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How to know when an iPhone was purchased

How to find out the date of the first activation of the iPhone and the remaining warranty period

Go to the section of the Apple website to check the eligibility for service and support (link);

Enter the serial number of the iPhone, which can be found on the box, case or in the menu Settings → General → About this device;

In addition, information about the IMEI and serial number can be found on the welcome screen when you first turn on the iPhone. click on the “i” icon in the lower right corner.

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In the third paragraph, “The right to service and repair”, the status should be “Provided”;

You are Honor from the 365-day warranty expiration date below. this will be the date of the first activation of the iPhone.

Examples of iPhone Service and Support Eligibility Information Received After Verification

New unactivated iPhone (this should be stated if you are buying a new Apple smartphone):

Newly activated iPhone (up to three months) under warranty:

Activated used iPhone. Warranty expired:

IPhone activation date, or how to find out the remaining warranty period: 2 ways

Not so long ago, we talked about the fact that Russia continues to be in the top three countries where they sell the most expensive iPhones in the world.

Naturally, the high cost of smartphones, in comparison with other countries, stimulates the growth of the “gray” market, within which its own rules operate. When importing devices from abroad, unofficial resellers (in other words, resellers) are often forced to activate the iPhone in order to unlock it (unilaterally break a contract with a cellular operator) or transport it through customs as a personal gadget. At the same time, the smartphone is further positioned as a new one, which is not entirely true.

Is it possible to remove or hide activation data?

The activation process is irreversible. If the device is activated, then it is impossible to delete this information, even if you resort to resetting the iPhone to factory settings or the Restore procedure in iTunes.

Actually, the iPhone activation procedure is the starting point for Apple to use the device. That is, the company believes that you have been using your smartphone not from the date of purchase, but from the moment you first activate it. Naturally, Apple’s warranty period begins to expire on the same date.

How to check the warranty directly on iPhone or iPad (this method is only suitable for devices with iOS 12.2 and newer)

Open the Settings app and follow the path: General → About this device.

In the window that appears, open the “Limited Warranty”.

Here’s the end date for your limited 1 year warranty.

What’s the Difference Between Activating and Turning On iPhone for the First Time?

Do not confuse Activation with the first turn on of the device. IPhone can only be activated when the device is connected to the Internet with a valid SIM card inserted. In the absence of one of the above conditions, turning on the smartphone will not lead to its activation.

Why did I get the message “This serial number corresponds to the product that was replaced” when checking?

If, when checking the IMEI or serial number, a message appears with the text: “Unfortunately, this serial number corresponds to the product that was replaced”. avoid buying such a device, it is not new! We talked about this case in more detail here.

How to check iPhone for originality

The cutting edge technology, as well as the impeccable quality of Apple products, along with the highly professional work of marketers, have made the iPhone the most popular smartphone in the world. It is in great demand among users from all over the world.

This success was the reason for the emergence of pirated copies on the market. Counterfeit Apple manufacturing companies have done their best to obstruct originality testing. Doubt the authenticity of your device?

Then use the instructions to check it.

How to check an iPhone for Apple originality

Every smartphone that was not manufactured at the Apple factory is considered a fake. Due to the fact that the original products are made from expensive materials, counterfeits are not completely copied, which makes them quite easy to recognize.

This can be done according to the following criteria:

  • The first step is to find the serial number. It must be 11 or 12 digits long. It is located at the bottom of the package and on the body of the smartphone. The number can also be found in the smartphone menu (“Settings”. “Basic settings”. “Device information”). Make sure all numbers are present and consistent with each other.
  • Original smartphones only have one SIM card slot, while Chinese counterparts can support two or more cards. The slot is located at the top of the case on the 1st generation iPhone, on the side of the more recent models. Also, the slot only fits micro-SIM, the size of which is much smaller than classic cards.
  • You can check the dimensions of the screen by measuring it. Then they should be compared with the characteristics indicated on the official website of Apple.
  • You can check your smartphone for authenticity using the special SNDeepinfo service. If this software cannot determine the serial number, or does not establish a discrepancy with the smartphone, then it is a copy.
  • The presence of an Android system instead of iOs is a guaranteed Chinese fake.
  • Google Play should not start when you open the App Store.
  • The original iPhone has a non-removable battery.
  • The SIM card must be inserted externally, while the installation of flash memory is not provided at all.
  • The envelope containing the instructions (attached to the purchase) has a colored flyer with two stickers, each in the form of a company logo.
  • The body must be solid, monolithic and made of quality materials.

