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How to Move Data from iPhone to Android

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Transfer iCloud contacts

  • We go to the device settings, then “Mail, contacts, calendars”, then “Accounts”. Find iCloud here.
  • Open iCloud and turn on the “Contacts” item.
  • In the browser, go to, log in with your Apple ID and select “Contacts”. In the lower left corner, click on the wheel, “Select All”, click on the wheel again and select “Export vCard”.
  • In the browser, go to, in the upper left corner, click on the “Mail” item and select “Contacts”.
  • At the top of the interface, we find the “Advanced” button and select “Import”. Click on “Select file” and specify the path to the saved vCard file.

Done. Now all your iCloud contacts have been transferred to Gmail, and you can get rid of duplicate contacts in the same “” menu using the “Find and merge matching contacts” option.

Setting up Gmail mail

No further action is required. As soon as you log into the Android device with your Google account, your Gmail mail will immediately be available in the application of the same name.

Hot tip: Google Account is the key to all Google services. Be sure to strengthen its protection with two-factor authentication.

Transferring other contacts

If you store contacts locally on iPhone or use a service other than iCloud and Gmail, you can transfer contacts to your Android device using iTunes on your computer.

  • Connect iPhone to computer.
  • Open iTunes and select the connected device in the upper right corner.
  • Open the “Information” tab and mark the item “Synchronize contacts with”.
  • Select “Google Contacts” and indicate your Google account.

Done. Also, as alternative methods of transferring contacts, you can use specialized third-party applications that you trust, or a SIM card.

Transfer photos

  • Open the Google app and log in with your Google account (that is, just enter your Gmail-mail address and password to it).
  • Tap on the menu icon, then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select “Camera and Photos”.
  • Select “Startup” and set the switch to “ON”.

Done. Photos have already started uploading to the Google cloud. After a while, your entire photo gallery will be available in the “Photos” application on your Android smartphone, in which you are logged in with your Google account.

If, during the startup process, the iPhone starts to swear about privacy:

  • Go to the device settings, select “Privacy”, then “Photos”.
  • Set the Google switch to ON.

Transferring Gmail contacts

No further action is required. All your Gmail mail and contacts will be automatically downloaded to your Android device, where you log in with your Google account.

Transfer data iPhone to Android 2019 with iCloud

Transfer Music from iTunes

You can transfer tracks from iTunes to the Google Music cloud for free.

  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad is fully synced with iTunes on your computer. In this case, all music from iTunes will also be saved on your computer.
  • Downloading Google Music Download Manager.
  • Log in to the manager with your Google account, and then, in one click, transfer your entire music library from iTunes to Google. The procedure is so simple that it fits into a 20-second video:

The standard version of Google Music is free, but you’ll be asked to create your Google Wallet to complete the setup. In the future, you will need it to make purchases in Google services.

How to migrate from iOS to Android

Enough tolerating this! Switch to Android. He is cool.

When you ask an iPhone owner why on DO hasn’t bought a Nexus yet, you usually hear vague excuses about music, photos, contacts, mail, and applications. The process of moving from iOS to Android seems daunting and arduous. Not really.

Below is Google’s one-stop guide to migrating from iOS to Android.

How to transfer contacts

There are several ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. It will be as simple as possible to do this if you have previously synchronized them with your Google account. All that remains to be done is to log in with your Google account on the Android device. All your contacts will be automatically downloaded.

In the event that you do not sync your contacts with Google, you can use iCloud to transfer contacts. With iCloud, you can create a.vcf file that contains information about your contacts and import it to Android.

  • On your iPhone go to “Settings” and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
  • Open “Settings” “iCloud” and turn on “Contacts”.
  • Your contacts will be uploaded to Apple cloud services
  • Now use your browser to go to and sign in with your Apple ID
  • Select “Contacts”
    move, data, iphone, android
  • Click the gear icon in the lower left corner.
  • Click Select All.
  • Click on the gear icon again and select “Export vCard”
  • Vcf file will be downloaded to your computer
  • All you need to do is open this file on your Android device and all your contacts will automatically move.

