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How To Make Acer Laptop Backlight

Backlight for keyboard on laptop: step by step

To organize external backlighting of the laptop keyboard, you will need 5 Volts from the USB port and a white diode. We connect to the power supply connector from the USB port. But we must NOT forget that the voltage in the diode is 3.5 Volts, and the current indicator is 0.02 Ampere, that is, a 1.5 V damping resistor is required, its resistance is 1.5V / 0.02, which is 75 Ohm.

How To Make Acer Laptop Backlight

Since the USB port gives out a current of 0.5 A, then, accordingly, 25 diode lamps can be connected to it, but it is imperative to control the current consumed by the diodes, the main reason is that the difference in 17-21 mA significantly reduces the operating time of the diode.

After checking the collected external lighting and the power of the light beam, if necessary, increase the brightness of the light, you can additionally connect a number of diodes in parallel with the installation of the same resistor. The required current consumption is set using the selection of resistors.

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So the external lighting of the keyboard is ready, you can fix it in the desired place and start working on the laptop.

Materials and tools

First of all, you need to prepare materials and tools. To carry out the work you will need:

  • Soldering iron;
  • Diode strip;
  • Power cable;
  • Battery cells (if built-in lighting is produced);
  • Screwdriver;
  • 2/4-pin to 1/6-pin adapter;
  • Switch;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Adhesive (for certain devices with a collapsible keyboard panel)
  • Sharp knife;
  • Tester for checking the operation of the entire circuit diagram.

How to make a keyboard backlight on a laptop

In modern laptop models, there is already an option for backlighting the keyboard, which is convenient for working. This is especially true for people who have to work in the dark or for those who like to sit at a laptop at night. When the backlight is working, you DO NOT need to strain your eyes in order to see certain signs on the buttons. There are several options for turning on the backlight, the differences are only in the models or the manufacturer. You can also make your own keyboard lighting.

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Important points before work

Typically, an LED strip consists of:

  • Installed LEDs, which are connected in series;
  • Polymer flexible tape;
  • Separation areas marked with special markings;
  • Sections of the outlet of elements for connection to power supply.

In the case of the Multi-color diode strip, there are certain differences. Pairs of diodes of different colors are connected in parallel at a short distance. But all other soldering (connection) areas are standard.

Reference! Taking into account the marking, one output is 5 V, the other. 12 V. This must NOT be forgotten when connecting the lighting circuit to the terminals. At the same time, during the option of connecting the canvas with the help of a memory, it must be taken into account that the laptop charging should not be pulsed, only transformer.

Internal lighting

The most common question is how to connect keyboard lighting in ASUS devices. Since these laptops do not have a very bright glow. Many users are NOT satisfied with the quality of the LED element. But the laptop itself is quite suitable in terms of its performance.

To complete the installation of a diode element, you first need to choose the type of future lighting. For users who are NOT good at electronics, it is best to do the lighting along the contour. This will help reduce the likely risk of damage to performance during a poor installation.

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The main steps for installing an LED strip will require:

  • Disconnecting the battery;
  • Removing all fasteners (certain of them can be recessed into the case, and at first glance are almost invisible)
  • Next, you need to carefully remove the hard drive and remove the drive;
  • Remove the keyboard panel from the mount;
  • Pull out the screen cord, which is connected to the motherboard;
  • Disable the loop;
  • Disconnect WLAN.

Directly the LED strip must be inserted into the free circuit from the edge of the keyboard. over, it is necessary to take into account the place of fastening of the battery or other flat power source for installation in the case. The main disadvantages of this backlight method include a SIMilar disassembly when replacing the power source.

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