How To Install Skype On Laptop

How To Install Skype On Laptop

How to restore Skype on a laptop

In this article we will discuss the issue of restoring Skype on a personal computer or laptop. There are several possible options for performing this procedure. Let’s consider each of them in order. First of all, consider the easiest way.

Sun programs

The first and most common option is the complete absence of the program on the computer itself. Especially often representatives of the fairer sex face such a problem. Having accidentally uninstalled Skype, they are looking for a way to restore it to work. Let’s try to understand this issue.

All you need to solve this problem is Internet access and a browser. If you notice that Skype is missing on your personal computer, you just need to install it. To do this, go to the official website of the program and download the version you need. Then follow the recommendations for installing the program. That’s all the difficulty. Now you know how to restore the functionality of the “Skype” program on a personal computer or laptop.


Sometimes there are completely ridiculous situations in which the user does not quite understand what is required of him. Many inexperienced users ask how to restore “Skype” on a laptop, although the program is already installed and functions perfectly. They just DO NOT see it when the computer starts up. experienced users are more likely to laugh at such problems. Quite often, by uninstalling a program, beginners mean the disappearance of the shortcut from the user’s desktop.

Some people still naively believe that in order to uninstall a program, it is enough to get rid of its shortcut on the desktop. So it is possible that the problem with the removal of “Skype” is related to this particular situation. To fix this situation, go to “Start” and try to find the lost “Skype” there. If this does not help, open the “Control Panel”, select “Add or Remove Programs” and in the list that opens, try to find the program “Skype”.

Here you can see exactly where the program is installed. Next Right-click on the program and select “Send”. In the menu that appears, select “Desktop (create shortcut)”. Now you know how to recover a lost Skype shortcut on your desktop.

Forgot Skype password

Another option that users often encounter is the loss of a password. often than not, users SIMply forget the password for their Skype account. You can recover your password in Skype using your login. How is this done? First of all, start the Skype program on your computer. A window will appear for entering the username and password. Try logging into your account. If you manage to enter, pay attention to the inscription “Can’t enter?”.

Click on it. A window will appear in which the system will ask you to enter the email address that you used to create your account. Write your e-mail address in the window that appears and click the “Send” button. It remains only to wait for the letter from the technical support service. You will receive a link in the sent messages. Click on it, after copying the security code in advance. It will need to be entered in a special field. Next, select “Reset Password”. Come up with a new password and confirm the changes. Now you know how you can recover your password from “Skype”.

Forgot username

Another possible scenario is that the user does NOT even remember the login to log into Skype. If you have forgotten your username and want to restore access to the program, do not panic. This problem is solved quite SIMply. Very often, this situation is encountered by users who have automatic login configured. Let’s try to figure out how you can cope with this task.

First, launch the program. A window for authorization will appear on the screen. Just as in the previous case, look for the inscription “Can’t enter?”. After clicking on it, the program will automatically redirect you to the page for further operations. You will need to enter the email address you used to register your account. After entering your email address, wait for a letter from the technical support service. Waiting time. maximum 3 hours.

After receiving the letter, follow the link indicated in it, copying the preliminary verification code. This code will need to be entered in the opened web page. Wait for the confirmation code and look at the information that appears on the screen. This will be the “Skype” data that is associated with your email address. Select the required login and click on the “Login” button. Try this time to remember the login to enter your account.

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How to connect SKYPE: Step by step instructions.

Instructions are long and boring documents that no one usually reads. The purpose of this review is to write a SIMple step-by-step instruction on how to connect SKYPE. It will be interesting for users far from computer shores.

All you need to do is read the instructions, then read it again, and only after that start turning on, pressing and adjusting the twist. Despite the seeming complexity and “protractedness” of such a process, this path is the shortest and most correct: instructions are written in order to avoid mistakes or, even worse, equipment breakdowns complete with psychological trauma of the owners.

