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How to Press F11 on a Laptop

How to enable F1-F12 keys on a laptop

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Enabling F1-F12 keys on a laptop

As a rule, on all laptops, the row of F-keys is configured for two modes: functional and multimedia. Previously, a simple single press performed the default action assigned to this key within a program, game, or operating system (for example, F1 opened the application’s help). Pressing the F-key together with Fn already performed another action assigned to it by the manufacturer. It could have been a volume mute or something else.

However, more and more often in modern devices, you can find the opposite principle of operation: the usual press on the F-key starts the action assigned by the manufacturer, and the combination (take the same example with F1) Fn F1 opens the help window.

For users who use F1-F12 for functional purposes more often than for secondary multimedia purposes, such a change of order is often not to their liking. It is especially inconvenient for fans of computer games, requiring a quick response to actions. Fortunately, changing the priority of work can be very simple. by editing one of the BIOS parameters.

  • Start the BIOS using the key responsible for entering your laptop model. If this is a function key, you do not need to press Fn. until the operating system is loaded, this row works in the usual mode.
  • Using the arrows on your keyboard, open the System Configuration section and find the Action Keys Mode parameter. Press Enter on it and select the value “Disabled”.

On Dell laptops, the setting will be different: “Advanced” “Function Key Behavior”. Here you need to rearrange the value to “Function Key”.

For Toshiba: “Advanced” “Function Keys Mode (without pressing Fn first)” “Standard F1-F12 mode”.

  • The new key operation mode is disabled, it remains to press F10, save the settings to “Yes” and Reboot.
  • After changing the mode, you will be able to use F1-F12 as before without any problems. To use additional functions such as adjusting the volume, brightness, enabling / disabling Wi-Fi, you will need to simultaneously press the corresponding function key together with Fn.

    From this short article, you learned why the function keys in games, programs and Windows might not work in your laptop, as well as how to enable them. If you have any questions Use the comment form below.

    How to do a system restore on an HP laptop using different methods

    Good day, users.

    Regardless of the computer manufacturer, sooner or later, any computing device needs to reinstall the operating system or restore it. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including a virus attack, the deletion of sensitive data, and other significant factors. There are several ways to restore the equipment to work. Today I will tell you how to do a system restore on an HP laptop. There are several main ways.


    Another useful feature that helps in different situations of the Pavilion G6 is System Restore. To enable it, you need to take a couple of steps:

    Go to “Advanced options.”.

    Selecting “Safe Mode”.

    After we go to “Start” and “Control Panel”.

    We are interested in “Recovery” and “Launch”.

    A corresponding window will appear in which we click “Next”.

    Now you can choose a suitable return point from several provided. It is better to dwell on the one that was done a few days before the first problems appeared.

    After the process itself starts, the computer will restart and if the operation is successful, everything will work again. Install Comodo Internet Security antivirus immediately and scan the system for viruses.

    How to launch System Restore from Windows.

    The test computer has Windows 8 and I will describe how to open the program in it to restore the system to the factory state.

    Open the Windows 8 start screen, pressed the Win key and go to the window where all installed applications are shown.
    In different versions of the eight, the button for opening this window looks different, go down to the bottom of the window and on the left or right you will see a button to open a window with all installed applications.

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    Find HP Recovery Manager in this window and launch it.

    Still, as I already said, you can use the system search and enter the word in the search box “Recovery” and you will quickly find the program you need.

    You can also find HP Recovery Manager in the Windows file manager.

    To do this, open the system drive and go to the Program Files. Hewlet-Packard directory.

    There are several folders in the Hewlet-Packard catalog, we are only interested in one of the two, this is HP Utility Center or Recovery. Open any of them, you can start the system recovery program from any of THESE folders.

    The HP Utility Center catalog contains the Utility Center, an application that brings together several functions.

    We are interested in the HP Recovery Manager application, launch it.

    Alternatively, HP Recovery Manager can be launched directly from the Recovery directory.

    When the HP Recovery Manager window opens, go to “Windows Recovery Environment”, click on the big orange square with the mouse cursor.

    In the next window you will see information about the start of the recovery environment, click “OK” to continue.
    Further, the system will be restored after restarting the computer, we no longer need the Windows environment.
    If, for some reason, the system restore program from Windows Media does not work, then this can be done while the computer is booting.

    Factory parameters

    Another handy tool is a factory reset. This solution will allow you to cope with any OS problems that are NOT related to the installed hardware. What is it and how will it launch the required tool?

    It must be said right away that all other data from the system disk will be deleted.

    On HP hardware, the Recovery Manager application is responsible for this function. You can start it in the following way:

    Open “Start” and find the above program.

    A window will appear where we select “Wednesday.”.

    I confirm the action. ENVY or any other assembly will restart and enter the desired environment.

    We are interested in “Diagnostics”.

    Next, select “Recovery manager”.

    Click on the button “System restore to the original.”.

    We mark “Without creating a backup copy. After that, the process itself will start.

    After a while, users are prompted to enter personal data to get started.

    Using the tips, we do everything that needs to be done.

