How to make faces on iPhone

Contests from trusted sites / bloggers

Real contests with iPhones as prizes exist. We regularly arrange such in our group on Other major web resources, YouTube bloggers, Instagram stars do it too.

There are actually a lot of real freebies around, including iPhones. You just need to participate in the right contests.

  • Is the competition organized by an unknown group without a website? 99% is a scam.
  • Is the drawing held by a top YouTube blogger? You can safely take part, he will not sacrifice his reputation for a couple of smartphones.

Be critical about participating in contests. See if the site or the group has held the drawing before, how exactly the process of choosing the winner took place, etc. And when luck smiles at you (and without this you cannot get an iPhone for free), the organizer of the competition will not deceive.

Free iPhones from customs

A relatively rare way, however, it is found and gullible people fall for it. From time to time, a message about the confiscation of a large batch of iPhones at customs is sent out in social networks, messengers, on the forums.

A person posing as a customs officer says: “What do I do with all these iPhones ?! I will give it to you, good people. ” And starts the distribution. Often, to participate in the “generous distribution” you don’t even need to repost and like. “It is enough to answer under the post and you are in action”.

make, iphone

Users who fall for the trick are treated with the familiar scheme. they are asked to pay for delivery. “I, a poor customs officer, will not pay for the delivery of hundreds of iPhones myself!” Something like this is outraged by a swindler posing as a customs officer.

In order not to fall for this divorce, it is enough not to turn off your head. Customs officers do not collect confiscated iPhones. At least hundreds.

Free Carried iPhones

The freshest way of divorce of all, therefore unknown for many.

Fraudsters offer victims to receive “carzh” iPhones for free or for “mere pennies”. Using this method, cybercriminals rely on the mystery and uncommonness of the notion of a “carved” iPhone.

“Carzhennye” iPhones are offered for free (you only need to pay for delivery, classic) or with a huge discount of up to 90%. Allegedly, the sale of carzhenny equipment is a dangerous business, therefore such a large markdown, so as not to risk, explain the situation “carders”.

If a person still follows the lead of the scammers and sends money, they instantly disappear. They do not have any “curved” iPhones.

And in general, you cannot find “curdled” equipment in the open sale on the Russian Internet. Don’t get fooled by it.

iPhone for free. Where they give, and where is the divorce?

iPhone is not handed out for free! Or is it still distributed?

Getting an iPhone for free is the dream of millions. For many, this dream leads directly into the clutches of scammers, who every year come up with new ways to deceive gullible people. Is it realistic to actually get an iPhone for free? In this article, we warned our readers about the popular nowadays methods of divorce associated with “free iPhones”, and also shared several working methods of getting an iPhone for free. Yes they exist.

Game auctions

Game auctions. similar to the previous method, but a modern attack. Of the recent major in-game fraudulent auctions, get4free is now fortunately dead. The creators of the service stole a lot of money from honest, but too gullible Russians.

The essence of the deception is simple. There is a site that hosts game auctions. Most often, users are invited to play some simple toy, thereby earning credits. After that, virtual money can be spent in the auction. IPhones, iPads, laptops and other equipment become “prizes”.

Advertising fraudsters on one of the most popular sites on the Russian Internet

There are, of course, no prizes. First of all, the victims bring money to the creators of the scam while they navigate the site and play local games. Those who are hooked tightly also transfer real money straight to the wallets of the scammers. For delivery or as payment for a part of the won for virtual iPhone coins.

Promotions from major brands and banks

Leading brands and banks run the fairest contests. They do not risk their reputation in our time, when any user can inflate a real scandal on the Internet because of a prize that has not been received.

How To Get Funny Text Faces On Your iPhone’s Keyboard!

IPhones are constantly being played by big brands. You need to follow and take part. They will not be deceived. True, you should understand that there are many who want to get a free iPhone in such contests. Must be lucky.

Distribution of “unnecessary” iPhones

The most popular and fruitful way of divorce for scammers. The method is painfully simple but effective.

A “major” appears in social networks, who decides to play his “old iPhone 7” among casual users. This decision is explained by the purchase of a new model and the reluctance to “mess with Avito”.

