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How to make a movie on iPhone from video

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Memories feature (For You tab) in the stock Photos app (available on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 and later)

Starting with iOS 10, the standard application for storing and editing photos and videos has acquired its own function that allows you to create thematic slideshows in automatic mode without user intervention. When creating a “video from a photo”, it is possible to select a background composition, the speed of scrolling through content and the duration.

In order to view automatic selections, open the Photos application and go to the For You tab.

To save the resulting video, click the Share button in the lower right corner, and then select a file transfer method.

Perfect Video

Simple video editor with numerous options. With it, you can trim, combine and split video clips, add watermarks, subtitles and music to them, change the playback tempo of individual fragments, apply transition effects between frames, and more.

The program is perfect for creating your own videos and slideshows. There are two versions. free and paid with advanced functionality.


A free utility with a simple interface and limited functionality aimed at creating videos from photos. There is a database with two hundred music tracks that you can use to decorate your masterpieces. In addition, the program is endowed with support for 285 fonts, as well as high definition formats HD-720p and FullHD-108. The results of your creative experiments can be shared with friends by mail, in social networks and on video hosting.

GoPro’s Quik Editor

A popular free utility (recommended by Apple) that allows you to easily create slideshows and videos from photos. In total, you can use up to two hundred images for one video. Thanks to the simplified interface, the process of editing fragments and the video as a whole will not be time-consuming for the user.

There are 27 different Styles with theme-specific effects and transitions. Ready videos can be published directly from the application to social networks.


A program for quickly creating videos from manually combined videos and photos. Notable for the fact that it offers access to fine-tuning, which allows users to participate in the creation of videos themselves, without relying on automation.

There are a variety of effects and filters, with the ability to apply them both to individual videos and to each frame separately. You can add any music from your own media library to the video sequence.


The “classic” version from Apple. With its help, you can not only create cuts from home photos and videos, but also work on full-fledged trailers for games and films. There are all the necessary tools without exception.

How to make a cool slideshow with music the right way: preparation

After going to the site, click on the “Create” button to open the page for choosing a design, on the basis of which your creation will be created. All available templates with short descriptions can be seen in the section on the left. The number of files is different for each type of design, so it is better to choose before preparing materials. The sequence, if necessary, can be changed directly on the site.

After downloading the files, click on the “Next” button, a section opens in which text and a song are added. It is best to download all of this from your own computer, although there is a default soundtrack. It is important to enter the correct email address. It remains to click on the “Finish” button. The cost of such a video is relatively low when compared with the of offline specialists.

This service uses the After Effects program, users can make unforgettable dynamic slideshows from photos or pictures themselves and watch them without paying.

If you are interested in the answer to the question of how to make a cool slideshow with a song from photographs or pictures, first of all you need the power of a computer, the level of your own knowledge, and the presence of certain skills.

How to make a slideshow

Due to the availability of various methods of photography, many people are engaged in photography. It is easy to make photographs, it is more difficult to create a beautiful video of a congratulation from them, for example, for a birthday or anniversary. The most striking one that allows you to create a wonderful slide show from photos is an online presentation. It changes the background and style, adds animation and melody.

This method is also used for storage in a husky or in a gallery, as a congratulation, at a wedding or children’s party. To get a memorable video from a photo, relatively high PC skills and time are acceptable. However, there are more convenient ways to make a decent slide show for a small fee and even free.

Classic photo slideshow with sound clip that is created from snapshots of one theme. Each frame is accompanied by text, music, special effects. At the moment, the video with sound is more of a short film. This makes it easy to show photographs taken at various celebrations, holidays, stories of couples and friends. It is much easier to show stories arranged in this way, more fun to watch.

How to Make Free Photo Slideshow on Fromfoto

In order to design a slideshow on the service, you do not need to look for an answer to the question “how?”.

  • choice of design;
  • uploading photo and video materials;
  • preservation.