How to Transfer All Data from iPhone to Android

How to transfer photos and videos

With the advancement of cloud technology, transferring files between devices has never been easier. This is especially true for photo and video files.

You can, of course, transfer files manually in the old fashioned way. first by copying them to your computer and then uploading them to a new device. But why are these crutches, if there is a way much more elegant.

You can create a copy of all the necessary data on Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, Dropbox or a similar service. But I prefer to use the Google Photos app. With Google Photos, you can upload an unlimited number of high quality photos and then sync them. with other smartphones. In addition, this app is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Download the Google Photos app for iOS
  • On first launch, the app will ask if you want to back up your photos. Enable this feature.
  • Your photos will start uploading. Since a large number of photos will use a significant amount of data, it is better to use a Wi-Fi connection.
  • After all the photos are uploaded, install the Google Photos app on your Android.
  • Launch the app. all your photos will be synced

How to transfer calendar data

As with contacts, calendar data can be transferred using a Google account. The process is no different. But, if you haven’t synced your data with Google, there are other ways to transfer. about them below:

  • Go to the settings on your iPhone in the “Mail, contacts, calendars” section and turn on sync for the calendar
  • Go to and select the “Calendar” section
  • Click on the share icon on the left side of the screen next to the calendar you want to share
  • Check the box “Open calendar” and copy the link
  • Paste the copied link in the browser and change the start of the webcal link to http and hit enter
  • A file with the ics extension will be downloaded to your computer This file actually contains all your calendar data
  • Open Google Calendar in your browser
  • Click on the plus sign next to “Add calendar” and select import
  • In the window that appears, you will be prompted to download the file from your computer. Select the previously saved file and click Import
  • IOS calendar data will be imported to Android calendar

How to transfer music

There are two ways to transfer music from iPhone to Android:

  • Manually Transfer All Tracks from iPhone to Android Smartphone
  • Use the Google Music Manager app to import music from iTunes library to Google Play Music
  • Download Google Music Manager to your computer
  • Install and run the downloaded application
  • During setup, the option “Upload songs to Google Play” will appear.
  • Select “iTunes” and complete the initial setup.
  • Sit back and let the program download all your songs to Google Play Music.

How to switch from iPhone to Android without consequences

Have you always used an iPhone, but the time has come when you decided to radically change your preferences and switch to Android? In this case, you will be faced with the question of transferring all your data between two different operating systems. With the help of our instructions, you will do it as quickly and easily as possible.

How to transfer apps

Unfortunately iOS and Android are very different operating systems and there is no way to transfer all applications from iPhone to Android in one click. All the necessary programs will have to be downloaded from the Play Market manually.

Fortunately, all major applications are available on both OSes. Problems can only arise with paid apps. When switching to Android, you will have to buy them again.

Using Samsung Smart Switch to Transfer Data from iPhone

On Android smartphones Samsung Galaxy there is an additional opportunity to transfer data from your old phone, including from the iPhone, allowing you to access much more important data, including those that can be difficult to transfer in other ways (for example, iPhone notes ).

Transfer steps (tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, should work similarly on all modern Samsung smartphones):

  • Go to Settings. Cloud & Accounts.
  • Open Smart Switch.
  • Choose how you will transfer data. via Wi-Fi (from the iCloud account where the iPhone should be backed up, see How to create an iPhone backup) or via USB cable directly from the iPhone (in this case, the speed will be higher, as well as more data transfer will be available).
  • Click “Get” and then select “iPhone / iPad”.
  • When transferring from iCloud over Wi-Fi, you will need to enter your iCloud account login information (and possibly a code that will display on the iPhone for two-factor authentication).
  • When transferring data via a USB cable, connect it as shown in the picture: in my case, the included USB-C to USB adapter was connected to the Note 9, and the Lightning cable from the iPhone was connected to it. On the iPhone itself, after connecting, you will need to confirm trust in the device.
  • Choose what data you want to download from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. In the case of using a cable, the following are available: contacts, messages, calendar, notes, bookmarks and settings / emails, saved alarms, Wi-Fi settings, wallpapers, music, photos, videos and other documents. And also, if you have already signed in to your Google account on Android. applications that are available for both iPhone and Android. Click the “Submit” button.
  • Wait for data transfer from iPhone to Android phone to complete.
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As you can see, using this method, you can very quickly transfer almost any of your data and files from iPhone to Android device.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