Enough of the preludes, though. Let’s move on to the essence of the question: “how to connect SKYPE.” First you need to make sure that you have Internet access and the necessary equipment on the computer itself. For the program to work comfortably, it is desirable to connect to the Internet at a speed of 512 Kbps to 1 Mbps, and the higher the speed, the more stable and stable the program will work. For group communication. from 2 to 8 Mbps.

For those who like to use the mobile Internet: the speed and stability of the program directly depends on the speed of the Internet. The actual speed may differ from the figure stated by your provider. Consider this when organizing all kinds of group conferences or training events.

Now for the equipment. Most laptops now come with a microphone and a webcam. If you are not very demanding of the image and sound quality, the standard equipment will be enough for normal communication with friends and relatives. For more serious tasks, it is recommended to purchase a headset and a webcam separately.

Before connecting SKYPE, you must first install it. For this you need:

  • Go to the official website;
  • Select the “Download Skype” tab;
  • Select the version for Windows;
  • Find the “Download” button;
  • Then you need to save the file;
  • After starting the program, you need to select the language and agree to the terms of use of the program;
  • Then the program will be installed on your computer in automatic mode.

If you have NOT used Skype before, you need to Register. For this there is an item “Registration of new users”. The program will redirect you to its website, where, using the prompts, you need to enter the registration data.

Clicking the “I Agree” button will complete the registration of the new user. The next step is to deposit money (which is not necessary at all). The final chord of registration. “Proceed”. In the already familiar window, you need to enter the Skype login and password, which you specified during registration. If you suddenly forgot your username and password. look into your mailbox, which was specified during registration. There will definitely be a letter with your registration data. Important! When entering your login and password, please note the case of letters. “Size matters”!

After entering the username and password, the program will offer to test the connected devices. microphone and webcam. Do not hesitate to check. This will allow you to make sure that the equipment is working. The check can be done later, when making a test call.

As for the question “how to connect SKYPE to a laptop”. This guide is suitable for both a regular desktop PC and a laptop or netbook. Now you know how to connect SKYPE. A laptop with Skype will expand the horizons of communication and make the world as accessible as possible.

That, in fact, is all the wisdom. I hope that the instructions on how to connect SKYPE turned out to be not very long and not very boring. Use and have fun.

The easiest way is online

The Internet is replete with all kinds of services to check the performance of a webcam. They inspect not only the image, but also the microphone. That is, the analysis will be complete: picture-sound.

The list of the most popular online software solutions includes:

  • Webcammictest;
  • Toolster;
  • Webcamtests.

The principle of their operation is almost the same: first you need to go into the program, then allow the flash player to access webcams, and immediately Get the result. If the camera is working, the live image of the user will appear on the screen.

For those who DO NOT trust third-party resources and are afraid to open access to their laptop, there is an easier way to check the webcam online. It’s about Skype. This messenger is very popular and is available on almost all laptops.

Important: Skype may not be installed on new laptops. In this case, you need to download the program from the official resource and create an account in it.

To check the quality of the camera, you must:

  • Launch Skype.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select the “Camera and Sound” tab.

The webcam is immediately activated. You can clearly see how the camera conveys color, details, how much it captures in its lens. This is how the picture will be visible to other users if you communicate via communication.

How to test the camera on a laptop: 3 ways to turn on and check

The vast majority of modern laptop models are equipped with a built-in camera. It is located at the top of the screen. The presence of a built-in webcam facilitates conferences, communication on Skype, and second messengers. This is convenient if you know how to turn on and check the camera on a laptop.

No special skills or abilities are required here. It is enough to perform just a couple of steps. It is in them that the discussion will go further.

How to turn on webcam on a laptop using standard tools?

An important stage has been left behind and there is 100% confidence that the camera is in working order. It remains to learn how to enable and configure it.

Checking a WEB-camera: 2 tips for a piggy bank

Before using the webcam for your own purposes, you should take a test drive: check if it works at all. There are two ways to do this.

Through the “Device Manager”

This method takes more time and will only show if the camera is on. The image quality itself cannot be seen in this way. Who is interested in how to check the camera on a laptop (for example, on Dell equipment) through the dispatcher, read on.

