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How to make a graphics tablet from a tablet

How to turn a tablet into a graphics

A graphics tablet gives users the ability to draw in editors, simulating simple creativity with a pencil, brush, and other tools. That is why, first of all, you should think about purchasing a stylus for a tablet computer. The pen will allow you to draw small details as well as on a graphic.

In any case, you can do without unnecessary costs. But this will bring the tablet computer as close as possible to the graphic one. Besides, unlike stylus for special gadgets, the usual one will be practically eternal. Refills for graph tablets are often erased and have to be replaced regularly.

You don’t need to have complex technical knowledge to understand how to make your own graphics tablet from a simple one. It is enough to download one application.

Autodesk SketchBook

This application helps you simulate drawing on a graphics tablet. Has many creative tools. The main feature of the application is the ability to create high-quality images with detailed drawing and recording of the process.

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  • The ability to capture the process of creativity on video in slow motion;
  • than a hundred tools for work;
  • Symmetrical drawing capability;
  • Work in three layers at once;
  • Feels pressure and adjusts saturation;
  • The ability to enlarge the image up to 2500% to paint fine details.

Advice. In order for the results to be available on different devices, it is recommended to save them to the cloud storage.

Tablet apps

There are a lot of programs and editors on the Internet that will make it possible to create sketches on a regular device. It is enough to download the one suitable for the OS and start creating.


The best app to turn an iPad into a graphic one. Its functionality fully imitates all the artist’s accessories, styles and techniques of creativity.

  • Sets of oil paints, eye shadows, pencils, markers, chalk, wax crayons;
  • Imitation of dry and wet brush;
  • Mixing paints, quantity control;
  • Increase up to 6400%;
  • Images can be sent by mail, placed in storage or uploaded to social media. Network;
  • Reacts to the degree of pressing of the pen, finger;
  • Intuitive interface.
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This program is suitable not only for a beginner artist who does not have a graphics tablet, but also for professionals.

We make a graphic from a regular tablet

A graphics tablet is not only convenient, professional, but also expensive. Plus, graphics tablets aren’t really practical for the average user. Undoubtedly, such a device is necessary for an artist or designer. The universal device is much more practical and is used in many areas. But you can use a simple tablet computer as a graphic one for non-professional needs.

How to make a graphics tablet from a tablet? Useful Apps

A tablet is a portable computer that has many different useful features. Of course, it is convenient to use it for simple tasks: surfing the Internet, watching movies, doing office work (if a keyboard is connected), etc. And most importantly, you can take it with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, if functions that are beyond the power of even the best devices.

Android Apps

  • PaperSimple. At first glance, it may seem that this is a fairly simple application that is not capable of satisfying the user. But this is not at all the case. After you get to grips with the application and start drawing, your first quality images will start to appear. With vector graphics, you can zoom in as close as possible without losing quality for further editing.
  • Skedio. Not a bad application for creating images using vector graphics. However, it is more suitable for beginners, it will be rather uncomfortable for professionals to work in it.

Of course, these are not all applications, but only they will allow you to really plunge into the atmosphere of creativity. So we learned how to make a graphic from an ordinary tablet.

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The resulting images

After drawing, you can upload your masterpieces to the dedicated Dropbox service to send the images to your computer later. Also, pictures can be sent to social networks immediately after drawing to be rated by your friends.

Reincarnating a tablet

As we have already found out, these portable devices are designed to use off-the-shelf content. It can be games, movies, music, as well as office work and surfing the Internet. Many will agree that this is quite enough for a comfortable pastime.

But today we are trying to improve our device, so we are looking for a solution that will allow us to learn how to make a graphics tablet from a tablet. Now you can find many applications that will add functions to our device.

The more popular and expensive device should be considered first. So how do you make a graphics tablet out of an iPad? Consider the Sketchbook Ink editor, which was developed by the fairly popular Autodesk company. This application will allow us to save money and add many functions that a graphics tablet has.

This company produces many different applications for private and commercial use. Autodesk products have already been appreciated by millions of people around the world.

This popular company has made its way to Apple products, which have a rather peculiar operating system. iOS. The Sketchbook Ink graphic editor provides people with a complete set of tools to create quality content. The application is great not only for people who have decided to learn to draw, but also for professionals. Probably, many will agree that it is much more convenient to draw on one prepared device than to carry a set of pencils and paper with you.

The application is able to turn your iOS device into a graphics tablet that will use vector graphics. This is the right choice, according to many experts. It is the vector graphics that will not lose image quality even with a high magnification of the picture.

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Sketchbook Ink contains a large set of tools that allows you to create quality images. Various brushes, pencils, eraser, palette of colors will help you create a masterpiece. You can use a special thin stylus for drawing.

Can you make a graphics tablet from a tablet? Of course! As you already understood, the quality of the images is pretty good. This is possible thanks to image scaling and high-quality fill. You can use multiple shades or fill the area with the color of your choice.

This app has a pretty useful feature. You can use layers to create a better image. This is the only way to get a fairly realistic image.


How to make a graphics tablet from an Android phone or tablet? Of course, a lot more people use Android devices, this is due to the price of the devices and the variety of choices. That is why application developers for this operating system are not inferior to iOS. Many different applications have appeared in the “Play Store” that will allow you to create fairly high-quality images.

You can use any application you like best. They contain a standard set of functions. You will also need a stylus for more productive work. The principle of operation of these applications is similar to Sketchbook Ink.

How to make a graphics tablet from a tablet? Everything is very simple. To do this, you just need to install a special application that will allow you to create really high-quality images. Everything you need for this. tablet, internet connection, and preferably a stylus. Install the application and enjoy. After drawing, the images can be shared with friends. That’s all. Now you also know how to make a graphics tablet from a tablet.