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How to hide notifications on the iPhone screen

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How to turn off message previews on iPhone

One of the easiest ways to hide text messages on iPhone is to turn off the message preview that appears on the lock screen.

  • Under Options, click Show Previews and tap Never.
  • If you don’t want anyone to even know you have a message, you can go back to Messages in the Notifications settings and tap Sounds first.
  • Click here “Vibration” Nobody.
  • Then go back to the “Sounds” page and select “No under tone”.
  • Finally, go back to your message notification settings and toggle the “Show to lock” screen.

The final option is to disable “Allow notifications”.

Alarm notifications from government agencies

In some areas, you can add alarm messages to the notification list. For example, in the United States, you can receive government alarm messages on your iPhone, you can also enable or disable AMBER alarms, public safety alerts, and emergency alerts (which include both Severe and Extreme Immediate Threat Alerts). they are enabled by default. Japan Meteorological Agency Earthquake Alerts Can Be Received on iPhone in Japan.

Scroll down to the Government Alerts section and enable the desired alerts.

Government alarms vary by carrier and iPhone and may not work in all environments. See the Apple Support article About emergency and government alerts on iPhone and Apple Watch.

How to hide the text of any notifications on the iPhone lock screen?

Go to “Settings” → “Notifications” → “Show thumbnails”;

In the menu that opens, select the option “Never”.

By default, notification text preview is enabled in the phone settings “Always”. If there is no personal confidential information in your correspondence, and you are not afraid that third parties may see your messages, you can safely leave the function connected.

In the “Never” mode, the text of messages on the locked iPhone screen will not be displayed. it will only be seen how many messages were received and through which application.

The No Lock option will hide the contents of notifications on the lock screen. But as soon as the phone is unlocked, the preview will be active.

How to turn off all message notifications on iPhone?

The main disadvantage of this method is that you disable absolutely all messages that come to you. Because of this, you can easily miss an important notification, which will be extremely unpleasant.

Scroll down to the Messages tab.

Disable “Allow Notifications”.

Now, after receiving a message, you will not receive sound / vibration alerts, and any visual information (for example, a red circle above the application icon) will be absent.

To find out if you have a new message, you need to open Messages. You will see a blue dot next to a certain column (The column means contact, phone number, etc.), this means that you have unread messages.

Mute all notifications

Ask Siri. Say, for example, “Turn on Do Not Disturb.” Learn how to give commands to Siri.

You can also open Settings Do Not Disturb and turn on Do Not Disturb.

Wire. Private Messenger

This is another great free option if you’re looking for a way to hide messages or block messages from viewing.

Wire is great because it offers you the ability to do more than just hide text messages on iPhone.

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages

If you need to figure out how to hide messages on iPhone, this post will show you your options.

Restart iPhone

If your iPhone keeps working for a long time, it will cause some errors on your device as it has too many crashes. This is a good opportunity to restart and update it now.

Press and hold the power button until the slider appears.

Slide the button to turn off. The screen turns black.

Follow the same steps to enable it.

How to view notification center on iPhone

You can also characterize the notification center as a place and for collecting all reminders, warnings, or just alerts. It is worth noting the fact that you can view them centrally, that is, select a specific time to view them.

Many users do not even know that such a center can be customized so that only the reminders that are needed at the moment are displayed in it. This is worth talking about in more detail below.

To open the center and see all the news, just swipe down the screen to the very end from the top. This will open a kind of shutter that will display all the notifications that came to the phone. Also, all rear applications, including the start screen, will become blurry, so that it is more convenient for a person to read those messages that have come.

The location of the alert center depends on which version of iOS is on the phone, as well as which version is on the phone itself. It is worth noting the fact that the difference in the system also provokes a change in the location of objects in it. It is necessary to regulate this fact and pay attention to it when looking for instructions.

You can also see only those reminders that came for today. This is done by clicking on the “Today” tab. it helps to review everything that came today. This information includes weather forecasts, road conditions, appointments, and much more.

In order for the user to be able to hide the notification center, you just need to place your finger at the bottom of the screen and move it up, thus the user hides all the news that he received earlier.