To diagnose webcam performance you need:

  • Open “Start”. “Control Panel”;
  • Rearrange filters to “Categories”;
  • Find “Hardware and Sound”;
  • In the section “Devices and Printers” will be named “Device Manager”.
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This will open a long list of all available hardware built into or connected to the laptop. In this Klondike you need to find and name it on the inscription “Image processing devices”. If suddenly the webcam is turned off, the icon will have a red cross or a down arrow. So, you need to press RMB and select the item “activate”. In the situation shown in the picture below, everything is fine. the camera is on and ready to use.

Standard tools to help

Often, the camera is automatically activated when you turn on an application that requires you to use it. But what to do if the webcam was needed not for calls?
In some laptop models, the camera is turned on in 2 counts by a key combination. Possible combinations: Fn V, Fn Esc, Fn any key on which a blue camera icon is drawn. This can be found on Asus, Acer, Lenovo models. If the reader is not among the happy owners of such a laptop, you will have to look for another method.

“Device Manager”. option number 2. How to check and activate the webcam in the manager has already been written in the previous section. The only thing: if there is an exclamation mark next to the name of the camera or there is one in the dispatcher, it means that there is a driver in the laptop system that is responsible for its operation. You can download and install the necessary drivers from the Internet, go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer.
And this information will be useful for owners of laptops with Windows 10 or Windows 7. The procedures here are slightly different, so it’s worth dwelling on them in more detail.

Life hack for Windows 10 (who suddenly didn’t know): press Start, find “Camera” in the list of all programs. It is so convenient to turn on the webcam for a photo or shooting. It is possible and even easier: press Windows Q, enter “Camera” in the search bar.

These SIMple tips on how to turn on and configure the webcam on your laptop will allow you to take emergency pictures or instantly connect to a webinar. It doesn’t matter which laptop is on the table. HP or ASUS, the instructions are almost identical. The main thing is to understand the basics, and then everything will go like clockwork.

How to install Skype on a laptop for free: Step-by-step instructions

So, after we have downloaded the distribution kit, you can start installing or installing the program on your laptop. This is no big deal.

  • Find the downloaded application to install and start the installation process. To do this, just double-click the file icon with the left mouse button. After that, the installation wizard will automatically open.
  • Further actions will be performed under the guidance of the settings wizard. The user just needs to agree with him and press the “next” button. But be careful, at one of the stages it was proposed to install additional programs (costs of free distribution), most often they are absolutely necessary, so it is better to uncheck the boxes.
  • At the end of the process, you need to click the “Finish” button and the user will open the Skype authorization page.

This completes the installation process. After that, the messenger will automatically load when the laptop is turned on. Thanks to this approach, the user gets the opportunity to always stay in touch and receive a call, even if he forgot to open Skype himself. However, if you find this option inconvenient, then the messenger can always be removed from the startup list.

How to use Skype

For further use of the program, you must register and create your own profile. If you already have it and you have previously used the messenger on second devices, then you just need to enter your username and password and go through authorization. After that, the internal interface of the program will open in which all the client’s contacts will be displayed.

How to install Skype on a laptop for free: Step by step instructions

Skype is a unique program that has been popular among users for many years. It allows you to make calls, write messages and perform other SIMilar functions, thanks to which it has become the most popular means of communication. The software supports all known operating systems. The program is distributed free of charge, but has a number of paid features. In today’s article we will figure out how to install Skype on a laptop, step by step, for free.

  • Where to get the installation file
  • How to install Skype for free on a laptop: Step-by-step instructions
  • How to use Skype
  • Registration aLGorithm
  • Messenger capabilities

Registration aLGorithm

If you did not have a profile before, then register by following the hint.

  • On the authorization page, click the “Register” command, which is located immediately below the login / password fields.
  • After going to the registration section, a window will open in which you should specify your username. Previously, users could specify any free name and use it as a login. The latest versions of the program imply linking a profile to a phone number, so new users register using it.
  • Then you should come up with a password that is quite difficult to reproduce, but easy to remember by the owner of the account.
  • Confirm registration, and at the same time physical access to the declared phone. To do this, you need to enter the password in the proposed form, Sent in SMS to the number specified during registration.

