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How to Install Whatsapp on iPad

Whatsapp for iPad

You probably already noticed that the AppStore has the Official version of WhatsApp for iPad, and there is not even a smaller version, as it happens now with the choice. Why developers are NOT going to meet the fans of the tablet is not clear.

Recently, more and more often in support of the site comes the question of whether it is possible to install this application on the iPad? And now we can answer with confidence.

The video is very short, but it reveals important points, so we strongly recommend that you watch it before installing:

So let’s get started. To begin with, take care of the following components:

  • A computer with any operating system, including macOS;
  • IPad 3 although should work on tablets from 2nd generation and finishing iPad mini 2,
  • Iphone (while a phone is required) Soon we will tell you how to install WhatsApp on iPad without an iPhone.
  • Separate SIM card for WhatsApp account on iPad;
  • A cord for a smartphone and a tablet and the presence of the Internet on all devices, you can Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

Once downloaded, open your iTunes library under Applications. Right click on the WhatsApp program and open its location. We will need the application soon, so for convenience it is better to move the downloaded.Ipa file to your desktop.

Now download and install on your PC the main program, thanks to which we can install and activate WhatsApp on the iPad. This program is called iFunBox.

To download WhatsApp, you need to connect your tablet to your PC and open the iPhoneBox program. Wait a while for the program to detect the device.

In the iFunBox Classic section, select the Install application function. Select the.Ipa WhatsApp file from the desktop where we moved the application from the iTunes media folder in step 2.

After opening the application installation report, you need to remove the device.

You can admire the brand new program on your brand new iPad Air.

But we will not be able to use it yet. Since you need to activate the program using a mobile operator, that is, assign a phone number.

To do this, we will use WhatsApp on the iPhone and a SIM card with a phone number, which we will use in WhatsApp on iPad. Insert the SIM card into the smartphone, reinstall WhatsApp on the iPhone and activate this phone number via SMS.

Connect iPhone with activated app to computer. In the iFunBox program on the left, under Applications from the App Store, open WhatsApp and copy the two Documents, Library folders to your computer. Remove iPhone.

Connect your iPad to your computer. In the same section, select WhatsApp and delete the first two folders in the window on the right. Copy in their place the two folders that were saved earlier from the iPhone. Then disconnect your tablet from your computer.

So after following this instruction exactly, you will get a WhatsApp messaging program on your iPad air without jailbreak. Therefore, this method of installing the messenger can be called the Only Official. In the same way, you can install WhatsApp on iPad mini, on which it will be even more convenient to use the application, since it is smaller in size, and the program is designed for iPhone.

Be sure to share in the comments your successes in installing this program and if suddenly something does not work out, ask questions! We will definitely help you sort out any problem as soon as possible.

Whatsapp on iPad. How to install? (Instruction, video)

It’s no secret that in recent years, various services for communication via the Internet, such as WhatsApp, Viber or iMessage, are gaining immense popularity. Traditionally, the most popular “messenger” is WhatsApp, mainly due to its availability on all popular platforms for mobile devices.

One of the advantages of WhatsApp is registration by phone number, but this also leads to difficulties in implementing the service on the iPad. In this article, we’ll show you how to get around restrictions and start using WhatsApp on iPad.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad?

Surely, the first problem that iPad users face when installing WhatsAapp on iPad is the lack of a tablet version in the App Store. over, unlike other programs available for the iPhone, the application cannot be found even when the display of programs only on the iPhone is turned on. Trying to install the program from the iTunes computer will also give an error.

To bypass all THESE obstacles, we will have to perform a few simple steps:

  • Open iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer and go to the iTunes Store.
  • In it, find the WhatsApp program itself and download it to your computer.

After that, you will need to use the third-party iFunBox program (you can download it here), which is available for both Windows and Mac. This program is essentially a manager for iOS devices, similar to iTunes.

  • Connect iPad to computer and make sure it is detected in iFunBox.
  • Click on the Install Application button and search for the WhatsApp installer IPa, which was downloaded from the iTunes Store.
  • After successful completion of the procedure, WhatsApp will appear on the iPad screen.

However, it will still be impossible to use the program on the iPad, since when launched, it will report that it is NOT intended to work on the tablet:

Now you need an iPhone on which either WhatsApp is not installed or has been removed. Please note that after deleting WhatsApp from iPhone during subsequent installation, you cannot restore a copy of the chat data from iCloud. A standard window for registering a number should appear on the phone.

