How to increase storage on iPhone 5s

Take advantage of iOS capabilities

You can also configure iOS to save memory, below is a list of actions:

  • Turn off Enhanced Quality for VoiceOver
  • Disable and re-enable Siri to clear function cache
  • Disable iCloud sync for unnecessary data
  • Disable Photo Stream
  • Removing or rebuilding mail accounts
  • Turn off unwanted apps in Spotlight
  • Disable custom dictionary
  • Don’t store video and photo attachments in the Messages app
  • Clean up the album with recently deleted photos
  • Disable saving originals of photos and videos on iPhone
  • Disable background refresh for maximum number of apps
  • Shoot FullHD videos instead of 4K
  • Getting rid of system languages ​​that are not used
  • Sync your device with iTunes

Reinstall Apps

If you look at your applications that you installed six months or a year ago, you will find such a thing that they “got fat”, that is, the message is much bigger! This is due to the fact that programs save a different cache and do not delete. You cannot delete the cache from the application separately, that is, you need to completely remove the application and the cache will be deleted along with it.

Let’s reinstall applications that are very “fat”.

For example, I have Google Photos. It weighs 240 megabytes. although I know that at the very beginning this application did not take even hundreds of megabytes. Now I uninstall it and reinstall it from the App Store.

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Upon completion of the operation, I return to the Storage and see that now Google Photo weighs 75 megabytes.

Thus, you need to reinstall all “swallowed” applications. If you suddenly do not know how much one or another application weighs in the original, then first go to the App Store and see information about the application.

How to free up space on iPhone?

Hello everyone, friends. Today I want to give you some tips on clearing memory on iPhone. For me, the question of how to free up space on the iPhone, like for many other owners of this smartphone, is very exciting. The memory quickly clogs up and you no longer know what to do. How to take new photos and where to install modern games?

This problem especially affected the owners of iPhones and iPads of 16 gigabytes. Memory clogs up very quickly. Fortunately, there are ways to free up several gigabytes. Now I’ll tell you about them.

Force system reboots more often

When you reboot the system, some temporary files are deleted, so this solution will help free up space on the iPnone. Press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Install iPhone cache cleaner apps

Although Apple itself is against the use of such applications, they can be quite convenient. To find similar apps, use a search engine like Google.

Transfer photos and videos to computer and delete from iPhone

Some users store all their videos and photos on their phone, but this is unreliable and very memory-intensive. If we look at my phone, we can see that the photos and videos are over 1 gigabyte. You need to drop them on a computer or laptop, and remove them from the smartphone.

Here I will NOT teach you how to upload pictures to a computer or vice versa. For this, the site has corresponding lessons.

If you decide to free up space on the iPhone, then you will most likely have to upload pictures to the PC, since this method usually significantly frees up the memory on the smartphone.

How to free up memory on iPhone

Despite the fact that modern smartphones iPhone and iPad tablets have a large amount of permanent memory, sooner or later, but most of their owners are faced with a lack of free space on the device. It is especially offensive when you need to download or save something very important on your phone, and here, as luck would have it, the iPhone writes “There is almost no space”.

What to do in this case? The answer is simple. delete the unnecessary. Many users inadvertently throw themselves into “all bad”, deleting everything. Often this ends in failure because system files or just something important for you may fall under the hot hand.
In this article I want to tell you how to free up memory on the iPhone without the risk of deleting anything you need or even disabling the operating system on your iPhone and iPad.

Total cleaning of the Safari browser

The very first place to start freeing up iPhone memory is a web browser. In some cases, it inflates like a balloon.
Let’s start by clearing the Safari cache, cookies and deleting temporary files. To do this, go to the settings of the mobile gadget and find the Safari section:

Once in, we find the item Clear history and site data.

After that, go to the section “Additional” “Data” sites:

We click on the “Delete all data” button in order to delete all saved information about sites and thereby at least a little, but free up memory on the iPhone.

Do not forget about the separate “Offline List” function, which serves for deferred reading of pages in Safari and thus also takes up space in the ROM. over, sometimes the volume occupied for this can reach a gigabyte and even more.

To clear it, go to the “Settings” “General” “Statistics” “Storages” “Safari”. Here you need to tap on the “Delete” button to completely remove the entire offline list. Please note that clearing the cache will not remove objects from the Reading List.