Siri thumbnails and suggestions

At the very top, you will see the Show Thumbnails option. She is responsible for displaying thumbnails of notifications. Here you can choose from Always, No blocking and Never.

Below are Siri Suggestions. Here you can choose which apps will show the recommended Commands on the lock screen.

There is no sound because it is disabled

Despite the fact that the iPhone is a rather reliable gadget, users sometimes encounter the fact that the ringtone suddenly disappears when there is an incoming call or SMS.

Often, the ringtone stops playing due to the fact that the iPhone has been put into silent (silent) mode. Of course, this explanation is quite simple, but in most cases it is this explanation that becomes true, especially for new owners of the device.

To solve this problem, you need to check the volume switch on the left side of the iPhone. If this switch is set to silent, then you just need to move it. When a call comes in, the music will play again.

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How to instantly turn off notifications for any app

You need to receive a new notification from this application or find a recent one in the notification center (swipe up in the control center or on the lock screen).

Now you need to make a side pile to the left by notification.

In the menu, select the Manage item.

In the dialog that opens, you need to click on the Deliver without sound button.

After that, all incoming notifications and banners for this application will be disabled. Also, the badge with the number of missed messages on the program icon will disappear.

In order to return the previous settings after that, you need to find the notification in the upper curtain or on the lock screen again and repeat the steps. To enable notifications, the Deliver with sound button will be available.

If you do not find a message for turning on notifications, you can return the options along the path Settings. Notification. Application name.

Hard reset iPhone

If the above method fails to fix the problem for you, you should note that you can still factory reset iPhone to fix iPhone text message notification problem.

If you can’t figure out what happened, there is nothing you can do but restore your iPhone as a new device.

You need to back up your iPhone data to prevent data loss as a reset will move all existing data on the device and it may not be possible to get it back even if you have iPhone data recovery and other utilities.

Then you can choose one of the methods of introduction below.

Option 1. Reset all settings on iPhone

Go to Settings General.

Scroll down to tap Reset.

Tap Reset all settings.

Option 2. Reset iPhone with iTunes

Update iTunes to the latest version and then connect your device to your computer.

Click the device icon when the iPhone is detected by the software.

Click Conclusion iPhone Recovery.

Select restore again in the pop-up window to confirm.

Solving a problem with AssistiveTouch

We transfer the AssistiveTouch value to the active state. The screen will display a button that is responsible for working with this function.

Click on the AssistiveTouch button, in the window that opens, indicate “Apparatus”.

Set the sound parameter to On. Sound”. Then, using the “Louder” button, set the volume to the maximum.

  • We make approximately 30 ndash, 40 calls to our gadget.
  • One of the calls made to your iPhone should return to full functionality. If this did not happen, then the problem, most likely, is of a technical nature.

    Setting up location-based alerts

    Some apps use location data to send appropriate alerts. For example, a notification to call someone may appear when you arrive or leave a specific location.

    If this type of warning is not needed, you can disable it. Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and select an app to enable or disable its alerts based on your location.

    How to hide sensitive notifications on Android lock screen

    Instant access to important and relevant data is one of the things that makes smartphones so popular and ingrained in our lives. But when that data is private, you don’t want it to appear on your lock screen for someone to peek in and see. Fortunately, Google provides an option to hide such content.

    Basically, instead of showing the entire notification on the lock screen, this option will only allow you to show the app it was created from. the contents of the message or notification will be hidden until you unlock the phone. There are a few exceptions. for example, the system will not hide the content of the weather notification. but most things like email, SMS and other notifications will hide their content.

    The process is similar on most Android devices, with the biggest difference (unsurprisingly) on Samsung Galaxy devices. Keep in mind that these settings may not be the same on all devices, but the approximate path to the settings will be the same.

    Note: Before you can hide sensitive data on the lock screen, you need to set up a PIN, pattern or other form of lock screen protection, so be sure to enable it first.

    How to hide sensitive notification data on Android device

    In this article we will use a device with stock Android 9. On your device, the location and name of the options may differ, but you can easily find them.

    The first thing you need to do is go to the settings menu. You can do this by pulling down the notification bar twice and then clicking on the gear icon. Alternatively, you can use the “Settings” icon in the application bar.

