How to make a slideshow on a laptop

How to add text to Windows 10 slideshows

If we want to add text, then first click on the selected picture. Then click on “Text”. The selected picture will open in a new window. On the right in the window, write the text, select the writing style and location. Text can be positioned at the top, bottom, right, left, or center.

The text can be animated. Click on “Movement”. Movement options will appear in the window on the right. Click on them one by one to view. Choose the option you like and save. Click on the “Finish” button.

For each picture, we can add a frame motion. In the same way as with the text, first click on the picture, and then select “Motion”. The same set of motions will open as for the text. We look through the proposed options and choose the ones we like.

Enabling Windows Search

The fourth reason is the inactivity of the search function of the system (Windows Search), which should index the selected folder with images. You can enable this service as follows:

Launch the “Run” window (how to do this is described in the previous paragraph).

Enter the value services.msc into its line.

In the “Services” window that opens (on the right side of it), find Windows Search among the general list.

Make a right click on it or two quick left and select the item “Properties” from the list of possibilities.

Set automatic “Startup type” by selecting the required parameter from the drop-down list located opposite the corresponding setting.

“Start” the service by clicking the desired button just below.

Through the “Search” on the taskbar, go to the “Control Panel”.

Expand the contents of its “Indexing Options” section.

In the wizard window, click on the “Change” button.

Using the window that opens, find on the PC the catalog with the photo selected for the slideshow and mark it with a tick.

Confirm start of indexing with OK.

Changes to advanced power settings

The fifth reason (applies only to laptops). the settings do not take effect due to the fact that the PC is not connected to the network, but runs on battery power, that is, the user once set a ban or it was by default, since the power saving mode was enabled You can fix the settings like this:

Go to the “Power supply” settings through the “Control Panel” (runs in “Start” or through the context menu of WinX in earlier versions).

Put a dot next to the “Balanced Power Scheme” and click next to it on the active link “Scheme Settings”.

In the wizard that opens, find the link highlighted in blue “Change advanced power settings” and click on it.

In the list of additional parameters by scrolling to find the item “Desktop background settings” and click on the plus next to it to display the possibilities.

Change Slideshow from Paused to Available.

Most likely, this will clear all user questions.

Desktop slide show in Windows 10

Greetings to all visitors to the “Computer and Internet for Dummies” blog, continuing the theme of personalizing the desktop, today I want to show you how you can create a slideshow from your photos and install it on your desktop so that after a predetermined period of time, the background on the screen changed automatically.
How to make a slide show by putting your photo on the background in the seventh version of the system, you will learn from the link.

What to do if it doesn’t work on the lock screen and desktop

Sometimes users do everything right, but they still fail to launch the slideshow. There are a number of reasons for this.

The first way to solve the problem

If slideshow doesn’t work in Windows 10, there are some simple steps to follow.

Click “WinI” and go to the “Personalization” section. Next, “Lock Screen” and click “Delete” next to the item “Slide Show”.

After deleting all folders, restart the PC. Then go to the same section and click “Add” and select new pictures for the slideshow.

Windows 10 how to make a slideshow on the desktop

The fourth way to solve the problem

The slideshow feature in Windows 10 depends on the Windows Search service as the image folders are indexed. Accordingly, if this service is not running, then the slideshow will also be inactive. Therefore, the search service, even if you do not use it, you need to enable.

Click “Start” and select “Run”. Enter “services.msc” and click “OK”.

In the list of services we find “Windows Search”. Double click to open the properties of the service. We make sure that in the section “Startup type” the option “Automatic” was selected, and “Status”. “Started”. Otherwise, we make changes.

Next, go to the “Control Panel”. Select “Indexing Options”. Here we press “Change”.

We put a mark next to the folder with the images that were added for the slideshow. Click “OK” to save the changes.

The above methods should help solve the problem, as they have been tried in practice.

How to make a slideshow

Due to the availability of various methods of photography, many people are engaged in photography. It is easy to make photographs, it is more difficult to create a beautiful video of a congratulation from them, for example, for a birthday or anniversary. The most striking one that allows you to create a wonderful slide show from photos is an online presentation. It changes the background and style, adds animation and melody.

This method is also used for storage in a husky or in a gallery, as a congratulation, at a wedding or children’s party. To get a memorable video from a photo, relatively high PC skills and time are acceptable. However, there are more convenient ways to make a decent slide show for a small fee and even free.