After the application confirms your phone number and sends a message with a confirmation code in SMS, Finish the setup and Connect the iPhone to the computer with the iFunBox program running.

  • Go to the Applications section and find WhatsApp.
  • Copy Documents and Library folders from iPhone to Mac or Windows computer.
  • Disconnect iPhone.

Now reconnect iPad to computer and launch iFunBox program. Similarly, go to the WhatsApp program folder and load the folders copied from the iPhone into it.

All that remains is to reload the program on the iPad and start using it.


The activation process takes place step by step, just like from other devices. To activate, you will need to scan the QR code from the device screen using the application installed on the phone.

Download WhatsApp on iPad

Since WhatsApp was officially developed for smartphones, there is no iPad version yet, but there are two ways you can download and install WhatsApp for iPad:

Whatsapp on iPad: how to download and install on a tablet

Whatsapp is one of the most popular communication applications for modern people: it is convenient for creating individual and group chats, making free calls and sharing files. But the main disadvantage of the messenger is the lack of support for a number of devices and even entire operating systems. Perhaps the versions of the application for those platforms that are not available today are under development, but users have already found several ways to solve this nuance on their own. Today we will figure out how to download and install whatsapp for ipad for free.


This method is effective, but after using it, you automatically lose the right to warranty service for your phone. Using the jailbreak procedure is a kind of flashing of the tablet. we add the Bigboss repository and use it to download Whatsapp.


The method is difficult to use, but leaves the system intact and does NOT deprive us of the right to warranty repairs. How to install WhatsApp on iPad

  • Download and Install iTunes on your computer;
  • Then download Whatsapp in the AppStore, then find the WhatsApp file with the ipa extension on the computer;
  • Install iFunBox and go through the activation process. Little secret: for free use of the version, when activating on the official website, push the payment date to the maximum period;
  • Connect iPad to PC via USB;
  • Launch iFunBox and select “Device” from the menu. Then “Install ipa application”;
  • We start the installation process of the WhatsApp we downloaded earlier. A message will appear on the screen stating that the device is not supported by the application. We skip it;
  • We take an iPhone and make a backup copy of WhatsApp correspondence through the item “Settings”. “Chats”. “Copy”. “Create a backup copy”;
  • Then we remove the application, download and reinstall;
  • Disconnect the iPad from the computer, connect the iPhone instead;
  • On the desktop, open the iFunBox, look for the tab “programs” and click on the arrow next to All My Apps;
  • Among the applications available on the iPhone, select Previously Installed Whatsapp, click on it and go to the root directory of the program.
  • Copy the Library and Documents folders to the desktop;
  • We disconnect the phone, connect the iPad instead, Do the same procedure with opening through iFunBox and change the Documents and Library folders in the root directory to those copied from the iPhone.
  • Done! Whatsapp for iPad installed.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Whatsapp on iPad

The advantage of using the messenger with the iPad will speed up the communication process: a large screen and a convenient online keyboard allow you to type faster and in large volumes. The device is more convenient to use for communication in Russian for those whose iPhone is NOT Russified. Making video calls is also much easier: iPad can be placed on a stand, the image will be static, and the sound will be smooth. IPad has more storage, and it is more convenient to store media files on it, so it will be easier to overthrow large amounts of photos or videos.

However, the biggest drawback is the process of installing the application on this device. it takes quite a long time, and this process will require Not only the presence of an iPad, but also an iPhone with a certain version of iOS in order for the Whatsapp versions to match.

Code Scanning Problems

The camera viewfinder is pointed at the QR code that appears; if it is read correctly, the program will start. The reasons why this does not happen:

  • An unstable Internet connection that prevents the program from synchronizing data;
  • WhatsApp has user permissions to use the camera. You need to go to the “Applications” item and in the tab with the name of the messenger put a checkmark in front of access to the camera;
  • The user has a WhatsApp account on a mobile device. You cannot create an initial account on your computer. It must be created on the iPhone.

Installing Watsap through special utilities

Other ways to download WhatsApp on iPad in Russian:

  • Through Jailbreak. Using such an installation gives virtually Unlimited opportunities to the user: download any third-party applications, have no boundaries in using the device. The disadvantage of this method is the loss of the warranty for the gadget. In fact, Jailbreak is a hack of the program’s firmware. A small number of Apple equipment owners will agree to this option due to their high cost and unwillingness to remain without devices for a long repair time;
  • Take advantage of the iFunBox file manager.

Important: The specified methods of downloading Whatsapp for ipad are recommended to be used only with certain knowledge. For an inexperienced user, such settings of the messenger can result in breakdown and expensive repairs.

