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How to mute the keyboard sound on a laptop

Using the command line

The method is suitable for temporarily disabling the keyboard without using additional software.

  • press the key combination “WINR”.
  • or Start. In the search box, enter “Command line”, right-click and select “Open as administrator”.
  • Enter the following: rundll32 keyboard, disable and press “Enter”.

After doing these manipulations, the keyboard will stop working. In order to enable it back, enter into the command line: rundll32 keyboard, enable

4 ways to disable keyboard on laptop

How to disable the built-in keyboard on a laptop and why you might need it? For example, if you have children and in your absence they like to pamper by pressing different keys, accidentally spilled water or simply decided to clean it from dirt and dust without turning off the computer.

So, let’s take a look at 4 simple, universal ways to disable the native keyboard on a netbook and laptop in Windows 7, 8, 10.

Third Party Programs

Another simple method to disable the keyboard is to install a special utility. There are a lot of them on the Internet, but we will analyze it using the example of the free application “Toddler Keys”.

How to Turn Off Click Sound for On Screen Keyboard on Windows® 10. GuruAid

  • Works great on different operating systems, both on Windows XP, Vista and on Windows 7, 8, 10.
  • Easy to operate, although it has an English-language interface.
  • Lock in a couple of clicks.

Let’s start installing and configuring the utility:

  • Downloading from the office. site. we install and run.
  • Initially, the utility will be displayed in notifications (at the bottom right of the screen, where the time is shown).
  • Click on the “TK” icon with the right mouse and check the “Lock Keyboard” checkbox. After that, the keyboard will be locked and your child will not accidentally delete anything.

After installing the program, uncheck the other items. So that you do not block the drive or the shutdown button.

Thus, we have disabled the keyboard on the Samsung laptop. And I didn’t have to go into the BIOS for this. The same principle of shutdown and on Lenovo.

If for some reason this software did not suit you, use another one, all such programs have similar functions. For example, there are some other good utilities: “Block” or “All-Unlock”.

Standard tools

To disable the keyboard on a laptop on Windows 7, 8 or 10, regardless of its manufacturer (Asus, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Acer or Sony vaio), you can use the following method:

  • We click “Start. Control Panel (in the upper menu” View “put a check mark” Show large icons “). Device Manager”.
  • We are looking for a keyboard. right-click. Properties.
  • Next, go to the “Information” section, open the list and select “Equipment ID”.
  • Copying the value.
  • Press the combination “Windows R” and enter the phrase gpedit.msc
  • Next, go to: Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Device Installation / Device Installation Restrictions.
  • In the section on the right, go to the settings of the item “Prohibit the installation of devices with the specified codes” by clicking 2 times with the left mouse.
  • We set the “Enable” option and click on the “Show” button, in the window that appears, paste the keyboard code that we copied earlier and click “OK”.
  • Also, in the main window, be sure to check the item “Also apply for the corresponding devices, the installation of which has already been made”
  • Then “Apply” and “OK”, the window will close and all settings will be applied only after restarting the netbook.

The method works only on Windows OS (professional or maximum). In order for it to start working on other versions (Home, Basic or Initial), you must first install the Group Policy Editor.

Physical disconnection

If you nevertheless decide to disassemble the laptop and turn off the keyboard once and for all, here you need to proceed carefully, even the slightest scratches on the motherboard will render it inoperative.

So, the panel is connected to the motherboard via a ribbon cable. To disable it, carefully open the case and disconnect the ribbon cable. At the same time, try not to damage the seals, if you have a new laptop, then under warranty they will not accept it for repair.

Turning on the sound in the laptop. adjusting the volume on the keyboard

The operating system and programs for playing multimedia files are equipped with volume controls, the interface of which is understandable even for a beginner, but in some cases, changing the sound on the laptop keyboard will be faster and more efficient. The user does not have to grab the mouse and hover over the icon in the tray or application window, as well as exit full screen mode during the game.

There is also no need to reach for the rotary control on the external speaker, which is not always convenient, especially when the speakers are mounted to the wall. over, the sound from the keyboard can be turned off instantly. and this is especially important. when you need to quickly remove background noise, for example, during a phone call or at night. Knowing which keys to use for this purpose is useful for owners of any models of laptop computers.

Turning sound on and off

You can mute the sound using the keyboard combination of two buttons. Fn and one of the twelve function keys F1-F12 with an icon in the form of a crossed-out speaker. Fn expands the capabilities of the keyboard, it is located in the bottom row on the left, between “Ctrl” and “Windows”.

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On a number of Samsung models, there are two such buttons: one is in the usual place, and the other is near the arrow keys to the right of the main unit. The function buttons are in the top row, between “Escape” and “Pause / Break”. To activate the required action, hold Fn with one finger, then with the other finger of the same or second hand (if the key is at the end of the top row) press the desired button once.