    In the “Settings” menu, scroll down and select “Apps & notifications”.

    In the menu that opens, select “Notifications”.

    You will see several settings, but in this case we need the option “On locked screen”.

    A simple menu will open with several options: “Show full notifications”, “Hide confidential data” and “Don’t show notifications”. You can choose not to show notifications on the lock screen, but that deprives you of this useful feature. Therefore, in this case, we recommend choosing “Hide confidential data”.

    That’s all. You will see that most of the notifications now have hidden content for your privacy.

    Of course, this is not the most reliable form of security, but hiding sensitive information on your phone’s lock screen will certainly prevent the curious from seeing your messages. And since this requires first of all setting up a secure lock screen, you can be at least a little more confident that your data is safe if your phone is lost or stolen.

    How to hide sensitive notifications on Android lock screen

    When Google brought notifications to the Android lock screen, it was a game changer. Instant access to important and relevant data. this is one of the things that makes smartphones so popular in our lives. But when that data is private, you don’t want it to show up on your lock screen for anyone to peek in and see. Fortunately, Google baked in such a way as to hide such content.

    Basically, instead of showing the entire notification on the lock screen, this setting allows you to only show the app it was sent from. the content of the message or notification will be hidden until you unlock the phone as shown in the photo above. There are a few exceptions. they will not hide, for example, the contents of the weather notification. but most things like email, SMS and other notifications will hide their content.

    The process is similar on most Android devices, with the biggest difference (unsurprisingly) on Samsung Galaxy devices. With that in mind, I’ll split this guide into two parts: Galaxy devices and basically everything else. Keep in mind that these settings may not be the same in different places on all devices, but you will definitely be in the know.

    NOTE. Before you can hide sensitive data on the lock screen, you need to set up a PIN, Pattern or other form of lock screen protection, so be sure to enable it first.

    How to hide sensitive notification data on most Android devices

    I’ll be using a Nexus 6P with stock Android for this tutorial, but the process is the same on all other current generation Nexus devices. It will also be very similar to HTC, Motorola and LG devices, although the wording or location within the menu may differ slightly.

    The first thing you need to do is go to the settings menu. You can do this by dragging the notification shadow twice and then clicking on the gear icon. Alternatively, you can use the Settings icon in the app drawer.

    In the Settings menu, scroll down to the Device section and select Sound & Notification.

    This is where you can start to see a little more variation in the wording. On Nexus devices, you’re looking for an entry near the bottom that says “When device is locked.” In other cases, it may be slightly different. on LG devices, for example, it’s called “Lock Screen”.

    Give this option click. This should open a simple menu with several options: Show all notification content, Hide sensitive notification content, and Don’t show notifications at all.

    You can choose not to show notifications on the lock screen, but that deprives you of a useful feature. Therefore, in this case, we recommend that you select “Hide confidential notification content”.

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    That’s all. Moving forward, you will see that most of the notifications have hidden content for your privacy.

    How to Hide Confidential Notification Data on Samsung Galaxy Devices

    Samsung always has to be different, right? Instead of keeping things simple and default, good old Sammy decided to move things around a bit. While this is a little annoying, I admit that it actually makes a little more sense when Samsung adds this option: under the Security menu, where the other lock screen options are.

    So, the first thing you need to do is go to the Settings menu by dragging down the notification shadow and then tapping on the cog icon. You can also get to it by going to the app drawer and selecting the “Settings” icon.

    In Settings, scroll down and select the entry “Screen lock and security”.

    Lock screen notifications option. this is what you are looking for here so go ahead and give a tap as soon as you find it.

    Unlike other Android devices that offer a simple drop-down menu, Galaxy devices have an all-new menu that brings together what’s usually found in multiple locations on other Android devices. However, in this tutorial we are only interested in one setting: “Content on the lock screen”.

    Clicking on this option will open a small drop-down menu with three options: Show Content, Hide Content, and Don’t Show Notifications. Then select “Hide content”.

    That’s all. now your notifications will not display their content on the lock screen.

    While certainly not the most secure form of security in and of itself, hiding sensitive information on your phone’s lock screen will certainly keep prying eyes from straying from your personal business. And since this requires first of all setting up a secure lock screen, you can be at least a little more confident that your data is safe if your phone is lost or stolen.