Benefits of WhatsApp on iPad

The undoubted advantage of WhatsApp for iPad is its free distribution, but not the only one:

  • Organization of communication on a gadget with a large screen, a large stock of smiles;
  • The ability to create several individual and group chats in the messenger;
  • Adding to an existing topic conversation (by invitation or request)
  • Encryption of messages: text and voice. The security bar is raised by the developers in each updated version of Whatsapp.

The disadvantages of the messenger when used on the iPad include the lack of the ability to make audio and video calls in the web version.

Important: the messenger development team announced the creation of a separate WhatsApp application for a tablet on IOS. It will be different from the usual iPhone version. But users will be able to enter it using a phone number by scanning codes.

How to download and install WhatsApp on iPad

The history of the existence of the popular messenger goes back ten years. About a billion users send and receive messages through it every month. At the moment, you cannot install Whatsapp for ipad, although the messenger is available for Android devices, Windows macOS and available for installation on iPhone. In the manual. Who owns the messaging service, and are in no hurry to expand their reach. Of course, there are unofficial ways to download and run WhatsApp on an “apple” tablet.

How to install Whatsapp on ipad. standard way

The WhatsApp developers have created an application for Apple mobile phones only. However, there are ways to install WhatsApp on iPad. Standard, which is used most often and is the simplest. Web version.

  • Safari browser on iPad goes to WhatsApp Web. A window will open requesting identification by QR code.
  • To get to the web version page, press and hold the page refresh icon for several seconds. Hold until the inscription “Full site version” appears.
  • After opening the page with the code for scanning, go to work with the iPhone, in the menu “Settings”. “WhatsApp Web”. “Scan QR code”.

After the code for scanning appears, you need to go through the procedure using the gadget’s camera. Automatic identification will occur and WhatsApp will be loaded on the gadget with IOS in the web version. If the installation steps are completed correctly, a version will start in the iPad browser, which will display all the user’s correspondence.


The installation method using the i-Funbox utility will require patience and careful adherence to the algorithm:

If you have any questions or complaints. Please let us know

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

Today, with the development of information technology and the Internet, ordinary calls on a mobile phone are gradually fading into the background and giving way to special applications. Such applications that help people communicate with each other are called messengers. At the moment, one of the most popular messengers in the world is WhatsApp. Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk about how to install WhatsApp on iPad.

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad: Step-by-Step Instructions

An important point, to use this method, you must have not only an iPad, but also an iPhone. If you don’t have it, then you can try to recreate it on the Special emulator of mobile devices.

In order to understand how to install WhatsApp on iPad, follow these steps:

  • First, you need to download the WhatsApp app from the desktop version of iTunes.
  • Then you will need to download and install the iFunBox app.
  • Using this application, you will need to install the messenger for this, you need to connect the iPad to the PC and launch the application.
  • Immediately after launching iFunBox, click on the install button.
  • Find by yourself where the WhatsApp installation file is stored, and then The simplest solution will be, “descend” to the root of the system drive of your device and enter in the search bar “whatsapp”.
  • If in the search results you will find several files at once, then you need one with the extension “.Ipa”.
  • At the end of the installation, a WhatsApp icon will appear on your desktop, but the instruction does NOT end there, since this shortcut will not work.
  • Now you need to install WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • If the application was already installed on it, completely uninstall it and then reinstall.
  • During installation, you should be prompted to Register by phone number, but if instead you are offered to restore your account from iCloud, then refuse and reinstall the application again.
  • Then start the messenger and activate it via SMS.
  • Now Connect to the computer iPhones use the program iPhones again.
  • Here on the left panel, select the item “UserApplication”, and the case is WhatsApp.
  • Copy the folders from here “Documents” and “Library” and save them somewhere on your computer.
  • Now reconnect your iPad and launch iFunBox.
  • Repeat step twelve.
  • From here completely remove “Documents” and “Library”, and instead of them they will transfer, those that copied before.

After that WhatsApp should work on your iPad. If it doesn’t start, then try restarting your device and try again. If it does not work after a reboot, then most likely you made a mistake somewhere and you need to start over.

