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How to install Windows 10 on a Dell laptop

How to reinstall Windows on a laptop

For various reasons, it is sometimes necessary to reinstall Windows. And sometimes, if it is necessary to do this on a laptop, novice users may have various difficulties associated with the installation process itself, installing drivers or other nuances that are peculiar only to laptops. I propose to consider in detail the reinstallation process, as well as some approaches that may allow you to reinstall the OS without any hassle at all.

Reinstall Windows built-in

In my opinion, this is the best method, but it is not always possible to use it. quite often, when I come to a computer repair call, I see that everything on the client’s laptop, including the hidden recovery partition on the hard disk, has been removed in order to install a pirated Windows 7 Ultimate, with built-in driver packs or subsequent installation of drivers using Driver Pack Solution. This is one of the most unreasonable actions of users who consider themselves “advanced” and thus want to get rid of the laptop manufacturer’s programs that slow down the system.

An example of a laptop recovery program

If you have not yet reinstalled Windows on your laptop (and did not call the would-be masters) and it has exactly the operating system with which it was purchased, you can easily use the recovery tools, here are the ways to do it:

  • For laptops with Windows 7 of almost all brands, in the Start menu there are recovery programs from the manufacturer, which can be identified by the name (contains the word Recovery). By running this program, you can see various recovery methods, including reinstalling Windows and restoring the laptop to its factory state.
  • Almost on all laptops, immediately after switching on, on the screen with the manufacturer’s logo, there is a text below which button you need to press in order to start recovery instead of loading Windows, for example: “Press F2 for Recovery”.
  • On laptops with Windows 8 installed, you can go to “Computer Settings” (you can start typing this text on the Windows 8 start screen and quickly get into these options). “General” and select “Delete all data and reinstall Windows”. As a result, Windows will be reinstalled automatically (although there may be a couple of dialog boxes), and all the necessary drivers and preinstalled programs will be installed.

Thus, I recommend reinstalling Windows on laptops using the methods described above. Various assemblies like ZverDVD have no advantages over the preinstalled Windows 7 Home Basic. And there are plenty of shortcomings.

Nevertheless, if your laptop has already undergone inept reinstallations and there is no longer any recovery partition, then read on.

How to reinstall Windows on a laptop without a recovery partition

First of all, we need a distribution kit with the required version of the operating system. a CD or a USB flash drive with it. If you already have one, then great, if not, but there is an image (ISO file) with Windows. you can burn it to a disc or create a bootable USB flash drive (see detailed instructions here). The process of installing Windows on a laptop itself is not very different from installing on a regular computer. You can see an example in the article about installing Windows, which is suitable for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Drivers on the official website of the laptop manufacturer

Upon completion of the installation, you will have to install all the necessary drivers for your laptop. In this case, I recommend not using the various automatic driver installers. The best way is to download laptop drivers from the manufacturer’s website. If you have a Samsung laptop, go to, if you have an Acer, then go to, etc. After that, look for the “Support” or “Downloads” section and download the necessary driver files, and then install them one by one. For some laptops, the order of installing the drivers is important (for example, Sony Vaio), there may also be some other difficulties that you will have to deal with yourself.

After installing all the necessary drivers, you can say that you have reinstalled Windows on your laptop. But, once again, I note that the best way is to use the recovery partition, and when it is not there. installing “clean” Windows, and not “assemblies”.

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Hello, I want to download the Windows installer to a USB flash drive and install it on another computer. Can you tell me where the Windows installer is located on the laptop?

You can’t do that. Those. if the laptop is with the original OS, then the installation files are there on a hidden partition, but it is better not to install it on another computer from there. Download the ISO image of the required version of Windows from the official Microsoft website

As I understand it, you have Windows 7. There is another way:
1. Download the original ISO in the required edition like this:
2. Install (the key will pass during installation).
3. When activation fails (and it may not take place after installation for OEM keys), use phone activation. it works.

Hello. There is a Lenovo g580 laptop with win 8 preinstalled. How to move to win 10 while keeping the license? Thanks in advance.

The second way is to view the key from UEFI using a program like ShowKeyPlus, download the ISO image (or make a bootable USB flash drive) from the official Microsoft website, use the key during installation.

