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How to insert a SIM card into a Samsung Galaxy

Solved: How to update micro SD card in S7 Edge. Samsung Community

Hi, I have a question about installing a new memory card on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

I need instructions on how to install a new micro SD card and how to transfer files from the first micro SD card to the second micro SD card. A few weeks ago I bought a Samevo class 10 128gb 90MB / sec memory card from Amazon with an adapter.

The first problem is that I cannot get my S7 Edge to recognize the card after trying several different methods. Another problem. how to transfer files from the first card to the second.

I am wondering if the problem was caused by the way I formatted the micro SD card. I inserted the card into a card reader, plugged it into my computer, and then formatted it using long format (instead of “fast”). Since the operating system Galaxy. Android, maybe Windows format made the map invisible.

Could you please tell me or point where I can find instructions on how to install this card on my Samsung S7 edge?

Insert Combo Box into Tray S7

Now is the time to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Place the nano-SIM / Micro SD combo card into the tray so that the corner of the nano-SIM card is aligned with the corner of the tray, as shown in red below. When you are satisfied that it is in place (and if it is not, re-glue it), insert it into the phone.

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Remove the SIM card from the plastic case

Now you need to remove the functional part of the SIM card from the plastic surrounding it. To do this, heat the plastic side of the SIM card for 30-60 seconds (ATTENTION!), And then separate the two layers with your fingernail or other small object.

How to change your Galaxy smartphone SIM manager settings?

If you have a dual SIM Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you should see this option under Settings, SIM Manager. But do you know how to set up / edit “SIM Card Manager” so that your Dual SIM / Hybrid SIM phone works best for you.

This guide is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy smartphones with dual / hybrid SIM, such as Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy C5, Samsung Galaxy On5. Samsung Galaxy On Nxt, Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016), Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy C7, Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017), Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy A8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016), Samsung Galaxy C8, Samsung Galaxy A7, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017), Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016), Samsung Galaxy C5, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus. Samsung Galaxy E7, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung Galaxy Core 2, Samsung Galaxy Core, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3, Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, Samsung Galaxy S Duos, Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos, Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus. Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro, Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Gal axy Grand 2, Samsung Galaxy Grand, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, Samsung Galaxy E5, Samsung Galaxy C10, Samsung Galaxy Fame S6812 and Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus.

Using “SIM Card Manager”, you can assign calls, data, SMS, etc. to any of the two SIM cards at your request. So let’s get down to the lesson,

First, to open the Settings menu, click the icon in the app drawer.

Now that you are in the Settings menu, tap on SIM Manager to open the screen below. If you have a SIM card in both “Slot 1” and “Slot 2”, you will be able to see a page similar to the one shown below. If there is only one SIM card, the other will be inactive.

If you would like to know more about inserting SIM cards into hybrid slots and identifying slots, please refer to the guide below.

From here, you will be able to assign your preferred SIMs for voice calls, video calls, mobile data, and more. To assign, simply click on the options there and you will get a dropdown as shown in the screenshot below. Then you will need to assign a dedicated SIM card for any purpose or select the “Always ask” option. If you select “Always ask” you will be prompted to select a SIM card when you call or turn on the data connection.

Also here you can enable the feature “Dual SIM always on”, which will allow you to make and receive calls from both SIM cards at the same time.

Now when you click on the “SIM 1” icon when you are on the above page, you will see the screen below where you can select the specific SIM display icon, name and network mode.

Here, by clicking on the text “Name”, you can change the name of the SIM card to the name of your choice.

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Likewise, when you click on “Network mode”, you will see a drop-down list below where you can select the type of network connection, for example: auto, 3G / 2G, 3G or 2G.

The same settings are available for “SIM 2” as you can see in the screenshots below.

That’s it, friends, I hope I went through all aspects of the options and settings of the “SIM card manager”, if not, please write in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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  • How to Edit Samsung Galaxy Smartphone SIM Manager Settings. so that I can assign data, calls and video calls to a specific SIM card?

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How to insert SIM card into Samsung Galaxy S7

If your device is in active mode, we advise you to turn off the device first. This will prevent the possibility of various errors in the operation of the gadget in the future.

