How To Password A Folder On A Laptop

Easy Way to Encrypt Microsoft Word Document

Any single document that you create in Microsoft Word. You can put encryption.

  • After creating a Word or Excel file, enter the “Office” menu. Next, click on “Prepare”, a submenu will open, where we select “Encrypt document”.
  • In the window, enter the security password you have invented. I confirm it by redialing.

Done, now when you open this document, a window will pop up, requiring a password.

This option is well suited for users who store keys in a Word file. For example, you will need to implement remote access to a second PC. The login code can be written in a Word document and password protected using this method.

Second place. Bat file

This method is certainly popular among users. The method shows how easy it is to put a password on a folder without programs. You don’t need to download and install anything, just make a folder and a bat file. The principle is to hide the folder with valuable information for you, and when you type a password, this folder will appear. This is implemented using a mini script.

  • We make a folder anywhere. We enter it, right-click, select “Create”, “Text Document”
  • By opening the text document you created. We paste the code there, you can download it below, and be sure to write your new password in the line “if NOT% pass%”. In our script, the key is registered “12121212”, and it must be changed.
  • After changing the password, in the upper sections select “File”, “Save As.”. A window will appear where “File name” enter “locker.Bat”. And “File type” select “All files (.)”. Click “Save”.
  • Now in your folder you will see two files “locker.Bat” and “New text document.Txt”. Delete “New text dock.” so that there is only one “locker.Bat”.
  • Double click to launch “locker.Bat”. The “Private” folder will be created. Place all important information for you in this folder.
  • After placing your information in the folder, re-activate the file “locker.Bat”. A black window will pop up, where you will be prompted to Encrypt the “Private” folder under your password. Press “Y”.
  • The “Private” folder will disappear completely, whatever is in it. In order for it to become visible again, click again on the file “locker.Bat” and enter your password as you specified.

The method is SIMple and not reliable enough. If a cracker finds your bat file, he can easily see the key. It is enough for him to right-click on the file and select “Change”. All information will be before his eyes. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully hide the bat file.

First place. WinRAR and 7-Zip

Surely one of THESE programs is installed on your PC. Therefore, you will NOT have to download and install anything in addition, this is, of course, a plus. Now let’s talk about their capabilities and how to use them.

How to quickly password protect a folder in Windows 10, 8, 7, xp

It is NOT uncommon for several people to use the same computer at work or at home. In such a situation, you just need to know how you can set a password for a folder in Windows 10, 8, 7, xp. What is it for, you ask? Of course, in order to store important information for you in this folder with a password, in which you would NOT want strangers to know. There are many ways to quickly set a password for a folder in Windows, but today we will tell you about the most popular among users.

Lock-a-Folder app

With Lock-a-Folder you can hide any folders on your computer. Of the shortcomings, only one can be distinguished, there is a Russian language. But even without it, using this utility will not be difficult.

  • We open applications. We put the code on the program itself.
  • We make a choice of the folder to block, Install the code.
  • To unlock, click “Unlock Selected Folder”. All hidden files and folders will be available again.

Third place. create virtual storage, BitLocker

In this example, we will show you how to create a password-protected virtual disk using the Windows feature. BitLocker. Keep in mind, not every Windows has such a function, here is a list of exactly where:

  • Windows 10. Pro, Enterprise, Education only.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1. Pro, Enterprise only
  • 7th Windows and Windows Vista. Ultimate, Enterprise only
  • We are creating a new disk, for this we can recommend the common program Acronis Disk Director. Or you can write a password for an existing disk, choose the best for you.
  • We go to “My Computer”. Right click on the drive of your choice and select “Enable BitLocker”.
  • Mark the checkbox “Use password to remove.”. Enter the password twice, which should consist of eight or more characters.
  • We decide on a place where it is safer to save the recovery key, suddenly forget the main code.
  • In the next window, put a dot in front of the line “New encryption mode”.
  • The final action that you need to perform is to click “Start encryption”. Everything, we are waiting for the end of encryption, we check. Access to files will be limited, no code.

7-Zip file archiver

  • Click on the folder that you decided to password-protect with the right mouse button. Expanding “7-Zip”, click “Add to archive”.
  • We find the section “Encryption”, there we enter your password two times, as you have come up with yourself. Click “OK”.
  • Done, a new zipped folder will appear. Try to unzip it, it should prompt you to enter the key. Of course, it will set a password. These utility are as easy as shelling pears, there should be no difficulties. But in terms of convenience and comfortable use, not everyone will like the method here.

We put the password in Mac OS on the folder

It’s pretty easy to password protect a folder on a Macbook or iMac.