The transition from iPhone to Android, in my opinion, is slightly more difficult than the other way around, especially if you have been using various Apple applications for a long time (which are not presented in the Play Store, while there are Google applications in the App Store). Nevertheless, transferring most of the data, primarily contacts, calendar, photos, videos and music, is quite possible and relatively easy.

This tutorial details how to transfer important data from iPhone to Android when moving from one platform to another. The first method is universal for any Android phone, the second is specific to modern Samsung Galaxy smartphones (but it allows you to move more data and is more convenient). The site also has a separate guide on how to transfer contacts manually: How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android.

Transfer contacts, calendar and photos from iPhone to Android using Google Drive

The Google Drive app (Google Drive) is available for both Apple and Android and, among other things, it allows you to easily upload contacts, calendar and photos to the Google cloud and then upload them to another device.

This can be done using the following simple steps:

  • Install Google Drive from the App Store on your iPhone and sign in to your Google account (The same one that will be used on Android. If you haven’t created this account yet, create one on your Android phone).
  • In the Google Drive app, tap the menu button and then the gear icon.
  • In the settings select “Backup”.
  • Turn on the items you want to copy to Google (and then to your Android phone).
  • At the bottom, click “Start Backup”.

In fact, this completes the entire transfer process: if you log in on your Android device under the same account that was backed up, all data will be automatically synchronized and available for use. If you also want to transfer the purchased music, about this. in the last section of the instructions.

Additional Information

If you used an Apple Music subscription on your iPhone, transferring it by cable or something else, you probably shouldn’t: Apple Music is the only app from Apple that is also available for Android (you can download it on the Play Store), and your subscription in it will be active, as well as access to all previously purchased albums or songs.

Also, if you use “universal” cloud storage, available for both iPhone and Android (OneDrive, DropBox, Yandex Disk), then access to such data as photos, videos and some others from a new phone will not be a problem.

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When transferring data from iPhone, I faced the problem of transferring music. In general, I looked for ways on the Internet, but I constantly knocked out some kind of error. But it turned out that everything is much simpler. Just downloaded Wondershare MobileTrans and made the transfer.

If passwords are saved, for example, in Chrome and you use them under your Google account with synchronization, then when you log in on another device with the same account, your passwords will also be there.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android. Detailed algorithm of actions

The question of how to transfer data from iPhone to Android worries many users who decide to switch from one operating system to another. The purchase of a new gadget always poses the need to transfer old user data, contacts, photos, music. Convenient if the previous device was with the same software shell. But if you switched to another operating system, then the task becomes more difficult.

Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

iOS is a user-friendly and reliable operating system. It supports synchronization of contacts, as well as calendar and mail with a Google profile, if you specify it in the form of a mailbox. In this case, you do not have to worry about anything, just log into your account on your Android phone. Immediately after that, the data will be available for viewing on the new gadget.
If you have not thought in advance that you will transfer data from iPhone to Android, then most likely you have tied all data to the iCloud service. In this regard, the procedure is a little more complicated.

The calendar

Now let’s move on to transferring calendar data from iPhone to Android. Transferring events from a custom calendar is done as follows. Moving on to the iCloud settings, where you need to allow calendar syncing. On the resource, go to the appropriate section and look for the Share icon in the list of available calendars, located to the right of its name. In the displayed menu, select the Public Calendar option, and then copy the link (webcal: //….). Open a new page with a browser and paste it into the address bar. Replace Webcal with http, Enter. This will cause the computer to save the file with a name of hundreds of characters. It is a standard text document that can be given any name. To connect it to Google Calendar, open the link in the browser, go to the “Other Calendars” section, where in the drop-down menu, click Import calendar. Now open the downloaded file from your PC, after which all events will be transferred to your calendar on your Google account.