There are tons of hidden partitions on the laptop. Which ones can be deleted? I want to install win 10 clean

It depends on what sections are there. In general, ideally, do not touch all partitions at the beginning of the disk, i.e. only systemic and subsequent. The one that you have 10-30 gigabytes hidden (if any) is a backup copy of the system from the manufacturer, it can come in handy:
And if there is no such thing and only 100-500 MB partitions, then in general everything can be demolished, they will be created anew.

the screen is broken on the laptop and the keyboard is faulty, is it possible to use the key from the win 7 OS installed there on another laptop without an OS?

You can try, but not the fact that it will work. But: if you use this key when installing Win 10 on another laptop, then the probability is higher.

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And in fact, what is the recovery section? that is, I understand correctly when buying a laptop, the disk is already partitioned and this section contains all the information for recovery?

For most laptops. yes, as you described.

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Hello. I have a laptop with win preinstalled. 8.1. I need to reinstall on Windows 10 with editing disk partitions. Those. I have a 1tb HDD. I need to split one partition for the system, the second for the file cleaning system. Tell me how to do it. On laptops, there was no experience with reinstallation, so I ask for help, I’m afraid to screw up.
And, yes, I forgot, if possible, so that the license is still preserved

In general, the plan in your case is this, most likely it will be optimal (but still at your own peril and risk, I can accidentally do something different from Honor for your specific installation, but in 95% of cases everything will be ok):
1. Boot from a USB flash drive with a 10 (be sure in EFI mode, if you see an error that installation is impossible, since the GPT disk means booted into Legacy), at the stage of choosing a partition for installation, we ONLY format the partition with the current 8.1, do not touch the other partitions. we do not break anything in any way.
2. Select this formatted partition, click “next” go through the entire installation process.
3. After installation, already in Windows itself, we separate the necessary space in “disk management”. see

Why do I recommend not to do anything else at the first step: because independent actions to separate at this stage can lead to the fact that 10-ka sticks “in the wrong place” system partitions, or spoil the factory recovery partition, which may come in handy.

Thanks for the help. And from the disk I cannot install?

Yes, you can. I’m just writing about a USB flash drive, because they usually bet from them, but there is no difference.

Thanks for the answer. But there is one more question. I can say that at the beginning of the installation it is necessary to change the size of the logical disk. Still, it’s better not to do this, as I understand it? What are the consequences, do not tell?

Why is it mandatory during installation? Believe me, it is more practical and less likely to unforeseen things, it is better to do it already in the installed Windows. It’s as simple as during installation. just shrink the partition in disk management, and format the freed up area as a “file bin”.
If you start deleting / creating partitions at the installation stage, the problems may be as follows: automatically created partitions in places you do not need (which will interfere in the future and which cannot be prevented from being created), problems with the factory recovery image.

Hello Lenovo laptop. without a floppy drive, with two USB ports. Yesterday I reinstalled the OS, at first I could not install it, it gave an error about a GPT format disk, according to your article I transferred it to MBR. the system got up, but I did not immediately notice that not a single USB port was working at all. and now I can not install the driver. and the drive is wired, does not see. and now I don’t know what to do, I want to reinstall it, through the BIOS I see both the USB flash drive and the floppy drive, the OS boot menu comes out, but when you select the desired OS variation, it just loads what is already installed, that is, the reinstallation does not go, throws it out. I’m sorry that it’s so messy, I hope that I clearly described my problem, otherwise I’m not an expert thanks for the answer.


How to install Windows 10 on a laptop yourself:

  • create a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10;
  • connect the drive to a laptop;
  • open it in Explorer;
  • run setup.exe;
  • Windows 10 Setup will open;
  • the system will offer to download updates, drivers;
  • you can choose “Not now” and go “Next”;
  • a window with the provisions of the license agreement will appear (click on “Accept”);
  • the message “Ready to install” will appear (click on “Install”);
  • you can preselect personal files to save;
  • the message “Installing Windows 10” will appear;

How to independently install and reinstall Windows 10 on a laptop

Users need to know how to update the OS or install the new Windows 10 on a laptop with an old OS. Most computers with Windows 7 or 8 support the popular top ten without any problems. In case of installing a new operating system, the missing drivers can always be downloaded separately, however, incompatible programs will still have to be removed.


How to reinstall Windows 10 on Fujitsu using a bootable disk or USB flash drive:

  • at the time the laptop boots up, enter the BIOS using the keyboard shortcut (the combination depends on the PC model);
  • choose to boot from the installation drive;
  • on older versions, you need to activate Boot;
  • call the boot device selection menu;
  • select a disk or flash drive;
  • reinstall Windows.

