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How to Install Viber on Laptop

Recovery order

There are several ways to restore the program, but each of them will depend on how the application is no longer used on the computer. Choose your option and follow the instructions.

After removing the client

If you completely removed Viber from your computer, then you need to go through the entire installation and authorization procedure again. So start by downloading the installation file. You can download Viber on a PC or laptop on our website, choose only below your type of operating system. Windows, Mac, Linux. The installation file will download to the specified folder. Next, Finish the installation and register:

  • Run the installation file ViberSetup.Exe.
  • Wait for the application to install on your computer.
  • Click “Continue” and go to authorization. answer the question that you have Viber on your phone.
  • Indicate your country and the mobile phone number under which your account was registered and works on your smartphone.
  • A QR code appears on the screen, it is required to pair the computer with the phone. To do this, go to the mobile application from your smartphone and scan the QR code on the computer screen.
  • After a successful scan, two devices are synchronized under one account, and access to Viber is opened on the computer.
  • Wait for the end of synchronization and you can get to work.

Despite the fact that the computer version and the mobile version now work under the same account, and the entire history of correspondence and calls will be reflected on two devices at the same time, after reinstalling Viber on the computer, the chats will be empty for the previous period. Synchronization and display of history will start from the moment of reinstallation.

After installing the messenger on your computer, this device will be displayed in the available mobile version, in the Settings, Computers and Tablets menu.

Deactivating Viber on your computer

After deactivation

Viber has such a function as to deactivate an account. Its meaning is to untie additional devices from the main device, for example, disable smartphone synchronization from a tablet, computer or laptop, or completely delete your profile in Viber on all devices if you no longer want to use the application and keep your account data.

If you once disconnected the account from the application on the computer, but the program itself remains, and the mobile application also works, then Viber can be quickly restored to the PC:

  • If the program remains on the computer, then run it, and if not, then download it again.
  • You will need to log in to the application again. over, if an account remains on the phone, then you just need to connect the computer and Synchronize the correspondence by scanning the QR code using the same mobile phone number. And if the profile is deactivated on the phone, then you first need to download and Register on the smartphone, and then only connect the PC with the same data.
  • If the account is completely deactivated on all devices, including the phone, you will need to re-configure the profile. name, photo, date of birth.

Disconnecting the account from the main device. from the phone, does not allow in the future, even after reinstalling the application, to return the message history and calls. Viber will be installed from scratch. But if you deactivated only the desktop version, and we continue to work on the smartphone, then here the process will be several times facilitated, all that remains is to tie the computer to the phone and Synchronize the operation of two devices.

Is it possible to restore Viber on a computer

If you have uninstalled, reinstalled, or simply cannot find the application on your computer, then there is an opportunity to restore the program and reuse it in the usual manner. over, many users are worried about the question, will it be possible to return the correspondence together with the restoration of Viber? Do NOT panic and seek drastic measures. There are several successful ways by which you can quickly return Viber to your computer or laptop. However, for this you need access to the mobile phone number by which your profile in Viber is registered.

Restore message history

Viber has one very useful feature called Backup. It can be used to recover all messages after reinstalling the application or unintentionally deleting it. However, due to the limited desktop versions, it is impossible to restore your profile data. This function is only available for Viber on smartphones. Therefore, for computers, there is one option. sending the message history to email. This is done as follows and only on condition that when Viber was removed on the computer, the mobile version worked properly and contained the entire message history:

  • Access the application from your phone.
  • At the bottom, go to the “” section.
  • Next, select the item “Calls and Messages”.
  • Click “Send message history”.
  • The system will form an archive of the entire history for a few seconds and will display a form on the screen for specifying the sending address. Enter an email address that you can access from your computer and download the document.

The “Send message history” function has ceased to be available for all versions of Viber since 10.6. Therefore, if you regularly update the application on your phone, then it is possible that you will NOT be able to recover messages.

