How to print from iPad to printer

by connecting the phone to a PC / laptop (or via a micro SD card, USB flash drive)

The second method, in general, is similar to the first one: we simply transfer files either directly from the phone to the PC, or through some storage device (without third-party services. For example, this can be useful when dealing with confidential information that would be highly undesirable generally upload it to the network somewhere.).

In most cases, it is enough just to connect the phone to the USB port of the PC, then wait (20-30 seconds until Windows installs the drivers) and in “This computer” (“My computer”) you can open the phone’s memory (see screenshot below).

Please note that when you connect your phone to your computer. on the phone itself (usually) a small window appears in which you need to give permission to transfer files via USB. If you don’t. then you cannot access the machine’s memory from your computer.

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How can I print documents from Android

via cloud drives

Perhaps one of the simplest and fastest options (if you do not do this very often) is to use some kind of cloud drive (now there are a lot of them: Yandex drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

The whole process boils down to uploading the required file (document) from the phone to the cloud drive, and then on the computer (to which the printer is connected) open it and print.

1) Select the required files (photos, documents, etc.) on the phone and press the “Share” button. after we indicate Yandex disk (see example below).

Explanation. In my example, I took Yandex disk as a basis, tk. in my humble opinion. it is one of the easiest services to work with (both on the phone and on the PC). In addition, on many phones, it is preinstalled.

2) Next, having selected a folder on the Yandex disk, you need to click on the download button. Then wait until the end of the operation.

3) Let’s go to the computer. After installing the Yandex Disk application on your PC, an icon will appear in the tray for quick access to it. We open it.

An icon for quick access to the disk has appeared in the system tray

4) In appearance, it resembles an explorer: all that remains is to select the folder where you downloaded the files from your phone, open them and print them. In principle, nothing more complicated.

Yandex disk program on Windows: what it looks like

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by connecting the printer to the phone directly (via the OTG adapter)

If you have a printer (and a PC, for example, does not work or does not see the phone), then it is possible to connect to the printer directly, via USB (that is, print from the phone without using a computer at all).

For this you need a special. OTG adapter (adapter).

Phone connected to printer via OTG

After connecting the phone to the printer, you need to install a special on it. application (for the phone to “see” the printer). In most cases, it is enough to pay attention to the brand of the printer (for example, Samsung, as in my example), and download an application from this manufacturer in the Play Market (it’s free).

By the way, this is special. the application is often referred to as the print engine.

Note that if for your printer special. there is no application, you can install something alternative: I will say a few words about this below.

The screenshot below shows an example of installing Samsung Mobile Print (of course, for a Samsung printer).

And so, then you need to run this application and add your printer. As a rule, if the printer and phone are turned on, the OTG adapter is working, everything is fine with the cable. the phone will immediately “see” the connected printer (as in my example below).

Samsung Mobile Print. screenshots of the application

After that, it remains only to select the desired document from the phone’s memory and send it to print (I note that the functionality of different applications may differ significantly from each other: in Samsung Mobile Print, for example, you can select the sheet size, specify the boundaries, specify specific sheets for printing, and etc. parameters).

Printer is connected, document can be printed

As an example, I give a photo of a couple of printed A4 sheets.

As an example. (printed sheets from the phone)

If you did not find a specialized application for your printer, then you can use the universal analogs: PrinterShare or Printer 2 Go (although they have a paid full functionality!).

I took the first one as an example. in general, everything is the same: first connect the phone to the printer, then launch the application and add the printer (note that the application can find printers connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB).

Next, install the necessary driver (the application will automatically select and update it), select a document and send it to print (examples on the screenshots below).

How to print from Android phone to printer (or what to do if phone can’t see printer on direct connection)

Please tell me with one problem. I cannot print a document from my phone: the computer does not recognize its memory card, but when the phone is connected via the OTG adapter to the printer. he just doesn’t see him.

I did not quite understand the essence of your problem (who does not see whom.). But since this is not the first time I have heard such a question, I decided in this article to describe several ways at once how you can solve this problem (i.e. print documents from your phone).

