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How to make the screen brighter on a Lenovo laptop

How to change the brightness of the Windows 7 PC screen?

Open the control panel and go to the “System and Security” section. Next, go to the “Power supply” section. In the left column, click on the link “Change battery power settings.” In the window that opens, you can increase or decrease the screen backlight using the slider.

How to make the screen brighter in Windows 10?

Change Windows 10 screen brightness in the Settings app

  • Open Windows Settings by pressing the Win I key combination or click on the gear icon in the Start menu
  • Go to System → Display
  • On the right, adjust the “Brightness Change” slider to set the desired screen backlight level.

How to reduce screen brightness on Lenovo?

Press Fn Home (increase brightness) / End (decrease brightness). Press F6 (increase brightness) / F5 (decrease brightness).Go to

  • Select Define Your Product.
  • Select “Drivers & Software”.
  • Select “Automatic Updates” and see the updates.

How to reduce screen brightness on a Dell laptop?

To adjust the brightness of the LCD, hold down the FN key and press the Up Arrow button several times. to increase brightness. To decrease the brightness, hold down the FN key and press the Down Arrow button repeatedly.

How to make your computer screen brighter?

So, how to use the keys to make the monitor screen brighter on a laptop.

  • Among the function keys (F1-F12) there are two images of the sun.
  • To increase brightness press “Fn” “sun”.
  • And to decrease. “Fn” “sun.”.

How to brighten the screen on an ASUS laptop?

In order to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen according to your requirements, find the “Fn” key on the laptop keyboard. After that, press it and while holding it down, press the “F5” key, which is located at the top of the keyboard panel.

How to turn down the brightness on a laptop using the keyboard?

Look for the key with the dimmer icon on your laptop keyboard. Typically this key is the down arrow. By pressing this key in conjunction with the Fn key, you can decrease the brightness by one stop. By holding down these two keys for a while, you can reduce the brightness of the laptop to the minimum.

How to increase screen brightness on Lenovo laptop?

Using keyboard shortcuts to increase brightness

The quickest way to increase the brightness is by using special keyboard shortcuts. These combinations may vary for different laptop models. In most cases, the brightness is changed by simultaneously pressing the Fn button and any of the F keys (F1-F10).

On Windows 7

There are three simple ways to add or remove the brightness of the laptop screen on Windows 7; all of them are completely safe for the device and can be mastered literally within a couple of minutes. or even faster.

Summing up

There are several ways to increase or decrease the brightness on a laptop running Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, or 10. The easiest is with the function keys. The rest involve working with system options: “Windows Settings”, “Mobility Center” or “Power Supply”.

The main power consumption of a laptop PC comes from backlight lamps. Manufacturers specifically set them to low power to maximize battery life. For many people, such brightness becomes unacceptable, so it will be useful to know how to make the screen brighter, adjust the image.

What to do if the brightness on a laptop does not change

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Sometimes adjusting the brightness of the laptop screen does not have the desired effect. This is not a reason to immediately go to the service center, sometimes the problem lies elsewhere. First, you should check the availability of drivers for the video card, their relevance. It is likely that the graphics driver simply does not know how to respond to your actions. You should also check for keyboard drivers and the functionality of the Fn key. Try using it to increase or decrease the volume of the speakers.

In the worst case, it is not possible to increase the power of the lamps due to a hardware problem. Over time, the backlight element of the monitor may break down, the resource of the part may be exhausted, the cable may fray or come off. In such cases, you should contact the service department to find out the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it. Before taking your computer for repair, try all of the above methods.

Function Keys

The fastest way, which does not require a laptop user on Windows 7 (as well as 8, 8.1 and 10), absolutely no additional knowledge and skills, a way to decrease or increase the brightness of the monitor is to use special keys.

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Important: buttons that allow you to change the brightness in one click are provided for all modern laptop models, and sometimes they are found on “stationary” keyboards. usually on “extended” ones that cost a little more than standard ones.

You can change the brightness of the monitor using the keys, depending on the settings of the machine, in two ways:

  • simultaneously holding down the Fn and F2 / F3, F7 / F8 or others buttons on which the corresponding icons are applied. they will be described below;
  • by pressing only the corresponding keys without using the “function”.

This is no more difficult than flipping the image on a laptop; So, if the computer screen is too light or, on the contrary, the brightness is low for normal operation, the user should:

  • To decrease the brightness. press the key with a smaller “sun”, “light” or other icon with a downward-facing arrow.
  • To add. use the neighboring, respectively, with a large “sun”.
  • You can make sure that the changes have taken effect both with the help of your own organs of vision, and by the indicator of the current brightness that appears on the screen.
  • It is important to remember that it will not work to make the brightness lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum specified by the manufacturer. the indicator scale will be empty or filled, and the user cannot change the factory settings using standard means.

Power settings

If a laptop or computer gives too much light and you want to turn down the brightness (or, conversely, you need to change the parameter upwards), and the owner of the device does not want to use the two methods presented above, you can try another one. Applying it is as easy as changing the scale of the screen; the main thing is to follow the given sequence of actions.