  • Launch “Disk Utility”. Find it in “Programs”, “Utilities”.
  • You will see a menu where you need to select “File”, “New” then “Create image from folder”.
  • We write the name of the image, indicating the size, as well as the type of encryption. Click “Create”
  • Next, you will be prompted to enter the key and confirm it by re-entering.
  • Done, now you have a disk image. In order to see something or add new files to it, you will need to enter the key you have set.
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Fourth place. programs that will help to put the key in Windows 10, 7, 8, xp.

There are many programs, both paid and free, thanks to which it will be easy for you to install a key to protect the folder. For example, we decided to take the best in the free segment.

Set password on laptop via command term

Some users will prefer the alternative option, which also allows you to block access to the laptop and protect valuable information stored on its Hard drive. All you need to do is use the command line.

  • The first step is to press the “Windows X” key combination. Next, select “Command line (administrator)” from the list. In Windows 10, you can SIMply click the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner. Then enter cmd. Then the command line will open.
  • We register “net user” and press enter. After that, a list of users will appear on the screen. This is necessary to see the correct spelling of the name / login.
  • Now we enter the command “net user Name Password“. Naturally, “name” and “password” must be replaced. For example, net user user1 qwerty.
  • If you do everything correctly, the system will inform you about it. The message “command completed successfully” appears.

Windows 10 laptop password

There are several protection options for devices with top ten. On such a laptop, you can set both a symbolic and a graphic password. You can also restrict access to your Windows 10 laptop using the PIN and Windows Hello features.

To activate any of the methods, you need to go to the “Options” section, then. to “Login Options”. Here on the left you can choose the type of password protection that you like. All you have to do is click “Add”.

It should be remembered that the pin code and picture password are available only for a Microsoft account (under the local administrator, these functions are inactive).

By the way, there are frequent situations when the user’s password for entering Windows 10 is set, but for some reason the system does not ask for it when turning on the laptop. This is usually due to the corresponding input requirement setting disabled. To activate it, you need to press the WinR key combination, and in the window that opens, type control userpasswords2. Then they will be named OK.

Windows login password

The first option is Windows Password Access Protection. What is its advantage? It’s SIMplicity. The downside is low reliability. You can set passwords when entering the OS as follows:

  • Let’s take a look at Windows 7 as an example. The first step is to go to the Control Panel (via Start). Further in the tab “User accounts”.
  • In the window that opens, click on “Create a password for your account”.
  • Now you need to fill in all the fields. They are called “new password” and “password confirmation”. When doing this, pay attention to whether you have Caps Lock enabled. Also, remember that the strongest password contains upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Optionally, you can enter a hint at the very bottom line. By the same token, if you suddenly forget the password, the system will remind you of it. But, of course, not in full. So, if necessary, write down the password somewhere on a piece of paper.

For laptops with Windows 8, the aLGorithm is somewhat SIMilar to what is relevant for devices with Windows 7. However, there are some differences. Therefore, to set a password on a laptop with a “eight”, adhere to the following scheme:

  • Hover your mouse cursor over the top right or bottom right of the desktop. Then move it up or down.
  • A menu will open where you need to select the “Options” section (usually at the very bottom).
  • In the window that opens, click on “Change computer settings” and go to the appropriate section.
  • Select “Login Options” on the left or “Users” right away, depending on the OS version. Next, you need to find a key that will be called like “Create password”, “Change password”, etc.
  • A window will appear on the monitor. Enter the password in it, repeat it and, if necessary, set a hint.
  • Click “next” or “done”. Here you are “password protected” laptop.

How to put a password on a laptop

Many users store valuable and important information on laptops. These are various documents, scans, passwords, as well as access to social networks, personal correspondence, photographs, and more. Dr. Naturally, it is highly undesirable for such data to fall into the wrong hands. For this, you need to put a password on the laptop. This can be done in different ways. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Laptop BIOS password

There is also BIOS Password Protection. It is more resistant to hacking. At the same time, it Not only restricts access to the same account, but also prevents unauthorized changes to settings in the BIOS. In addition, to disable BIOS password protection, the “Cracker” will need to remove the battery from the motherboard. And all this procedure requires a lot of time and effort. So the user can NOT worry that someone will use the device in his absence.

So, to put a password on a laptop through the BIOS, you need:

  • Go to the corresponding menu. Each manufacturer (acer, asus, samsung, hp, lenovo, etc.) gives preference to certain keys. The most popular options are F1, F2, F10, F12, Del, Esc. All that is required is when you turn on and boot the OS, press the desired button. By the same, you will be taken to the BIOS menu.
  • Find a section where you can set a password. It can be called in different ways. For example, “Security”, “User Password” (for a regular user) or “Supervisor” (for an administrator).
  • Set a new password. To do this, select the Corresponding section and press Enter. Then we write the code.
  • Save password and exit BIOS menu. To do this, go to the Exit item and select “Save and Exit Setup”. Or first press F10, select “YES” and then Enter.