Why so (and not any one specific option)? The fact is that one user may have an old printer (which does not support Wi-Fi), while another. new, the third generally has a “no name” printer of a little-known Chinese manufacturer and the PC does not work (and everywhere its own “but”, “or”, “if”).

Therefore, from 3-4 options. it is always easier to choose at least 1 worker. I guess it’s obvious!

via Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) if the printer supports wireless technology

The most convenient printing option will be if you have a modern printer (supporting full Wi-Fi operation). You can even lie on the couch and chat with someone on Viber. With one click of your finger (without even getting up), send to print any of the photos you see in the chat! Isn’t it great?!

Setting up in this case is also quite simple: it all comes down to connecting the printer to your home Wi-Fi network (usually, this can be done using a small screen on the device (see screenshots below), or using the WPS buttons.which you need to press and on the router, and on the printer for auto-connection).

Connecting the Printer to a Wi-Fi Network (Wi-Fi Settings)

After that, also connect the phone to this Wi-Fi network (you can do it in the “Wireless networks” settings section (Actual for Android 8.0)).

Well, then just select a photo or document (for example, I opened a scan on Google Drive). press “Print” and among the found printers you will see your device: it remains to select it and wait for the buzzing of the device

Printing a document from a computer to a printer

It would seem that printing a document is a fairly simple task. However, beginners are not familiar with this process. And not every experienced user will be able to name more than one way to print files. That is why you need to figure out how this is done.

Quick Access Toolbar

Memorizing a key combination is not always convenient, especially for people who type so rarely that such information simply does not stay in memory for more than a few minutes. In this case, use the Quick Access Toolbar. Let’s look at Microsoft Office as an example, in other software the principle and procedure of actions will be the same or completely coincide.

    First, click “File”, this will open a window where the user can save, create or print documents.

  • Immediately after this, you must perform all the actions regarding the print settings that were described in the first method. After that, it remains to set the number of copies and click “Print”.
  • This method is quite convenient and does not require much time from the user, which is quite attractive in conditions when you need to quickly print a document.

    IPad Printing to ANY USB Printer

    How to print a document from a computer to a printer

    The number of computer equipment is growing every year. Along with this, which is logical, the number of PC users who are just getting acquainted with many functions that are quite often useful and important is increasing. Such as, for example, printing a document.

    Keyboard shortcut

    To address this issue, the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office software package will be selected. However, the described method will be relevant not only for this set of software. it also works in other text editors, in browsers and programs for various purposes.

    • First you need to open the file you want to print.
    • After that, you must simultaneously press the key combination “CtrlP”. This action will bring up a window with settings for printing a file.

    In the settings, it is important to check parameters such as the number of pages to print, page orientation and the connected printer. They can be changed according to your own preferences.

    The document will print as long as the printer requires. These characteristics cannot be changed.

    Context menu

    This method can be used only in those cases when you are completely sure of the printing settings and know exactly which printer is connected to the computer. It is important to know if this device is currently active.

    • Right-click on the file icon.
    • We select the item “Print”.

    Printing starts instantly. You can no longer set any settings. The document is transferred to physical media from the first to the last page.

    Thus, we have analyzed three ways of how to print a file from a computer to a printer. As it turned out, this is quite simple and even very fast.

    Virtual printer

    This is a free Google cloud printing application. With its help, the user can easily send data for printing. over, by logging into the Google account to which the printer or all-in-one printer is connected, through this program, you can receive information about the queue of files for printing, and manage the order of these documents. It is also allowed to perform various settings, etc.

    In order to print data through a virtual printer, you need to do the following:

    • Open the program and click on the “printing equipment” icon.
    • Specify the path to the document for printing.
    • Click on “Send file”.
    • Mark the required printing device for printing.

    Note! Using this utility, you can simultaneously manage multiple printers from different Google accounts.

    Digital Printing Apps for iPhone

    To print data from iPhones, the Apple airPrint program is often installed. With its help, you can send both text documents and photographs for printing. The interface is quite user-friendly and simple. There are also no complaints about the application itself. However, Apple airPrint still has one drawback. this is the need to purchase special equipment.

