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How To Make A Print Screen On A Lenovo Laptop

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How to make a print screen on a laptop with one key?

Look closely at your keyboard and find the PrtSc (PrintScreen) key in the top right row. This is the very coveted button with which you will learn how to make a print screen on a laptop. I pressed it, the image is placed on the clipboard (as with normal copying) and is available for pasting into any program. For example, in a regular text editor Word, notepad or graphics editor Paint.

The latter is able to save the screenshot as a separate image, and also allows you to make any adjustments with it. For example, highlight the object of interest to you, cross out or underline something. So, to work in Paint. After pressing the PrtSc key, open the Paint graphic editor and press the “Paste” button. Next, make the necessary adjustments.

After processing the image, the screenshot must be saved. This is done in the usual way: File. Save As. Then choose the save location and specify the name of the screenshot. That’s all. Your screenshot is saved and ready for future use.

And I would also like to draw your attention to one nuance. When you press the PrtSc (PrintScreen) key, the screenshot will have a full screen image with all open tabs and minimized windows on the taskbar. And this, you see, is not always safe. If this is important for you, then Use the Alt PrtSc or FnPrtSc keyboard shortcut (depending on the laptop model), then only the active window will be displayed on the screenshot.

Today you learned how to make a print screen on a laptop. I hope the information was useful and understandable for you. Now there are many programs for creating screenshots on the net and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments) And finally, we read how to find out which card you have. All good!

Why screenshots are needed at all?

This is very handy and can be useful in various situations. You yourself have more than once come across a kind of monitor images on the Internet. This is a great help when training staff in any program. Using the screenshot, you can send a confirmation of money transfers from an electronic wallet or show the specialist an error in the program, which will allow him to understand the situation much faster and fix the problem.

Screenshots are also used as a progress report or SIMply to share an interesting image with another. In fact, there are many options, the main thing is that this “piece” is very convenient. We read on and DO NOT stop, and do not forget to read the article on why music is not playing.

I will teach you how to repair your computer! How to make a print screen on a laptop?

Hello everyone! In this article I will tell you how to make a print screen on a laptop. Just recently we published an article on how to make a print screen of a page, and today I decided to write an article for a laptop) You have probably already heard such a phrase: how to make a print screen on a laptop. But do not yet know how exactly it works.

Today we will talk about this. First, let’s figure out what a “screenshot” is. This is a snapshot of the current monitor screen. That is, a screenshot is a kind of photo of the screen here and now.

Usually, the user of a computer or laptop does not always understand complicated computer terms and phrases, given the fact that every day THESE slogans are becoming more and more. And they will be incomprehensible until you run into them personally or read them somewhere on Wikipedia.

Having made it, you will be able to show the interlocutor the image on the monitor that you yourself are currently seeing. Even if you take a picture of the monitor with an ordinary digital camera or a camera on your phone, this will also be considered a screenshot. However, everything is much SIMpler, and you can take a screenshot by pressing one key. But more on that later. You can first read the article on why the flash drive is not detected.

How to save a screenshot in Paint

The good thing about Paint is that it’s a must-have on any Windows computer. To make a print screen using Paint you need:

1. Press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard at the moment you need.
2. Open the Paint program (Start-All Programs-Standard-Paint):

3. In the main menu of Paint, select Edit-Paste. As a result, the view of the screen, photographed by you earlier with the PrintScreen button, will be inserted into a separate picture. Until it is saved and again, it exists only in the computer memory.

4. Save the screenshot in Paint. To do this, select File-Save As. in the main program menu:

In the window that opens, set a name for our screenshot, the path where it should be saved and the file format. Most often screenshots are saved in JPEG, GIF or PNG formats.

How to copy the contents of a computer screen

To copy the screen view and make a print screen, you need to press a special button on the keyboard that says PrintScreen or PrtScn. On the keyboard, the screen capture button is located approximately here:

After clicking on this button, nothing outwardly happens, no new windows are opened. When you press the PrintScreen button, the monitor screen is copied into the RAM and to save the screenshot to disk, you need to paste the contents of the clipboard into any program capable of Processing graphics. Photoshop, Paint, or even Word is fine, although there are many dedicated screenshot programs (SnagIt, WinSnap, HyperSnap, etc.).