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Can i install WhatsApp on iPad

The process of installing WhatsApp on iPad comes with some difficulties. Whatsapp is a very popular messenger that supports a wide variety of devices, but not all. Unfortunately, it has an iPad compatible version. In this regard, the question may arise, is it possible to install WhatsApp on iPad at all. The owners of this device can be calm, because an option has long been thought of how to fix this oversight and launch the messenger on the iPad.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad

It is worth noting that this procedure is suitable not only for solving the problem of how to install WhatsApp on iPad, but also for iPod touch. With its help, you can guaranteed to launch the messenger on any iOS device, up to the latest version, the main thing is to follow the instructions.

If the article “How to install WhatsApp on iPad” turned out to be useful to you. share with your friends using the social media buttons and add to bookmarks

Is it possible to install on two devices

A WhatsUp account is registered to a specific mobile number, therefore, one account cannot be logged in from two different devices. You can get around this ban by using WhatsApp Web.

How to install correctly

  • Open the Safari browser.
  • Follow the link
  • Click on “Install Now”.
  • Allow the app to create a profile on the device.
  • Go to Tweaked Apps and Approve Download Watusi Option.
  • You should have access to download WA.
  • Install the messenger.
  • Go through the standard authorization procedure by following the instructions on your gadget.

What are the benefits of Whatsapp

The worldwide popularity of the WhatsApp messenger is due not only to the fact that chatting is free.

Users are attracted by the opportunity:

  • Diversify text communication by adding media files, gifs, smiles to it;
  • Make a contact call not only audio, but also with video;
  • Send voice message.

Whatsapp is considered as a “social network in your ” because it allows you to:

  • Create group chats and share content with subscribers;
  • Work with profile settings: you can put an avatar and change the status.

Properties of the WhatsApp messenger on iPad

Politics. Yakiy is the owner of the application, initially it was aimed at making WA an application exclusively for smartphones. Not so long ago, the developers relented and created a desktop version of the program for the new Windows and Mac operating systems.

But what about tablet computers? Official WA support for the tablet is still available.

For many users, this is a real problem, because working from a mini-computer, it is inconvenient to constantly be distracted by the phone in order to conduct, for example, business correspondence in the messenger.

However, not everything is as sad as it seems at first glance. The iPad and iPhone OS are very similar, and the mobile version will run on the iPad. It is only important to find where to download WhatsApp for iPad and install it correctly.

By jailbreak

The first option is to hack the firmware of the apple product, which will allow you to download anything and use the device without borders. However, you need to understand that this can be fraught with the stable operation of the device and its safety.

To hack the firmware, follow the sequence of actions:

  • Find the evasi0n program and download it to your computer.
  • Unpack the downloaded file using WinRAR.
  • Connect iPad to PC.
  • Run the file as you got as a result of the operation from p. 2.
  • Click on the “Jailbreak” link.
  • At the end of the procedure, answer “Yes” to the offer to unlock the device.
  • A Jailbreak shortcut will appear on the PC desktop. Click on it.
  • Then your iGadget should restart. Connect to Wi-fi and select the menu item called “Cydia”.
  • Updates will start. Wait for them to complete.

Now you can go directly to installing WhatsApp on your iPad:

  • Download and Install iPhone Configuration Utility” to a Windows or Mac computer.
  • Connect your iPad to your PC.
  • Download WhatsApp for iPhone to your computer from here.
  • Run the iPhone Configuration Utility.
  • In the menu bar on the left, you will see your iPad. Click on it.
  • Make a couple of clicks “Applications”. “Add”.
  • Next, specify the file that you downloaded as part of the execution of p. 3.
  • Return to the “Applications” column.
  • Click on “Install” next to the WA that appears in the list.
  • The messenger icon will appear on the iPad. However, when you click it, you will be informed that the device does not support the application. Therefore, DO NOT rush to open WA.
  • Launch Cydia on iPad.
  • Find and install “WhatsPad” from the BigBoss repository.
  • Done! Now on the WA icon on the iPad, the messenger should start in the same way as on the iPhone.

Detailed instructions are visible on

Instructions for installing WhatsApp for iPad

As you may have guessed, downloading WhatsApp for free on iPad via iTunes will NOT work. You can see for yourself by typing the name of the chat in the Appstore search bar. But don’t worry, there is a way out.

How to install and download WhatsApp on iPad?

The WhatsApp application is used by a huge number of people around the planet. As a rule, every average person in the arsenal of devices has not only a smartphone and a PC, but also a tablet. It is convenient when access to programs is provided from all gadgets. In this article, we will talk about how to download WA on iPad.

Using the file manager

This paragraph will discuss how to install WhatsApp on iPad in a different way. This method is no less complicated than the previous one. We need the iFunbox file manager.