This completes the registration process, and the user can start chatting with someone who will already appear in the contact list or add new users there.

Where to get the installation file

At the moment, there are a lot of resources on the Internet that provide a variety of software for setting up not only on PCs or laptops, but also on mobile devices. And if everything is more or less clear with smartphones, you should download and install programs only from the device’s Market, then with desktop accessories everything is somewhat more complicated. A novice user can type into Google the desired request “install Skype” and get confused by the variety of options presented.

We strongly advise you to download any distributions only from the official websites of the developers. In the case of the original program, Solving the question of how to install Skype on a laptop step by step. Refer to the resource Here you can download the software for free.

On the site, you can select the installation file for any operating system. Depending on which OS your laptop is equipped with, select the desired section and click on the download link. You can preview the system requirements, but Skype is a universal program that will work on any laptop.

Messenger capabilities

We figured out how to download Skype on a laptop for free, step by step outlined the whole process. It remains to find out what features the program provides and how to perform certain actions.

Skype opens the following opportunities for the user:

  • Calls. The user has the ability to make free calls to other subscribers anywhere in the world. In addition, calls to landline numbers are available on a paid basis.
  • Group communication. The program allows you to make group calls and organize conferences. You can add up to 25 people to a conversation.
  • With proper settings, you can link Skype and a personal number and then the user will be able to answer the call via Skype.
  • The Skype To Go feature will allow you to make international calls to landline numbers at lower prices.
  • . Private chat or group calls are source of special pride for developers. Excellent quality connection will delight even demanding users.
  • Messages. You can send messages of any format through Skype. Any text can be sent. It can be diluted with emotions using emojis and emoticons. Files of any format can be sent in messages:. Images or audio. In addition, it is possible to send a voice message.
  • There is an interesting opportunity to show your screen to your interlocutor. Thus, you can clearly explain the process or describe the problem.

These are not all the possibilities that Skype users provide. A distinctive feature of the program is a SIMple and intuitive interface. All functions are available even to a novice user and it will not be difficult to understand them.

For communication with foreign interlocutors there is a function “Skype translator”. In Skype, you can go to your favorite site, or, conversely, integrate a button for quick communication on your Internet resource. It is possible to integrate the Skype extension into the browser, which is most often used by the laptop owner and quickly access the messenger capabilities.

Based on the possibilities described above, it becomes clear why Skype, even against the background of the emergence of new competitors, remains a popular messenger. In the article, we described in detail how to download Skype on a laptop for free, step by step described the installation and registration process.

If you have any problems with the installation or implementation of the messenger, tell us, and we will try to help you. We are waiting for everyone in the discussions, and for those who found the article useful, we suggest sharing it with friends on social networks.

Security setting

On the security tab, go directly to the additional parameters:

From what is here, we may be interested in:

  • Accept calls from anyone or only from people on your contact list
  • For whom to automatically perceive and share the screen (from webcam settings)
  • Accept chats from anyone or only from people from contacts
  • How long to keep message history

Unfortunately, Skype cannot be prohibited from sending you applications for adding to the contact list. This is actively used by spammers and 2-3 requests come in a day. There is nothing to be done about it, so they said in Microsoft support.

Skype has a built-in mini browser. Using the checkbox of the same name, you can enable or disable the recording of “cookies”. Cookies are needed in order to:

  • The browser recognized you and remembered your preferences
  • Adjust the display of content in the browser for a specific user
  • Collect information about the use of websites
  • Help Skype improve products

Nothing bad will happen if you disable cookies. In this case, you are deprived of the opportunity to use some of the personalized features (as warned by Skype).

The checkbox “Allow targeted advertising.” allows you to show ads based on some personal preferences, and not everything.

On the “blocked users” tab, we can manage blocked users. A very useful function if someone pesters you. We can just add it to the blacklist and calm down.

