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How to print from ipad to printer

Printer Pro. How to print documents from iPad?

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What is “Printer Pro”? It’s also a great tool for printing anything from your iOS tablet by Readdle. the leading company of office software for mobile products “Apple” (although, unfortunately, the guys have not yet released an application for working with doc, xls and ppt documents). What can the “programulinka” do, and with what, as they say, they eat it.

At the first start “Printer Pro” will offer to set up a connection with a printer that is located with your “iPad” device on the same network. A miracle did not happen, and for this entire system to work, you will need third-party software for your desktop computer (by the way, this did not bother me at all). Here is a link to download it. Printer Pro Desktop Software (PC and MAC versions available). After installing the software on the computer, the tablet should easily find it. By the way, I installed the software on a machine that is on the same network as the one where the printer is installed. Everything worked fine, of course.

Print presets are truly extensive, there is the ability to print multiple pages per sheet and many other “goodies”.

Please note that you can install “PDF Printer” as a printer, it can save any information that was sent through it into pdf format.

In “Printer Pro” all work with something is implemented in four directions. The first is called “Documents”. All application files that you added to it in one of the paths convenient for you are stored here. By the way, the application associates itself with a huge number of files and is available through the “Open In” function of the “iOS” operating system.

In this menu, I did not understand the lack of the ability to group files by folders or sort somehow. Apparently the developers do not see the need for this. In vain!

(Although they also have the “Documents by Readdle” application, which, together with our today’s hero, will perfectly cope with this task).

The second area that you can work with is “Clipboard”. Here you can simply paste any text from the clipboard and, accordingly, print it.

Why is there no way to type a few words with “pens”? Is this also an unnecessary feature? To do this, you will have to look, again, some third-party software.

(Quickoffice, which Google recently made completely free, will do just fine, by the way.)

The third direction for printing, which was highlighted in the “Readdle”. it is the ability to work with the contact list of the operating system “iOS”. From here you can print data about someone who is recorded there, and there is an opportunity to do this immediately with a large number of records.

I am pleased with the opportunity to print any image, and directly from the system gallery. In addition, you can take a photo of something and immediately put it on print. Class!

(They set up a booth of incredible proportions in the office, ran after each other with phones and tablets, took pictures and immediately printed.)

The guys at Readdle took care (well done!) Of the newbie users and created as many as four instructions for adding files to the application in a variety of ways. You can flip through for general development.

There is a settings menu in the application. There is nothing sensible, except for setting a password to open the application. Well, to hell with him, nothing special is needed.

Developer: Readdle Inc.
Price: 529 rub
Size: 97 Mb
Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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How to print information from an iOS tablet or phone ?

Yes, it’s easy and simple, we press print and wait for the printer to spit out the finished sheet. It’s only easy and simple if you have a printer with network access and support for AirPrint. And if there is no such apparatus, read the article below

By the way, this solution, as it turned out, works great over the network with devices based on Android, macOS, Windows and Linux

How to print from iPad?

In the process of gradual transition to the camp of users of apple products, I became happy, yes, happy, the owner of a brand new iPad. Well, somehow I got used to and adapted to work on this gadget. Yes, I’m used to it. I do 80 percent of the work on it. But about this in more detail later, now I will return to the main point of the question.

No, well, you can, of course, use the following algorithm. upload information to the cloud, turn on the computer, wait for synchronization, send it to print…. Actually, I did just that, which is not convenient to eat. And it’s lazy to do a bunch of unnecessary actions. Laziness, as you know, is the engine of progress, and together with the desire to save money, it generally pushes you to solve this problem with minimal losses.

So we get out of the situation and teach the existing technique to perform functions hitherto unknown to it.

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-Epson CX7300 color all-in-one printer with tricky refillable cartridges

-A small regular computer that acts as a file server at home based on Ubuntu-server 16.04

And so, let’s make the printer print using the example of EPSON CX7300, the USB cable of which I inserted into the server port.

I work with the server from another computer, it’s more convenient, so I perform all actions with the console via SSH.