But you must understand that the created message archive is a document that reflects all your text messages by date and username, which are currently contained in the mobile application. I downloaded this document, you will NOT be able to download it to the computer version, but just see the information you are interested in. over, media files are NOT transferred to the archive and call history.

Instructions for restoring Viber on a computer

Viber application is one of the most popular instant messengers. A feature of his work is not only a simple and intuitive interface, but also a huge set of useful functions. In addition, ViberMedia is constantly working to improve the application and made it available not only for all smartphones, but also for computers. But due to the imperfection of the computer version, the program can sometimes malfunction or give an error. Some users complain that Viber is missing from the computer or needs to be reinstalled. Is it possible to restore Viber on a computer or laptop?

Potential problems during reinstallation

So, you downloaded Viber again to your computer and want to return it. But everything does not always work out the first time, and sometimes during re-installation or after it you can face the following problems:

  • I can’t activate my account;
  • When trying to install the program, a system error appears on the screen;
  • Synchronization with the phone does not occur;
  • It is impossible to recover the message history;
  • The application does NOT start;
  • Some functions are missing or DO NOT react when you click on them;
  • An error “No internet connection” appears on the screen

Problems may be related to unstable Internet connection or incorrect reinstallation. Before downloading Viber again to your computer, make sure that there are no residual files left on the device. In addition, for the correct synchronization of the computer and the mobile version, the phone must have the latest current version of the application. Also check if you downloaded the installation file correctly. version, and for which operating system.

How to install Viber on a desktop or laptop

Hello, Dear blog readers!

If you, like us, are tired of poking your fingers at the smartphone screen to write a message in Viber, then it’s time to install this messenger on your computer.
Especially if you have a stormy correspondence on work matters, and at home it is more convenient to knock on the keyboard than to look for letters on a smartphone.

The question immediately arises: is it possible to use Viber online, without installation, like the same telegram?

You can’t. Installation only.
By the way, there are no logins and passwords here. Just binding to the number (how to change it) and one-time authorization.
In some ways this is convenient and good, but if strangers have access to your computer, then. See for yourself.

So, the setup is not difficult, so let’s go through it step by step with pictures.

install, viber, laptop

We take it as an axiom that you already have Viber installed on your phone.
It should be at hand, because soon you will need.

We go to Viber’s home site and see the following picture:

We find the button you need, depending on the operating system, to start downloading the installation file and click it.

Since Windows is quite widespread in our post-Soviet space, we have shown loading using its example.
The size of the installation file in our case is 87MB.

Find the downloaded file and run it by double-clicking it:

A standard installation window opens, in which you need to click on the Run button.

A window opens with the Install button, as in the picture below.
Of course, we click on it. We are not cowards.

Installation is short, only ten to fifteen seconds, unless of course you have an old car that can hardly breathe, I digest modern programs.

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After that, familiar and favorite (brute-force?) Icons appear on the Desktop and in the Taskbar, select:

After that, a polite Welcome window appears, asking, “Do we have Viber on our mobile phone?”.
This is where we need it.

We answer Yes by clicking on the appropriate key, as in the picture:

If suddenly you have Viber on your phone, you will have to install it.

And if there is no phone?
Well. you can use special programs that simulate a mobile device.
But the functionality of Viber on a computer is more flawed than on a phone and does not have all the power, so to speak.

Now we enter the phone number to which the program is linked.
over, it does not necessarily have to be a phone (smartphone) with this particular number.
We hope that everyone knows that a SIM card with a number can even be in an old ancient phone, in which there is no Internet, no Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. Nothing at all.
In short, just a “dialer”.

Click Continue, as in the picture:

A window like the one in the picture below will appear on the computer screen, and the phone, with Viber active, will suddenly come to life, turned on the scanner and Preparing for “contact”.

If this does not happen, then the small tips at the bottom of the current settings window can help you solve the problem:

Step 4 and last.
After a successful scan (we hope you succeed), the program will offer to Synchronize contacts and chat history on the computer and phone.
It’s necessary, you don’t need to refuse, so we press the Synchronization button.