It is worth noting that on laptops of different brands and individual models, different keys are responsible for this action. Below are some examples (in all cases in conjunction with Fn):

  • Asus. Most models use the F10 key.
  • Acer. F8.
  • Dell. F1.
  • Lenovo. F1.
  • Sony Vaio. F2.
  • HP. F8.
  • Samsung. F6.
  • Toshiba. Fn Esc.
  • MSI. F9.
  • Chromebook. F8.

For individual lines and models, other combinations are possible, which can be easily recognized by the labeling of the keys or from the instructions for the laptop (for example, if the images on the buttons have erased from long use).

mute, keyboard, sound, laptop

You can turn on sound on a laptop using the keyboard using the same keyboard shortcuts. When pressed again, the sound reappears and the volume remains the same as it was before it was turned off. A common reason for no sound on a mobile PC is accidentally pressing a combination that turns off the speakers.

Sometimes users forget that they themselves performed this action some time ago. Therefore, if, when playing a file in the player, the time starts counting, although the speakers or headphones do not emit a sound, you should first press the buttons mentioned above.

Turn up and turn down sound

In the window of the player (a separate program or an online player on one of the popular services), the volume is adjusted by the buttons with arrows “Up” and “Down”, which are located next to the digital block. You don’t need to press Fn.

To adjust the volume, two keys are used in combination with Fn: one to turn down the sound on the laptop using the keyboard, the other to turn it up. They are located next to the button responsible for turning off the speakers. Here, the button bindings on devices from different manufacturers are also not the same. For the most common brands, the following options are possible (the first button decreases the volume, the second increases):

  • Asus. F11 and F12.
  • Acer. Some models use F11 and F12, but others use arrow keys (in conjunction with Fn).
  • Dell. F2 and F3.
  • Lenovo. F2 and F3.
  • Sony Vaio. F3 and F4.
  • HP. In some models. F10 and F11, but there are options on which the buttons with the “Up” and “Down” arrows are triggered (when Fn is held down).
  • Samsung. F7 and F8.
  • Toshiba. F9 and F10 (options are possible, for example, using Fn in combination with the numbers “3” and “4”).
  • MSI. F7 and F8.
  • Chromebook. F9 and F10.

The adjustment method is the same for any laptop models, but the actions of users when working with different models of devices are not the same due to differences in the size of the keys, their location, and the distribution of functions by the manufacturer. Owners of some laptops can easily perform the operation with their left hand, while owners of models with a different key arrangement will have to use both hands: hold Fn with the left and press one of the twelve upper row buttons with the right.

One press will decrease or increase the volume by a fixed amount, most often by 5%. It will take several repetitions to reach the desired sound level. The changes will be noticeable not only by ear, they will be displayed on the icon in the system tray.

When you change the volume in the player using the arrow buttons, the slider or scale associated with the sound will also change its appearance. When watching a video, the indicators are displayed on the screen for 1-2 seconds and then disappear.

If the sound was turned off before, the first press of the combination will turn it on, and the repeated ones will decrease or increase the volume.

On a multimedia laptop, you can turn up the volume on the keyboard, as described above, or using special buttons to control sound and file playback. An additional row of mechanical or touch buttons is usually located above the main keyboard, but can also be located below it (to the right of the touchpad) or to the side.

The keys are easily recognizable by labels that are similar to those used in iPods. Such a useful addition is not found on all laptop models.

Programs have been developed to remap function keys (for example, Key Remapper or ATNSOFT Key Manager). They are recommended to use if it is inconvenient to press the combinations specified by the manufacturer, for example, due to the large distance between the buttons, the physical characteristics of the PC owner himself (small hands, joint diseases) or a previously formed habit of other combinations.

The software is usually publicly available. With it, the user will be able to create combinations that are comfortable for himself. which will need to be remembered, since the inscriptions on the function buttons will lose their relevance after reset.

Button shortcuts do not perform additional actions (which include sound control). if the Fn key is disabled in the BIOS. You can activate it like this:

  • Immediately after turning on or restarting the laptop, press the button that is responsible for entering Setup (often F2 or Del).
  • Find the string “Action Keys Mode”, “Hotkey Mode” or other similar wording (usually found in the section titled “Configuration”).
  • Go to the desired item using the arrow keys, then press “Enter”.
  • In the menu of two lines, select the value opposite to that set (“Disabled” instead of “Enabled” and vice versa).
  • Save changes by pressing F10 and exit the program.

After loading, the behavior of the keys will change.