  • Find the SIM tray. If you hold the phone with the display facing you, then the compartment we need is located on the upper edge of the phone on the left side.
  • Remove the SIM tray from the phone. To do this, you need a special key that comes with the device, or an ordinary paper clip. If you are using a paperclip, be sure to straighten it at least at one end. To remove the SIM card tray, you need to insert a key (or paper clip) into the special hole in the tray cover, and then slightly press. The paper clip must be inserted as straight as possible, then success is guaranteed.
  • Your actions should cause the tray to protrude slightly from the side of the phone. If this happens, gently pull the cover of the tray and pull it out completely.
  • The tray is now in your hands. The next task is to insert a SIM card into it. As you can see, there are no latches here, so the card just needs to be correctly inserted into the slot intended for it. The whole difficulty of the moment is to correctly fit the SIM card and not let it jump out before the tray is inserted back. Please note that only nano-SIM is suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S7 tray.

In Samsung Galaxy S7, both SIM cards, as well as microSD, are located in the same slot

  • The tray of this Samsung Galaxy line is designed in such a way that the SIM card and the memory card (or the second SIM card) are in one place, one below the other. Just in case, let’s clarify that microSD, like the second communication card, is installed after the SIM card, i.e. over it. The process is simplified by the fact that you can only insert a flash drive and a SIM card in only one (and, of course, correct) way, so it is extremely difficult to make a mistake here.
  • After you have installed the SIM card (and microSD / 2nd SIM card) in the tray, you can return it to its place. Carefully place the SIM-holder with the cards located in it into the phone body. Once the cover is flush with the surface of the phone, gently press down on the tray to lock it in place. During this operation, make sure that your cards do not slide out of the slots intended for them. Failure to do so may cause the tray to get stuck in the slot and damage the device.
  • Once the SIM card tray is in place again, turn on the phone.
  • If everything is working correctly, congratulations, the operation was successful, you are great! If not, we advise you to repeat the procedure. check if the SIM card is inserted evenly.
  • Attach SIM Card to Micro SD Card

    Now for the simplest part. Attach the trimmed SIM to the bottom of the nano SIM, comparing it to the photo or notes you took earlier to make sure it is in the correct position. After making sure everything is correct, add double-sided tape or glue, and then replace it in the same place.Make sure that the corner of the nano SIM card matches the edge of the Micro SD card as shown in red below.

    Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Insert SIM Card

    How to insert SIM card into Samsung Galaxy S7

    It would seem that placing a SIM card in a Samsung Galaxy S7 is not that difficult. However, it is not surprising that new smartphone owners who have switched to this model from other, earlier ones have a similar question. The fact is that, starting with the models of the Galaxy S6 line, Samsung decided to combine the slot for SIM cards and microSD cards. As a result, the body of the phones became monolithic, and the cards acquired a new location. And if earlier it was enough just to remove the cover of the smartphone and insert the SIM card into a special recess, now you can smash your head well before finding the desired compartment and place the card there.

    Cut both sides of the SIM

    Now for one more thing: cut off both sides of the SIM card with scissors. You will need to take out about one to two millimeters from each side, as shown below in orange. This allows the SIM card to fit onto the Micro SD card seamlessly.

    So, here it is. awesome mod for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Read the instructions a few times before actually trying it for yourself, and feel free to check the original Noreplied instructions if something isn’t clear.

    If you eventually find a dual SIM Galaxy S7 and try this hack, let us know in the comments below! And if you need a micro SD card or other accessory for your phone, then we can help you too:

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    How to use dual SIM and micro SD at the same time on Galaxy S7

    The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are sold in the UK with a dual-function tray, one end for a micro SD card and the other. for your nano SIM card. Everything is pretty standard and boring. Elsewhere, although the S7 is available as a dual SIM device, with a slightly different tray that allows you to insert a second SIM instead of a Micro SD card.

    The dual SIM Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge open up some intriguing possibilities namely, inserting two SIM and Micro SD cards into one tray. Surprisingly, this is quite possible, albeit a little risky, thanks to a clever design by a Malaysian engineer named Noreplied.

    Please read our instructions (in full) before you start. and here is our standard disclaimer:

    Warning. By following these instructions, you can break your SIM card, Micro SD card and / or Galaxy S7 Edge. We are not responsible for any damage. Be careful.