For the process to start, you need to enable it on the second device, from which all information will be “pulled”.

We have this phone, so we take this device in our hands and click Start.

(Do not forget about the backup, otherwise, if you lose messages on your smartphone, there will be nothing to sync.)

During synchronization, you are warned not to touch the buttons and NOT to close anything, so that everything goes as it should.
Such messages hang both on the phone and on the computer:

After that, the program is completely ready for work.
On the left are your contacts, in the middle is the main chat, and the case is emoticons that can be closed so as not to interfere.

That’s all! Congratulations, you did it!

And, no doubt, you can handle it if you want to transfer Viber to another phone, which you bought instead of the old one, already boring.

How to install Viber on a computer

To download Viber to your computer, you need a phone with a valid Viber account. Keep it with you. Let’s get started.

  • On the computer in the search term, we write “Viber”. Or follow the link to the official website. It is better to download from it than from intermediary sites, where there may be viruses.
  • Look for the “Download” option. There are two of them to choose from: the top and the green button. Click on any.
  • In the window that opens, select for which computer platform you are connecting Viber. for Windows or for Mac. Click.
  • When the application is automatically loaded into the “Downloads” folder on the Desktop, double-click on it with the left key. So run the installation of this file.
  • Click the “Install” button.

In the installed messenger, a window with instructions of three steps will open. We’ll have to fulfill the conditions of the developers.

  • Open Viber on your smartphone
  • Open the menu
    Click on the three stripes case and look for the following command.
  • Open QR Scanner and scan the code
    He’s at the top right.

If the WEB-camera on the phone does not work
Click on the link and copy the automatically generated identification key. Run it on the specified link on the phone and Viber is activated.

On your smartphone, click on the Viber icon, you will be taken to the contact list. At the bottom right, you will see three stripes labeled “”. Click on it and you will see a list of commands.

  • Look for “Viber for computers and tablets”, click on it.
  • It has a QR scanner icon (top right). Click on the button, the scanner will open.
  • Let’s give the phone code shown on the computer and scan it. The name of your computer will appear on the phone in a separate tab. And the Viber main page window will open on the monitor screen.

Pay attention to the “Synchronization” button, click on it. The computer and phone are connected. The phone will also display the same window with a proposal to click on the “Start” button. Click. The final synchronization of the messenger on the computer and phone will take place.

Now you know how to install Viber on a computer. Close the welcome window where the application opened and use.

Leave your opinion and wishes for the article “How to install Viber on a computer”

Installation process

To install the app:

What is Viber

  • Run the downloaded pre-installation file Viber.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • You will see a window with the ability to select a country. Do it.
  • Again you need to click on the continue button.
  • Write your phone number. Next, you will see a question from the system if you wrote down your number correctly. Check this information visually and Confirm by clicking “Okay”.
  • In a few minutes you will wait for the receipt of an SMS message to the number indicated when performing the fifth point. There will be a code to confirm your identification in the chat program.
  • Enter this code in the next window. Click on “OK”.

By the way! If the code did not come. do not be discouraged: there is another way to find it out. Just click on the “Call” link to Receive a voice call.

When the code is dictated to you, do not forget to write it down, then the installation of Viber will be successful.

To install the application on a smartphone (Android OS), you must:

Internet connection.

Go to the website

Click on Android.

You will see a section of the official website of the Viber messenger for Android devices. Click Read . »To find out the details. Also you will see the button “Download Viber” (it is green). Click it to download the installation file.

Or follow the link

5.Next, you need to open the file to start the installation.

7.When asked for permission to access your data, click “Allow”.

8.In the appeared field for entering the phone, enter your number (your account will be linked to it in the future).

Follow the last two steps from the instructions above.

If you need to protect your data from “prying eyes”, you need to put a password on Viber. To do this, it is enough to install a special program. Smart AppLock.