How to check iPhone for originality in appearance:
Apple’s original logo features a bitten apple. The bite is on the right
Check the model name
Genuine products do not include the ability to remove the back cover
The body of the smartphone should not have any non-original shades. Today, the iPhone is available in gold, white, or black.

One of the most effective ways to determine the authenticity of your device is to check the IMEI code. It is a unique identifier that the manufacturer assigns to each phone. The code is located on the SIM card slot, as well as on the back cover of the smartphone. It is also located in the settings and on the barcode.
To check your phone by IMEI, you need to go to the official website of international mobile device identifiers. There the number should be entered in a special line. Next, the user will be given information about the phone.

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First of all, you should pay attention to the presence of an interface in Russian when the smartphone is first turned on. The complete set of the branded iPhone consists of:

  • Genuine packaging (no hieroglyphs, third-party labels and defects)
  • Data cable
  • Set of documents
  • Headphones with remote control and microphone
  • Installed Apple Store and iTunes software
  • Power device
  • Operator warranty card.

There should be no additional accessories and other things in the package.

The original packaging is made of thick cardboard, which in its structure resembles high-quality plastic. The bottom of the box has a sticker that provides all the data about the smartphone. Make sure the charger and headset are soft. They are also rubberized at the factory.

Cost plays a big role. It is important to research the pricing policy carefully before purchasing. The cost of the device should not be significantly lower than the average. If the discount is too high, then it is a reason to think about the authenticity of the device.

When buying, try to find out from the seller where the phone was brought from, as well as when it was purchased (all this data can be easily checked on the official Apple website).

[warning] Note: iPhone copies often work with a stylus. This is cause for concern, as the original Apple products are operated exclusively with your fingers. [/ Warning]

In addition, even the best quality copies often show translation and localization problems. It can be erroneous or inaccurate, there are often misprints in words.

The copies never install the original iOS. This operating system is also faked. It can be given by menu items and interface.

Only genuine products make it possible to feel and fully appreciate all the benefits, as well as the functionality of a smartphone. A copy, even of the highest quality, is a waste of money, so everyone needs to know the methods of checking the iPhone for the original.

How to check iPhone for originality: 3 comments

Very good advice on how to check iPhone for originality. Using them, you can easily identify the copy in front of you or the original. There are a lot of fakes now in China.

Anyuta, drop me a wallet in the comments, I’ll delete it later, that’s all.

How to check if you bought a new iPhone (activated or not)?

You have been sold an iPhone in a sealed box and the seller assures that it is new. Before you can start using your new Apple smartphone, you need to activate it. The activation procedure involves connecting a smartphone with an inserted SIM card to Apple’s activation servers. To do this, you just need to connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data.

And only after the iPhone owner receives confirmation of activation, he will be able to use his device.

Thus, if, when the smartphone is turned on for the first time, the user immediately goes to the home screen, bypassing the welcome, activation and settings screens, then it has already been in use. At the same time, if after the first start-up of the iPhone, the welcome screen appeared. this does not mean that the gadget was not used. The fact is that a screen with the word “Hello” in different languages ​​of the world appears every time the iPhone is reset to factory settings or after the iOS restore procedure on the computer. In other words, even unpacking the sealed box and the appearance of the welcome screen when you turn on the purchased iPhone does not guarantee that the smartphone is new.

How to check if you bought a new iPhone? Method 1

Apple has a Service and Support Eligibility section on Apple’s website that lets you quickly and effortlessly verify that the iPhone you’re buying hasn’t actually been used before. All the user needs to know to work with the service is the serial number of the device. For activated gadgets, this number can be found in the “Settings”, in the “General” section, the menu item “About this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with a start-up welcome screen, his serial code can be found by pressing the “i” button in the lower right corner.

In addition, the serial number of the iPhone can be found on a label located on the back of the original box.

How To Check ANY iPhone Activation Date!!

So, to check your iPhone, follow these steps:

one. Go to the Check Service and Support Eligibility section of the Apple website.

2. Enter in the appropriate field the serial number of the iPhone (how to find the serial number), enter the code shown in the picture and click Continue.

IPhone serial number NEVER contains the letter “O” (uses the number “0” (zero).

3. If, when checking a supposedly new iPhone (or an officially restored (ref, refurbished) Apple), the message “Activate your device” appears, then this really confirms that the smartphone had no history and is indeed new.

After activation, the Right to Service and Support service will display (perhaps not immediately, but within 24 hours) the estimated expiration date of the Right to Service and Repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day. In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the calculated date.

NOTE: The data on the Apple server may not change immediately, it usually happens in the interval from 1 minute to 12 hours.

