to properly record a conversation in a noisy office, on the street and in any similar situation. In addition, the interlocutor will quickly understand that he is on speakerphone.

It’s good that all recordings from “Dictaphone” on iPhone and Mac can be synchronized via iCloud. the entire archive of saved conversations can be easily collected on the main smartphone.

How to Record Conversation on iPhone: 5 Options

Everyone has a friend with Xiaomi, who records absolutely all calls. It is difficult to talk to such a person on the phone: it is impossible to get rid of the thought that every word can become compromising evidence and be used for personal gain.

All jokes, but things are really more complicated for Apple, and the standard recording of conversations on the company’s devices will never appear. However, this did not stop us from finding as many as 5 ways on how to record a conversation on iPhone. You are welcome!

Information from the article is presented for informational purposes only. We are with the laws of the country you are in before you record calls.

Key features:

▪️ To record a voice call, you will have to speak hands-free ▪️ Recordings can be quickly synced to iPhone

This method works in the same way as recording a conversation using an iPhone or Mac. There are two differences: in this case, the recording device is always worn on your wrist, and you need to install a third-party application on it from the link below.

During a voice call on the iPhone, you just need to activate the speakerphone (“Speaker”), and then turn on the recording in the “Dictaphone” on Apple Watch.

After the end of the recording, you can immediately listen to it right on the watch, and after a couple of seconds you will see it in the application library on the iPhone.

It is a pity that Apple Watch does not have a built-in voice recorder, it would work more simply and stably.

Download on the App Store (free purchases: a whole set from 75 to 149 rubles each)

Key features:

▪️ No additional devices required ▪️ Your operator must support a second line ▪️ Call recording must be turned on before the call starts ▪️ Not cheap monthly or annual subscription

IPhone call recording apps work through the second line. Apparently, it is because of this that they are scolded in the App Store. But apart from this, there are no other ways to fix a call without additional devices.

Before trying this app, you should also make sure that your service provider supports the second line exactly on your tariff: some operators turn off this service on prepaid basis.

After a short setup, you can start using the app. When you press the record button, the program will call a special number within your country. After that, you need to click “Add”, select the subscriber number to record the call and use the “Combine” button.

It turns out that first you call a special service station, after that you call the person for an important conversation and combine the calls with him. As soon as the call ends, the application will download its record.

Download on the App Store (free subscription: a week for free, 329 rubles per month, 849 rubles for 3 months and 2,050 rubles per year)

Key features:

▪️ Lightweight: only 11 grams ▪️ Has a memory card slot to save iPhone memory ▪️ Supports iPhone 5 and newer Apple smartphones ▪️ Has a headphone port

In nature, there are also separate devices for recording calls on the iPhone. If you need it often for work or for fun, think of something like this.

The device is inserted into the Lightning port, after which the iPhone will offer to install a special application to control it. Now you need to call and press the record button on this thing here. Voila!

The device even works on iPhone 5, but it will work for more recent Apple smartphones and even iPad.

You can plug headphones into it, but you won’t be able to listen to recordings through it without an iPhone.

Answering machine

Call Recorder. This is a free app that records both incoming and outgoing calls in full, but users need to upgrade to the Pro version for 9.99 to listen to the recordings after the first 60 seconds. Users receive credits for 300 minutes and can purchase additional minutes in the app. One nifty feature allows the user to share notes via email. and other services. Please be aware that the app does not yet support H2O Wireless or Virgin Mobile.

credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Step 2

For incoming calls, choose to merge the option to connect your existing call to the mowing line recording. For outgoing calls select Add call option to dial the recipient and then select merge join call with line cutter record.

Step 2

Press 4 anytime during a call to activate the function and end the recording by pressing 4 again. Google Voice stores recorded calls online, where they can be accessed through your Google Voice mailbox.

TapeACall Lite

TapeACall Lite records your entire phone call, but only the first 60 seconds of playback is free. Users must upgrade to the Pro version for 9.99 to access the entire entry. There is no limit to the length of records that can be uploaded, downloaded, or transferred after the call ends. Please make sure your carrier supports 3-way calling before downloading the app.

credit: Image courtesy of Apple

Step 1

To record incoming or outgoing calls, first press the Record button on the Recording Screen, the App dials the Call Recorder record number.

Step 1

After downloading the app, go to Settings and click the Calls tab. Turn on the recording function by checking the box next to Call options.

How to record calls with TapeACall

If the downsides of Google Voice are transaction breakers for you, you have a few other options. The best call recorder app is probably TapeACall, which comes in Lite and Pro versions. The Lite version is pretty much useless (you can only listen to the first 60 seconds of the recorded call), so the Pro version is worth grabbing.

