How to Press the Right Mouse Button on a Laptop

Instructions for turning on the side keyboard with numbers on a laptop

Most laptops have a full-size keyboard with a number pad on the right. But in order to use these buttons, you must first turn on the side unit. This can be done using the Num Lock key or a combination with the Fn button, through the on-screen keyboard or in the BIOS settings.

Using hotkeys

To turn on the numbers on the right (this block is also called the Numpad), find and press the Num Lock button. On the external input device, when this button is pressed, the indicator lights up, under which a number is drawn. On the laptop, no indicator will light up, but the digital block should work.

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If your laptop has a Num Lock key, enable Numpad with the Fn function key. Look at the row of keys F1-F12: the images should suggest which combination is used to activate the number pad on the right. Will often turn on the right numeric keypad allows FnF11, but there may be other options.

Some laptops use the FnAlt combination. for example, this is how Numpad is turned on on Sony laptops. In order not to go through all the available combinations with the Fn button, see the desired combination in the instructions that came in the box with the laptop. If the paper manual has long been lost, download its electronic version on the manufacturer’s website or look at the support forum.

Application On-Screen Keyboard

If there are Num Lock keys on the laptop, and it turns on the Numpad with numbers using the FN combination and another button does not work, then try using the on-screen keyboard to activate the block. It is a dedicated system tool that completely replaces the physical input device when it is missing.

  • Open the management console, go to the “Accessibility” section.
  • Go to the “Accessibility Center”.
  • Click Enable On-Screen Keyboard.

A panel with keys will appear on the screen, which completely repeats the view of the physical input device. The Numpad on the On-Screen Keyboard should also be; if there is no block with numbers, open the parameters and mark the item corresponding to the activation of the Numpad.

A virtual Num Lock button should appear next to the numbers, after clicking on which the block will work. You can enter numbers both from the on-screen keyboard with a mouse, and from a physical device. To turn off the block with numbers, again Click on the Num Lock button in the virtual keyboard.

BIOS setup

In the most difficult cases, turning on the numbers on the keyboard will not work without changing the BIOS settings. Fortunately, this requirement is not so common, but it is better to be aware of this possibility.

  • Reboot your laptop. Press F2 or Delete on startup to enter BIOS.
  • Find the “Boot Up NumLock Status” option in the BIOS on the “Advanced” tab and set it to “On”.

The hardest part of this procedure is getting into the BIOS. Most modern laptops have Fast Startup, so you may not have time to press the desired button. This can be fixed by temporarily disabling Fast Startup.

  • Open the “Power” section in the control console.
  • From the menu on the left Click the Power Button Actions link.
  • Go to change the parameters that are not currently available.
  • In the Shutdown field, uncheck Quick Launch.

After making the change, the laptop will start up with all screens, so you will definitely see and have time to press the key that is responsible for entering the BIOS. After turning on the digital block, do not forget to return to the control console and mark the quick start, so as not to wait every time for the system to boot.

Port activation

In most modern devices, where the presence of an HDMI connector is implied, this interface is activated automatically, but in some cases a little adjustment is required. How to enable HDMI on a laptop?

This often happens when a laptop is used as a second monitor for a desktop computer.

To do this, you need an HDMI cable and connect it to a video card, and from it you need to connect to a laptop. If one of the devices does not have such an interface, then there is the possibility of using adapters, but then it is worth getting ready for a loss of quality.

Next, you can move on to how to enable HDMI input on a laptop. After the cable has been connected, you can turn on the laptop and wait for the system to boot completely. After that, you need to use the fnF4 key combination. However, on laptops of different models, these may be different keys. This combination activates switching monitors, so you need to look for a key with a screen image.

In the event that this method did not work, then you can use the second options. To do this, click the “Start” button and go to the “Control Panel”. Next, you need to select the item “Screen”, and in the column on the left select the option “Configure display settings”. This is HDMI setup on laptop.

To find the first display, press the button “To find”, then set the parameters of the pop-up menu “Expand these screens”. Here’s how to enable HDMI on a laptop.

Connecting laptop to laptop

Now we can consider a method of how to connect a laptop to a laptop via HDMI. In fact, connecting two laptop computers this way will do nothing. The fact is that the HDMI connector on a laptop is designed only for data transmission, but not for receiving.