    How to hide notification content on iPhone on lock screen?

    Privacy is a very important part of our life. Therefore, each device (including the iPhone) has a very large number of settings that help hide information from prying eyes.

    If you are an avid iPhone owner, then there have probably been situations when, when you meet someone, you put your phone on the table and a notification or message comes. Well, according to the reaction, your friend can also see what came there.

    To avoid this situation, iOS 11 has a very useful setting. So today you will learn how to hide the incoming notification on the lock screen of your beloved iPhone.

    As far as I know, on the iPhone X this is automatically implemented and the text is shown only after Face ID recognizes you. But this has been quite a problem on other models until this day. Let’s figure out what and how.

    How to hide message text on iPhone on the lock screen?

    I don’t know how Apple got to this point, because I myself only recently found out that there is such an opportunity. over, it is possible to configure both for everything at once, and for a specific program separately.

    For all applications

    It is possible that you would like to hide the text of notifications of absolutely all programs. This is quite normal and in order to do this, follow these steps:

    • go to Settings and look for the Notifications item;
    • from above we go to the Thumbnail Show;
    • select the If unlocked item (I have a checkmark on the Always item, because there is no such need).

    Notifications. Thumbnail Display. If Unlocked

    Now, absolutely all notifications will be hidden from prying eyes and you will only see the name of the application in which there is an alert. After unlocking the iPhone, the necessary information will be available.

    For a stand-alone application

    Now let’s talk about the case when you want to hide the content of a message, for example, of a certain messenger. There can be absolutely any program.

    • again, go to Settings. Notifications;
    • leaf through and look for the application you need (in my case, I chose Viber);
    • at the bottom, select Show thumbnails;
    • well and again If unlocked.

    Notifications. Viber (for example). Thumbnail display. If unlocked

    Now your life will become a little easier and you no longer need to worry that someone will be able to hear the content of the notification on the lock screen of your iPhone.

    If you want how it will be, then here is an example for you on the 10th iPhone. It will be absolutely the same: As you can see, at some points Apple thinks about users. It’s just that everything is usually quite limited and it can be a shame that it is impossible to do this or that action.

    How to hide notifications on iPhone lock screen

    For the convenience of the user, the developers of mobile applications have made it so that notifications about received SMS, downloaded programs and text messages from social networks are displayed on the iPhone screen. Thus, these texts can be accessed by third parties. Not all users like this, so people often think about how to make this information invisible.

    How to hide notifications on iPhone, iPad

    Not everyone knows how to prevent messages from being visible on iPhone. Surely every user knows about the existence of the function of showing iPhone thumbnails, but not everyone knows how to use this opportunity correctly.

    In order to hide notifications, the user must do the following:

    • Go to the “Settings” menu. Usually, on most iPhone models, this menu is depicted as a gear, but there are exceptions.
    • Select the “Notifications” option from several suggested options.
    • Next, the user will be asked to determine the desired display method: “Always”, “Never”, When unlocking “.
    • If necessary, choose to show or hide thumbnails for each individual mobile application.

    If you want the text to always be shown on the lock screen, you should select the Always option. There is also an “If Unlocked” option. In this case, notifications will be displayed only if there is no blocking. And finally, when choosing the “Never” option, a short message will never pop up on the lock screen under any circumstances.

    Important! Each user chooses the option that is convenient for him. Then you can change your mind.

    There is another interesting option. to remove the text of notifications, leaving only information about the number of new actions or messages for each specific mobile application. The regulator “Notification admission” will help to do this.

    Hiding messages means protecting your privacy

    Changed default settings apply to all notifications. Now neither SMS nor texts from social networks will be shown on the screen.

    How to hide for selective applications

    Not everyone knows how to hide messages from selective suggestions on the lock screen on iPhone. This is not difficult to do. This requires:

    • Go to the “Settings” menu.
    • Select the “Notifications” function.
    • Select the required mobile application from the list :. Classmates, some kind of game, etc.
    • Go to the “Thumbnail Display” section. There will be offered options: “Always”, “Never”, “No blocking”.
    • Select the “Never” option to hide the contents of SMS and other notifications in lock mode.