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    Handy Print, Printer pro, Epson iPrint, HP ePrint Enterprise and others are also used for printing from iPhones.


    PrintHand is one of the more popular GooglePlay apps. Optionally similar to the previous PrinterShare utility, but with a more convenient and simplified interface. For this application, you can download the official software for popular brands of printing equipment, such as Samsung, Epson, HP, Kyocera, Xerox, etc.

    How to print from phone to printer with WI-FI

    Thanks to current technologies, you can print any information directly from your smartphone, without transferring data to a PC. All that is needed for this is a smartphone and a printer that support this function, which is found in almost all modern models. For the convenience of users, detailed instructions are given here on how to print from a phone to a printer via Wi-Fi, which applications are best to use for this and how to cope with difficulties if they arise.

    Mobile printers

    Mobile printers are compact and standalone, have their own battery, and are very practical to use. Thanks to this, they are excellent travel assistants. Wireless automatic connection to gadgets. using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Its main disadvantage is the high cost of such equipment.

    How to print via Wi-Fi to a printer

    If both the printer and the device containing information for printing have Wi-Fi interfaces, then you can choose a wireless connection to transfer data to print. This method does not require any additional devices.

    To figure out how to print from your phone to a printer with Wi-Fi, set up a connection and organize printing, you need to do the following:

    • Enable Wi-Fi connection on smartphone / tablet and printer. In this case, both devices must be on the same network, that is, connect to the same router.
    • Receive a signal about the completion of the search for devices available for connection.
    • Activate the connection to the printing equipment on the phone to connect devices. To do this, in the list that opens, select and click on the desired printer.
    • After synchronization, open the preinstalled file explorer for wireless printing.
    • Send the required files to print.

    Note! After the first synchronization of the devices, the phone / tablet remembers the address of the equipment for printing, and then it connects automatically. That is, when using the same technique for reprinting, the search process is already omitted.

    If the printer does not print via Wi-Fi, then you need to check the quality of the Internet connection and the network connection. Also, for certain technical reasons, the devices may be incompatible and not recognize each other, which indicates the impossibility of their synchronization and data transfer, respectively. However, this situation is extremely rare and mostly concerns outdated printers and phones.

    Printing files using cloud services

    Some modern printers are endowed with such technological features, thanks to which their users are able to print any information from devices remotely, that is, being even tens of kilometers from the printing equipment. This method is carried out using cloud services, provided that the printing equipment is working at that moment and its Internet connection is active.

    Printing via USB cable

    Printing from a phone via a USB cable is one of the most common methods, as it is convenient and familiar. And a USB cable, as a rule, is also a charger, which is always at hand.

    The USB connection option is available to all iPhone and iPad users, regardless of the iOS version. And the owners of Androids must make sure that the version of the operating system of the device is at least 4.0. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this method and connect to the printing device.

    Printers, in turn, must have an appropriate connector. If not, use an adapter. Either connect your smartphone to a PC or laptop and use the computer as a host.

    USB can be used as a smartphone charger

    The process of pairing the device to the printing equipment itself is quite simple:

    • Connect USB cable to smartphone and printer respectively.
    • Receive connection notification. It can be a beep or a marker on the phone screen.
    • Then, using the previously installed software, send the files for printing. If there is no such application, install it. Recommended utilities for installation. Brother iPrintScan, PrinterShare, etc.
    • Press the “Start” button on the printer to start printing.

    Important! If printing does not start, you need to check the cable connection, restart the application and then repeat the process again.

    How to print a document from a computer?

    To begin with, let’s look at the standard way of connecting and setting up for printing a document from a computer database. In the future, when describing the methods of operation, this method will be taken as a basis. First, you need to perform the following manipulations:

    • Connect your computer and printer with wires to a power source. After that, pair the devices with each other using any of the available connection methods.
    • Using the special installation disc that comes with the purchased equipment, install the software and drivers to ensure the workflow. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard in the dialog box that opens when starting the disc.
    • Go to the menu and printer settings. Adjust all the required values ​​as desired. Usually, all settings are set in standard mode, if desired, you can change them in accordance with the requirements for printed files.

