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How to put a photo on a contact Samsung a10

How to set a ringtone to a Samsung Galaxy A30 contact. step by step instructions

Personalizing the ringtone on Samsung Galaxy A 30 phones is a very handy and practical feature. It is especially useful for those users who receive many calls every day, allowing you to quickly find out exactly who is calling them.

Now we know exactly when to pick up the phone right away and when not to rush anywhere. Especially when you have a lot of things to do. How can we put the desired melody on a specific contact on the Samsung Galaxy A30, and what do we need for this? Let’s talk about this in our material.

Setting a subscriber ringtone for Samsung based on Android 7

If you have a Samsung phone based on Android 7.X OS, then you can add a melody to a separate number as follows:

  • Turn on your gadget;
  • On the main screen, tap on “Contacts”;
  • Click on the desired contact, then click on “Details”;
  • Select “Change”;
  • Tap on “View more”;
  • Select “Ringtone”;
  • Tap on the desired ringtone to assign it to a contact on Samsung, and then tap on “Ok”;
  • Clicking on the button in the form of an arrow in the upper left corner will automatically save all the changes made.

Dialer settings

This method is also quite simple, however it is not as obvious as the previous one.

  • Open the standard phone application for making calls and go to the dialer.
  • The next step is different for some devices. Owners of devices in which the left key brings up a list of running applications should use the button with three dots in the upper right corner. If the device has a dedicated “Menu” key, then press it. In any case, such a window will appear. In it, select “Settings”.
  • In this submenu we need the item “Calls”. Go to it. Scroll down the list and find the Ringtones and Key Tones option.

Selecting this option will open the next list, in which you need to tap on “Call melody”. A pop-up window for selecting a ringtone will open, the actions in which are similar to steps 4-8 of the first method.

Note also that this method is unlikely to work on third-party dialers, so keep in mind this nuance.

Setting your own ringtone on Samsung

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What you need to know about setting a ringtone to a contact on Samsung

As you know, the algorithm for setting a ringtone for a separate contact in Samsung directly depends on both the model of a particular phone and the version of Android OS. However, when adding a new number to our phone book, it is recommended that you save it not to the SIM card, but to your phone, Google Account or Samsung Account.

In this case, you will definitely get the opportunity to add the music of your choice to the contact. And you will not unsuccessfully look for the option to add it in the settings of the desired contact (especially in the case of early models of Samsung gadgets).

In addition, if you want to add your own ringtone (and not use the system one), then make sure that the file you add has the appropriate format (usually mp3, m4a, etc.). The path to such a file will need to be manually specified in the settings of your phone. Or place this file in the “Notifications” folder of the phone memory. Where are the desired ringtones stored on some Samsung phone models?

Let’s take a look at all the ways for a Samsung phone that will help you put a unique ringtone on an individual subscriber.

Setting your ringtone in Samsung

There are two ways to set your own ringtone on your Samsung phone. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Setting a melody to a separate contact

The procedure is slightly different if you need to put a ringtone on a separate contact. First, the entry must be in the phone’s memory and not on the SIM card. Secondly, some budget Samsung smartphones do not support this feature out of the box, so you will need to install a separate application. The last option, by the way, is universal, so let’s start with it.

How to put a ringtone on a contact on Samsung

Personalizing the ringtone on Samsung phones is a very handy and practical feature. It is especially useful for those users who receive many calls every day, allowing you to quickly find out exactly who is calling them. Now we know exactly when to pick up the phone right away and when not to rush anywhere. Especially when you have a lot of things to do. How can we put the desired melody on a specific contact on a Samsung phone, and what do we need for this? Let’s talk about this in our material.

Photo access and transfer

Constantly emailing yourself photos to download to your computer is often a hassle. and unnecessary.Your phone simplifies this process, giving you access to 2000 fresh photos from your smartphone directly from your PC.

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Select Photos to view a complete list of recently taken photos, then drag any photos you want to your computer. You can quickly transfer photos to our computer without being distracted from your business.

Where to begin?

If you decide to put a photo or picture on a person, take into account the peculiarities of the Android OS. The solution to the problem is realistic if the contacts are saved on the Samsung device, and not on its SIM-card. If you don’t perform a preliminary transfer, you won’t be able to put the picture. That is why the information from the phone book needs to be transferred from the SIM to the smartphone.

