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How To Make The Keyboard Luminous On A Lenovo Laptop


A very lightweight and easy-to-use utility with which you can lock the keyboard for a certain time. In addition, it provides other functions, for example: turn off the screen or set the computer shutdown timer, which in my opinion is very convenient.

So, let’s go through the points that need to be done:

  • Download from Off.Site. Install and run as administrator;
  • Select the required item;
  • Then a notification will appear in which you will be asked to click “OK” and only after that the keyboard will turn off.
  • In order to unlock it back, you must press CTRLALTDELETE, and then “Esc”.

The program is actually cool, in Russian, but hides in the tray (where the clock is on the desktop), so it DOES NOT make an eyesore. Works perfectly on all laptops from asus, acer, samsung and others, including Windows 10.

3 ways you can lock the keyboard on a laptop

Often there is a need to turn off the keyboard of a laptop, whether you are at work and during a break you need to hide personal information from prying eyes or are at home when the little hands of curious children strive to program. What to do and how to be?

In this article, you will learn about three ways, namely, how to lock the keyboard on a laptop from a child while using as standard Windows tools. So is special software, which is suitable for any laptop regardless of its manufacturer, be it Lenovo, hp or Dell.

By the way, there was another post on a SIMilar topic here recently.

Child lock

Another interesting utility for locking the keyboard from children. Easy to learn, although it has an English-language interface. Works great on Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit versions. You can download it from Office.

All functions are divided between 4 buttons, let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

Couldn’t fix the problem? Seek help from a specialist!

  • “Auto Lock” is responsible for automatically locking the keyboard after ten minutes of complete inactivity, while the utility itself will be minimized to the tray.
  • “Block Win Ctrl” pressed this button, you Disable the “Win” and “Ctrl” keys. They are mainly used in conjunction with other keys.
  • Using “Lock” you turn off both keyboard and mouse, but you can move it).
  • “Allow only” will disable absolutely everything.

For the convenience of users, hot keys were also provided:

SHIFTALTEND. thanks to this command, all buttons will be locked, both on the keyboard and on the computer mouse.

SHIFTALTHOME. the opposite of the previous command, it is responsible for unlocking all components. The only combination that can be used when the keyboard is disabled.

Standard tools

In Windows XP and newer versions, you can lock the keyboard by SIMply pressing the “WINL” keys.

Then you will see a window SIMilar to the following:

But in this case, your Samsung laptop must have a password for the user under which you are in the system, otherwise you can SIMply log back in by clicking on the icon or by pressing the “Enter” or “Space”.

Couldn’t fix the problem? Seek help from a specialist!

Let’s summarize:

In the article, 3 SIMple ways have been analyzed that will help you block the keyboard or mouse in just a few clicks. At the same time, all methods are absolutely working and are suitable for any laptop, even with Windows 8, NOT a suspension from the manufacturer (lenovo, ASUS, Acer or less popular Sony viao).

I suggest watching a detailed lesson on the topic in order to understand everything to the end.

Couldn’t fix the problem? Seek help from a specialist!

Professional help

If it was not possible to fix the problem yourself,
then most likely the problem lies in a more technical level.
It can be: breakdown of the motherboard, power supply,
hard disk, card, RAM, etc.

It is important to diagnose and fix the breakdown in time.,
to prevent the failure of the second components.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops

How to enable WI-FI on Lenovo laptops? A topic that I am sure will interest most laptop owners from this manufacturer. I want to emphasize right away that all the information below is for the most part intended for all modern models from Lenovo. But, despite this, Owners of second-hand laptops can also get a lot of useful information in this article.

From the title and the first paragraph, you can easily understand that the article has a narrow focus, that is, specially prepared for users with Lenovo laptops. This is due to one case, when different users brought me three laptops from Lenovo, asking me to see why Wi-Fi does not work.

This, of course, was not in one day, but every other day so for sure. In general, along the way, I found several interesting chips due to which Wi-fi may NOT work on Lenovo or will turn on only after performing certain actions.