    Do not perform other actions during the connection and installation process, do not turn off the computer until it is fully loaded. After that, you can start printing the documents stored in the computer database. This can be accomplished as follows:

    • Go to the folder with the necessary document, you can also upload files from a removable drive.
    • Open the file you want, go to Microsoft office to format.
    • After that, send the final version of the document to work by clicking the appropriate button.
    • Confirm your actions in the opened dialog box with the print queue.
    • Wait for the complete printout of the file, then you can proceed to further actions.

    Using this algorithm, you can print any document of the desired format. In the future, we will consider the capabilities of the printer when working with other files.

    Important! Monitor ink status and paper supply in the feed slot. Remember to replenish these consumables to keep your printer running.

    How to print text to a printer from a computer

    Computer technology allows you to perform various work in a short time, and the emergence of the Internet has significantly expanded the range of possibilities. Now the workflow does not take much time and effort. A computer is a complex technical device that combines many functions, however, additional equipment is required to carry out the work. All devices are divided into devices for input and output of information. In the process of work, it can be converted, formatted and stored on media.

    In this article, we will talk about an indispensable device for removing data from a laptop into a paper form. It’s about printers. This technique has become especially relevant in the context of a large volume of use of paper media.

    How to print over the network?

    Modern equipment has access to the network, which makes it possible to use additional equipment capabilities. A network printer connects to a local group to quickly communicate with other users and do consistent work. When printing pages from the network, you must use one of the following options:

    • When going to the site page, select the print version, usually this button is located on the page itself. This will open the file for printing.
    • If this button is not there, you can try to take a screenshot of the screen, but in this case, advertising records will be saved along with useful information.
    • Another example is using the copy function. Copy all or part of the text. After that, transfer the data to format and customize the resulting display on paper.

    After choosing one of the options, connect the device to the power source, start printing the document. When working in a local group using network access, you need to check the system settings. From the menu item “devices and printers” select the equipment to which the file will be output for printing.

    Important! When connecting multiple devices to one printer, turn on the main computer, which is a server for transferring information.

    PDF. The process of printing files in PDF format is practically the same as in the classic way. You need to follow the steps described above to connect the equipment, then go to the settings:

    • Click the appropriate button to send the file for printing.
    • Select work option: all pages, current or selected sheets.
    • After that, adjust the required location and size parameters. Create the required number of copies.
    • Start the printer and wait for the result.

    A photo. There should be no difficulties with printing photos either. If you want to print an image, make sure you have color ink or toner, depending on your printer model. After that, select the file you are interested in and send it to the print queue.

    You can also perform this action using a regular text editor. To do this, copy the picture, paste it into the editor field, change the size and position on the page. Then proceed to print. To get quality photos, use special photo paper for this purpose.

    How to print on both sides. Sometimes you want to print documents so that both sides of the paper are involved. This is necessary when creating postcards or just to save materials. Most modern models have the function of double-sided printing, but even in its absence, this printing method can be carried out. To do this, use the step-by-step instructions:

    • Go to the desired file to be printed. Click on the “print” button, usually located in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on the options and from the list provided, select the option for duplex printing (with a flip on the right or left edge of the sheet). Then load paper correctly in the feed slot.
    • If this is not possible, set the page selection parameters to “1” to print the odd-numbered pages first. Then load the sheets into the blank side filling slot. Enter the page value “2”, this will fill the second half of the pages. After that, disassemble the finished document in the correct sequence.
    • If the document is small, manual duplex printing can be done. To do this, load one sheet of paper into the paper feed slot, then press the button. When one side is printed, turn the sheet over to fill in the second half. So print out the entire document.

    Important! Different models have peculiarities when applying a print, so the correct position of the paper can only be found out empirically.

    How to print from your phone. Modern technologies never cease to amaze users. Nowadays, thanks to the use of advanced developments, it is possible to carry out almost any work in a short time. One of the important functions is printing documents or photos from the phone memory. There are several ways to do this:

    • The easiest way is to connect your phone using a USB data cable.
    • If the devices support the wi-fi function, you can use this option.
    • You can also download the necessary files from the cloud storage.