To solve the problem, take the following steps:

  • Enter Contacts on Samsung.
  • Go to the settings, and there in the Export / Import section.
  • Select a SIM card from the list (it may have the name of an operator) and click Next.
  • Specify Phone number as the new location where the data will be located.
  • Mark in the list of subscribers the information that you want to transfer.
  • Confirm the operation by clicking OK.

After completing the work, you can set a photo to a contact in your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can choose any of the options below.

Application of additional software

One of the drawbacks of standard methods is that when a person calls, the photo is displayed only on a part of the Samsung display. You may need to install an application to make the picture appear full screen. You can find many of these programs on the Play Store. Below are a few utilities to put a photo into Samsung.

  • Phone This is a simple and convenient application that allows you to personalize your incoming and outgoing calls. Developers are constantly adding new themes to replace uninteresting calls with brighter images. In addition to personalization, the program provides the function of synchronizing and backing up contacts to Samsung. Additional software functions. fast dialing, setting a standard picture or photo instead of a subscriber. Alternatively, you can even put a video greeting or flash on a call.
  • Full Screen Caller ID is a program that allows you to put a photo of the caller on the entire Samsung screen. The popularity of the utility is confirmed by more than 5 million downloads and 50,000 paid installations. Features of the software. using a video or photo from a smartphone to attach to a contact, customizing the design, supporting different themes, changing the button assignment, notification of missed calls and much more.
  • Photo Caller Screen is another program that allows you to attach a photo of the caller to the Samsung screen. This is one of the best utilities with more than a dozen interesting themes, easy installation, stable operation and other useful functions.

There are a number of other programs that allow you to put a photo on a contact in Samsung. The decision is made individually. The best way to make a choice is to download and try it out. As a last resort, the utility can always be removed.

Install Windows Link on Galaxy Smartphone

It’s time to set up Microsoft Your Phone on your Galaxy device. Since it is natively integrated as Link to Windows, this part is very simple.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Access Toolbar. Click “Associate with Windows”. You can also access this feature by opening Settings, clicking Connections or Advanced Features and navigating to where it says “Link to Windows.” “For other Samsung smartphones that do not support Link to Windows, you can download and install the Your Phone Companion app from Google Play.
  • You will see a welcome screen that says “Sign in to connect.” Click Sign In With Microsoft.
  • If you are signed in, you should see a screen that says “You are signed in” with your Microsoft account listed below. Click Continue. Again, make sure you are using the same Microsoft account on your PC and phone.
  • After accepting the application permissions, you will see a screen that says “Set up the Your Phone app on your computer.” Click “My computer is ready” as you have already installed your phone on your computer.
  • A link to Windows settings will open on your smartphone, indicating that you are connected to your computer.
  • If your phone is not open on your computer, open it now.

Done! Once you open the Your Phone app on your PC, you can access your latest photos, screenshots, text conversations and notifications for incoming emails, texts and calls.

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How to put a photo on a contact in Samsung phones: all the ways

In practice, there are three options for how to set a photo to a contact in a Samsung phone. through a gallery, contacts, or using special software. But before doing the work, you need to take a number of preliminary steps.

Solved: Adding Photos to My Contacts

None of the information provided is truly helpful and avoids the real issue here. Uploading photos to contacts on Samsung S8 is really easy. The first thing to understand is that the contact list comes in 2 forms; one lists the SIM and the other. on the phone. You can only upload photos to contacts in your phone list, which are then automatically, but not immediately, transferred to your SIM card list. To upload photos to contacts, do the following:.

1) Go to the application list on the home screen and select “Contacts”.

2) The third line at the bottom will tell you if you are viewing the list “SIM card” or “Phone”; you need a list of phones, NOT a list of SIM cards. If you are on the phone list, ignore 3)

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3) Select the phone list by touching the 3 horizontal bars on the left, the second line down, you will see the selected SIM card is highlighted in orange; tap the line that says “phone” above it. This will take you back to your contacts list and you will see that the third line says “phone” because you are now on the “phone” list.

4) Select a name from your contact list to which you want to attach a photo.

5) Above the name you will see a circle with the camera logo; click on it.

