How To Make A Presentation On A Laptop

How to hyperlink in a presentation

If a presentation is being prepared to be sent to someone, knowing how to hyperlink to an online resource is useful. This is useful when you need to add regularly updated content, and you will no longer have access to the file.

Select the fragment of text that will be used as a link. Next, open the “Insert” menu, and in it click on the link button. A submenu appears with two options.

Choose “Hyperlink” if you need to go to an external resource. If you need to perform an operation on a computer (go to a slide, launch a program, etc.), use the “Action”.

Work with text

To add a label to a desired element, first Click on it. After that, you can type text.

In PowerPoint, you can use a variety of designs, such as a colored background under the text, or changing the color of the letters to make your presentation beautiful. To do this, select a piece of text and then use the appropriate element from the main tab.

If you need to change the background or border of a text element, then first select it by clicking, and then on the Format tab Use the buttons to fill or outline the shape.

The Text Effects button in the same section allows you to add:

  • Shadows;
  • Reflections;
  • Backlight;
  • Relief.

You can also expand or transform text.

Online tools

If you need to make a presentation for free, but want to do without PowerPoint, you can use online tools (although you can hardly do without registration). However, if you already have a Microsoft or Google account, the corresponding services will be available to you.

How to make a presentation on a computer in PowerPoint

For example, let’s figure out how to make a presentation in the most popular Point. All screenshots below are for Office suite 2013 or newer. 2010 and 2007 may be slightly different.

Demonstration and presentation

When the preparation is over, you need to rehearse the performance. You can do the presentation directly on your laptop, as if you were presenting the presentation to potential listeners. To do this, go to the “Slideshow” tab and select the leftmost icon (if you want to start from the very beginning) or the second one to start from the current position.

There is an icon next to it for demonstration via the network. This is a good option if you need to show it remotely to the listener. However, there is another way, which allows you to make a full-fledged presentation on a computer. Including with inserts of media, both photos and music. this will launch it as a slideshow recording.

In this mode, you can add voiceover and pointer movement to your slides. Also, the program will automatically fix the time intervals. After that, all that remains is to use the “Save As” option from the File submenu.

And specify one of the available formats as the resulting type. for example, MPEG-4.

Please note that this operation can take a long time, especially on slower PCs.

Google Presentations

Google allocated a whole domain to create a new presentation. https://slide.New/.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Appropriate Tool directly from the service itself

Functionally, the editor is SIMilar to the analog from Microsoft. and even knows how to save in its format.

Plus there is support for diagrams along with other objects.

What to use to create a presentation

There are various tools for preparing presentation materials:

  • Editors installed on a PC. If you are in doubt about which program on your computer is better to make a presentation, try the de facto standard PowerPoint and one of its analogues, for example, the free Impress from the OpenOffice package. Compare the sensations and choose the right instrument for you;
  • Online services that only require a browser. Such tools are available both in Microsoft and in Google and other companies.

Presentation plan

Before you pick up the mouse or type the text, think over the speech plan. You can build it according to one of the tried-and-true templates, for example, “Problem. solution. arguments”, or think over your own version of the structure. The main thing is that the sequence of presentation leads the audience to the idea that you put into the presentation as the main goal.

It is recommended to make the plan scalable, that is, to leave the option to shorten or, on the contrary, increase the time allocated for the slide. Then you can easily adapt the performance to any time frame.

How to create a presentation and add slides

To make a presentation, first, in the “File” section of the Power Point menu, click on the “Create” item, and then select one of the proposed options for how to design it (you can later change it yourself). Each theme already has a good mix of background, key colors, font, and other settings. You can also immediately click “Create”, then the “empty” template will be used.

To add slides Use the special button in the “Home” submenu.

When you click on the bottom of the button, a selection of one of the preset slide layouts will open.

If you want to make a background a picture, or fill it (with one color or as a gradient), in the presentation menu in Microsoft PowerPoint select Design and then from the tools select Format Background. A special panel will open where you can switch between options and adjust their parameters.

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Changes made by default are applied to the selected slide.

It is recommended to save your presentation periodically so that you DO NOT lose it in the event of a failure. This can be done through the “File” menu.

Hint: Quick Save Command. Ctrl-S.

Decide where to save your presentation. make a new one or select an existing folder on your computer, or use the cloud storage.

How to make a presentation from photos with music

Today there is a Person who has never heard the word advertising. This is not surprising. she is everywhere and brings in billions. One of its types is presentation, although many people do it just for themselves.

How to make a presentation (on a computer, for free, with music, from photos, a slide, beautiful, beautiful, correct, correct, photo, background, better, good, in Russian, interesting, sound, cool, cool, fast, competent, computer, high-quality, successful, effective).

To make a presentation, you can use online services, which is NOT the best option, but you can use the program on your computer (much more efficient).

Here I will tell you how all this will happen with the help of a SIMple, but very effective and fast program “FastStone Image Viewer”. First you need to download and install it, it takes a few minutes. It is small, free and in Russian. Now, in order how to make a presentation.

How to make a beautiful presentation from a photo on a computer with sound

To make a presentation first place all your images to be featured in one folder. After that, in the program, in the upper left corner, click “file” and select the “open” option.

