How to properly set up the camera on Samsung

How to set up camera on Samsung Galaxy

Hey! Today I will show you how to set up the camera on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily and quickly change the camera settings on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Any model A, S, J, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, X. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

On the home screen, find the Camera icon and tap on it.

Next, your camera will turn on. At the bottom left, click on the Settings icon. You can also include here:

  • Full screen mode;
  • Automatic flash;
  • Choose an effect;
  • Expand the camera;
  • Strength and Vignette.
  • Image size. Resolution and Megapixels;
  • Video size. FHD;
  • Turn on the timer. For example, 2, 5 or 10 seconds before shooting;
  • Front camera photo size;
  • Front camera video size;
  • Timer front.,
  • Vertical display. Save all images as shown in the preview area, not upside-down;
  • Shooting method. Take selfies when you touch the screen., Automatically take photos when you show your palm to the camera.
  • Change camera mode. Rear camera: HDR, Night, Panorama, Pro, Beauty, Auto, Stickers, Burst. Front Camera: Selfie Focus, Selfie, Stickers, Wide Selfie;
  • Grid;
  • Geotags. Saving location data in snapshots and videos;
  • Review of images. Viewing photos immediately after shooting;
  • Quick start. To open the camera, quickly press the Home key twice;
  • Floating camera button on the screen;
  • Press the volume key to take a photo;
  • Reset camera settings.

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Live focus

The system, when using portrait mode, highlights the person, blurring the rest of the area. You can also use the bokeh option for the background of the photo. Filter type and intensity can be edited.

To view all the additional features, you need to go to the “Live Focus” section and view all changes to the photo using filters.

The image can always be changed in the “Gallery” section.

Tracking AF

The function allows you to highlight the subject on the camera while shooting. To do this, you need to click on the screen in the desired area. The camera will automatically focus on the subject regardless of its movements or movements of neighboring objects. This option is used on expensive DSLR cameras, however, it is also supported by Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 How To Set Up & Improve Your Camera & Video Quality. YouTube Tech Guy

Mode Button

Added a settings section to the camera section where the Mode button is located. The function allows you to switch to the professional shooting mode “PRO”.

What parameters can be edited in PRO mode:

  • Brightness;
  • ISO;
  • White balance;
  • Focus length;
  • Effects and other values ​​needed to improve picture quality.

The “AUTO” function is often available, which automatically adjusts values ​​for specific shooting conditions.

Shooting tips

The system automatically prompts the user which parameters are best to change and which functions to activate in order to get the highest quality image.

Video stabilization

When shooting video, stabilization is required to get rid of the effect of shaky hands, wind and other sudden movements that occur during the process of creating a material. Stabilization activation allows the user to get smooth footage without blur or loss of quality. It is worth noting that the options “Video stabilization” and “Tracking autofocus” often cannot be enabled at the same time.

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How to set up a Samsung camera with HDR

The HDR option edits the difference between highlights and shadows. When using the function, the user receives an image with the maximum parameters of realism. The system automatically takes 3 pictures with different exposures, after which it generates images into one photo. The picture quality is significantly increased.

Basic camera functions on a Samsung smartphone

In the electronics market, there are many models of smartphones from the Samsung brand, each of which is distinguished by the quality of creating images. However, all phones have a list of basic settings to configure. This allows users to create quality images. Here’s how to set up the camera on your Samsung phone.

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How to turn on the flash?

To turn on the flash for good photos in unlit rooms or at night, you should enter the application and click on the lightning bolt icon located in the upper left corner. After that, it remains to choose the appropriate flash mode:

  • automatic. used in all shaded rooms when artificial intelligence decides that there is not enough natural light;
  • included. for use in all photographs;
  • off. blocks the use of the flash;
  • always on. the purpose is obvious.

If you don’t like the selected mode, you can instantly change it.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

Main camera setup

After restoring the basic operating conditions of the device, you can proceed to the selection of new parameters of the main camera. Those who wish are capable of:

  • set the main lens settings, including resolution, brightness, contrast;
  • specify the order of using zoom;
  • select special modes that change the appearance of the photo and establish a certain type of settings according to a template previously created by the developers;
  • creating “live” pictures in gif format.

That is, photographers are offered a standard set of tools to change the appearance of photos.