  • Download and install on PC iTunes.
  • Download from Apstor WhatsApp to your computer. A file with the extension.Ipa should appear in the downloads.
  • Next, you need to find, download and install on your computer IFunBox.
  • Connect iPad to laptop.
  • Launch Ifanbox.
  • At the top, click on “Device”, and then on “Install application.IPa”.
  • Find the previously downloaded messenger file with the extension.Ipa from step 2 of the algorithm.

Download WhatsApp for Tablet

Where can I download the WhatsApp tablet app for free and get tips on how to install it? You’ve probably already searched the entire Internet in search of an answer to this question. You are very lucky!) We will help you and tell you how to install WatsApp for the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 4, S and other Android models with and without a SIM card. You will be surprised when you find out how many of your friends are already using this application.

In August 2013, the number of users who downloaded this application was 300 million! Due to the decrease in revenue for SMS messages, mobile operators continue to lose profits, their losses can reach tens of billions of dollars. Therefore, if you want to save money and keep up with the times, hurry up and get this useful program yourself.

For iPad owners

It will be a little more difficult here, you will need to install the IfunBox application and be a little wise, we talked about this here.

Manual for Android tablet with no SIM card

Now we will tell you how to install WhatsApp for your Android tablet. You will need the gadget itself, if it is without a SIM card, then you also need a phone.

Any rumors: WhatsApp is not officially supported on this type of device, and will not work on both phone and tablet at the same time. Therefore, if you already have this application on your phone, then on another device it is better to tie it to the second number, otherwise it will simply “throw you out” from your account on your phone.

By the way. To register Vatsap on a tablet, you can even use a locked SIM card with a zero balance, the main thing is that you can receive a message on it.

First download the APK file. Clicked on the button below or go to the Play Store (Google Play).

Now open the file and run the installation. We accept the required permission and then there will be a message stating that the tablet is not supported. Do not worry! I just ignore it and move on.

Now we need to activate the account and link it to the phone number. If you don’t have a SIM card, then you will receive a code on your phone (remember a separate number).

After that, it remains only to log in to the program. You will need to enter the code in the activation field. If you have problems with this, then simply move the SIM-ku to the phone. You enter the code that will come in SMS. If he does not come, the program will offer to call you and dictate the code, agree, listen to the code and input. That’s all, you can insert your SIM card back and write messages to your friends for free using the freshly installed program.

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Or maybe the web version?

  • There is an even easier way: go to
  • Do not forget to switch your gadget to mode so that all sites are displayed in full screen mode, and not for mobile devices.
  • Next, scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera. To do this, on your mobile phone you need to go to the Whatsapp WEB section
  • And here’s the magic: all your correspondence is automatically broadcast to the screen, while you don’t need to put anything anywhere and you don’t need to bother with a separate SIM card.

Cool? In my opinion, it couldn’t be easier. It’s so easy you can connect WhatsApp on your tablet. and start saving on communication today!


Using TweakBox, iPhone and iPad owners can download and install various mods and applications that cannot be run on this device or are not available in the App Store. Tweekbox works without jailbreak the system, being its Alternative. Tweakbox uses developer tools for its work.

First, download, install and configure TweekBox correctly, as its normal performance depends on it.

  • Open the Safari browser on your iPad and go to the TweakBox website. Click “Install Now”.
install, whatsapp, ipad

Select “Allow” to go to profile setting.

In the window that opens, click “Install” and enter the password to confirm.

Tap “Install” and then “Done” to exit the settings.

Go to “General”. “Shenzhen Span Logistics Limited IEAP”.

Press “trust” and then again the Similar button. We have completed the initial TweakBox setup.

Now let’s move on to the installation of Wotsap itself.

    Open the downloaded and configured TweakBox application.

Agree to the privacy policy with the “I accept” option.

Go to “Apps”. “Tweaked Apps”.

Scroll down the list and find “Watusi for WhatsApp”. Click on it.

Tap on the “Install” button. Confirm the installation by choosing the Appropriate option.

Find the WhatsApp icon on your desktop and click on it. You will see the standard initial setup of your profile with a phone number entered.

After installing and activating the application, the user will receive message notifications even on the locked screen. However, this unofficial WhatsApp client has several drawbacks: the presence of ads in the messenger and the lack of adaptation to the large iPad screen.

Web version

Almost all popular instant messengers have their own web version, which can be viewed through any browser. All the basic functions for working with dialog, files and documents are the same as on mobile devices. Unfortunately, there will be no notifications about new messages from users, which some will not like.