To copy not the entire screen, but only the active window, you need to press the PrintScreen button while holding down the Alt key. It is worth remembering this hotkey combination, it saves a lot of time when creating a large number of screenshots. Indeed, most often the chest does not need the entire screen, but only one window, which can be made active.

How to insert a screenshot in Word

If the screenshot does NOT require editing, you just need an exact copy of the entire screen or only one active window, the screenshot can be inserted directly into Microsoft Word. To do this, just press the Print Screen button on the keyboard (the Alt Print Screen combination if you only need a box of the active window) and immediately paste the screenshot you just made at the cursor position in the Word (CtrlV. a universal combination for insertion works, of course, in Word).

If the screenshot needs to be edited before inserting it into a Word dock, first it must be inserted into one of the graphics processing programs (Photoshop, Paint, etc.), edited there and saved the screenshot to disk. After that, the saved picture can be dragged with the mouse to the desired place in the Word document or traditionally copied and pasted using the CtrlС and CtrlV combinations, respectively.

How to make a PrintScreen (printscreen, screenshot)

When preparing articles, abstracts, reports, etc. Almost always it is required to “photograph” what is visible on the screen, and then insert this picture or part of it into your document. The procedure for this screen capture is called Print Screen. Sometimes the process of copying the contents of the monitor screen is also called “taking a screenshot”. In fact, making a print screen is very SIMple.

How to make a print screen in Photoshop

1. Press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard (or Alt PrintScreen. if you want to screen only the active window, and not the entire screen) when the necessary information is displayed on the monitor screen.

2. Open the Adobe Photoshop program, open a new document in it (File-New.). In this case, the size of the picture is determined by Photoshop itself, according to the contents of the clipboard.

3. Paste the box from the clipboard into a new Photoshop file. To do this, select Edit-Paste in the main menu of Photoshop.

4. Save the screenshot to disk (File-Save for Web Devices) in the desired graphic format.

The nuances of taking screenshots on a laptop and netbook

In order to take a screenshot on a laptop / netbook, you need to find the Print Screen (PrtSc) button and make sure that its color is the same as in the rest of the letter and number keys. If the color is different, the same as the color of the Fn button, then the “screen capture” button will only work when you hold down the Extended keyboard power button on the laptop. THOSE. It is necessary to press the PrtScn key while holding down the Fn key (FnPrtScn). The rest of the steps for inserting the resulting print screen into Word or Photoshop are described above, here are the differences comments.

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A universal tool for designers and web developers, which not only answers the question “how to take a screenshot on a computer”, but also has many additional tools.

  • First of all, this is a cool software for screenshots (screenshots). You can select the scan area manually or set its dimensions with an accuracy of one pixel. If you want to take a snapshot of the active window (even the part of it that does NOT fit within the screen), this application can easily cope with the task.
  • A seemingly SIMple image editor is available. It has all the tools you need for free drawing, labeling, arrows and other graphic elements.
  • There are several filters that allow you to soften the picture or make it sharper. A big plus of the software is the ability to resize the photo to optimize it for web viewing.
  • Many developers and designers will love the ruler tool, which allows you to measure the distance between elements on the screen.
  • “Color under cursor” will help you find out the color code in RGB or Hex representation (Html).

To download Pickpick, just click on the button:

How to make a print screen on a computer?

I’ll start by describing the SIMplest built-in tools. But first, I’ll tell you about the “magic” key “PrtSc” (Print Screen), thanks to which we will take screenshots. This button is located between the main and numeric keypad blocks:

Where is the Print Screen button on the laptop? The location is slightly different here:

Scissors tool

It is also a built-in Windows tool that can be launched for the same search term (as we did with Paint):

  • A small utility window will appear, where you should click on “Create”.
  • After that, using the held down the left mouse button, highlighting the desired fragment of the screen. When the left button is released, the “cut piece” is displayed in the editor:
  • Now you can do whatever you want with it: draw on it, send it by e-mail or just save it to disk.

Well, sort of figured out with this method. Now you can move on to reviewing third-party applications.


This add-on for browsers, which is installed supports Google Chrome, Yandex, Firefox. After installation, a button in the form of a lilac feather will appear in the right corner of the browser:

Immediately emphasize that this tool is only suitable for snapshots inside the browser. That is, you will NOT be able to “photograph” the desktop or any application.