Below I present information on how to enable Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops in various situations, based on my personal experience when working and setting up computers from this manufacturer.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not work on Lenovo laptops

Of course, I understand that there are a lot of situations and reasons due to which the wireless network may NOT work. But, if you are one hundred percent sure that everything is ok with the router, then for sure the cause of the malfunction is hidden, unrelated, in the laptop.

Therefore, I will describe several main points on turning on the network adapter, after completing which you will either get the Internet working, or you will be able to move on based on the data received, for example, started checking the network settings.

Enabling the wireless adapter

The very first thing I recommend doing. This is to check if the network adapter is enabled.

  • Open the “Run” Dialog Box And insert the “ncpa.Cpl” command there, run it by pressing the “Enter” key;
  • Among the appeared network adapters, we find “Wireless Connection” And by clicking on it, we open the context menu;
  • Next, we find the term “Enable” And click on it with the mouse.
  • If instead of “Enable”, “Disable” is displayed, This means the wireless connection is enabled, so you can proceed to the next recommendation.

Checking the installed driver

Mandatory before further configuration, check if you have installed the driver for the Wi-Fi adapter.

  • Again, using “WinR” AND the command “devmgmt.Msc”, it gets to the device manager;
  • We open “Network adapters” from the list of available devices, And we find there the device responsible for Wi-Fi, usually the word “Wireless” is added after its name (In a normal Ethernet connection)
  • If it is displayed with triangles or there is none at all, but some unidentified device is present, then you have obvious problems with the driver, which must be installed.

You can download the driver on the Lenovo website, in the support section. The easiest way to find the required page, I killed the following phrase in a search engine: “Lenovo z50 driver“Substituting, of course, your model instead of the z50.

As for the installation, everything is SIMple and familiar there, we run Setup, wait a few seconds and restart the computer.

Enabling Wi-Fi on Lenovo with the Monitor Cover

In general, it so happened that the two laptops that came to me turned out to be the same model, namely Lenovo z50. The problem was that when the system was booted, the adapter did NOT turn on automatically, but when you pressed the key combination responsible for turning it on, the computer did NOT react in any way.

But, as soon as you close the monitor lid for a few seconds, then after opening the wireless adapter will turn on and start searching for available networks, which is pretty amazing.

In general, this trick worked on both laptops so that I recommend using at least this connection method for a start, for its further configuration.

The aLGorithm is SIMple, we closed the laptop lid, waited a few seconds, and opened it. Voila. the internet works. I know for sure that this option works on many laptop models from Lenovo.

Starting to automatically turn on the wireless adapter

Another option for enabling the adapter is the function keys on the keyboard, in which I mentioned above. Usually they are located on F1. F12 and are displayed in the form of various icons, while they are used only in combination with another “Fn” key.

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Just note right away that in newer models more and more manufacturers are swapping these buttons, as a result of which F1-F12 works only when you press “Fn”, but the functional ones, on the contrary, act as ordinary keys.

As it floated, on turning on the Wi-Fi adapter, I answer F5, F6, F7. In order to make it easier to determine the necessary button, you can look at the icon that is applied to it. These are usually Wi-Fi antennas or an airplane (Mode: airplane). For example, in the z50, I remember exactly that this is the F6 key and an airplane is depicted on it.

In general, after pressing, for example, on “FNF6” Or just “F6”, an icon should appear on the screen confirming that the network adapter has been turned on. Well, if nothing happens, then most likely you do not have the necessary software package installed, which uses these keys.

Installing Lenovo Energy Management

So, if your function keys do not work or only some of them work, then most likely you do not have Lenovo Energy Management installed.

The fact is that Wi-fi just may NOT work for you because the adapter is off, but you can turn it on only using the function keys, which in turn work only after you install this utility.

You can download it at the office. Lenovo website, for any version of Windows. After you install it, I recommend that you restart your computer and try using the adapter power key. If everything is OK, a small menu will appear on the screen, in which you can enable or disable Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

In our case, you need to set the value to the “on” position opposite the wireless network, respectively, by selecting it with the mouse. After that, the adapter should turn on and start looking for available wireless networks. In addition, now you do not have to manually start each time the operating system boots, since it will do this in automatic mode.