    After entering the data into the PC memory, you can start editing documents. When the final look is ready, simply send the file to apply the display.

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    Working with the printer is easy even for beginners. Read the instructions to familiarize yourself with the principle of operation and the features of the operation of the equipment. It will also be useful to use some tips:

    • Once a month, conduct a full inspection and diagnostics of the equipment in order to identify deficiencies and eliminate them if possible.
    • Learn about new developments, gather information about technology capabilities to improve print quality and increase productivity.
    • Periodically clean the equipment from accumulated debris, dust, ink residues and crumpled paper.
    • Do not allow using the device with computers and removable media without antivirus.
    • Keep your software and drivers up to date.
    • To maintain the warranty, do not repair or replace parts by yourself, contact the service center for assistance.

    How to print a photo from a phone on a printer? All ways!

    Modern smartphone models allow you to send photos and documents directly to print from your phone

    Mobile phones have become so firmly entrenched in our daily life that they have replaced cameras, computers, and many other equipment. They help us solve business issues. send and receive mail, edit documents, and are also indispensable on vacation when you need to take photos or videos. As a result, we store a large number of text and photo documents in a smartphone or tablet. Therefore, it is not surprising that from time to time there is a need to print them.

    When buying photo printers for home and even office use, we do not always pay attention to such important technical characteristics as the presence of a Wi-Fi connection and the ability to work with cloud services, but it would be worth it. But first things first.

    Cloud printing

    If your printer has a Cloud Print Ready label, then you are very lucky. You can print from your smartphone after connecting to the Internet and registering on one of the cloud services, which are enough today. If there is no such function, then use your computer to add the printer to the Chrome settings and register with Google.

    Cloud printing allows you to send to print any photos and documents from anywhere in the world with access to e-mail

    Taking a smartphone on Android OS, download one of the proposed applications:

    • A virtual printer is a Google development through which it is easy to send documents or photos to print, link accounts and printing devices.
    • Cloud Print. which has the same functions as “Virtual Printer”, but it also allows you to print a list of contacts, screenshots, SMS, files from the social network
    • Print Share. allows you to print files in MS Excel, PDF, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, in addition, a calendar, a list of calls and contacts, viewed web pages. The application itself is free, but its full functionality is available after paying for the key.
    • Dropbox is a virtual storage for which you first need to create an account on your computer, and then download the application, go to it on your phone and save the files you need. After that, you can see them on a PC and print from there.

    Printing via USB or Wi-Fi

    Owners of old printers and phones that have a USB Host output, as well as the necessary drivers or a special USB Connection Kit application, can try to set up printing on their own. Lucky for those who have HP devices, then you just need to download the ePrint program, which allows you to see all printers produced by this brand and all-in-one printer connected via USB.

    WI-FI connection. one of the fastest ways to send a file to print from your smartphone

    It is easier, of course, when the printing and mobile device supports Wi-Fi. In this case, it is worth activating Wi-Fi Direct in the parameters settings and sending the file for printing. the easiest and fastest way and it is possible only when you own a new generation printer. With others, you will have to get confused and connect directly to the router via WPS before printing. For this you need:

    • see if your router supports WPS connection;
    • turn off filtering of MAC addresses and check that the network is encrypted;
    • specify the name of the network and the password to it, in addition, look on the box from the router under the serial number for the eight-digit PIN code.

    Then activate WPS, in the browser in the login field enter, And in the password field. admin. Also, don’t forget to specify the ENABLE parameter in the Security section. Do not touch the network search button on the router until the connection is established, in addition, remember that the devices must be turned off for a couple of minutes.

    Printout from gadgets on iOS

    If you have a photo printer with 10×15 photo paper, and you are holding an iPhone or iPad, then the above applications will not work for you, except for Dropbox, of course. For apple gadgets, there are a number of other programs that will help you print the desired picture, among them:

    print, ipad, printer
    • Apple airPrint. allows you to transfer photos from digital format to media with a few taps. Only this function should be supported by the printer, but there are not many of them and they are all from the latest developments.
    • Handy Print is a convenient but paid service that you need to install on your computer.
    • Printer Pro is an application that allows you to print through other programs. To do this, you need to select “Open in. “And click on Dropbox, for example.