The question of how to transfer data from iPhone to Android smoothly moved to bookmarks. We will analyze the classic version, because the majority of iOS users use the Safari browser and “switch” to Chrome or Firefox on Android OS. Transferring data from Safari is also done using the iCloud service (we first enable synchronization in the device parameters). But you need to do this not using the site, but through the iCloud application for your computer.

In it, you must select the “Bookmarks” item, set the browser in the settings, press the Apply button and select Merge. After the above manipulations, you will be prompted to download a special utility iCloud Bookmarks for one of the browsers in order to completely transfer bookmarks from Safari to Chrome or Firefox. If you have previously logged into your Googl account, then you don’t have to do anything else. When using the Firefox browser, the task will be somewhat more difficult, especially if synchronization was previously disabled. First of all, you need to activate synchronization, for which we log into your Firefox account or register it. We do the same on an Android phone and enter the resulting code in the browser.
If you don’t want to install iCloud on your computer, you can use iTunes instead. But there is one peculiarity. you need to activate sync with iCloud in the smartphone settings. For this purpose, we connect the iPhone to the PC, turn on iTunes and open the device page in it. We select the tab “Information”, where we find the item “Other”. Next, select the item “Synchronize bookmarks from the Safari browser” and click “Apply”. After these steps, the bookmarks from your iPhone are combined with the bookmarks of one of your desktop browsers. you just need to enable it, export the bookmarks to an HTML file and import them using the standard method into the desktop versions of Chrome or Firefox. From them, they are transferred in the above way to the Android phone.

Photos as well as video files

It is convenient to use the Google Photos service to move photos and videos. To do this, we install the official Google application on our iPhone, in which you need to enter your profile and activate the autoload of photos and videos. Next, select the item “Upload all photos and videos”. We are waiting for the completion of the download process, after which you can see your materials in the Photos program on the new Android device. If you do not want to use the Google service, then you can carry out this procedure without an Internet connection. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer using a Lightning cable. Go to Explorer, where right-click on the icon of your smartphone in the list of available devices. We select the item “Import images and videos”. The import window will appear in front of you, where you can configure the settings for this procedure (select a folder, erase files upon completion of copying, etc.). Now we connect the Android phone to the PC and using the explorer, copy the folder to its internal memory or SD card.

post office

“Moving” your mailbox is the easiest moment if you use not Gmail mail, but iCloud or another service. Visit Google Play and download any email client in it. For example, Mailbox or myMail will do.


To transfer data from the contact book, you will need to connect an iCloud account and activate synchronization. You can do this by going to the iCloud options menu, where you need to launch Contacts. We just have to extract data from the cloud, for which we go to the page on the computer. On it we enter data from our account, click the “Contacts” item and mark the necessary contacts.

Next, press the gear key and then on the “Export vCard” item. A file in VCF format will be saved to your computer, where you will find all the contacts selected in the previous step. Go to the page, in the left menu select the item “Import contacts” and open the file you downloaded earlier. If you are using a beta version of the updated “Contacts”, where the import does not function properly yet, you should select “” from the menu on the left. In the full list, select import, after which you will be offered to return to the previous version of this service. It remains only to activate the synchronization of the contact book in the parameters of the new device on Android.

Method number 2. My Contacts Backup

To complete the transfer of contacts, you need to take a few simple steps:

The Best Way To Transfer Data From iPhone to Android!

  • First of all, as you already understood, you should download and install the My Contacts Backup application and allow it to access the contacts of the iPhone smartphone.
  • Next, click on the green Backup button and wait for the process to complete.
  • Then you need to click on the E-mail button and send a vcf file to your mail.
  • Download a vcf file from mail and run it, while the export of contacts will occur automatically.

Method number 3. iCloud Dropbox

If in the previously disassembled method No. 1 the obligatory presence of a stationary computer was required, then in the third method we will consider the possibility of how to transfer phones from “iPhone” to “Android” using the standard iOS browser. Safari.