Also, if the necessary keys are NOT triggered, it would be advisable to check or even install the driver on the keyboard, downloaded it from the Lenovo support page.

Enabling Wi-Fi on Lenovo with a Button

In addition to the way to turn on the wireless adapter using the keyboard, on some models, there may be a separate special button or switch on the case, which is responsible exclusively for starting Wi-Fi on a laptop.

Usually it is located on one of the side faces of your laptop case or near the power button, special features by which you can recognize it all the same, it most likely displays an icon in the form of small antennas.

Energy saving mode

The power saving mode, which is enabled by default in the properties of the device, can also be a prerequisite for Incorrect operation of the wireless connection or its disconnection altogether. You can remove this function in the settings of the network adapter.

  • Opening “Run”, Copy there “ncpa.Cpl”.
  • Finding a wireless connection using a dialog box calling “properties”.
  • Next, the “Configure” button.
  • Go to the “Power Management” tab.
  • And there we uncheck the box that allows you to turn off the device to save energy.

After, do not forget to restart the laptop and check if something worked out or not.

Is the WI-FI adapter connected to the motherboard

Well, and finally, if nothing helped you, I can recommend checking whether the antennas are connected to the adapter directly on the motherboard itself.

I once had such a case that for some reason wi-fi did not work on a completely new laptop, while the drivers were installed, and the device was turned on. But He did not see more than one network, except for those cases when its distribution was carried out using a smartphone. Ito, he connected to it, but there was still no Internet access.

After trying everything, I decided to check if everything is fine with the connection under the cover by unscrewing it. As it turned out, the antennas were SIMply not connected to the adapter itself, although the laptop was new, there is a chance, of course, that they disappeared, or they SIMply forgot to connect.

In general, after I connected them. Everything fell into place and Wi-Fi started working normally.

Here are some of the things that, in my practice, helped me to turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops, maybe something will be useful for you. In general, as always, I await your comments and wish you good luck in setting up your computers.

How To Make The Keyboard Luminous On A Lenovo Laptop

How to turn on the keyboard on a laptop?

If you don’t know how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop, it can be a big hassle for work and everything else. However, you should not despair. There are several guaranteed ways to unlock keys and fix your workflow.

How to turn the keyboard on and off on a laptop?

Spontaneous shutdown of the keyboard often happens due to the SIMultaneous pressing of the special Win key and the second button, which may differ depending on the laptop model. You can find out which key in your case makes the desired combination from the instructions for the laptop.

However, what if there are instructions or you don’t have access to them? In this case, you can download the detailed manual for your PC from the respective manufacturer’s website. Most likely, you will need to Register by entering the serial number of the laptop, after which you will receive the necessary manual for use.

But before going this difficult path, try SIMply pressing the FnNumLock key combination, the latter is located on the right side of the keyboard. You probably mistakenly used this combination to turn on the numeric keypad while playing online. In doing so, you unwittingly disconnected part of the keyboard.

If the above method fails to unlock the keyboard, try the Fn key combination and one of the F1-F12 buttons. You also need a key from the row where there is a lock or other picture corresponding to the keyboard lock.

If we talk about specific models, often there are questions about how to turn on the keyboard on a laptop Acer, Lenovo, HP, Asus and others. To do this, you can use the following combination: FnF12, FnNumLock, FnF7, FnPause, FnFх, where x is one of the 12 function keys. And in order to find which key will turn on the keyboard on the laptop, you need to look at the instructions or use the selection method.

How to enable an additional keyboard on a laptop?

These include the on-screen keyboard, which turns on quite SIMply and displays the current state of the real keyboard. To display it on the screen, you need to enter the Start menu, then go to Standard-Accessibility and find the On-Screen Keyboard item there.

It’s even easier. after entering the Start menu, enter “keyboard” or “keyboard” into the search bar. As a rule, the inscription “On-screen keyboard” will appear as the first item among all the options found.