If you want to know more about how to install Viber on Android, go here.

How to install Viber on a laptop. Download Viber on a laptop for free in Russian

The fast-growing Internet and fashionable gadgets make us keep up with the times and discover new opportunities. A few years ago, none of us would have thought about calls to which you do not have to pay, especially to other countries of the world. And now in the “era of smartphones and IP-telephony” it has become commonplace: download the program and call even to the ends of the world, if only both were connected to Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE.

All this is available with the help of Special Applications, thanks to which we can correspond, call, exchange photos and files. Of course, many have heard of such popular programs as Skype (Skype), WhatsApp (Wetsap) or Imo (Imo). They all have their pros and cons. But now we are talking about a mega-popular application already familiar to the inhabitants of Russia. Viber (select for a laptop). And today we will learn how to download and how to install Viber on a laptop.

Probably most people already use this application on their smartphones. But many are interested in the question. is it possible to install Viber on a laptop? The answer is of course yes. You can download Viber to your laptop below.

Download Viber for laptop and install for free

The Viber messenger assumes not only use on mobile devices but also on personal computers, including, of course, on laptops and running various operating systems. Viber for laptop can be downloaded for free in Russian from many sources.

It all depends on the operating system used:

In the same way, how to install Viber on a laptop, there is nothing complicated. The process is no different from the same for all other applications. The user will only need to periodically press the “Next” button.

However, at the final stage of the installation, Viber will ask if there is a mobile version installed on the phone. The fact is that the messenger does not allow creating a new account via PC. You will still have to first install the mobile version of Viber, create an account in it, and only then log into it through a computer. In this case, all settings, messages and contact list will be synchronized between the computer and mobile versions.

Viber desktop limitations

Viber was originally created for mobile devices, and echoes of this can still be seen on the desktop version. Let it be insignificant, but there are limitations in it:

  • It is impossible to create new accounts from scratch;
  • You cannot determine your location on the map;
  • Also, you cannot create and send doodles. pictures created with a finger on the screen of a mobile phone.

Useful: Viber is the official website of the messenger

Otherwise, Viber on a laptop has the same features as on a smartphone or tablet.

It remains to add that you can download Viber on a laptop for free. That is, nothing is needed either for the download itself or for using the messenger.

Installing Viber on a laptop

For those who already use Viber on a phone, installing it on a PC or laptop will not be difficult. It should be noted that you can download the messenger for the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux. That is why everyone can use the program.

Then wait until the installation is complete.

  • Upon completion of the installation, Viber will automatically start, or you just need to name the icons on the desktop.
  • After that, you need to bind your mobile number to your PC or laptop. It is very simple to do this, you need to answer “Yes” to the question “Do you have Viber on your mobile phone?”.

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    After that, you must specify the country of residence and mobile phone number.

    This number will receive an activation code. The phone will receive an SMS, which will contain 4 numbers, which must be entered in the activation window. After that, contacts, chats and calls will be synchronized, then you can use the program.

    Using Viber allows you to:

    • Make free voice calls to all mobile phone numbers, to any country.
    • You can make video calls.
    • In addition to being fashionable to send a text message, you can send a media file (photo, image, video, audio).
    • Data synchronization occurs automatically on the mobile device and PC.
    • You can set up forwarding of the current call between devices.


    Let’s take a look at the features to pick for a laptop:

    • Nice design and intuitive interface;
    • Instant messaging, video and audio files, pictures;
    • High-quality video communication and voice calls;
    • The application is automatically synchronized with the list of contacts, you can immediately see the subscribers who use the Viber program for communication;
    • The possibility of group chats and video conferences for up to 200 people;
    • Huge assortment of emoticons and stickers (both free and paid)
    • You can send your location on the map;
    • It is possible to send information about a contact;
    • Missed calls notifications;
    • Viber available for Russian laptop;
    • Installation on a laptop on all types of OS.