To set up an overly bright or dark screen on Windows 7, do the following:

  • Open the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel” on the right side of it.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “System and Security” section.
  • Or, if the display option is “Icons”, just “System”.
  • Further. in the subsection “Power supply”.
  • Select your mode and go to the “Power plan settings” button next to it.

Here, the user can, by moving the slider, select the optimal screen brightness option. the procedure is similar to that described above and does not need additional comments.

Important: depending on the version of Windows, this method may not be available due to the absence of a slider bar in the “Power plan settings”. There is nothing wrong with that. the user has two other ways to change the brightness of the laptop monitor.

How to increase the brightness on a laptop through a special program

Another option on how to increase the brightness of the screen on a laptop is to use additional programs and system functions. Manufacturers, along with drivers, offer to install software for their products. For example, Intel suggests using a special utility called Intel HD Graphics, which can usually be found on the taskbar next to the clock. At AMD, these functions are performed by the Catalyst Center, which provides a wide range of options for making changes to display settings.

If you want to easily, quickly add power to the backlight on the monitor, you can use the built-in menu from Windows. For this:

  • Right click on the battery image.
  • Select “Widnows Mobility Center”.
  • In the window that opens, use the slider to increase the required indicator.

On Windows 10

You can increase or decrease the brightness of the monitor using the function keys and the “Mobility Center”, as well as “Windows Settings” and the slightly modified and available in all versions of the utility “Power supply”.

To adjust the brightness in Windows Settings, you will need:

  • Open the “Start” menu and click on the “gear” located in the leftmost panel.
  • By moving the slider in the “Display” section, select the optimal mode; no additional manipulations are required.

Tip: The user can automate the change in the brightness of the monitor in the evening and morning hours by moving the “Night light” slider to the “On” position and adjusting the time, hue and other monitor settings using the link below “Night light settings”.


Within the framework of this material, it was described how to brighten the screen on a laptop in various ways. The easiest way to do this is with the keyboard. It is enough to hold down two keys. and the desired result will be achieved in most cases. It’s a little more difficult to change the power plan. If none of the above methods worked, then you need to check for the presence of all the necessary drivers. If necessary, install them and repeat everything again. And only after all the manipulations have been carried out, it makes sense to contact the service center for help. Most likely, problems are at the hardware level, and they can only be solved with the use of special equipment.

Energy plan

Another way to solve this problem is to change the power consumption. On a stationary computer, such a setting does not play such an important role as in this case, because it constantly works from the network. But for a laptop, this is critical. It can run on battery power, and when it goes into this mode, the minimum power plan is activated. One of its components is to reduce the brightness of the screen. To change the mode, perform the following manipulations. We go to “Start”, then select “Control Panel”. In it you need to find “Power Supply”. A window with a list of available modes will open. We select a mode in them, which is called “With maximum performance”. After that, the brightness should immediately increase. This is another option for how to brighten the screen on a laptop.

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How to make the screen brighter on a laptop

Increasing screen brightness increases power consumption and shortens battery life.

Adjust the brightness of the laptop screen using the keys

On the keyboard of each laptop there is a special “Fn” key, which, in combination with the keys of the “F1-F12” row, allows you to add or decrease the screen brightness.

It should be noted that a special key for adding screen brightness will have an image of the sun with a “” icon. When decreasing the brightness, the adjacent key is used, which has a sun icon with a “-” icon.

Energy plan

The second way to brighten the screen on a laptop is to change the power plan. To do this, open “Start”, then go to the “Control Panel”. After opening it, you need to find an icon that says “Power supply”. We make a double click on it with the left mouse button. A window with the installed power plans will open. Here you need to choose a plan that provides high performance (it is called that). Opposite it, you need to set the appropriate checkbox, while the screen should become brighter. If this did not happen, then we return to the “Control Panel” and go to the “Device Manager”. In the window that opens, check for all the necessary drivers. If they are not installed on some device, then a question or exclamation mark is installed opposite it. In this case, we launch the disk that came with the laptop in the kit, and install them. As a last resort, if the disc is lost or was not there, download them from the manufacturer’s official website. After that we repeat everything again. If there are no problems with the drivers, then it is better to take the laptop to a service center.

How to brighten the screen in any laptop model?

Greetings friends! How are you, health? In this article, you will learn how to make a laptop screen brighter. Those times when we were told and we believed that working at a computer can negatively affect vision are already in the distant past! No, well, of course, there is harm from the screen, but it is not as significant as it might seem. It consists mainly of the need to strain your eyes in order to see some details on the screen. But, do not strain yourself especially when working on a laptop.!

For safe operation, it is enough to know the correct sequence of several manipulations to adjust the image on the screen. Today I will show you how to quickly adjust the brightness of the image on the screen.

It is foolish to look for adjustment buttons on the monitor. Even if you had a computer before the laptop, and you adjusted the image using the buttons on the monitor, know that this is simply impossible in a laptop. To open and adjust these parameters, you should use several methods.