What is this virtual keyboard for? You ask. It will probably help you find the Num Lock key if it is not present on a real keyboard. And without this button, sometimes it is impossible to unlock the last.

How to unlock your keyboard once and for all?

If you regularly encounter a problem with locking the keyboard, installing the All-Unlock v2.0 RC3 program will help you solve it once and for a long time. You can download the free version on the official website.

When downloading from second sites, make sure first that an antivirus is installed and running on your PC so as not to become a victim of scammers and harm your laptop.

If you are unable to turn on the keyboard using any of the above methods, most likely you should contact the service center to attract experienced specialists.

Command line

To disable and enable the keyboard, you can use the command term. To do this, you need to write “cmd.Exe” in the “Start” menu in the search bar. Further:

  • In the displayed list, select the item with this inscription and the black window icon.
  • They will name it.
  • Register the following line: “rundll32 keyboard, disable”.
  • They will name the “Enter” key.

The keyboard turns off. To enable the keyboard unit, users can re-enter the command period and enter the following words “rundll32 keyboard, enable”.

Third Party Programs

To block work on the keyboard, if there is a small child in the house, you can use the following utilities:

  • Keyfreeze,
  • Toddler keys;
  • Kid key lock.


If the built-in keyboard is out of order, the user can always connect an external device for printing. To make it convenient to work, using an external gadget, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Open the “Start” menu by clicking on the button located in the lower left corner of the desktop.
  • Find the “Device Manager” tab and left-click on it.
  • They will call the item “Keyboard”.
  • In the window that appears in front of the user, go to the opened item “Information”. Find “Properties” there and select “Device ID”.
  • Name the gadget ID with the right mouse button and select the “Copy” function.
  • After THESE steps, you need to click “Start” or press the Win R keys. display the search term on the owner’s laptop screen, and enter the following phrase in English “gpedit.Msc”.
  • Enter the “Computer Configuration” tab.
  • Open the “Administrative Templates” item.
  • Find and enter the “System” tab, then go to “Install devices”.
  • And select “Device Installation Restrictions”.
  • Click “Prohibit the installation of devices with specified codes”.
  • Check the box “Enable”.
  • Paste the copied equipment ID into a special window.
  • Name “Ok”.
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Important! For this method to be effective, it is recommended that you uninstall the keyboard driver in Device Manager and restart the laptop. When turned on, the device will NOT be able to load drivers and the built-in gadget will stop working.


This is a SIMple utility for blocking keyboard and mouse. Only suitable for use on home computer or laptop. It is necessary:

  • Download and install the program.
  • Run utility.
  • In the main application window, click on “Lock Keybard and mouse”.
  • To disable blocking, you need to SIMultaneously press ctrl alt del and then esc.
  • The user will see the desktop instead of the program window on the laptop and the devices will be connected.

Attention! It is not translated into Russian, but a person who does not know English will understand the SIMple interface.

Windows Tools

You can enable and disable typing letters from the keyboard using Windows tools and using third-party utilities. This is especially helpful when parents want to block the laptop from the actions of a small child.


On the gadget, you can block input from the keyboard with special hot keys. They may vary on different laptop models. The descriptions below are suitable for any laptop model, be it Acer, HP, Lenovo or Asus.

You can unlock the part of the keyboard consisting of numbers on a Lenovo laptop with the keys: Fn NumLock.

Let’s list the main combinations:

  • SIMultaneous pressing of the Fn NumLock disable button is possible during the game by the user on laptops with a full keyboard.
  • Fn F12. F10, etc. for models with a shortened keyboard without a block with numbers, case. The F. key that locks the keyboard is usually marked with an icon.
  • Fn Esc. the combination of THESE buttons is typical for full-size keyboards and short.

Attention! This description is only suitable for modern laptop modifications. Older models have buttons for locking.