Classic photo slideshow with sound clip that is created from snapshots of one theme. Each frame is accompanied by text, music, special effects. At the moment, the video with sound is more of a short film. This makes it easy to show photographs taken at various celebrations, holidays, stories of couples and friends. It is much easier to show stories arranged in this way, more fun to watch.

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How to Make Free Photo Slideshow on Fromfoto

In order to design a slideshow on the service, you do not need to look for an answer to the question “how?”.

  • choice of design;
  • uploading photo and video materials;
  • preservation.

Fromfoto’s interface is made in a pleasant color scheme, samples of previously completed works are available. The order is executed very quickly, you can get even faster for repost or payment.

This is the best option for a gift or congratulation. A download link is provided, it is possible to create an infinite number of times. Time costs are minimal, you can use PayPal, Robokassa, YandexKassa to pay. The answer to the question of how much it costs to make an amazing slideshow is simple: absolutely free, the download rate is chosen by the buyer.

Most often, snapshots are used, but sometimes you have to decide how to edit a video from pictures. In fact, there is no fundamental difference.

At Fromov, anyone can make a video clip as a gift for an anniversary and just a birthday, for a wedding or anniversary. Several files in one folder will make a wonderful photo album.

It is important to clearly define what the result should be:

  • idea;
  • meaning, theme;
  • number of photos;
  • titles;
  • musical accompaniment.

After selecting the most successful photographs (the number is limited), it is advisable to edit them. Text comments also need to be prepared in advance. The selection of the track should be taken seriously. It is this accompaniment that primarily affects the emotions of the audience when watching a slide show.

How to make a cool slideshow with music the right way: preparation

After going to the site, click on the “Create” button to open the page for choosing a design, on the basis of which your creation will be created. All available templates with short descriptions can be seen in the section on the left. The number of files differs for each type of design, so it is better to choose before preparing materials. The sequence, if necessary, can be changed directly on the site.

After downloading the files, click on the “Next” button, a section opens in which text and a song are added. It is best to download all of this from your own computer, although there is a default soundtrack. It is important to enter the correct email address. It remains to click on the “Finish” button. The cost of such a video is relatively low when compared with the of offline specialists.

This service uses the After Effects program, users can make unforgettable dynamic slideshows from photos or pictures themselves and watch them without paying.

If you are interested in the answer to the question of how to make a cool slideshow with a song from photo frames or pictures, first of all you need the power of a computer, the level of your own knowledge, and the presence of certain skills.

Benefits of creating a slideshow on a computer, laptop, phone

  • a thorough study of the program is not required;
  • content processing is minimal;
  • the assortment of footage is sufficient for most clients;
  • the resource does not need prepayment;
  • the finished product can be taken to the page.

The technical setting and installation, final processing and assembly are carried out by a specialist. On a stationary editor, all this will have to be done independently.

Online services for converting photo albums into clips are gradually becoming more popular than programs installed on computers and laptops. Fromfoto can be compared to Slide-life, Lightroom and Kizoa. On the first, there are very few styles, most are greeting. Lightroom is good for making slides from images.

Users can make a slide show from the family archive. In addition to the simplified version, there are paid ones. Duration of the cheap segment is up to a minute, the logo is displayed. The site works with FLASH, so it often slows down.

Summing up, it can be argued that Fromphoto is preferable for home use.

Slideshow creation process step by step

Microsoft Powerpoint is designed to create business presentations, not colorful entertainment videos, so you shouldn’t expect overwhelming results. Let’s see what steps you need to follow to prepare a slideshow.

Beginning of work. When you open the program, the first slide will appear. Right-click on the white field, select the “Layout” line in the drop-down list. Find a suitable template among the templates.

Complete the slide. Depending on the type of layout, the sheet may contain a field for text, a place to insert tables, charts, pictures. In the rectangle with the placeholder text, write your choice. To add photos or other images, click on the corresponding icon.

Add new slides. Click “Create Slide” in the top menu. To make it look more interesting, right-click on the slide and select “Format Background” from the list. Change it to a different color, add a gradient transition, or use a different image as a background.

Decorate slides with shapes with text, add animation. The program offers several simple effects for highlighting, fading in and out of slide elements. You can find them in the corresponding tab. You can also insert music into your presentation.

Adjust transitions between slides so that one changes to another more smoothly and beautifully.