  • On an iPhone using Safari, you need to visit
  • You should click the “Share” button and find the item “Full version of the site”.
  • After the full version of the page is loaded, you need to log in by entering your data from your Apple ID account.
  • After successful authorization, you will be taken to the iCloud application menu.
  • Open the “Contacts” menu.
  • In the lower left corner, you need to click on the gear and double-tap the “Select All” item. As soon as all contact information turns blue, you need to click on the gear again and select “Export vCard”.
  • After the vcf file is fully loaded, a new tab will open in the Safari browser, in it you must select the “Open in.” Item and save it to any cloud service convenient for you: DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and others.
  • And the last thing to do is download a file from the cloud storage and export contacts to the memory of a new gadget.
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Transferring notes from “apple” to “Android” through the Gmail service

Today, perhaps, there is no such person who has not used Google. And, most likely, Google will be the easiest way to transfer notes between iPhone and Android. With the Google Sync app, you can sync your iPhone with Gmail in minutes. After establishing a full-fledged working connection, it becomes possible to synchronize notes, calendars, photo and video files, contacts with your Gmail account.

After you complete these simple tricks, the notes from the iPhone are automatically transferred through your Gmail account and will be displayed as Notes. Now all that remains is to log in on a new gadget with the Android operating system under your Gmail account.

That’s all! These are the easiest ways to transfer information from “iPhone” to “Android”.

Method number 1.

There are four ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android:

This method of action, such as transferring contacts from “iPhone” to “Android”, is ideal for both new smartphones and cell phones of the “last century”.

Transferring SMS Messages from “iPhone” to “Android” Using iTunes

Before transferring SMS messages from Apple to Android, you need to extract them. To do this, you need to connect your iPhone to a personal computer via a USB cable.

Then you need to open the iTunes application. When you connect the device, you will see a button with the iOS logo, which is located on the top panel, it just needs to be pressed. In this way, the backup process will automatically start, and the message Summary will appear on the screen.

Upon completion, on the PC, you need to find the exported file with SMS messages, it looks like this: 3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28. The file is usually located in the most recent folder.

The found file must be copied to the Android device as well.

Then perform the conversion using the free iSMS2droid service. To do this, you need to follow the link in the browser, follow the step-by-step instructions, click “Select SMS database in iPhone”, load the previously copied backup file with SMS messages.

The display will show the conversion process, after which you will need to download the SMS Backup Restore utility and only then start the SMS recovery process on the device with “Android” OS.

How to transfer all information from “iPhone” to “Android”?

Quite often, recently, users of Apple gadgets have a desire to test the quality of work of analogues based on the Android operating system. In this publication, you, dear readers, will find the answer to the question: “How to transfer all data from” iPhone “to” Android “?

There can be many reasons for changing one OS to another, but the transition process should be as simple as possible. This means that you will need to transfer all user files (music, photos and videos), contact information, received messages, reminders and calendar events.

How to copy files from one device to another?

You can copy files from “iPhone” to “Android” from both Windows and Mac.

  • For Windows, you need to connect your iPhone to your PC. Then you need to go to the “My Computer” folder and find the iPhone there. Then we double-click on it with the left mouse button and find all our media files on the device, then copy them to the folder created in advance on the desktop of the personal computer. After that, the copied files are transferred to a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system in the same way.
  • For Mac OS, you also need to connect the Apple smartphone to the PC at the very beginning, then open the application called “Image Capture”. After that, the user must click on the “Download All” button and export everything to the previously created folder on the desktop. With such a simple action, all the necessary files will be transferred, now you can start the process of copying them to a device with Android OS.

iTunes and WhatsApp Recovery

This method is also suitable for users who have switched to Android. In order to transfer chats, you need to have a saved iTunes backup from your iPhone. How to do this is described just above. The instruction is very useful if the iPhone was lost or access to it was lost, but a copy was saved in iTunes.