    A new OS will appear before users, be it Windows 10 or even Vista. it all depends on who, with which laptop was purchased.

    All that remains is to install the software.

    Reset from boot disk

    If you previously reinstalled the operating system yourself and formatted the hard drive, the built-in utility will NOT remain on the PC. Therefore, write HP Recovery Manager to disk beforehand for use as needed. You need to insert the drive into the floppy drive and open BIOS settings before starting the OS. In the settings, the boot priority has ceased (put a floppy drive or USB flash drive in the first place). Save changes and restart your computer. The next time you turn it on, the recovery and reset utility menu will appear.

    How to start System Restore on an HP laptop. How to restore the system on a HP Pavilion laptop to factory settings

    Welcome to my blog!
    After reading this article, you will learn how to restore the system on HP Pavilion laptop to factory settings through the Windows menu and through the system boot console.
    First, let’s look at how to restore the system to factory state from the Windows environment using a special program. On HP Pavilion laptop it is called HP Recovery Manager.

    Reset via Windows

    If everything is in order with the operability of the operating system, then you can use the standard functionality to return to the factory settings. This procedure is performed according to the following algorithm:

    • Let’s consider the operation on the example of Windows If you are using this version of the OS, then open the “Settings” application. This can be done using the context menu, which opens by right-clicking on the “Start” icon.
    • Now open the “Update and Security” section.
    • Select the “Recovery” tab.
    • In the first block, you must click on the “Start” button.
    • Now a separate window with a choice of actions will appear. You are provided with an option with a complete cleaning and reset of the settings, or with saving personal files.
    • After selecting the parameters, start the rollback procedure and wait for the end.
    • Finally, the computer will restart.

    During this procedure, it is not recommended to perform any actions with documents and applications. This will prevent crashes and data loss.

    How to reset your HP laptop to factory settings

    Click on the button “Windows Recovery Environment. Restart your computer and enter the Windows recovery environment to update the image or restore the system to the original factory settings “.

    Click OK. The laptop restarts

    And enters the recovery environment “Action selection “.

    Click on the button Restore the system to its original state when delivered from the manufacturer.

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    We mark the item Restore without creating a backup copy of files. Further.

    The process of resetting the laptop to its original settings begins.

    We will only have to configure personal parameters and get started.

    Regional settings are usually configured correctly. Further

    Enter the computer name and click Next.

    Skip this step

    Use standard parameters

    Enter your username and click Finish.

    Booting up clean Windows 8.1, the recovery only affected the C 🙂 drive, all files on the second drives remained intact.

    How to Factory Reset HP Laptop If It Won’t Boot

    This can happen due to various system errors or destructive actions of malware, in which case you will NOT be able to get to the Metro interface and launch HP Recovery Manager, but you can still start the rollback process.

    Press the Esc key when loading the laptop and enter the settings menu. To enter recovery mode, press the F11 key.

    The already familiar menu “Select action”.

    Selecting the Diagnostics option.

    Click on System Restore as shipped from the manufacturer. Then you already know how to act.

    How to Factory Reset HP Laptop If It Fails to Boot and Hidden Factory Partitions Are Removed

    If you have reinstalled Windows 8.1 on Windows 7 on your laptop, then surely before installing the seven, you deleted all partitions on the Hard Disk, including the hidden partition with the factory image. In this case, you need to use the HP laptop recovery discs for rollbacks. These discs must be made in advance.

    Insert the recovery disc into the laptop drive.

    Press the Esc key when loading the laptop and enter the settings menu. To boot the laptop from the recovery disk, press the F9 key.

    Select in the boot menu of disks and press Enter.

    We mark the item Run the program from the media

    Factory reset

    We mark the item Restore without creating a backup copy of files. Further.

    The process of returning the laptop to its original state begins, which will surely end successfully.

    How to press f12 on a laptop. F1-F12 keys and their functions. F4 key functions

    • In Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, pressing F4 will move the cursor to the address bar.
    • In MS Word versions older than 2000, pressing F4 allows you to repeat the last action.
    • The AltF4 keyboard shortcut closes the active window of the program, and when executed on the desktop, it will prompt you to shutdown or restart the computer.
    • In most browsers pressing CtrlF4 will close the current tab.

    All functions of the F1-F12 keys on the keyboard. F11 key functions

    • F11 enter and exit full screen view. available in all modern internet browsers.
    • F11 during computer startup allows you to access the recovery partition on Lenovo computers.
    • The keyboard shortcut CtrlF11 during computer startup allows you to access the recovery partition on Dell computers.
    • On macOS 10.4 minimizes all windows and shows the desktop.

    F2 key functions

    • On Windows, lets you rename the selected shortcut, file, or folder.
    • Opens the active cell for editing in Excel.
    • In MS Word, the keyboard shortcut CtrlF2 opens a print preview window.
    • When you turn on the computer, allows you to change the CMOS settings (on some models of motherboards)

    F1 key functions

    • In almost all programs and applications, pressing F1 opens the help window for that application.
    • Pressing CtrlF1 on Windows opens or closes the taskbar of the current folder.
    • The keyboard shortcut WindowsF1 opens the Windows Help and Support Center regardless of which application you are currently running.