Alert Tab

Configures Skype notifications on the Windows desktop. These are pop-up messages in the lower right corner. On this tab, I turn off the items “goes online” and “goes out of the network”. I do not benefit from this information, but it can distract.

Skype account

In addition to the program itself, you can change your account settings in Skype. To do this, follow the link in the Call settings menu. My account is on ” Here you can change:

  • Subscriber identification when calling and sending SMS to mobile phones. By default, your login is displayed
  • Your phone number in Skype, which you can call from external phones
  • Call forwarding and voicemail. To be able to leave messages.
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True, these services are paid.

How to install Skype on a computer

Skype is in Russian and can be downloaded for free on the official website.

On the “Desktop” tab, I recommend “Download Skype from the Microsoft Store”. This is the Windows 10 version, and Windows XP / 7 needs the classic version.

After downloading, Skype will offer to Register, Fill in the fields. Initial configuration of the microphone and webcam, if you have one, for now Skip and go directly to the settings from the program menu, in order to understand how to return to this process at any time.

This is interesting: The origins of VoIP technology are in the distant 1876, when the American Alexander Bell made the first telephone call and patented the “talking telegraph” invented by him. This device did not have a ring, and the subscriber was called through the receiver using a whistle. The range of the first “talking telegraph” did not exceed 500 meters.

Classic Skype settings

So, Skype is downloaded, installed and launched under your username. We go to the menu “Tools. Settings. General settings “

There is nothing military here, you can call at your discretion or leave it as it is. I advise you to remove “Launch Skype on Windows startup”. You can also customize after how long Skype should change your status to “Away” if the mouse or keyboard is not used.

Skype internet connection settings

If skype does not see the Internet, then you are probably connected to the Internet through a proxy server. In the section “Advanced settings. Connection “you need to enter the address and port of the proxy server:

Webcam setup

On the Settings tab, you can check the quality of your webcam. If the window does NOT display from the camera or the quality does NOT suit you, try to go to “Webcam settings” and turn the sliders there. The settings for each camera will be different, but there is always brightness and contrast. Pay attention to the possibility of choosing who to show the picture from your camera. Can only be shown to people from your contact list or to anyone.

In order not to find yourself in an awkward situation, it is better to choose “no one”. Then you can turn on the camera from the conversation window with one click. It makes sense to use a webcam only with an Internet connection speed of 300Kbps

Setting up the microphone and speakers

Let’s move on to the more interesting Sound Settings tab. If you have one sound card, for example a built-in one, then everything here will most likely be correctly selected by default.

Select the microphone input as the microphone. If you have a webcam with a built-in microphone, then it is better to choose it as the microphone. In the “Speakers” drop-down list, select the audio output device where the speakers or headphones are connected. By the way, using a SIMple program, you can record conversations.

With a sensitive microphone and maximum volume level, the sound can go off scale and distorted. In order for Skype to automatically adjust the volume level, leave the checkbox “Allow automatic microphone settings”, and then the microphone volume will automatically decrease or increase, depending on its sensitivity and distance to it. If there is sound on the computer, then read this.

In the advanced sound settings window, you can manually override the order of using devices, if any of them is unavailable. For example, if a webcam microphone is selected, and it refuses to be disabled, then the next device in the list will be used for recording.

Read more about how to set up your microphone here. To check the quality of communication, click “Make a test call in Skype” and follow the instructions. Also, you can check the connection by calling the contact “Echo / Sound Test Service” from the contact list, which is set by default.

How to install and configure Skype on a computer

Since ancient times, Skype has been loved for its high-quality voice and communication. Skype provides the ability to communicate for free, if you have Internet access. There is also a feature of paid calls to mobile and landline phones in any country in the world.

Installing the program on a laptop with MAC OS X

For a laptop with a Mac, on the download page in the lower right corner of the download section, if using Safari, a pointer will appear to start downloading. Clicked on it, you will need to select the desired version of the program in dmg format from the options offered.

