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How to Put a Colon on a Laptop

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Take a look at your PC or laptop keyboard, namely the numbers at the top of the keyboard. Next to the number 6, you can see a colon.

However, a simple press on the indicated key will cause you to see the number 6. What should be done? Press the Shift key and, while holding it, click on the number 6, then Release Shift.

If everything is done correctly, you will see a colon.

colon, laptop

IMPORTANT! This method works only if the Russian-language layout is used. Don’t forget to switch to it. This can be done by pressing ShiftCtrl.

Alternatively, you can use the icon on the taskbar.

Third way

You will need a symbol table.

Press WinR on your keyboard.

In the “Run” window that appeared before you, add the command charmap.Exe and click OK.

And here it is. the Windows character table.

Find the colon symbol and click on it. After that, alternately click on the “Select” and “Copy” buttons.

Insert the symbol at the desired time.

Second way

Relevant for the English-language layout. The colon is usually located next to the letter L.

As in the previous case, to put a colon, you need to hold down Shift and click on the specified colon character.

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Blog of the young admin. How to put a colon on a computer or laptop keyboard?

What is a colon? This is a punctuation mark, which consists of two dots located one above the other. Used quite often in writing. How to put it using a PC or laptop keyboard? There are several ways. simpler and more complicated. Let’s start with the simplest and most convenient.

Fourth way

Alt code can be used.

Enable the numeric keypad on the right side of the main keyboard with the Num Lock key.

Then hold down Alt and, while holding the key, type 58 on the numeric keypad on the right, then remove your finger from the Alt key.

If Right Alt didn’t work, Use Left.

Installing the software

Installing a Bluetooth module on a laptop adapter, external or internal, is quite easy. Connect it to the corresponding interface, then the system will automatically select the driver. But, the necessary software is not always in the Windows database. Therefore, it is recommended to do it manually, using the disc, which should be included in the device. If there is also a disk, then the drivers can be downloaded from the Internet. But, for this you need to indicate the full name of your Bluetooth model.

If your laptop is equipped with such equipment initially, but the connection does not work, then you just need to install the drivers. In this case, you can find the programs you need on the official website of the Laptop manufacturer. On the site in the search bar, you will need to specify the exact model of your PC and press “Enter”. After that, select the desired option (there may be more than one) and specify the type of operating system. This completes the installation of Bluetooth on the laptop. It remains only to check the serviceability of the equipment.

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How to install Bluetooth on a laptop. How to install a Bluetooth module on a laptop

The question of how to install Bluetooth on a laptop has been troubling users for a long time. The fact is that almost everyone has already been able to appreciate the advantages of this technology. But unfortunately, NOT every laptop model is equipped with such a module. This is done in order to save energy, as well as to reduce the cost of a computer.

Also, a common question is, is it possible to install a Bluetooth module on a laptop? If you are the owner of a laptop model that does not have built-in Bluetooth, then do not rush to get upset. You can install and use it at any time in the same way as the built-in one. And it’s very simple to do it.

Selecting and installing an adapter

Before moving on to the question of how to install Bluetooth on a laptop, you should select a module. There are two types of Bluetooth adapters:

  • Interior.
  • External.

Sometimes the built-in type in laptops cannot be replaced by yourself, as they can be soldered. If it burns out, then you are left with two options:

  • Contact the service center for replacement.
  • Buy and use USB-Bluetooth.

After you have decided on the type of device, you can proceed to the question of how to install a driver for a Bluetooth adapter on a laptop.

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Checking equipment status

To do this, you will need to launch Device Manager. This can be done in several ways, but we choose the simplest and fastest way. Press the key combination Start R. In the menu that appears, write devmgmt.Msc and press “Enter”. After that, the service we need will open.

Now look for the term “Bluetooth” and open it. If there is none, then perhaps your adapter is hiding in the “Network adapters” section. Find your Bluetooth and open its information by double-clicking the left mouse button. In the window that opens, find the inscription “Device status”. If everything is done correctly, then a little below it will be written “Works fine”.

If there are problems, then the error and its code will be indicated here, by which you can easily find how to fix the problem. This information will allow you to easily and quickly find and eliminate the cause of the problem.

How to easily set up Bluetooth on a laptop

So now you know how to install a Bluetooth adapter on a laptop. As you can see, this is quite simple to do. Absolutely everyone can handle this.

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