Find your folder in the window that opens and select the first image.

Clicked to open from the bottom, they will all move to the program where you will make a presentation.

However, this should not be done, but immediately on the panel at the very top, click “create” and select “create a file from a slideshow”.

Now in the window that opens, First of all, select to add a folder, pointing to it and click “OK”. In the second step, specify the interval (3 seconds by default, I put 2).

Next comes the text. Click on the icon with three dots, opposite to “show text (.)” And choose the one that suits you best. See pic:

Further approach to the effects: click on the icon (three dots) “use effects”. you can select everything at once, see fig:

Now let’s move on to music. Click the icon opposite the timeline “music”, then add below and select which song you want to hear, you can several at once.

The actions described above can be viewed again in the figure below. At the very end, click create at the bottom right.

After clicking create, specify the save location, otherwise you will not find it later. See Figure:

Now you can run it by clicking on the “path”. See pic:

That’s all now to make a presentation ((on a computer, for free, with music, from photos, slide, beautiful, beautiful, correct, right, photo, background, better, good, in Russian, interesting, sound, cool, cool, fast, competently, computer, high-quality, successful, effective), you can always independently.

Of course, the way to make a presentation Described above is NOT the best of the best, but can only be said to be optimal.

For higher quality projects, you will need paid software to make a presentation.

  • If you want to make a better presentation, by editing each slide, so to speak, original, then you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions on this page.

Procedure and features of creating a presentation

It should be remembered that the slideshow serves to enhance the impression, attract attention and facilitate understanding of the verbal information presented by the lecturer.

Therefore, the text is written first, and a presentation script is developed based on the structure of the text. The text is segmented into semantic pieces and the optimal format of visual accompaniment is selected for each episode.

  • The photo.
  • Graph or chart.
  • Infographics.
  • Animation.
  • Roller.

After the development of the main base. work plus visuals, it is advisable to test the initial version and see clearly what and where you can add special effects, transitions. And is it necessary to do it.

You should not overload the visual line with special effects, otherwise the listeners will turn into spectators and will enjoy the beauty of the animation, and the presenter’s text will recede into the background. The thing is that it is the textual information that is the main content, and the visual accompaniment is the reinforcing background. Shouldn’t turn a side dish into a main course.

Pay particular attention to the inclusion of text fragments in slides and animations. People came to the presentation to listen to the lecturer, and not read sheets of text on the screen. this can be done at home on a computer, via the Internet.

The text on the slides only serves to indicate the key points of the story. After the final revision of the text-visual series, sound is added. Strictly dosed and only where it is really needed.

How to make a slide

Any presentation with visual support is based on presentation slides. To create, you need to find the “create slide” icon on the top panel and click. If you do not find such a button, then you can go through the “Home” section of the menu and find it there. Next, you will have the opportunity to style the section: insert text, pictures, create a background, etc. Slides can be deleted or numbered as needed. To do this, select the desired one in the left column and press the “delete” button on the keyboard. You can swap frames, drag in the left menu with the mouse.

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How to create a presentation on a computer

The main purpose of a computer presentation is to accompany the speaker’s speech. Correctly executed, it draws attention to the speaker, helps to make his speech brighter, more convincing. The main theses, photographs, graphs, tables, are placed on the slides. To create a presentation, the PowerPoint (PP) program is enough, included in the Microsoft Office package, which is installed on most computers.

Whether it’s a SIMple presentation or a complex one with various special effects. it all depends on the author’s wishes. The main thing is to perform it in such a way that the audience will like it. Prepare the necessary material for the slides. It is advisable to write the text yourself, based on your own experience. This will make your presentation unique. Photos and pictures from personal archives or found on the Internet Must be of excellent quality and correspond to the topic of the report. Graphs Draw in MS Excel or manually.

No matter how beautiful the presentation may be, It does not replace the speaker and is not obliged to distract from his presentation. Focus on the audience, the composition of the plan, calculate the time. Start the PP program. Then use one of the possible options: create a blank slide or choose a ready-made presentation template. There are many ready-made templates on the Internet, they will decorate your work, choose the one that suits the topic of your report. Many people choose to start with a blank slide and arrange it to their liking.

How To Make A Presentation On A Laptop

Add page slides as you work: “Home. Create Slide”. They can be deleted (“Delete”), rearranged, dragged with the mouse. The first slide is the title slide, with a heading and a subheading on it. For the following pages Apply the desired layout (markup) using the Layout menu. This will allow you to place text in two columns, add a picture, a diagram.

While the slides are white, they don’t look very interesting. Make them brighter. To do this, the menu has a section “Design. Themes”. Click the selected theme, the appearance of the slide will change. You can apply the selected theme to the entire presentation or only to Individual selected slides. In the left tab “Slides” mark them, click on the selected topic with the right mouse button, select the command “Apply to Selected Slides”.

Use the “Colors” button in the top menu to select a color scheme if you are not satisfied with the standard one. Experiment with the Effects menu, Background Styles, transforming the finished theme to your liking. Didn’t like the ready-made themes. create your own. Under Background Styles, open Format Background. Paste the wallpaper from a file on disk. Apply 3-4 colors at least when decorating your slide. Background and font colors Must be contrasting, not blend.