Preservation. In the drop-down menu “File” find the item “Save”, click the left mouse button. Select the save location and enter the name of the project.

Done! You have learned how to create a Powerpoint slide show. Unfortunately, the software does not offer dozens of colorful effects, and transitions between slides are fairly commonplace. With its help, high-quality presentations of a working project or slideshows for defending a diploma are created, but a funny video from family photos or a tender love story for a wedding is unlikely to work.

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How to be? After all, you want to show the film to your friends, and even enjoy watching it yourself. In fact, you should not cycle on a single, albeit widely known, software. A good analogue of Powerpoint, sharpened for creating a slideshow, will allow you to achieve truly amazing results, turning a selection of pictures into a colorful film. It is enough to download the program to the computer!

How to make a slideshow in Powerpoint?

Decided to create a photo slideshow? The first step is the question of the right software. A fairly well-known product that immediately comes to mind is Microsoft Powerpoint. In the article, we will tell you how to prepare a slide show in turn point, and also talk about more interesting analogs of the program.

Why is analogue better than Powerpoint?

  • Sharpening for a slideshow. This is a specialized software, whose interface is made taking into account the needs of users. Forget about linking to awkward Powerpoint templates, create your own projects the way you like.
  • Ready-made collages. Connect themed photos with one click. Dozens of thoughtful collages will allow you to create a beautiful animated slide in a few seconds.
  • Titles and screensavers. Variety of themed and versatile slide templates to start or end your movie to make it look complete and complete.
  • Amazing effects. When you are making a photo slideshow in Powerpoint, the look and quantity of the effects is disheartening rather than encouraging. A similar editor, designed specifically for creating clips from pictures, will offer a truly rich choice. You will find stunningly beautiful frames, weather effects, 3D animation, complex effects like fluttering butterflies and flying balloons, and much more. Show your imagination to the fullest!
  • Transitions. than thirty interesting smooth transitions between slides. Gradients, mosaics, page-turning, director’s clapper board are just a few of the variety available. Set the same transitions for all slides or your own for each.
  • Music. Who will enjoy watching slideshows in complete silence? The ability to add a music file and voice comments allows you to turn the usual flickering of bright pictures into a real movie! Add your favorite songs, create a mood!
  • Various save formats. Prepare videos for viewing on PC and phone, for recording to DVD or for YouTube. In comparison, Powerpoint offers only one video format. WMV.
  • In fact, there are much more possibilities if you master more complex techniques of working in the program. Read the tutorials on the site to dive deeper into the process, get new ideas, and understand the fine-tuning of the effects. Try to get started with the following articles:

    Impressed by the huge possibilities? It’s time to create an unforgettable slideshow with your own hands. Appreciate what an incredible selection of bright, original special effects, transitions and screensavers the analogue program offers. When you create a slideshow in Microsoft Powerpoint, you will never find anything like it. Turn photos into wonderful films that you will want to watch over and over again!

    Start creating your unique slideshows now!

    Making animations and transitions

    Beautiful transitions between slides are very important when you make a presentation. they add originality and uniqueness to it. There are many templates in the program that you can apply to your work. To enable a transition, you should select a slide, click on it, and then on the option “transition style”. In the same mode, you can view exactly how these slides will change. At the same time, it is worth remembering that such an animation will only affect one selected slide.

    In addition to applying animations and transitions to slides, you can use them on objects that are on pages. This way, you can get animated elements like pop-up text. Select the appropriate tab and follow the instructions in the figure.

    On the right, you will see a column in which you can choose an effect that interests you.

    How to create a powerpoint presentation

    To work, you need a computer or laptop. The second option is preferable because it can be brought to the venue and connected directly to the projector. Before making a presentation in powerpoint, you need to find all the information that will be used, draw up a report outline. Remember that the program saves the result in pdf e-book format, is reproduced only through powerpoint or PDF Reader.

    Before starting production, it is important to clearly understand that a presentation is a reinforcement and accompaniment of your words, but not a substitute. All the components should be well thought out, the necessary materials should be found. The concept of the performance will form the basis of design, structure, font selection and more. Here’s what should be the base before making a beautiful powerpoint presentation:

    How to Make a Slideshow on Windows 10

    • theme for the presentation;
    • text;
    • drawings, photos and graphics (where appropriate);
    • music and other sounds (if musical accompaniment is also thought of).