How to check if you bought a new iPhone? Method 2

Open the Settings app and follow the path: General → About this device.

In the window that appears, open the “Limited Warranty”.

The estimated expiration date of the Right to Service and Repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day, will appear here (perhaps not immediately, but within 24 hours). In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the calculated date.

If the activation date that you carried out differs from the one specified in the service “Checking the eligibility for service and support”, then you can safely file a claim with the seller. the smartphone was activated earlier, ie. unfortunately, you are not the first owner of this iPhone.

Let’s take a real life example. In the post-Soviet space, it is often used to sell gray (illegally imported) activated iPhones under the guise of new ones. How does this happen? New locked (tied to a mobile operator) iPhones are sold, for example, in the United States, at a fairly low price. They are bought by “businessmen” for the purpose of subsequent unlocking (decoupling from the operator) for a fee.

However, often in order to unlock such an iPhone, in most cases, its box must be unpacked, software restored and repacked. By and large, this is a new phone (in fact, it was not used), identical to the one purchased from an official reseller, however, the date of its first activation will not correspond to the date of activation by the buyer, since it has already been produced earlier. Naturally, the service and support period of such a phone will be less than a year.

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How to find out where and when your iPhone was purchased by IMEI (serial number)?

Hello everyone! Finding out where the iPhone was purchased by serial number is useful for several reasons. Firstly, there is always an opportunity to compare this data with your memory and make sure that you are the first owner of the device. Secondly, when buying a device from your hands, check that the seller is not lying and the phone is really bought where the person tells you, for example, in America (although it is not particularly profitable to buy something there). And thirdly, perhaps this information will help you when creating a receipt (which is required to unlock iCloud).

As you can see, there are a lot of serious reasons to determine the place where the purchase of the iPhone was made, and there are plenty of frivolous ones too. for example, just out of curiosity. This means that we must act quickly and decisively! 🙂

  • Find out the serial number of your iPhone or iPad.
  • This site-checker.

Updated! The checker site, about which there is a talk in the article, safely “lay down”. How much is unknown. However, it is possible that at that moment when you read this warning, it will work again. this has already happened. If not, then you can temporarily use another service that we got acquainted with when we found out the date of iPhone activation.

Follow the link and enter emei in a special field, then click check.

Preliminary information about the device opens:

  • Manufacturer.
  • Brand and model of the gadget.

Find the line Simlock / Carrier, and click on Free Check Now.

After a short wait, much more detailed information about the iPhone opens, including:

  • Purchase Country (country where the phone was sold).
  • Purchase Date.
  • Sold To (place of purchase).
  • Carrier (supplier, but at the same time he is almost always the official seller in the country).

It is a completely different matter. this is exactly the data about the place and date of sale that we needed.!

However, if ATT or some other foreign mobile operator is indicated in this field, and the seller tells you tales about the fact that this is a certified and official phone, for example, for Russia, then you should think about whether it is worth trusting this person at all. because his words are a brazen deception.

P.S. Did you find out where the iPhone was sold? Like it! 🙂

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IMEI: 35332107947
Model Number: A1586
Board ID: n61ap
Network: Global
Manufacture Date: November, 2015
Production Week: 43
Phone Age: 0 Year (s), 2 Month (s), 11 Day (s)
Factory: FF / China
Introduction Date: September 9, 2014
Discontinue Date: N / A
Contract Status: Unknown
Find My iPhone: ON
SIM Lock: Unknown
Blacklist (Lost / Stolen): Free Check Now
Model Check:
I bought a new iPhone 6 connected. I suspect that he is an RFB. Can you find out about this? On the Apple site on imai, all the rules. Purchased and activated at the same time. But for some reason, on the site, the picture of the iPhone is white gold, but they write that space gray. Here he also shows a picture of a gold iPhone, but writes that it is gray. And the factory writes: FF China. And nothing more, which plant is unknown. On another site it shows a factory at all: (refurbished?). Damn how to understand? Recovered or what? Although everything is the same with serial numbers and imai

I also looked, everything is somehow strange. Although it makes no sense to trust all online verification services 100%, there is always a chance of error.
Call or write to those. Apple support. Surely they will help dispel your doubts.

hello! the same story, bought on 02/26/17 6ku, serial FFMT54HMG5MN, and the manufacturer does not show below. refurbished?, what does it mean. in support they say that everything is perfect, but then why does the manufacturer not show this rfb? with a question

Hello. There is a question mark because the verification service cannot say for sure whether it was restored or not. If the support said that everything is fine, then everything is fine. To those. support for trust is definitely more.