    F1-F12 laptop keys and Fn button

    The keyboards of netbooks and laptops have a shortened keyboard and the function keys F1-F12 have to carry an additional load. they adjust the sound, screen brightness, turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetouch, etc.

    To separate these “laptop” and “standard” functions of the function keys, there is always an Fn (function) button on the keyboard of such devices. Pressing this key once will usually switch the keyboard to “standard” mode, and twice. to “laptop” mode. However, sometimes the modes are changed NOT by pressing, but by holding the Fn key.

    F9 key functions

    • The F9 key allows you to “refresh” the document window in MS Word (it is not clear why), and when combined with the Ctrl key. insert a pair of curly braces into the document.
    • In MS Outlook, the F9 key performs a useful function. it starts the process of sending and receiving e-mail from all mailboxes.
    • On (some) laptops, to reduce screen brightness (Fn).
    • On macOS 10, use the Fn and F9 keys to open Mission Control.

    F6 key functions

    • Pressing F6 will move the cursor to the address bar in most modern internet browsers.
    • On (some) laptops, to decrease speaker volume (Fn).

    For Windows 10 users with Precision Touchpad

    If you DIDN’T find the above Control Panel and you have Windows 10, then there is a solution for you too. If your laptop has a so-called Precision Touchpad, then you can easily use the settings built into Windows 10.

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    Right-click on Start and go to Settings → Devices → Touchpad. Scroll down to the very bottom of this tab and find the “Three-finger gestures” section. Then click on the “touch” drop-down menu and select “Mouse Wheel” from it. By default, this gesture is set to open Cortana in Windows 10.

    However, if you DO NOT see the Touchpad Control Panel in Mouse Settings on Windows 7, or you DO NOT see any available options in the Touchpad Settings in Windows 10, then you may need to install drivers for your laptop’s touchpad. To do this, head to the website of your device manufacturer, go to the downloads or drivers section, find a driver for a touchpad or mouse and install it. After installation, try the above steps again.

    How to activate three-finger gestures?

    If the three-finger tap function does not work, then it is worth trying to activate it. There are two methods by which this can be done: through the control panel of the touchpad driver and through the Precision Touchpad settings in Windows 10. We will break down both of them, and also give some information to those who do not have an advanced touchpad.

    Basic gestures

    To left-click on the touchpad, press on its surface with one finger. To right-click, press the touchpad with two fingers. To click on the wheels, press the touchpad (you guessed it) with three fingers. Everything we have just described is the so-called ideal situation with the touchpad.

    In practice, things are quite different with touchpams. On some touchpads, the above controls are activated by default. Some touchpads also have it, but it is deactivated by default and must be turned on manually. However, there are also such touchpads on which the above control is not even provided.

    So try tapping your touchpad with a friend, two or three fingers, to see if it has these features or not. If you tried it and it didn’t work, then either these functions are disabled on your touchpad, or they are absent altogether.

    We will now show you how to activate the three-finger tap feature. Accordingly, if you can use it, then you can click on the mouse wheel. The instructions below will be described using the Windwows 10 operating system as an example. If you want to use the mouse wheel on MacBooks, you can use the MiddleClick program.

    For Windows 7 and Windows 10 users without Precision Touchpad

    To find this option, head to Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Mouse. The mouse options should open in front of you. Find the Touchpad or Touchpad tab in the window. Unfortunately, the Further steps are rather difficult to describe, since the settings that you find in the “Touchpad” tab will differ from each other due to the difference in the models of the touchpad itself.

    We can recommend the following to you: as soon as I enter the touchpad options, immediately try to find an action setting that can be tied to a three-finger tap. As soon as you find this option, set it to be responsible for clicking with the mouse wheel.

    Among other things, your Touchpad may be equipped with buttons that are responsible for the left and right mouse buttons. Also enter the mouse settings through the Control Panel and look for the option to customize THESE keys. Some users with keys on the touchpad manage to set up pressing two buttons so that they perform the function of clicking on the mouse wheel.

    How to click the mouse wheel on a laptop touchpad?

    Some laptops allow their users to click with the wheel, but most do. In some situations, you will need to activate this option through the driver’s control panel or install those for your laptop.

    For the owner of a touchpad without three-finger tap function

    Provided that it was not possible to activate the above functionality for your touchpad, then you will have savory ones. You can try to configure something using the multifunctional AutoHotKey program, then, perhaps, you will NOT succeed.

    If you use the wheel quite often while working in Windows, then you can try using alternative gestures. For example, quite often the wheel click is used when opening new tabs while surfing the net. However, you can simply hold down the Ctrl key and then rename the link to open a new tab.

    Frankly, if your Touchpad on a laptop does not allow you to simply click on the mouse wheel, or three-finger gestures seem incredibly inconvenient to you, then it will be easier to get some kind of simple laptop mouse, which, by the way, will cost a mere penny (depending on the company. of course).

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