    How to install and configure Viber

    What do you get if you decide to install select:

    • Free calls (audio and video) on the network with high data transfer quality (HD quality is used)
    • Access to sending messages with the insertion of smilies;
    • Fast, accurate dispatch of your location;
    • Convenient function of responding to incoming messages;
    • Synchronization with the built-in or removable memory of your device on which Viber is installed, which, in turn, gives advantages in the speed of sending messages with any size m (including photos and other files);
    • Fast, automatic synchronization of your phones from phone contacts and selection of those who also installed will choose;
    • Notifications in any event inside the messenger, even when it is in minimized mode;
    • Work in 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and more.

    Now that you know some of the benefits of using this messenger, find out how to install Viber by continuing reading.

    Installing Viber on a laptop without a phone

    Frequently asked question on the Internet “Is it possible to install Viber without a phone?” Unfortunately, there is such a possibility. The fact is that the Viber user account is tied directly to the mobile phone number.

    It turns out that when a call is made, the dialing goes to the user’s phone number. All contacts are tied to it, with which you can contact.

    Linking your messenger account to other people’s phones is worth it, as problems may arise. The activation code will not go to the number, then the person will NOT be able to create his account, because. His number will already be taken. When reinstalling a PC or program, you will again need to send a request to someone else’s phone, besides, contacts will be tied to it.

    To install Viber, it is not necessary to have a smartphone, just after installing the program on a PC or laptop, enter your mobile number. You will receive an SMS with an activation code, which you need to specify.

    Installing and activating the messenger does NOT take much time, and also opens up the possibility of beneficial communication. This is due to the fact that you only need to pay for Internet traffic. over, you can call subscribers of any mobile operators, including foreign subscribers. If you use Wi-Fi, then it significantly saves the cost of communication services.

    How to find out the characteristics of a laptop

    It is very easy to view the characteristics of your computer. For this:

    • Right-click on the icon with the signature “Computer”.
    • A menu will open in which you need to name it by the line “Properties”.

    In the “System” block, full information about the device is available, including the version of the installed OS.

    If the device meets the stated requirements, then Viber will install without problems, will work stably and receive updates.

    How to install Viber messenger on a laptop in Russian. Step by step instructions

    Can we install Viber on a laptop? Sure you may! The messenger has a desktop version that works great on a laptop too. The assembly of Viber for a computer is suitable for work, it will be an excellent assistant as a game chat. Large symbols and pictures will appeal to people with low vision.

    System requirements for the application to work

    Viber does NOT require a powerful and expensive computer to run smoothly. The developers have the following requirements for the device:

    • Windows from XP SP3 and higher;
    • Central processor. two cores;
    • The amount of RAM. at least 1 gigabyte.

    Installation, Step by step instructions

    To start the Viber installation, you need to download the file:

    How to install Viber on a laptop:

    • Double click on the installation file.
    • If the security system window opens, click on the “Run” button.
    • Click on the “Install” button.
    • You can read the terms of the agreement by following the link “Viber Terms of Service”.
    • Wait until the unattended installation process is complete.

    That’s all. Connecting Viber to a laptop is no problem. Installation takes several minutes. A reboot is NOT required to continue working.

    Login to your personal profile

    Immediately after installation, Viber will open a window with the entrance to your personal account. You can enable the messenger on your computer using your mobile device.

    How to activate Viber:

    • Open messenger on your phone.
    • Tap on the “” button.
    • Click on the QR code icon in the top corner.
    • Let’s bring the turned on camera to the laptop monitor to scan the code.
    • Login to your personal profile will happen instantly.
    • Click on the “Synchronization” button to start synchronizing contacts and messages.
    • Confirm the action on the phone, clicked on “Start”.

    Free messenger will automatically download the entire message history and will be ready to use in a few minutes.