Download WhatsApp Recovery utility from the official developer site. Works on both Windows and Mac. The program allows you to save data to your Google account, or immediately directly to your Android device. After installation, proceed with the transfer of dialogs:

  • After launching the utility, go to the “Recover files from iTunes” section;
  • Connect your Android device to your computer;
  • The program will show all saved backups that have been synced in iTunes. We recommend choosing the freshest by date;
  • All files from the backup will be displayed in the side menu. In the “Application Data Recovery” tab, put boxes on WhatsApp calls, messages and attachments;
  • Further, the program window will display all the chats and calls that were once on the iPhone. Select all or only those required for the transfer. Then click on “Restore”;
  • The utility will offer to either restore to a computer or to a device. Select the second and wait for the end of synchronization;
  • Open the messenger on your smartphone and restore data in the standard way.

All chats and information via iCloud are also restored here. Through this utility, you can also recover data directly from a working iPhone, but in this case, the data will be saved to the computer and, if desired, can be transferred to an Android device. This is a very useful program, so we recommend that you do not uninstall it.

Exporting a specific chat

If you do not want to transfer all the correspondence histories, but one specific one, then follow these steps:

  • While in the WhatsApp application, go to the dialogue that needs to be transferred;
  • Click on the name of the contact or the topic of the group chat, and, scrolling down, select “Export chat”;
  • Next, a window will be highlighted in which it is proposed to attach media files or not. In the first case, it becomes possible to add additional content, and the size of the exported file will increase. In the second case, the size will not change and only data from the selected correspondence will be transferred;
  • From the new window that appears, select the method for transferring information. There are several options. save to another messenger (for example, Telegram or VK) or save to “Files”.

ICloud backup

The official website of the WhatsApp developers says that they do not store chat history on servers. Consequently, the program will not be able to return very old correspondence or a very important photo of a document taken several years ago. To prevent the loss of important chats, the creators of the app recommend backing up to a cloud storage developed by Apple specifically for iPhone owners. And the most important thing is not to uncheck the “Automatic” box. But first things first. Before proceeding with the following steps, check these parameters:

  • The iOS firmware version on your iPhone must be higher than 7;
  • Go to “Settings”, in the very top line, click on the name of your account, then go to the “iCloud” section, scroll down a little and find the line “iCloud Drive”. It must be activated;
  • While in Settings, go to General, then iPhone Storage and make sure there is enough free space for your iCloud backup. Before starting to create a copy, the required number of gigabytes and megabytes will be displayed on the screen, so, if necessary, free up space.

Important note! It is possible to return the saved data to the cloud storage only if the user logs in from a new device through the same account on which the backup was made! Otherwise, it is impossible to return the data in any way.

If all the settings are in order, then follow the instructions below:

  • Launch WhatsApp, in the bottom line of the menu, find the “Settings” tab (a panel in the form of a gear);
  • Go to the “Chats” section, then to “Backup”;
  • In this menu, the application will calculate the required space to save a copy in iCloud. It depends on the number of chats, how many images, videos and other multimedia files are in the memory. In the same section, you can put a check mark on the “Automatic” option, which allows the program to save all information from chats every day, every week or every month. In this case, you do not have to go in and update the data every time, and in the event of an urgent change of the device, everything will remain in the cloud storage and will not go anywhere;
  • In the penultimate step, click on “Create a copy”. Wait for the end of synchronization;
  • Next, pick up a new gadget and go to the WhatsApp application. The messenger will offer to restore the data. In the highlighted field, enter the phone number that was linked to the previous smartphone. Enter your username and password from the same iCloud, then the device will offer to restore the backup. Agree and wait for the procedure to complete. Typically, it takes from three minutes to 30 minutes and depends on how much content has been uploaded (chats, contacts, media received or sent).

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger is a convenient and easy-to-use chat application. At the moment, the program supports text, voice messages and video communication, allows users to exchange media files (videos, images, documents, locations and locations, contacts and much more). Most importantly, WhatsApp is supported on all available platforms (iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android). This is an international messenger that allows you to correspond with people from different countries without spending money on expensive calls.

Usually, when switching to a new smartphone or changing a SIM card, dialogs with contacts are not saved or synchronized, even if an old SIM is inserted into the device. How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone or Android device? In this article, we will cover all the possible ways to transfer chats.