A window appears that suggests just drag the Skype shortcut to the Application folder. As a result, a demonstration of the installation process will appear. The installation is expected to be completed and you need to open the program section in Mac OS, where you need to activate the installed program. A window will appear warning that there is an attempt to open a program downloaded from the network. You need to check the box next to the prevention of such an announcement from being repeated and open Skype. This message is the insurance of the operating system, its protection, against possible viruses from the Internet. But if the download was made from official sites. such “concern” will be unnecessary.

How to install Skype on a laptop ?

The application that runs under the main operating systems, which is installed on computers, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices, named by the developers of Skype, is the most popular means of communication used by millions of people around the world. This program includes the very necessary for all the possibilities of making voice calls, allowing you to communicate like by phone, exchange text messages transmitted instantly to each other, as well as fulfilling fantastic dreams in the possibility of visual communication between subscribers through hundreds of thousands of kilometers. And all this is completely free for the users of this system. If you have a mobile device, try downloading Skype to your phone for free and try the application in action.

From here you can make a call to the phones of any mobile operator or landline. But this service has become paid for some time now. For beginners, they really need information about Step-by-step installation of this software, tips for using, which will speed up the opportunity to start using the program.

What is required to install Skype on a laptop

Skajp-skachat-besplatno.Rf recommends InstallPack, with its help you can quickly install programs on your computer, more details on the website.

Any software installation implies the presence of an installation file, which was obtained by purchasing an installation disc or downloading from the Internet. Skype is a completely free program, so the best option is to download it from the official website of the developers, where for this the future user will NOT need anything at all, except the need to click on the “Download now” pointer. It is better if there is a link right away where you can download Skype the latest version of this program.

An attempt to download from dubious sites can lead to the fact that the user will SIMply contribute to the creation of profit for this site by performing some additional actions to get the right to download or become the owner of a “buggy” program. Depending on the operating system, there are some differences in the installation process. For this reason, it became necessary to consider all the nuances.

Installation on a laptop with Windows OS

Downloading Skype for any type of operating system is identical. It is produced from the same official website of the developer, only the save format will be different. exe. It will be saved in the default “Downloads” folder. The absence of a quick link to the downloads page will require you to find this file through “My Computer”, where on the local drive C, “Users” opens, followed by “account name” and from here enter the “Downloads”. This is where the Skype Setup icon is located.


When installing. uncheck the items:

  • Make MSN your home page;
  • “Make Yandex the main system”.

Thus, access to Skype for any advertising information will be limited.

Download Skype for laptop for free

Today, in the era of the development of modern technologies, there are a huge variety of services designed to communicate via the Internet. Most of all, the Skype program has succeeded in this matter. Skype is a universal program that allows Internet users to communicate with each other in text messages, audio and calls. The list of features of this product is quite high. The Skype program is built on the p2p principle, which means that all the service data is distributed among subscribers all over the world. Owners of even the weakest computers can use Skype, the distribution kit is small and has excessive requirements for the operating system. But before you start using the program, you will be asked to register in Skype, in the instructions you can step by step register your Skype.

Skajp-skachat-besplatno.Rf recommends InstallPack, with its help you can quickly install programs on your computer, more details on the website.

You can download free Skype on your laptop on the official website of the program. You just need to follow the link and start downloading. After the application is downloaded to your laptop, you need to start the installation procedure. To do this, follow the text prompts and step by step follow to the goal. The Skype service interface is SIMple and straightforward, even new users will be able to figure out all the options. The service supports the Russian language, which in the process of further use will greatly SIMplify acquaintance with the system.

One of the main features of the application are conferences, which can include up to 25 participants. A text chat can accommodate up to hundreds of people, which can conduct a full-fledged dialogue among themselves. Also, the screen sharing function is SIMply irreplaceable for businessmen and active people who use Skype for work and thus demonstrate their projects, as well as make presentations. Downloading Skype on a laptop means joining an international project that brings together more than 100 million users around the planet. Thanks to the convenient search bar, you can easily and very quickly find the subscriber you need, entered only his nickname. All subscribers have their own personal name, which is one of a kind. I also recommend that you Read the material on how to set up Skype on laptops of different models.