For such cases, there is an RJ-45 connector, as well as a Wi-Fi wireless connection. So it will NOT work to connect a laptop to a laptop via HDMI. Some laptops have a built-in Bluetooth adapter, which can also be used to connect laptops to each other.

Cable versions

Unlike many devices, the HDMI interface has a reverse connection between any of its versions. For example, you can use a first generation cable and use the data transfer from a second generation connector. However, in this case, the baud rate and picture / sound quality will be consistent with the cable standard, not the connector.

Also, many experts recommend paying attention to the cable length / thickness ratio. The fact is that the market is full of fakes, and if there is no way to learn more about the characteristics of the cable, then you should pay attention to its appearance.

First, if the cord is long, then as it grows, the thickness should also grow. That is, a cable with a length of one and a half meters will be much thinner than a cable with a length of ten meters.

Second, safety comes first. Cable manufacturers, in order to secure their products, put special filters that prevent the occurrence of electromagnetic interference. Outwardly, they look like a cylindrical bulge at the base of the cable.

Diagnosing interface problems

If there are problems with displaying images through this connector, then it is logical to assume that the HDMI port on the laptop does not work. However, it is worth rushing to conclusions, since there are several “symptoms” breakdowns that need attention Pay attention.

The first, and most obvious, sign of a breakdown will be the disappearance of the image on the TV or monitor. First, it is worth checking the connection, and if the laptop detects it, then it is recommended to inspect the cable. First, it must be tight “sit” in both nests. Secondly, you need to Pay attention to its entire length: there are no kinks, external damage. Thirdly. Port variety. It is often possible to confuse the input / output jacks, as there are several of them installed, especially in TVs.

How to enable HDMI on a laptop: simple instructions and recommendations

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more popular to transfer data from one device to another, bypassing portable drives. One such method is an HDMI cable. Here’s how to enable HDMI on a laptop.

The versatility of this type of cable is so popular that it can be used to:

  • Connect TV to Computer.
  • Transfer data from laptop to monitor.
  • Connect smartphone to TV or monitor.
  • Make a connection between the video card and the monitor (or TV).
  • Play movies and music using one high quality cable.

It is becoming easier to connect an equal device to the second, which is why the HDMI interface is so popular. Nowadays, there are practically no devices in which this port would be absent. In some cases, you can use adapters, for example, to connect your smartphone to a monitor or TV. Only the image that is broadcast from the source device will be displayed.

For example, if you connect the system unit to a laptop, you will need a video card port and a laptop port. The main thing. Do not mix up the input and output connectors, otherwise the image will NOT appear.

Role of the HDMI connector

Before you know how to enable HDMI on a laptop, you need to understand what this connector is for. With it, you can broadcast movies, clips and music. The principle of operation is simple. By replacing the analog connection method, HDMI facilitates the transfer of high quality video and audio from one device to another. This can be a connection from a computer to a TV, from a smartphone to a monitor, and so on. Even video cards are connected to the monitor in this way.

Modern versions of the cable are capable of transmitting images in 2K and 4K quality. Unlike its predecessor VGA, this interface does NOT distort the image and has a higher data transfer rate when the screen is updated at 60 and 120 Hz. And the presence of an audio channel helps to avoid additional audio connections.

Interface version

In order to purchase a suitable cable, you need to understand how to find out which HDMI is on a laptop. To do this, you need to consider the characteristics of the video card, since it is responsible for this output.

If the video card is discrete, then you should visit the manufacturer’s website and view the detailed characteristics of the video card, or rather. Her exits. In laptops this will be seen in their technical specifications.

Connecting to a TV without HDMI

It also happens that the laptop has the right port, so you have to resort to methods such as an HDMI to laptop adapter. To do this, you need an HDMI cable and a DVI-HDMI adapter.

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All operations are carried out exclusively on de-energized equipment. Now you can start connecting. The adapter is inserted into the DVI port on the laptop, and the cable is inserted into the HDMI connector, which is located at the output.

After that, you can turn on the TV and laptop. On the laptop, press the right mouse button and select the item “Screen resolution”. A window with parameters and two screens opens. You need to choose an orientation. Landscape, multiple screens. Expand these screens, then the button “Define”. This button will help you understand which screen the TV belongs to, and which laptop.

After that, you need to select the number to which the TV belongs. Most often it is “2”. Then they turn on the TV and select the HDMI connection. Now you can broadcast the image and sound from your laptop to your TV.