    Now the text of notifications with their brief m will never be displayed on the lock screen.

    After the settings have been changed, experts recommend rebooting the smartphone. The need to reboot is due to the fact that sometimes individual applications come into conflict with the IOS. For example, this often happens with the popular social messenger Telegram plus. Odnoklassniki. Because of this, the settings may get lost without rebooting.

    hide, notifications, iphone, screen

    Attention! The interface may vary for different iPhones. However, the path to the settings will be approximately the same in all cases. The main thing is to understand the general principle.

    The message preview will open anyway when the smartphone screen is unlocked. Of course, this applies to selected selected applications, for example, WhatsApp, Telegram.

    The notification function can be turned off not for everyone, but for some applications.

    Users often choose to hide selected applications for programs related to financial settlements and electronic money, for example, mobile banking or Yandex.Wallet. This allows you to maintain privacy and security, as well as hide everything that is not intended for viewing by third parties.

    Lock screen notification text

    Users are often unaware of how to hide notifications on iPhone lock screen. Also, in the technical support service, customers often ask how to enable push notifications on the iPhone. In order to understand this issue, you need, first of all, to understand what functions the pop-up text performs and how it can be useful to the user.

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    Not everyone likes pop-up notifications on the screen

    The pop-up text has the following functions:

    • Displays the subject and brief of emails.
    • Notifies the user that he received a message in the social messenger.
    • Notifies about the arrival of SMS from other persons and from automatic mailings.
    • Shows the status of installing or updating programs, applications.

    Also, pop-up notifications inform the user that he is loading music, photos, PDF files. Sometimes this feature is very necessary and useful. However, in some cases, people want to turn off notifications so as not to be distracted by their mobile phone.

    Important! Notifications are often turned off to ensure confidentiality if they transfer the mobile phone to third parties and do not want personal information to be available to them.

    You can turn off all notifications or do it selectively, for individual programs and mobile applications. Then, if the user wants, he can easily restore this function, and the messages will again pop up on the screen. The main thing is to understand the general principle of how this is done.

    Enabling and disabling push notifications

    Not everyone knows how to disable or hide the content of push notifications on the iPhone, in the background of the lock screen. You can find out how to make sure that communication is not visible on the iPhone at a cellular salon or in a technical support service.

    Typically, users are advised to download the free HeadsOff app to manage push notifications. The application is available to those who have se 5.0 and higher operating system installed on their smartphones.

    After opening the application, enter the “Access to notifications” menu, check the box next to the HeadsOff inscription and click “OK”. To view the content of notifications, go to “Settings”, and then check the box opposite the inscription “Show text”.

    Dealing with the display of push texts is easy

    How to Hide Notification Text Previews on iOS 11 Lock Screen in iPhone. HINDI

    If the user has canceled the pop-up notifications, instead of the message preview text, they will receive notifications with no text, but with the logo of a specific application. This is very convenient and safe if the screen is in lock mode.

    If the XR notification came from an unknown application, you need to click on it and hold it until the App info message pops up. After that, by looking at the display, you can get detailed information about the unknown application. Now it’s clear how to disable push notifications on iPhone.

    Turning off notifications or keeping them visible is a personal matter for each user. Some people like that all text information (content component) is available on the screen. Someone, on the contrary, is annoyed by the constant appearance of new texts. In any case, remember: if the iPhone falls into the hands of third parties, they can gain access to confidential information.

    And if you receive an important message that you are waiting for, and the screen is locked?

    To do this, the developers have provided that all messages and newly received information on your smartphone are reflected on the lock screen of your smartphone. Those. you have the opportunity to find out about the information received without unlocking the phone screen.

    How to hide lock screen notifications on HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

    Smartphone screen lock prevents from accidental clicks on the screen of a mobile device, and allows you to protect your smartphone from unauthorized access to your information.
    But then, in order to get to the application you need, you first have to go through the procedure for unlocking the smartphone screen.

    And how to turn off the receipt of notifications on the lock screen on a Huawei (Honor) phone?

    This can be done by making changes to the Smartphone Settings.