Hardware failure

This type of malfunction occurs for two reasons:

  • Spilled water, coffee on a laptop. Even a drop can damage the keyboard microcircuits on a laptop and disable it.
  • Self-disassembly and assembly of the laptop. Perhaps the users have damaged the cable or inserted it incorrectly. If damaged, only the replacement of the keyboard unit will help. If the user SIMply inserted the cable incorrectly into the unit, then it is necessary to disassemble the laptop again and carefully insert the end of the cable into the desired hole.

Attention! To connect the keyboard, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire laptop again. It will be necessary to do this: pick up the top edge of it with a screwdriver or a knife and carefully remove it from the latches by which it is held. On some ASUS, Samsung models, you need to turn the bar that holds the flex cable. Then insert the cable and return the keyboard to its place.

Next, the reader will get acquainted with the ways to turn on the keyboard.

Driver check

If unlocking with the power key does not help, then you need to check the drivers. The latter may disappear due to the influence of extraneous virus programs. But in viruses in the next block. Now we will present an instruction on how to check if there are drivers for the keyboard:

  • Will be named “Start”. This button is located in the left corner of the laptop screen.
  • On the right side of the menu that opens, click “Control Panel”.
  • Click on the graph view and open the item “Large icons”.
  • Find the item “Keyboard“. Left-click it.
  • A window will open in which the user will see two tabs. Select under the name “Equipment”.
  • If in the “Status” section of this tab the user sees the inscription: “The device is working normally”, then the drivers are in place.

Attention! It is recommended to name it with the right button on the “Keyboard” item. In the window that opens, select “Delete”. Restart the laptop. After that, the drivers should be automatically reinstalled in the system, the problem of turning on and off the keyboard will be solved.

If it is still turned off, then now you should check the laptop for viruses.

Using the virtual keyboard

If there is no touch screen, and the physical keyboard does NOT print, you can use the virtual one. It is also available on Acer, Sony Vayo and other laptop models. Input is made by pressing the left mouse button on the keyboard, which is displayed on the screen. You can enable it in the following way:

  • Name the Start Menu.
  • If the physical keyboard does not work, then you will NOT be able to use the quick search. Therefore, you need to call the “control panel”.
  • On the right side of this menu, find “Accessibility”.
  • Click on this item.
  • A window will open in which you must select “Enable on-screen keyboard”.

A SIMple method for cleaning a laptop

In the event that NOT more than 1 year has passed since the purchase of the laptop, you can get rid of the dust without disassembling the case. All the user needs is to find an air outlet in the form of a grill, which in most cases is located on one of the sides of the laptop or behind.

To carry out the procedure, you need to resort to the services of a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner in blow mode. If you do not have one of THESE household appliances at hand, then you can get rid of the dust by blowing hard on the grate. The rising cloud of dust will indicate its release. But this method of cleaning will allow you to extend the life of the laptop by no more than 1-2 months, and is absolutely ineffective when cleaning from dust was carried out for a very long time.

The cost of cleaning a laptop from dust

Today the market has a huge number of companies and services that are ready to provide this service to every user. But it is worth remembering that due to the large amount of repair work, cleaning the laptop from dust may not be done as quickly as you would like. In this situation, it is worth doing the work on your own and in addition to time, you will also save money, which would have been spent on paying for the work.

But if you DO NOT want to take risks and think that this work should be performed only by specialists, then you can find a service that will clean your laptop in any city. Average and directly depends on the amount of work and the time for disassembling the device. Earlier in our article, we have already said that the design of a number of models does not require disassembling the device to access the cooling system. And there is something, the disassembly of which will take more than one time.

Source: http: // delete-it. Ru / 7459-kak-pochistit-noutbuk-ot-pyli. Html

How to clean your laptop from dust

Anyone who owns a laptop will sooner or later witness the processor overheating due to the fact that the fan is no longer able to cope with the large volume of dust entering the device. As a result, the efficiency of the laptop is lost, up to and including its failure. If you clean it in a timely manner, you can reduce the temperature of the processor and other laptop components by 15-20 degrees.