On the page, such a “major” usually has different “confirmations” of the status. Photos of expensive cars, exotic places and the same iPhones. All this is done so that users believe that a person really doesn’t peck money and give the iPhone 7 to the first person they come across is not worth anything.

Recently, similar “distributions” have also been taking place in special groups with names like “I will give it for free.” Initially, such groups were conceived with the good purpose of mutual assistance of users to each other, but for several years they have been populated by scammers.

Whether the “distribution” comes from a personal page or from a group, it is always a deception.

Scammers gather a naive audience and send a message congratulating each user who likes or reposts their victory. Free iPhone is yours!

There is only one “but”. you need to pay for the delivery. It would seem that at this stage everyone will understand that they are faced with a divorce. However, many users blinded by freebies, most often from the younger generation, do not notice the catch and pay for the “delivery”. Immediately after this, the fraudster blocks the deceived user and continues the correspondence with other potential victims.

It’s easy not to fall for such tricks. It is enough to remember that all this is a pure divorce.

How to take a portrait on iPhone 7 and iPhone 8?

Fast forward to September 7, 2016, because it was then that the beginning of such a feature in cameras as “Bokeh Effect” or, more simply, “Portrait Mode”.

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If anyone does not know, thanks to this function, you can take very interesting pictures with a blurred background. It was Apple who started the fashion for such photos that were taken on a mobile phone.

Today we will discuss an issue that will be of interest to owners of devices such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Can they do such a miracle of photography??

Is there a portrait mode on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8?

If you are now holding your favorite iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 in your hands, and are trying to find the “Portrait” mode in the camera, then you simply will not find it there. Every year, Apple likes to highlight a specific device, giving it a very special feature. I think the reason is clear enough, because such a process is being done with the most expensive devices and so you can make more money.

In 2016, that was the iPhone 7 Plus. It was then that we first saw a smartphone that was equipped with a dual camera and the main explanation for this action was two functions: 2x optical zoom and portrait mode.

It is 2018 and this time, two devices have already received the same advantages, only now they are iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (10).

If you read carefully, you have probably already realized that there are no hints at all about the presence of portrait mode in the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and even more so iPhone 6S. It’s just that it was not implemented in these smartphones, because this requires a dual camera.

Unless you can do it using different applications and blur the background manually. But as practice shows, this process is long and the result can hardly be called good (examples: Depth Effects, Patch: Smart Portrait Editor and others).

Why there is no portrait mode on the iPhone 7 and 8?

In principle, I have already named the main reasons and I will list them a little later. For now, I want to discuss a little why this feature was not implemented in the iPhone 7 and 8.

As practice shows, it is possible to implement such a function in a regular camera, and this has been proven by such a smartphone as Pixel 2, which by the way leads some ratings in terms of shooting quality among all smartphones.

This proves once again that Apple loves to make devices stand out and make them special. To make them buy more, so to speak, make more expensive devices desirable and make buyers overpay.

Although again, if Apple is using the second camera to blur, then the phone from Google just uses good software. It’s just that the same function is implemented differently.

Well, the main reasons that you hear everywhere are such moments:

  • there is no dual camera and less RAM, which simply does not make it possible to take such photos;
  • I want to get more money by highlighting flagships.

If you have something to add, just write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. It will be interesting to read your opinion both to me and to other readers.

How to do a lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) on any iphone devices

How to properly charge iPhone 11 and 12 in 2021

  • Up to 80%. in fast mode.
  • 80 to 100% trickle charge.
  • Do not charge up to 100% You can turn off charging after 80%, then your battery will live much longer.
  • Apple recommends completely discharging your iPhone once a month. If your iPhone turns off when the charge is 1% or more, then you should completely discharge your phone. This will calibrate the power controller. But not more often than once a month.
  • Earlier, at a time when they were still doing “battery / battery calibration” for phones, laptops and other equipment, the question was “how to charge a new iPhone for the first time”, but now no one is doing this, because the principle of creating batteries has long changed and is no longer required when buying a new device, charge and discharge it several times.

    Therefore, answering your question “is it necessary to completely discharge the new iPhone”. no, it is not necessary. But Apple advises about once a month to discharge your smartphone to almost 0% and then fully charge it.

    Can cheap, non-original lightning wires be used?