Fromfoto’s interface is made in a pleasant color scheme, samples of previously completed works are available. The order is executed very quickly, you can get even faster for repost or payment.

This is the best option for a gift or congratulation. The download link is provided, it is possible to create an infinite number of times. Time costs are minimal, you can use PayPal, Robokassa, YandexKassa to pay. The answer to the question of how much it costs to make an amazing slideshow is simple: absolutely free, the download rate is chosen by the buyer.

Pictures are most often used, but sometimes you have to decide how to edit a video from pictures. In fact, there is no fundamental difference.

At Fromov, anyone can make a video clip as a gift for an anniversary and just a birthday, for a wedding or anniversary. Several files in one folder will make a wonderful photo album.

It is important to clearly define what the result should be:

  • idea;
  • meaning, theme;
  • number of photos;
  • titles;
  • musical accompaniment.

After selecting the most successful photographs (the number is limited), it is advisable to edit them. Text comments also need to be prepared in advance. The selection of the track should be taken seriously. It is this accompaniment that primarily affects the emotions of the audience when watching a slide show.

Benefits of creating a slideshow on a computer, laptop, phone

If you need to decide how easy it is to make a high-quality slideshow on a laptop, most often it turns out that its power for installing and working with the same After Effects is not enough. Online registration in such a situation is the only way.

  • a thorough study of the program is not required;
  • content processing is minimal;
  • the assortment of footage is sufficient for most clients;
  • the resource does not need prepayment;
  • the finished product can be taken to the page.

The technical setting and installation, final processing and assembly are carried out by a specialist. On a stationary editor, all this will have to be done independently.

Online services for converting photo albums into clips are gradually becoming more popular than programs installed on computers and laptops. Fromfoto can be compared to Slide-life, Lightroom and Kizoa. On the first, there are very few styles, most are congratulatory. Lightroom is good for making slides from images.

Users can make a slide show from the family archive. In addition to the simplified version, there are paid ones. Duration of the cheap segment is up to a minute, the logo is displayed. The site works with FLASH, so it often slows down.

Summing up, it can be argued that Fromphoto is preferable for home use.

Step 2.1 Crop video

Click on the icon of the same name, set the cropping borders with black markers, then. “Save”. Apply a beautiful mask to the video. to do this, click “Layer Mask”, and select one of the proposed options.

Step 2.2 Add video effects

Click on the “” icon in the left corner of the editor, here you can choose different types of improvements for your video. For example, click ” effects”, select one of the options offered by the program. blizzard. Click Add to Slide. Now your movie is snowing beautifully!

Special effects for the camera are applied when you click on the icon with its image. Change here the position and tilt at which the movie is shown, the type of animation. constant speed, push, bounce, etc.

How to make a movie from a video

Click under the slide on the pencil icon, or on “Edit Slide” on the right side of the menu. The editor opens. Click on the “Layer” tab, then, once click on the video itself so that a green frame appears on it, start editing.

Install a program to create a movie

Download Windows Movie Maker. The program is distributed on a shareware basis. It is compatible with operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and the latest version of Win 10. The new improved software has a user-friendly interface, nice design and many tools for making movies at home.

Click on the downloaded distribution kit and install the program on your computer. Next, launch it from the shortcut on your desktop, and in the menu that opens, click on the “Create a new slide show” icon. Add video from PC memory.

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Add titles

What quality film does without beautiful titles? Click on “Add titles”, click on the option you like, then on “Add to slideshow”. Now “Edit Slide”, in the list of layers, enter a new name for your movie. Add new labels through the icon “”.

How to make a movie from video at home

Videos should not lie on the hard disk of the computer as a dead weight, and “gather dust” in a rarely opened folder. We offer you to diversify your collection of videos and clips, to make each of these files more beautiful and interesting. Create a bright film from a nondescript video. and watch it with pleasure.

To make a movie from video at home, you need a simple program and a little free time. We advise you not only to follow the step-by-step instructions provided, but also experiment with different types of effects and enhancements.