    How to install Viber on a Windows laptop

    Viber for a laptop is no different from a computer version. precisely, this is the same application. Installation does not require complex steps or technical background. For correct operation, you only need a device connected to the Internet and about five minutes of free time.

    Viber laptop features

    Installed Viber on a laptop, the user gets access to the following features:

    • Quick access to chats by pressing one button;
    • Convenient and understandable menu in Russian;
    • The ability to set a password for Viber;
    • Choice of quality of sent photos;
    • Flexible settings for speakers, camera and microphone;
    • Independent choice of themes;
    • Convenient chat window;
    • Panel for entering text, recording voice messages, keys for inserting icons and animations;
    • Buttons for quick voice or video calls.

    The functionality of Viber on a laptop, smartphone or tablet is expanding with each update. The updated download option is available by default and does not require configuration.

    Configuring the messenger

    In Viber, you can adjust the volume of the speakers, change the theme, change the avatar, and deliver notifications. For ease of use, you should adjust the volume level, as well as notifications.

    How to adjust the volume and microphone:

    • Click on the gear icon, click on the “Settings” line.
    • Tap on the section “Audio and Video”, set the volume level, microphone sensitivity, check the camera.
    • When setting the microphone sensitivity, pay attention to the volume slider.
    • Click on the “Notifications” section, check the boxes next to the terms “Messages and calls” and “grouped. Messages and all calls “.

    Now you can make voice calls and video calls in Viber. The interlocutor will clearly hear the speech. When you receive a call or message, a notification will sound on your computer.

    Putting Viber on a laptop is not difficult. For a stable connection, connect your device to high-speed Internet. The application will automatically update, download messages that arrived on the phone.

    Whatsapp for laptop: web version

    For those users who do not want to download anything to their PC, the developers have created a web version of the WhatsApp messenger. Absolutely everyone can use it. To do this, it is enough to simultaneously launch the program on the smartphone and in the browser go to the address: web.Whatsapp.Ru, then synchronize and activate the software via the QR code.

    After successful synchronization, all your correspondence and contacts will miraculously appear on the laptop screen).

    Download WhatsApp for laptop for free

    In the event that you are looking for how to download WhatsApp to a laptop for free in Russian without registration, you need to know that the program was originally created exclusively for mobile devices, so there was simply no software for PC based on Windows. But not so long ago, a version of WhatsApp for a laptop appeared on the official website of the developer, you can download it for free on our website.

    Whatsapp via emulator

    This method will be relevant if your computer or phone has an old version of the software. But I warn you that installing the program through the emulator is somewhat more time consuming and effortless, but not much.

    Please note: if you have WhatsApp installed on your phone and you decide to install another emulator, then it is better to register it to a different number, because. You will simply be “thrown out” from the old account, because the simultaneous use of the same application account in this case is not provided.

    • You will first need to download BlueStacks and start installing it.
    • Then you need to find the WhatsApp messenger through BlueStacks
    • To activate the application, you will need to confirm the phone number by entering a six-digit code in the special field of the messenger.
    • Then you need to wait a few minutes, after which the program will send an SMS to the phone.
    • If she fails to do this, press the “Call” button and wait for the call, in which we will be told the coveted code.
    • We enter the code in a special field. To complete the registration, you need to enter a name in your profile and upload a photo to it.
    • That’s basically it. It remains to manually transfer contacts from your phone to the program and put a photo on your avatar. Now you know how to download WhatsApp to laptop.

    In order to save yourself from possible problems with the program used in the emulator or the web version, we recommend using at least two SIM cards to activate the software.

    Download WhatsApp on a laptop for free in Russian

    Surely, you are already familiar with the online service WhatsApp, which is designed to send instant messages. It is likely that you are even interested in the question of whether it is possible to install whatsapp on a laptop. There is nothing surprising in this, since this free messenger today is simply incredibly popular among mobile device owners all over the world.

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    If you have Windows 7 or earlier OS versions, then this method will not work for you, use the web version or install via the emulator.