    Not desirable, as there were many cases of overheating of devices and fires of both the devices themselves and the cables.

    The original cable from Apple has a microcontroller to control the power supplied to the device.

    But if we are not talking about Chinese cables for 1, but about less well-known brands (A brand), then you can use cables, they usually have certification from Apple.

    Is it possible to charge an iPhone by charging from an ipad?

    Yes, you can, but there are a couple of nuances: the iPhone will heat up when charging (if you already have it warming up, it will heat up even more). And there were cases that when charging iPhones, they swelled or exploded, but the chances are very small :).

    What is the point and why does the iPhone charge faster from charging the ipad? Because the iPhone and ipad chargers have different output power, as a rule, the iPhone has 1A (ampere), and the ipad has 2A.

    Also, you may have a question: “Will the battery be damaged because of this?” IPhone batteries have a certain charge cycle after which they lose their volume, about 1000 cycles, which can be equated to 3 years of use if you charge the phone once a day.

    The question may also arise: “Is it possible to charge the iPhone faster, but without charging from the ipad?”. Yes you can, there are some tricks.

    If you need to charge your iPhone in 10-15 minutes, you are in a hurry and do not have time to sit and wait 2 hours until it is fully charged. Then you should limit the use of your device to the maximum: leave it alone, stop all processes (downloads, games, exit all applications in the background), and most importantly, turn on the air mode.

    How to properly charge your iPhone in 2021?

    [Info was updated on 23 November 2020]

    In this article I will try to tell and answer the basic questions related to charging the iPhone.

    Do I need to completely discharge my phone before charging?

    Previously, there was such a thing as battery calibration (this is when the phone was completely discharged, and then charged several times) Now this is not required because now a lithium-ion battery is used.

    How to extend the life of your iPhone battery? 1) Do not discharge it completely to 0%. 2) Charge it with 50% charge remaining (40-60%). 3) Also, do not leave the phone charging overnight.

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    Slow Shutter Cam App Profiles Description

    Almost all applications of this kind have three main profiles for shooting light trails, moving objects (Light Tail, Motion Blur and Low Light).

    Below you will find a few tips for getting a good long exposure photo, as there are some nuances.

    Motion Blur mode is for capturing moving subjects at slow shutter speeds under normal lighting conditions

    The subject for the next mode can be water (fountains, waterfalls, surf), a moving cyclist, a busy intersection, a passing train, and so on. Additional options in iPhone applications usually include blur intensity and various effects.

    How to take a photo with a trail effect (long exposure) on iPhone: 2 ways

    The best camera is the one you have with you. Most often it is a smartphone, and if you are reading these lines, your smartphone is an iPhone. The “Apple” gadget takes amateur photography to a new level if, of course, you know how to use all its photo opportunities.

    A striking example in this regard is taking pictures with a high exposure. IPhone owners, seeing one such picture somewhere on the web, immediately rush to look for the corresponding application in the App Store. But this is not necessary at all. after all, the corresponding option is available in the Camera system application.

    Thanks to the slow shutter speed, you can capture hitchhiking lights describing the trajectory of traffic, emphasize the movement in the frame and create cool photos in low light conditions. “But this is the lot of SLR cameras!”. you say.

    Modern smartphones are trying with all their might to drag some of the functionality of expensive professional cameras onto themselves. Slow shutter speeds associated with slow shutter speeds have always been considered one of their advantages. But now you can take photos in this way even on your usual smartphone, which is always at hand.

    Apple does not provide direct access to iPhone hardware for the sake of device security. So the camera shutter speed of this device cannot be changed directly. However, the iPhone can still capture images with a “trail effect”. There are several ways to implement this scenario: using built-in iOS functions or third-party applications that provide long exposure. We will detail all these options.

    Low Light mode. for shooting in low light conditions with long exposure

    Taking a long exposure photo at dusk, even on a DSLR camera, is a rather difficult task, not to mention the iPhone, because the light sensitivity of the matrix is ​​important in this matter, that is, the maximum amount of light that the device can capture.

    • you can capture more light with a slower shutter speed (keep the aperture open longer), but there is a risk of getting a blurry image;
    • a smooth increase in light sensitivity leads to the appearance of noise.