There are many other utilities available for this purpose. But you will have enough of those that I have listed in the article. If you want and have time, you can test Clip2Net. Faststone Capture or EasyCapture. These are good utilities that I don’t use, but they are used by millions of other users around the world.

What is a screenshot?

This is a snapshot of the entire screen or a portion of it at a specific point in time. SIMply put, a photograph of what is happening on the monitor.

Why is it needed?

I often have to share screenshots on my site to draw up instructions for solving certain problems. Without them, my “stories” would have turned into a dry and incomprehensible set of paragraphs. That is, for clarity, to show others.

Here’s another example. You get an error in the program, you turn to our site for help, and I say: “Describe the problem. Please show a screenshot so that I can quickly find a solution. ” Well, as an option.

You can list it for a long time. Let’s get to the practical part better.

How to take a print screen on a computer. screenshot

In this post I will tell you how to make a print screen on a computer for editing, sending an image by e-mail or posting on social networks. Consider both built-in Windows tools and third-party applications.

Using Paint

Paint is a built-in graphics editor (drawing) for Windows, which has gone all the way of the development of the Microsoft operating system, starting with Windows 95 and up to the “straight from the tin”.

  • Press the Print Screen button;
  • Open Paint. The easiest way to do this is through a search in the Start menu or Windows Search, indicated in the line a query. the name of the application:
  • When the results are displayed, click on the item with the corresponding title.
  • The application will start, which has the following interface:
  • To insert a screenshot into the Paint window, name it by the button shown in the screenshot above. “Paste”. Now the answer to the question. “Where are Windows 7 screenshots saved?” is quite obvious. To clipboard!
  • Now you can draw, insert text and other elements that are available in the editor. And when finished, you should in the “File” menu save the image in one of the proposed formats:

That’s all. You can use the received file at your own discretion. Next, I will tell you a couple more ways to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung (or any other, for example, Lenovo).

And finally.

This is a fairly common problem. I will not talk now about cleaning the keyboard, dancing with a tambourine. I’ll just briefly tell you how to do without this key to take a screenshot.

  • We use “Scissors” (see instructions at the beginning of the article)
  • We use the PicPick program, in which you can activate the ScreenShot mode through the icon in the notification area;
  • We turn on the virtual keyboard and there they make PrtSc.

The virtual input method will start very easily. It is enough to specify the query “OSK” (or “virtual keyboard”) in the search line “Start”. After launch, the following “miracle” will be displayed:

Well, now that’s exactly it! If you liked my article “How to make a print screen on a computer”, Do not forget to share it with your friends on social networks. B do not forget to leave comments if you have questions.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

To begin with, let’s consider the classic situation when you need to take a screenshot of the entire screen on a Lenovo laptop. Everything is extremely SIMple and within the power of even a person who is far from the depths of knowledge in the field of technology.

We will solve this problem with just one button and one standard program installed in any operating system. So, on the keyboard, you need to find the Printscreen button. It is in a laptop of any company and with any OS. Usually this key is located in the top row closer to the right edge.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Displaying the image we want to save.
  • Click on the Print Screen key.
  • The image is automatically saved to the computer memory. Now you need to choose a place to save it.
  • The standard Paint program, which is available in any operating system, is optimal. If you do not know how to find it, just click on the “Start” button in the lower left corner of the screen and enter the name in the search. “Paint”. Then press Enter, and the program starts.
  • Even if you have never worked with graphic editors before, it will not hurt to save a screenshot. There is nothing complicated here. You will see a white sheet of paper in front of you, and you only need to press the following key combination on the keyboard: CTRLV. As you probably know, it corresponds to the Paste command. The saved screenshot will immediately appear in front of you.
  • Now you can edit the screenshot. The SIMplest editing is available in Paint. resizing the picture, cropping unnecessary areas, etc. But even this is quite enough for solving most problems.
  • It remains to save the image in a suitable format. This is usually the.png format. Although you can also choose.Jpg. To do this, press the CTRLS key combination, which is equivalent to the “Save” command. A window appears in which you need to select the location of the file, as well as its format and name. Specify all these parameters and save the picture. Now you can use the screenshot and send it to anyone.