How to make a movie in 4 easy steps

Create a movie

The operation on how to make a movie from a video at home has been completed, now convert the file to a new, easy-to-view format. In the main menu of the program, click on the “Create” tab, then select one of the conversion types, for example, create a video for publishing on the Internet.

See how to make a clip for a song, and then edit it with the tools of the new version of Windows Movie Maker. Store movies, videos and clips on your computer, record them on your phone, publish them on the Internet, with this software the quality of your files is always at the highest level!

Copying a file via iTunes

We use an iPhone, a USB cable from it to connect to a PC, a laptop with iTunes installed on it. The following instructions will show you how to download a movie from your computer to your phone using VLC.

  • Connect iPhone to a personal computer or laptop, open iTunes (usually starts automatically).
  • Select iPhone from the menu on the left by clicking on it.
  • In the “Settings” section, select the “Applications” submenu. Scroll down and click “VLC for iOS”.
  • Move the video files to the “VLC Documents” section and press the button for adding films, mark the desired videos.
  • Wait for the download of video clips to the smartphone to complete.
  • After copying video, audio materials, you can view or listen to them in the media player on the iPhone.

Note. When downloading large amounts of data via an HTTP server, it is recommended to use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer. This will improve the stability of file transfer and increase your connection and download speeds.

How to download a movie to iPhone and iPad via VLC

In the first case, it is necessary that the mobile device and laptop (or PC) be connected to the same wireless Wi-Fi network. Then their IP addresses will be on the same subnet. This is necessary for the exchange of data using a single protocol. In the second, it is enough to connect the gadget to the computer with a cable and run the iTunes application on the PC. To transfer a video clip from PC to iPad or iPhone, the VLC app must be installed on your mobile device. VLC iPhone instructions on how to use the transfer of media files in different ways are given below.

Transfer video over Wi-Fi via VLC

The instruction given here answers the question of how to download movies to iPad via VLC Media Player. Laptop, Wi-Fi and Apple iPhone in use.

  • Download, install and launch VLC media player on iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the main menu by clicking the cone button in the upper left corner and activate the item “Access via WI-FI”.
  • The IP-address will appear under the menu item, and the line below the HTTP-address of the server to be loaded. Any of the options must be entered into the address bar of any browser on a laptop, for example,
  • By clicking on the specified link, the web browser will open the page for downloading content via VLC. You can simply drag the videos you want into this window or click on the “” icon on the right, and then select files from the list.
  • Wait until the process of transferring files from the computer to the tablet (or smartphone) is completed. Some web browsers do not show download percentage or progress bar, but data transfer is also in progress.
  • When you finish copying content, you can watch the video on your iPad mobile device.

Comment. It happens that the player does not display the downloaded video files in the Playlist, but the clips take up space in the smartphone’s memory. This happens when the file has a too long name in Russian or punctuation marks and other symbols. It is recommended to give downloadable movies simple names.

Copying a file from the cloud

Connecting a media player to one of the cloud storages. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box. Connection involves authorization in the “cloud” by login and password from the account.

  • In the menu, select the “Cloud services” section, specify the network drive on which there is an account (here Google Drive).
  • On the service page, click the “Login” button and authorize in Google Drive.
  • After entering the “cloud”, it remains to select the desired file there and copy it to the iPad or iPhone.

Note. If you need to share a video clip with other users, you will need to share the folder with the file.

Download via iTunes without USB cable

Another similar way to download a movie to an iPhone would be to connect both devices via Wi-Fi, without a USB cable. To do this, you need to “distribute the Internet” from a mobile device. To enable the transfer mode, do the following.

  • Open iPhone Settings on the home screen. Find and select “Modem mode”.
  • Set the switch to active position. If the computer previously connected to the Internet through this iPhone, the connection information will appear at the top of the screen.

