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How to install Google on Samsung TV

Mozilla Firefox

This browser is also very popular with consumers. Mozilla Firefox is equipped with great quality extensions that are unique in nature. In addition, the program supports a wide variety of formats.

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UC Browser

This browser is less popular than the options described above. But at the same time, the program has an extended set of functions that will attract even the most sophisticated users. UC Browser is able to effectively compress traffic, and also has a convenient panel for quick launch.

Yandex. Browser

Yandex. A browser is a program that has an aesthetically pleasing and functional, convenient and intuitive interface (external design). For the convenience of users, the developers have created the “Smart Line” option, with which you can quickly search for the information you are interested in. Available in Yandex. Browser, the “Turbo” extension helps to speed up the loading of online pages and websites (even if the Internet connection is of low quality and speed). In addition, if you wish, you can synchronize the work of Yandex. Browser on your smartphone, computer and TV.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is perfect for social media fans. With this program you can create PDF files from any page on the network.

Thus, today the market is overflowing with a wide variety of browsers that meet all the needs of modern consumers. Each person will be able to choose a suitable program for themselves.


This browser is most often preferred by owners of Samsung TVs.

The distinctive features of Opera include high speed, fast Internet connection, high-quality page processing and economical use of traffic.

If your TV runs on Android TV, then Opera Mini is the version for you. This program will protect you from unwanted advertisements, viruses and spam.

Google chrome

If your TV was made by LG, then the Google Chrome browser is definitely your choice. In addition, this program is the most popular not only in our country, but all over the world. The browser is distinguished by a high level of performance, a pleasant appearance, a large number of extensions for every taste and for every need.

Choosing and installing a browser for Smart TV

In order for a TV with the Smart TV function to fully perform all its functions, you need to install a browser on it. At the same time, many users face difficulties when choosing a specific program. Today in our article we will talk about how to choose, install, configure and update the browser on Smart TV correctly.

How to choose?

When choosing a browser, you need to be as careful and attentive as possible, and you should also rely on some key factors.

So, first of all, you need to install only a browser that will go well with your TV model. To do this, carefully study the operating instructions that come standard with the TV. For some manufacturing companies, there are more suitable programs.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to those browsers that are most convenient for you.

If you already use the browser on your smartphone or computer, then install it on your TV too. Thus, you can synchronize the software and conveniently use it on all devices at the same time.

How to install APK file on TV?

  • Access to Android TV settings.
  • Access to Android TV security settings.
  • Click on the section Unknown sources
  • Grant permissions to your web browser to install applications
  • Access to the Android TV file manager.
  • Access your USB drive and click on the APK you want to install

How to install an app on a Samsung TV from a USB stick?

Transfer the archives of the widgets with the installation files inside to the created folder. Launch Smart TV and connect the USB flash drive to the TV. The installation of widgets, the files of which are uploaded to the root of the drive, will start automatically. After the installation is complete, you will find the applications in the SmartTV menu.

How to install telegram on Samsung Smart TV?

How to install Telegram on Samsung from Google Play

  • Open Google Play using a special icon on the desktop or in the general list of applications installed on the smartphone;
  • Enter the word Telegram into the search bar and select the first application from the list.
  • Click on the “Install” button and wait for the download to finish.

How to install telegram on TV?

Instructions for installing the Telegram application on a computer

  • On our website, click the download Telegram button;
  • Download and run the TelegramSetup installation file;
  • The installation window will open, click the run button and wait until the program is installed on your computer.

How to install Zoom on a TV?

  • Download zoom.APK file.
  • Move it to any external storage like USB stick.
  • Connect it to your TV box.
  • Open the provided file manager on it.
  • Navigate to the contents of your drive.
  • Run this file.
  • Confirm the installation procedure.
  • Open the Zoom app.
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How to install Play Market on Smart TV: Kivi, Bravis, Ergo, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, Xiaomi?

All of the listed TV manufacturers allow you to download the Play Market to their Smart TV without any problems. This is because they are using Android TV. Google‘s proprietary operating system is already equipped with this service by default, and it is perfectly supported here. Download the Play Market on Bravis, Kivi, Philips TVs is available in the public domain upon request from the Play Market APK Android TV. Due to the similarity of the platforms, we will consider the actions for all the listed TVs in one instruction.