    Remove the SIM card from the plastic case

    Now you need to remove the functional part of the SIM card from the plastic surrounding it. To do this, heat the plastic side of the SIM card for 30-60 seconds (ATTENTION!), And then separate the two layers with your fingernail or other small object.

    How to insert SIM card and flash drive into Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

    With the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the company has brought back the microSD card slot. Despite the fact that Samsung has not implemented the “adoptable storage” technology that appeared in Android 6.0, we are still allowed to move applications to the SD card. If you are switching from a previous phone model to an S7, then the location of the SIM card slot and flash drive may be new to you.

    For users, for example, Moto X Pure Edition, the process of inserting a SIM card and microSD card is familiar firsthand, since Samsung, in its Galaxy S7 line, did the same, namely: the SIM card tray was combined with the microSD tray.

    So, let’s figure out what to insert where, and where everything is. Below is a detailed instruction.

    • Turn off your smartphone.
    • On the upper side edge of the phone, closer to the left side (if you turn the phone with the display towards you), find the hole for removing the SIM card tray. It is impossible to miss it, but if you have doubts, it will be a hole for more.
    • Insert the special SIM eject tool (it should be in the box with your device, slightly looks like a small key) into the hole and press a little. If you do not have this tool, you can use a straightened paperclip.
    • After pressing, the tray for cards will “come out” a little from the edge. Pull it out all the way.
    • So, take the tray and insert (in fact, carefully insert, since there is no latch in the tray) the SIM card into the smaller slot. Please note you need a nano SIM!
    • Insert your microSD into the slot for more. Do not worry about putting it on the wrong side, as there is only one possible insertion option, and you will not be able to put it on the wrong side.
    • Gently, so that nothing moves from its place, bring the tray to the smartphone, and, without making great efforts, insert it inside. You may have to push a little harder towards the end to completely push the tray inside.
    • Turn on your phone.

    We hope our tutorial helped you. But, if it is still not clear, then watch the video below. It is in English, but it is not the conversation that is important there, but the process itself. Thanks for attention!

    Make sure everything is working in the settings.

    Once inserted, if you’re lucky, you’re done. Check Settings SIM Manager to make sure both SIM cards were recognized correctly and then select Settings Storage to make sure the Micro SD card is also working.

    As you can see in the screenshots below, this is indeed possible. you can see two SIM cards under the brightness setting and a 128GB card successfully registered below.!

    How to insert a SIM card into Samsung Galaxy s7 age

    Remember the position of the nano SIM card

    After you have assembled the equipment, you can start working. First, insert the less important SIM into the second slot and flip it over, paying attention to the slightly asymmetrical design that allows you to determine which side it will fit in later. You might want to take a picture to remember which way it is going.

    Installing a SIM card in a Samsung Galaxy A3

    To install a SIM card in Samsung Galaxy A3, you do not need to have specific skills and abilities. Therefore, everyone can cope with this task. The only thing you need to know is what format cards are suitable for the specified phone model and how the card holder opens in it. Let’s consider how to insert a SIM card into a Samsung Galaxy A3 by yourself.

    What connectors does the Galaxy A3 come with??

    To date, Samsung has released three modifications of the Galaxy A5. They differ from each other not only in the filling and screen size, but also in the placement and parameters of the SIM slots:

    • Smartphones of the 2015 model are equipped with two trays located on the right side of the device under the mechanical Power button. The lower one is considered to be the main one and holds one SIM card of the Nano format. The upper one is hybrid. It is capable of accepting a second NanoSIM or microSD memory card up to 256GB.
    • Devices that saw the world in 2016 are equipped with one dual card holder. It can work with either dual SIM cards or a pair of NanoSIMMicroSD cards. This connector is also located on the right side of the gadget.
    • The newest modification of the Galaxy A3 (2017) has one hybrid slot. It differs from the previous model only in its location. the upper end of the mobile phone.
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    In Samsung Galaxy A3, the connectors are opened with a special key (ejector), which is supplied with the phone. However, if you do not have it with you, you can resort to a sewing needle or a simple paper clip.

    SIM Crop Technology for Samsung Galaxy A3

    If you decide to swap your outdated smartphone for the new Galaxy A3, chances are you have a Mini or Micro SIM card. Therefore, before inserting an old-style SIM card, it will need to be cut to the Nano standard.