Further steps for downloading a movie from a laptop to a smartphone will be the same when the connection is made via a USB cable. As a result, the uploaded video will appear in the “Photos” section of the smartphone. After opening the video, you can view it.

There are other tools that can transfer documents, pictures, movies to iOS devices. They are also available in the AppStore.

Note. Using VLAN Media Player, you can transfer not only video files, but also documents.

Downloading a video from the Internet to iPhone via VLC

This is another way to download videos to your smartphone or tablet via VLC for iOS. You only need to know the full address of the file to download. direct link.

  • In the player, press the menu button, select the “Downloads” item.
  • In the field above, enter the link. the full address of the video. Click on the “Download” button.
  • After downloading, the downloaded video clip, picture or other document will appear in the “All files” menu item.

Files on the local network

When you connect your smartphone and PC via Wi-Fi, you can connect to a local server to view and download videos. You need to know the network parameters of the server (laptop): IP address or computer name, port number, login, password and workgroup name (set automatically).

  • In the “Network” section of the menu, select the “Local network” item. Select file server (PC name).
  • In the “SMB” tab, enter your credentials and click “Open”.
  • After connecting to the file server via SMB, it will be possible to copy any media file from PC to mobile device.

List of on-line cinemas for iPhone is probably one of the most popular online cinemas, where films sometimes appear before their official release. Works on both iPhones and Samsung TVs (personally checked). is a very good movie theater for watching movies on iPhone and iPad. There are many blockbusters and almost all films in HD quality. Advise!

  • on the site there are many unknown series and strange films from the Cannes festivals. The AppStore has an application of the same name.
  • ororo.TV. this site is probably the record holder for the number of different TV series. There is even Twin Peaks, remember this?
  • the latest movies in poor quality can be found here.
  • well, where do you go without it. Many people underestimate the YouTube service as source for watching TV shows on the iPhone, but in vain. In fact, a huge number of full-length films and TV series (especially Russian production) are posted on YouTube.

My wife and I sometimes like to watch a couple of episodes of some comedy before going to bed And the best way to do this is from the YouTube app on Smart TV.

  • Pros: No computer needed. Opened the Safari app on my phone and is immediately ready to watch a movie
  • Cons: You need to have unlimited internet (which is not a problem)

Watching movies from a flash drive for iPhone

Yes, yes, watching movies on an iPhone or iPad is most convenient from a flash drive, and it was not for nothing that I put this method at the beginning of the article. Having a USB flash drive for iPhone, you will not bother with codecs or with the presence of the Internet at all. This is my favorite way to watch movies on iPhone, and I use it 90% of the time.

The essence of this method is simple and has been familiar to everyone for a long time. In a nutshell: download a movie to your computer, transfer it to a USB flash drive, and then open it on your iPhone. If you’ve never seen anything like it, here’s a photo.

Meet. this is a flash drive, it has two connectors: USB-A and Lightning. First, you poke one end into the computer, and then the other end into the iOS device. Well, everything is already intuitively clear After all, “Mother Nature” herself pushes us to this!

  • Pros: The beauty of this method is that you don’t have to bother with video encodings, conversion, or wooden iTunes. Internet access is not required to watch videos
  • Cons: You need to purchase the flash drive itself (albeit for a little money)

How to use it (in fact, it is very simple) is written in detail here.

Download movies via torrent on iPhone

Another interesting way that takes place is downloading movies using a torrent client directly to an iOS device.

For this, there are special torrent clients for iOS. Separate guide on how to download torrents on iPhone coming soon.

IPhone offline movie viewers

It is also one of my favorite ways of absorbing video content on the iPhone as it is. it does not require an Internet connection and allows you to watch movies “on the go” at any time convenient for you.

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The only BUT is that you need to rewrite the movies on the iPhone in advance. We will do this using a special iOS application together with our favorite iTunes. I think that it would be appropriate here to paint everything step by step.

STEP 1. Install the VLC for Mobile or PlayerXtreme application from the AppStore

STEP 2. Download movies to your computer in one of the popular formats (avi, mkv, mp4, mov, etc.). Where you will download the movie is up to you.