Solution to the problem

If the sound signal is lost, visit the “Control Panel” and the Hardware and Sound tab. Next, we only need “Sound”, a window will open where you can choose from connection options. If the problem is with a stationary computer, then you need to choose a video card, and in the case of a TV, respectively, a TV. After that we press “Apply”.

You should NOT exclude the problem with the port itself, as it could simply burn out. To prevent such a disaster, it is necessary to disconnect extraneous connections before connecting HDMI: cable TV and a satellite dish. Checking the outlet will also not be superfluous. Its grounding plays an important role. If the connector burns out, contact the service center to replace the connector.

How to find calculator in Windows 8

The first post, this year, I want to devote to the operating system Windows 8. At the end of the outgoing 2013, I decided to make myself a gift. I bought a new laptop, which of course was already preinstalled with Windows 8.

And immediately there was a problem. where is the calculator in Windows 8? One of the main and perhaps notable features of the new operating system is the “tiled” interface (Metro), which replaced the usual shortcuts and windows. In general, even for an average user, it will not be difficult to deal with all the innovations of the system and understand what’s what.

The goal of this new interface is to unify the operating system as much as possible for ease of use on all devices. from personal computers to phones and tablets. All the time that I “communicate” with the computer, I tried both XP and 7. I really liked the “Eight”! The technical requirements of Windows 8 do not differ from the predecessor (Windows 7), and the boot speed of Windows 8 on the same hardware is almost doubled.

The main difference between Windows 8 and its predecessors is that the “Menu” buttons are located in the usual place. the lion, the lower corner of the screen. All control takes place through the interface (Metro), in the list of all applications. To do this, on the start screen, right-click on a place free of tiles and at the bottom press the button “All applications”

Then I scrolled the list to the right, where the Standard applications are located. Choose. “Calculator”.

We click on it. Selecting with the right mouse button. Then we attach it by clicking on the “Pin to the taskbar” button

That’s all! The Calculator icon will appear in the Quick Access toolbar

If, however, you DO NOT want to clutter up the panel or the Desktop, now you know where the calculator is in Windows 8 and can quickly find and open it.

What does the Updated Calculator look like? He looks standard and his face has not changed.

If you need more specialized functions, by clicking on the “View” button, you can select other levels of difficulty. for example, “Engineering” or “Programmer”

This is what the Advanced Calculator looks like

With such simple settings, it will NOT be difficult to find a calculator in Windows 8.

Different people perceive information differently. some perceive video better, and some text better, so I recorded a short video of the article. I wish you success in mastering the eight.

Sincerely, Alexander Klyuev.

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How to use calculator in Windows 8

Recently, one of the main events in the world of it-technologies is the release of Windows 8. In addition, the new version of the operating system is being actively introduced, installed in many models of sold system units or laptops. However, the innovations, which the developers decided to introduce, baffle some users, even in simple situations, since Windows 8 is very different from other OS versions. You can read more about the features of working in Windows 8 here. Well, now let’s get back to working with a calculator in Windows 8. So, many are interested in seemingly such a simple tool as a calculator. Let’s take a closer look at where to find it and how to work with it.

How to turn on a calculator on a laptop. Calculator in windows 8. remember how to open it

Author: Dmitry Kostin

Good day, dear readers! Today’s topic will be relaxed, because we will NOT do any complex manipulations. It’s even strange that I’m writing about this. I just want to tell you how to open a calculator in windows 8. “Yes, everyone already knows”. many will say, and by the way, I thought so too. But it turns out that the figure eight puzzled many people and for some it became a whole problem to find a calculator.

I have met people who could not find a calculator in windows 8, but sometimes you need it so much, especially when you have an ordinary computing device at hand. No, of course, now every phone has a built-in calculator, but it is very useful to have and use it on a computer. I myself very often (almost every day) have to use a calculator and this Computational Assistant x helps me out.

Okay. We will NOT grind the introduction for a long time, especially since we have a small article today, right? Let’s go!

  • The easiest way for me to open the calculator is, of course, with my favorite “Run” timeline. Yes, yes, it was she. Calling it in any way convenient for you, for example, using the WINR combination. Write 4 letters in the line. calc, then click OK. That’s all there is to it.
  • The second way is through search. Enter the file search in any way convenient for you (I prefer the WINQ key combination), leave the term “Applications” and start typing the word “calculator” (the first 4 letters are enough), then the shortcut of the desired application will appear on the left side. On it and click.
  • Well, the longest way is to search in programs. Go to the start menu. In an empty space, right-click and click All Applications. Now just go to the right and somewhere at the very end you will find the coveted calculator.