Preparatory step and cleaning tools

We strongly recommend that before you start this procedure, refer to the instructions for your laptop, which will help you clearly determine the location of the cooling system. To clean, you will need to stock up on a clean cloth, as well as a Phillips screwdriver and a portable vacuum cleaner. If you do not have such equipment, then you can use a hair dryer or a can of compressed air. In addition, you will need silicone grease or machine oil to process the fan assemblies.

Categories: Computers, Reviews. Regular cleaning of the laptop

Experts recommend cleaning the laptop at intervals of 1-2 times a year. An important factor in how soon the device will need to be cleaned is the location of the cooling system and in a particular brand of laptop. So, for example, Asus, Acer, IBM, Samsung, HP and Lenovo need cleaning once a year, HP and Asus high-level devices. once every 2 years, but Apple products are ready to do without prophylaxis for at least 4 years.

Also, an important factor is the operating conditions. Of course, working with the device on the desktop and where cleaning is regularly carried out will lead to the fact that the cooling system can do without thorough cleaning of dust for a longer period.

Unfavorable factors that lead to an intense intake of dust into the laptop:

  • Owner’s smoking while working with a laptop;
  • The presence of pets in the house;
  • The presence of a transport road near your home or office;
  • Indoor renovations and other factors.

Lenovo Z500 laptop disassembly secrets

Today they asked me to fix the Lenovo Z500 laptop, which was slightly poured with tea (once again we make sure that you do not need to hamster without looking up from the screen). In general, it turned out that the hard drive has gone timeless into a better world. But I want to write NOT about this.

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Lenovo Z500 surprised me with its design. It will be rather difficult to disassemble it without breaking anything if you do not know a few tricks. To be honest, I have NOT fiddled with disassembly for a long time. Intrigued? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything now.

In terms of upgrade, this laptop is clearly not the best option for beginners, because in order to replace memory or hard drive (as in my case), you will have to disassemble it almost completely.

At first glance, only 5 screws hold the bottom cover of the laptop. No matter how it is! And here’s your first secret. 4 more screws are hidden under the rubber feet. The legs are NOT glued, they can be removed by slightly picking up from one edge (from which one can be seen in the photo). They are NOT completely removable, but remain on the rubber holder.

Don’t be in a hurry to rejoice. The cover is still NOT removable, as it is held by 5 more screws under the keyboard. And here we have the second feature of disassembly, and without knowing which it will be extremely difficult to dismantle the keyboard without damaging the decorative cover.

To remove the keyboard, there are two holes on the back of the laptop (from where the long screws were removed). Through these holes, using a narrow screwdriver or knitting needle, carefully push the keyboard out of the grooves. The upper part of the keyboard will come off and then we finally take it out. Take your time so as not to damage the train.

The keyboard is dismantled without the slightest scratch. It’s time to move on.

We almost opened the lid. there is one more small detail left. We take out the DVD-drive, under which the last 3 small screws are hidden. Congratulations. laptop cover removed!

Further, the disassembly process should NOT cause problems. Everything else, if you have even a little disassembly experience, should be familiar.

I note that the entire current U. and Z-series of Lenovo laptops are disassembled in a SIMilar way.

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Source: http: // mdex-nn. Ru / page / sekrety-razborki-lenovo-z500.html

Symptoms indicating the need to clean the laptop from dust:

Overheating is the main sign that you cannot do without cleaning your laptop. With a large amount of accumulated dust, overheating is observed within a short time after turning on the device. Also, in problems with the operation of the cooling system, the internal fan reports increased noise.

Overheating has an extremely negative effect on the performance of the device, which affects the operation of the operating system and turns into problems with loading applications and programs. It is possible that the laptop will turn itself off spontaneously in order to protect itself.

Dismantling the laptop and clean from dust

Be sure to de-energize the laptop and the equipment connected to it, disconnect. Turn the device over and, by unscrewing the bolts, Remove the back cover. In doing so, try to make sure that the bolts are NOT lost. In most cases, you will NOT have to completely disassemble the laptop. So, the developers of a number of devices Asus, Acer, Rover have provided that access to cooling systems can be obtained by detaching the back cover. But if you are the owner of a Sony, HP and Samsung laptop, then you cannot do without a complete disassembly.