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ITunes backup

How to recover data using a computer? This will help a program from Apple called iTunes. If it has not been downloaded yet, then it is worth doing it from the official site.

  • Connect your old iOS smartphone to your PC;
  • Launch iTunes and create a backup. To do this, go to the path “File”. “Devices”. “Backup”;
  • Wait for the sync to finish. Disconnect your old device and connect your new iPhone;
  • After connecting via the USB cable, a window will appear that prompts you to restore the saved data. Select “Restore from iTunes Backup”.
  • The information is already stored on the phone, but has not yet been activated. Log in to the application via your phone number;
  • A notification about the saved backup will appear, click on “OK”. After that, all chats will be transferred to the new device.

This method is good because it transfers not only correspondence to WhatsApp, but also all other information. applications, photos, videos, notes, selected settings, etc. In general, transfer data from iPhone to iPhone completely.

Just keep in mind that data that has already been created and saved on your new iPhone will be deleted, since the old copy before backup will delete all information. We strongly recommend that you also make a copy on the new iPhone, so that in case of loss of any useful information, you can quickly restore it.

Solving problems with copying data via iCloud

If you run into problems during data transfer, then most likely it’s not WhatsApp, but something wrong with your iCloud account or iOS system.

  • Try to create a backup yourself. To do this manually, launch WhatsApp, then in the quick access panel go to the Settings tab, then to Chats, select Copy and complete the steps by clicking on Create a copy;
  • The developers strongly recommend connecting to the network that the user uses the most. As practice shows, iCloud works much better when you are connected to the same network and are in the same place when the backup process takes place;
  • If you are transferring or restoring data via the mobile Internet, then check if there is “Cellular Data” access for iCloud to function. To do this, launch the “Settings”, go to the “Cellular Data” section, and swipe to the right on the “iCloud Drive” parameter;
  • Make sure you copy from the same phone number linked to iCloud;
  • If the iCloud Drive function was enabled during copying, it will be impossible to recover data on another iOS device, version 7 or lower.

If you are using an iPhone on the iOS 7 axis and below:

  • Make sure you have the “Documents” function active. To do this, launch “Settings”, go to “iCloud”, then move the checkbox to the option “Documents and data”;
  • If you are trying to create a copy on this version of the axis, then check if the “iCloud Drive” parameter is enabled on other devices linked to a single Apple ID. The newest versions have this option. If this parameter is active, then you will not be able to load the data. Even if iCloud Drive once worked, and then the user turned it off, it will not be possible to create a backup. In order to make a copy, you need to update to the latest version 8 or higher;
  • To see if there is enough space on your smartphone for a backup, while in Settings, go to the “iCloud” section and then to “Storage”. If there is no free space, then free up space in the same section;
  • If you want to back up using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, make sure Cellular Data is enabled in iCloud. To do this, go to “Settings”, then “iCloud”, then go to “Documents and data” and move the checkbox on the parameter “Use mobile data”.

Dr.Fone program on the computer

Dr.Fone is a free PC program in English. Allows you to instantly transfer information from one iPhone to another (or device on the Android axis) without the need to create an iCloud backup. Useful if there is not enough memory on one of the devices.

What are the advantages of Dr. Fone:

  • Supports all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) as well as Android;
  • Works not only with WhatsApp, but also with other popular messengers, for example, Viber;
  • Opens the ability to view chats and save only what you need;
  • Supports not only new devices, but also old models (5s / 5c / 5/4 / 4S), as well as those devices that work on iOS 9 and below;
  • The utility is fully compatible with any version of Windows and Mac.