STEP 3. Connect your iOS device (iPad or iPhone) to your computer using a cable. Launch iTunes.

STEP 4. When iTunes recognizes your device, an icon of this device will appear in one of the top lines. Click on it.

How to Shoot CINEMATIC VIDEO with your iPhone

STEP 5. Now select the File Sharing section from the left menu.

STEP 6. Scroll the right side of the window to the very bottom where the section with applications that can exchange files is located (File Sharing).

STEP 7. Click on the name of the program (VLC or PlayerXtreme) that you installed in the first step. Next, click the Add button and add the movies that will be copied to the iPhone

When the movies are transferred to the iPhone’s memory, you can watch them at any time in the VLC application (or PlayerXtreme depending on the player you selected earlier).

iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners

  • Pros: Completely free method. Download and watch video in original format and encoding
  • Cons: It is necessary to use iTunes (but this is not a minus, and so a trifle)

I think that the first two methods should completely satisfy the case when you want to watch movies on the iPhone without access to the Internet. True, you need to take care of this in advance and download the movie to the iPhone or to a USB flash drive for the iPhone.

If the Internet is not a problem for you and you need to watch a movie right now, the following couple of methods will definitely suit you.

How to watch movies on iPhone or iPad?. Complete guide

In 2012, by occupation, I was sent on a business trip to Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) for a month. For a whole month I went to the CVS Controls plant where I mastered a new direction for myself instrumentation technician.

I lived in a two-room apartment myself and, in order to brighten up my loneliness, in the evenings I watched movies on the small 3.5 ”screen of the iPhone 4S. Actually, this is what our conversation will take today

Below I will talk about how to watch movies on iPhone, while listing all the methods, methods and services I know. Go…

To begin with, I will focus on methods that do NOT require the Internet, but involve some preparatory work in the form of “download to computer. copy to iPhone”.

In the second part of the article, I will share with you online cinemas that work quite well on the iPad and iPhone. Almost all of the methods listed below (except the last one) will allow you to watch full-length movies absolutely free.

Online cinemas

Very often you want to watch a movie when you don’t have a computer at hand, you only have a phone or a tablet at your disposal. How do you watch movies in this case? This is exactly what happened to me on a business trip and here’s what I can advise.

The easiest, as for me, way to look at some movie is to use pirated online cinemas, if you can call them that.

All you need is unlimited internet access and the Safari browser on your iPhone. Then everything is simple. we go to one of the online cinemas listed below and watch a movie on the iPhone.

Buying or renting movies on iTunes and Megogo

To my surprise, I increasingly meet people who are willing to pay money to watch movies in the iTunes Store and other similar streaming services. I still cannot call this method popular in the CIS, but I will not deny that it has a place to be.

Our people, having learned life in the more civilized countries of Europe and America, have not considered it shameful for a long time to pay for this or that service on the Internet.

After all, every work must be rewarded, otherwise who will create the same applications or make films that you love so much. True, there are not many such people at all

Returning to our “rams”, I can say one thing. you will not watch the latest novelties in iTunes, but films of two months ago are quite present there. Again, all films are of excellent quality, and rent for a day will cost from 4 to 8.

So that is all! If you know any other service or online cinema, share it with us in the comments. The best options will be added to the article. And don’t forget to share useful information with your friends from social networks. Your support is very important to us.

Apps on iPhone (iOS) for extracting good shots from videos

If you often use your camera, then you probably wondered: how to take a photo from a video on an iPhone. This is necessary to extract the most successful frames, which can later be processed. In this article, we will look at several noteworthy applications that can pull out the photos you need from videos.

The simplest way that does not require additional applications is to take a screenshot while watching a video, pause it. But if you need to make a video storyboard and cut out a freeze frame beautifully, then use one of the following tools.