We connect to the server, we raise our CUPS print server and add the airPrint support daemon:

Honestly, I don’t know why this airprint daemon is needed, the standard instructions do not say anything about it, but nothing worked for me without it.

Let’s copy, just in case, the original configuration file

We open access to the port from any address (I don’t worry about my internal network, but from the outside this port is already closed by a firewall):

Add a user to the lpadmin group:

We go to the web interface of the print server at (in this case, is the address of my server)

Alternatively, when entering the web-face, the inscription “Forbidden” may appear, to avoid this we return to cupsd.conf

Allow (in this case is my local network address)

That’s it, we went to the web administration console of our print server, while we stop at this, let’s go back to the console for a minute.

For the normal functioning of airPrint, we need to make sure that the Avahi daemon is working properly (what it is, read the article on Habré here)

If everything is ok, the answer will be something like this:

If the server says that there is no such daemon here, you need to install it:

Looking ahead, I recommend downloading and installing a printer driver on your system. In principle, when installing the printer, Cups himself suggested a driver, but I did not succeed in normal work with him. I had to search, download and install another, since there were no problems with this model. The driver was found in Google by the words: epson stylus cx7300 cups driver and the very first link brought me to the site, where I found a ready-made deb package with the driver, which needs to be downloaded considering the bitness of the system:

We drop the driver onto the server, for example, into our home folder / home / user and start the installation:

The system may swear at the lack of dependencies and stop the installation, we treat with the command:

At the end of the installation, another driver for our printer will appear in our system. It is possible that the drivers suggested by the system will work fine with another printer, but I had no luck

Now, when all the preparatory manipulations seem to have been completed, we return to the web interface of our print server and on the “Administration” tab, put a checkmark as in the figure:

Further in the same tab, click “add a printer”, on the page that opens, we see our device, click continue, then I left everything by default, only on the driver page I chose the new one installed by me.

After adding a device, checking printing from the system, it is advisable to reboot the entire server, well, just in case, to make sure that all daemons and services are started as expected. In principle, that’s all. We test on our gadgets. It worked for me without problems.

All about printing documents from your phone or tablet

Modern technologies allow you to print any information without a computer, from a simple text document to a full-fledged color image. The main thing is that, along with a smartphone, your printer also supports a similar function. Let’s take a closer look at how to print from phone to printer, and what useful applications you can use for this.

We print via USB

The first thing that comes to mind when you need to print a particular file is to use a standard wire. The most common connector today is micro-USB. The second most popular is the emerging (found on most flagship models) Type-C connector. There is no fundamental difference between these connectors, except that the latter wins in terms of data transfer speed and charging time, but this does not greatly affect the fact of data printing.

By the way, in this way you can send files both from your phone and from a tablet.

The USB connector is also a charging connector, so you won’t be able to confuse it with something else (for example, a headphone jack). Most often, it is located at the bottom of a phone, smartphone or tablet. You will need a cord to connect your gadget to a printer. If you have a PC at hand, then the task will be much easier (it will serve as a kind of host). If there is no PC, then you can do without it, because most printers and all-in-one printer have long been equipped with a USB-input (or several) for active connection of external devices.

Android smartphones are capable of hosting office equipment starting from version 4.0 (ICS) and higher. There is information that devices on version 2.3.6 also have this possibility, but it is not confirmed, so a lot here depends on the device itself. iPhone (iPad) has this capability from the earliest versions of the operating system, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the software stuffing. The connection process itself is very simple.

How to print from your iPhone or iPad

  • The corresponding cord connects to the smartphone and to the printer (all-in-one printer).
  • If the connection is made, the corresponding marker will appear on the screen or a signal will sound.
  • Next, you need to either resort to the preinstalled explorer for working with printers, or download the appropriate program, which can greatly simplify the printing process (see below).
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If the printer has detected a device connected to it and received files in the queue for printing, then after pressing the “start” button, printing of information will begin. If this does not happen, you need to check the wire (whether it is tightly connected to the socket), restart the application from the phone or from the tablet.