Find unnecessary apps

Those who are fond of various games on a mobile phone or tablet, the memory is often crammed with old games that have not been used for a long time, and they forgot to delete them. To fix this and clear up free space on iPhone and iPad. open “Settings” “General” “Statistics” “Storage”:

Here you will see a list of applications sorted according to memory usage. We select those of them that are not needed and are not used by you and delete:

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Also, as an option, you can try to completely reinstall and “heavy” applications that you are using. The fact is that in order to rollback in case of a failure, they may, in parallel with the current version, save previous, outdated versions, which also occupy the disk space you need. Reinstallation will simply delete everything you don’t need. After that, your iPhone will most likely no longer write “There is almost no space”.

Operating system update

Remember to update your iOS operating system to the latest and most current version.

The fact is that updates, as a rule, fix old bugs about flaws. Including those related to the use of the permanent memory of the smartphone. In addition, in the latest versions, the developers have significantly improved the performance of iOS and the stability of its work on the iPhone 4, 5 and 5S. You can check the availability and availability of a new version of the OS in the “Settings” “General” “Software updates”.

Correct iCloud setup

In the operating system, everything is closely tied to Apple’s proprietary service called iCloud. Here and cloud storage, and streaming audio and video content, and backup information and much, much more. Its correct configuration and use will free up memory on the iPhone for the necessary data. So what needs to be done?!

Move the “iCloud Library” item to “On” and uncheck the “Save originals” checkbox.

By the way, after that it is better to listen to music in streaming mode via iCloud, and the tracks themselves are not stored in the phone, but simply deleted. iPhone can receive podcasts of content uploaded to iTunes. Also, I would recommend connecting some kind of streaming service. The Yandex.Music service is very good in this sense.

Do you need it? Most users do not even know about this function while it is actively eating up space in the gadget’s ROM. To turn off Photo Stream. slide in the “Settings” “iCloud” “Photos” the corresponding switch to the “Off” position.

Clean up iPhone memory using third-party utilities

It can perfectly clean the traces of programs by deleting their temporary files on the iPhone, iPad and even on the iPod touch media player. In addition, the utility can remove unnecessary applications, videos and music.

Very often, many iPhone owners take screenshots. Although these images are small in size (on average 200-300 KB), they accumulate a lot and the amount of memory they occupy increases greatly. You can, of course, climb the storage yourself and look for all such pictures. But there is also a faster way to clean iPhone memory from such unnecessary images. use the Screeny utility.

It is specially designed for finding and removing screenshots on apple devices. It will scan all the pictures on the device and give the predicted free space. If everything suits you, click on the “Delete” button and see the result!

How to clear “other” on iPhone

After syncing iPhone with iTunes on the status bar, you will see how much space is occupied by a particular content (media files, applications, etc.). The “other” section includes various temporary files, cache and “unnecessary” information. To clean it up and free up space, follow these steps:

  • Clear your app cache. The memory of WhatsApp or other messenger is freed up through the “Settings” menu. You can get rid of temporary data of other programs by reinstalling.
  • Disable iCloud Drive through the Settings menu. Move other data to cloud storage.
  • To free up memory in Viber, delete your chat history, unwanted sticker packs, saved voice messages, and other temporary files. All this data also refers to the section “Other”.
  • Use special software to optimize free space and delete temporary files.
  • Delete history in Safari browser, saved passwords, bookmarks.

This will clear the cache memory and free up additional space. You can check the volume of the “Other” section through the “Settings” menu or by synchronizing the device with iTunes.

How to delete temporary files in the browser

Safari automatically saves the data of the websites you visit. These are passwords, cookies and other temporary files. To remove them, do the following:

  • Go to the “Preferences” menu and at the very bottom of the list, find the item “Safari”.
  • A new page will open with all available options. Click on the blue inscription “Clear history and site data”.
  • If you want to delete other data, including bookmarks and saved pages, then in the “Safari” section, click on the “Add-ons” button (located at the very bottom of the list).
  • After that, select “Site data”. “Delete all data”.

This method allows you to get rid of “junk” files and free up memory on the iPhone. For faster device operation, it is recommended to clean your browser history at least once a month. If you use Safari too often, then you need to destroy history every week.