How to take screenshots of a window

The method described above is good and popular, but what if you need to take a photo of not the entire screen, but only a single window on it? Of course, you can save a large screenshot and then cut out the desired element, but this is too long and difficult. Everything can be done much easier!

The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case. There will be exactly the same difference. PrtScr will now need clamps SIMultaneously with the Alt button. This combination is just responsible for the screenshot of a single window.

If several windows are open at the same time, then the screenshot will include the one on top. After that, be careful when you are going to take a screenshot. before pressing the indicated key combination, check that the window you are interested in is on the surface.

How to make a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop

Owners of personal computers probably know about the possibility of taking a screenshot and saving it to the Hard Drive. Why might this be necessary? For example, if you saw something Curious on the Internet and you want to save it as an image. A screenshot on a computer is also often used for comfortable communication on the Internet. Indeed, sometimes one or another problem cannot be conveyed in words, and it is very necessary that the interlocutor see what you see from the monitor right now.

Whether you want to take a screenshot for business or personal correspondence, or just to store a picture Hard disk for yourself. in any case, it’s not difficult to implement it. As part of this article, we will tell you how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop, having considered all the possible options.

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Screenshot of a separate area

It remains to figure out how to take a screenshot of a particular area of ​​the screen. The time-tested “Scissors” program will help us with this. Accordingly, the first step will be to download and install this program on your computer. When this is done, we find the program and run it. This can be done either through the folder in which you installed it, or through the “Start” menu, Using the search.

Launched the program, you will see a small window on the laptop screen. The rest of the screen will immediately turn whitish. You need to consider a button called Create. Click on it and see a drop-down list that contains all the tools we need. For example, it is a rectangular shape, a window, etc. That is, you need to select the shape of the area, the screenshot of which we want to take.

Having decided on the choice, we take a screenshot. A window with a snapshot will open here, where you can correct the screenshot and immediately save the photo.

Using third-party software

You can also use third-party programs to take a screenshot. Among them, let’s single out the DuckCapture program. It combines all the functions presented above, that is, with its help you can take screenshots of the entire screen, SEPARATE windows and areas. The captured picture can be edited right there in a clear and SIMple menu. The unambiguous advantages of this program should be considered the ability to take screenshots both with a mouse click and with the introduction of hot keys. You can also choose the format in which it is convenient to save the image.

As you can see, taking screenshots on a Lenovo laptop is a snap. You can easily take a snapshot of the entire screen or a portion of it. And this does not require special training. All the tools you need are close at hand. Now you can easily take any screenshots, and we are sure that with their help you will be able to make your communication on the Internet much more interesting.

Screenshot on a tablet

If you have a Lenovo tablet at your disposal, there are several ways to take a screenshot. There are 3 methods in total. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Method number 1. Power button and grokos.

This method is identical to the one we described above. Try holding down the device mute button and the volume key at the same time. If everything goes well, you will hear the sound that usually accompanies the process of photographing.

Quick Launch Bar.

Open the quick launch bar (to do this, you need to swipe down on the screen). Certain models of Lenovo tablets have a “screenshot” function in this menu. If it is not there, go to the next method.

Method number 3. Special applications.

If the two previous methods did not help you to take a screenshot of the desktop, then you should resort to the help of Special programs. On the Play Market, you can find many applications that have the necessary functionality. For example, you can use the “Screenshot” program from the developer lovekara. The number of app installs has exceeded 10 million, which means that there is no need to doubt its quality.

This program has many advantages:

  • A screenshot can be taken with one touch on the screen.
  • You can choose the path to save files.
  • It is possible to edit the picture.

How to take a screenshot on Lenovo

Very often, Lenovo device owners are faced with the need to take a screenshot of the screen. For example, an error occurs in some program, and the game or something else does not start. In such cases, the box comes to the rescue, but the main problem is that not everyone knows how to take a screenshot of the desktop. By updating the Android operating system version 4, this procedure was too complicated, but now there is no difficulty in it.

The article will outline all the known ways to make a screen on phones, tablets and laptops from the manufacturer Lenovo.