How to Set contact photo for Samsung A10 A30 A50 A51 A70

6) You will see 3 options; list of cartoon emoticons on the first line and the choice of “camera” or “gallery” on the second line.

7) You can choose “camera” where it will take an instant photo and attach it, or “gallery” where you can choose a photo from there.

Select the photo you want to attach, then tap Done and then Save. Close the app and reopen it and you will find it there!


9) Select the contact you want to change.

10) Tap “edit” in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

11) Make sure you are in the phone list and NOT in the SIM list. If you are in the list of SIM cards, you will see a choice of 3 options at the top of the screen; “phone”, SIM card “Google”; tap “phone”.

12) Tap the photo you want to change.

13) Select a photo as described in point 7) in the previous list.

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How to Set Photo to Contact on Samsung Phone: 3 Working Ways

On Samsung devices, as on any other gadgets with the Android operating system, you can put a photo on a contact. This is a convenient option that personalizes your phone number and allows you to quickly figure out which person would like to contact you. As part of the article, we will consider all the methods. how to put a photo on a contact on Samsung.


Putting a photo on a Samsung contact is realizable through the native “Contacts” application:

How to Add Photo to Contact on Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50 & A70

  • Select from the list the person whose number you will attach the photo to. Click (on Samsung A5, or any other model) the “Change” button.
  • Pay attention to the camera icon placed in the center. You need to press it to add a picture under the number.
  • You can take a photo here and now using the camera, or add it from the ones available on the device. After adding, you can use the editor and “play around” a little with cropping a photo using a frame. In this way, you can manually fit a disproportionate picture into the window, throwing out all unnecessary.
  • Click “Save”. Done. Now every call to your number of this subscriber will be accompanied by the picture you have chosen.

third-party software

Since the call on devices Samsung Galaxy J7 and others is not a priority action, the involved photo is displayed on a part of the screen, and not on the whole. To fix this, it is recommended to expose the photo through additional applications installed on the device. Among the many similar ones are:

  • Phone is a convenient, simple, constantly evolving application with many themes for replacing template calls. Allows you to replace the standard call picture with one of the template, a person’s photo, a picture, a short video and add a flash when you call.
  • PhotoCallerScreen is a stable and simple utility with many themes to install on calls. Implements the necessary option to install a photo to a subscriber number in one or two.
  • FullScreenCallerID. the utility displays a photo for an incoming call on the full screen. Quite a popular application that allows you to use not only pictures, but also video for contacts.

Basic Requirements

You can put a photo on a contact in a Samsung Galaxy phone if it is saved in the device memory, but not on the SIM card. If your subscriber’s number is on a SIM card, you should transfer it to the device’s memory. Otherwise, the option specified in the article will not work in any of the ways. To transfer recorded data:

  • Launch the “Contacts” application and go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Import / Export Contacts”.
  • Then choose from which place it is carried out: SIM card.
  • Specify the phone as the new location for the contacts that were on the SIM card.
  • Then choose the records about people that should be transferred to the device.
  • After selection, click “OK”. The data will be transferred to the specified location.


If you were leafing through your own gallery and saw a photo of a person that you would like to put on his contact, you can do this without leaving the system program:

  • Decide on a photo in the Gallery. Click on the “Menu” button, which is located in the upper right, and click “Set as contact photo”.
  • Select the required subscriber from the list of your book.

On Samsung Galaxy j5 and other models, this is an intuitive way, and it is more often used by users to use a photo on an incoming and outgoing call.

Problems with the implementation of the photo

If there is no option to add photos to contacts, check if they are tied to a SIM card. If so, first transfer them to the smartphone’s memory, and then link the photo to the subscriber’s number.

Features of storing information about contacts in Samsung smartphones

The current functionality of Sumsung phones allows us to choose four data carriers about a contact:

Storage locations: Features:
SIM Card (1 and 2) Contact details are saved on 1 or 2 SIM cards of your phone. Since the memory capacity of the SIM card is small (often it is only 128 kb), the SIM card usually stores only the last name and first name of the contact (in Latin letters) and his phone number. Other contact details, including photos, are not saved here.
Phone (phone memory) In this case, we get more opportunities for saving contact data. We can easily save the contact’s full name in Cyrillic, several phone numbers, address, place of work, place of residence, photo and other information
Google (Google Account) In this case, the contact details are linked to the phone user’s Google account. Accordingly, the contact data is stored on Google’s servers. If necessary, such data can be easily transferred to a new phone.
Samsung account Linked to the user’s Samsung account. It is rarely used, but the possibilities are wide.
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If you have previously saved your contacts to a SIM card (or this saving method was set on your phone by default), then you will not be able to set a photo to your contact on Sumsung. In this case, you need to transfer the numbers of your contacts to the phone. To transfer phone numbers from the SIM-card memory to the phone, you usually need to launch the “Contacts” application, select the “Import / Export” option in the settings menu.

