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How to insert a SIM card into a Lenovo tablet

What should be a SIM card for a tablet

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This or that SIM card is not suitable for every tablet. This is due to the wide variety of devices on the market that have different slots. SIM cards are of the following types:

  • Mini. This view is standard. Only old devices or cheap brands support this card.
  • Micro. The most common type. At first, it began to be used in Apple technology. Over time, other manufacturers began to use this format.
  • Nano. This format began to be used relatively recently. At the moment it is the most popular among manufacturers. Its feature is a chip with plastic frames of the smallest size.

Important. You should not install the card in the tablet without making sure in advance that it corresponds to the required format.

How to insert a SIM card into a tablet

Many tablet buyers often face the problem of installing / removing a SIM card. At first glance, this does not seem to be a problem. However, this is a big misconception. One wrong action can break the tablet. In this article, we will consider all the nuances associated with installing a SIM card on a tablet computer.

How to insert the SIM card correctly

When installing, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Turn off the device and put the screen down.
  • On many models, the module slot is located on the side. Usually it is covered with a flap that extends or protrudes. Some devices have slots that can only be removed with a paper clip. There are also models where the slot protrudes after pressing the cover.
  • If the tray does not come out, you should use tweezers or a paper clip.
  • When you reach the tray, insert the card into it. The holder has its shape, so it is not difficult to insert it. For most models, there is a hint on the tray on how to do this correctly.
  • Then we insert the tray with our SIM card into the corresponding slot and fix it by pressing.
  • We turn on the tablet. If the installation was successful, the device will detect the SIM card.
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How to remove the SIM card

Sometimes there is a need to remove the SIM card. This procedure will not be difficult if it has been installed correctly. In order to remove it from the device, you must follow the instructions above, but in the reverse order. Difficulties can arise only in case of incorrect installation.

It also happens that the tray latches are damaged or the module sinks deeply due to the large connector. How to act in such a situation? You need to try to gently pry it or its holder. If nothing worked out for you, then you should contact the service center.

Important. Never try to pull the part out by force. It is also forbidden to pick with a screwdriver or sharp objects. Doing so can easily damage the device.

The tablet does not see the SIM card: what to do

The SIM card may not be recognized by the device despite correct installation. This situation can arise for a variety of reasons. The main reasons why the tablet does not see it:

SIM card for tablet

Let’s start with one important point. It concerns exactly which SIM cards can be installed in the tablet. After all, each device has a special slot designed for a certain type of SIM card.

It turns out that there are devices in which only SIMs of standard sizes are connected. True, they are becoming less and less. Such gadgets include old models of tablets from manufacturers such as prestige, irbis, digma and many others. dr.

At the same time, the slots of many other devices are designed only for micro-SIM. These are iPad 2, 3, 4 and most Android tablets. Samsung Galaxy tab, ASUS phonepad, almost all models from Lenovo and many others. dr.

And do not forget that there are also tablets with slots for mini-SIM and nano-SIM. For example, these are the devices of the iPad Mini and Air lineup, popular all over the world.

Therefore, before connecting the SIM card, you need to study the characteristics of the tablet. They will definitely indicate which SIM standard the device supports. Also, this information may be contained next to the slot itself, into which the SIM card is inserted.

What to do if the SIM card does not fit in the tablet? If it is slightly larger than necessary, then you can try to trim it. Thus, adjusting to the desired parameters. However, the easiest way is to contact a mobile phone salon, where they will change your SIM card and give you one that matches your device.

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How to properly insert a sim card into a tablet?

We figured out that there are different SIM-cards. So now let’s move on to the next one. Let’s talk about how to insert a SIM card into a tablet:

  • Turn off your device first. Then place it on a flat surface with the display facing down. You can lay a towel or some kind of cloth so as not to scratch the front of the gadget.
  • Most tablet models have a SIM card slot on the side (sometimes on the back cover). It can be covered with a special flap, which must be moved or pulled out by prying it with a finger, nail or other thin object. For some devices, you can get to the slot for the SIM card only by pressing the i with a clip into a special hole. There are also models where you just need to press the lid and release. After that, the SIM tray protrudes from the connector to the outside
  • If you can’t pull the tray out, you can use a needle or tweezers. Just be careful not to damage your device.
  • When you get to the tray, you need to insert a SIM card into it. This is done quite simply. over, the holder itself has the shape of a SIM card with a beveled corner. You can only confuse the side. Therefore, be guided by the fact that the contact part of the SIM card is turned up and directed towards the back panel, and not towards the display. Sometimes on the tray itself there is a hint on how to position the SIM card correctly.
  • Next, insert the SIM tray into a special slot. Most often, a slight pressure is required on it so that it locks in securely. In this case, much effort is not required, otherwise you can break the mounts or the holder itself.
  • Trying to turn on the tablet. If everything is done correctly, the device will recognize the SIM card, and then give the user the opportunity to make calls and provide him with Internet access.
  • However, it also happens that the tablet does not see the SIM card. The most common reason for this is incorrect installation. Pull out the tray again and make sure that the SIM card is securely fixed, that it does not stick out or fall through. Pay attention to whether you have placed it on the correct side in the holder.

How to remove the SIM card from the tablet?

In addition, sometimes the clips of the tray itself break. Or on some tablets, due to the rather large slot, the SIM card falls deep inside. What should be done in this case? Try to gently pry off the SIM card or the part itself that holds it with tweezers. If all else fails, then it is best to contact the service center.

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Do not try to forcefully pull the SIM card out of the tablet. Do not pick with a screwdriver or sharp object. So, you can inflict mechanical damage on the device, which will permanently disable the gadget.

How to correctly insert a SIM card into a tablet and how to remove it

Many people who buy a new tablet face one problem. It consists in the fact that not everyone knows how to correctly insert a SIM card into the device and, conversely, pull it out of it. At the same time, at first glance, everything seems simple and obvious. However, it is not. Awkward movement and might even break your tablet computer. Therefore, it is not worth the risk. over, we will tell you in detail how the SIM card changes in the tablet.

What to do if the tablet does not see the SIM card?

It also happens that even after the correct insertion of the SIM-card into the tablet, the device does not react to it in any way. That is, he simply does not see the SIM card. There are many reasons for this problem:

  • The SIM card itself is blocked. For example, it has not been used for more than six months. In this case, you should contact the operator.
  • Connector pins are damaged. This happens both with expensive tablets (from Samsung, Apple) and budget models (from manufacturers such as Dexp, Prestigio, Alcatel, etc.). Only the service center can help.
  • Software problems. For example, old firmware on Android often makes the SIM card inactive. What can be done? Update the OS, of course.
  • Deterioration of the SIM card. For some reason, many people forget that a SIM card cannot work forever. In addition, with active use, contacts are quickly erased. This problem is solved by a visit to the telecom operator and replacing the old SIM with a new one.
  • Inactive network. On some models of Chinese tablets, restrictions are set that allow you to use only SIM cards from a particular operator. In this case, you will have to seriously climb in the settings. Perhaps it will be possible to register the desired telecom operator and activate the network.