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How to turn off camera sound on iPhone

To begin with, the volume buttons located on the edge of the iPhone can only reduce the volume of the camera shutter sound. over, it is necessary to reduce the sound when the Camera application is inactive. Otherwise (when the Camera application is running), the buttons function as a shutter release.

The easiest way to completely turn off the camera sound on most iPhones is to activate silent mode using the toggle switch on the left side of the device.

When the mode is turned on, the display will show an inverted bell icon labeled “Silent Mode On.”.

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Another way out is to launch the Music or Podcasts app, turn on a song or podcast, and turn the volume down to zero. Then we minimize the program using the Home button and activate the camera. Shooting will proceed without the shutter clicking. If you don’t want to drain your battery, pause the track or podcast that is playing.

Note that when shooting in Live Photo mode, the camera also works without sound.

Finally, you can download camera apps from the App Store, such as Microsoft Pix, which can be configured to turn off the shutter-click.

IPhone camera sound: how to turn it on or off when taking a photo

As iPhone owners have probably noticed, when taking photos, the camera is accompanied by a characteristic sound. Many users do not pay attention to this sound, but sometimes there are situations when such “musical accompaniment” can interfere with others, for example, when you need to photograph a lot of documents in a small office space in which other people work besides you.

There is currently no option to turn off the shutter click sound in iOS settings (but there is an option to turn off keyboard clicks and screen lock sound), however there are a few tricks to do this.

It should be noted that in some countries shooting with a camera without sound is prohibited at the legislative level (Japan and South Korea), therefore, it is impossible to disable the camera shutter sound in the iPhone for the markets of such countries without jailbreak.

How to turn on camera sound on iPhone

If desired, you can turn the shutter sound back on by doing the above steps in reverse, that is, turn off Live Photo mode in the Camera program, move the mute toggle switch to the “off” position. or turn up the volume in the Music or Podcasts app.

How to reduce camera clicking sound on iPhone via Control Center?

If we want not to turn off the sound when taking pictures on the iPhone, but only to reduce it, we can do this through the Control Center.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the main screen to bring up the Control Center menu.
  • In the menu that opens, press with a long press on the sound adjustment field.
  • In the sound adjustment menu, lower the volume to the desired level, possibly to the very minimum.

Lower the volume down.

Done! Camera shutter click sounds much quieter now.

How to turn off the sound of the camera or photo on the iPhone of various modifications?

The process of taking pictures on Apple phones is as close as possible to authentic shooting with a camera. not only due to the high quality of photos and the possibility of extensive work with the settings, but the soundtrack. When you press the “take” button, the camera will automatically release the shutter sound. Thanks to him, we know for sure that the button was pressed and the photo was taken.

But this sound may not always be comfortable. What to do if this option is irrelevant for you or gives you discomfort, and you want to deactivate it?

In today’s article, we will tell you and clearly show how to turn off the sound of the camera shutter on the iPhone completely and how to reduce the volume of this sound. Tips will be complemented by detailed photo and video instructions, made using the example of the iPhone 8 Plus. The instruction is suitable for all Apple iPhone models on iOS 10.

Additional methods to make the “camera sound” less noisy.

These methods make it possible to temporarily disable the click when taking photos on the iPhone.

  • When the Camera is inactive, we decrease the overall volume of the phone with the side volume down button located on the side of the device (when the Camera is on, these buttons will work as a shutter release). After we have reduced the sound with the buttons to the minimum, turn on the Camera and check. the sound will be much quieter!

We decrease the volume of the device using the side buttons (bottom button, volume down).

  • If we shoot in Live Photo mode. the shutter also works without sound.

The yellow circles icon at the top of the display on the Camera means that Live Photo is active and pressing the shutter button is silent.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

Immediately, we note that there is no separate option in the Device Settings that allows you to turn off the camera click on the iPhone. This can be done in a purely mechanical way by setting the iPhone to silent mode. For this:

We find the toggle button on the left side of the device, move it from the upper position to the lower one (while at the top we will see a red stripe.indicator of silent mode).

Switch iPhone to silent mode.