Then select a SIM-card from the list of sources and click on “Next”. We indicate the phone as a new place for storing contacts. It remains to mark the list of subscribers for transferring their numbers to the phone, and confirm the transfer operation with tap to “Ok”.

In addition to the phone, you can select a Google account as the storage location for your account data (relevant for newer Samsung models). In this case, when adding a contact, enter the number, click “Add to contacts”. “Create contact”. Google. Next, it remains to enter the contact information, and tap on the round field to link the picture to the subscriber.

Let’s look at the standard ways to put a photo on a contact in a Sumsung smartphone.

Use the functionality of the “Contacts” application to put a photo on the subscriber

Samsung phones have a standard mechanism for adding a photo to contacts.

To implement it, you need to do the following:

  • Open the “Contacts” application and tap on the desired phone book number;
  • Click on the pencil icon or the “Edit” button;
  • The contact details will open. We tap on the image of the little man;
  • Choose where we want to get the image for this contact. by taking a photo or uploading a picture from the gallery;
  • After selecting the desired source and attaching the picture to the subscriber (you will need to indicate the optimal size of the future picture for display), click on “Save”.

How to set a photo to a contact in a Samsung phone

It would seem that it could be easier. to set a photo to a contact in the phone. This is a trivial operation known to almost every owner of a modern smartphone, no matter what manufacturer it is. But when we get our hands on Sumsung phones (especially the latest models), we may encounter certain difficulties when adding a photo to the desired contact. What to do? Below we will analyze how to put a photo on any contact in Samsung phones. And also what we need for this.

The “Gallery” application in Sumsung smartphones will allow you to set a picture on a contact

Using pictures from the well-known Gallery application. convenient and simple ability to put an image on the right person in the phone book in Samsung.

  • Go to the Gallery application;
  • Open the desired image for selection;
  • On the top right, tap on the menu button, and select the “Set as contact photo” option;

Move contacts

On Samsung mobile devices, you can set photos of only those contacts that are stored in the phone. If the desired phonebook entries are stored on the SIM card, you will have to move them first.

    Launch the “Contacts” application, open the “Menu” by clicking the icon in the form of three stripes on the left, and click “Manage contacts”.

Tap “Import / Export Contacts” and select “Import”.

We indicate the place where the contacts will be transferred. We tap “Phone” and then “Import”.

You can check that the import is complete in the notification area of ​​your smartphone.

Setting a contact photo

When all the necessary records have been transferred to the phone, we proceed to add a photo.

    The phone book must be configured to show the contacts stored on the device. To do this, in the “Menu” press the “Phone” tab. The corresponding designation should appear above the list of names.

Now select the desired entry and tap the icon with the image of the camera on the screen with information about it.

In the panel below, you can change the category of stickers.

To load additional pictures, tap the “Add” icon and select from the list of popular.

Or click on the “Galaxy Store” link and search among paid and free pictures.

When the sticker is selected, click “Save”. Now it will be displayed during an incoming call from this subscriber.

To upload a photo or picture from the memory of your Samsung device, tap “Gallery” and find the desired file.

Using a special frame, select an area on the image that will be displayed during an incoming call, and click “Finish”.

You can install a photo right after its creation. In the “Menu” of the contact, press “Camera”, take a picture, and if it is successful, tap “OK”.

To remove or install a new photo, click “Change”, and then tap on the area with the image.

We set the picture in one of the described ways.

To delete an image, tap the minus sign and confirm the action.

Set photo to full screen

As you can see, the caller’s photo occupies only a small area, but there are ways to stretch it to full screen. To do this, you will have to install special software on your smartphone, which we talked about in a separate article on our website.