Some buttons are sometimes not pressed due to the ingress of litter. In this case, they must be carefully removed to clean and then put back. With mechanical floors, the buttons are replaced with serviceable ones, and the oxidized contacts are cleaned of plaque. If the user has not had the opportunity to repair the equipment, it is better to send the laptop for repair.

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All of these methods work on laptops with sound cards and speakers in good condition. The audio card can be disabled in the BIOS, which makes software-based methods for turning on the sound useless. You will need to enter Setup to find the item with the word “Audio” or “Sound” in the section with the word “Integrated” (since the option is suitable for integrated sound cards).

If “Disabled” appears opposite the corresponding line, it should be replaced with “Enabled”, then save the configuration and exit. After downloading, you can try again to turn on the sound on the laptop and make the volume on the keyboard more or less.

The lack of effect from pressing keyboard shortcuts and changing settings in the BIOS often indicates problems with drivers or a broken sound card. In the first case, a not too experienced user can cope with the task, but the repair of the equipment should be entrusted to specialists.

Sound control hotkeys are useful for music, movie and game lovers to learn how to quickly adjust the volume. This will help avoid discomfort and conflicts, and will also make it easier to work with your laptop. The skill of working with the keyboard will be needed in the absence of a mouse and a breakdown of the touchpad.

Working at a computer should always be as user-friendly as possible, regardless of whether you are relaxing while playing online games, watching movies, searching for interesting information on the network, or daily performing a routine process of typing texts or working with tables, applications, websites, special programs Therefore, in addition to the standard settings, each user builds the interface for himself. In this article, we will look at how to turn off the sound on the laptop keyboard if it greatly annoys you or distracts you from the main process.

Sound in volume mixer

The operating system has a “volume mixer”. This element allows you to set the volume for different applications to make your work more comfortable. It is convenient to adjust the “sound in the background” in it. The volume mixer opens as follows:

  • Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar.
  • Select the item. “volume mixer”.

Volume Mixer contains items corresponding to running programs. By changing the position of the sliders, you can turn on and adjust the volume for each program: music in the browser, sounds in a game or program, system messages. The first on the list is the “Speakers” section. They adjust the overall volume. Enabling sound involves not only working with options, but also changing the position of the sliders.

What buttons give a sound and how to turn it off?

Which button turns the volume down? PCs running on “Windows” operating system produce sound when 3 keys are pressed:

  • Caps Lock. This button makes it possible to write all letters in capital letters when typing.
  • Scrool Lock. This function is used extremely rarely, its meaning depends on the specific software for which you need to press the button.
  • Num Lock. This button is used by those PC users who need to make digital input in a more convenient way. directly on the keyboard, and not from the top row of buttons.

Important! Save yourself also other useful information on the operation of the laptop, if your skills in working with it are not yet enough to figure out the nuances on your own. Find out what every PC user should be able to do:

So, what exactly produces the sound, we found out. Now let’s move on to the main task: how to remove the sound of keys on a laptop?

Sound service

Perhaps the strangest event is the shutdown of this service. Some programs may accidentally perform this action. For the sound to return, the service will need to be restarted:

  • Open the “Control Panel”.
  • Follow the path: “Administration”. “Computer Management”.
  • Open the “Services and Applications” tab and go to the “Services” section.
  • Find “WindowsAudio” and right-click on it.
  • Select the item “Restart” or “Start”, whichever is available.

Restarting the service will help if you receive a message stating that it is not available.

What buttons give a sound?

PCs running on “Windows” operating system produce sound when 3 keys are pressed:

  • Caps Lock. This button makes it possible to write all letters in capital letters when typing.
  • Scrool Lock. This function is used extremely rarely, its meaning depends on the specific software for which you need to press the button.
  • Num Lock. This button is used by those PC users who need to make digital input in a more convenient way. directly on the keyboard, and not from the top row of buttons.

Important! Save yourself also other useful information on the operation of the laptop, if your skills in working with it are not yet enough to figure out the nuances on your own. Find out what every PC user should be able to do:

So, what exactly produces the sound, we found out. Now let’s move on to the main task: how to remove the sound of the keys on a laptop?

Ways to turn on sound

There are different ways, from the obvious and simple to the more complex and confusing. All of them can help in solving the problem. Only the Windows operating system is considered, but laptop models may be different.

Lack of drivers

Not only the lack of a driver for the sound card, but also its obsolescence (due to a Windows update) can lead to loss of sound. Therefore, the logical solution is to “update the driver”, which is done like this:

  • Launch “Device Manager” and open the “Sound Devices” section.
  • Select the last device in the list (block Nv /
  • And wait for the system to perform the necessary actions.

This requires an Internet connection. And on Windows 10 you will also need to enable “Update”.

other methods

Depending on the characteristics of your particular computer and its keyboard, you can use shortcut key combinations to mute the sound on your laptop:

  • fnF5;
  • fn the crossed out speaker icon.