An image of a crossed-out bell with the inscription “Silent mode” will appear on the screen of the device. this means that all sounds are muted, and the sound of the camera shutter will not bother us.

The silent mode icon appears on the screen.

We looked at several methods, one of which allows you to completely mute the camera shutter sound on the iPhone, while at the expense of others you can reduce the click volume.

We hope our tips and instructions were simple and useful for you, and now, depending on the situation, you can easily turn off or reduce the camera sound on your Apple device.!

Why iPhone tethering doesn’t work?

If you cannot find or enable the Modem Mode setting, check if your service provider supports this mode and if it is included in your data plan. On an iPhone or iPad that is in tethering mode, go to Settings General Reset and click Reset Network Settings.

What to do if a button breaks without sound on iPhone?

What to do if iPhone 6 silent button doesn’t work?

  • Pay attention to the settings of the gadget, which mode is currently on.
  • Restart the device if the installed application interferes with the switch.
  • As a last resort, use iOS recovery via iTunes.

How to turn on sound on iPhone?

On iPhone 7 and later, go to Settings> Sounds, Tactile Cues. On older iPhones, go to Settings> Sounds. Select the option you want, such as Ringtone or New Mail. Tap the selected alert sound.

How to turn on sound on iPhone 11?

Open the application “Settings” → “Sounds, tactile signals” on the smartphone; In the “Ringtone and message sound” section, move the slider all the way to the right to turn on the maximum volume; If you want to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the physical buttons, move the slider opposite the option “Change with buttons”.

How to remove silent mode on iPhone?

There are two ways to turn Do Not Disturb on or off. Go to Settings Do Not Disturb to manually enable Do Not Disturb or configure a schedule to enable or disable Do Not Disturb.

What to do if there is no sound on your iPhone?

  • if the headphone or speaker jack is dirty, clean it carefully;
  • if the program fails, update the iOS device;
  • crash after unplugging headphones. plug and unplug again;
  • in case of a breakdown that does not fix itself, contact Apple Pro Service.

How to mute iPhone?

Every user of this phone should know how to mute the iPhone. There are times when you need to create silence and eliminate all sound stimuli, this is where the silent mode comes in handy, or as it is also called. “Silent mode”, which has long taken root in any mobile phone.

In order to turn on the silent mode of the iPhone, you do not need to dig into the phone’s settings and look for modes, just use the switch located on the left side of the case. At the time of this writing, all iPhone models have such a mode switch and looks about the same.

This toggle switch has two positions “Normal” and “Silent”. When the silent mode is on, a red dot or stripe (depending on the model) will be visible on the switch. As soon as you activate silent mode, the phone stops making sounds, only vibration remains on.

IPhone mute is accompanied by a crossed-out bell pop-up notification on the phone display. After you mute your iPhone, the alarm will still go off and ring in the morning. If you play music or voice recordings in silent mode, they will also sound.

On many iPhones, when you turn on the silent mode, the sound of the camera click is turned off when taking pictures, but in some models the shutter still continues to click, why read this. here.

In addition to the above, in silent mode:

  • Disable keyboard cheeks when typing
  • The dialing sound is turned off, the same tone beeps when you touch the dial
  • Not disturbed by the sounds of incoming messages
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If your phone is in normal mode, you can mute your iPhone for an incoming call by pressing the Volume button or the Power button. Having applied a single press, the phone will continue to dial, but without the ringing ringtone. When you press the Power button again, the phone will drop the incoming call, and the caller will hear short beeps.

How to turn off camera shutter sound on jailbroken iPhone?

On a jailbroken iPhone, you can turn off the shutter clicking without affecting other system sounds. But for this you need to use computer software. one of the following file managers: iFile, iFunBox, iMazing. We recommend iFunBox because this program has the most intuitive interface and is easy to use.

How the camera shutter sound is turned off via the iFunBox file manager?

Run the utility and go to the “Browser File” tab.

Find the one named “Raw File System” among the root folders and select it with the cursor.

Follow the path / System / Library / Audio / UISounds. In the last subfolder you will find the photoShutter.caf file.