Taplet is a completely free application for iPhone (iOS) that can work not only with footage on Apple devices, but also with clips from third-party devices, including the well-known GoPro. The principle of the application is simple to disgrace: the video is divided into a large number of separate frames, which can be saved with one tap on the screen.

over, the functionality of the program allows you to change the sharpness, brightness, contrast of the frame. All received photos do not lose in terms of quality, and if necessary, after processing, they can be posted immediately on social networks.

One of the notable features of the app is the ability to take a selfie with a flash. To do this, you need to shoot a video with the main camera, and then select the most successful frame. Note that if the video was shot horizontally, then you will have to edit it in the usual, vertical position.

At the end of shooting, the application allows you to very quickly process the recording, after which you can view all the frames, moving in the direction you need in the video. Thanks to a very successful and simple interface, it is very easy to find good photos, as well as to save them in a separate folder.

Video 2 Photo

After the advent of high-definition video, many users began to think about the need to use still frames. One of the applications providing this functionality is Video 2 Photo.

With the help of the program, you can simply add existing videos and select the desired sections in time. You can specify the location with high accuracy, thanks to the buttons on the screen, and then you can proceed to further processing.

Video 2 Photo has a couple of filters and special effects that allow you to improve image quality, play with colors, add vignette, etc. There is a functionality for cropping the resulting image.

After completing all the necessary work, the finished picture can be sent to your iPhone or shared with friends on social networks. Note that the application works only on devices of the iPhone family of at least 5 and on iOS at least 7 version. Minus Video 2 Photo. paid distribution, but symbolic. only 119 rubles.


Like previous programs, Instanty is used to pull good shots from movies. It is quite simple to take a freeze frame: you need to specify the location using the “” and “-” keys in the main application window, after which you can start processing the received frame.

The application has in its arsenal several dozen useful filters and special effects, with which you can improve image quality, change colors, frame texture, add effects like sepia, grayscale and others. After that, you can save the image to the phone memory or send it to social networks.

The application works on iPhone 4 and higher with iOS 7 and higher, and is available for download completely free of charge.


If you need to cut a still frame from a video, you can also turn to Movavi for help, which, in addition to extracting images from a video, has many tools for processing videos.

After starting the program, you need to click on the “Add files” button and select the “Add video” item, and then select the video you need. If you need to save a frame from the movie on a DVD, then click on “Add DVD” and select the appropriate folder. After that, the video will be in the program, and you just need to drag it into the editing window.

After that you need to go to edit mode.

Now you can start directly searching for the desired frame and saving. To do this, move the slider on the scale to the place where you need to capture, and then just click the icon with the image of the camera. In the pop-up window, you will need to specify the file format and specify the path to save it on your computer. After that, you can send the photo for further processing or send it to friends via Skype or publish a post in

In addition, Movavi is able to convert video, audio and other media files, can change the format without loss of quality; improve the quality of photo, video and sound; trim clips before converting.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Slide Show on iPhone

You can create your amazing slideshow on iPhone for free right now, on this site. Choose a cool design and upload your photos, videos, music. Very quickly we will make an excellent clip for you, which you will not be ashamed to present to your loved one.

Functionality of the built-in application “Foto”

This application is available starting from iOS 10. Slide show from photos on iPhone is done automatically, user participation is not required. You can choose a melody, video duration, speed of scrolling through photos. Google extension in functionality differs little.

How to make a beautiful slideshow out of photos on iPhone

  • movie from all photo files with saving;
  • video from the selection with an expanded selection of music and animation.
  • click on the date the album was created;
  • activate the playback icon (first a photo will be created, then the preview will start);
  • touch the screen to change the parameters;
  • pick up musical accompaniment.
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To save or download the slideshow to your iPhone or share, you need to click on “Share”.

When using the second option, you need:

  • select an album, mark on the first photo frame
  • highlight pictures;
  • click on “Share”;
  • go to “Slideshow” (for preview);
  • touch the screen;
  • go to “Parameters”;
  • pick up a song from Apple Music or a section;
  • define a style in the “Theme” section.