    In order to start chatting in the messenger, you need to download free whatsapp for your laptop and install the program on your smartphone. You will find out how this can be done here. In principle, there is nothing complicated in this, on average, the whole process takes NOT more than 10-15 minutes.

    Required technical requirements for installation:

    • Whatsapp must be installed on your phone;
    • Windows 8 and higher;
    • 32 or 64. bit version;

    The official developer has released 3 versions for laptops:

    Installing WhatSapp on a laptop for free

    And now, in order to get an answer to the question of how to install WhatsApp on a laptop, you should follow these simple steps:

    • After you downloaded WhatsApp to your laptop for free from our website, start the installation and you will see the OQ code on your laptop screen.
    • To authorize you, you just need to launch WhatsApp on your smartphone, then go to the main menu and select WhatSapp Web, point the camera of your mobile device at the QR code that should appear on the screen, and wait for the authorization to end.

    Service capabilities

    As you probably already understood, Watsapp is a simple and useful program that can be used not only on a smartphone, but also on a laptop. If we talk about the possibilities of this online service, then they are quite extensive in comparison with many other similar programs.

    It is thanks to these capabilities that the WhatSapp instant messaging service is incredibly popular among today’s youth, for whom virtual communication is quite common. You can download and install Whatsapp for laptop for free in Russian right now, do not get up from the table.

    Install Viber on your computer

    Before analyzing how to install Viber on a computer, it must be said that NOT every PC can handle this program. There are a number of conditions that the equipment must meet.

    Synchronizing Viber with your computer

    Synchronizing Viber with a stationary computer (provided the program is installed on it) is a kind of data exchange between devices, creating computer copies of conversations. By setting up synchronization, you will receive absolutely identical history of messages and calls on both devices (in addition to SMS and calls, pictures, photos, stickers, videos and voice messages will be displayed).

    When Viber is installed on a computer, tablet or laptop, a window will open in front of you with the offer to Synchronize data.

    • Select the item “Synchronization”.
    • We connect to Viber on the phone and press the “Start” button (it will appear automatically).
    • Keep the application open until the end of the operation;.

    Done! Your communication history is now the same on all devices. Please note that you can synchronize Viber on your computer and phone only when you first install the messenger on your PC. Canceling sync will fail and data will NOT be refreshed. By the way, at this stage you can set up backups. Backup will be available on all media.

    Computer technical requirements

    So, Viber will “make friends” with Windows 7, 8,10, Wista, XP SP3, Mac OS X 10.7 (or later), Linux Ubuntu 64 bit or Fedora.

    If your OS is on the list, then you should check a number of other parameters:

    From APK file

    You can install Viber on a PC in the second way, using the APK file. You can also find and download Viber on a laptop via an APK file for free and in Russian from the official website of the program. You will not need to create accounts, add codes.

    When the process is complete, a popup will appear.

    • Click on the inscription “Install”.
    • On the pop-up window, select “Next” / “Install”. The unpacking process starts.
    • After it completes, click on the “Open” button.
    • As soon as Viber starts up, click on “Continue”.
    • A window for entering the number will open in front of you. We fill in your own or generate using online services. I confirm that the number is correct.
    • We receive the activation code. The program is ready to use, chats should open in front of you.

    Step-by-step instructions for installing Viber on a Windows PC

    In order to install Viber on a laptop, first of all, you need to download the program itself.

    We advise you to do this from the official site, so as not to “pick up” viruses and be sure of the desired version.

    • So, we find the desktop version for Windows on the portal and click on the “download” button.
    • We launch the downloaded program, in the window that appears, we agree with the terms of the license (put a tick and press the “Install” button).
    • We are waiting for completion and run the installed program.


    There are several options for activating Viber on a PC or laptop. The first method involves scanning a QR code. After the installed program is open, you will see a pop-up window asking if the application is installed on your smartphone. If the answer is positive, a window for entering a mobile phone will appear, as well as the offer “Open QR-scanner”.