Change the name of this file in some way. You can, for example, add the number 1 to make “photoShutter1”, or swap the letters. It is not recommended to delete the photoShutter.caf file. Otherwise, if you later want to return the shutter sound, you will be faced with the task of finding this file on the Internet.

Save changes and close the iFunBox utility.

Muting the iPhone camera using different file managers is almost the same. Minor differences can only be in the first stages.

If the user of the jailbroken iPhone does not want to make changes to the system files, he should resort to another method of disabling the shutter click. download and install the tweak intended for this from Cydia. The tweak is called Silent Photo Chill. it’s available in the ModMyi repository.

Are there iPhones on which you cannot turn off the camera sound?

Does the iPhone camera click even when the device is in silent mode? Well, we can only congratulate you. obviously, you got a smartphone intended for sales in Japan. It will be possible to turn off the shutter sound on such a “mobile phone” only after jailbreak.

It’s all about Japanese law. One of the laws of the Land of the Rising Sun prescribes that any photographic equipment must necessarily emit a characteristic click during photographing. this applies to both professional cameras and mobile phones. The law is aimed at combating voyeurism. a sexual deviation, which consists in the desire to spy on people in intimate situations. In Japan, voyeurism has become a serious problem after everyone has the opportunity to purchase a compact smartphone with a camera and participate in a “skirt hunt”.

When buying a Russian amateur photographer, make sure that the iPhone is not intended for the Japanese market. It’s easy to check: just pay attention to the model name of the device. Information about the model can be obtained by following the path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

Latin letters at the end of the model name carry information about the country. In our case, the name contains the letters RU, which means that the iPhone is intended for Russia. If the model name contains the letter J. the smartphone is “Japanese”.

Models with the letters KH in the name should also be avoided. These gadgets are made for sales in China and South Korea. South Korea also has a Japanese-like law, although in this country the fight against voyeurism is not so fierce.

iPhone 11 : How to Turn OFF Camera Sound on iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone without jailbreak?

The easiest way to get rid of the shutter click is to put your gadget in silent mode. You can use a special lever located on the left side of the mobile device.

You can also turn off the sound through the “Settings”. You need to go to the “Sounds” section in the “Settings” and move the “Calls and reminders” slider to the left until it stops.

If the iPhone is in silent mode, the user, of course, will not hear not only the shutter click, but also the calls and message notifications. This is a significant drawback of this method.

There are other ways to get rid of the camera sound:

    Take pictures while filming a video. There will be no click, but the pictures will be of rather low quality. because they will receive the same resolution as the video. Shoot by connecting headphones to the 3.5mm jack. In this case, the sound of the shutter will go to the headphones, and people around, most likely, will not be able to hear it. However, wearing headphones specifically for the sake of taking pictures without attracting attention is absurd. Take pictures while the audio player is silent.

Alas, all of the above methods are from the field of “life hacks”. To remove the shutter sound at the software level, you will definitely have to jailbreak.

How to turn off camera sound on iPhone?

Apple is notorious for making life difficult for its users. Even such a trivial operation as turning off the camera shutter sound is not easy on the iPhone. The article will tell you about several effective ways.

When the photo is taken, the iPhone emits a loud click, imitating the sound of a camera shutter. This often becomes a hindrance for the photographer, because a characteristic click attracts the attention of others who are eager to find out which of them became the object of interest and got into the frame.

Users trying to find a way to mute the camera make the same mistake. they look for a solution in Settings. But there is no toggle switch in iPhone Settings to disable the shutter click. You will have to resort to other methods.

There is no official way to get rid of iPhone camera shutter clicking. The simplest solution for a photographer is to turn off the sound on the gadget completely using a special lever.

There is also a method that makes it possible to remove only the click of the shutter, leaving the rest of the system sounds at the same level. However, it can only be used by users of gadgets on which the jailbreak is already installed. Hacking a device to get rid of the camera sound is just silly.

Description of ways to mute camera on iPhone

When a photo is taken, the device makes a clicking sound, similar to the sound of a triggered camera. In most cases, it attracts the attention of others, which becomes uncomfortable when trying to capture people or animals in a natural state, without a stressful appearance.