Absolutely every user can download Skype on a laptop for free, there are no restrictions on age or place of residence. All settings of the Skype for laptop can be further adjusted and adjusted to suit your preferences. You can change the sound, adjust the clarity. If you wish, you can enter some personal information about your person and set your photo on your avatar.

If you have a mobile phone, you must download Skype for phones by choosing your version of the gadget.

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Do not forget that for full communication, an Internet connection must be connected, otherwise the service will NOT work. You can communicate all day long with friends living on other content, but if you decide to call a landline number or mobile phone, you must first put the corresponding amount of money on your personal account. Each account has a personal account. As for text messages and sending data, they can also be sent, in unlimited quantities. The main thing is that there are no restrictions on the size of the transferred files, unlike e-mail and regular message sessions. The skype application can be synchronized with one of the well-known networks, for example, you can follow the news of your friends and upload interesting pictures, taken in skype or funny dialogues.

Where can I download free Skype for a laptop ?

If you do not have the opportunity to communicate at the moment using a laptop on Skype, you can forward calls to your mobile phone. A convenient function is also the ability to independently regulate your stay in the service. In the program, you can configure the option in which you can act as an intermediary. It is quite convenient, because you will not need to add contacts first, and then call them again. Skype has an answering machine, which you can adjust as you see fit. Numerous experts claim that with such a huge number of users, and there are more than 100 million of them on Skype today, mobile operators in the near future will incur impressive losses, and mobile communications will become less demanded.

Download Skype to laptop

All this is due to the fact that no one wants to overpay for something that you can get for free. Gone are the days when communication with relatives that are far away was limited to communication on the phone, now you can see, hear and even feel them, because thanks to the image quality and clarity of sound, it seems that they are next to you. The Skype program erases the boundaries of distance and allows you to enjoy the company of your loved ones, even if online. DO NOT rid yourself of the opportunity to communicate with dear and close people, find new friends and keep in touch with old ones, using the Skype program.

Installing Viber on a laptop

Viber is one of the most popular instant messengers on mobile devices (over 500 million downloads in the Play Market alone). Naturally, many users want to have an Installed client on their laptop. And if you forget your phone at home or at work, you will still stay in touch.

Pros of Viber

Viber is loved by millions of people around the world. and this is NOT surprising. After all, the functionality is really impressive. many are thought out to the smallest detail. The key advantages of the program are as follows:

  • Good call quality. Excellent audibility of the interlocutor. no interference (at a sufficiently high Internet speed).
  • Nice interface. It’s not difficult to figure it out even for a non-advanced user.
  • Dozens of different settings (from hidden chats to uploading all messages to e-mail).
  • A huge number of stickers and emoticons (free and paid).

How to install Viber: Step by step instructions

The process is SIMple enough. and does NOT take much time. Developers don’t create complexity.Do not forget about the privacy and security of the audience. The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Go to the official website It is not recommended to use dubious sources or links from unverified sites. you can pick up viruses.
  • Click the Download Desktop button.
  • Download the program.
  • Install (requires agreement to the terms of use). It is not possible to select a directory.
  • The software is installed on the laptop, but not yet ready for use. The program asks its Crown question: “Do you have Viber on your mobile phone?”.
  • It is interesting that if you answer: “Net”, you will still have to put the messenger on your phone from the beginning (if you already have Viber, you will save a few extra minutes).
  • Enter your phone number in the appropriate field. After the “Continue” button
  • Then a window appears with a QR code, which you want to scan. In the absence of a camera, an SMS message with a special code will be sent to the phone. you should first click on the link “My camera does not work. What to do? “.
  • The identification was successful. Now you have Viber running on your laptop.
  • After Viber suggests Synchronize chats for maximum user convenience.
  • All contacts, chats, groups of your profile are now on the desktop version. Enjoy.