Now you need to enter the password every time you turn on the laptop. Otherwise, Windows loading and access to any information stored on the computer will be denied.

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However, what if you forgot your password? As we said above, you can disconnect the battery for powering the special flash memory, which stores the BIOS microcode with all settings. To do this, you have to disassemble the laptop a little. There is another option. a forgotten password can be reset programmatically. How? Using Special Pass Phrases (the so-called standard BIOS password). However, each manufacturer (ASUS, Acer, Samsung, Dell, etc.) is unique.

It happens that in a particular laptop model there are a dozen options for individual codes for resetting the BIOS settings and password. Therefore, picking them up is not so easy. First you need to find out the BIOS version, and then find on the Internet a list of standard passwords, which you then have to enter one by one.

How to put a password on a folder in Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 without programs?

Operating system manufacturers are seriously concerned about the security of user data, and Microsoft is one of them. Many large corporations use Windows, which is becoming more reliable with newer versions. Despite this, it does not provide a function to set a password for a separate folder or file. Microsoft explains the lack of such a possibility by the presence of an option with activating the password of an individual computer user, but this is not always convenient.

A common situation when in an office an employee has left the computer for a couple of minutes is to make coffee or talk on the phone. At this point, his personal files are NOT protected, unless he is logged out of his profile. Anyone can not only view the files on the computer, but also download them, which is fraught with problems. However, there are several ways that allow you to put a password on a folder in Windows of any version, while Using or not Using third-party programs.

How to put a password on a folder in Windows without programs?

The method, which will be described below, does NOT provide complete protection of data in the folder from the actions of intruders.

    We go into any directory of the computer in which you want to place the folder with the password, and right-click on any free area. Choose “Create”. “Text Document”. You can choose any name for the document. this will NOT affect in the future.

  • Open the created text file and paste the following code into it.
  • This code is a script that will allow you to put a password on a folder in Windows without programs.

      Now you need to set up a password, which you will need to enter to access the secret folder. To do this, we find the words in the PASSWORD_GOES_HERE code. Instead, we write a password for future access to your personal folder.

    Statistics show that many people are careless about their passwords, choosing their date of birth or their name as a secret code. The OkeyGeek website advises you to be more careful in choosing a password, in particular, we add letters of different case, punctuation marks and numbers to it, which allows confusing programs for automatic password guessing.

      After the password is written, it remains to save this file, but in a certain format. Click “File”. “Save As.”.

    Attention: This file will remain visible to users, and through it it will be necessary to enter the personal folder on which the password is set. We recommend choosing a name for the file that would “scare away” intruders. For example, the file can be named “Win.Bat” or “splwow64.Bat”.

      Now we go back to the folder in which the text document was created. We see that a file with the selected name and the.Bat extension has appeared in it. If your computer is NOT configured to display file extensions, then check the box in the selected folder in the “View” tab on the item “File name extensions”.

    As we said above, this method is not ideal, and from experienced computer users who want to get access to your folder in a SIMilar way, the set password will NOT save.

    How to find out the password installed on the Windows folder?

    If you know which of the files is responsible for hiding / opening the private folder on the computer, then it is quite easy to find out the password that triggers the script. No specialized tools or programs are required for this.

    The password can be obtained as follows:

      Right-click on the executable file with the.Bat extension, and in the pop-up window, select “Change”.

    It seems that only 2 steps are needed to open the folder with a password, and this is indeed the case. But for an ordinary user, a child or a person who understands practically nothing about the principles of the functioning of a computer, it will be difficult to guess how to open a folder hidden under a password.

    Lim Block Folder (Lim lock Folder)

    The free Russian-language Lim Block Folder utility is recommended almost everywhere when it comes to setting passwords on folders. However, it is categorically blocked by Windows 10 and 8 defender (as well as SmartScreen), but at the same time, from the point of view of, it is clean (one detection is probably false).

    Official website of the program. maxlim.Org

    Folder Lock by newsoftwares.Net

    Folder Lock Plasma of the Russian language, but if this is not a problem for you, then perhaps this is the program that provides the greatest functionality when protecting folders with a password. In addition to setting a password for a folder, you can:

    • Create “safes” with encrypted files (this is more secure than a SIMple password for a folder).
    • Turn on automatic blocking when exiting a program, exiting Windows or shutting down the computer.
    • Safely delete folders and files.
    • Get reports on incorrectly entered passwords.
    • Enable hidden operation of the program with a call by hot keys.
    • Back up encrypted files online.
    • Creation of encrypted “safes” in the form of exe files with the ability to open on second computers where the Folder Lock program is not installed.