For your information! Users start looking for a way to turn off the interference, but they make the same mistake. they look for the answer to their question in the “Settings” menu. But it does not have the necessary shutdown function, you will have to choose other approaches to solve the problem.

Through silent mode

How can I turn off camera sound on iPhone? The easiest way is to just turn it off. The gadget is switched to vibration mode, the advantage of which is the ability to get rid of noise in a public place, cinema, cafe.

To complete the procedure, it is enough to find a switch on the end of the smartphone that functions in two positions. If an orange label is lit next to it, then the sound is muted. Otherwise, you need to move the switch to the other side. Devices begin to vibrate before disconnecting.

Important! The manipulation will make all system sounds turn off: about incoming SMS and calls via vibration. The main thing is not to forget to return the switch to the main position after the end of taking pictures and viewing screenshots.

By connecting headphones

When you turn on any equipment that accepts audio, external sounds automatically disappear. The shutter signal accompanying photos will only be heard by the person wearing the headphones.

Note! With their help, you can take pictures through the buttons on the headset. Remote method allows operation without touching a smartphone.

How to turn off the camera sound on iPhone. instructions

Owners of prestigious gadgets from Apple face many difficulties due to its peculiar policies. The simplest operations require careful study of the instructions; they do not always help to achieve the expected result. There are multiple answers to the question of how to mute the camera on iPhone.

Through third party cameras

The App Store offers alternative apps instead of the device’s built-in camera. When choosing, you need to focus on your own desires for the quality of shooting, pay attention to the type of utilities: paid or free.

The second is the Microsoft Pix with simple controls and no shutter sound. Paid content is provided by Halide and Obscura. Their feature is the ability to control the volume of the signal when shooting.

For your information! Program costs are justified by the presence of the RAW format.

Muting the photo camera sound on iPhone

Camera sound is a digital sound effect of pressing the camera shutter when a photo is taken on an iPhone. This sound is heard at any time of the photo, which is set by default on the phone. A temporary solution is to move the slider at the top of the phone so that an orange field appears on the screen. This will put the phone in silent mode and all sounds will become silent, including the camera sound. Of course, this will also switch the ringer and notification sounds to silent mode. It is also worth noting that there is another method, using applications, and changing files can cause operational problems.

Step-by-step guide to setting up your smartphone, how to mute the camera on iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. You will be prompted to update your iPhone and install the latest updates. Do this and unplug your phone when the installation is complete.

Open the application list on iPhone and launch MobileFinder. Find the following folder: / System / Library / Audio / UISounds. This folder contains all default sound effects loaded on the system.

Scroll down and find the following name: photoShutter.caf

Double click on the file, then click once on the “filename” settings. Change the file name to something else. The change can be as minor as, for example, moving the letter “r” in the word shutter.

Close MobileFinder and try to take a photo. There should be no more of this sound.

If you are fine with adjusting the sound of your iPhone camera, please take note of the additional tips:

Later versions of iPhone software may eventually have a way to turn this camera click sound on and off. Check your iPhone settings before using the rename method.

Changing the file name can affect operational issues, and such applications may not always perform as expected. There is no guarantee that this method will work on all versions of iPhone.

The iPhone has a pretty powerful smartphone camera, and the iOS camera app is great for most people. But, if you’re a serious photographer and want more camera controls, you’re better off using a third-party camera app. The Apps Store has a wide range of dedicated photography apps such as ProCamera, Manual, Halide or Camera.

Super iPhone camera features you need to use to be an incredibly popular photographer on the web.

Are you fully using your iPhone camera when shooting? While the camera app is easy to use, some of the iPhone camera settings are so well hidden that you might not know how to use them on your smartphone.

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You should get tens or even hundreds of thousands of likes for your photos on social media. Instagram,

Soon, we will publish lessons that are clear from the first words. Upon learning about them, you’ll discover super iPhone camera features that will drastically improve your photos and give you much more control over your iPhone camera.