    Open the Safari browser on the iPad and go to the WhatsApp web site. Click on the Share icon on the top bar. Then click “Full Site”.

The next window will contain a QR code. It needs to be scanned by phone, which has an Installed WhatsApp and an active profile.

Take your phone, go to the app and click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap “WhatsApp Web”.

Find the plus sign.

Scan the code displayed on the iPad.

The open tab on the iPad will be updated and the user will see all the familiar functionality of the mobile messenger on the tablet screen.

The advantage of this method is that the web version is convenient to use, since the image is adapted to the iPad screen.

Installing WhatsApp on iPad

Today WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers that allows you to exchange messages, photos, videos and documents. This application is especially often used on smartphones and tablets for greater mobility.

Cydia Impactor

A utility similar to TweakBox using Sideload technology. It assumes that having a paid developer account, the user can download and install applications bypassing the App Store.

First, we need to install the program on the computer and download the file with the IPA extension (the format used to archive programs and games for Apple devices).

Please note. some applications and their versions may not work correctly (crash, slows down, etc.). Try downloading a newer IPA file if you have problems.

Before working with sit, we need to generate a special password.

  • Go to the Apple website and enter your Apple ID login / password.
  • In the opened window of the “Application password” section, click “Create password.”. Enter any name for the shortcut and click “Create”.

The system will generate a unique password.

WhatsApp installation process in Cydia Impactor

    Open sit and Connect iPad to your computer. In the Cydia window, select the device you just connected. Transfer the IPA file to the program window and click “Start”.

In the window that opens, enter your Apple ID login and click “OK”.

Enter the password generated on the Apple website.

  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Before opening the application, you must enable the trust function in the iPad settings.

      Open the settings, go to “General”. “Profiles and controls. Device “.

    Find your Apple ID in the “Developer Software” section and tap on it.

    Click “trust” 2 times.

    Now the user can find the WhatsApp icon on the desktop and use it. Unfortunately, the app is NOT adapted for iPad.

    Installing WhatsApp on iPad


    It is easiest to install applications on jailbroken Apple devices bypassing the App Store. This can be done through such file managers as iTools, iFunBox and iMazing. For more information on how to use them to download IPA files to your device, we talked in method 5 of the next article.

    So, in the article, we examined all the ways to install the WhatsApp application on the iPad. This can be done both through the standard App Store and using third-party programs.

    Installing WhatsApp on iPad

    The ease of use of popular mobile messengers can hardly be overestimated. Tangible savings on SMS-messages, the ability to make free calls and many, many other advantages that significantly exceed the capabilities of standard expensive SMS / MMS protocols. The popular WhatsApp messenger does NOT need any extra introduction. But along with a number of conveniences, it has one major drawback. the lack of a client version for the iPad. Through simple manipulations, we eliminate this annoying oversight.

    Optionally, installing WhatsApp on iPad will only take a few minutes. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to have a Jailbreak on either the iPhone or iPad.

    The first step is to download the application from the stationary version of iTunes. Find WhatsApp and download it.

    To install, we need the iFunBox application for Mac OS or Windows. Download iFunBox. Install and run, select Install. Go to the root of our system drive and enter the name of the WhatsApp application in the Finder search bar. We are interested in the installation file with the extension.Ipa. We install it.

    And now the WhatsApp icon appeared on the iPad. But, alas, it’s too early to rejoice. After launching the application, we will receive the following message.

    Don’t be in a hurry to get upset, because there is only half a step left until WhatsApp is fully functional on iPad. Remove the application from the iPhone completely. Download it again and Install. Please note that the application must offer to re-register by phone number. If WhatsApp offered to recover from an iCloud copy, refuse and repeat the Install-Uninstall step.

    After receiving the activation number and successful registration of the iPhone client, Connect the iPhone to the computer and go to iFunBox. On the Applications tab, log into WhatsApp and copy the two folders Documents and Library to, say, your desktop. Disable iPhone.

    Connect iPad and go to iFunBox. Applications. WhatsApp. Delete the Documents and Library folders, and copy Saved iPhone copies instead.

    We unload the previously launched WhatsApp application from the iPad (double-click the Home key and swipe up on the application) and launch WhatsApp again. Voila! Whatsapp on iPad now works and is tied to the number specified during registration.

    Please note that messages will be sent to the device from which you last chatted or launched the application. If you are NOT planning to take iPad with you. launch the application on iPhone.

    Otherwise, all correspondence will be sent to the iPad, which you will learn about only after returning home.

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