    This is why you need a tripod. Be sure to take into account the overall level of illumination, because a bright lantern or an advertising sign caught in the frame can ruin everything. There is a small rule. the more intense the light source, the faster the shutter speed should be.

    How to take a photo with a long exposure trail effect on iPhone using the Specter Camera app

    The benefits of this alternative long exposure photo app are machine learning coupled with hardware acceleration. Artificial intelligence allows you to automatically detect scenes, set stabilization. The Specter Camera uses a neural network to replace the tripod, removing the shake. Any frame can be used as live wallpaper on a smartphone.

    The application can remove cars or people from photos. It helps you create beautiful shots with long streaks of light or blurry streams of water. Specter Camera saves images in the new HEIC format.

    The application does not know how to open the shutter for a long time, but quickly takes a lot of frames. The exposure is optimized by artificial intelligence to make the shots bright enough. The shots are then combined into one using a slow shutter speed simulation. You can view the entire exposure in its original frame-by-frame view, or you can save it as a single processed frame or as a live photo.

    Light Tail mode produces a dramatic light trail

    A quality light trail can be found on a busy autobahn, in an amusement park, in the starry sky, or during the launch of fireworks.

    The most “convenient” time of day for a beginner photographer will be early twilight. The thing is that at this time the vehicles are already driving with the headlights on, and the street lighting, which could distract from the main plot, is not yet on. In the deep night, lanterns, signs, and other burning static objects will give overexposure, and there will be more noise.

    or less averaged values ​​for shooting will be the following settings: light sensitivity 1/4 and shutter speed 15 seconds. But here you definitely need to work with exposure and contrast in order to get the best effect.

    What it takes to take a great long exposure photo on iPhone?

    Ideally, you need a tripod, stand, or just a flat place on which you can place your smartphone, because the absence of shaking is a key prerequisite for creating high-quality long exposure photography.

    The simplest (but not the best) option for shooting with the “Long exposure” effect can be using the standard function of the iPhone camera (requires iOS 11 and newer). Live Photos, which also has the option of the same name.

    An alternative (and better) option is to use a special application that allows you to take pictures at a long exposure. There are plenty of such things in the App Store, but we still chose the Slow Shutter Cam and Specter Camera programs.

    Live Photo not working, what to do?

    Photos in this mode may not open due to the fact that optimization is working, transferring heavy files to the cloud. If the live photo mode does not turn on during shooting, you need to check the settings or reinstall the application itself.

    How to take Live Photos?

    How to take a life photo on iPhone?

    How Live Photos work on iPhone

    • after pressing the “Take a picture” button, the smartphone’s camera takes a video of 1.5 seconds before and after the picture;
    • as a result, the user sees a short video about what is happening at the time of the photo;
    • the animation is shown when you click on the image.

    life photo on iPhone

    The developers have revealed the secret of this function. Life Photo is not a video, but a montage of 12 megapixel JPG photos with a MOV file. In the “live photography” mode, the captured 45 frames are played back at a speed of 15 frames per second. As a result, we have a three-second animation.

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    Live Photos mode on iPhone: how to take and edit live (animated) pictures?

    Live Photo what is? Live Photos allows you to take animated photos in the iOS Camera app. After the release of the latest iOS11 update, new features have appeared that will delight users and significantly expand the functionality of the smartphone. There is no default application in some phone models, so you can download Live Photo for iPhone for free from the App Store.

    How to edit Live Photos on iPhone?

    After the release of iOS 11 software, it became possible to edit Live Photos and apply various filters to them:

    • Change the main snapshot from the video stream. Now you don’t have to take several photos and choose the best one. You can simply choose the frame you like and make a splash (cover) out of it:
    • Open the “Photos” folder.
    • Open the image (there should be a “LIVE” icon in the upper left corner).
    • On the top bar, click “Change”.
    • In the bottom panel, moving the slider, stop at the frame you like and release your finger.
    • Click on “Make_Photo_Main” and “Done”.
    • Apply additional effects (how to enable pendulum mode).
    • Open the “Photos” folder.
    • Open the image (there should be a “LIVE” icon in the upper left corner).
    • Slide the button up. A menu with effects should appear.
    • Choose the one you like from three possible ones: loop. makes a looping animation, that is, the image will constantly scroll; pendulum. reverse order of playback, which allows you to make funny and funny videos, for example, falling into the water or rolling down a slide; slower shutter speed. moving objects get a pleasant blurry effect, for example, shooting a city at night, passing cars, fireworks or falling leaves.