Google Pixel 2 Camera (APK)

Unlike the standard application installed on the phone by default, the mentioned service helps photographers change the appearance of the photo faster and allows them to quickly adapt to changing environmental conditions. In addition, the program contains an extended set of functions and additions that are not in the basic, factory application. An important advantage of the service is a person’s quick access to change the brightness and contrast of the frame. However, in the latter case, the image quality depends solely on the sense of taste of the shooter.

How to properly set up the camera on Honor and Huawei phones

The easiest way to set up your smartphone and take high-quality photos is to use the functionality of the device. Usually, users just need to open the phone menu and change the current camera parameters, adjusting it to their own needs.

It is important to consider that there are no optimal, ideal settings, since different parameters are suitable for different environmental conditions. Therefore, people who want to always take perfect pictures are advised to familiarize themselves with all options for the operation of the device.

How to set up the front camera?

Preparing the front camera is much easier as users have to choose from two modes here:

  • standard, assuming the use of basic conditions and automatic correction of the recording depending on the environment;
  • a portrait created for taking pictures of people and selfies.

The second option involves the use of a large number of filters that can change the appearance of the photo and add those features that the photographer wants to see. That is, it is recommended to use portrait for Instagram and other social networks.

Google camera

The Google Camera program is not inferior to the specified service. But it has a significant drawback. a complex installation that requires attention and time. Therefore, for people who want to take good pictures and get the most out of their Huawei. it is worth stocking up on time to understand all the features of the operation and use of the utility. If there is no time, it is wiser to postpone the download of the program and limit yourself to the basic modes of operation of the lens. There are usually enough of them to get high-quality images without unnecessary difficulties.

Manual settings

How to properly configure the camera on your phone? Of course, it all depends on the individual needs. But most users recommend using manual settings.

Depending on the version of the operating system, certain shooting modes and options will be available to you. Among the modes you can find “Manual”.

A line appears at the bottom of the screen in which a number of parameters can be adjusted. For example, you can adjust the ISO here. This parameter is responsible for light sensitivity. He has several indicators, as well as an automatic mode of operation. The parameter is best adjusted in case of poor lighting; in another situation, its automatic adjustment is suitable.

You can also choose the shutter speed. This parameter holds the open aperture for a specified amount of time. The longer this takes place, the more light will hit the matrix. You need to watch out for overexposure. Shutter speeds are usually practiced during night or evening photography.

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Exposure display by plus and minus icon. This parameter helps to adjust the lightness or darkness of the frame. White balance allows you to adjust the cool or warm tone of the picture. Here you can adjust the saturation, contrast of the picture.

Some people think HDR is best when it comes to how to set up a camera well on a phone. This function on the one hand can really take a beautiful picture, and on the other. not always applicable. HDR creates several frames with different exposures, and then combines everything into one photo, which is devoid of darkened or overexposed areas. Best suited for landscape photography.

How to set up a camera on your phone: operating instructions, tips and tricks

Flagships and budget smartphones have long replaced tablets and cameras for people. Mobile phones perform a huge number of tasks and cope with all the daily problems.

Going on vacation, many do not even take a laptop or camera with them, because all this fits into a no longer compact, but still small phone. But some people still try to avoid taking pictures with their phones, as they think the quality of the pictures is poor. In fact, you need to figure out how to set up a camera on your phone.

Preparing for the photo

But first, it is worthwhile to understand that not only the camera setting plays a huge role, but also the preparation for the photo. It is important to do a little preparation.

It’s best to wipe the objective lens first. This part of the camera can often suffer from fogging or dirt. Therefore, it is better to immediately wipe the module with a special cloth so that there is no blur in the picture.

Next, you need to figure out the right angle. Not everyone understands that composition and other “tricks” of photographers often affect the quality of the picture. Remember not to shoot against the sun. It is better to remove all unnecessary objects that could ruin the frame.

Market situation

The phone camera used to be considered pretty mediocre, so users rarely used it. Only in extreme cases, in order to capture some moments of your life. But the pictures went out of hand badly.

With the development of the photography industry and new capabilities of smartphones, it turned out that flagships can more than replace DSLR cameras and ordinary “soap dishes”. But with budget smartphones, the situation is somewhat different.

Most Chinese models have powerful camera modules, but not all can produce high-quality images. But it’s not about the manufacturer’s modifications. Rather, the problem lies in the fact that many do not understand how to set up the camera on the phone. If “trousers interfere with a bad dancer”, then an inexperienced photographer cannot cope with a professional camera.