Screenshot on the phone

There are several ways to make screenshots on phones (it all depends on the device’s firmware). We will consider all the known methods so that the user can choose the most convenient one.

Drop-down menu.

Some devices have a special button in the menu, which is called “Take a screenshot”. If you click it, a screenshot will be taken and the photo will be saved to the appropriate folder. Below is an illustrative example of this button. This is the most convenient way, which allows you to make a screen as quickly as possible.

Method number 2. Power button on the phone.

Another convenient way to take a screenshot is to hold down the phone mute button, after which a special menu will appear. It may contain the “Screenshot” button, which performs the function we need.

It should be noted that this functionality is not available in all devices, so if the button is missing, you will have to use the third option.

Method number 3. SIMultaneous clamping of two buttons.

To take a screenshot of the desktop, you need to hold down two buttons. “off” and “volume down”. As soon as you complete this operation, a screenshot will be created. You can find it along the following path: \ SD Card \ Pictures \ Screenshots.

If in the course of this operation there are any difficulties, then take a look. Below.

Screenshot on laptop

Taking a screenshot on a laptop from Lenovo is NOT difficult. Here you can go in two ways, choosing the most convenient one.

Method number 1. Print Screen button.

To take a screenshot, you need to press the special Print Screen (Prtscr) key on the laptop keyboard. After that, open the paint editor, press CTRLV and a screenshot will be inserted into the work area. The next step is to save the picture in the required format.

Method number 2. Specialized software.

There are many applications that allow you to instantly take screenshots on a laptop or desktop computer, for example, Clip2Net. The user only needs to select a specific area of ​​the desktop. The main advantage is that the box can be instantly poured into a folder and shared with others.

Now you know how to take a screenshot of the desktop on a Lenovo laptop, phone or tablet. If you still have questions. write in the comments.


Fast, high-quality and convenient screenshoter with interesting and necessary functions. There is a built-in and online editor, the resulting images can be immediately and easily shared. A really high-quality and convenient tool, which makes it much easier to work with a screenshot.


  • The image is uploaded to the service, and the user receives a public link that he can share with whoever he wants
  • Search by SIMilar Images
  • Convenient to use
  • Is universal
  • Editor

Print Screen button on keyboard

Almost any keyboard on laptops has a special button. Print Screen, clicked on which a screenshot will be taken. It is located at the top right of the panel with buttons F2-F12. It says: “Print Screen” or the same phrase, but already in abbreviated form: “Prt Scr”, “Prnt Scrn” or SIMilar.

Important! Often you need to press it with another key. Fn, moreover, it is this key that is pressed first, and only then the print screen. If you need to take images only from the currently active window, you must also press the ALT key. On some laptop models, pressing Fn is optional. Remember these combinations:

  • FN Print Screen. captures the entire area
  • FN ALT Print Screen. captures only the currently active window with its current size
  • WIN Print Screen. the image will be immediately created in the “Images” section, in the “Screenshots” folder, in PNG format

If you have Windows 10, then press the “WIN Print Screen” keys together, the screenshot will be immediately saved in PNG format along the path: “Images”. “Screenshots”. You can open this folder in Explorer. press the “WIN E” keys together and go to it in the left column.

If you want to further edit the image and save the image in a different format, for example, in JPG, then:

1. Press the Fn and Print Screen keys on the keyboard at the same time, the screenshot will be taken and go to the clipboard. You need to save it to an image file.

2. Press the WIN key on your keyboard to open the Start Menu and immediately start typing the word “PAINT”. From the match list, open the appropriate program. You can also use any other graphics editor.

3. In the program, press the “CTRL V” buttons together, the snapshot will be inserted. Next, in the menu, click on “File”. “Save As”, specify the file type, preferably JPG and specify the directory for saving, or just click on the floppy disk icon. If desired, you can edit the image before saving.

Important! If you do not have the Print Screen key on your keyboard or it is broken, then skip to the next chapters, there are described how to do it without using it.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop: all ways

It is really easy to make a screenshot on a laptop, both using a special key on the keyboard. Print Screen, and the capabilities of the Windows operating system.

In this material, we will consider in detail all the ways to create them, and you will learn how to make a print screen on a laptop quickly and, most importantly, SIMply.