I remembered one anecdote here:

To fall asleep, I mentally repeat the multiplication table, and fall asleep somewhere around seven. And today I couldn’t sleep and I reached double digits and froze. I had to get up and take a calculator.

Something like that). How is it? All clear? Well, great, although I am sure that the vast majority of you knew perfectly well how to open this shaitan machine. In general, this information will definitely not be superfluous.

For a more detailed mastering of windows, the Internet and working with various programs, I highly recommend watching this wonderful video course, which will show you how to work correctly in windows, on the Internet, with programs in visual format in video format. In general thing.

I hope that the article was useful to you and now you can quickly find our calculator and if you want to keep abreast of new blog posts, do not forget to subscribe to it. And I say goodbye to you. See you in the next articles. Bye Bye!

Best regards, Dmitry Kostin

How to find calculator in windows 8?

Where and how can I find calculator for Windows 8? The article will give a couple of tips on this matter.

Sometimes you need to calculate something quickly, but doing it in your mind is problematic (we skipped school), so it became necessary to use a calculator. Excellent! Not everyone has a. so it would be nice to do it on a computer. True, that’s bad luck! Windows 8 users (troubles with the Start button are not enough for them), and so, these happy people faced another problem. All its essence and pain in the next sentence (read with emphasis)

Where is that damn calculator on Windows 8 !? Let’s try to answer this question, since you can use the calculator in different ways.

Click WinR, in the window that appears, enter “calc”. The coveted calculator window will appear.

Go to “Search”, we drive in “Calculator” (naturally, without quotes). Both of THESE methods are dreary, and therefore we will try something else, preferably with a minimum of body movements.

The essence of the manipulations below is to always have quick access to the calculator. So, first things first, go to “All Apps”

Scroll through the list to “standard”, where the calculator is located. Right click on it, select “pin to taskbar” That’s all, we found a calculator on Windows 8, it was not so difficult, yes?

Turning on the calculator

Actually find the given application in “figure eight” pretty simple. To do this, right-click on the start menu in any free space. After that, click on the All Applications button. Scrolling through the menu that opens and find the program we need.

In order to make access to the calculator easier and faster, this application can be pinned to the taskbar. What features does the taskbar in Windows 8 have, you can find elsewhere in this article. In order to fix the calculator in the taskbar, right-click on it. In the list of actions, select the one that will help us pin the application to the start menu.

How to work with the program

The main purpose of the program is to perform the necessary calculations. All necessary data is entered in several ways. First, this is done using buttons in the window. Secondly, you can use the keyboard. If you need to enter any data into the program memory, you will need to press the desired button. In this case, the M button will appear above the value.

The clipboard is filled by pressing CtrlC. To insert data into the application field, you need to call the CtrlV keys. The program also has additional settings. So, when you go to the View section, you can see several modes in which the calculator can work. For example, there are additional functions in the engineering view. They are useful for those who need calculus of trigonometric functions. over, the scale of measurement is presented here in several units of measurement, including degrees, grades, radians.

There are additional buttons in statistics mode. They can come in handy in specific cases of calculus. However, there are keys here that can be used for standard calculations, for example, CAD. deleting all numbers that have already been entered, with the help of C you can correct the previous value.

The programmer mode is quite advanced in comparison with a conventional calculator. Not only can you set the number system you want here, you can also specify the bytes contained in the number. In order to work in the hexadecimal number system, new buttons have been added to the application. So, the calculator actively uses the keys from A to F. In addition, using the button, you can open and close the brackets.

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Special buttons allow you to rotate left or right. The Windows 8 calculator has keys that allow you to calculate modulo or do other things. The program has a large selection of a wide variety of calculations, which are maximally simplified for the average user.

As you can see, the Calculator in Windows 8 is a simple but irreplaceable tool. It is used for a wide variety of purposes. over, the application can be applied both for elementary calculations and for complex examples that will be needed only in certain areas. For convenience, it is better to initially pin the application to the Start screen. This can be done with just a few mouse clicks, which has already been written. Thus, the program will always be at hand and will allow you to do even the most complex calculations in a matter of minutes.