How to install Play Market on Android TV:

  • Open the program and enter your account.
  • Install any application.

for Samsung on Android TV

How to download Play Market to Samsung Smart TV from Android:

  • We enter into Google a request for Play Market APK for Android TV. We download a file from the network from any popular site, we recommend the forum. By the way, in most cases a smartphone app will work as well.
  • We launch the file on the TV, perhaps for this in the settings you will need to activate the “From unknown sources” item. The item should be in the “Settings” menu in the “Security” section.
  • We are waiting for the installation to complete and start the service.

Advice! We recommend using a smartphone or computer to download the file, and then transfer it to TV. It will be much easier and faster this way.

After we managed to install Play Market on Samsung TV, all that remains is to log in to our account, find the application and click on the “Install” button. Everything is done exactly the same way as on the phone.

How to download apps to Smart TV?

We will help you figure out how to download and install Play Market on your TV. To make the information as comprehensive as possible, we will try to consider situations for TVs from different manufacturers, since the differences between them are too significant. We will also tell you about alternative ways of adding applications where the service from Google is not supported.

How to put Play Market on Samsung TV?

There is good and bad news for owners of equipment from the South Korean giant. The good news is that you can download Play Market on your Samsung TV. Bad. not always, much depends on the model of the device. If the operating system is Android, Play Market for Samsung TV can be installed. over, the service is most likely already there. But the number of TVs from this manufacturer with Android OS is extremely negligible. Mostly these are old models or special series that are not particularly common.

for Samsung on Tizen

How to download and install the app on Samsung Smart TV:

  • Create an account in the settings (if you haven’t done so before).
  • After authorization in the account, press the Smart Hub button and select Samsung Apps from the list.
  • Select an application from the list and click on the “Install” button.

Is it possible to download and install Play Market on TVs Hisense, DEXP, Panasonic?

The listed TV manufacturers chose to follow their own path, creating and promoting an operating system of their own design. Hisense TVs use Vidaa, DEXP. Opera TV, in Panasonic. Firefox OS.

How to download and install apps on your LG TV?

Installing Play Market on LG TV will not work for the reason that the service is developed specifically for Android and it simply will not start on another operating system.

How to install apps on LG Smart TV with webOS:

  • Turn on the TV and go to the main page.
  • Select LG Smart World from the list of available applications.

  • We register our account or enter it (most likely we already have an account). Perhaps for authorization, restoring access to the profile will help if the password is forgotten.
  • From the available list of applications, we find the desired one and click on the “Install” button.

  • We launch the program, it can be located on the main screen or in a folder (“”).

Important! Before downloading the application, we recommend that you always study the information about it. Most of them are paid. In order not to write off money from a bank card, it is better to check again and consciously choose an application. Also, some of the services are free, but they sell video materials, cancellation may occur if a paid movie is launched.

Installing and configuring the IPTVPORTAL (R-line) application

Important! The IPTVPORTAL application works on Samsung Smart TVs since 2012 (E, F, H, J, K series. in the TV part number this is the letter after inches, for example UE40H6203 is the H series).

For LG netCast TVs: version 4.0 / 4.5; for all LG webOS, except TVs with webOS 3.0 OS from 2016 release.

On all devices running on the FOXXUM platform: Sharp, Toshiba, Haier, Hisense, Blaupunkt, Orion, Metz, Medion, etc.

Android TVs with Android 4.0 and higher. Philips, Sony, Mystery, etc.

How to download the IPTVPORTAL (R-line) application to the TV

If the IPTVPORTAL application cannot be found in the list of applications, then you need to update the firmware on the TV or contact the technical support of LG, Samsung

If you still have questions “How to download applications on Smart TV?”, You can ask them in the comments

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Installation on J series

On TVs of this series, you can add third-party applications in other ways. Firstly, if the TV receiver’s firmware has a version lower than 1412, the user can install from a USB flash drive. The specifics of this process are described below. But if the firmware version is new (from 1413 onwards), then installation from a flash drive is no longer available. To install applications here you will need:

  • open Smart Hub and download the iAN TV widget;
  • successively go “Menu”. “Network status”. “Network settings”;
  • change DNS to to install ForkStore;
  • restart the TV set;
  • open Smart Hub and launch iAN TV.
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How to install and enter the Play Market on Smart TV?