For 9.99 a year, you get unlimited recording options with TapeACall Pro, which is pretty nice, but the hoops you have to jump over to get it up and running can be annoying. It relies on a three-way call that your carrier must support. some smaller carriers do not. During any call, you open the application and record the recording. The app then puts the call on hold and dials its recording line. After that, you click “Merge Calls” to create a 3-way call between you, the person you are chatting with, and the TapeACall recording line.

However, it is a little easier if you are dialing an outgoing call. First, you can open the app and record the recording. The app picks up the recording line and starts recording as soon as it responds. From there, you simply click Add Call and call the person you want to record. Then just click “Merge Calls” when the person answers; no need to postpone them.

The app works, but it’s not perfect, especially if you’re on a mowing line with someone important; holding them can be a little unprofessional.

Plus, most of these third party apps cost at least something. Some apps only charge a one-time fee, while others charge you per minute. And, of course, there is the privacy issue. These apps record your phone calls, which undoubtedly raises some eyebrows even if the company promises it won’t listen to them.

If you want to get rid of your billing and privacy concerns, you can use your voicemail to record the call. This is essentially the same workaround as TapeACall, so it’s still pretty annoying. It may also not work depending on what carrier you have (it sometimes asks for your voicemail password and just scans your voicemail messages.) rather than recording voicemail).

All you have to do is press “Add Call” during a phone call and then dial your number. It will automatically go to voicemail. From there click on “Merge Calls” and you’re good to go. After you hang up the phone, the recorded call will appear in the Voicemail section of your iPhone phone app.

Is the right to register?

Before you start recording phone calls, it’s important to know what. phone calls without consent may be illegal depending on where you live. In the USA, different states have different laws regarding this.

Some states require both parties to agree to record a phone call, while other states only require one person to agree (and that person could be you). In this case, as long as you are fine with the recording of the phone call, the other person does not need to know about all of this; it is completely legal if the law allows it.

For more information, you can check out the draft digital media law which contains a ton of information on the legality of recording phone calls and conversations.

How to record phone calls with Google Voice

If you’re looking for a free method to use, try Google Voice. It’s easy to use, but has one important caveat: it can only record incoming calls, not calls you make.

If you are not a Google Voice user, you can set up a Google Voice account for free and provide your own phone number, different from your main number. You can also transfer your old phone number that you own Google Voice. This in itself makes the service useful.

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Also, you absolutely don’t need the Google Voice app downloaded to your iPhone, but it makes things a little easier when you go to record phone calls using the service.

Before getting started, you need to enable the recording function in Google Voice. To do this, go to on your computer and click the Advanced button on the left side of the screen. In the application, click on the menu button at the top in the upper left corner.

Scroll down until you see Incoming Call Options. Turn the switch to the right to turn it on. You are all ready to record!

When you receive a call, answer it and then press “4” on the keypad. The announcement to the other person you are recording will be made. (No, you cannot secretly record a call.)

After you hang up, the recording will end and it will be saved to your Google Voice account, where you can play it anytime.

How to record a phone call on iPhone

Therefore, you decided to record the phone call. You may be performing a delicate bite operation. or maybe you just want to make sure you are getting the best customer service. Whatever your reasons, things are a little complicated on the iPhone.

Problem with Recording Calls on iPhone

Unlike Android, where recording phone calls is pretty straightforward, iOS has many limitations. In this particular case, third-party applications cannot access the Phone app and the microphone at the same time, which makes recording phone calls much more difficult, especially when there is no easy way to do it initially.

There are iPhone apps that can record phone calls, but they use workarounds that can be cumbersome. We’ll take a look at Google Voice and an app called TapeACall, both of which have their own pros and cons.

Easiest, most versatile method: just use a loudspeaker and recorder

After all, the best and easiest way to record calls on an iPhone is doing it the old-fashioned way: a loudspeaker and some sort of recorder.

During a call, just turn on the speakerphone and then start recording from an external device, even if it’s your computer using a webcam. you don’t need a part of the video, but it will record the sound of the entire phone call from both sides. You can even use the Voice Memos app on iPad if you have one.

In addition, the recording is stored locally on your own device, so it is unsuitable for privacy. And best of all, it’s free and inactive, with no workarounds or loopholes.

Top 5 Best iPhone Call Recorder Apps for Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Your Apple iPhone does not have this phone call recording feature. Thus, you need to use iPhone call recorder to record incoming and outgoing calls. However, in some regions, it may be illegal to record phone calls on iPhone. Thus, you are better off asking for consent from related parties. Now you can easily record any calls on your iPhone.

Top 4: call recording by NoNotes

  • Record phone calls on iPhone and save files to the cloud.
  • Free iPhone call recorder app offers 20 minutes per month to record calls.
  • Play iPhone call recordings by scanning QR code.
  • Difficult to stop recording a call and then go back to forwarding in small time increments.
  • Can’t add description to iPhone call recording file.