Important! You can also turn off sound effects in Punto Switcher if you are using it.

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How to temporarily turn off key notification on iPhone

Many people probably know about this method of turning off and on the sound notification on the mobile keyboard in the iPhone. But it needs to be made public for the rest of smartphone owners as well. You can mute all sounds of your device together using the dedicated “Mute” button. You can find it on the side, near the adjustment keys. When you activate it, a red crossed out icon will appear in the notification bar. This will turn off other device sounds, such as incoming calls, SMS and other notifications. Remember to turn the button back on so you don’t miss important messages.

Mute keyboard button clicks on mobile devices

Sound Profiles in Android

On some Android devices, sound is configured using profiles. In the settings, they are called “Sound Profiles”. You can customize them all for different occasions. Usually there are several of them: “Silent”, “Meeting”, “Street”, “Normal” and others. By default, your device uses the regular profile.

To configure one of them. select it:

  • “Normal”. in this profile you can disable / enable vibration when entering text from the virtual keyboard. Vibration will also work on incoming SMS messages and calls. In the settings, you can set the melody for ringtone, notifications, messages. As well as sounds of touching the screen and locking;
  • “Silent”. like the “Meeting” profile, it only has an activation button. Mute completely turns off device sounds, meeting. turns on vibration instead of sounds;
  • “Outdoors”. is a profile with all active settings, signal, vibration on touch, blocking, etc.

But you can use custom profiles for your preference. For example, one of them can be configured for everyday use of a smartphone. The other is for places where sounds are not needed, and the vibration will be quite enough to understand that you are receiving a call or an important message has come.

How to disable or enable keyboard sound effect on iPhone, iPad

Most often, users are looking for information on how to turn off sounds on a mobile input device. Since almost all new smartphones publish it when printing, and many are simply tired of it. So let’s figure out how to make your virtual keyboard silent on iPhone. This method will permanently disable the accompanying keyboard sound.

  • You need to open the settings of your smartphone;
  • Then find the item called “Sounds and tactile signals”;

The item “Sounds and tactile signals” in the iPhone

  • There will be several parameters for adjusting the beeps on your device. To find the one you want, scroll down the page and select the Keyboard Clicks radio button to make it inactive. Look here for other sound settings. Perhaps you will find other unnecessary functions that also take away precious battery power;
  • Confirm settings and return to home screen.
  • Now open any editor or SMS and create a new one to check that the sounds no longer distract and annoy you. If you find the printing process boring without the usual notifications, you can return to the settings at any time and return the parameters back.

    Disable keyboard sounds when pressing the Lock buttons

    To turn off the sound warning when you press the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or Num Lock button, you need to open the Accessibility window in the Control Panel. Next, you need to go to the Change keyboard settings window. In the last window, you need to uncheck the box next to Enable sound for switches. If you uncheck the box next to this item, then you turn off all keyboard sounds and you will be happy.

    How To Turn off Beep Sound Keyboard on Windows 10

    How to turn off keyboard sounds when you press the Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock buttons?

    The Windows operating system has accessibility features that make working on your computer more convenient. One of these functions sounds the pressing of special switch buttons. This function helps the person understand whether you turned on the switch or turned it off. This result is achieved very simply: the sound when turned on is different from the sound when turned off. These keyboard sounds are very convenient to use, but maybe someone wants to turn off the keyboard sounds because they interfere with concentration, and someone, on the contrary, wants to turn on the keyboard sounds. In any case, you went to the address.

    How to turn off key beep on keyboard in Android

    • On Android, this can also be done in the settings. Open the main menu and find the gear icon;
    • Then select “Language and input”;

    Keyboard Sound Settings

  • Here, in the “Input Method” section, the programs with which you type text will be displayed. Select the settings button opposite the input method;
  • Find the item “Key sound” and uncheck it.
  • Now you can enjoy “quiet” text input in any program. If you only need to turn off the input sound for a while, press the volume down button. You need to hold the button until the notification about the “Vibro” or “Silent” mode appears. But this method, as in the iPhone, turns off the alarm for all messages, notifications and actions on the smartphone. To put everything back, you just need to turn up the volume with the knob.

    How to enable keyboard sounds

    The process of turning on the dubbing of switches is completely similar to the above-described process of turning off dubbing. The only difference is that you need to check the box next to the item Enable Sound Switches, to enable keyboard sounds.

    With such very simple actions, you can easily manipulate the presence or absence of keyboard sound by pressing the Caps Lock, Scrool Lock or Num Lock buttons.

    Modern man cannot imagine his life without electronic technology. The computer began to be used not only for work, but also for watching movies or listening to music, in connection with which its functional equipment is being updated.

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