    Apple recommends using AirPrint for printing photos and documents

    If you need to print any file from your phone, you can also use modern proprietary applications created directly by the printer manufacturers. These include Epson iPrint and HP ePrint Enterprise, which automatically connect wirelessly to compatible devices, allowing you to print even from e-mail.

    How long does it take to print

    The time it takes to print the text will depend on your printer. Each device has a different print speed. Usually it is about 10 pages per minute, there are printers that are much faster. Again, it all depends on the manufacturer’s firm, model and year of manufacture. The purpose of the printer also plays a significant role. For example, home and office devices print at different speeds.

    How to print texts on a printer? Step-by-step instructions for printing texts on a printer

    Few people nowadays do not know how to print, photocopy, or even scan. In the age of modern technology, when almost everyone in the family has their own laptop in every home, there is hardly a person who cannot print a sheet of paper. But still, let’s talk about how to print texts on a printer. It is quite possible that you do not know all the secrets of printing, or you simply did not have to deal with printing certain documents before.


    Before you start printing, you need to make sure the printer is turned on and connected to your computer or laptop. Yes, it may sound funny, but sometimes people forget about it. You also need to make sure that there is enough ink in the printer (check the ID) or refuel the device, count the sheets of paper. It is better to put a little more sheets in general, as sometimes the printer can pull in several sheets at the same time, and if this is not noticed in time, then printing may be interrupted, and you will have to add paper and take additional steps to resume it.

    Be sure to check the print quality by printing one test sheet from this or any other document. It is possible that you will have to clean the printer (done using the “Maintenance” tab in the print window). We will tell you how to do all this a little later.

    We set the basic parameters

    If you do not know how to print texts on a printer, then you should also remember what mandatory parameters should be specified when printing ordinary documents.

    Number of copies if you need more than one copy of a document or sheet.

    The pages you plan to print.

    What kind of printing do you need. single-sided or double-sided.

    Page orientation. portrait or landscape.

    By default, text is printed on a page in one copy on one side. Orientation. portrait, A4 format. There is one sheet per page, and the document itself is printed from the first to the last page.

    Two-sided printing

    How to print texts and documents on a sheet from both sides? Especially for this, a function such as double-sided printing was created. You can select it in the main print properties. All odd-numbered pages are printed first. The printer then asks you to turn the sheets over and insert them into the printer (usually the sheets are placed so that the beginning of the printed page is at the bottom). The software on your computer gives you hints on how to properly turn the paper over and insert it into the machine. After that, click the “Print” (“OK”) button in the dialog box, and the printer will print all the even-numbered sheets. So you get a finished document printed on both sides of the sheet.

    Printer properties

    The main properties of the printer include:

    Print quality. Default. standard, but if the printer is old and does not print clearly, it is recommended to set high quality.

    Shades of gray. This property also increases the clarity of the print, especially if you are printing non-text, and not very well scanned material.

    These two parameters are set in the “main” tab. Another useful thing. Service tab. Here you can clean and check the print nozzles, clean the rollers and pallet, and select silent mode for the printer. We advise you to pay attention to these properties, as they will be quite useful at the stage of printing preparation. After setting all the parameters, click the “Print” button directly in the main settings window, and the device will start working.

    Calling the print window

    So, we checked the printer’s performance and whether it is connected to the computer. Now let’s go directly to how to print a Word document on a printer. First you need to open the print window. This can be done in several ways.

    Find the print icon on the panel. This option is usually available in earlier versions. For example, in the 2003 Office package, the seal icon is located in the upper part of the panel and is quite noticeable.

    Click “File” and select “Print” from the drop-down menu. This is a fairly well-known method used by most personal computer users. But it takes a long time.

    Press the CtrlP key combination. Oddly enough, not everyone is known, although it is the fastest and simplest.