In the event that the printer does not have a corresponding connector for connecting a phone, this problem can be easily solved by purchasing an appropriate adapter for working with wearable devices.

The advantage of connecting a phone via USB is convenience and simplicity, no software incompatibility, as well as the versatility of this method. A disadvantage is the fact that not all printing devices are equipped with appropriate sockets, you may need the help of an adapter.


This utility is one of the most popular in PlayMarket. The developers were able to implement a lot of useful functions, including printing not only through the cloud, but through a direct connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB. You can print almost everything in this utility. from the list of calls to events in the calendar or letters from e-mail.

The application has a database of drivers and constantly updates them, which allows you to work with a wide variety of devices. In case of problems, there is no difficulty in finding the driver yourself and installing it forcibly. This is relevant when connecting to old printers.

An internet printer is a useful option. In this case, on the official website of the developer, you need to download the utility and register in it, then add the printer and give the application access to it. Thanks to the utility, users can configure print settings via a PC and can preview the document, which is very convenient.


In terms of functionality, PrintHand most closely resembles PrinterShare. The possibilities are similar, but there are differences in the interface, many people think that the Hand utility is visually more pleasant and understandable. She also knows how to print pages from the browser, documents, SMS, phone book and more. It has its own browser, file manager and gallery. This makes it much easier to find the file from the application. In addition to Gmail, the program also supports other sweat services and more. There is work here with OneDrive, Dropbox. Evernote, SugarSync and others. Another useful option is help with installing a new printer.

Through GooglePlay, PrintHand can be used to download official software for equipment from popular manufacturers, for example, Samsung, Epson, Canon and others.

Cloud printing

Printing equipment sometimes has support for wireless networking or cloud storage. This means that from any device, even if you are tens of kilometers from the printer, you need to enter the cloud to which it is connected and send the file for printing. An important condition. the printer must be in an active state and be connected to the Internet.

What information can be printed from a smartphone or tablet

Only imagination is capable of limiting a modern smartphone with an up-to-date printer. There are various ways to connect your gadget to a printing device. If you have the ability to connect via Wi-Fi (on both devices), then you don’t even need a power cord, the installed application will be enough. In this case, you can even print the file remotely.

Through the cloud, you can transfer the same list of media information as over the wire:

  • Text Document;
  • digital photo;
  • archive (, etc., containing materials for printing).

All current operating systems today (Android, IOS, W10) support the possibility of wired and wireless data transfer to printing devices, including the so-called sharing and synchronization via the cloud.

There are several ways to connect your smartphone or tablet to the printer. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.


The principle of operation of the application is similar to “Virtual Printer”. By analogy with it, linking a Google account is required, and if there are several peripheral devices, then you need to set the one that will be used by default.

The advantage of the application is the expanded number of content sources. The user will be able to print not only what is stored in the memory of his phone, but even SMS, data from the contact book, files from Google clouds, OneDrive, Dropbox, photos from and much more. After installation, the application is automatically integrated into the “send” section, so it’s easy to print any file.

How to print with AirPrint and an HP printer

AirPrint is a special feature that eliminates the need to install additional software to print documents or images. This function is supported by a large number of printers from popular models. This technology makes it possible to quickly detect and automatically select the required printer for iPad.

How to print via AirPrint

To use this technology for printing, you must perform the following procedure:

  • Install a printer: a prerequisite. the printer and tablet must be connected to the same wireless network.
  • Connect the all-in-one printer. as a rule, you just need to correctly enter the network name and access code.
  • Open a document or page to be printed: it is important to remember that for this you need to use only those programs that support this service (for example, Safari, Pages, Mail, etc.).
  • Click on the “Actions” button, which is usually located at the top of the screen and looks like a square with an arrow.
  • In the drop-down menu, click “Print”.
  • Select a device for printing.
  • If more than one printer is connected to the wireless network, select the desired.
  • Specify the number of copies and click on “Print”.