If you want to clear the RAM, then close all unnecessary applications, prevent them from running in the background. This can be done through the “Settings” menu or using special programs to optimize the device.

How to uninstall unnecessary apps

If your iPhone is low on free space, try uninstalling unnecessary games and applications. Some programs use up more and more memory over time due to the use of temporary files. To uninstall an unwanted application:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone and find the General section.
  • Select “Statistics” and go to the “Storage” block.
  • After that, a list of installed programs will be displayed. Opposite the name will be written how much memory the application takes (for example, telegram or instagram).
  • Choose the most resource-intensive programs. To do this, click on its name to gain access to additional documents and data.
  • Here click on the red inscription “Uninstall the program”.

After that, the application will be unavailable for use. In this way, you can separately delete temporary files and reinstall the desired program again. The total application memory will be displayed at the very top of the list.

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How to clean iPhone 5s memory from junk

Everyone has faced the problem of lack of free space on the iPhone, especially when using a device with a storage capacity of less than 32GB. Below we will show you how to clear memory on iPhone 5s (and other models) so as not to damage system files and data of other important applications.

How to adjust iCloud settings

Photos and other media take up a significant portion of the free space. If you get a message that your iPhone is full, use the following tips to save space:

  • Disable Photo Stream. It is a service that automatically collects the latest photos from your library and copies them to all connected iOS devices. To free up space and turn off the photo stream, go to the “Settings” menu and find the section “iCloud”. “Photos” here. Move the My Photo Stream slider to off.
  • Turn on iCloud Music Library. After that, photos and videos will be uploaded to the cloud storage, and not take up space in the device’s memory. To turn on the library, go to the “iCloud” menu through “Settings”. After that, in the “Photos” section, move the slider opposite the item “iCloud Media Library” to the on state.

Using the methods described above, you will clean the device memory and allocate additional space for storing other files and documents.

How to reset iPhone

If you want to completely wipe your iPhone, then do a factory reset. After that, all user data, temporary files and other information will be deleted from the device. Therefore, please make a backup copy of important documents before starting the reset. Procedure:

  • Go to iPhone settings and find the “General” section here.
  • A page with available options will be displayed. At the very bottom, find and select “Reset”.
  • A list of possible options will appear. Select “Erase Content and Settings” to delete all user files.
  • A system notification will appear. Confirm the action and, if necessary, enter the password for your Apple ID account.

After that, the smartphone screen will turn off and after a few seconds the Apple logo will appear. Depending on the device model and the amount of information stored on the iPhone, the process takes from two to twenty minutes. Then set up your phone like new. The method helps to clean up internal and system memory.

To clean up iPhone memory and free up space, uninstall unnecessary programs, temporary files manually or using special software. If necessary, reset to factory settings, give up offline content in favor of online listening to music, storing photos in the cloud storage.

Online Music

If you have fast enough unlimited Internet, then there is no need to store audio recordings in the device’s memory. It will be much more efficient to listen to music using various services, for example, Yandex.

Correctly deleting photos and videos

After uninstalling files, they are moved to the Recently Deleted directory, which prevents you from freeing up iPhone storage. In order to avoid such a problem, you must regularly clear the contents of this folder.


Screen photos take up a lot of memory and usually quickly lose their relevance. By deleting a few photos, you can significantly increase the amount of free space.

System update

Often, iPhone developers release new software packages that improve device performance. Try to install updates in a timely manner and do not forget to remove the downloaded utility package from the device after installing it. The system upgrade is carried out in the main settings of the smartphone using the “Software Update” tab.

Uninstalling Applications

This is the most optimal and simple method, which is guaranteed to free up a lot of space on your iPhone. The procedure is performed as follows:

  • Open your cellular settings and go to the “Basic” block.
  • Tap on the “Statistics” item, then go to the “Storage” section.
  • Select the application that you want to uninstall, and click on the line “Uninstall a program”.

In the same section, you can find information on how much space each utility takes.

How to free up memory on iPhone 5s

This article will describe some of the best ways to help increase the amount of free space on your iPhone. Despite the fact that most of the methods are quite common, not all users use them.