    So, we figured out how to print texts on a printer, what parameters need to be set when printing and where to find them, how to start printing text. We also found out that speed, like print quality, directly depends on the printer: its type and release date. It was determined that the older the device, the lower the print speed and quality, and the higher the likelihood of various errors occurring. We hope this information will be useful to you.

    AirPrint Printing

    If you have a printer supporting AirPrint technology, then the question of how you can print a file from an iPhone to a printer will be solved in a few seconds. Before attempting to print the file, there are two points to check:

    • The printer supports AirPrint technology. This information should be in the technical documentation. As a last resort, you can check the supported models on the Apple website.
    • IOS device and printer are on the same Wi-Fi network.
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    If both conditions are met, you can start printing the document. Please note that not all programs work with AirPrint. So even if the printer supports the technology, the limitation may be on the side of the iOS app.

    • Open the program from which the file will be printed.
    • Find the print function among the general options (usually called by a button with three dots). The option to send to printer can also be part of the Share function.
    • Select an AirPrint-enabled printer.
    • Specify the number of copies and specify other print options.
    • Click “Print“.

    Using the program selector, you can view the print queue and cancel jobs. these functions are available in the Print Center.

    Send documents and photos from iPhone to printer

    How to print from iPhone to printer without transferring file to computer? We use direct printing: there is a digital document or photo on the phone, but we will transfer it to paper.

    Wi-Fi and Apps from Manufacturers

    We figured out how to print a document from an iPhone to a printer in the way that Apple offers. If the prerequisites are met and the printing fails, try the following:

    • Restart the router and printer.
    • Move the printer closer to the router.
    • Install the latest firmware and manufacturers on all devices.

    But how do you print a digital document from an iPhone to a printer if the equipment does not have AirPrint support? If the printer knows how to create a Wi-Fi network, then there will be no problems.

    • Press the Wi-Fi button on the device to print.
    • Open iOS settings and go to the “Wi-Fi” section.
    • Select the network with the name of the printer.

    Most major manufacturers have their own apps for printing photos and documents from the iOS environment. For example, if you’re looking for how to print a file from an iPhone to an HP printer, install the HP ePrint Enterprise software on your phone. She can print to HP printers connected to a wireless network, and also works with cloud services: Dropbox, Box and Photos.

    There is also a special application for Epson printers. The developers did not experiment with the name of the program. Epson iPrint independently detects compatible devices for printing and establishes a connection with them, provided it works in the same wireless network.

    Epson iPrint can print photos from the gallery, documents from Box storage, Evernote, OneDrive, Dropbox, as well as any files that are added to the application through the “Open in” function. The program also has a built-in browser with the ability to register with the online service and send documents for printing by e-mail to other Epson printers.

    Other printing methods

    If your printer does not have a manufacturer’s software, you can use one-stop solutions. To solve the question of how to print a photo or document from an iPhone to a printer, try three applications:

    • handyPrint.
    • Printer Pro.
    • Google Gloud Print.

    HandyPrint offers similar functionality to AirPrint. The program is distributed as shareware: after 14 days of use, you must donate at least 5 to developers to continue printing files.

    The program is installed on a computer with OS X. After installation, all computers connected to it will be visible on devices with iOS. This is the main drawback of the application: you can send a document or photo for printing only when the computer is turned on.

    If you don’t have an OS X computer, install the Printer Pro printing app directly on your iPhone. Before buying the full version, be sure to use the free demo mode, which allows you to print four documents and calibrate the print area.

    The program works a little differently than handyPrint. All documents that you want to send to print must be opened through Printer Pro. If you want to print a page from Safari, replace http in the address with phttp. the page will open in Printer Pro.

    If you need a completely universal and free solution, go to Google Cloud Print. It can be used to make available for printing any printers that are connected to computers with Internet access and registered in the Cloud Print system.

    To send a document to your device for printing, you need to log into your Google account on iOS through Google Docs, Chrome or another browser.