It is important to know that videos can only be made and watched, cannot be saved or sent. In addition to being shown on the gadget, you can transfer to a TV equipped with an Apple TV set-top box.

IPhoto 11 or higher and an iCloud account are required to display the wallpaper as an animated slideshow on the iPhone desktop.

  • enable “Photo Stream” in the settings (on “iCloud” and switch);
  • enable “Photo Stream” on the gadget (iPhoto, then on “Enable”);
  • go to “System Preferences”, then to “Desktop and Screensaver”, then to “Screensaver”.

After selection, it remains only to select the parameters.

IPhone 6s / 6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus have Live Wallpapers. To use them, you need to enable 3D Touch and show the program the path to the photos.

  • enter “Live Wallpaper”, define a category in the menu;
  • flip through and mark photos;
  • go to “Photos”, then “All photos”;
  • open a saved snapshot;
  • click on “Share”;
  • click on “Wallpaper”, then on “Live Photo” and “Install”;
  • further “Lock screen”.

The selected photo file will appear on the screen. Hold is required after pressing until animation appears.

How to create and save a slideshow in an app on iPhone

  • open;
  • log into your account;
  • click on “For You”, then on “New Film”;
  • pick up a snapshot, click on “Create”;
  • when ready to “Save”.

The user can change the sequence of displaying frames, a song, watch a photo film and use according to the instructions.

Home Use Apps

IMovie is considered a classic, which allows not only creating modest slideshows on a computer or iPhone, but also working with films and game trailers. There are many tools, but it takes time to learn. Users consider an advantage to be the ability to publish videos on YouTube and. disadvantage of having to pay 5.

Free to make slideshow for iPhone allows applications:

  • GoPro’s Quik (Apple Recommended)
  • Pics2Mov;
  • PhotoMotion;
  • Perfect Video.

Quik editor that allows you to get a cool slideshow of 200 photos on your Android or iPhone phone. There are 27 styles available with highlights and effects to match your chosen theme. The clip is edited quickly, publication in social media is allowed. networks.

The Pics2Mov utility is also distributed without payment, due to the limited functionality it is possible to produce only clips from pictures. The database contains 200 music tracks, 285 fonts, FullHD-108 and HD-720p formats with high resolution. In addition to publishing on social networks, sending by e-mail and posting on video hosting is possible.

In PhotoMotion, still images and video files are manually combined. The presence of fine settings makes it possible not to rely on automation, but to create an original slideshow on your iPhone yourself. There are a lot of filters and effects. You can add music from your library.

Perfect Video has 2 versions: simplified and paid. This software allows not only making videos, but also separating, combining them, adding melodies and captions, applying special effects, changing the viewing pace. For home use it is enough.

Free slideshow software with music for iPhone

This program is for online slideshow maker for iPhone or Android. It is freely distributed on the App Store. The main advantage is the absence of restrictions on the number of files. The format is chosen depending on where the finished video will be used. than a hundred forms, transitions, effects are offered. Finished videos are saved in the gallery, from there they can be sent by e-mail to. Youtub, Instagram.

The choice of the program is complicated by the wide assortment. Most focus on the convenience and quality of the videos. It is difficult to recommend something specific, each development has its own advantages and disadvantages. For beginners, simple free options are preferable. It is worth spending money if you have at least minimal experience.

Musical arrangement

Well, to make it pleasant to look at all our photos with beautiful effects, we will add musical accompaniment. On the Home tab, select the Add Music button. An audio track will appear below the slide thumbnails and the Music Tools tab will become available.

Here you can set the volume of the piece of music. In the video viewing window, using the slider (scroll button), you can find the desired place in the audio track. The vertical line marker will show us the current location in our movie on the storyboard on the right.