The new “fours” have not been on sale for a long time (Apple simply stopped producing them). The only option is if it lay in the warehouse for a very long time (3 years) and waited for it to be bought. But apparently, this is not your case.
From itself it is an old motherboard (used), packed in a new (possibly) case. And yes, if they said that it was completely new. you were deceived.

The phone is new, but what is written in 2010, do not be alarmed, is the date of the phone’s release when it was assembled.

precisely, the release date of the iphone 4
And it could be assembled from 2010 to 2013. You were not deceived.

iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S
8GB White
IMEI: 013589003079818
Model Number: A1387
Order Number: MF262
Board ID: n94ap
Network: Global
Manufacture Date: October, 2014
Production Week: 41
Phone Age: 1 Year (s), 6 Month (s), 17 Day (s)
Factory: DX / China
Introduction Date: October 4, 2011
Discontinue Date: September 9, 2014
Contract Status: Unknown
Find My iPhone: OFF
SIM Lock: Unlocked
Blacklist (Lost / Stolen): Free Check Now
Model Check: Free Check Now

Of course, you cannot trust these services 100%, but there is a possibility that the seller is still cheating. By the way, when buying, you can check the number of iPhone battery recharge cycles. it will also tell you a lot (you used it or it really was in the box).

iPhone 6
16GB Space Gray
North America / Verizon

IMEI: 356990063670717
Model Number: A1549
Order Number: MG4N2
Board ID: n61ap
Network: GSM / CDMA (Global)
Manufacture Date: December, 2014
Production Week: 53
Phone Age: 1 Year (s), 4 Month (s), 18 Day (s)
Factory: DN / China, Chengdu. Foxconn
Introduction Date: September 9, 2014
Discontinue Date: N / A
Contract Status: Unknown
Find My iPhone: OFF
SIM Lock: Unknown
Blacklist (Lost / Stolen): Free Check Now
Model Check: Free Check Now
I bought the phone today, but here it says that he is already a year and a half. And the kit came with a Chinese earphone

As I already said, you cannot trust one service 100%. try again to check on the Apple website and in other checkers. Although verification errors are quite rare

Good day. I can not find information on this checker where and when the iPhone was purchased. Now it cannot be recognized?

How to find out the country of iPhone?

“What other iPhone country?”. the pensive reader will ask. “After all, all iPhones are assembled in China, as reads the inscription” Assembled in China “, located on the back cover of the device.” Indeed, all Apple phones roll off the assembly line in China, but they are made for certain countries. Therefore, today we will find out which country your iPhone belongs to.

In order to find out the country of the iPhone, we need its batch number (Part No. iPhone), which can be found in the iPhone Settings. General. About the device. Model. It looks something like this. MB489 ZA / A. The letters highlighted in red will help determine the country of the iPhone, if these letters are missing in the settings, then Part No. can be found on the iPhone box and find out the country using the list below:

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Next is a huge list, if you are too lazy to revise it in search of your country, then use the text search in Safari (for iPhone), if you are browsing in a computer browser, then press Ctrl F, enter your two letters, then with Enter, see the result, for those who did not know this thing will be useful in the future, for a faster search on the page.

  • A. Canada
  • AA. Tunisia, Morocco
  • AB. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt
  • AE. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar
  • AH. Kuwait, Bahrain
  • B. UK, Malta and Ireland
  • BG. angle grinder
  • BR. Brazil
  • BT. UK
  • BZ. Brazil
  • C, CL, VC. Canada
  • CH. PRC
  • CI. Paraguay
  • CM. Hungary, Croatia
  • CR. Croatia
  • CS. Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • CN. Slovakia
  • СZ. Czech Republic
  • D, DM. Germany
  • DN. Austria, Germany, Netherlands
  • E. Mexico
  • EE. Estonia
  • EL. Estonia, Latvia
  • ER. Ireland
  • ET. Estonia
  • F. France
  • FB. France, Luxembourg
  • FD. Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
  • FN. Indonesia
  • FS. Finland
  • GB. Greece
  • GH. Hungary
  • GP. Portugal
  • GR. Greece
  • HB. Israel
  • HC. Hungary, angle grinder
  • HN. India
  • IP. Italy
  • J, JP. Japan
  • IP. Portugal, Italy
  • ID. Indonesia
  • K. Sweden
  • KH. South Korea, PRC
  • KN. Denmark and Norway
  • KS. Finland and Sweden
  • LA. Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico
  • LE. Argentina
  • LL. USA
  • LP. Poland
  • LT. Lithuania
  • LV. Latvia
  • LZ. Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay
  • MG. Hungary
  • MM. Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia
  • MO. Macau
  • MY from Malaysia
  • ND. Netherlands
  • NF. Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal
  • PA from Indonesia
  • PK. Poland, Finland
  • PL, PM. Poland
  • PO. Portugal
  • PP. Philippines
  • PY. Spain
  • QB. Russia
  • QN. Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway
  • QL. Spain, Italy, Portugal
  • RO. Romania
  • RP. Russia
  • RR. Russia, Moldova
  • RS, RU. Russia
  • RM. Russia, Kazakhstan
  • RK. Kazakhstan
  • SE. Serbia
  • SL. Slovakia
  • SO. South Africa
  • SU. Ukraine
  • T. Italy
  • TA. Taiwan
  • TH from Thailand
  • TU. Turkey
  • TY. Italy
  • UA. Ukraine
  • VN from Vietnam
  • X. Australia, New Zealand
  • Y. Spain
  • ZA from Singapore
  • ZD. Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland
  • ZG. Denmark
  • ZO. UK
  • ZP. Hong Kong and Macau
  • ZQ from Jamaica