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Supper. Well, finally I found how to turn off the camera shutter sound. Thank you. Everything is clear and concise.

Good day! I do everything according to the instructions, but right away the catch! Apple Apps Store can’t find MobileFinder. I found it on the Internet, but I don’t know how to install it in iTunes. Help needed! Thanks in advance.

I have an iPhone 5 model and I could not find this program in the Apple Apps Store. Writes “No results for” mobilefinder “

The mobile finder app is no longer available in the app store. In order to turn off the sound you need:

Download (to your computer) the ifunbox application.

Connect the i-device to the computer in the application, select the tab ifunbox classic.

Raw Filesystem / System / Library / Audio / UISounds.

For some reason I can’t find the UISounds folder on my own, please help me with the search!

And if MobileFinder doesn’t find it ?! And how to do these 3 points, nothing is installed for me.

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What to set up when the camera clicks with sound in iPhone in silent mode?

Can you please tell me, does the click sound directly from the camera or other part of the phone? But what if you just take and change the camera to another

I’m surprised at such a moment why the camera click on the iPhone is triggered in silent mode?

with a simple movement of your finger, turn on the switch to vibration mode and there is no sound!!

Just as an option download the silent quick burst camera app from the app store and take photos silently.

In the application settings you can remove the sound (mute), in Russian for some reason they translated it as “mute” 🙂 And as I said, you can safely take a photo without sound

Thanks for the tip on how to mute the camera on iPhone. It helped! =)

I see there are knowledgeable people. Give advice on what to do if the sound does not turn on for incoming calls on iPhone 6 how to add sound to the speaker ?

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Hello! The front camera doesn’t seem to work for me. I don’t know why the camera on the iPhone flips the photo and shoots it mirrored. I am not comfortable when it turns out, as it were, a mirror image of the photo. How to prevent the front camera from flipping the photo? Help me find ways to solve the problem with the image!

on iPhone 5c there are no Libreri and systems folders, but a bunch of others, such as “books” “dcim” “photodata”, etc. In the file manager, through the search, it does not find the photoshutter file. Where to find this stupid sound now?

Why my iPhone 5s does not work with the rear camera, what can I do??

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Dear Apple fans, do you think it is worth paying attention when buying a new smartphone to the iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7 camera tests?

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how can I turn off the sound of the camera, it’s not very convenient to take a picture, iPhone 6 iOS 10 answer my question

Finally it turned out to turn off the sound of the camera clicking, thanks for the instructions! Otherwise, I didn’t want to cover the speaker with my finger or do a flashing, jailbreak the iPhone. I also learned that for some countries they produce iPhone models in which the shutter sound is disabled. Apparently this is due to the requirements for the privacy and privacy of those residents.

Phones made for japan have this problem, so they fight voyeurism. At the moment, I have not found a solution except how to install StageCamHD ( 75). Camera application that can turn off the sound (in itself, not in the office. camera). Such a sadness.

I want to say thank you for the hint which application on the iPhone takes pictures silently!

Is the customizable sound setting available for the user when shooting on the iPhone 5s? I want to set my sounds

I would like to work with my sound at the phone camera. Of course, I know how to download a melody, but how to turn on the sound when photographing on iPhone 8 with my audio file, I ask you to help me, if it’s not difficult for anyone, of course, please!

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Silent mode on iPhone

This is a function used to reset incoming calls, as well as to turn off notifications and replace them with vibration (if vibration itself has been configured). This is the fastest and most convenient way to mute the device without turning it off completely.

The quietness of a smartphone can be useful when you are in places where you need to maintain silence: at work, in public places. At the same time, turning off the sound will not prevent the user from receiving notifications from applications and about missed calls. at such moments the display will be highlighted, displaying the incoming notification.

Attention! Silent mode does not apply to the alarm set in the Clock system application, and therefore it will ring at the appointed time. But the alarm clock set in a third-party program may not ring.

How to turn off silent mode on iPhone

To turn off silent mode on iPhone, simply slide the switch on the case to the right. The action will be accompanied by vibration and the appearance of a bell icon on the display, under which there will be a volume status bar.