    How to manage notifications on a smartphone
    HUAWEI (honor):

    Launch the Smartphone Settings application.

    We enter the section “Applications and notifications”.

    Screen. launch Smartphone Settings. Screen. enter the “Applications and notifications” section.

    Go to the “Notification Manager” section.

    We are now in the “Manage Notifications” section.

    The screen shows a list of all applications installed on your smartphone that have their own notifications.

    Screen. enter the “Notification Manager” section. Screen. a view of the “Manage notifications” screen.

    A) Simultaneously define for all applications: show or hide the receipt of notifications on the lock screen;

    B) Enable or disable notifications for individual applications or from all applications at once;

    C) Fine-tune notification management for each individual application.

    Therefore, below we will consider all 3 options for action:

    Option A)

    Screen. click on the “THREE POINTS” icon. Screen. select the menu item “Notifications on the lock screen”

    • Reflect all notifications;
    • Don’t show notifications;
    • Hide notification content.

    Select the item “Do not show notifications” and click on the “OK” button.

    From this moment on, when the smartphone screen is locked, information from all notifications will not be received.

    hide, notifications, iphone, screen

    Screen. select the item “Do not show notifications”.

    Screen. enter the “Group control” section.

    Screen. turn off the switch for all applications. Screen 0. view of the screen when notifications from all applications are turned off.

    Screen 1. Turn off download notifications. Screen 2. screen view when notifications from the Download application are turned off.

    How to disable Hidden Lockscreen Notifications on iPhone X

    Screen 3. select the application “Email. mail “to configure its notifications. Screen 4. select “Notifications on the lock screen”.

    From this moment on, when the smartphone screen is locked, notifications from the “Email. mail “will not arrive.

    Screen 5. select the item “Never”. Screen 6 is a view of the Notification Management screen of the E-mail application. post office”.

    How to enable the lock screen on the phone is described in the article “How to lock the screen of the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”. Click here to go to the article.

    How to turn off the lock screen on your phone is described in the article “How to remove the screen lock on your HUAWEI (honor) smartphone? “To go to the article, click here.

    How to turn off Xiaomi pop-up notifications?

    How to turn off app notifications on Xiaomi?

    • If a notification from an unnecessary application is visible in the shutter, then the easiest way will be to shift the notification from right to left, until a gray square appears on the right with the inscription “Hide”.
    • By clicking on this square, you will permanently get rid of such messages of a specific application.

    How to turn off iPhone low battery alert?

    To disable this feature, go to Settings Battery Battery Status Optimized Charging. When Optimized Charging is on, a notification on the lock screen will tell you when iPhone is fully charged.

    How to remove pop-ups in Whatsapp?

    • Tap the Notification Sound option, select Silent, and then tap OK to turn off the notification tone.
    • Tap Vibration and select Off to turn off vibration.
    • Tap the “Pop-up Notification” option and select “No Pop-ups” to disable this option.

    How to turn off charging notification?

    How to turn off notifications on Android 4.x

    • Press and hold on the notification that appears for a few seconds.
    • Select “Application Information”.
    • Uncheck the box “Display notifications“.
    • Click “Yes”.
    • Done.

    How to hide notifications on Xiaomi lock screen?

    How to Hide Notification Text on Xiaomi Lock Screen?

    • Open the Settings app
    • Find the “Notifications” tab
    • Go to the “Lock Screen”
    • Select the “Format” option
    • Click on the line “Hide the contents of notifications” It’s done! Now the content of notifications on your smartphone is available only to you

    How to hide text and sender name on iPhone?

    How to hide message text on iPhone in iMessage / SMS:

    • open Settings. Notifications. Messages
    • disable the Show thumbnails option

    Why doesn’t show notifications on the lock screen?

    First, make sure you have configured your notification settings correctly. If notifications still do not appear on the lock screen, the problem might be due to one of the reasons listed. Face unlock mode is enabled on your phone. notifications from a third-party app can be hidden.

    hide, notifications, iphone, screen

    Turn off lock screen notifications?

    Open your phone settings. Notifications. In the Locked Screen section, tap On Lock Screen or On Lock Screen. Select Don’t show notifications.

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