    How to watch live photos on iPhone?

    • Open the Photos app.
    • Go to the “Album” section.
    • Find the item “Types of media”.
    • To select 1 photo, touch it.
    • To watch Live, it is advised to touch and hold your finger on the screen.

    How to turn off Live Photo iPhone

    To do this, press and hold down the “Live Photo” function button for a while. A crossed-out circle will indicate Live Photo is disabled on iPhone.

    How to convert a life photo to video?

    In order to make a video from a number of snapshots, you should open any Live photo, click on the “Share” icon and select “Save as video”. After this manipulation, a short video will appear in the current album. Through the same menu, you can send a life photo to your friends by selecting “Send”.


    One of the most popular and easy-to-use utilities for extraordinary photo processing. What’s the trick? In VSCO filters! There are both free and paid effects here.

    Thanks to the program, you can:

    • edit video;
    • add frames to photos;
    • take a picture of vintage, colder or warmer tones, etc.;
    • change image textures.

    VSCO allows you to work on contrast, exposure, sharpness, saturation and other parameters of the picture. Straighten or twist the photo. By dragging the slider to the right / left, you can change the intensity and saturation of the effects.

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Mobile version of the famous Photoshop. Free access to tons of effects and functions for editing pictures.

    The application got into the top of the best photo editors for iPhone (for example, this X Silver) thanks to:

    • the ability to frame pictures in frames, make collages out of them, add stickers, memes, inscriptions;
    • apply filters to create interesting effects in portrait, monochrome, two-color and other modes;
    • quick correction of defects in images, for example, remove red eyes or correct contrast.

    Express Photoshop is able to make pointwise changes, fight noise, graininess in the photo, “blur” or mix the background. And this is only a small part of all Ps features, but some of them are available only to Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers.

    Rookie cam

    Allows you to apply filters in real time, i.e. do not post-processing the image, but right in the process of shooting.

    • 15 themes and 170 filters 40 of them specially for selfies;
    • tools for creating unique videos;
    • there are photo frames, signs and stickers to decorate images;
    • collages can be created in the form of a magazine, poster, album.

    The processed images can be shared on Instagram, and


    Assistant for creating extraordinary selfies, videos and group photos.

    In this mobile app for the eighth or another iPhone, you can:

    • correct “selfies” by adding smoothness to the skin, correct the oval of the face, make the eyes bigger, etc.;
    • add motion graphics to videos, such as cool stickers;
    • create collages and frame pictures;
    • add fonts, stickers, or patterns to your photos;
    • edit images, change photo texture.

    In addition, Moldiv allows you to create square photos for Insta, as well as share pictures on social media. networks.

    TOP 10 best photo editors for iPhone. rating of free iOS apps

    Advise, iPhone owners wrote on the net, what is the best photo editor for iPhone. And here is a selection of cool and, importantly, free Photoshop programs for iPhone. The rating contains a dozen applications with a variety of functionality.

    IPhone X Face ID error

    User complains to. that the iPhone X is unlocked after he showed it to his wife. However, the man said that he can unlock his friend X’s iPhone since they look alike.

    Face ID iPhone X Failed to Set Up

    You can’t access Apple ID settings on iPhone X and get stuck at the recognizing interface. Double click will take you to the previous page.

    Common iPhone X Face ID Problems

    iPhone X won’t unlock

    Face ID, which was first adopted in the iPhone X, seems to have a lot of recognition problems, just like what happened with Touch ID a few years ago. People have reported that the Face ID of the iPhone X cannot recognize their face after that. how did they set the face id.

    What to do on iPhone X Face ID has stopped working

    IPhone X users around the world have reported Face ID scanner not working after system update. Error messages appeared after iOS 11.2 update. According to Apple, the probability of a proprietary biometric sensor error is 1: 1,000,000. However, iPhone X users have often complained about system issues. In this article, we list the top five Face ID problems and how to fix them.