In order to start transferring data, you must first download the program from the official website of the developers. Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow these steps:

  • Launch Dr.Fone and find the WhatsApp tab in the side menu. Click on it;
  • Connect both iPhones to the computer, the program will immediately see both;
  • Then select the “Transfer WhatsApp messages” option;
  • After that, you will be taken to the transfer menu. Accurate device models will be displayed on the screen. On the left is the device from which chats and multimedia will be transferred, and on the left is where all the files will be sent. If the program has incorrectly selected the source and destination, then just press the “Flip” button and the utility will swap the devices;
  • Then select the “Transfer” tool in the lower right corner. Confirm the action in the dialog box by clicking “Yes”;
  • The transfer will take some time. The program will notify the user that the transfer is complete;
  • After that, disconnect both devices and on the new device, follow the same procedure as in the previous instructions (enter your phone number, log into iCloud and select a backup).

Sending by email

The steps are exactly the same as in the previous instructions, only you need a working email.

  • Repeat the same steps up to point 3;
  • In the highlighted transfer methods, select “Letter to yourself” or mail attachment;
  • Type in the email address to which you want to import the data of one chat. Then click “Submit”.

How to Transfer All Data from iPhone to Android Step by Step

Using one operating environment (iOS, Android or Windows Mobile) when replacing a device is so comfortable that you don’t have to worry about transferring your data. If we use Android, then contacts are synchronized in a Google account, photos are stored in Google Drive or Dropbox, and mp3 music can be simply copied or transferred to a computer. If the data is recorded on an SD card, then it is enough to remove it from the old phone and insert it into the new one. Ultimately, you can even connect a mobile phone to a computer using a USB cable and transfer files with photos and music from the internal memory to the hard drive, and then from the disk to the new Android.

It is a little more complicated in the case when we are switching from iPhone to Android, since the majority of Apple device users use Apple services that are not available for Android. Contacts are saved in the iCloud cloud service, as well as photos, which can be automatically synchronized there. In turn, MP3 music is collected on the computer in iTunes and synchronized with the iPhone. How to Transfer Your Basic Data from iPhone to Android?

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Google Photos

All iPhone photos can also be uploaded to the Google cloud and viewed using the Google Photos app, which is available on both Android and iOS. This is one of the best options if we store photos in the cloud and have access to them from all devices.

For now, you will have to be patient, because all the photos from the iPhone must be synced back to the new cloud. But when everyone is in sync in the Google Photos app, we’ll have access to them from all devices. both Android and iOS. It is enough to install this application on Android and log in with your Google account and you will immediately see all your photos, videos and other data.

Copy Music from iTunes to Android with USB Cable

All music is stored in iTunes, that is, actually recorded as files on a PC. Files can be copied to Android and played as usual in a standard player.

Connect Android to your computer using a USB cable and set the USB to files connection mode in the notification bar to make the phone appear in the My Computer window. Then go to the directory where the audio files are stored in iTunes. By default, this is the iTunes Media folder in the Music library. Find your tracks here in M4A or MP3 format.

Copy the entire contents of the folder, then open your Android phone window and go to the Music folder. If there is no such folder, create it. Then paste all or selected songs from iTunes. The files will be copied and after a moment displayed in the phone’s music player.

Wirelessly transfer photos between iPhone and Android

If we are unable to copy files via a computer, then we can create a wireless connection between iPhone and Android and transfer photos via Wi-Fi from one phone to another.

Other Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

If for some reason the above method does not work. an error occurred while syncing with the account or partially transferred, then there are many more other methods. For example, you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android using vCard or iTunes apps.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android. Step by Step

Until that time, you used an iPhone, but now you are switching to Android and actually worry about your data. Contacts, SMS messages, photos, music, notes and other documents can be transferred from iPhone to Android without losing data on your old phone. See how to do it step by step.


There are also many ways to transfer music files from one smartphone to another. The simplest solution is to sync all music from iPhone to iTunes on computer and then transfer mp3 files to Android using USB cable and File Explorer.

If you still want to manage your playlists with iTunes, then you can use an alternative method that allows you to transfer audio files from iTunes to Android using a special program

For those who like to store everything in the cloud, there is also an option. Google Play Music allows you to transfer 50,000 tracks to the cloud, so you can listen to your music collections on any device when you have an Internet connection. Thus, you can create your own music streaming service for yourself based on your PC files. Of course, albums can be saved in the phone memory so that you can listen to them without access to the Internet.