How to add any application to the right click menu

Today we will analyze how to edit the context menu, or in other words. Right mouse button menu. We can add any application there, or remove unnecessary ones. And if to remove unnecessary from the context menu. Better to use Ccleaner then to add applications. Better to just add a couple of lines to the registry.

Added 15062016: If you do NOT want to edit the context menu using the registry. Do it with a free and simple utility. The choice is yours: either the right registry itself (which, in principle, is not difficult), or utilities to help

Add the application to the right-click menu using the registry:

We open the register. We go to the start and in the search bar we write regedit (if you have XP, then we go to the start. Run) in all versions of Windows, you can press the WinR keys and write regedit in the window that appears and then click OK.

Add Application to Right Click Menu

I will add scissors to the right-click menu, and you already decide what you want to see there.

In the left pane you need to open the section

If you open the section correctly, the screen will look like mine

Add application to right-click menu

Right-click on Shell = New = Section

Add Application to Right Click Menu

We write the name of the section what we want to see in the display of the right-click menu. For example I will write “Scissors”

Add Application to Right Click Menu

Next, we need to create a section to run the application. Click on the Scissors with the right mouse button = Create = Section

Add Application to Right Click Menu

Let’s name this section command

Add application to right-click menu

We need to know the full path to the application that you want to add to the context menu: find the application, right-click on it = properties = and copy the path

Add Application to Right Click Menu

Open the command section on the left side, on the right you will see the inscription “default”. Open it with a double click, in the field “Value” insert the address to our program

Add application to right-click menu

After confirmation, we check on the desktop what we got: we click in an empty space with the right mouse button and we see the application you need in the context menu!

Add application to right-click menu

In the menu of the right mouse button in this way, you can add as many programs as you want, as you can see there is nothing complicated. That’s all for today, if there are additions. Write comments !! Good luck to you!

How to copy text on a laptop without a mouse

When working with text, users are accustomed to using a mouse: its functionality allows you to perform most of the necessary actions on information (cut, copy, etc.). But what to do if the manipulator is suddenly out of order. In ways to quickly solve the problem, you will learn from our article.

Features of selecting text on a laptop without a mouse

A broken or missing device can be replaced with a touchpad. In cases of sudden touchpad failure, take advantage of the keyboard’s capabilities. Many users may find this method inconvenient. But it’s worth trying to make sure otherwise.

Using keyboard shortcuts cuts down on routine and lets you focus on fast, high-quality text processing.

It takes a little practice to memorize keyboard manipulation.

How to copy text without a mouse on a laptop

Before copying information, you need to select it for this, there are two ways.

  • Using the touchpad.

To move the pointer to the desired area, press Shift and the left touchpad button. Then we activate the right panel key and use the arrows to select “Copy”, the selected text is saved in the buffer.

Open the file, with the pointer at the beginning of the text. Using the navigation arrows, move it to the required fragment. To speed up the movements, we will use the combination:

  • Ctrl right (left) arrow moves to the next (previous) word,
  • Ctrl down (up) arrow moves to the bottom (top) paragraph,
  • Ctrl END (HOME) allows you to go to the end (beginning) of the file.

Next, we use one of the ways to highlight information:

  • To denote with a word, place the pointer in front of the object (after it) and at the same time press Ctrl Shift right (left) arrow,
  • Shift and right (left) arrows highlight from one letter to the text block,
  • Shift END (or HOME when working at the end of a timeline) Applying for one line,
  • To indicate the current and next line with one highlighted word, hold Shift and use the down button to designate them,
  • The same option, but in combination with the up key, highlights the above terms,
  • Left Ctrl A or right Ctrl Insert (Ins) is suitable for selecting a document entirely,
  • For page selection use Shift Page Down,
  • Finishing the process by pressing Ctrl C (instead of C, you can use Insert), if necessary, cut the text, activate Ctrl X.

How to paste copied text without a mouse

There are two ways to take action:

  • When using the touchpad, open a text file, Set the cursor to the required position, Using the right control button and select the “Insert” item with the arrows.
  • If we work with the keyboard, then in an open document, put the pointer in the Seek area, then activate Ctrl V (or Shift Insert).

We hope that our article helped you master the principles of working with text without using a mouse. Good luck!