    How to Print from an iPhone to Canon Printer (or iPad, (same process))


    After the drawing has been completed, most often it is printed out or saved electronically for further work. Sometimes it becomes necessary to have a ready-made plan on paper that will need to be discussed with one of the workers. situations can be very diverse. In the material at the link below you will find a step-by-step guide that will help you print a document created in the most popular design and drawing software. AutoCAD.


    priPrinter is perfect for those who print color images. Extensive functionality, its own printer driver, allowing you to see what and how will be printed on a sheet of paper. all this makes this program a good and convenient solution to the task set by the user.

      Open priPrinter. In the “File” tab, click on “Open” or “Add document”. These buttons correspond to the keyboard shortcuts “CtrlO” and “CtrlShiftO”.

    In the “Explorer” window, set the file type “All types of pictures” and double-click on the desired image.

    In the “File” tab, click on the “Print” option. A menu will appear on the left side of the program window, which will contain the “Print” button. Click on it. To make everything faster, you can simply press the key combination “CtrlP”, which immediately performs these three actions.

    Done, the printer will immediately start printing the image you selected with this application.

    On our site there are reviews of similar applications, which can be found at the link below.

    Printing documents on a computer using a printer

    A printer is an excellent peripheral that allows you to print text and images. Nevertheless, no matter how useful it may be, without a computer and specialized programs to interact with it, this device will be of little use.

    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a product from Adobe that contains all kinds of tools for working with PDF files. Consider the possibility of printing such documents.

    Open the PDF file you want to print. To open the print menu, press the key combination “CtrlP” or in the upper left corner, on the toolbar, move the cursor to the “File” tab and select the “Print” option in the drop-down list.

    In the menu that opens, you have to determine the printer that will print the specified file, and then click on the “Print” button. Done, if there is no problem with the device, it will start printing the document.


    This program provides the ability to change the angle of the image prepared for printing, supports all modern raster graphic formats and contains powerful tools for processing files, printing high quality images. Qimage can be called a universal application, one of the best solutions on the market for similar programs.

      You need to select the image you want to print on your computer and open it with Qimage. To do this, right-click on the file to print and select the “Open with” option, then click “Choose another application”.

    Click on the ” Applications” button and scroll to the end.

    print, ipad, printer

    At the very bottom of this list there will be an option “Search for another program on the computer”, which will need to be clicked.

    Find the executable file Qimage. It will be located in the folder that you chose as the path for installing the application. By default, Qimage is located at this address:

    Repeat the first paragraph of this manual, only in the list of the “Open with” option, click on the line Qimage.

    In the program interface, click on the button that looks like a printer. A window will appear where you will need to click “OK”. the printer will start working. Make sure the correct printing device is selected. its name will appear on the “Name” line.

    Microsoft Office

    Due to the fact that Microsoft itself develops and updates its Office applications, it has the opportunity to unify their interface and some basic capabilities. document printing has become one of them. In almost all office programs from Microsoft, you will need to perform the same steps in order for the printer to produce a sheet of paper with the necessary content. The printing settings in the programs from the Office suite are also absolutely identical, so you don’t have to face new and unknown parameters every time.

    On our site there are articles that describe this process in the most popular office applications from Microsoft: Word, Powerpoint, Excel. Links to them are below.

    Home photo studio

    There are many features in Home Photo Studio. You can change the position of the photo on the sheet in any way, draw on it, create postcards, announcements, collages, etc. Processing of several images at once is available, and this application can also be used for normal viewing of pictures. Let’s take a closer look at the process of preparing an image for printing in this program.

      When the application is launched, a window will appear with a list of possible actions. You will need to select the first option. “Open photo”.

    In the “Explorer” menu, select the desired file and click on the “Open” button.

    In the window that opens, in its upper left corner, click on the “File” tab, and then select the “Print” item. You can also just press the key combination “CtrlP”.

    Click on the “Print” button, after which the printer will print the image opened in the application almost immediately.

    Printing on a printer

    This article will describe software solutions that are designed for high-quality printing of photos, text, as well as several special cases of printing documents from Microsoft’s office suite programs: Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The AutoCAD program, intended for the development of drawings and layouts of any buildings, will also be mentioned, because it also has the ability to print the created projects. Let’s get started!