From a previous post, you might have learned what to do if the flash drive is not formatted. Now we will consider in detail and with examples how to take a screenshot on a laptop windows 10, 7 and earlier versions of this OS.

Interesting! The instruction is universal and is suitable for laptops of various models. So you can take a screenshot on laptops: Lenovo, ASUS, HP, Toshiba, Acer worthy of the brands.

Windows 10 and 7. Scissors tool

The tool works almost the same as the previous one and should be used in Windows 7 or 10 if it doesn’t work.

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1. Open the START menu and start typing. “Scissors, open the application from the list of suggested”.

2. Select a mode in the appropriate box and take a picture. To save it, click on “File”. “Save As” and specify the directory. Also here you can select the file type, better specify. JPG.

Screen Capture

A very popular and effective utility with many functions, it is especially convenient that there is a search history for the created images. You can view them anywhere from the cloud storage and immediately share with friends.


  • Snapshot history
  • Embedded in the context menu
  • Easy to manage
  • There is a nice built-in editor
  • Saving to cloud storage
  • You can add text on the picture

How to make a screenshot of the screen on a laptop. programs

In some cases, it is more convenient to use special utilities. screenshots, which can automatically create screenshots on a laptop and save them. Consider three of them.

Windows 10 Features. Snapshot Sketch

How do I take a screenshot on a laptop? Windows 10 has a built-in functional utility for taking screenshots, which allows you to take not only screenshots of the entire screen or active window, but also of a certain shape.

1. Open the START menu and start typing. “Sketch on a fragment”, open the appropriate application from the list of proposed.

2. To take a screenshot, click on the “Create” button, a window with four options for images will open:

  • Rectangular shape
  • Free form
  • Active window. you need to name it to select
  • Full screen

3. After selecting an option, you can immediately save the resulting result by clicking on the button with a floppy disk, indicating the file type and selecting the desired directory. Also in this window, you can immediately edit the image a little: add explanations, crop, use handwriting.

Interesting! You do not have to open this application, but SIMply press “WIN SHIFT S” on the keyboard to open a window with options for creating snapshots. And then just save them in any graphic editor by analogy with the Print Screen key from the first chapter.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop


An easy-to-use and functional utility that allows you to create screenshots in one click, process them and share with friends on social networks. Excellent and efficient software that does NOT take up much space on your laptop.


  • Support for keyboard shortcuts for control
  • Sharing functions in social. Networks
  • Image editing
  • Support for popular image formats
  • Launch at system startup
  • Compression function

Reviews, firmware, repair of smartphones, laptops and tablets Lenovo

Screen creation options on a tablet

It is also easy to create a picture on a tablet.A few options, among which there are quite SIMple solutions:

  • This method is SIMilar to the telephone option. Press two buttons at the same time: “Disable” and “volume”. When you hear the sound accompanying the shooting process, then everything went well.
  • Let’s consider how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo tablet using special programs. The functionality that allows you to make a screen is available in the applications available in the “PlayMarket”. “Screenshot” has proven itself well. a program that allows device owners to make a screen with just one touch.
How To Make A Print Screen On A Lenovo Laptop

In this case, the user can independently edit it and choose in which file to save the picture.

  • You can create a screenshot on Lenovo by using the quick launch. On the panel that opens, slide your finger across the screen from top to bottom, and find the desired function (screenshot).

One of the suggested methods will definitely fit the user’s model.

Reviews, firmware, repair of Lenovo smartphones, laptops and tablets. Options for creating a screen on the telephone

There are different ways that you can make a box on your phone. They depend on the firmware of the device. Therefore, we will consider several options:

  • In some models of devices in the pop-up menu there is a special button, by clicking on it, you get a box that will be saved in the desired folder.
  • Taking a screenshot using the button to turn off the mobile device. Press the button designed to turn off the device. Immediately after this, a new menu appears in which you can see an icon called “Screenshot”.

NOT all models have such an icon, which means you need to use the second option.

  • Let’s consider how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo smartphone by SIMultaneously pressing two buttons: “Power off” and “Volume down”. After doing this SIMple step, you will get a screenshot. To find it, follow the following steps: go to “SD-card” → “Pictures” → “Screenshots”.