Double-click speed

In order to customize the mouse buttons, and activate or deactivate sticking, you can check the box in the “Enable sticking function”.

Next, you need to open the “Parameters” section.

And control the speed at which the sticking will be triggered.

Now, just Confirm your actions with the “Ok” button.

Path to device buttons configuration

In order to figure out how to configure the mouse buttons, you need to do some manipulations.

You need to go to the “Start” section.

In the window that opens and go to its right side.

Find the name “Devices and Printers”. (On my PC, this section is called “Printers and Other Hardware”).

Where is the mouse control section

They will call him. A new window appears, which contains a list of all devices connected to this computer.

If suddenly, on the right side of the above window, there is a column “Devices and Printers”. You need to go to the “Control Panel” and go to the “Hardware and Sound” section. And then find “View devices and printers”.

You will see the same task window.

How to Customize Mouse Buttons. Easiest Options

How to customize mouse buttons

To them, respectively, accompanying tools are attached.

One of them is a computer mouse. Let’s see how to customize mouse buttons.

How to replace the mouse pointer

You need to go back to the “Mouse Options” section. Then go to the “Pointers” tabs.

By default, the settings define that the arrow will be white.

And in the line where you can select the pointer, the column “Net” is marked.

Click on the section and decide on the topic parameters that are right for you.

The cursor can be of different shapes and colors. You can even install small animals, all this is in the computer settings.

For example, for people who see poorly, a black pointer would be optimal.

After choosing the type you need, be sure to save the work done, clicked the “Ok” button.

Now and always in the section “Pointers”, in the line where you selected the pointer, there will be an icon of the type that you defined.

Left-handed settings

By default, all existing gadgets, instruments and more are made for people who write with the right hand.

It is believed that if there is a user, then he is necessarily right-handed.

What should those who from birth use only their left hand do? After all, there are not much less of them.

In order to understand how they feel, you can do a little experiment.

Try to perform all functions with your left hand during the day. Conveniently ?? Of course not. Performance drops to 70% instantly.

It is necessary to select the column “Mouse” and click on it with the right button. In the menu that appears, select the “Open” item.

The first section we need is “Mouse Buttons”.

Section “Mouse buttons”

In order to change the configuration for a left-handed person, you need to check the item “Exchange button assignment”.

Then click on the “Apply” button and confirm your actions by clicking on “OK”.

Changes are ready to go.

Customizing the right mouse button

The menu that opens when you press the right button can be easily changed.

It is useful to know where its settings are located and what can be added for the convenience of work, and what needs to be removed.

Let’s consider the options for how to configure the right mouse button.

You can use two methods:

  • Automatic change of configurations;
  • Using the Windows Registry Editor. DIY.

Automatic editing takes place using various programs that need to be downloaded from the Internet.

How to troubleshoot mouse problems

Due to wear and tear, the mice stop working. But there are times when you can try to revive them.

This works only if there are no technical problems with the device itself. the cable is intact, and the batteries in the wireless are not dead.

If all is well, we work with Windows according to the following algorithm.

You need to go to the “Start” menu. To the “Devices and Printers” section.

Here you need to find the “Hardware and Sound” tab, in which there should be a section “View devices and printers”.

Now a window with all the devices that are connected to the computer should open in front of you. Getting started.

Select the mouse tab by clicking on it. Now go to the top of the tasks on the page and find the “File” button. Open it.

This will help you get to the device settings window.

If in this way you did not manage to enter the settings, you can right-click on the shortcuts and from there into the corresponding window.

Both options will lead to the desired result.

Open menu window

The item that should be used is “Troubleshooting”. Click on it.

Now it’s worth a little wait while the system tries to troubleshoot.

It will take about ten minutes. At the end of the work, further instructions will be displayed, after completing which you should get the desired result.

If your computer does NOT need your help, this instruction will NOT pop up.

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The only thing that remains for you to do is click the “Finish” button that appears below.

As well as after performing any manipulations with the settings, the device should be rebooted after the expiration of the actions.

Change speed by double-clicking

Another setting “Change speed by double-clicking”.

It can be checked in the same section by moving the cursor to the desired position.

Double click speed


If you do not like how the cursor looks in different situations, you can customize its display in the “Pointers” tab.

There are two options for changing the cursor:

  • Use one of the standard schemes.
  • Manually assign a pointer to each situation.