Top 3: Call Recorder Pro for iPhone

  • Start recording a phone call that is already in progress.
  • Phone recording price starts from 30 minutes for 1.
  • Upload and share your iPhone call via SMS, Dropbox, Email, etc.
  • Phone function required with 3.
  • Doesn’t work with H2O Wireless and Virgin Mobile.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone Using Google Voice

Step 1 Set up your Google Voice account by visiting

Step 2 Open the Google Voice home page.

Step 3 Select Settings from the three-dot menu.

Step 4 include Incoming call in the Calls section.

Step 5 Press 4 to start or stop recording a phone call on your iPhone.

  • Your iPhone call audio recording file will be automatically saved in your inbox.
  • You need to install the Google Voice app to listen to call recordings on iPhone.
  • Recording outgoing calls on iPhone using Google Voice is not supported.

Top 1: IntCall

  • Make and record calls domestically and abroad at different rates.
  • Record the entire phone call and save it to your iPhone.
  • Transfer iPhone Call Recorder to Your Computer with iTunes File Sharing Feature.
  • Your carrier must be GSM with hold and conferencing support.
  • IntCall iPhone Call Recorder App Cannot Work Without Wi-Fi Connections.

Recording headset

Eavesdropping on other people’s conversations with the help of a “bug” is illegal, but recording your own is very much even. For this case, there are headsets with an audio recording function that connect directly to the audio input of a smartphone or via Bluetooth, like mobile speakers. For example, like this:

Esonic RecorderGear PR200. headset for recording calls

However, given that starting with the iPhone 7 Apple got rid of 3.5 mm audio jacks, this method is suitable mainly for older devices. For new ones, there are Bluetooth headsets or, as an option, adapters for the Lightning connector.

Mac recording

Another way to record a conversation on iPhone is to pair your iPhone and Mac over Wi-Fi and then record the conversation using a PC app. To do this, you need the following:

  • iPhone for receiving and making calls;
  • Mac laptop for recording conversations;
  • Wi-Fi network through a router;
  • Allowing calls from other devices on iPhone (Phone Settings on other devices);
  • The included FaceTime app on iPhone and Mac with the Call from iPhone checkbox checked;
  • Call Recorder for FaceTime app for Mac.

Call Recorder for FaceTime in action

Install CallRecorder, turn on auto-recording in the settings, receive a call via Mac, or dial the subscriber ourselves from the computer. The call will be automatically saved to an audio file. Then you can listen to it through the Ecamm application, which will be installed along with CallRecorder.

Purchase an application

  • Transcribe by NoNotes. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and then translate them into text (transcribe). 20 minutes of recording per month. free, subscription costs 579 rubles.
  • TapeACall. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by pressing one button. You can record in the background. The application costs 849 rubles, but you can record unlimited.
  • IntCall. The application also writes any calls, and in addition, it allows you to hide your number during a call. Subscription costs 379 rubles per month.
  • Call Recorder Unlimited. Something in between the first and third. Very similar to TapeACall, but can also transcribe audio. The cheapest subscription, only 115 rubles.

Transcribe. Record phone calls on iPhone

You Can’t Get Out: How to Record a Conversation on iPhone

You have an iPhone and want to record an incoming or outgoing call? We’ll tell you if it’s legal, and also show you five ways to record conversations on iPhone.

Do you want to catch your interlocutor at his word? Five ways to record a phone conversation on iPhone are in our article today. Use wisely.

Let’s immediately reassure those who are thinking. is it legal?

Recording private telephone conversations is not a crime. After all, the interlocutor already knows what you talked about with him. Only secret listening to other people’s conversations is illegal, in particular. with the help of “bugs”.

If necessary, you can safely submit the recording of the conversation to the court as evidence. The only thing is that the entry should not violate other people’s secrets prescribed in the Constitution, for example, commercial or family secrets.

Caution is also needed when publishing a recording of a telephone conversation in the public domain. It is better to agree in advance with the interlocutor that the recording will be broadcast publicly. for example, if it is a telephone interview.

Otherwise, everything is in order. How to record a conversation on iPhone, read below.

The universal way to solve any problems with iPhones works here as well. If a jailbreak is made on your iPhone (access to the file system is open), then you can install several “tweaks” that allow you to record conversations.

In particular, these are the Audio Recorder 2, CallRecorder and Super Recorder extensions. On iOS, they are installed via the unofficial Cydia software installer. It’s free.

Audio Recorder 2 for iPhone

All of these extensions work on the same principle: a button is added to the built-in Phone application to enable recording. By pressing the button, you can start and end the call recording.

You can also turn on Auto Record so that all conversations are automatically saved to audio files. You can listen to them later through the same extension.

Banal and free way

Answer or make a call on iPhone and turn on speakerphone. Then take the smartphone away from your friend and turn on the recorder on it. The conversation will be recorded without any effort and tricks.