To turn off the Do Not Disturb function, click the crescent moon icon in the Control Panel again or switch the corresponding slider to the inactive position in the Settings menu.

How to turn off the sound on a smartphone

To quickly activate the silent mode of the iPhone, a special button is provided, which is located on the left side panel of the device, above the volume control buttons.

To turn off the melodies, just slide the button to the left. An orange indicator will appear next to it, and a notification about switching to “Silent” and an icon with a crossed out bell will appear on the device screen.

To turn off not only sound notification, but also vibration, you need to go to the “Settings” of the phone, select the section “Sounds, tactile signals” and move the switch to the right opposite “In silent mode”.

What to do if the mode is disabled, but there is no sound

In case the silent mode is disabled on the iPhone, but the ringtones of incoming calls are not played, it is worth checking if the Do Not Disturb function is activated, since both of them can be enabled at the same time. Also, the sound can be muted if the calling number was blocked by the user.

Features of mute and unmute sound on iPhone

In iOS, developers have implemented several ways to turn off notification sounds for incoming calls and receiving notifications at once. The first is a silent mode that replaces the ringtone with vibration. The second is the “Do not disturb” function, which blocks any signals (including vibration and light warning) for a certain period of time. Both functions are subject to Customizing.

When the button is broken

In the case when you need to turn off the sound on the iPhone, but the button on the body of the smartphone has broken, the “Do not disturb” mode comes to the rescue, which is configured in the Control Panel and through the Settings menu. It blocks all distractions from ringing tones and vibrations to light alerts.

To enable the Do Not Disturb function through the Panel, you need to slide your finger across the display from bottom to top and tap on the crescent-shaped icon. The corresponding icon will also appear in the status bar.

You can also go to “Settings”. “Do not disturb” and slide the switch opposite the corresponding function.

Do not disturb can be made permanent or scheduled for a specific time (for example, at night from 22:00 to 7:00).

  • choose in which case incoming calls and notifications will be blocked. always or only when the iPhone is locked;
  • allow certain “Favorite” numbers to receive incoming calls;
  • activate the “Repeated calls” function (canceling the muffling of the second call lasting three minutes from the same subscriber);
  • set up the Do Not Disturb Driver function;
  • edit auto-reply to messages.

The main difference between “Silent” and “Do not disturb” is that in the first case, when you receive messages and notifications, the screen starts to glow, but in the second one does not.

Do Not Disturb Mode

If the above solutions for some reason do not suit you or you want to mute the iPhone on a schedule or set your own exceptions, you should use the “Do not disturb” mode. You can activate it in the control room. After completing this action, the device will be put into silent mode, and its screen will remain off for incoming calls, messages and notifications. A crescent moon symbol appears on the status bar, similar to the one shown above. You can configure the operation of this mode more subtly in the iOS settings.

    Open “Settings”, scroll down a little and go to the “Do not disturb” section.

If you want to enable this kind of silent mode, move the first switch to the active position.

determine if the screen will dim when this mode is enabled or not.

Additionally, you can configure exclusions and some other parameters:

    define when “Do Not Disturb” will apply to incoming calls and notifications (“Silence”). whether they will be muted “Always” or “While iPhone is locked”;

configure “Allowing from calls”. allow or deny incoming calls “From all”, “From anyone”, “From favorites”, “From all contacts” (in groups) when silent mode is active;

enable or disable “Repeated calls” if you wish;

  • define the parameters “Do not disturb driver”.
  • Please note that the “Do not disturb” mode settings you specify will apply regardless of how it was activated. independently from the control center or settings, or turned on automatically at the specified time.

    If the “Silent mode” we considered in the first part of the article allows you to instantly drown out the iPhone signals when necessary, then “Do not disturb” is an excellent opportunity to automate this process, which does not require you to take any action after the initial setup.

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    Note: You can control the operation of the mode discussed in this part of the article, enable or disable it, using the voice assistant Siri. just call it in any convenient way and say the command “Turn on / off the” Do not disturb “mode”.