    To give the card the required size, you can go to a phone sales point and perform the specified procedure there, paying a certain amount of money. However, pruning is quite realistic at home. This is done as follows:

    • To simplify the upcoming work, download a special cutting template from the Internet. Finding it will not be difficult.
    • Open and print this document on a color or black and white printer.
    • Use PVA glue or a piece of tape to glue your SIM card to the printout. The main reference point here is the beveled corner.
    • Use a sharp knife or thin scissors to cut along the lines on the template. Try not to damage the microchip placed on the SIM card, as this will damage the product.
    • Remove any burrs from the edges of the card. To do this, you can use sandpaper or thick rags.

    After completing the preparatory work, the SIM card can be inserted into the phone.

    Installing a SIM card in a Samsung Galaxy A3

    Installing the SIM card on the Galaxy A3 is done in the following order:

    • Turn off the gadget and disconnect the power supply if it was charging at that time. Otherwise, the power amplifier or microcontroller responsible for power distribution may be damaged.
    • Take the key clip, insert it into the round hole located on the cover of the card holder, and lightly press.
    • When the tray comes out, pull it completely out of the phone. Do the same operation with the second slot (of course, if necessary).
    • Insert a Nano-SIM, and if necessary, a second card or external microSD memory.
    • Reinstall the connector by applying light pressure.

    After completing the task, turn on the smartphone and check its performance. If the SIM card and memory card are detected, then everything is done correctly. If in the future you need to install a Nano-SIM in a Mini or Micro card holder, you can use special adapters sold in cell phone stores.

    Installing a SIM card on a Samsung Galaxy S7

    Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phones work with Nano type SIM cards. Therefore, if you bought this device to replace an outdated mobile phone, you will most likely need to change your SIM card at a subscriber service point or give the card the required format yourself. Many users choose the second option, since contacting a service center can be associated with certain difficulties. Let’s take a look at how to crop and install SIM in Samsung Galaxy S7.

    Procedure for trimming SIM cards for Galaxy S7

    NanoSIM is a relatively new format for SIM cards. It first appeared in the iPhone 5 and is still used in all Apple devices. A little later, smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy line began to be equipped with Nano-type card holders. This approach made it possible to reduce the size of mobile devices and make them more convenient to use.

    If your previous gadget worked on Mini- or Micro-SIM, then before inserting such a SIM card into the Samsung Galaxy S7, it must be properly cut. For the upcoming work, prepare the following tools and materials:

    • a template for cutting (you can download it from the Internet and print it on a printer);
    • thin scissors or clerical knife;
    • Scotch;
    • thick rags or fine-grained sandpaper.

    The procedure for trimming a SIM-card to Nano format is as follows:

    • Prepare a pre-downloaded cutting template. To process a MiniSIM card (full-size SIM card), the 2FF to 4FF scheme is suitable for you. To cut MicroSIM, you need to use the drawing 3FF to 4FF.
    • Attach the old card to the template with a piece of tape. Make sure that the beveled corner of the sim card exactly matches the same angle in the drawing.
    • Use scissors or a utility knife to remove excess plastic from your SIM card. Be extremely careful not to accidentally damage the electronic board.
    • Remove burrs protruding around the perimeter with sandpaper or a thick rag.

    NanoSIM-card is ready for further use.

    Installing a SIM card in Samsung Galaxy S7

    The SIM-card is installed in the Galaxy S7 in the following sequence:

    • Turn off the smartphone completely. Failure to do so may result in fire to the power controller or signal power amplifier.
    • We take in hand the ejector (metal key) located in the box from under the phone.
    • We insert it into the round hole that is present on the cover of the card holder. In Galaxy S7, the SIM slot is located on the upper end of the device in its left part.
    • Press lightly on the paper clip. When the tray comes out, we completely take it out of the mobile phone.
    • We install a SIM card and, if necessary, an external microSD memory slot into the connector. It is technically impossible to place the cards somehow incorrectly, so there should be no problems with this.
    • We return the card holder back and click on it until a click appears.
    • After that, turn on the phone and check its performance. If the SIM card was detected by the system, then everything was done correctly. If not, try repeating this procedure again.

    If you cut off a SIM card yourself, there is a small chance of damage to its microcircuit. Therefore, if the smartphone does not want to accept the card in any way, replace it with a new one at your operator’s service center.

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