Important! In some Fujitsu models, when installing Windows 10 via BIOS, in the “Advanced” tab, set “Fast boot. Disabled”, in the “Security” tab, select “Set supervisor password” and set the password. After these steps, it is recommended to reboot the PC. Then, in the “Security” tab, set “Secure boot configuration. Disabled”, and in the “Advanced” tab, select “CSM. Enabled” and reboot the laptop again.

How to reinstall Windows 10 on Dell:

  • download the Dell OS Recovery Tool on your PC and create a bootable drive;
  • using the downloaded image, install Windows 10 (if necessary, update drivers and software);
  • insert the boot drive into the laptop;
  • at the time of loading, press F12;
  • the message “Preparing a one-time boot menu” should appear on the screen;
  • in the boot menu, find UEFI BOOT and select a device with a bootable drive;
  • stick out the language;
  • in “Choose an option” select: Troubleshoot;
  • activate: Recover from a drive;
  • complete the reinstallation process by following the instructions on the screen.

Installing an OS on a laptop

There are several ways to install a new Windows 10 on any PC: by updating the operating system or by pre-creating an installation drive. In the case of using a bootable flash drive, you will need to free up space on one of the disks for the new OS.

How to install Win 10 on a new PC from an installation flash drive:

  • connect a bootable USB flash drive to the ASUS laptop;
  • choose to boot the system from a USB drive;
  • in the Windows setup program, edit the settings and click on “Next”;
  • when using a digital license, select “I do not have a product key”;
  • select the version of Windows previously installed on the PC (Windows 10 will be activated via the Internet after the installation is complete);
  • accept the terms of the license;
  • activate “Custom installation for Windows only (optional)”;
  • select a disk for installation, delete partitions from it;
  • after the completion of the process, the PC will reboot.

Burn Windows 10 to USB stick or DVD

You can burn a Windows 10 image to a disk or USB flash drive directly from the Microsoft website or using programs to create bootable media. Download available for licensed programs.

How to create a bootable USB flash drive (disk) using the Media Creation Tool:

  • connect the carrier to the laptop;
  • go to the Microsoft website and download the Media Creation Tool on your PC;
  • in a new window, the program will offer to select a language, architecture, release;
  • in the next window, you need to select the medium (disk, flash drive);
  • the program will indicate the connected media and delete unnecessary files on it;
  • Media Creation Tool will download the distribution kit to the USB flash drive (disk) and burn Windows 10, making it suitable for downloading.
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Important! To save a Windows 10 image to a USB flash drive or disk, you can use the UltralSO or Rufus utilities. You will first need to install these programs on your laptop.

You can download a Windows 10 disk image from Microsoft. Before downloading, the system will offer to check the PC for compatibility. The new Windows is loaded onto the media via the Internet. Before downloading, you need to connect an empty 5-8-16 GB USB flash drive or a blank DVD to your laptop. Product key may be required for activation (no key required for digital licenses).

Laptop check

PC users with old Windows can update the OS, that is, install the latest version of Windows 10. However, before installing it is recommended to check the system compatibility.

How to independently check a licensed OS from the Microsoft website:

  • go to the Microsoft website (via the update reminder that appears on the screen);
  • find “Get Windows 10”;
  • activate Get Windows 10 for Free;
  • find the option that starts the PC check (click on “Check your PC”);
  • run a scan of the old system;
  • after the end of the process, a message about compatibility or problems will appear.

List of basic system requirements for an old PC:

  • processor bit capacity: 32 or 64 bit;
  • clock frequency. 1000 MHz;
  • RAM size: from 1 GB for a 32-bit CPU and from 2 GB for a 64-bit CPU;
  • built-in memory: 16 GB, 20 GB;
  • video adapter. DX9;
  • screen resolution. 800 x 600.

Users of the licensed Windows can update the OS for free. Before installing a new Windows 10, you need to find out the type of the old version in order to select the same type of product.

How to check a PC via the command console using the Windows 10 installation drive:

  • write: setup.exe /? (from the console launched from the drive’s context menu);
  • or from the PC command console enter the symbols: cd / d F: / and setup / ?;
  • write: Setup / Auto Upgrade / DynamicUpdate Disable / Compact Scanonly / No Reboot;
  • click “Next”;
  • specify files to save;
  • click on “Next” again;
  • at this moment, the laptop will be checked for compatibility with Windows 10;
  • after scanning, a notification about the problem will be displayed on the monitor (if any).