    Buttons on the body

    The easiest way is to turn off the sound on the iPhone using a special button on its body, located above the volume controls. this turns on “Silent Mode”.

    Note: Using the “Volume.” does not allow you to completely drown out the sounds of calls and notifications. if you press it repeatedly, these signals will be played at the minimum audible level.

    It is worth noting that after turning on the silent mode, the sound will still be played in multimedia applications (Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix. YouTube, Podcasts, browser, etc.). You can turn it off completely by pressing the volume down button located on the phone body during direct listening or viewing. this will need to be done several times until the level becomes minimum.

    Note! On iPhone, the volume is adjusted separately for speakers and headphones or speakers, that is, if you lower the volume level while an accessory is connected, and then disconnect it, the sound will be restored to its previous value. This also works in the opposite direction. It is possible to determine visually through what the sound is currently being played on the lock screen and in the control center (it will be discussed in more detail later), as well as in third-party applications with built-in players. In addition, when using an accessory, the playback control button in the mini player is highlighted in blue.

    It is also important to note that turning off the sound using the button on the case allows you to achieve the opposite effect to that in the “Silent mode”. the volume of calls, messages and notifications will remain at the same level, but it will not be heard in multimedia applications. Therefore, if you need to completely mute the iPhone, these solutions should be used together.

    Mute sound for individual applications

    In the event that you do not need to completely silence the iPhone, but only turn off the sound of notifications and other signals emitted by individual applications, you should refer to the settings.

    Control point

    Another option to mute the sound on iPhone is to go to the control center, where the corresponding element is provided.

      Open “PU”. To do this, on models without Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, with Face ID. from the top right down.

    This action allows you to achieve exactly the same result as using the “Sound.” on the case. calls, messages and notifications will remain audible if you have not previously disabled them, and applications will become silent.

    Turning off or changing the volume level in this way is also adjusted separately for each playback device. phone speakers, headphones, speakers, etc.

    iPhone 11 How To Mute

    System settings

    The first thing you can do in this section of the parameters is to completely turn off the volume for calls and notifications by moving the corresponding element to the extreme left position. The result of this action is the same as when using the buttons on the device body and control center.

    Note! In this way, you will not be able to completely mute the sound of calls, messages and notifications. it will be played at minimum volume. If you wish, you can also disable or, conversely, leave active the ability to change the audio signal level using the buttons on the case.

    Below you can not only select the melodies of ringtones, messages, notifications, etc., but also individually disable any of them. This is useful for cases where you want, for example, to make calls remain silent, and SMS, mail or calendar messages (like any other system application) continue to beep, or vice versa. In the same section of options, you can deactivate the sound of keyboard clicks and screen lock.

    In order to mute the sound of any arbitrary application, both system and third-party, do the following:

      Return to the main list of settings and go to the subsection “Notifications”.

    Here in the “Notification style” list, tap on the desired item to go to its parameters.

  • If necessary, do the same with other programs. Please note that for some system components, you will need to perform the same actions as in the previous paragraph of the current instruction. disable the default melody by choosing the “No” option instead.
  • Note: The volume mute option is not available for apps that do not send notifications.

    Thus, thanks to the system parameters, you can mute all applications installed on the iPhone, including standard ones, and only some of them.

    Application settings

    Tap the name of the application for which you want to turn off sounds.

    If necessary, perform the same action with other software.

    This and the previous method allow you to solve the same problem, only the initial approach differs.

    What to do if the ringtone is quiet on iPhone 11?

    If you are faced with the problem of poor sound on your smartphone, then first of all you should check the settings of the gadget. To do this, you need to use the “Call / Silent” switch. Move the slider forward to remove the orange mark. Next, you need to go to the settings by selecting the “Do not disturb” section. Make sure this mode is off.

    If there are no problems with the sound mode, then it is necessary to clean the receivers and speakers. In this case, you need to remove the protective accessories. glass, film, cover. This should be done to check the speaker hole. If it is clogged, clean the mesh. If the microphone is clean, then it is recommended to go to the section with the settings. When you go to the category “Sounds, tactile signals”, you need to drag the slider to the calls and alerts. If there are no signals during the transition, then you need to contact Support Apple or service center.