Now you have established access to the Play Market, you can start installing the necessary applications.

Installation on H series

Installing widgets on H series TVs is as follows. First you need to log into the “Smart Hub” and go to the “Samsung Account” section. To enter, you need to specify “develop” in the “Login” field, no password is required. Next, you should set the checkbox to confirm the automatic login and login. In the “Smart Hub” section, you need to aim the remote control beam at one of the default applications, for example, Megogo or YouTube, press and hold the center key on the remote control until the Synchronization Menu opens. Here you need to open “IP Settings” and enter the IP address of the local server running on the PC. After that it is necessary to call the “Synchronization menu” with the central button of the remote control and synchronize with the server. Upon completion, you need to close and reopen Smart Hub. New programs will be on the main or additional page.

Installation on M, K, N, R series

The method described below for downloading alternative applications is suitable for TVs of the M, K, N, R, and J series, but in the latter case, the installed widgets are deleted after the TV receiver is restarted.

Installation on E series

On E-series TVs, you need to open the “Smart Hub”, and then press the red “A” button and select the creation of a new account, and then confirm your agreement with the terms of the license agreement. In the “Samsung Account” field, you must enter “develop” and enter any six-digit number for the password. Next, you need to put a checkmark in front of the fields “Remember password” and “Automatic login”, and then create a new profile. Then you need to go to the authorization window and enter the created registration data. An icon in the lower left corner of the screen will notify you that you are logged in. If, when forming a profile, a notification appears that this account has already been created, you should close the registration and go directly to the account login window. You should enter “develop” as a login, any password. Next, you need to run a local server on your PC and perform synchronization to install widgets.

Smart TV: How to Download Apps for LG Smart TV?

Smart TV applications are free of charge downloaded for all devices, unless otherwise discussed on the page of the widget itself. The procedure is about the same as for Samsung, alas, there are some differences:

  • Find the Smart button on the remote control, if it is absent, then click on Home;
  • Use the arrows to scroll through the list until “LG Store”;
  • In the catalog, select from the Applications menu;

Smart TVs are popular today.

Let’s consider how to properly connect channels and configure them so that you can enjoy the huge variety that these modest 7 letters “Smart TV” will give you every day.

Smart TV is very actively used by all owners of TVs that have a similar function and provide a network input or wi-fi. Among the leaders in the production of such equipment are Samsung, LG, Sony.

The popularity of television over the Internet is associated with the ability to choose to watch any interesting program or movie in good quality, possibly without advertising, at any convenient time.

Preparatory steps before installing the software

If the server installation on a computer is very easy (just download the desired distribution kit into the device’s memory and install or unpack it, if it is an archive), then on various Samsung TVs the creation of a develop account is significantly different. To figure out how to tune your TV receiver, you need to know its series. It is determined by the device marking and is indicated by a letter immediately after the diagonal and assigned in accordance with the year of manufacture (B. 2009, C. 2010, D. 2011, N. 2018, etc.). For example, on the TV UE55NU7100U, the screen size is indicated by the number 55, and the exit time by the letter N.

Thus, after knowing the year of manufacture of the device and determining its series, you can start registering a new account and downloading applications. It is important to remember that when installing third-party widgets, all previously downloaded applications (except for the official ones) will be erased.

Nuances when installing widgets on TV from a flash drive

Unfortunately, the NstreamLmod application has been functioning in test mode for 30 days; before working with it, you need to make sure that it is still working. You will not be able to install again for free.

But there is a way out of this situation. You need to start LMod and select the list from “Tsnakemana”. Next, click “USB drive” and re-perform all the settings.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Download & Install Apps

Sometimes it knocks out an error when opening the program, but you don’t need to be scared right away, because after the TV is overloaded, you can find and open it through the Smart Hub menu.

How to download the app

Various apps on Smart TV show how much smarter TVs are. Samsung has a very large number of free widgets and they perform various functions and thereby expand the possibilities.

Additional Information! The company has blocked the ability to install applications from a flash drive and it is not easy to get around this situation.

Every Smart TV owner has no idea what kind of world opens up in front of him with the help of widgets. Depending on their purpose, they are divided into categories in which you can find and choose anything.