Some users ask how to take a screenshot on Lenovo phone in a different way and if it is possible. Yes, there is such a possibility. To do this, you need to use UC Browser, a program that is equipped with some Lenovo models. You need to open it and do sequential actions: Menu → Tools → Screenshots. If your phone has this program, you can easily download it to your device.

How to take a screenshot on Lenovo: screenshot. Options for creating a screenshot on a laptop

On a laptop from Lenovo, making a screen is quite SIMple. There are two ways to do this. Let’s take a look at how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop as the first one. You can create a snapshot by using the PrintScreen key, which is specially designed for THESE purposes, located in the top row of the input device. Just click on it.

Then you should open Paint graphic editor. Paint, press CTRLV. All. the image will be inserted into the work area. Next, you need to save it in the required format.

  • How to take a screenshot on Lenovo on a laptop using special software. some owners of mobile devices do not know. To do this, there are various applications that allow you to create a box on the device in a matter of seconds and send it to the desired folder. Download the appropriate program to the laptop, such as LightShot or Clip2Net and start using it.

After considering these methods, device owners will get acquainted and learn how to make a print screen on Lenovo or how to take screenshots on Lenovo.

Dropdown and quick launch menus

In SEPARATE models of phones and tablets, the “Screenshot” button is already in a special menu. As a rule, information on the availability of this function can be clarified immediately upon purchase and at the same time will ask the consultant to show you how to take a screenshot on Lenovo.

On phones equipped with this function, the “Screenshot” button is located in the drop-down menu. You can open it by holding the “Turn off” button on the phone for a few seconds.

In tablets A SIMilar button can be found in the quick launch menu. it opens if you slide your finger across the device screen from top to bottom.

Then everything is SIMple: after opening the desired image on the screen, we activate the “Screenshot” icon by SIMple pressing. The image is saved in the same “Gallery” folder.

SIMple ways: how to take a screenshot of the screen on “Lenovo

For several years in the Russian market phones, laptops and Tablet computers “Lenovo” (Lenovo), one of the most successful Chinese brands, have won the attention of the buyer with an excellent combination of quality and affordable price line. No wonder Lenovo device owners are growing every year.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of this company’s gadgets. How to take a screenshot on Lenovo. This is due, as a rule, to the fact that the function that allows you to take a screenshot is not present in every software. However, it is possible to take a photo of the screen on any Lenovo phone, laptop or tablet computer.

Let’s look at some SIMple ways to take a screenshot on Lenovo.

“Screenshot”. a program for creating screenshots

The considered methods are the SIMplest and fastest. But how to take a screenshot on Lenovo if these methods don’t work? In this case, you can download and install a special application on the device.

This method has many advantages:

  • Screenshots are always provided with easy-to-read instructions on how to take a screenshot on Lenovo.
  • You can set the path to save the image yourself.
  • Take a photo of the screen with one touch.
  • The main thing: the screenshot can be edited.

Screenshot on a phone or tablet “Lenovo” using two buttons

The first, the most common way, like on “Lenovo” to take a screenshot of the screen, is suitable for most phone models of this brand:

  • Open an image on the screen.
  • Press down SIMultaneously with two fingers the “On” and “Volume” buttons in the “Volume down” part (bottom part). Clarification: depending on the model, the off button can be located at the top of the phone case or on the left, in the side of the case. When saving a screenshot the device plays a sound with a click, as when taking a photo with a phone camera.
  • The screenshot is saved. You can view the saved picture by opening the “Gallery” folder (Pictures / Screenshots) in your phone (tablet).

In a SIMilar way, using the “Volume” and “Power” buttons, a screenshot is taken on the “Lenovo” tablet.

How to take a screenshot of the monitor on a laptop “Lenovo

There are only two such ways. The most common and, one might say, traditional method is to use the Print Screen button available on any keyboard:

  • Having opened the desired image, you need to press the Print Screen button at the top of the keyboard. Outwardly, nothing happens.
  • The image is pasted into Paint, a standard graphics editor, using the right mouse button (“Paste”) or SIMultaneously pressing the CtrlV keys.
  • Save screen photo.

Another way is to install a special application that allows you to instantly take a screenshot of the image on the laptop screen. Related programs can also be found. The main advantage of this method is the ability to instantly, in one action, save the image to a folder.