    If you are worried about the quiet lock sound on the iPhone 11, problems when talking on the phone, then the best solution would be to contact the specialists. If you do not hear sounds and signals, then try making a call from the iPhone by switching the call to speakerphone mode. The appearance of clicks, crackling may indicate problems with the network, signal reception. In this situation, you can be sure that a bad sound during a conversation is not caused by a breakdown of the gadget.

    Why the sound on the iPhone 11 has become quieter?

    The quiet sound of the iPhone 11 is not always a serious breakdown. Most often, the ringtone becomes quiet due to pressing the volume button. Also, the user may forget that sometime during a meeting, lunch or other circumstance, he independently reduced the sound. IPhones have a special function “Attention recognition”, which is activated when the user is near the phone, and there is no need to make a loud call. Sound on iPhone can become quiet for several reasons:

    • mechanical damage. falling, squeezing, blow;
    • getting into ports and connectors of water or other liquid;
    • software failure;
    • changing volume settings;
    • contamination of the speaker mesh with liquid or dust;
    • microphone damage.

    If you are worried about a quiet conversation in iPhone11, then you need to check the speaker hole and the protective mesh. They can be contaminated with dust or liquid. Sticky dirt instantly clogs holes in the mesh, blocking sound. Subsequently, this may damage the speaker. To clean the mesh yourself, we recommend using a soft brush. First, a drop of alcohol or any other degreaser, the composition of which does not contain aggressive components, should be applied to it. This cleaning can fix the sound problem in 50% of cases.

    If there is a complete lack of sound in the spoken speaker, you need to check if the iPhone has been switched to headset mode. Press the volume key during a call and look at the inscription that appeared on the screen. In the case of the appearance of the inscription “Headphones”, the sound disappeared due to the fact that the smartphone turned off the speaker. Replacing the cable, soldering the components on the motherboard that control the switching of sound modes will help to eliminate the malfunction.

    Quiet sound iPhone 11

    Sound problems on iPhone 11 occur for a variety of reasons. If you begin to hear the interlocutor poorly or the ringtone starts to sound quieter, then you should diagnose the device. Testing the device is primarily necessary if the iPhone has been subjected to mechanical stress. If dropped, hit, or got wet, the smartphone is seriously damaged, which affects the operation of the entire device. In each case, it is necessary to find the source of the malfunction. How to fix the breakdown depends on what caused the sound deterioration on the smartphone.

    How to remove quiet sound in iPhone 11?

    If you want to disable the “Attention Recognition” function, then you need to go to the settings and select the “Face ID and passcode” section. Next, you need to disable the checkbox. In case of re-enabling the option, just go to the same section and connect the check-box. To return the maximum volume in the smartphone, you should go to the settings and volume and set it to the maximum level.

    To do this, go to the general settings and click on the “Sounds, tactile signals” section. Next, you need to move the switch to the right. This will maximize the beep on your phone. In addition, you need to check if silent mode has been turned on. If it is active, then go to full mode.

    Professional repair

    If the iPhone has been damaged after being dropped, squeezed, and the sound has become quiet or completely absent, then you should not open the device yourself and carry out any manipulations. Any unskilled intervention in the operation of the smartphone leads to unpleasant consequences. To restore sound on your phone, you should contact a specialist. In addition to high-quality repairs, the user will receive a comprehensive diagnosis of the device.

    If you notice that your iPhone 11 does not work correctly, the sound disappears, it becomes very quiet, then you can always contact our service center. We provide a full range of services for the diagnosis and repair of iPhones. We’ll help you find the reason why the sound on iPhone 11 is quiet. In our work, we use modern professional equipment and software products that help to identify the weak points of the device.

    All you need to do is contact us in the most convenient way and make an appointment for a consultation. Our specialists will diagnose the device and offer the best way to eliminate the breakdown. All services are provided at affordable, non-exaggerated prices. Within a couple of hours you will be able to use your iPhone as usual. If the sound on the smartphone has deteriorated or disappeared, then, as soon as possible, call our service center.