How to find out information about the licensed operating system available on a laptop:

  • through the “Options” enter the “Update and Security”;
  • remember the “Release” of the OS and the type of “Activation”;
  • you can immediately update Windows by activating “Add Account” and contacting Microsoft Center online.

Important! To test your laptop for compatibility with the new Windows 10, you can download the Windows Hardware Lab Kit or Windows 10 Preparation. The programs will scan and inform the user if their laptop is suitable for installing Windows 10.

What to do after installation?

After installing Windows 10, it is recommended:

  • check for updates in Windows Update and install available ones via the Internet;
  • if necessary, update the drivers (for example, using the Snappy Driver Installer application);
  • install a browser;

BIOS setup for DELL 15, 17, 3721,3521 laptop to install Windows 7, 8, 10 from a USB flash drive or disk.

To enter the BIOS beech Dell, you need to press the F2 button when the laptop boots.

Create a bootable USB flash drive, and download ISO Windows 7, XP, 8 for free, follow the link

And we will enter the BIOS setup menu of the DELL inspiron 3721 laptop.

After configuration, we can install Windows from a USB flash drive or disk.
How to get into the BIOS of a laptop and configure it.
Laptop Dell 3721, 3521

In the EXIT tabs, we can exit, reset, start, save, enable, load, turn off, install, install, reinstall, open or start the BIOS.
Make boot, login and reset.
How To Change First Boot Device in BIOS to Boot From USB, CD / DVD.


BIOS setup for DELL 15, 17, 3721,3521 laptop to install Windows 7, 8, 10 from a USB flash drive or disk.

  • To enter the BIOS beech Dell, you need to press the F2 button when the laptop boots.
    You can create a bootable USB flash drive and download ISO Windows 7, XP, 8 for free at
    And we will enter the BIOS setup menu of the DELL inspiron 3721 laptop.
    After configuration, we can install Windows from a USB flash drive or disk.
    How to get into the BIOS of a laptop and configure it.
    Laptop Dell 3721, 3521
    In the EXIT tabs, we can exit, reset, start, save, enable, load, turn off, install, install, reinstall, open or start the BIOS.
    Make boot, login and reset.
    How To Change First Boot Device in BIOS to Boot From USB, CD / DVD.
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Thanks helped, everything turned out to be so simple

when trying to install Windows 7, the screen goes blank

and which Windows is suitable for tablets, the usual as for stationary or Lite version is needed ?

dude helped a lot. I couldn’t rozobratsa with my laptop. Thank you so much

What to do if I press F2 and nothing happens?

I did everything as I showed it, but Windows is not installed, the old Windows is running

Dmitry Regolas
Means wrong.
Make another USB flash drive.

you need to reinstall Windows from the hard disk, there should also be a copy of it?

Happy New Year! Thank you so much. The only sensible explanation. Very helpful.

Secure Boot. Disabled first, after that Legacy Boot will be available

Make a USB stick like in the caption under the video.

Anton Baitov The Legacy boot tab is empty, i.e. there is no list with laptop boot options. In addition to HR, there are some solutions with “manual” manipulation?

why is nothing available on this laptop?

Contact this service with your question. Can’t solve it remotely.

I somehow had a problem in the beech, I started the restore point, sat on the beech for an hour, turned it off, after a while, turned it on, everything started, only it started to stop at the Dell icon and automatically restart, gave it to the service and they messed up something that I can’t now select functions in boot.

DELL : How to install Windows 10 from USB | NETVN

N_A_R_U_T_O_ _UZUM_TV Then you better bring the beech to the service.

To enter the BIOS beech Dell, you need to press the F2 button when the laptop boots.

You can create a bootable USB flash drive and download ISO Windows 7, XP, 8 for free at

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And we will enter the BIOS setup menu of the DELL inspiron 3721 laptop.

How To Install Windows 10 on a Dell Laptop Computer. Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free !!

After configuration, we can install Windows from a USB flash drive or disk.
How to get into the BIOS of a laptop and configure it.
Laptop Dell 3721, 3521

In the EXIT tabs, we can exit, reset, start, save, enable, load, turn off, install, install, reinstall, open or start the BIOS.
Make boot, login and reset.
How To Change First Boot Device in BIOS to Boot From USB, CD / DVD.

of course I liked it, it helped me. It was a Win 8 license, took it. a creature, updated to Win10 and did not even ask where I STILL get 2GB of RAM? I decided to demolish and install Win 7 ultim.

turns out to be the only way.

question. hello
And here’s how to set up the BIOS so that at any time you need = insert = a disk or flash drive, and start booting.
And then, I succeed, I set the desired values, and after loading, the BIOSa values ​​must be returned to = initial =. Otherwise, the OS will not boot. something like this

I write file recovery or normal download

And figle’s sense, under the 15th inspirions you will not find a good half of the drivers for win7.