    To get started, turn on the powerpoint presentation editor. And here you will face several important tasks:

    • use a ready-made template;
    • create each slide separately manually;
    • use a standard design or make your own.

    Making a cover page is easy and difficult at the same time. For us, as a rule, there is the title of the report, the company, the name and surname of the speaker. nothing complicated. However, the first slide creates the first impression, which, as you know, you won’t make a second time. In many modern versions, only the topic of the report is used when creating the main page. For this you need:

    • Select “Create Slide” in the top menu.
    • Right-click on it and in the drop-down menu click on “Layout”.
    • In the next drop-down submenu “Title only”.
    • Use the mouse to move the appeared frame to the center or to the top of the sheet.
    • Enter the required text.
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    Create slides

    One of the best tools to help you make a good presentation on a laptop is slides, especially when they visually match the text of the report, describe each step. You can create slides in Power Point, for this you need to press just one key.

    If you don’t like a slide or want to change it, the program has a function for deleting slides or moving them around the structure of the presentation.

    Once you’ve created a slide, you can write a title, place your text. Depending on which layout you choose, you can change the position of the text.

    As you already noted, all our slides are white. To change this, you should open the “design” tab and select the one you like.

    With this simple action, you have changed the look of the entire presentation. So, we can post the text and it’s time to talk about working with it.

    Working with graphs and charts

    In order to insert the desired diagram into the presentation, the program has a special tab for this “insert”. “diagrams”

    After clicking, a window will open in which you can select the type of chart: pie, point or line.

    When you decide on its type, you will find yourself in a window, very similar to the Excel window, in the cells of which you need to enter data, indicators, according to which a chart or graph will be built. A presentation that has beautiful and informative graphics will be taken more seriously.

    There is also a separate tab for inserting tables:

    In the window you can select parameters for the future table.

    Text part of the presentation

    Ideally, for your presentation, you should write the text yourself. based on your personal experience. First, such material will be truly unique. Secondly, your experience can be very interesting for the listeners. In the event that you do not have such skills, then you can go the other way.

    You can use special reference books and books that contain information on a topic that interests you. But here there is a problem with the transfer of information into digital form. There are several ways to do this:

    • Scan the material, and then use a USB flash drive to copy it to the laptop. In the future, you can use special programs to recognize the scanned text.
    • Use electronic versions of books. In this case, you do not need to use the scanner.
    • Do everything yourself, that is, type the text manually. This method is the most time consuming, so it is best to use it if you type well, or the amount of text is not large.

    It is worth noting that in addition to books, you can use other sources: abstracts, catalogs and much more. It is recommended to combine different materials to create a presentation on a laptop. so it will be much more informative.

    In addition to all this, it is worth looking for information on various thematic sites. very often you will come across really solid material there.

    Working with pictures

    When you need to make a beautiful, visual and cool presentation, they use pictures, photographs and graphics. The latter are now especially popular because they are easy to perceive and see specific data bearing a semantic load. To design a presentation in this style, you must use the functions of inserting an image into the document. To add a photo, you need to do the following:

    • In the top menu of powerpoint, select the “Insert” section.
    • The submenu will have a button called “Picture”.
    • An additional window will appear, through which find the file storage location and select a picture by clicking the “Insert” button.
    • You can move the picture with the mouse.
    • The frame surrounding the file helps to resize, just pull on the corner.

    It is possible to make a presentation with a musical component, but you should be very careful in this matter. The slideshow should play a secondary role and not distract the audience from the presenter. It is appropriate to use musical accompaniment only if it complements the performance, does not distract from the main idea and awareness of what the person is saying. On the other hand, it is another interactive tool that creates an atmosphere, so you can use it. How to add power point music to your presentation:

    • Find a sample of music online.
    • At the top of the powerpoint menu, go to the Insert tab.
    • In the submenu, find the Media Clips button.
    • In the drop-down submenu, select the sound.
    • In the window that appears, find the file you want and click “Insert”.
    • Next, you can make the audio in powerpoint play automatically when you move to a slide or when you click on it.

    Powerpoint text

    After the report is created, it must be completed. As a rule, all pages should contain text. short phrases or whole sentences. You can insert text directly from other documents or add it yourself, for example:

    • Select the required area and click on it with the button.
    • Type the required text.
    • Using the top powerpoint menu, which is very similar to Word, customize the font, size, color.
    • Use the mouse to move the text.