Cons of Viber

  • Frequent updates. Constantly changing, adding, improving something. sometimes it is difficult to navigate the innovations.
  • Problems with Viber Out. For example, the author of this material lost 3 through the fault of the developer (dialing the wrong number, strange deduction of funds). and they were NOT refunded.

In general, the Viber administration goes into dialogue, examines the needs. and quickly implements the demanded ideas. The main thing is that they try to solve the problems of users.

Setting up Skype on a computer and laptop

The next step is to launch the program and configure it. First of all, upon entering, you will be prompted to set up your headphones and microphone, as well as your webcam.

To avoid confusion in technical terms, just perform a sound check and leave the rest as default. If for some reason you have no sound, or your voice is NOT heard, check if all your devices are connected. When the camera is turned on, the image will be automatically displayed on the screen.

The next step is to set up an avatar, photo or second picture. When installing an avatar, it is also possible to take a photo from an existing webcam or upload your image from a computer, if any. After the initial setup, click “Use”.

Skype settings on your computer are available at any time if you click the “Tools” section in the top panel of the program and then “Settings”. After that, you can change the settings at your discretion, but if everything works fine for you, you can not return to this item.

After that, you will see a window with settings, where there are several items, each of which is responsible for certain settings.

Installing and configuring Skype on a laptop and a Windows computer

The operating system can be almost any: Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac, Linux. And also the installation is available on the tablet on Android and iPad. The advantage of Skype is that you can use it both as a phone and as a background.

The minimum speed of Internet traffic, for the normal operation of the program, is: for telephone communication 56 Kb / s, for communication 512 Kb / s.

At the end of this article there is. In which it is shown in detail how to configure and use Skype on a computer.

Sound setting

You can select a microphone from the list if, in addition to the built-in microphone in your computer, you also have an additional one. You can also select speakers. Again, either built into the computer (for example, there are speakers built into the monitor), or speakers, or headphones, if you have them and select the sound volume. Careful setting will allow you to comfortably talk on Skype and hear the interlocutor well.

How to register and install skype for free

First of all, you need to have a computer with Internet access, and better with a speed sufficient to use the program. In these cases, both fixed (for example, fiber-optic) and mobile Internet are suitable (check with your mobile operator for the availability of access to the World Wide Web).

To install Skype, you need to go to the official website of the program and download the distribution kit of the program on your computer for free in Russian. After you download the program, you need to install it. Next, you will be prompted to log in with an existing username, with a password. If there are none, go through a short registration. It is described step by step by clicking on the “Register” button.

After the performed manipulations and entering the login and password (account activation), for convenience, you can check the box for automatic login to the program. After that, you do not need to constantly enter your username and password.

Setting up

In the “settings” section, you can set the brightness, contrast and other parameters. And also set an avatar if you DO NOT want to show yourself to the interlocutor.

  • In the item “Security” you can set up incoming calls and choose from whom to receive them, but who is there.
  • The item “notification” is more related to the sound design of Skype, it sets up sounds when entering and leaving, message notifications.
  • In the item called “Calls”, you can forward calls to regular phones.
  • The item “Chat and SMS” is responsible for the registration of correspondence, in it you can configure the visual design of the chat, as well as sending SMS to mobile phones.
  • In the “advanced settings” you set available ports and automatic updates, as well as for ease of use assigns keyboard shortcuts.

Separately, you can add that for calls from Skype to home and cell phones, you can call with a positive balance of your Skype account. You can deposit money into your Skype account by clicking on the “Skype” top menu and select “Deposit money into Skype”. Next, you will see a choice of amount and a payment method. The most convenient method of payment is VISA card because Available to almost everyone.

The “Contacts” menu contains all the people you have entered with whom you communicate. Contacts can be sorted into groups, as well as show or not show active contacts. In the “View” tab you can customize the main window of contacts, sort them.

Summing up, we can say that Skype is one of the most convenient, easy-to-learn, easy-to-install and configure program for communicating with your family, friends and relatives. To conduct business conversations, it is no longer necessary to go to other cities, it is enough to set up a conference conversation.