Jubiki, no way. Under the 15th Inspirions on the office site, firewood is only under win10. To make the hardware work correctly under the seven, you will have to carry firewood from third-party resources, piece by piece. Partly at the realtek, partly in general on the left foreign sites with a virus in the kit (for a total cleaning of the roots and registry, after installation, it is mandatory!). And firewood for the chipset (so that the USB 3.0 ports are plowed), in general, almost by an empirical method of scientific poking.
In my case, it turned out to be a driver for a line of HP laptops, in fact, built on the same AMD chipset. I had to spend a fair amount of time shoveling through English-language forums in order to find everything necessary for the full functioning of win7 on hardware, which does not seem to officially support it.

Installing Windows 7 on a Dell laptop in Yekaterinburg

The specialists of our service center will install the Windows 7 operating system on your Dell laptop, in addition, they will optimize all the work of your computer according to its parameters. Select and install drivers, necessary programs, protect the device from viruses.

Install Windows 7 on a DELL inspiron n5040 laptop. Installing Windows in Makeevka.

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    Tel.: 0954649900.0633321309 Computer help in Makeevka. 0954649900, 0633321309.
    Makeevka computer service. Makeevka, bul. Gorbachev, 5
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thanks, otherwise I did not know and installed 3 system ones on the laptop

hi, i can’t log into the systems? F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9.

if nekag nemagu, then only Del, only hardcore.

And if I need to change whist to 8.1 or 10

Hello, I have a window in the field of languages ​​that asks for loading the driver, I cannot go through this window, please tell me what to do.?

Hello, I have a window in the field of languages ​​that asks for loading the driver, I can not go through this window, please tell me what to do.?

Installing Windows 7 on a Dell laptop

Call us and we will answer any of your questions

Only a specialist who is constantly faced with this problem is able to correctly perform the installation of the operating system. Our wizard will select the optimal version of the operating system for your laptop, configure the system properly, after which it will work perfectly without failures. By installing Windows 7 on a Dell laptop with us, you get a stable system, the stable performance of which has already been appreciated by our customers. A computer specialist will help you save your important files, if any, before you start installing Windows 7. Also, our specialists can restore Windows 7 without reinstalling, and then create an exact copy of your system, saving it to disk. Then you will have at hand a bootable media with a working version of Windows and your parameters in it, and in case of an accidental unforeseen failure, it will not be at all difficult to restore the laptop to working condition.

You do not have to go to our service, the master himself will come to your home at any time convenient for you! Call us and leave a request, and within 1 hour, or, when it is convenient for you, our master will come to your house with all the necessary equipment for repairing and installing software. On average, with minor breakdowns, the repair takes up to 2 hours.

If the problem cannot be resolved at home, we will deliver the laptop to service for free. Sometimes there are complex breakdowns that cannot be fixed at home, or the elimination of the malfunction takes more time. In this case, we will take the computer to our service for free, fix the malfunction and bring it back to you.!

Before installing Windows 7, our specialists save the necessary data and settings to an external hard drive. Your data, photos or any other files will always be kept safe from accidental deletion.

Free diagnostics, subject to subsequent repair. The in the table are not a public offer.

When you need to install or reinstall Windows 7 on your Dell laptop?

During the installation of Windows 7, we also do:

BIOS settings in a DELL laptop for a bootable USB flash drive.

In laptops of this company, you need to make a number of settings for the successful installation of Windows.

Installing Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 With the release of Windows 8, hardware manufacturers have added certain functions in the BIOS that block booting from external devices such as disks or flash drives. Therefore, in this video, we will take a closer look at the process of installing Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. Video course “Windows Recovery in One Click”. Video course “Creating and setting up a network between Windows XP-7-8 “-

Web: https: //.com/itfroccs: https: // wwwcom / pages / Itfr% C3% B6ccshu / 299586646809406 ITFRÖCCS.HU | SzofTVer. Hardver újdonságok, tesztek, megoldások egy helyen!

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Intermittent BIOS issue on Dell Inspirion 3721.