The favorite places for dust settling are the radiator (intercostal slots) and the cooler (blades).

After removing the fan, remove the dust from the blades with a napkin, but you need a vacuum cleaner to clean the radiator. In the fan, you will need to clean the impeller, for which you will have to get it out of the cooler.

Remember that the cleaned shaft needs to be treated with silicone grease or machine oil.

How to brighten the screen on a laptop? Easy and fast

In the process of working in new owners of mobile computers, the following question often arises: how to make the screen on a laptop brighter? If there is a problem with this on a stationary system unit (the monitor is installed separately and it must have buttons for control), then with such devices it is not so SIMple. Within the framework of this article, the most SIMple ways of solving this problem will be given. In most cases, they allow you to achieve the desired result. But if nothing worked, then you need to contact a specialized center for the repair of computers and laptops. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that some component of the mobile PC has failed and needs to be replaced.

Card drivers

Now let’s figure out how to brighten the screen on a laptop using drivers on the card. Open the control panel for the graphics adapter by double-clicking the right mouse button on the right side of the taskbar on its logo. This could be a black and blue screen for Intel, a green icon for Nvidia, or a red label for AMD. Let us dwell on the first of them, since they can be found most often at the moment. In other manufacturers, the procedure is SIMilar. If we find something, we look at the documentation. After a double click, a menu will open. In it we select “Graphic characteristics”. Next, go to the “Display” section and find the item “Improving the quality of color” in it. A case will appear with a “Brightness” slider. By changing its position, we achieve the desired result. In the event that such a panel is available, then you need to install the driver from the disk, which came with the laptop. Another option where such software can be found is the official website of the graphics adapter manufacturer. In addition, the card drivers allow more flexible configuration of PC parameters. For example, using them you can reduce the resolution of the laptop screen or change its orientation.

Using the keyboard

The brightness of the screen on a laptop is changed by a special key combination. One of them is a functional one, located in the bottom row of keys between Win and Ctrl and the designation Fn is applied to it. It includes additional character layout. Among them, there are necessarily two keys, which bear the designation “sun”. On one of them, the arrow or triangle is turned up, and on the other. down. Accordingly, in the first case, we increase the brightness, and in the second, we decrease it. Now, to change the brightness, do the following. Clamp the function key and, together with it, the second one, on which the “sun” and the arrow (triangle) upwards are SIMultaneously located.

Extreme case

Have all the recommendations outlined earlier been followed, and the screen brightness on the laptop remains unchanged? In this case, you will have to contact the service center. As practice shows, most likely, something broke at the hardware level. This is especially true when the screen goes dark for no apparent reason. That is, nothing was installed, the settings were not adjusted. The reason can be anything: the train is frayed, the contact has moved away, or something else. In any case, finding the cause of the malfunction and fixing it at home is almost impossible. Therefore, you will have to contact the service center for help.

Energy plan

Another way to solve this problem is to change the power consumption. On a stationary computer, such an adjustment does not play such an important role as in this case, because it constantly works from the network. But for a laptop, this is critical. It can run on battery power, and when it goes into this mode, the minimum power plan is activated. One of its components is a decrease in screen brightness. To change the mode, perform the following manipulations. We go to “Start”, here we select “Control Panel”. In it you need to find “Power Supply”. A window with a list of available modes will open. We select a mode in them, which is called “With maximum performance”. After that, the brightness should immediately increase. This is another option for how to brighten the screen on a laptop.

Let’s sum up

This article provides a step-by-step answer on how to brighten the screen on a laptop. First, we use the keyboard shortcut. In most cases, this is a solution to the issue. Then we check for all the drivers on the PC and adjust the settings of this program for the graphics adapter. Another place where the answer to this question may be hiding is in the energy saving plan, which can be changed in the “Control Panel”. If everything is done, but the result is not achieved, then you need to contact the service center for help.