  • Online viewing of films, blogs, TV series, concerts, etc.;
  • Music audio players where you can listen to new music for every taste;
  • Games. here the variety is endless, as they are divided into many subgroups, genres, age categories;
  • Service of additional programs for tracking the exchange rate, world time, weather and other.
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First, let’s take a look at the process of downloading the widget to Smart TV:

  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu, use the remote control for this.
  • We select the “Network” section to make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet.
  • We create an account if it was not installed when the device was purchased. In some devices, it is common to all programs called Smart Hub. If there is no such program, we all know the Play Market.
  • In the login line, enter the email address, come up with and remember the password and click the “I agree with the terms” checkbox. Account is now available.
  • In the “search” item, enter the name of the program that you want to download. If you don’t know what you need, you can go to any widget and read all the necessary information on its page.
  • To download the program, click “Download”. After the end, a window will appear, which will indicate that it is already on your TV and you can use it.

Important! Before downloading the application to your TV, you need to check the availability of memory on the device.

F series

On the F-series model, it will not be easy to authorize the user, therefore, before proceeding with the installation of widgets, we will consider this process in more detail. To do this, through the PU go to the menu, in which we find the Smart functions. The account can be identified by selecting it from the list. We leave the menu by clicking on the checkbox “Remember password”.

  • On the PU, press SmartHub to access additional programs;
  • Click on “Options” and select “IP Settings”;
  • We register the IP address of the server;
  • Click “Start App Sync” to see the list of applications;
  • reboot TV if needed.

Series B and C

Now let’s take a look at the boot process for Samsung B and C models:

  • We overload TV;
  • Click on “Internet TV”, then click on the “A” button;
  • Select a user to enter the PIN code;
  • Go to the menu, select “settings”;
  • It is obligatory to select the item “Developer”, there you need to enter the IP address and save;
  • In this window, select the item “Synchronize”;
  • We agree with all actions.

Series E

Series E differs from others in that after pressing the SmartHub and “A” buttons, the inscription “Samsung account” appears. There is no need to be afraid of him, enter “develop” in the free field, after which we remember or write down the password generated by the TV. Next, click “Login”, after which you can start installing various programs.

  • Log in with your account;
  • Select the “Service” section by clicking on the PU Tools;
  • Find in the options. Developer;
  • After that, we are looking for “IP-address”, where we enter the required IP;
  • At the development point there will be updated programs, to start it, click on “Synchronization of user programs”.

Installing from a USB stick

Installing third-party widgets from flash memory is not possible on all TVs and this process is not easy, but if you follow all the recommendations, you can later use your favorite program on the screen. Samsung Smart TV 6 series and Samsung C and B have such an opportunity.

Important! To install a widget from a flash drive, NstreamLmod must be installed initially.

Let’s take a closer look at how all this happens in the first version of the TV:

  • First of all, on the USB flash drive, you need to create a directory with files containing the downloaded files.
  • Next, we install the peripheral device into the TV and find it in the list of devices.
  • We log into the Smart Hub and launch NstreamLmod.
  • In the letter, select the item “USB Scanner” and see the archives.
  • Click on the desired one and the download process begins.
  • After loading, exit the Smart Hub menu and turn off the TV.
  • We turn on the TV set, go to Smart Hub again and see the program we need in the list.

Reference! In Samsung C and B, installed programs marked “user” will be removed from the USB flash drive during the installation of a new program. To solve this problem, you need to store all the files used in order to restore everything later.

Installing Apps and Widgets on a Samsung Smart TV

Everybody knows the meaning of such a phrase as “Smart-device”, because today each of us widely uses the capabilities of tablets or phones. The queue has reached other devices as well. Next, we’ll take a look at how to install the app on your Samsung Smart TV.

When buying such a device, not every user knows all its functions, and there is a huge number of widgets for every taste. The main thing in installing the program is to know the steps where to go, and this is quite a simple matter. Samsung Smart TV lets you experience all of its TV capabilities.

Installing widgets

In order for the process to proceed without problems, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • PC and TV communication problems will disappear if you turn off the antivirus firewall;
  • The installation process means synchronization of TV and computer, for this you need to create a user account called “Develop”.
  • Press Internet TV, go to settings. authorize the owner of the “Develop” type;
  • You can start installing the widget.