How to print through an HP printer

This method is useful for those who want to print a document or image through an HP printer that does not support AirPrint. In this case, you can use the dedicated HP ePrint option, which also makes it easy to print to iPad. The course of action is as follows:

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Through the activator and any printer

AirPrint activation apps were created to make it easier to print from Apple devices to older generations of printers that do not support Wi-Fi printing from iPad.

The principle of operation of such utilities is quite simple: the device for printing is configured for general access for printing and then connects to Wi-Fi. The program makes the substitution of your printer data for HP data with AirPrint. Quite popular among activators is the AirPrint Activator program.

How can I print from iPad

There are times when tablet owners need to print something. Then the question arises, how to print from iPad? There are several methods. The most popular are AirPrint and HP ePrint.

Through specialized programs

On the Internet, you can easily find special utilities that make it possible to print various data and images from a tablet without complex setting up devices for printing. Of these applications, FingerPrint is worth highlighting. This program can independently find printers on the network and print the necessary information from the iPad without confirming the print on the PC. The service is designed for corporate clients, as it can simultaneously see up to 25 devices on the network.

Print to file

If there is no printer connected, you can use the “Print to file” option. This printing method is used when it is not possible to print an image (for example, ink or paper has run out). Then a special file is created in a specific format, which stores all the printing parameters. This method is also useful when a document is formed in a specific application that will not be available on other devices.

Google Cloud Print for Android

Google Cloud Print is a virtual printer from Google. To work, you need a device with Wi-Fi, as well as a Chrome browser.

If your device works only over a wire, it will definitely need a connection to a computer. At my home, the Brother HL-2132R is connected to an old PC that plays the role of a server, and then I will show all the manipulations on it. I will print from the phone Samsung A5 2017.

Add your printer to Google Cloud Print. You can access the selected device from anywhere in the world by logging into your Google account. This step is best done on a computer that is on the same network as your printer. In Chrome, go to Settings. Show Advanced Settings. Google Cloud Print. Then click “Manage”.

Also your devices are available at chrome: // devices /

Note! Cloud Print integrates with the standard Android Share menu so you can print from any relevant app.

In the New Devices section, find the printer connected to your network. Click “Add Printer” to link it to your Google account.


A simple application with an intuitive business interface. Prints photos, maps, Instagram posts, web pages. We could not find it in the Play Market. You can download it on the official website of the developer. For a video instruction on the operation of this program, see the end of the article.

StarPrint application requires a lot of rights during installation, install it at your own peril and risk.

Wi-Fi connection

To use wireless printing technology, your smartphone must be connected to a wireless network. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the printing device.

PrintHand Mobile Print

Another simple software with a nice modern interface. Allows you to print directly from online storage or from stored documents on your smartphone. In the preview window, you can adjust the size and print settings. The control interface of the program is intuitive. To print documents in Word format, asks to download an additional renderer. It works for free via Google Cloud. All other types of printing are available in the Premium version.

printing documents, photos, web pages, SMS / mms, contact lists and more;
direct connection, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;
support for Windows and Mac OS;
use of Active Directory or Google Cloud services;
USB connection (requires Android 4.0);

Wireless connection

If your device has the ability to print wirelessly, it makes things easier. Consider two options.

Even if you don’t have a router or network to connect, you can print from mobile devices to some printers using Wi-Fi Direct. The phone and printer must be on the same network or have a direct air connection. Wi-Fi Direct must be enabled.

Not all devices are compatible with this technology. Individual firms release their own applications: Samsung Mobile Print, HP Smart, Canon Print, etc.

To add to the print service, you need the ip-address of the printer.

Wireless Printing Applications

If you don’t feel like bothering with setting yourself, entrust all the work to the program. I will show the 6 best apps for 2019 here, but there are a lot of them in the Playmarket. It may be better to choose software for your device.


The second popular printing method is Bluetooth pairing. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Open a page in the Chrome browser or a photo in the gallery.
  • Find the Share button in the menu.
  • Click Bluetooth and select your printer.
  • Send your document to print.

Not all documents can be printed from Android in this way. If the Bluetooth icon is not available in the Share menu. alas, you will have to look for another option.