Using the keyboard

The easiest way to solve the problem of how to brighten the screen on a laptop is using the keyboard. To do this, we need a function key labeled “Fn” and those that depict the “sun”. The first one is located in the lowest row between “Ctrl” and “Win” (it shows the logo of the operating system “Windows”). In turn, there should be two keys with the “sun”. They differ in the direction of the arrow. In one case, it is turned up (towards the screen), in the other down (towards the touchpad). We are interested in the first of them. After finding all the keys of interest to us, hold down “Fn” and, without releasing it, press the second. In this case, the brightness of the screen should begin to increase. This is the simplest answer to how to make your laptop screen brighter. But this key combination does not always work. If the desired result is not obtained, then proceed to the next stage.

Standard settings

The manual is based on Windows 7. At the same time, it can be used for PCs with other operating systems.

To change the brightness of the screen to a lighter one, through the programs built into the operating system, go to the start menu and open the control panel.

You can open the control panel through the command line. Press the hot keys “WinR” in the window that appears, enter the code “control”.

In the open control panel window, go to the “System and Security” section.

Then you need to open the item “Power supply”.

In the dialog box that appears, you can adjust the brightness level of the display to the desired values ​​by dragging the slider.

If the work is carried out on a laptop, then in the settings of the power plan, you can set a certain level of brightness of the monitor for various work options (when operating on mains or on battery power).

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Now you can make the screen darker or brighter. To do this, simply move the lever in the direction you want, from larger to smaller or vice versa.

By default, when operating on AC power, the screen is lighter, and when operating on battery power, the display is dimmer, which saves energy for a longer time. But the operating system allows you to change the built-in settings to the desired.

Action Center

We change the screen backlight parameters in several steps:

  • On the taskbar, we find the “Action Center” icon
  • We use the function “Expand”
  • Find the brightness icon and make adjustments by touching LMB.


Most laptops, especially the latest generation, have dedicated buttons to adjust the display backlight. They are usually located next to the volume buttons. The most common location is the arrows next to “R Shift” or the key range from F1 to F12. The function works using the combination: Fn button Brightness (“” or “-“.)


It is very easy to change the brightness level on a laptop. On the keyboard, you need to find the Fn button and arrow keys. To increase the brightness of the screen, you need to hold down “FN” to the right. To make the screen darker, you need a reverse arrow.

When you press the described keys, a bar-indicator will appear on the desktop, displaying the percentage of the set brightness. In laptops, this indicator may not be available. The thing is that they lack the Hotkey Features program responsible for it.

Note! On some Samsung devices, to lighten the screen, you need to press the “FnF3 / F2” buttons.

How to change screen brightness on stationary monitors

Setting up stationary monitors has a slight advantage in the form of mechanical buttons. Monitor menu buttons are usually located at the bottom, side or rear of the monitor. Using these buttons, you can control the brightness parameters without calling any functions inside the Windows operating system.

There are many options in the brightness settings menu. For instance:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Colors
  • Gamma

Lenovo Brightness Problem (FIXED)

In order to lay a solid foundation before adjusting the brightness of the monitor, you need to work on the screen image. Poor quality matrices distort color perception. To adjust the image quality, use the standard number tool.

If you can clearly see all the numbers, then the screen is optimally configured. Medium quality will show the first three digits. If you see only two or less, it means you need to adjust the picture quality.

Contrast also plays an important role. She is responsible for detailing the highlights. Set the contrast to zero and adjust gradually. For example, if you have a light spot in place of the folds of your shirt, then you need to lower the level until the folds become detailed.

Also, adjust the gamma and grayscale. When adjusting the gamma, dark and light colors disappear when looking at the center of the picture. Shades of gray should not have impurities of red, green or blue.

And finally, brightness. There are tons of pictures on the Internet specially created for adjusting the brightness. Colors should not blend in with the main background. In this case, the detailing of objects should be clear. Too high brightness will be accompanied by a predominant light shade.

How to reduce brightness in Windows 8

We call the control panel with the WinI keys, then Hardware and Sound. Power supply. Find the slider to reduce the brightness of the monitor.

Move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner, in the pop-up window, select the Control Panel, in the next window, select the Windows 8 screen brightness icon, reminiscent of the sun.

Open Explorer or WinE. Click on the icon as in the picture. Control Panel. Hardware and Sound. Power Supply.

Power scheme parameters

To get started, call the “Power supply” menu. This can be done by right-clicking on the battery icon in the bottom panel on the desktop or “Control Panel”:

  • Control Panel
  • All Control Panel Items
  • Power supply
  • Changing schema parameters
  • Adjust brightness

In addition, in the “Advanced settings” section, the choice of actions is wider, which allows you to better adjust the brightness.

How to reduce brightness on a laptop

The laptop has additional options for adjusting the brightness using the keyboard. Most models have this feature built into the keys. To decrease the brightness on your laptop, you need to find the Sun icon. There are two of them, one less. to reduce the brightness of the screen, the other more. to increase the backlight. It may be necessary to press an additional Fn key.

Another way, on a Windows 10 laptop, click on the battery charging icon in the lower right corner. In the window that appears, you will see the sun icon with the percentage of brightness, click on it and the brightness will increase in increments of 25%.

On laptops with Windows 7 and 8, you can also click on the battery charge icon and go to the power settings, where you can set the required brightness. With battery and charging, each has its own separate setting.