When buying a brand new smartphone, most users pay attention to the appearance of the device and the “speaking” parameters. What is meant? Stores, creating advertisements for some phone models, often create a certain image of the device.

For example, a smartphone can become a camera phone despite its mediocre camera performance. The advertisement also praises the presence of 3 GB of RAM in the device, while this parameter is considered not an advantage, but a necessity.

As a result, a budget phone can be so praised that after the purchase, the user will be disappointed, not getting the proper result from the pictures or the performance of the model.

Despite the fashion of Instagram everywhere and everywhere to take selfies, most of the beautiful accounts of this resource are conducted using professional cameras. This proves once again that the front camera can only be used in the case of group photos and some spontaneous moments.

Otherwise, it is better to take pictures with the main module. To do this, of course, you will have to ask for help from others or get a tripod.

Using digital zoom is not recommended. It is rarely used in professional photography, although the quality of the equipment there allows it to be done. But the smartphone does a very poor job of zooming in. It loses stabilization, autofocus, which is why the picture is blurry and grainy.

Camera Modes

How do I set up the camera on my Samsung phone? As in any other model that runs on “Android”, this is not difficult to do. You just need to deal with the above parameters and experiment.

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You can also try using the photo modes. One of the most popular is now considered “Makeup” or “Beauty-shooting”. This is a mode that smoothes skin, enlarges eyes, applies makeup, and does whatever it takes to enhance your portrait photo. Many people call this feature “mobile photoshop”.

There is also the option of using panoramas for landscapes. The mode creates multiple shots by combining them into one wide frame. Slow motion speaks for itself. It is possible to create a Gif-animation or blur the background.

Basic settings

How do I set up the camera on my Android phone? It should be noted right away that the full range of settings is available both in the “Camera” system application, and third-party ones that can be installed from Google Play.

The main settings are located behind the gear icon. Here you can adjust the size of the image and video, the frequency of shooting, the quality of the images, adjust the grid, level, set the date or location. You can also choose a photo storage location, adjust sound and gesture control.

If you look at your smartphone, some options may not be found. It all depends on the model. But all of the above options are in this submenu.

Smartphone selection

In order to figure out how to set up a camera on a phone, you need to evaluate the real capabilities of the device. recently, models with a 5 megapixel main camera were considered popular. It seemed that the phone makes pictures beautiful and of high quality.

The point is that it is best to pay attention to other characteristics of the lens. For example, aperture values. The lower the value, the better the image will be even in the evening. It is also important to have a variety of “chips” that help to improve the picture: stabilization, noise reduction, autofocus, extended color range, etc.

The more such technologies a camera module has, the less you have to figure out how to set up a camera on your phone.

How to set up camera on Samsung A51

I recently told (wrote) about 6 hidden, but useful functions in your phone, and since there are some that relate to the camera, those who want to “discover the truth” can see how to use them here.

If you do not touch the camera on the Samsung a51, in other words, start shooting with the built-in settings, the video will turn out to be disgusting.

I was amazed. As with the claimed 48 mega pixels in the back and 32 or two in the front, it worked out for me, somewhere approximately like on an old push-button phone.

At first, I even thought that this was a factory defect. well, a camera with such parameters as stated for the A51 cannot, it’s so disgusting to shoot.

“Marriage” was the first thought, the second was “Settings”. Moving away from the shock, I began to look for the reason and, naturally, I had to delve into the camera settings.

Having rummaged there, I noted with satisfaction that the dog was buried there. Although there are a lot of them there, it was enough for me to change only 2 to improve the video shooting.

Yes, there you can still customize and redo a lot, but now I will not describe all this, unless someone asks in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then I will answer in them.

How to set up rear and front camera on Samsung A51

Samsung a51 is stingy with camera settings. if you want a lot more of them, then I recommend watching the video that I will put here at the end.

Now start the camera and click on the “gear icon”. Then find and select “Video Size (Main Camera)”. After that, you can change the default resolution to a higher one.

Camera Settings You SHOULD Change On Your Samsung

Choose UHD 3840 × 2160. Do the same with the front camera. Everything is identical there.

After that, I recommend, if not already done, indicate the storage location. By default, this is the phone memory, but if there is a memory card, then you can specify.

That, in fact, is all. There is also a drawback in this resolution. Then the choice of effects disappears.

Here, everyone decides for himself what is best for him. effects or maximum quality. As already mentioned, try it as below in the video and compare the result. Have a good day!