Previously, we thought that it is possible to determine the country of the iPhone by analyzing the IMEI code using a special service, where you need to enter the 15-digit IMEI of the phone and click “Analyse”, but the results showed that the information encrypted in the IMEI regarding the region does not match the data of the batch number iPhone. Therefore, the “Numberingplans” service cannot be used to determine the country of the iPhone, it can be used to determine the brand and model of the phone.

Note: Before June 14, 2011, knowing the country for which the iPhone was released, any user could determine whether the phone was locked or officially unlocked. Now the situation has changed a little, knowing the country, it became difficult to determine whether the iPhone belongs to the Factory Unlocked category, since Apple put officially unlocked phones on sale, which were previously considered strictly locked for a specific operator. Some mobile operators that officially sell Apple iPhone now have a service to unblock on certain conditions for each operator.

Checking a used iPhone before purchasing. How to find out almost everything about the phone by IMEI

How do I test my iPhone before buying? What you should pay attention to first of all and how to find out if all functions are working. The phone is locked or not. maybe it was under repair and restored.

To meet with the seller, try to choose a place where there is access to free Wi-Fi (for example, a shopping center or a familiar cafe). Thus, it will be possible to check the operation of the wireless module and find out where it is from and its fate by IMEI directly from the phone. It’s good if the seller has a box from the phone, you can compare the serial number and IMEI on the box and in the phone.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) ​​is an international identifier for mobile equipment (“hardwired” into the device). IMEI is necessary for unique identification of a mobile device in a GSM network: it is automatically transmitted by the device to the operator’s network when connected.

You can find out the IMEI of your iPhone in the following ways:

  • dial # (SIM card is optional)
  • Settings. Basic. About this device
  • Remove the SIM tray. Serial number and IMEI printed on the SIM tray (iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S).

It was not in vain that I wrote about the SIM card at the beginning. Having your SIM card, you can easily make sure that the phone is not locked to a specific operator (your operator’s network will be displayed). By dialing the number, we check the conversation mode and evaluate the operation of the microphone and speaker.

By the way, it is not necessary to print the box (if you buy a new phone as a gift), you can find out a lot of useful information about the phone by the IMEI on it. But this is a special case, it is still better to check the operation and completeness in order to avoid “surprises”. In other cases, if you are refused to print a box with a phone, there is a reason to think a lot about buying.

Several useful links to check iPhone:

IPhone Serial Number Warranty Check on Apple Website:

Visual inspection, abrasions of the case (in principle, the glass can be polished on its own). Pay attention to the completeness. the presence of a charger for our outlet, a USB cable for connecting to a computer, a headset and a paper clip for removing the SIM card. Check the integrity of the screws on the bottom of the iPhone for any visible irregularities, which may indicate that the phone was opened.

Turn the phone over in your hands. the orientation of the screen should be changed, thus the operation of the built-in accelerometer is checked. Shoot something with your camera. Covering the top of the phone with your palm during a call, you can check the operation of the proximity sensor (the screen should go out).

Not everyone knows about such an interesting trick that Apple Store employees use when accepting faulty phones. Thanks to LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) sensors, there is no need to spin the device and quickly determine whether the phone has been bathed. In the normal state, the indicator is white or silver, but after contact with water it turns red, so it will be difficult to confuse.

It was not possible to check the second device, therefore I cannot say whether it was similarly restored or not. But the phones were sold as new, with a pretty decent price tag of 300 each. For comparison, at the moment, in Svyaznoy iPhone 4 costs less than 13 kilo rubles, so a really stingy pays twice.

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