You can create your own scheme and save it in the settings, but usually the cursor causes such close attention to users.

Enabling the touchpad

You must turn on the touchpad before using it. Different keyboard shortcuts are used depending on the laptop manufacturer. To turn on the touch mouse on your ASUS laptop, press FnF9. If you have Acer, then to activate the touchpad Use the combination FnF7.

To understand which button you need to press to turn on the touch mouse on your laptop, look closely at the keyboard. Look for the touchpad icon in the F1-F12 key row. Combined with the Fn key, this button enables / disables the touch mouse.

Connecting a wired mouse or wireless device via Bluetooth usually does not cause problems either. The main thing is to check that Bluetooth on the laptop is turned on if you are using wireless equipment.

Mouse buttons

If it is more convenient for you to work with the mouse with the left hand, then you can configure the button reassignment (the left one will act as the right one and vice versa). The type of mouse does not matter: it connects via Bluetooth, USB or is built into the laptop as a touch panel.

Below there is a slider to adjust the speed by double clicking. If you DO NOT have time to press the button to open the folder, set the slider to the minimum value. Hover your cursor over the folder icon and see if your work is more comfortable. You can also configure sticky buttons on this tab.

Mouse settings

It doesn’t matter what kind of mouse you use on your laptop. touch, wired, wireless, Bluetooth. To set it up, you must follow the same steps:

  • Open the control panel.
  • Change the display to “Large Icons”.
  • Go to the “Mouse” section.

In the properties of the input device, you will see four tabs that allow you to customize how your mouse works on your laptop. On another tab (Hardware), you can view the device connection information. On ASUS, Acer and Some second laptops, there is also an “ELAN” tab for setting up multi-gestures.

If you are using a wireless mouse, a Bluetooth connection will appear in the Location line. The screenshot shows that the laptop works with a regular wired mouse. Let’s look at the rest of the tabs in turn: let’s find out what you can configure on them.

Pointer parameters

Much more important than the appearance of the pointer are the parameters of its operation on a laptop or computer. On the tab of the same name, you can specify the speed of movement, the starting position, the need to display the trail, etc.

Be sure to enable increased pointer positioning accuracy. this option will help you hit even the smallest interface elements.

Setting up a mouse on a laptop

The laptop has a built-in mouse. touchpad, which usually does NOT need any additional configuration. However, some tasks using the touchpad are inconvenient to perform: for example, working in a graphical editor. In this case, instead of the touchpad, you can use a wired or wireless mouse that connects via Bluetooth.


The last tab of parameters we are considering is called the “Wheel”. There are only two options that can be configured:

  • Number of scrolled term per click.
  • The number of characters scrolled when the wheel is tilted horizontally.

The last parameter does not work in all mice. If you have the simplest input device, in which the wheel does NOT tilt to the sides, then horizontally you cannot scroll the screen.

What to do if the touchpad buttons on a laptop don’t work

Any equipment is susceptible to breakdowns during operation. And mechanical parts, especially used to the maximum, are the weakest link and the first contender for breakage.

Most ordinary laptop owners do not use a keyboard as regularly as a mouse or a touchpad.

Therefore, breakdowns of the latter are the most frequent occurrence.

If, when you press the touchpad or its buttons, the laptop DOES NOT react in any way. do not rush to carry it to the service center, perhaps everything is not so bad.

  • Almost all laptop models can disable the touchpad after pressing a special key combination (it could be pressed accidentally)
  • Some laptop models have an option in the settings of the touchpad drivers, according to which the latter is automatically disabled if any pointer (mouse, trackpad, etc.) is connected to one of the USB ports or typing occurs on the keyboard (so as not to accidentally move the pointer to another place);
  • Sometimes standard drivers may NOT fit the touchpad (some options often do not work, such as side scrolling, gestures, etc., but the full set of software with the touchpad button driver may NOT be installed or not suitable for your hardware, although still strongly depends on the installed operating system and its settings)
  • The pointer (touchpad) could be disabled in the BIOS (BIOS), like any other PC peripheral equipment.