Free up iPhone 5s memory

It is not uncommon for users to run out of memory on their iPhone. Most often, this problem occurs on devices with a volume of 8, 16 or 32 GB. If on a computer it is enough to change the hard disk or install additional equipment, then with a mobile device everything is much more complicated. The user has to regularly monitor the status of the cell phone and delete unnecessary information.

ICloud Photo

This option allows you to save images in the cloud, which makes it possible not to store the originals of the photos on the device itself. To enable the function, follow these steps:

  • The first stage is identical to what was described in the paragraph of the previous method.
  • Go to the “Photos” block and turn on the “iCloud Photos” option, then check the box next to “Optimize storage”.

How did you come to this?

In general, the original idea was not at all to increase the amount of internal memory of the iPhone. As we were told at the Apple Pro service center, they are often contacted with a broken memory (nand-flash) in a smartphone. Such a problem is evidenced by errors during firmware that occur in recovery mode or DFU. 9, 14, 4013 and 4014. Sometimes the iPhone can be reflashed with such an error, but later the smartphone itself switches back to recovery mode.

We looked at how you can increase the storage capacity of your iPhone. This is some kind of magic

When buying an iPhone, many people often choose the version with the minimum amount of internal memory. It’s cheaper, and at first it seems that the same 64 GB will be enough (my computer in the early 2000s had a 40 GB hard drive!). But then it turns out that it was necessary to take at least an “average” model to fit the entire collection of offline music, photos and videos. But don’t buy a new iPhone because of this.?

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Professionals have long learned how to increase the amount of flash memory of the iPhone using a sophisticated technological BGA repair. The bottom line is that engineers are replacing the memory module, and although an increase is only possible in the range allowed by the manufacturer, it is still very cool: for example, you can increase the internal memory on the iPhone 8 Plus from 64 GB to 256 GB (this is the maximum Apple allows).

How to increase storage on iPhone

The solution was found by replacing the iPhone’s flash memory. After carrying out diagnostics and disconnecting the battery, in order to de-energize the device, as well as all the loops, the engineer proceeds to dismantle the old (faulty) memory module.

Before the start of dismantling, the chip is cleaned from the factory compound.

The module is “soldered” from its place on the board. This process is very complex and painstaking, since temperature conditions must be observed so as not to damage the motherboard and the elements that are on it during installation. For this, the engineer uses high-tech equipment and heating.

But you can’t just remove the old memory module and put in a larger one. First, the memory is checked on the programmer. It is very important to understand whether it is readable on the hardware or not, because if the memory module is completely defective, you cannot read technical information from it (which includes the iPhone serial number and other data).

The next step is where the fun begins. In order for the iPhone to “accept” the new memory chip, it needs to write data from the old module. This information is stored in a special section of memory. With the help of professional equipment, it is copied and written into a new memory chip. This is the only way the third-party module will work with the iPhone.

Here you can choose. install a chip of the same capacity or increase the iPhone’s memory. Many, as a rule, make a choice in favor of the second option: since the memory is still changed, why not upgrade it. The only but very important limitation is that you cannot install a memory module that is not supported by the manufacturer. That is, the chip with 512 GB of memory in the iPhone 8 Plus will not work if the smartphone is designed to work with a maximum of 256 GB of memory.

Before installing a new memory module, it must be checked on the programmer. information should be read from it without problems. After that, the module is prepared for installation (BGA balls are restored), and it is placed on the board.

The engineer connects all the cables, the battery, and also installs a special waterproof rubber glue. This is a special layer between the body and the glass that protects against unwanted liquid spills.

When a new memory chip is installed, iTunes will automatically detect the iPhone in DFU mode. Therefore, before use, specialists flash the device: this allows you to once again reveal memory errors, if any. If all the previous steps have passed without errors, then the iPhone is activated already with a large amount of memory. In our case, we managed to increase the storage capacity of the iPhone 8 Plus to 256 GB.

As you can see, it’s not enough just to have a new memory module to replace it in the iPhone. In order for the new chip to “take root”, it is necessary to prepare it using professional equipment, which is impossible to do “at home on the knee.” Before we ourselves saw how the Apple Pro engineers did it, we had no idea that such a procedure was even possible. Therefore, if you have a faulty memory module (or just want to increase the amount of internal memory in the iPhone), you can contact the specialists, readers of will also give a 10% discount.

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