    The guide here would be as follows:

    • We click on the scanner, after that a QR code will be displayed on the computer.
    • We take a smartphone, open the camera and scan the code from the monitor.
    • Next, the Viber interface will appear on the computer, and you will be able to communicate with familiar contacts from the laptop.

    How to put Viber on MacBook

    In the previous parts, we looked at how to install Viber on desktops that support Windows.

    Owners of Linux and Mac need to do the same, but by downloading Select from the official site, you need to select the version for your operating system. There are second differences in the installation.

    You should enable and configure the program in the same way as in Windows.

    No camera

    If you have a push-button phone or an insufficiently powerful camera (like in Nokia Lumi), then you can manually authorize in the following way:

    • At the bottom of the window with the QR code, click on the button “My camera does not work. What to do? “.
    • The program will generate a link with a secret code. The link must be copied (selected with the mouse and will be called “copy”).
    • Next, we send a link to the phone (in any way convenient for you).
    • Open the link on your smartphone. He will launch it through a familiar browser and give a request to Viber.
    • In the window that appears, put a check mark in the inscription “I want to activate” and click “Allow”.
    • Done, you can use the program.

    Can I use the web version

    Comments, the developers of the application did NOT provide for the possibility of entering Viber via the Internet. The messenger is designed for smartphones, and the web version would require serious improvements.

    The issue of security plays an important role here: during registration, the messenger is tied to a SIM card or device, and with the web version, it is problematic to go through this path. In addition, there is no process for exiting the program completely. On the web version, this space can be exploited by an attacker.

    Installing Viber on a laptop

    Viber is one of the most popular instant messengers on mobile devices (over 500 million downloads in the Play Market alone). Naturally, many users want to have an Installed client on their laptop. And if you forget your phone at home or at work, you will still stay in touch.

    How to install Viber: Step by step instructions

    The process is simple enough. and does NOT take much time. Developers don’t create complexity.Do not forget about the privacy and security of the audience. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    • Go to the official website It is not recommended to use dubious sources or links from unverified sites. you can pick up viruses.
    • Click the Download Desktop button.
    • Download the program.
    • Install (requires agreement to the terms of use). It is not possible to select a directory.
    • The software is installed on the laptop, but not ready for use yet. The program asks its Crown question: “Do you have Viber on your mobile phone?”.
    • It is interesting that if you answer: “Net”, you will still have to put the messenger on your phone from the very beginning (if you already have Viber, save an extra few minutes).
    • Enter your phone number in the appropriate field. After the “Continue” button
    • Then a window appears with a QR code, which you want to scan. If there is no camera, an SMS message with a special code will be sent to the phone. you should first click on the link “My camera does not work. What to do? “.
    • The identification was successful. Now you have Viber running on your laptop.
    • After Viber suggests Synchronize chats for maximum user convenience.
    • All contacts, chats, groups of your profile are now on the desktop version. Enjoy.

    Pros of Viber

    Viber is loved by millions of people around the world. and this is NOT surprising. After all, the functionality is really impressive. many are thought out to the smallest detail. The key advantages of the program are as follows:

    • Good call quality. Excellent audibility of the interlocutor. no interference (with a sufficiently high Internet speed).
    • Nice interface. It’s not difficult to figure it out even for a non-advanced user.
    • Dozens of different settings (from hidden chats to uploading all messages to e-mail).
    • A huge number of stickers and emoticons (free and paid).

    Cons of Viber

    • Frequent updates. Constantly changing, adding, improving something. sometimes it is difficult to navigate the innovations.
    • Problems with Viber Out. For example, the author of this material lost 3 through the fault of the developer (dialing the wrong number, strange deduction of funds). and they were NOT refunded.

    In general, the Viber administration goes into dialogue, studies the needs. and quickly implements the demanded ideas. The main thing is that they try to solve the problems of users.

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