Touchpad buttons do not work how to enable

What can be done to fix THESE problems:

  • Find a key combination that turns off the touchpad. On the keyboard and press it. On most laptops, this is accomplished by a combination of two Fn buttons (in the lower left corner of the keyboard) and the touchpad icon (the touchpad disable button is usually placed on the function keys in the upper part on “F1”. “F12”). Fn key action icons have the same color. Fn is pressed first, then the button with the desired action.
  • Make sure that a third-party (external) “mouse” is NOT connected to the PC at the moment (this can be not only a wired connection method, but also wireless. via a USB adapter or other communication channels available on a laptop: Bluetooth / Wi-Fi).
  • Open Device Manager and make sure all devices are intact and functional. There are disconnected devices or devices without installed drivers (designated as unrecognized, have a specific icon and are placed in a separate group). If there are any, try using the System Update Center (relevant for Windows 7 and higher) or Try to find drivers through the Device Manager (through the Corresponding menu item). Downloading the latest driver versions is available only with an active Internet access.
  • If the laptop came with a driver disk, you can try to install them from it. Well-known manufacturers offer to download all the necessary drivers from the official website (you need to know the device model, OS version and its bitness).
  • You can check if the touchpad is disabled in the BIOS. To do this, you need to enter its settings (until the OS boots, the corresponding key combination is pressed, it may differ in different device models and manufacturers). In the sections you need to find the correct settings item. In most cases, a universal solution would be to reset to default settings (default settings).

Difficult solutions when the left or right button on the touchpad does not work

If all the above methods did not help. You know for sure that the touchpad buttons stopped working without any good reason (no one got access to the laptop without your supervision, new devices, including mice, were not connected, etc.), then it remains only “heavy artillery”.

You need to disassemble the laptop and fix the problem yourself or carry your laptop PC to service.

If a service or workshop is not for you, then we continue.

The most common causes of breakdowns may be the following:

  • Contact with water, tea, coffee and other accidentally spilled liquids;
  • Disconnecting the touchpad cable (with mechanical stress. falling, impact, etc.);
  • Premature wear of buttons (due to regular stress or due to prolonged normal use).

Disassembly of the laptop is required in all cases. Remember that tampering with the inside of the device will leave you with the manufacturer’s warranty.

The technology for disassembling the device strongly depends on the manufacturer and model of the laptop.

Recently, manufacturers have become less and less concerned about the maintainability and ease of access to individual nodes of laptop PCs. And therefore, to access the touchpad unit, you may have to disassemble the entire laptop. Although somewhere you just need to remove the keyboard (fixed with special latches) or only the bottom cover of the case.

  • First of all, it is worth making sure that the touchpad cable is connected securely and has not jumped out, the contacts have not been erased, the clamp is fixed confidently, there are gaps along the cable itself.
  • In the second, it is worth paying attention to the presence of mechanical particles or liquids in the buttons and contacts of the touchpad buttons.

If, after rubbing with alcohol, drying and properly assembling the touchpad does not work, it remains only to completely replace it.


Useful touchpad control programs

If you are the owner of an Android smartphone, then the latter can easily replace Not only the TouchPad, but also PROVIDE you with ample opportunities to remotely control your laptop.

For iPhones and Windows smartphones, you can search for analogues.

The connection method (via the Internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) depends on the capabilities of the installed program and the smartphone itself (it is worth highlighting such possible problems as lack of support for a multipoint sensor, lack of Bluetooth or outdated versions of communication models, etc.). ).

The simplest solution is to buy a mouse. After all, any Touch Pad can be easily replaced with a mouse. Many laptop owners do just that right after buying a laptop. they get a comfortable and fast mouse.

But if you have a mouse at hand, like a smartphone, and the touchpad has stopped working, its functions can be replaced with a digital input unit on the keyboard:

  • Firstly, you can only use the keyboard to move between active windows, menu items, etc. So, the “Windows” button opens the “Start” menu, “Tab” switches the active buttons / elements, “Ctrl” and “Shift” allow you to select the Required items, the space bar marks ticks / checkboxes, etc. There are other Windows hotkeys.
  • Secondly, in the Accessibility Center (relevant for Windows 10, 8, 8.1), you can configure direct control of the mouse pointer (section “Making it easier to work with the mouse”, block “Enable pointer control from the keyboard.” Depending on the additional settings of this parameter, the pointer will move by pressing the arrows in the digital input block (to the right of the main keyboard of the laptop or can be combined with the main keys, works after pressing “Fn”). The canine is triggered by pressing the central button (the number “5” in the case block, not to be confused with next to the numbers above). By pressing the right button, the “menu” key will respond (case from the space after “Alt”).