The PP program contains many different tools for working with fonts: size, color, Style. SIMilar to MS Word. In the “Font” group select the Desired characteristics. When choosing, follow the rule: the text bearing the main semantic load is highlighted in large size. 22-28, color, style, special effects. For subheadings that emphasize the main point, a smaller font is recommended. 20-24. The main text, captions to diagrams, figures. 18-22.

When designing your slides, stick to one style: the size and color of the headings are the same, in the color scheme of texts up to 3-4 colors. The number of lines is no more than 6, about 6-7 words per line for better visual perception. If in doubt about the combination of background and text colors, then stop at a black font and a white background. The text must be readable even from a distance.

The presentation will impress the audience if you put pictures, collages, photos, diagrams on the slides. Go to the “Insert” menu, select an object to insert: a picture from disk or a picture from a library, a diagram, shapes. Avoid wrapping text around the picture. A presentation with musical accompaniment looks even more advantageous. In the “Insert” menu in the list, select “Sound from file”.

There are many tempting special effects in the Animation menu. You can apply them to all selected objects on the slide. But do not overuse them and distract your listeners. The prepared presentation WATCH, clicked the icon “Slide Show” or in the top menu item with the same name. There are different ways to show in the Start Show group.

The listed items DO NOT describe all the capabilities of the PP program, they are inexhaustible. These are just the first steps. The main thing to remember is that a presentation is NOT an end in itself, but a means of helping the speaker.

How to make a presentation on a laptop?

Today we will tell you how to make a presentation on a laptop, as well as describe the main problems that are encountered during this process. In addition to all this, we will reveal a couple of secrets that will help you create a presentation on a laptop.

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Before we get started, let’s understand what a presentation is? In short, this is a brief presentation of information, with the help of which the speaker reveals the main essence of the problem, question. Today, the presentation is very often used by both businessmen and ordinary schoolchildren or students in the educational process.

Very often, the presentation includes various pictures, diagrams or very complex graphs of dependence. this is done in order to better and clearer present the information to the listener. In addition, there are many small details, which we will consider below.

How to make a powerpoint presentation on a computer: step by step instructions

Power Point software for creating a presentation from Microsoft has become a powerful tool for designing the visual component of any report. No serious performance takes place without a presentation or slideshow. The ability to create them will become a reliable assistant for any speaker.

Where to begin?

Despite the fact that, in most cases, the creator perceives the presentation in the form of a visual image, in fact, and not a smaller part of it, and maybe even more important, is your presentation. The success of the whole venture will depend on how correctly and clearly you will formulate and state your thoughts. Therefore, try to pre-create some kind of a speech plan, decide what you will say at the beginning and what at the end.

In addition, you should accurately and specifically highlight the specifics of your report, try NOT to mix the main topic with secondary ones. this can add confusion to your report. At the same time, take into account the time that will be allocated to you for the report. Sometimes you can SIMply not have time to tell everything, so try to put the main idea in a short presentation, the rest can be PROVIDED to those interested in the form of a printout.

We make animations and transitions

Beautiful transitions between slides are very important when you are making a presentation. they add originality and uniqueness to it. There are many templates in the program that can be applied in your work. To enable a transition, you should select a slide, click on it, and then on the option “transition style”. In the same mode, you can view exactly how these slides will change. At the same time, it is worth remembering that such animation will only affect one selected slide.

In addition to applying animations and transitions to slides, you can use them on objects that are on the pages. This way you can get animated elements like pop-up text. Select the appropriate tab and guide the instructions in the picture.

In fact, you will see a column in which you can choose an effect that interests you.

Text part of the presentation

Ideally, for your presentation, you should write the text yourself. based on your personal experience. Firstly, such material will be truly unique. Secondly, your experience can be very interesting for the listeners. In the event that you do NOT have such skills, then you can go the second way.

You can use a special reference book and books that contain information on a topic that interests you. But here there is a problem with the transfer of information into digital form. Here you can act in several ways:

  • Scan the material, and then use a USB flash drive to copy it to the laptop. In the future, you can use special programs to recognize the scanned text.
  • Use electronic versions of books. In this case, you do not need to use the scanner.
  • Do everything yourself, that is, type the text manually. This method is the most time-consuming, so it is best to use it if you type well or the amount of text is not large.

It should be noted that in addition to books, you can use other sources: abstracts, catalogs and much more. It is recommended to combine different materials to create a presentation on a laptop. so it will be much more informative.

In addition to all this, it is worth looking for information on various thematic sites. very often you will come across really solid material there.

Working with graphs and charts

In order to insert the necessary diagram into the presentation, the program has a special tab for this “insert”. “diagrams”

After clicking, a window will open in which you can select the type of chart: pie, point or line.

When you decide on its type, you will be taken to a window, very SIMilar to the Excel window, in the cells of which you need to enter data, indicators, by which a chart or graph will be built. A presentation with beautiful and informative graphics will be taken more seriously.

There is also a separate tab for inserting tables:

In the window you can select parameters for the future table.