Saving a movie

Now the time has come to translate the results of your work into a finished product in order to show your film to friends or publish it on the Internet. So, open the main menu of the program and select the Save movie item. Next, in the drop-down list, select the device on which you will view it. The list can be scrolled with the mouse wheel. Pause for a while at any point and in the tooltip you will see the save options for the selected item.

Pay attention to the frame size and the size of the final file per minute of video. Having decided on the output, you should specify the location to save our movie and give it a name. Then click Save. And we are waiting for the end of processing and saving the film

I hope that this article was useful to you, and you were able to learn something new from it. Now you know how to work in this simple and at the same time convenient program.

If you don’t have such a program

Movie Maker is included in Windows Live Essentials, which contains the following applications: Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Messenger, Mail, Blog Editor, Outlook Connector, SkyDrive, and Family Safety. The installation package below contains only Film Studio and Photo Album. Package link. Download the archive and unpack it. The folder contains the file Photo Album and Windows Live Film Studio 16.4.3528.331 RePack by SPecialiST. Right-click on it and select the Run as administrator command.

At startup, the User Account Control window may appear. changes must be allowed.

The installation runs in the background, so nothing is visible on the screen. Wait a minute. Next, in the main menu in the Search field (see figure), type the word Film Studio or Photo Album to search for the corresponding program (you can try to enter the names Movie Maker or Photo Galery). In the search results, you will see the name of the program. Click on it to launch. When you start it for the first time, a license agreement window will appear. We accept it. The program is ready to work.

Adding video

You can add video presets to our film just like the photos at the very beginning. Just remember to place the marker line in the right place on our storyboard before doing this. This is where the video clip will be inserted. The Video Tools tab will become active, which has all the necessary tools for simple operations with cropping, dividing into several fragments, speeding up playback, changing the video volume.

Saving the project

Now we need to save the project of our film, that is, save information about the added photos, videos, effects to a separate file. Actually, this must be done at the very beginning after adding the first photos, and then during the editing process, after some time, press the Save button (floppy disk).

Believe me, this way you will protect yourself from accidental loss of your work in the event of a computer freeze. This can happen when there are a lot of video fragments in your project. It is important to understand that the project file is not a final movie that can be watched on another computer or TV.

Add beautiful effects

After adding photos, you can set slide transition effects. The Home tab already has pre-built AutoFilm themes. There are not so many of them, but they are worth paying attention to.

If these blanks do not suit you, then you can independently make transitions between shots and add your own effect to each one. You will find all this on the animation tab.

To add a Transition (the animation effect of changing the displayed photo to the next), you need to select the image and select the transition option on the Transitions panel in the Animation tab.

Attention! The Apply to All button will automatically change all previously set transitions to the current version. So be careful.

You can also add an effect to each photo to add dynamism when the current photo is displayed, that is, it will move slowly or approach. You can do this in the Shift and Scale panel.

Add photos to the project

Click the Add videos and photos button. Select the folder containing the photo. Photos can be added one at a time or several at once by selecting them with the mouse.

Attention! It is recommended to resize the original photos before adding them to the project. Since the video size is HD 1280×720, the size of the added photos should not exceed these parameters. How to prepare a photo read here

Each photo in the slideshow will be shown for a specific time, I had a default of seven seconds. You can change this setting on the Video Tools. Edit tab. Duration

You can change the duration for one photo or for several at once.
Selecting a group of adjacent photos is done like this: first, select one extreme left photo, then hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and click on the extreme right photo. To select non-adjacent photos, you need to click on them while holding the Ctrl button on the keyboard.

Titles and signatures

The next step is to make captions for our images. On the Home tab, you can add a title for each selected photo. It will be displayed before showing the photo. Or a title, then the signature will be visible when the image is shown.

When you select any of these modes in the movie viewing area, you will see a hint where to enter your text. A new Formatting toolbar on the Text Tools tab will also become active. Here you can make a beautiful inscription.

The Captions button is a drop-down list in which you will find several options for presets for explanatory captions for your movie: captions, director, starring, and others.