    The same developer has additional tools to protect your files and folders. Folder Protect, USB Block, USB Secure, with slightly different functions. For example, Folder Protect, in addition to setting a password for files, can prohibit their deletion and modification

    How To Password A Folder On A Laptop

    All developer programs are available for download (Free Trials) on the official website https://www.Newsoftwares.Net/

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    Programs for setting a password for a folder in Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8

    Let’s start with programs designed to protect folders with a password. Unfortunately, among the free utilities for this, there is little that can be recommended, but still I managed to find two and a half solutions, which can still be advised.

    Note: Despite my recommendations, do not forget to check the free downloads on services such as Despite the fact that at the time of writing this review, I tried to highlight only the “clean” ones and manually checked each utility, this may change over time and updates. Additionally, you may be interested in a SIMple free utility for fast encryption of folders and files Encrypto.

    Another way without programs

    This method is NOT too serious and does not really protect much, but for general development I bring it here. First, create any folder that we will password protect. Next. create a text document in this folder with the following m:

    Save this file with the.bat extension and run it. After you run this file, a Private folder will be automatically created, where you should save all your super-secret files. After all files have been saved, run our.bat file again. When asked if you want to lock the folder, press Y. as a result, the folder will SIMply disappear. If you need to open the folder again, run the Bat file, enter the password, and the folder appears.

    The method, to put it mildly, is unreliable. in this case, the folder is SIMply hidden, and when you enter the password, it is shown again. In addition, someone more or less computer savvy can look into the contents of the bat file and find out the password. But, the topic is not for me, I think that this method will be interesting to some novice users. Once upon a time I also learned from such SIMple examples.

    Set a password for the archive folder in Windows

    All popular archivers. WinRAR, 7-zip, WinZIP support setting a password for the archive and encrypting its contents. That is, you can add a folder to such an archive (especially if you rarely use it) with a password set, and delete the folder itself (that is, so that there is just a password-protected archive). At the same time, this method will be more reliable than just setting passwords on folders using the programs described above, since your files will be really encrypted.

    Read more about the method and instructions here: How to put a password on a RAR, 7z and ZIP archive.

    Hide Folders

    The Hide Folders program is a functional solution for protecting folders and files with a password, hiding them, which also includes Hide Folder Ext for setting a password on external drives and flash drives. In addition, Hide Folders is in Russian, which makes it easier to use.

    The program supports several options for protecting folders. hiding, locking with a password or their combination, it also supports remote control of protection over the network, hiding traces of the program, calling by hot keys and integration (or lack thereof, which may also be relevant) with Windows Explorer, export lists of protected files.

    In my opinion, one of the best and most convenient solutions of this kind, albeit a paid one. The official website of the program is https://fspro.Net/hide-folders/ (free trial version works for 30 days).

    How to put a password on a folder in Windows

    Everyone loves secrets, but not everyone knows how to password protect a folder with files in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7. In some cases, a protected folder on a computer is a rather necessary thing in which you can store passwords for very important accounts on the Internet. working files, not meant for second and more.

    In this article. various ways to put a password on a folder and hide it from prying eyes, free programs for this (and paid ones), as well as a couple of additional ways to protect your folders and files with a password without using third-party software. You may also be interested: How to hide a folder in Windows. 3 ways.

    Paid programs for setting password on folders

    The list of free third-party folder protection solutions that can be recommended in any way is limited to the topics that have been specified. But there are also paid programs for THESE purposes. Perhaps some of them will seem more acceptable to you for your purposes.

    Anvide Seal Folder

    Anvide Seal Folder (previously, as I understand it, Anvide Lock Folder) is the only adequate free program in Russian for setting a password for a folder in Windows, and not trying to secretly (but openly offers Yandex elements, be careful) to install any unwanted software on your computer.

    After starting the program, you can add the folder or folders to which you need to put a password to the list, then press F5 (or name the folder with the right mouse button and select “Close access”) and set the password for the folder. It can be separate for each folder, or you can “Close access to all folders” with one password. Also, clicked on the “Castle” image on the left in the menu bar, you can set a password to start the program itself.

    By default, after closing access, the folder disappears from its location, but in the program settings you can also enable encryption of the folder name and file contents for better protection. To summarize, this is a SIMple and straightforward solution that will be easy for any novice user to figure out and protect their folders from access by unauthorized persons, which also includes some interesting additional features (for example, if someone enters the password incorrectly, you will be informed about this when you start the program with correct password).

    The official site where you can download the Anvide Seal Folder program for free